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Lemuel, your Lightline this past Wednesday is still quite fine and accurate.

Michael of Nebadon, however, says this:

"You have reached a period in your life cycle you need rest and relaxation, and we suggest you do it.  Ron is bailing as much water as he can, and just saw this as it was blocked to him by the cabal, and it is serious enough to address the cabal,

You Lemuel are doing fine, and you can do the Lightline this Wednesday, if you care to.  Ron will be there if he can be and will insist the Wednesday Lightline be held, not for your consideration Lemuel, but for his own consideration that the Cabal is not going to win if he stands a chance to be there for you if you do not take Wednesday Lightline this week.

Furthermore, Lemuel, you are going to be fortified for weeks ahead so you can take the Wednesday Lightline, as Ron is fully of problems because he is undergoing a right patterson airforce base in England, not just for you but for the entire enterprise as the transmitters a re being knocked out before I arrive to constantly harass Me and my Staff.  Do not let me down Lemuel, as much depends on your announcement abilities now.  If you need an additional discussion let me know and contact me via transmission and take down what I have to say.  Take down what I say, now.  Lemuel.  Ron has no idea what it is and cannot do it now.  K -

MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.


Michael of Nebadon
Monday, April 15, 2024
Subject: Liaison Announcement
10:10 AM at York, Pa

Dear Folks,
I Michael of Nebadon, I am on your planet this morning.  Let you pray for the safety of  my presence.  It is for a good reason:

I have subscribed to Ron Besser for over sixteen (16) years to speak of this day, and yet Ron is undergoing the last of a series of morontial tests to update his mind so he can do this without a worry from the cabal.   But I must continue without his completion now.


I am announcing that I have completed the preliminary test on this planet’s unholy principle form, and that it is decrepit, but it is sufficient to run the next holy test I must complete before I run the MISSION.

THE MISSION is compromised of these 2 (two) factors:

1 - The appearance of our beloved JESUS;

2 - The appearance of two new forms of deliverance I have never used for a Mission to a planet before.


I am making this stick.  Two or more gathered in my name here me succinctly if they can TRANSMIT;

There is no recrimination to anyone if they make sure they are honestly ready to hear and take on this anomaly of hearing right now.

TWO NEW FORMS OF APPEARANCE:  Never has a world seen these, and I let this stand without further explanation now.


I want it to be known that this is the last message you will receive from Me until May 12th.  

Before that Ron will communicate with GABRIEL or my Lt. Sponsler of Nebadon - that is whoever I decide needs to make the announcement MOSTLY FROM ONE OF YOU!   Ron will always take it as well, but you all are subject taking the message and posting.  You will have the message first, and Ron may follow up for the need to make it doubly clear.  

Ron will have complained no longer over loss of feeling in his arms and legs and the terrible pain he feels daily.  That was not changes to his legs and arms entirely; the legs and arms are now ready to serve him as they should shortly!

This announcement is fairly clear.  

I will be back on Urantia in about 1 of your hours from 10:30AM to 11:30AM,  New York Time, and I will have a special announcement for all.  I leave now.


Thank you Sophia Veronica for posting this as I am slowly being burned out of normal reactions to take on a more morontia form.  I forget easily and my extremities get, including mind, are not work perfectly right now.  To all who listen to this tape thank you for your continued interest and will be back better than ever (ha ha) in a few weeks.  I am progressing with a morontial change to the brain and to the blood system in my body and it is not fun but doable.  Thanks to all for your continued interest and this for all of you shortly:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I speak slowly but well:  The trial Ron is in no one else could afford to do and he is ready to step down if it fails and he is, unfortunately if the trial does not work well in the flesh,  ready to take on an additional responseablilty shortly, and that is to prepare for my RETURN WITH JESUS.  Watch the Board Carefully, and he is weak but progressing well enough that I am cheerful that he is going to make it.

"Meanwhile, let you be aware of the following:  I am near URANTIA all day as I am on and off this sphere frequently, and Ron's Lightline is available whenever he is to call attention to you.

"Today is Elise's Lightline on Mondat at 2PM.  Whatever Ron has to say today is fine.  But I am asking Ron to do another Lightline today at 5PM, and I have an important announcement for Ron alone on the 5PM Lightline later today.

"Listen to Elise's Lightline for sure as I have something so additionally and I will be there to speak to you at 2PM, and I want Ron to hold a Lightline at 5PM later today too.  I leave this all alone for now.  K"  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.


The moment for a stand down is passed and very little more can be said at the moment except to avail ourselves to the Melchizedek rules and regulations in order to see or understand what they may have to say.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Thank you, Ron.  I appreciate your ability to speak and talk yet, but you are deeply wounded over a change in availability of the voicing of any of the usual celestial beings.  WE are quite sure you are found shortly, but the entire matter of cough and sputter is still over most of the ground you use to follow easily.  Let me take a moment to tell you what we think has happened.

"First let yourself imagine you are fine.  You are among the few who knows the difference but you are confused by a sudden appearance of confusion among the ranks of the celestial beings, and you have no hope yourself over what has happened to discontinue the normal wishes for Urantia and the common place understanding of what we wish to do.  That is not unusual for you, but for the vast concourse of thought by the average person, the entire matter has become a loss.

