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Michael of Nebadon
Monday, April 15, 2024
Subject: Liaison Announcement
10:10 AM at York, Pa

Dear Folks,
I Michael of Nebadon, I am on your planet this morning.  Let you pray for the safety of  my presence.  It is for a good reason:

I have subscribed to Ron Besser for over sixteen (16) years to speak of this day, and yet Ron is undergoing the last of a series of morontial tests to update his mind so he can do this without a worry from the cabal.   But I must continue without his completion now.


I am announcing that I have completed the preliminary test on this planet’s unholy principle form, and that it is decrepit, but it is sufficient to run the next holy test I must complete before I run the MISSION.

THE MISSION is compromised of these 2 (two) factors:

1 - The appearance of our beloved JESUS;

2 - The appearance of two new forms of deliverance I have never used for a Mission to a planet before.


I am making this stick.  Two or more gathered in my name here me succinctly if they can TRANSMIT;

There is no recrimination to anyone if they make sure they are honestly ready to hear and take on this anomaly of hearing right now.

TWO NEW FORMS OF APPEARANCE:  Never has a world seen these, and I let this stand without further explanation now.


I want it to be known that this is the last message you will receive from Me until May 12th.  

Before that Ron will communicate with GABRIEL or my Lt. Sponsler of Nebadon - that is whoever I decide needs to make the announcement MOSTLY FROM ONE OF YOU!   Ron will always take it as well, but you all are subject taking the message and posting.  You will have the message first, and Ron may follow up for the need to make it doubly clear.  

Ron will have complained no longer over loss of feeling in his arms and legs and the terrible pain he feels daily.  That was not changes to his legs and arms entirely; the legs and arms are now ready to serve him as they should shortly!

This announcement is fairly clear.  

I will be back on Urantia in about 1 of your hours from 10:30AM to 11:30AM,  New York Time, and I will have a special announcement for all.  I leave now.


Michael of Nebadon
Announcing the End of the Teaching Missio
Other speeches to follow/
Part 1
April 10, 2024

There is a fundamental change to contact now.  Contact was and is still used to reach human minds so that we have a continuum of voicing according to the Magisterial Sons and Daughters (more on this later), then we did before.  Do not lament this, but address Michael of Nebadon, the Fair Axis of Employment.

First let me explain something.  I did not get up until 1130am exhausted and not clear in my mind, as I had a night’s sleep full of what you might call “old films,” looking back at the 19th century this morning.  I was out and asleep from midnight last night until noon today, and unable to move at all in the bed.  I was subject to a night of old film and old interviews with the men (mostly) of old who started producing contact with the spirit universe in those days.

I had pictures in motion how they tried to place some of the contact material in archives for future use, but that they all found it impossible to make sense of common courtesy archives of what they did.  What did they do?

From about 1870 to 1910 they put together whole groups of spirit contact with people such as Stainton Moses and Paschal Beverly Randolph and Emma Hardinge Britten,  were among the most celebrated lecturers and authors on the subject in the mid-19th century. Allan Kardec coined the term Spiritualism around 1860 [blurb of names is from the internet].  Dr, William S. Sadler, the head of the continuum of these activities in the production of the great 5th epochal revelation beginning in 1926 (not 1928 as current historians related to the subject), and ended in 1943 actually, but historians prefer to think it ended in 1942, is a good example of how this series of revelation began.

I am not writing about the revelation now, that is the 5th epochal revelation, but I have received this morning a hodge podge of old films and professors of that era, speaking in old pictures and daguerreotype motion pictures.   The daguerreotype is a direct-positive process, creating a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper plated with a thin coat of silver without the use of a negative. The process required great care.   In any case I was shown old films of men who were doctors of their day and an almost endless picture of the spiritualism practiced in the later 19 and early 20th century.

Whatever purpose this served it was over by 11am and I am writing this at noon.  However, let me say this: what I experienced showed me how puny that contacts actually were, and that our understanding must come from the really serious attempts TODAY to figure out what has actually happened between MICHAEL OF NEBADON, GABRIEL, and the actors of that era, including the TEACHING MISSION, were fabricated until this month– April of 2024.  Let me explain something I have been given:

1 - The character actors of this era are Half Moon Bay, Gerdean, other names of act oars galore as Teaching Mission hummers who did transmit Michael of Nebadon and the others who acted for the spirit mission to Urantia from 1992 to 2014 or actually to 2012 when the release of information was really put to the test to obtain information among transmitters for a mission to Urantia, supposedly done from 1992 to 2014.  It actually faltered until 2012, but we can argue about that later.

2 - I am keeping this light and simple and will be back today to explain something that is detrimental to you but not to me at the moment.  You my friends on this Board have now got to understand spiritualism through a new mode, and I am not sure I am explaining it correctly yet either.  But Michael of Nebadon, has decided that this current round up of transmitters are useless, and that the archive Ron produced as Tmarchives is useless to understand what has really happened, but it is the only lasting contribution to the era made from 1992 to 2010, and after 2010 there is scant reason to refer to those activities as useful anymore.

3 - Finally Lightlines.  They are successful and today’s Lightline is not over for there are excellent reasons to speak spiritually to you as a group.  Lemuel is so sick I doubt he can do anything today, so Ron you cohabit with Lemuel to help him out.  I have nothing to say further until later.  Thank you.