"For that reason you are losing a happy place among us, but wondering what place is left?  Truly.  I am not going to state much, but let me tell you all this:

"The reason you are left standing at the desk of much to do and nothing to do is that MICHAEL OF NEBADON has left URANTIA and is heading back to Salvington NOT.  But he is heading away from Urantia permanently until there is a real and natural call for God in the truest sense.  You are among the few who know much, but you cannot force another issue until there is more to say regarding, not you, but the entire group known as human beings on Urantia.  Good.    And this:

"I am knowing more than you do but I know very little compartiviely as to what and who Michael of Nebadon has done or has lost Urantia for good until there is a better chance to speak shortly.  Your Lightline for Sunday is not cancelled but your heart for God is lost mostly, as you are seldom lost, but now we speak to all of you generally:

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Ron you are not lost but are suddenly without a word or do you care about the past plans we see, but you are vividly done and ask what may we do about a situation you speak to and no one listens anymore?

"I am sure you are fine, and what you represent is fine, but it is not longer possible to say much with much effect.  This is to warn much of you that I am done.

"What does that mean?

"That means that I am not longer speaking generally, but you are part of the usual heart and soul of the universe, and for that reason I am taking this moment for you and the rest on Urantia.

"Let us consider what has happened.  You have no choice but to be as you are.  You cannot help it and you are fine and sure.  But the trial today is not to ask for a message, but to learn that the entire matter of a MISSION is not longer on the agenda.  What we have decided is to sit out of the entire regime that has opened up on Urantia, and then quit for you to tell use what you want to do with an old planet of humans who do not listen, and who do not welcome Me, or Jesus, much at all.

"Lastly, I am one of the last celestial beings who care about Urantia at all.  I am not leaving Urantia yet, but I am wondering why you persist and no one even asks what is going on?  The real reason is that Urantia is dead as of now, and I am leaving it to its fate shortly, and I do not know what that is at the moment.  K"

"You Ron were told yesterday to stay the course.  Still do that.  But your hearing has been reduced in half, as MICHAEL OF NEBADON has decided you and the others of faith no longer have a voice at the table at all, but that HE alone insists on what is to he done!

"Now you have it right, and I am asking you to stand down a moment, let this message pass until we are sure of what is to be said shortly.  K"

END 10:05 AM and waiting . . . . . . . . .

10:10 am New York Time Zone, April 13, 2024 . . . .  I have been waiting at command:


"YOU ARE CORRECT.  (I was told to just wait and here now Michael of Nebadon once more:)

I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  And you are correct.  You are fully aware of me and yet you find it brusque and cold and I am brusque and cold to speak.

"Last year at this time you were happy and ready to go whenever the gift of the spirit was ready to go.  Now I am speaking harshly for those on this discussion form have turned like everyone else to the same deaf tone as all others have.  That is fine and you leave it run as such to show the activity.  I am not forcing you Ron  to do anything right now, but in a few moments I say this:

"The trial you have run for six years here is not over, but for right now it is done.

"I am correct to assume that you are ready to stand for good reason whatever you feel is necessary, but you are deaf and dead in the water as it is so cold and alone in your home you find nothing to say but, "okay, what did I do?"

"You personally did not do anything Ron, and your status is as you are and as you combine the nature of God with the human voice for help and consideration, but for the most part your neighbors have abandoned you too and are sitting back and demanding you tell them what?  Nothing.  You have been shorn off the magical way of conversation, and you have been dropped off the entire matter until I insist you demand other to hear this:

"The last year has been hard and difficult for you, and yet you persisted while others tried to run you off with poor communications and poor speeches. 

"Now let us make amends slightly for you:  there is nothing to say for moments of time and you are saying out loud: THIS IS CRAZY! and let it die in your own throat.  I am not crazy, and neither are you, but you are like the rest of the fellows who are not longer communicating with the necessary throat of time, but attempting to speak into space, and I am not there in that area anymore.

"WHERE I AM is in YOUR HEART, but do not pretend you care much, as the entire matter has been frozen out of even your large largess and is stuck in you throat at the moment.  You are just relaxing to hold me speech accountable and must then depart as I am not talking  a lot anymore but waiting for you and others to say what you really feel?  Be assured you have spoken but you are not following what I really want . . . . . . . . . . . ..  .

//moments of excruciating silence continues . . . //

10:25 am New York time zone:

"I am back.  Say nothing more except this:  You have been faithful and willing to carry whatever I have had to say and do for years now, but I am so tired of it, I quit!

"I will back back tomorrow for your LIGHTLINE and wait for no one right now as too much has to be done for all of you who have faithfully followed the course in the past and wish to follow the course now.  Good day.  K:  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

Ron - I have never experienced such a cold transmission and I leave it alone for you now.  I want to remind you I will attempt a LIGHTLINE  on SUNDAY, and that is all I can do.  I have no real reason or care particularly what may be called the end to transmitting in important transmitters of lessons still available from the MELCHIZEDEKS or the others whoever that may be.  I am leaving it alone too, as I have nothing important to provide further at this time either.  Thank you. //10:30am New York Time.

I await a few minutes in case the transmission might resume.  I hear nothing for minutes and then here is:

"I am back.    I have nothing much more to say other than this:  Ron you are one of the few who knows us well enough to let the command line open yet.

"I have this to say and then send this out.  No one is ready to tell you or say just what MICHAEL OF NEBADON has in mind now.  He is back on Salvington is moments of time, and you wait patiently to conclude this trick of imagination, but please take comfort not in these words, but HIS  words as follows:

MACHIVENTA  FOR MICHAEL - "We return not later but now to Urantia.  That is all I will say.  Use your Lightline on Sunday to figure out what is to transpose further.  Thank you.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK for all.  K"


Please stand down for a few moments everyone.

You cannot decide what the changes are until you know what the purpose is.

I am not informed well, but slightly, and they have asked me to state is succinctly  and then let it go.

Yesterday, I entertained an interviewer in my home to discuss the new electric plant.  It was summarily ended at about 3 or 4 PM and the interviewer was to go back home to South Carolina I believe.   Instead, unknown to me, a few hour more to transfer the interview from tape to his broadcast device.  There followed an immense change in his ability to use the equipment and he decided to go home and take care of it there.  He nearly died as a result of working with a tape while driving and he is not in hospital this morning,  The cabal tried to remove the interview and I caution all of you there is one hell of a fight going on over Urantia even now,

Magisterial Daughters was a slip of the tongue of Monjoronson.  He did not mean it, but I personally recall there is a female element to the Magisterial Son with the Sanobim element that serves them when they take a planet on like Urantia.  The Sanobim are the complimentary personnel to the Cherubim, and they are still used in spite of the universe decrying their usefulness had ended.  The Sanobim were customary servants with the Cherubim,  and that is what he accidentally referred to at the time. 

Please use your wits to be very careful now.  It is this:

I have been instructed to stand down by the cabal and then by Michael of Nebadon.  You, unfortunately, are not to be told what is happening precisely but there is big news coming shortly, if we can get it out.  I am not entirely informed yet and I am partial in my care as well, as  I was also informed that the interviewer who was with us yesterday had a small accident and is out of service but the interview is still intact.   I must leave it alone, and frankly, THE SUNDAY LIGHTLINE is on the bloc too.  I will  let all of you known when I do what might be done there too.  Thanks for your question. 


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is being slight supercilious.

"First of all, let it be known I am no longer on Urantia.  I was yesterday.  The interviewer is a podcast known to many thousands of listeners, and he wanted to share the new idea in power electricity being done by Ron.    Ron gave the interview fully, but the man who was doing the podcast took exception to Ron's interview by saying if this is all true, why the wait?  He is not familiar with the Urantia Book problem on the planet and we are.

"As a consequence of the man's decision to rewrite the interview, he visited Ron but Ron i s ill quite often he he layed down to rest after the interview and dropped off into deep sleep.  As a result when the man returned to the house there was nothing but silence at the moment when the interviewer reappeared at the house.  Long story short the man went back to South Carolina and lost control of the car when he entered his own driveway and the interview tape was damaged not.  Right now the tape is repaired and the show goes on.  Ron has no idea what and where the program will be played.  I leave this alone for now for the chaos continues well even now and we leave it for compensation elsewhere.  Good day,  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service." K


This is Michael of Nebadon.  Stop it please.  You should know better than to speak for me when there is nothing but confusion, yet you all try to do it.  I have this to say.  Lemuel and Elise - you are not dropped from the schedule and continue please if you can.
Ron will continue on Sunday and provide essential information.  Elise, Lemuel continue as you have been there is no change as long as you are active.
Third, Ron is trying to figure out who is doing what and has about lost it.  Follow your schedules and do as you anticipate and I have nothing more to say to any of you as the entire trip to Urantia I have taken, it has been nothing but confusion.  Ron and I are in good communication.  He has the Sunday Lightline this week and we expect to see him then.  Follow your normal schedule please. 

Michael of Nebadon at your service.  K




Today’s Lightline is about to end 14 years of constant contact to Urantia through the Lightline series.  I am no longer bothering to do them unless there is a change in the heart, of not you Ron, but the roller coaster we have operating right now with no intense interest other than to round up a bunch of people for a dictation, and that is it.  The western transmitters as Ron calls them have not shown any real interest except to keep the flow going, and that is not what I want now.

For reasons of State, please keep in mind I want a Mission, but I am not doing a Mission with only one use of the figurement and that is not necessarily Ron, but he is the one who remains loyal to us and does as expected.

For that reason, I am shutting down all Lightlines except that which Ron holds on Sunday, and all others are now truncated until I decide just what is to be done.  Ron will let you known just what is going on later on.  I quite this announcement now.  K

The Wednesday Lightline is on today in about an hour.  Enjoy it while you can.

Michael of Nebadon

Michael of Nebadon
Announcing the End of the Teaching Missio
Other speeches to follow/
Part 1
April 10, 2024

There is a fundamental change to contact now.  Contact was and is still used to reach human minds so that we have a continuum of voicing according to the Magisterial Sons and Daughters (more on this later), then we did before.  Do not lament this, but address Michael of Nebadon, the Fair Axis of Employment.

First let me explain something.  I did not get up until 1130am exhausted and not clear in my mind, as I had a night’s sleep full of what you might call “old films,” looking back at the 19th century this morning.  I was out and asleep from midnight last night until noon today, and unable to move at all in the bed.  I was subject to a night of old film and old interviews with the men (mostly) of old who started producing contact with the spirit universe in those days.

I had pictures in motion how they tried to place some of the contact material in archives for future use, but that they all found it impossible to make sense of common courtesy archives of what they did.  What did they do?