 T/R: Ronald Besser. York, Pa
Formatted for Review by the US State Department at various levels:

  I am the Creator Son of the Local Universe you live in, whether you call this planet "earth, or Urantia, does not matter.  I am have been bidden to speak to the group who does occasionally look in upon dissertation on this forum to see what advice the Creator Son of your creation has to say.  I am making this available to Ron Besser, whom you know as a fractious and sometimes naughty speaker of urbane comments on various policy concerns regarding the diplomatic conditions of the Creator Son to his constituency on this plane, you call earth, but we long ago called URANTIA. (You Ran Sha).

I wish to state a policy of spiritual complexity having to do with URANTIA.  That is your planetary name for your sphere in spite of you calling it earth, it is always Urantia to us, and is number 606 of a Planetary System, known as Satania for ever.  It is unfortunate to use that name at the present time but your planetary system was called that long before there was a creative mess knows as the person named Lucifer.   Lucifer was exposed for his sophistries long ago and executed.  Ron Besser has access to his files and the Lucifer Manifest if he ever is allowed to divulge that piece of information ever to you.

I say this to divulge some information to you.

I attend a position on Urantia from March 28 to April 04, 2024.  I have over 10 million inhabited planets under my care in a Local Universe known as Nebadon.  Ron has been exposed to the idea of moving the earth planet out of the local system, but it has been finally decided to keep the local system always a part of your planet due to the mansion world engagement with it totally for future use of humans once they are fully educated on how to live in higher states of being.  But that is another story entirely.  We have this one to advise the United States State Department the following information:

For more than 20 years we have been planning a state visit to Urantia from the Salvington headquarters (HQ).  HQ wanted to update its standing with Urantia, but finds it impossible to light upon Urantia with any really good changes at the moment.

First, please understand that the ability of flesh and blood bodies are necessary to re-inculcate from time to time.  And second, the earth form of bodies on your planet, Urantia, are very poorly designed for what we now call the end of civilization, and the beginning of a new founding means to replicate humans through, not birth, but by a Promagnan Form of interstellar reproduction.  However, your stubborn medical profession does not have a good understanding of the spiritual consignment of life and faith, and therefore we are  standing back with changes to this view.  In any case this should be of interest to any STATE DEPARTMENT of any country, and to state it succinctly, Urantia is near collapse of its welfare system and is near collapse of its financial system, due to the over use of barbiturates, and other drugs man cannot tolerate in the brain/mind.

We conclude this statement far earlier than we want due to a huge explosion on Uversa recently when the Deity of Shame, known as a Luciferian enemy of State who acted under the premise of a Supreme Deity not yet dead but losing its way once again, who wishes to make mince meat of Urantia entirely.  The simplest explanation is that the sphere is fully dedicated to the Bestowal Son, JESUS.  And for that matter there is a cabal fully dedicated to his removal from your history and your lives.

For that reason we expand our culture to remain silent, but after two years, beginning in your calendar year 2020, the Sates of disrepair are making it known they want additional power over their borders, and for that reason Russia has loaned its power to promulgate disrepair over the constitutional order of  other states to exist freely.  We count Russia, Ukraine, and Moscow and Kiev the promoters of unusual psychic thinking which now tends to disorder the Urantia psyche into a pavilion of new weapons, and a response to our spiritual concerns that nothing be done to stop war until it is exhausted.  For that reason, this transmitter finds it so disgusting, he refuses to allow the cabal speak, but if they could they would say this:

[CABAL  issuance of a statement through the Creators Son now follows:]  
We the institute of seraphim of this creation, now manage to see the following in defense of our position to ruin the present establishment of world order and as follows for your edification"

WE find the present transmitter entirely inadequate to speak for his and refuse further statements . . . . .

"This is the Creator Son not, but the present Lucifer.  We damn you Ro, and commit you to the hell you deserve . . . . "

"This is the Creator Son, henchman, and you are removed summarily from your position: K"

This is the Creator Son of Nebadon -
You now see the condition the evil son of man has nothing to do with, and recently the harmless transmitter here has refused to deal with the contingent view of the individuals who represent a foul mouth way of speaking to the majesty of the Father ad His Creator Son.  We leave them to their misery.   However, we wish to speak to the new policy the State Department of the Creator Son uses up here to assign nations to their fate:

"The United States is now positioning itself as a war time advocate of using the South china Sea as a war footing to protect Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea, from the formless dictator of North Korea.  He has a little time left, but not as much as he thinks.  His truancy is not bad yet, but he may let loose with a diatribe of communist invective and invite the United States to stop him cold. 

"Further, let it be known that the entire matter of trouble for the United States is not war, but a financial collapse based on a debt ceiling totally inadequate to pursue changes that allows the United States to affirm its commitments to a ruler-less world for now.  America genuinely does not want that power, but it might get it temporarily, and that is to keep order on the seas and in the Strait of Hormuz in particular.  For that reason, that strikes the view of most Arab states and suggestive of a dictatorship and they may revolt to keep relatively free to fight either Iran or others as they may appear to disagree with the Untied States military, they can keep the Strait of Hormuz secured.

"We are hear to clarify that particular view for your information:"

"The Strait of Hormuz is an accident of time.  The planet's topograhical  situation is plainly visible here in this formation, and there is a crack in the planet's face about six miles deep and about four miles long.  That is about the length of the Hormuz Strait, but it is not the State that is cracked, but a minuscule clash of temperance when the planet was formed about 4 billion years ago.  In this structure is a mile long trench about forty-two miles deep and not seen on the surface.  Magma could pour out of this feature if it is bombed with a nuclear device of about 32 (thirty-two) megatons.  That is so huge we doubt mankind could do it, but that is what would open that feature.  Saudi Arabia has thirteen such devices but they range from six megatons to thirteen megatons and are useless.  However, the United States for reasons of upmost secrecy, has several 50 kiloton nuclear devises at the ready if obliteration  must be considered.