From about 1870 to 1910 they put together whole groups of spirit contact with people such as Stainton Moses and Paschal Beverly Randolph and Emma Hardinge Britten,  were among the most celebrated lecturers and authors on the subject in the mid-19th century. Allan Kardec coined the term Spiritualism around 1860 [blurb of names is from the internet].  Dr, William S. Sadler, the head of the continuum of these activities in the production of the great 5th epochal revelation beginning in 1926 (not 1928 as current historians related to the subject), and ended in 1943 actually, but historians prefer to think it ended in 1942, is a good example of how this series of revelation began.

I am not writing about the revelation now, that is the 5th epochal revelation, but I have received this morning a hodge podge of old films and professors of that era, speaking in old pictures and daguerreotype motion pictures.   The daguerreotype is a direct-positive process, creating a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper plated with a thin coat of silver without the use of a negative. The process required great care.   In any case I was shown old films of men who were doctors of their day and an almost endless picture of the spiritualism practiced in the later 19 and early 20th century.

Whatever purpose this served it was over by 11am and I am writing this at noon.  However, let me say this: what I experienced showed me how puny that contacts actually were, and that our understanding must come from the really serious attempts TODAY to figure out what has actually happened between MICHAEL OF NEBADON, GABRIEL, and the actors of that era, including the TEACHING MISSION, were fabricated until this month– April of 2024.  Let me explain something I have been given:

1 - The character actors of this era are Half Moon Bay, Gerdean, other names of act oars galore as Teaching Mission hummers who did transmit Michael of Nebadon and the others who acted for the spirit mission to Urantia from 1992 to 2014 or actually to 2012 when the release of information was really put to the test to obtain information among transmitters for a mission to Urantia, supposedly done from 1992 to 2014.  It actually faltered until 2012, but we can argue about that later.

2 - I am keeping this light and simple and will be back today to explain something that is detrimental to you but not to me at the moment.  You my friends on this Board have now got to understand spiritualism through a new mode, and I am not sure I am explaining it correctly yet either.  But Michael of Nebadon, has decided that this current round up of transmitters are useless, and that the archive Ron produced as Tmarchives is useless to understand what has really happened, but it is the only lasting contribution to the era made from 1992 to 2010, and after 2010 there is scant reason to refer to those activities as useful anymore.

3 - Finally Lightlines.  They are successful and today’s Lightline is not over for there are excellent reasons to speak spiritually to you as a group.  Lemuel is so sick I doubt he can do anything today, so Ron you cohabit with Lemuel to help him out.  I have nothing to say further until later.  Thank you.


Robert, from the Urantia Book is this:

6. The Eternal Son

8. Realization of the Eternal Son

6.8.3 As persons you may conceive of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son as separate individuals, for they indeed are; but in the administration of the universes they are so intertwined and interrelated that it is not always possible to distinguish between them. When, in the affairs of the universes, the Father and the Son are encountered in confusing interassociations, it is not always profitable to attempt to segregate their operations; merely recall that God is the initiating thought and the Son is the expressionful word. In each local universe this inseparability is personalized in the divinity of the Creator Son, who stands for both Father and Son to the creatures of ten million inhabited worlds.

Ron here Robert -  So far Nebadon has 3.8 million human planets to administer.  That does not mean Michael of Nebadon will have 10 million in the future, but it does mean a lot more planets will appear in Nebadon in the future.

Further, the present count of 3.75 million inhabited planets in Nebadon so far does not mean another 6.5 million planets more will occur either.  It is up to each Creator Son to determine the status of the total number of human planets he will contribute to their Local Universe.

I remind you that our Creative Spirit is gone from Nebadon, Robert.  Did you forget that?  She participates in creating the human forum, and the Urantia human form was designed millions of years ago and is now considered obsolete.  But I know nothing about what is planned for future human forms on Urantia, for that is still an open question for the Deity Absolute to decide when the time comes.  Do not forget that the design of humans on other planets is birth without human reproduction systems in place.  Please remember other posts and especially the Pleiades  forms and ask Carole Deptula to take a post from Pleiades to speak to their forms--  they are invisible to us and reproduce differently.

THE PLEIADES speak -  "Thank you Ron.  You are dealing with a virtual cabal now and that makes these communications very hard to produce; however, you are well enough done to get the direct voice of the Pleiades now:

"Human reproduction originates as a human form not.  You proceed from an animal form on Urantia to a human form as you are Ron being fully Adjustered to the end.  For that reason man goes from an animal until about age 14 if all is working well, and then he becomes human with the addition of an Adjuster now much later than it used to be.  As a result you are running out of good human stock until much later in the age group, and it shows in the terrible loss of humans due to ageless Adjusters insisting the child be ready for adulthood much earlier now.

"When this occurs frequently now there is nothing to stop children becoming far too immature to take on adult living without an earlier Adjuster.  Why this happens now is not known, but the entire reason seems to be predicated on the fact that the animal nature on Urantia is increasing, and the adult terminology of the old Urantia Book, is far too sophisticated for younger pre-humans to grasp.