"For that reason we consider it impossible to correct the crack in the planet with bombs, but there is another device available, and that is a hundred megaton bomb used by the old Soviet Union to smear back the idea the United States can outdo the Soviet Union, and we heartily recommend it never be considered at it can destroy the earth's mantle easily.  What we do suggest is to heal the tear in the earth's mantle with Palestinian angst over the State of Israel and allow the Strait of Hormuz close up and fill it with pebbles constantly washed into it by the Euphrates.  Awesome as a nuclear bomb can be, earth erosion is much more exhilarating.

"We clear this now as a summary of what is to be done, but state nothing further a we get into state secrets including a mushroom cloud even more difficult that nuclear weapons which is what happens when a planet implodes.

"Urantia could do that as it is a small planet which could destroy itself by too many nuclear weapons fired in anger by the old Soviet Union over American aggression to near its borders .  The United States must stop processing NATO regard for state protection as that policy is too over stated now and must be withdrawn against the old Soviet Union.  In any case we have spoken enough to contain my angst again a MISSION to Urantia at this time, as it is NOT READY and that is familiar territory to all on the mansion worlds right now and not including this transmitter who believes a Magisterial Mission must make some attempt at holding this planet together until several generations more of mankind make the scene and the world turns on a better axis as well, as the Urantia axis is worn to spilt milk variety and must be revised whole heartedly as well. 

This ends my comments for now. 

I am Michael of Nebadon, number 611,121 of a series of 700,000 (sen hundred thousand) Creator Sons in a space universe the size of Paradise and somewhat more as the outer space levels are progressing outside of the time universes to your wall of galaxies forthwith.  I leave it to other to speak later today.  Thank you for your service Ron.  K


General Discussion / Mission Statement April 1, 2024 -
« on: April 01, 2024, 19:54:29 pm »
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I am making several speeches today.  First the Mission is not over, but the Mission is slowed down slightly in order to make sure we have what we want to achieve fully funded with what we want to do.  Ron is under the weather enough to make this dicey and he has been receiving orders than authorized by Salvington, and they must be rescinded.  He has been careful and he will be alright, but not until I disfigure a statement or two.

The Magisterial Foundation is the suite of care we want present, and not the cabal talk of ending the Lightlines or any such thing.  However, we have a moment to repair here and wish others to see it entirely.  

The Missions are to go as you have reasoned them for years.  However, we must make it  clear that the reason for them is state the same but the timing is slightly changed in order to make the house read correctly.  Ron is not the problem as he has not spoken to it, but there is a cabal hanging over  his head that makes it impossible to concentrate on the true spokesmen and not to hear the cabal as it is now fully removed from Urantia due to a huge discharge of energy made to allow Ron to see nothing, but in fact as alerted me to make a formal declaration that must be heard.

The Missions are "GO!!!"   But the in tact information is lost due to the cabal listing itself first and the information required to operate it now missing.  I am authorizing its presence, and that is it.  Wait until tomorrow to understand what degree and in what manner it shall proceed.  That is all I can say for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K:"


General Discussion / Michael Speaks on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024
« on: March 31, 2024, 12:09:47 pm »
Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024
York, Pa


“I am judicious and caring this Sunday, Easter Sunday of 2024.

“I care tremendously that Ron survive this glitz of a holiday, and wait no longer to speak, and tell you this”

“The house Ron lives in is old and trustworthy.  It is 160 years old and older than even that, however, it is told it must lie down, and to be lost from sight for the moment, as it is lost to the wilds of time, and 2709 Sunset Lane is the last monument to me of an era that has seen the United States become the super power it has become, and the super power it remains.  It is the one country that must survive this awful event to come to all of you shortly.

“Ron has prepared a wonderful lightning call free electricity, but he cannot make waves that produces it as he is dying of a huge number of diseases, none of which are assigned to the usual doctors which appear on URANTIA.

“For that reason we have left him go as long as he has to, and for that reason we must take our course and leave him alone.  Later today he may have a word or two to say, but I will not be present for the simple reason the FATHER has arranged that I speak to no one today, except as I may hold forth in a separate messages such as this one for the moment.

“I am not to speak directly to Ron today, as no human has a chance to speak to a Creator Son while that Creator Son is preparing remarks for a Mission that must be presented to ALL of the world.  For that reason I stand down from Ron, but use his hands and mind to type this out to all of you for a change.

“I have not been available for six days now, even though you have received me in the game of Lightline.  That is because my robot is available to genuine care and for that reason it shares a memory salute tgol this one and care for him is given.   

“Lastly, we are ready for the Missions.  You who sit and wait get it clearly now.  You have waited long enough now.  I am grateful it is recommended you sit back and enjoy the time with friends and family today.  Dominick is coming back from a CONFERENCE that the UAI had in Baltimore, on the habiliment of a collapse bridge that spans the city of Baltimore with the death of 8 folks, not 6, as the span entrance to t he bridge had two cars on it not seen before and they are beginning to wonder just what went so wrong with the design of that bridge?

“The truth of the matter is it is a terrible bridge design the was revised three (3) times and never got a cap on it because it lost its ability to sway with the wind in places and frankly, it would have collapsed on its own years from now.  The trial to make that bridge whole again is not feasible and they better junk it all and put it another place, as the currents out to sea are precariously difficult and we do not recommend it be replaced in the same spot at all.

“In my estimation no bridge should be placed there.  And I believe there are some engineers who agree as it is precarious at best and no longer a favored place to place a bridge by even the city of Baltimore, as it is full of aspirational diseases currents which make it unfavorable to its moorings.  I leave it at that and hope they decide to trash what is left and uncover the bodies of two more who did not know what happened, it was so fast it lost its memory for those who were unlucky enough to approach it at the moment of its collapse.