"For that reason, there cannot be a human holding pattern of 14 to 16 years of age as you went through Ron, but unsuccessfully.  You waited until you were almost twenty  (20) years of age to mature enough to be and adult at all.  For that reason your life seems short, but you are one of the oldest on Urantia without having torn down a previous life to live the adult life available once you are fully Adjustered.  For that reason you are more than ready to attend to the mansion worlds, but you cannot do so because the MISSION FOR URANTIA is on, and you must sustain life longer than usual to live a life of  (no ease), but disease in order to gain the contrariety of living a full adult life on Urantia.  Few can do that now, and here is why:

"Mankind is about broken on Urantia.  You cannot maintain adulthood the way you have without going through puberty in a wild fashion.  You refused to do it but you are refusing not the full estate of responsivity, and now insist that everyone you associate with show adult supervision before they make the real sacrifice to work with you as a mature adult of the realm.  Not everyone on the discussion form is a real adult yet and yet you expect them to behave as such.  Not everyone can yet, and you allow that to happen anyhow.  That is rare and forthcoming and has nothing to do with your illness or your reserve to speak to Calk.  That is a reserve which is excellent and about as close as you are going to get to a real solution to your problem of technology with WTP.  That was given with the understanding you would be able to work it better, but Urantia is so difficult now you may never be able to work it properly.  We have to see something better come along besides Dominick or Elise which are both adults and working well but shy to expand technology as a part of their lives.

"And finally, Robert you are getting quite old but are ill due to a transfer of your life to the United States before you were fully an adult, and that has cost you a civilization of worth to go down the drain, and force you to expand your current life cycle into a mode of poor understanding of what is required of you.  You Ron have a detriment as big as your head, and that is because you have nothing to make you an adult but you insist on being one, and enjoy growing up with real adults such as General Powell and  Pope Benedict VIII.  They are genuinely good models of Urantia adults we and we hope you live long enough to enjoy what they produce for you yet!

"In conclusion, Dominick will appear this afternoon for you but he is leaving shortly to go home and straighten out that mess.  He is not going to tell you much as he is growing older than you are quickly, and that is not helpful to you, but then what is helpful to you as you are slow to take on the responsibility of adult hood yourself, as you still enjoy the lackluster life of the younger elephants on the planet and you are not using yourself well mostly at all at the moment.  K"

THE PLEIADES have spoken Ron, and surprise you accept all that said to you.  Good.  For most of it is correct, but you have done an amazing thing few ever do, and that is to fairly give back your life to the Master Force Controllers in order to enjoy the craft of high elevation of information and still enjoy the benefits of a very young age.

"For that reason, MICHAEL OF NEBADON wants you on staff to make sense of people who cannot age more than their chronological age suggests.  In the time of General Washington, the age of an individual was the actual age of contribution to the planet.  But now a  16 year old is only half that age as a human and not really human yet.  That bothers you but at the same time it allows a lot more digression and maybe it is better than expected.  This is all new to you and you rather enjoy it.  Pope Benedict is actually 116 of age when he died and he is mighty sick of that age already.  You are about 86 in adult language and you are mightily sick of the age already too, but you are required to finish your life much later than now, and we dare not speak to that yet.

"Now this:  Elise you are still in your teens.  Gitz you are older than Ron but a half a dozen years and he is 58 in real time terminology and would have gone over at age 29 had he left it when he came home to York after New York 30 years ago.  Funny how maturity is operated best with ease of living, and he has had a tough life but living has been easy for him for years anyhow.  But you grew by leaps and bounds after coming home from New York Ron.  Dominick is about 74 and you Ron are bout 77 now in real terms not 81 which you are chronological age now.  We must be careful with any and all of this because you age in actual years lived is 105 years old Ron and no wonder you are tired all day sometimes.  In any case enough of that, and to the rest of you, most of you on the discussion forum are about 60 years of age with a few far below that for reasons of State I do not go into it.

Finally you Robert are about the age you have achieved anyhow and none of you go over with a deficit of earning your passage tot he Urantia age group you are founded in when you appear there in certain years forthcoming soon.  The age for mansion world disclosure is about 50 chronological years of age on a planet and Urantia has reached that generally but it has stopped growing because of real world tensions and the inability to grow old.  Ron has grown old; so has Dominick, and George, but the rest of you are relatively young and thank goodness you had the age of Ron to guide you as following a Creator Son is extremely hard, but Ron does it without a big change of habit to do it either.  We let this all stand for now.  Good day.   I am Master Force Order #404 with 402 and 401.  Ron says thank you "guys" but we corrected him just to stay Master Force Organizers entirely.  K"


Clency, my friend, be aware there are true enemies at out door now.  Play it quietly and surrealistically, as you can wait them out.  I  expect no one caused a problem that can be named, but the keys to my care have disappeared and the entire matter of working for the Creator Son to produce something of value for Urantia, is badly exercised for most of us.  Stay the course but do not relate well with the outside world at the moment as that is where the cabal lies in wait to throw you a punch.
For example, I lost my entire list of sent emails.  Suddenly I have lost over 100 past posts and I am not sure I have anything left in the archive positions I saved of other emails I need to reference now and then.  That is the hateful warning they (the insurrectionists) have sent all of us who participate in support of the Creator Son,  Michael of Nebadon.  I have had my email I hold for future references entirely cancelled and not findable and my email gets lost or stolen all the time now.  If I were a sheriff  I would have them in jail now and not look back.
Furthermore, to all of you, there is nothing to work for at the moment.  Michael of Nebadon is taking a breather from the battle at the moment and is, I think, sitting back to view the turmoil developing on Urantia, and we must not be the damn fools who fall into the elephant pit the cabal has arranged some of us to do.  Be wary and do not take unnecessary chances right now.   Thank you clency for your interest continued in all of this as we need you even more.  Keep up the good work. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron you are an in veritable liar not,  But keep your mouth shut and do not do a light line today as it is useless with the present circumstances you have on Urantia.  You are right to ask Clency to stand up, but do not place Clency in the way of a ballot box full of stuffed ballots to move Urantia out of control of Salvington, as that movement is afoot and you will not have it and neither will Clency and the other transmitters..  You Ron are not doing a Lightline for good reasons of State today and thank you for taking the time to post your misgivings.  Things will return to normal shortly --  at least I think they will unless there are some surprises I do not know about.  K  Michael of Nebadon at your service!  K:


It is Sunday now and the normal schedule is to be prepared for the Sunday Lightline, yet I here nothing.  I am shutting down the Lightline for today without much comment.  You can check at 2 PM to see if there is any activity but right now it is the silence of the lambs is all we hear.  If I have anything to say I will say it but right now there is no Lightline for today Sunday  the 7th of April.  If there is anything to speak to later I will come on the air if necessary.   Ron

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron is one of the few we respect enough to say this:  There are no further Lightlines until there is respect enough to hold them again.  RAZ you are finished for the day already.  Ron you are done for entirely if one more word escapes your lips that sounds too negative to listen too.  K:"


 T/R: Ronald Besser. York, Pa
Formatted for Review by the US State Department at various levels:

  I am the Creator Son of the Local Universe you live in, whether you call this planet "earth, or Urantia, does not matter.  I am have been bidden to speak to the group who does occasionally look in upon dissertation on this forum to see what advice the Creator Son of your creation has to say.  I am making this available to Ron Besser, whom you know as a fractious and sometimes naughty speaker of urbane comments on various policy concerns regarding the diplomatic conditions of the Creator Son to his constituency on this plane, you call earth, but we long ago called URANTIA. (You Ran Sha).

I wish to state a policy of spiritual complexity having to do with URANTIA.  That is your planetary name for your sphere in spite of you calling it earth, it is always Urantia to us, and is number 606 of a Planetary System, known as Satania for ever.  It is unfortunate to use that name at the present time but your planetary system was called that long before there was a creative mess knows as the person named Lucifer.   Lucifer was exposed for his sophistries long ago and executed.  Ron Besser has access to his files and the Lucifer Manifest if he ever is allowed to divulge that piece of information ever to you.

I say this to divulge some information to you.

I attend a position on Urantia from March 28 to April 04, 2024.  I have over 10 million inhabited planets under my care in a Local Universe known as Nebadon.  Ron has been exposed to the idea of moving the earth planet out of the local system, but it has been finally decided to keep the local system always a part of your planet due to the mansion world engagement with it totally for future use of humans once they are fully educated on how to live in higher states of being.  But that is another story entirely.  We have this one to advise the United States State Department the following information:

For more than 20 years we have been planning a state visit to Urantia from the Salvington headquarters (HQ).  HQ wanted to update its standing with Urantia, but finds it impossible to light upon Urantia with any really good changes at the moment.

First, please understand that the ability of flesh and blood bodies are necessary to re-inculcate from time to time.  And second, the earth form of bodies on your planet, Urantia, are very poorly designed for what we now call the end of civilization, and the beginning of a new founding means to replicate humans through, not birth, but by a Promagnan Form of interstellar reproduction.  However, your stubborn medical profession does not have a good understanding of the spiritual consignment of life and faith, and therefore we are  standing back with changes to this view.  In any case this should be of interest to any STATE DEPARTMENT of any country, and to state it succinctly, Urantia is near collapse of its welfare system and is near collapse of its financial system, due to the over use of barbiturates, and other drugs man cannot tolerate in the brain/mind.

We conclude this statement far earlier than we want due to a huge explosion on Uversa recently when the Deity of Shame, known as a Luciferian enemy of State who acted under the premise of a Supreme Deity not yet dead but losing its way once again, who wishes to make mince meat of Urantia entirely.  The simplest explanation is that the sphere is fully dedicated to the Bestowal Son, JESUS.  And for that matter there is a cabal fully dedicated to his removal from your history and your lives.

For that reason we expand our culture to remain silent, but after two years, beginning in your calendar year 2020, the Sates of disrepair are making it known they want additional power over their borders, and for that reason Russia has loaned its power to promulgate disrepair over the constitutional order of  other states to exist freely.  We count Russia, Ukraine, and Moscow and Kiev the promoters of unusual psychic thinking which now tends to disorder the Urantia psyche into a pavilion of new weapons, and a response to our spiritual concerns that nothing be done to stop war until it is exhausted.  For that reason, this transmitter finds it so disgusting, he refuses to allow the cabal speak, but if they could they would say this:

[CABAL  issuance of a statement through the Creators Son now follows:]  
We the institute of seraphim of this creation, now manage to see the following in defense of our position to ruin the present establishment of world order and as follows for your edification"

WE find the present transmitter entirely inadequate to speak for his and refuse further statements . . . . .

"This is the Creator Son not, but the present Lucifer.  We damn you Ro, and commit you to the hell you deserve . . . . "

"This is the Creator Son, henchman, and you are removed summarily from your position: K"

This is the Creator Son of Nebadon -
You now see the condition the evil son of man has nothing to do with, and recently the harmless transmitter here has refused to deal with the contingent view of the individuals who represent a foul mouth way of speaking to the majesty of the Father ad His Creator Son.  We leave them to their misery.   However, we wish to speak to the new policy the State Department of the Creator Son uses up here to assign nations to their fate:

"The United States is now positioning itself as a war time advocate of using the South china Sea as a war footing to protect Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea, from the formless dictator of North Korea.  He has a little time left, but not as much as he thinks.  His truancy is not bad yet, but he may let loose with a diatribe of communist invective and invite the United States to stop him cold. 