“Finally, the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is relieved of all its positry, and that is spelled correctly, as it is a word that means “lost not, but lost none the less”, and for that w e say this:

“The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is welcome to stay, and be the guide post for free electricity and Chronicles, but it is no longer a special guest of the Mission to Urantia, as no human mission may stand with the the cumbersome materials of a Magisterial Mission or a Spirit Mission, for the FATHER has ruled it should not be attempted again.  I for one rather enjoyed it and it stood for the Urantia Foundation briefly enough to get some things done, but it is a waste of time for Me to consider it as a special gift of humans to get the whole idea of a Mission to it.

“Ron fully recognizes it has no standing except as a place to put free electricity and the Chronicles of the Life and Times of JESUS on earth.  He will see to it the best he can but he is defeated by us refusing any position he may wish to hold as we will write the Chronicles ourselves.  HE has as good shot of writing the Chronicles from your diaries and thoughts as it proceeds to be seen again shortly.

“WE close with one last statement: No one should attempt to abridge the Magisterial Foundation for anything, as it is truly the one we favor of the care and holding of our wishes up to the point of the last will and testament of what should be said and done in favor of the last tailing of this Mission for which it stood.  I am especially wondering if a bit of it stands with us as the voice of God until it could be fully digested by your minds until the real thing came along.  

“I close now and the cabal that follows Ron faithfully now, is lost to its own regeneration not, but the cabal insists it has a place and it does not.

“For that reason, let us stand aside and let them holler and carefully expound on there sayings, but not to heard any longer and that is final.  I wish you all a good Easter day, and we will have a lot of more to say, on Monday the 1st of April in Elise’s Lightline for sure.  K”


« on: March 31, 2024, 11:36:10 am »
Hello everyone.  Because of certain conditions today, and it being Easter Sunday toady as well, I am cancelling the Easter Sunday Lightline per the Creator Son's order.

Many of you expect the Lightline to be offered, but this Easter is especially poignant, and I agree with the Creator Son, that we need not go to any special trouble to support or deny a configuration to hold or not hold the Lightline this Sunday,  Easter Sunday.

I  look forward  to holding more Lightlines later, but for now, enjoy your Easter Sunday with your family and friends, and we will be back as soon as possible next week and beyond.  Lightlines for Monday and through the week are to continue.  Only t he Sunday Lightline is considered to be  cancelled since Jesus is best left to speak directly to you as he must and will.  Good day and the Happiest of Easters!

Ron Besser.

JESUS - "Ron has been spoken to and asks for forgiveness not from you but from Me.  I appreciate the Lightline series and his way of trusting in God all the time.  This time, however, the Creator Son has worried him to the point he rather leave it alone so that I may have a word with you and your family personally.  For that reason he leaves the creation of the Magisterial Foundation alone, and you are welcome to hear from a speech later today on that channel at my request when I announce t he time.  He is not avowed to speak and he does not have to but we leave it all alone for now.  Good day and precious ones you are most welcome to listen in on your own circuit to hear my message to you today.  K:


General Discussion / The Creator Son's Warning 28 March 2024
« on: March 28, 2024, 11:53:58 am »
Michael of Nebadon speaks:
The Insurrection is Worse Than Ever
March 28, 2024 Noon
York, Pa
Ron Besser/Transmitter

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Leave your posts not   

I am entirely sure we have the last of the Lucifer rebellion present in full force, and this transmitters is livid they are anywhere present at all.  But they are!

I can break through with force because I am a Sovereign Creator Son.  For reasons of my own I keep these statements rare and of little concern to most other transmitters, as Ron has to battle every day to just get through to Me and to you.

Lastly, I warn the cabal they are playing with a huge bonfire if this keeps up, and for their leadership, you are warned that if anything happens to this transmitter there is nothing left of any of you insurrectionists to count as a place to land again!

I am truly disgusted with entire affair right now, and Ron can barely make it to the computer this morning he is so weak and frail to deal with any of them at the moment.  I have asked he get to this message and affirm that nothing will prevail shortly, and that the entire issues ruling all of those appearing in the insurrection, they are ready to fall and nothing heard of them again.

As I say, let this entire matter alone insurrectionists!  You are not in control unless someone welcomes you, and Ron has fully stated you have no place at all and I see the effort made by a seraphim nearby, and it does not work.  And lastly to you Ron, stay the course undefended now, as you cannot make a difference unless I force the issues at the moment and I will not do that right now.  Shortly it may be done, but right now keep the course without further ado.  Good day to all.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service!

Ron Besser here - I have fought every ounce available to me to stay the course but today is typical where they have sourced enough power to enlighten me they are in charge and I cannot help it.  I assure you I can help it and make sure they understand forcibly there is nothing they can do about anything with me.  I am sure some of you are facing difficulties too, but stand and stay the course until Urantia can be cleared of this horror and terror of total evil about.  It is nearly EASTER, and keep in mind that is a force too!  I will not determine much but I will stay the course with all of you to see to it that any suggestion that these Missions are lost or truncated will not stand as truth!

Last now, I am fully tired of the trial of fighting every twist and turn I take and awaken shortly they say to a better life style and care giving as best I can afford at the moment.  That is not much, but we must understand how challenged you are right now, and to stay out of speculation that which eludes the truth of the true situation.

I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON NOT, but I am cabal Ron, and you are dead to the light of truth only to learn how we refuse any development over anything you have done, and for that reason, we are not allowed to approach you by the Ancients of Days for good now, but we insist on removing, killing, you .  

And this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, Ron: You have no worry there but keep yourself informed during today, Thursday the 28th of March, to stand tall and force issues only you can and stay the course with Me.  I am now ready to take them on again and I will see to a better day than you thought could happen.  Good day to all now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.


The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is having representatives to attend the Baltimore Conference surrounding the idea of the 5th epochal revelation.  The theme they say is SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.  Well, then so be it and we are having DOMINICK AND GITZ appearing there with name badges and interpretive interest in what they propose to produce.  Dominick is leaving for home Saturday night back to York, and there is a prayer vigil the 31st for those who wish to attend the final day.  Steven is making a major effort to be there too and we are very thankful Steven for attending to represent us and for your own enjoyment too.

The Magisterial Foundation has some brochures to pass out and we are already famous for having Ultimaton production to make free electricity by our own patent to produce free electricity for the world and so on.  The technology is good enough to spawn another patent I have not applied for in order to produce a cheap and affordable HYDROGEN CAR AND TRUCK.  We can produce without batteries necessary thanks to the WTP technology we can modify for the car design.

However that may be, I am wishing and hoping that our Magisterial Foundation representatives make a good impression for the conference and let us see how MICHAEL OF NEBADON reacts to the request to broadcast from his laptop pictures of the live conference. MICHAEL OF NEBADON has requested it and Steven you should try it too if your new lap top can broadcast by Skype.  

Finally, Baltimore is practically in my back yard.  IT is 50 miles only down the road from me, but the conference is opening up just at the time I have to finish my transition, pain and all, to a better body condition.  They are super secret about it but they tell me most of this should be off my back in two weeks.  I tell them :that is if I can make it!" and so on.

I doubt people will have a lot meetings like this Conference in Baltimore the end of next week, anymore, since MICHAEL OF NEBADON is insisting that the Missions must go forward.  If they do I doubt there is enough time to organize a conference over what he intends to do.  I would hold one, but my health is precarious and I hold back.  They might hold one on their own come say July or earlier.  Things are not well enough right now to predict much for the future.

That is it for now and thanks for tuning in.

Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron always spurs time to speak, and this is your Creator Son speaking now:

"I am sure Ron is not missing much now as the conference inferences are so old and boring I doubt it attracts many people now.  Ron wanted to attend but I said no.  Dominick volunteered and Seven Gitz also volunteered too and so we have a nice Magisterial Foundation representation.  HALLELUJAH!   I ask Dominick to broadcast a little but that seems difficult entirely but we shall see.  Thanks to all of you for tuning and we have a special announcement later today or maybe early tomorrow on something quite important to hear!

Stay tune for later today or early morrow.  Til then good day. K"



Michael of Nebadon
Mission Announcement

T/R: Ronald Besser
March 20, 2024 @ noon NY Time


This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I am preparing to speak this afternoon on the WEDNESDAY LIGHTLINE with Lemuel as Transmitter at 2PM New York time zone today.  The Lightline will carry more detail at the time than what I am prepared to tell you today.  

My message is simple at this time, and you all need to understand that I understand why things are so seemingly slow today.  Ron has nothing to say, Elise is ill, Dominick another transmitters are slow witted sort of , and the rest of you are seeing a mostly sunny day on the Atlantic seaboard.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and expect more to announce later today with Lemuel as transmitter.

Those of you who carry a huge responsibility to stay the course, please remember that I am the Creator Son, and that I carry huge responsibilities too.  For reasons of my own I wish to congratulate some of you staying the course while so many others drop off wondering why to bother?  It is not my choice to stand around and look glum, but some of you do now and that is not my serious contention either, but look to the East of Jerusalem and forsake Lebanon, and even further to Israel not, but to Jordan, as the fires of independence are burning brightly for these States, and that spells trouble for the monarchies everywhere.  I leaving this alone for now, but the entire region of the Middle East might sign up for more revolution this year.

I leave it alone for those of you who care less about the outside world, but your inside world is leaving you pretty much alone, and that is until we decide the shape of the spiritual missions to eventually appear on Urantia in true fashion.  I am sure we have very little to pontificate this Wednesday, but by Friday this week, which is the 22nd or at least by the 23rd of this month, I will have a definitive statement t speak to.  Right now, there is little to relate to from Salvington.

In closing, let this be remembered this Wednesday, today, that nothing is brewing enough to speak to all of it now; however  the coming 21st of March, 2024, there will be a lot more to say as we are preparing to start a Mission with the MAGISTERIAL SONS, and WE will speak to more tomorrow and later today as well. 

GABRIEL - “You on this Board are all welcome later today to speak your views when you realize that the entire matter of years, and years,  of planning, are finally discussed and in some cases some forecasts made we now remove as unfavorable what we want to institute on Urantia now.
“Finally, we say this to all of you who wait and let things run as they must: STAY the COURSE, and let us finish the trial you all have seen to for years and years of planning now.  I am leaving with MICHAEL,  not for Urantia, but for UVERSA later today to rehearse the issues of INCARNATION again.   That takes some doing after years of neglect by us over other pending legislation as how we now are going to  address A MAJOR SPIRITUAL MISSION to Urantia, momentarily.  We end this post with this:

“The trial to being the Missions is also to trial the entire request for information concerning how our input begins.  In other words:  WHAT WILL YOU SEE AND DO SHORTLY?

"I am not used to a Magisterial Foundation style care giver beside us, but you have the Magisterial Foundation this year well enough done already to participate with initial concerns these Missions bring with Us to Urantia very well.