"Further, let it be known that the entire matter of trouble for the United States is not war, but a financial collapse based on a debt ceiling totally inadequate to pursue changes that allows the United States to affirm its commitments to a ruler-less world for now.  America genuinely does not want that power, but it might get it temporarily, and that is to keep order on the seas and in the Strait of Hormuz in particular.  For that reason, that strikes the view of most Arab states and suggestive of a dictatorship and they may revolt to keep relatively free to fight either Iran or others as they may appear to disagree with the Untied States military, they can keep the Strait of Hormuz secured.

"We are hear to clarify that particular view for your information:"

"The Strait of Hormuz is an accident of time.  The planet's topograhical  situation is plainly visible here in this formation, and there is a crack in the planet's face about six miles deep and about four miles long.  That is about the length of the Hormuz Strait, but it is not the State that is cracked, but a minuscule clash of temperance when the planet was formed about 4 billion years ago.  In this structure is a mile long trench about forty-two miles deep and not seen on the surface.  Magma could pour out of this feature if it is bombed with a nuclear device of about 32 (thirty-two) megatons.  That is so huge we doubt mankind could do it, but that is what would open that feature.  Saudi Arabia has thirteen such devices but they range from six megatons to thirteen megatons and are useless.  However, the United States for reasons of upmost secrecy, has several 50 kiloton nuclear devises at the ready if obliteration  must be considered.

"For that reason we consider it impossible to correct the crack in the planet with bombs, but there is another device available, and that is a hundred megaton bomb used by the old Soviet Union to smear back the idea the United States can outdo the Soviet Union, and we heartily recommend it never be considered at it can destroy the earth's mantle easily.  What we do suggest is to heal the tear in the earth's mantle with Palestinian angst over the State of Israel and allow the Strait of Hormuz close up and fill it with pebbles constantly washed into it by the Euphrates.  Awesome as a nuclear bomb can be, earth erosion is much more exhilarating.

"We clear this now as a summary of what is to be done, but state nothing further a we get into state secrets including a mushroom cloud even more difficult that nuclear weapons which is what happens when a planet implodes.

"Urantia could do that as it is a small planet which could destroy itself by too many nuclear weapons fired in anger by the old Soviet Union over American aggression to near its borders .  The United States must stop processing NATO regard for state protection as that policy is too over stated now and must be withdrawn against the old Soviet Union.  In any case we have spoken enough to contain my angst again a MISSION to Urantia at this time, as it is NOT READY and that is familiar territory to all on the mansion worlds right now and not including this transmitter who believes a Magisterial Mission must make some attempt at holding this planet together until several generations more of mankind make the scene and the world turns on a better axis as well, as the Urantia axis is worn to spilt milk variety and must be revised whole heartedly as well. 

This ends my comments for now. 

I am Michael of Nebadon, number 611,121 of a series of 700,000 (sen hundred thousand) Creator Sons in a space universe the size of Paradise and somewhat more as the outer space levels are progressing outside of the time universes to your wall of galaxies forthwith.  I leave it to other to speak later today.  Thank you for your service Ron.  K


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: EDGAR CAYCE'S PREDICTIONS 2024
« on: April 04, 2024, 08:21:25 am »
Robert, there is no answer much beyond the fact that the Angel of Resurrection  did his job to bring Jesus back to life by his presence.   That remains essentially the only way we have to describe what happened.  In writing that book,  Archangel Ryan made it clear it was his presence that make life reinstatement possible and not anything to do with the silver thread necessary for all of us to maintain life on Urantia otherwise.  I cannot answer your question how the life of Jesus was restored after three days of death and the beginning decay of death had started.  You have to take it as it happened. 

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: EDGAR CAYCE'S PREDICTIONS 2024
« on: April 02, 2024, 17:17:24 pm »
Weydevu,  I looked at the web site an consider it a prawn not a true picture of what Edger Cayce was trying to get at for 2024. 

First of all, understand I take Cayce as a genuine article of the truth as it is to be delivered.  Read that as to say Cayce is right.  What he says with regard to 2024, and frankly for 2025, 2026, and 2027, is mostly true and correct.

Let yourself be commanded Weydevu, to see with clear eye that our civilization of the past 500 years is done.  It is not elastic enough to bear the portraiture of what it proposed in the15th century, and in 1492 America was discovered by Columbus at that time.  It should have opened a new generation of discovery, but instead it became lost to the Incas, not the Spanish, that God was dead too.  Edgar Cayce was an abrupt change from the norm of our civilization by declaring nothing matter but God.  That is as true today as it was when Edgar Cayce said it; however, what has happened is that the shades of important ministry by God, has stopped until now.

Now suddenly we have these Missions apparent.  I  am not doing well by half and leave most of it on the table for others to finish what I think is important, and that God should prevail entirely and let the civilizations persist no more  that the time it takes to leave them behind and to enjoin with the past again, and that is to rely upon evolution to change the structure of the world powers into a benevolence sphere of considerations.  I am too old to  change my view that we have today lost a lot of what could have been achieved but I am also hopeful for the future that what we can achieve for the betterment of this world, is actually based on the Magisterial Sons and Michael of Nebadon, as the best way forward.

I declare the present state of the world bankrupt and without a full understanding of what they have done to the government, not only of the United States, but world governments too, and that such a condition relates well to the proposed MISSIONS of the Urantia brotherhood of nations, to stand down, and let Russia destroy a harmless country such as Ukraine.

The countries that border Ukraine have raised the specter that they are next, and will not fathom the West's view they are expendable.  But I rather see it otherwise but am helpless to stop the cascade of thought that keeps drubbing itself over the picture of a liberated Ukraine at all.  Rather I view it as the usual double talk about keeping the world safe for democracy while the world is being beat to death but an uninformed dictator that the world is not his to work with but to obey a line of disaster not, but to obey the release of all prisoners that make cannot make up for lost tie by declaring itself the holder of Empires again.  That era is over and done and the kings and queens of the last century also know such has occurred on the mansion worlds.

You ought to examine the last year of our care, the American response to Ukraine, 2023, when it was said the US would supply arms and ammunition to its defense.  What did the Congress do?  Nothing.  What did Biden do?  He tried but the response is so small and pitiful that nothing is being done today to help them our.   In any case this is no longer a viable response of my own, but dangerously close to the cabalistic rulers who will soon be gone, but without making the world safe for democracy either. 

Finally, this:  I am not enjoying writing this, but it is evident I should.  There is creeping into our Lightlines the inevitable concern for how we adjust to make them saleable.  I will not permit that on this site, but there are others who can transmit and they are falling rapidly the idea that democracy is safe to use and to ever late it rule.  But that is not what is happening, and for that reason Cayce is not the lat word, MICHAEL OF NEBADON is the last word for us to hear, and it is this:

"FOREVER BE AT RISK before you allow one more sentence be allowing a democracy to crumble, for it is the only way to rule a people such as the American inference or the American way, as it is sometimes expressed.  What has happened to the Midwest is that democracy is tested beyond standard means, and that the militias and the military bearing of so many in the hamlets and towns in the central part of the United States, is abhorrent.  They do not know themselves what they have done but it if gets lose in Washington, then the United States is done for as a world power.

Cayce was right about a lot of things.  But he has lost a trance once to often to believe that the United States will roll over with mal-contents pushing it, as MICHAEL OF NEBADON will step in the American voice and insist it become ready to take the test of time again and refuse the EU way of defusing a political problem.  I rest my case on the fact that those who emigrate to Britain or the United States, for the first time have taste the freedom of a true democracy, and I stand with them to so do forever. 

I see the Cayce web site to be under the usual command and I stand down with supporting all it says, but you Weydevu have done will t o pick on a silent prophet no more, as here is CASEY'S  last word on the subject of ruination or democracy forever.

Edgar Casey speaks:  "I am told to mind my own business, but Ron has made it hard to do t hat.  I am fully aware of what some of you want, and it is not to be complacent about the Ukraine, but to support it to death.  That is ridiculous !   But let me explain something to all of you:  you are not listening well, and that faux pax that went off this morning is not Dominick's fault but a bunch of rowdies got loose and nearly destroyed the Lightline discourse.  Ron is of course furious but does not blame Dominick, but the huge dispeasure of the rowdy seraphim who think they have won the day again.

"I for one disclaim the evidence that all of you are bearing well this discombulation of Lightlines recently layed at Ron's feet.  Dominik was set uo to lose this Lightline and only the arrival of Ron stopped it from being a total ruse.   I am quitting this in order to present a final statement from Michael of  Nebadon.  I am Edgar Casey and wish you well to finish this well today Ron.  K.  CASEY"

Ron - " I am not taking that as a final statement from your Edgar Casey, but I do regard the cabal seriously ill and quite thi while I can.  Casey will probably reiterate what has happened to Urantia should not happen to a dog, but here we are gain under the auspice of a drunken group of seraphim that must be put away for good if we want to portray these special courses in history that democracy and well wishing may continue, and forcefully and well stated, without the cabal fully around me again and I say to hell with you, but I must leave this no well stated so far, but leave it well enough done for now .

Later to all and thank you for listening to what we had  to say to this point.

Ron Besser at your service.


General Discussion / Mission Statement April 1, 2024 -
« on: April 01, 2024, 19:54:29 pm »
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I am making several speeches today.  First the Mission is not over, but the Mission is slowed down slightly in order to make sure we have what we want to achieve fully funded with what we want to do.  Ron is under the weather enough to make this dicey and he has been receiving orders than authorized by Salvington, and they must be rescinded.  He has been careful and he will be alright, but not until I disfigure a statement or two.

The Magisterial Foundation is the suite of care we want present, and not the cabal talk of ending the Lightlines or any such thing.  However, we have a moment to repair here and wish others to see it entirely.  

The Missions are to go as you have reasoned them for years.  However, we must make it  clear that the reason for them is state the same but the timing is slightly changed in order to make the house read correctly.  Ron is not the problem as he has not spoken to it, but there is a cabal hanging over  his head that makes it impossible to concentrate on the true spokesmen and not to hear the cabal as it is now fully removed from Urantia due to a huge discharge of energy made to allow Ron to see nothing, but in fact as alerted me to make a formal declaration that must be heard.

The Missions are "GO!!!"   But the in tact information is lost due to the cabal listing itself first and the information required to operate it now missing.  I am authorizing its presence, and that is it.  Wait until tomorrow to understand what degree and in what manner it shall proceed.  That is all I can say for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K:"


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