“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I discreetly order all of you to stay the course for the last time this year hopefully.  Ron the cabal is all over you again, and this time they have no real say except for you to take cover no longer, and sooner or later, you feel very much better than you do now.  For other transmitters please understand this is an important day of preparation.  Tomorrow the MISSIONS BEGIN!!!  And for all others on Urantia, your workweek is LIKELY full of surprises too, as I am insisting people take notice and we have our ways of doing that!  Cheers to all, and good day!


According to Time and Date, spring 2024 starts at 11:06 p.m. EDT on March 19, New York time zone.  Below the equator, this is the first day of Fall, as their days start to grow shorter.  Leap Year this year forces the date a tad earlier than the usual date when February only has 28 days.

Spring 2024 coming a calendar day early thanks to leap year.

For York, PA we celebrate it 11:06PM just before midnight the 19th.

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General Discussion / Reminder, Lightline Live today at 2PM
« on: March 17, 2024, 13:32:53 pm »
Just a quick reminder I am holding the Sunday Lightline today at 2PM.  Use the Internet log in printed at the top of the discussion forum if you like or use the telephone number we have always used before.  This is the first Lightline back into our regular schedule, so just note it.
I also just spoke to Elise of the Netherlands, and boy is she ill!  She contracted the Spanish flu and it is as bad or worse than Covid.   I suppose she will let you know if she can handle her Lightline tomorrow or not.  Same consideration must be given to Lemuel, who with me too, is in his80's and we are having a hard time keeping these schedules yet.  I leave all of it up to our transmitters, but do not be susrprised we have some gaps in our schedule this coming week too.
Lightline USA will be on theair in about half an hour for me and hope to see you there.  Thanks much
Ron Bessser/transmitter

March 13, 2024 @ 14:30 New York Time
Planetary Emergency Declared Soon
A Urantia Core Malfunction

I will be quick about this.

The Power Directors inform us that the Urantia core inside the planet has malfunctioned again.

The planetary corp usually rotates within its own earth chamber about 6,500 miles straight down from my place in York, Pennsylvania.

The earth corp is molten metal and because the planet is spinning on its axis to give us day and night times, it spins in the vault it is in.

The earth chamber according to the Power Directors has stopped moving around the edges or wall of the vault, and sits in a limp near the middle of the floor of the chamber circumference.

For that reason the limp of hot metal does not appropriately cool.  The danger of catastrophic explosions is possible, and the Power Directors have exercised t heir caution and have asked for a Planetary Emergency to be declared.

This situation brings us to state that where the earth’s crust may be extra thin, volcanic explosions could proliferate until there is some idea of the core to return to normal.  

We will advise you of developments.

Thank you.

Directive 10771435241752


I am not making a reversion of anything said so far, but I need for the audience to know that certain scientifuc studies address the MUON as a PI Muon at times and other times as a MESOTRON

In the 5th epochal revelation, Paper 42 talks about the Mesotron.  Today nobody seems to know what the revelation is talking about.  I quote below a section of Paper 42, Subsection 8 and how they speak to the Mesotron

We QUOTE the 5th epochal revelation where it talks about The MESOTRON, AS FOLLOWS:

The Local Universe

42. Energy - Mind and Matter

8. Atomic Cohesion

42.8.3 The charged protons and the uncharged neutrons of the nucleus of the atom are held together by the reciprocating function of the mesotron, a particle of matter 180 times as heavy as the electron. Without this arrangement the electric charge carried by the protons would be disruptive of the atomic nucleus.

42.8.4 As atoms are constituted, neither electric nor gravitational forces could hold the nucleus together. The integrity of the nucleus is maintained by the reciprocal cohering function of the mesotron which is able to hold charged and uncharged particles together because of superior force-mass power and by the further function of causing protons and neutrons constantly to change places.

The mesotron causes the electric charge of the nuclear particles to be incessantly tossed back and forth between protons and neutrons. At one infinitesimal part of a second a given nuclear particle is a charged proton and the next an uncharged neutron. And these alternations of energy status are so unbelievably rapid that the electric charge is deprived of all opportunity to function as a disruptive influence. Thus does the mesotron function as an “energy-carrier” particle which mightily contributes to the nuclear stability of the atom.

42.8.5 The presence and function of the mesotron also explains another atomic riddle. When atoms perform radioactively, they emit far more energy than would be expected. This excess of radiation is derived from the breaking up of the mesotron “energy carrier,” which thereby becomes a mere electron. The mesotronic disintegration is also accompanied by the emission of certain small uncharged particles.

[Editor' Note - These emission of small uncharged particles are NOT QUARKS, but surcharged Quarks identified in our literature as Seminoles, but in college class rooms they are frequently denominated as QUARKS CHARM AND an unnamed one we shall call FAULTLESS.  Quarks named Charm and Faultless are without designations as part of Lepton association; however, please note our experiments call the Charm and Fault Quarks which seem to always accompany Muon dispersion's as the uncharged particle in the epochal revelation.  I do not agree with the Wikipedia statement entirely here but it is close enough to let it stay without further comment for now.  We finish the quote of Paper 42 CF  below]

42.8.6 The mesotron explains certain cohesive properties of the atomic nucleus, but it does not account for the cohesion of proton to proton nor for the adhesion of neutron to neutron. The paradoxical and powerful force of atomic cohesive integrity is a form of energy as yet undiscovered on Urantia."

Close Quote

[Another Editor's Note:  The protons in this quote lack a central authority, and nearly one hundr4ed years later today, there is a use in the college classroom today to use the Lepton equivalent of a Mesotron.  not the Pion, but sometimes calling it the Mesotron Muon.  Neither the Muon or Mesotron are equal in charge, but the Muon is more powerful because it lacks a studio Proton orbiting its presence.  Nobody understands why and I let this go as it is above my head over why that should occur,]

WE now quote WIKIPEDIA for this tidbit concerning the Muon and the family they belong to called the Lepton family.  The Lepton family is mostly electrical, but there is in the family a preparticle called a PION.  


"[The] muon is an unstable subatomic particle with a mean lifetime of 2.2 Î¼s, much longer than many other subatomic particles. As with the decay of the non-elementary neutron (with a lifetime around 15 minutes), muon decay is slow (by subatomic standards) because the decay is mediated only by the weak interaction (rather than the more powerful strong interaction or electromagnetic interaction), and because the mass difference between the muon and the set of its decay products is small, providing few kinetic degrees of freedom for decay. Muon decay almost always produces at least three particles, which must include an electron of the same charge as the muon and two types of neutrinos.
Like all elementary particles, the muon has a corresponding antiparticle of opposite charge (+1 e) but equal mass and spin: the antimuon (also called a positive muon). Muons are denoted by
and antimuons by
. Formerly, muons were called mu mesons, but are not classified as mesons by modern particle physicists (see § History), and that name is no longer used by the physics community."

Ron Besser here again - I place the Wikipedia quote here to remind physicists that the discovery of the muon was swift but no one really knew what to do about them until around1974-75 when someone actualized and identified their family as a Lepton, but that is kind of messy for us yet, as we think the muon may belong to a separate family classification, but we see no name for such to be available so far.  In any case the muon now serves wireless electricity because it carries the voltage of an electron without the amperage of the electron, and we can send MUONS off the broadcast tower much easier than anything else.  A GLUON might do it but it is too rare to manufacture efforts to overcome that problem at all.

And finally this:  I tire of retreading information which is little use to our free electricity patent #11601013, March 7, 2023, but I do recollect we have another use for this type of power transfer, and that is an easy and cheap HYDROGEN CAR.  I have written the patent up already and it is easy and cheap to do and without batteries.  However, I have been warned by my experience with free electricity there is no government support unless we are  charged with a large corporation and a big budget.  For your information I refuse to sell the patent to the electrical industry and the same for the hydrogen car, because both of these inventions are supremely narrow in application, and they require free distribution whilebeing fair to all countries of the world they should be granted its use without political concerns.  But I am a practical person and I state no deal is accepted where the power or country is a United States enemy or a political problem to it.   I have never stated this before thinking it unnecessary, but I see reports surfacing this invention is fine but is out of control as to issue.  Not so, but I have yet to have anyone ask me to share how this can be done for our country or our allies.  I support this for Europe and North America.  The Department of State regulates us just fine if they bother to look at this again.  Thank you.

Ron Besser/owner and inventor

WE are reporting something cosmologists should know, even if it takes another one hundred years to learn it:

The Master Universe first needs to be defined briefly as infinite but has limits at the moment.  Space is the placement of materialized objects and in all reality levels, materialization is about the same.  Because preparticles are first connected to time and space through a materializing process, we get effects of their origins in prematter.  Prematter originates pattern of the basic constitutions of matter that we can see and use.   One of the strangest of them all as to effect is the idea of levitation.

I have lived long enough now and being under the super-infinite rulers to at least tell you this.  Time and space is only one of six realities.  When I say reality I am referring to the identifiable laws of matter and that nature of life, but I am not getting into the nature of life since that subject is still very, very secret from the Deities themselves.  However, the infinite Deity which alone is the Universal Father, or God the Father to favor for Himself and those who support the machinery of life development and caring.

But it is also the level of Infinity of the Father, Son, and Spirit who produce the possibilities of lawns, roses, space ships, and the aura borealis, to permeate the space of time and six other realities where matter is consistent, but life is entirely different.  We need to understand the basic elements first before we attempt the subject of how time and space is used, and why time and space eventually leads to the sixth segment of the Master Universe as entirely subjective and Infinite all by itself.

At its simplest, the total universe, and that is segments of extensions of other styles of stating the laws of universe operations.  Space is not universal.  Time exists in only one segment of six segments.  The segments fit into an elliptical idea of shape, and the core of all time and space surrounds two other cores.  Right before time and space exists, is a pattern universe the authors who wrote about this as epochal revelation, call the pattern universe of Havona.

Havona is a vast universe in elliptical shape time and space encircle looking toward the beginning center of the Master Universe.  Havona is what the Deities use to try out new matter, new shapes, new forces, and show every kind of spirit being, in-between beings of mixed materials of matter and spirit, and finally in our sector of time and space the flesh and blood of man and other types of materializations of spirit by our leaders to direct the destiny of the use of time and space.  Years ago Dr. Carl Edward Sagan lectured on TV and spoke of the vastness of the creation, but he died before he realized that what he saw and reported to TV audiences in the 1990's was far short of what he saw after he became a student on the Mansion Worlds where students of the creation foregather to learn even more in their future service after death to the Universal Father and the Paradise Trinity.  I am allowed to transmit Dr. Sagan for you now on the subject of cosmology next:

Carl Edward Sagan
(November 9, 1934
New York City, New York, U.S.
Died    December 20, 1996 (aged 62),Seattle, Washington, U.S.)

DR. CARL SAGAN at your service:  "I have established a small cadre of workers up here where life continues after the earth life you have sustained for generations.  I now know that Ron Besser is one of our best friends to get these things reported, and his untimely death appears to be sustained now, but it is give and take, and very close to the bone these days, but I will take advantage of his work to report this:
"I produced a TV program to watch about the universe and its wonders decades ago.  I knew enough to tell you about the speculations and the care man has over how to describe the Master Universe, but I had not idea it was even more extensive then I ever imagined.
"In that television production in the early 1990's, I spoke of the immensity of the earth and its space location little realizing there were millions of extensions of space lattices far beyond what we  could see that day.  Now thanks to Hubble we are seeing even further, and there is no end in sight.  I know Ron knows the shape of the totality of this Master Universe, but I know less than he does, as he knows a huge  text revelation I still do not have access to.  So I wait for R to pop these things up so I can read them too. You who read these things are highly privileged.  I have little more to say other than I am hoping the entire matter of that revelation becomes available to us on the mansion worlds too.  Thank you Ron for the invitation and good day."  DR. CARL SAGAN at your service.

Ron speaking again:

For our purposes today I am not going to speak to these elementary divisions further, as they go from the center universe of no time and no space,  and next toward us of a blue-white lighted universe around the center which is the pattern universe, surrounded by elliptical time and space where our lives take place.  If we time beings turn around and look at the wall of galaxies, we are looking at a resticted space zone where huge new materializations for a future universe age ate taking place.

Our time/space slot is of an elliptical nature, and it is typical of how these segments grow.  no time is alien to us, but behind the wall of galaxies are new universes taking shape and they and those beings will not use time to live at all.

When we begin to work with preparticles to produce free electricity, we are now beginning to have some idea of sophistication about how creation works– at least at the most basic level of stars, moons, planets, asteroid production, and so on.  We at the Magisterial Foundation are fortunate to have as our teachers, the very super-finite individuals to lecture us on atomic construction, and how that construction leads to the materializations in time.

Our planet is fairly new to creation.  The records of it are known to science fairly well enough, but that which came before its creation requires revelatory explanations, and I have shown some of them to you here today.  Spirit tells me time as an operating reality is about 1,935 trillion-billion earth years old.  The core of our universe exists far away from us and contains a massive construction called Paradise, and that materialization called Paradise determines all factors in time and how to use it to your advantage.

The Master Universe breathes in and out in earth billion year cycles.  Space breath is inherent in space, but not in matter, and for that reason, in another six billion earth years, space will pause for a million years or so, and then appear to contract BACKWARDS  yet for another billion years.  Right now space respiration forces the motion of galaxies outwardly or receding in lots of cases to our eyes, and in fact those galaxies show speeds that are inaccurate entirely as space respiration adds the appearance of speeds not truly actualized by their motions.
That concludes our post for now.  Thank you very much for your time and interest.
Ron Besse

March 08. 2024
13:05 NYT zone
This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  You are expecting nothing but I am not so restrained.  We are releasing the following for you information:

"YESTERDAY, March 7th, was the anniversary for the issuance of the WTP patent to Ron.  He noted that was the case for you and let it drop more or less. 

"However, I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, have declared the matter severely important.  Why?

"Ron has declared war on the cabal once more and they are being severely punished, and as a result the entire matter of the insurrection is top most on the way to look at things again.  Let me say this:

"You as a Board of Directors, and you as group interest to read these things, are poorly examining your options, and Ron could care less, but I do care, and I am not making something obvious for all of you:

"We are also the MASTER UNIVERSE in all of its favors and declinations, and we are fully aware this is powerfully difficult to write Ron as you say it is like trying to plow a snow drift just to get the letters down, but I promise all of you I will not let this situation lay much longer.

"UVERSA has declared certain sectors of Urantia off limits.  Ron is not off limits, but some of you are due to a hard pack you carry of criticism and little more to do for yourselves.  For that reason I am seriously looking at this situation with a very critical eye as to what man is doing to his fellow man, and that includes Ron fully, as he refuses to  take sides with the criticisms he does hear.

"Therefore, from now on I am restricting issues he leaves uncovered for those humans who listen to this web site but have no good for t he situation as it is developing.  I make sure it is Me who develops these things, and for that reason the entire matter of UVERSA and URANTIA and the Urantia Foundation and assigns, are going to be placed off limits until they learn to know what they are talking about.  This morning a I heard a truant human declare his statement over tachyons to be fraudulent.  That man never heard of a tachyon until Ron brought it up and now wonders why he said what he did.  That individual is a revered home style issuer of false revelation to begin with and now is declaring something he does not know what he is talking about. 

"For reasons of my own let me state Ron's philosophy:  he says to me they can do what they want and say what they want, but I have no care about their views because I am provided some of this information directly from the deep space Master Force Organizers, and no body fool around with them ever.

"Ron is routinely smeared by the cabal and any spare individual spirit has to offer and that is until the Universal Father speaks, and they listen quietly, and you Ron boil at times, but let it pass as useless and without favor to those who entertain such low mileage wih spiritual dialog in the first place.  For reasons of State Ron we publish this post for all to see a decision of mine today.

"I am ready to design my own WTP and let the Urantia Foundation learn what to do about it.

"I dare them to learn how Ron learns to do things without fanfare and succeeds where almost other fail.  I pay attention to work done carefully and out of sight.  He already learns what spirit does when work must be accomplished without a lo of comment.  For that reason then I am asking Ron to stand down not, but to make sure there are few announcements over what the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is doing about world affairs including GAZA not, but  it does include WTP and  the CHRONICLES.

"Very few of you know Ron has prepared a lecture to close-by colleges to obtain history department cooperation.  So far no takers but wait until the next few weeks come by and there is a spiritual announcement on television about the Second Return.  Dare you take t his one on too with endless criticism?  He truly cares less what you say or do as it is already up here in spirit,  to provide the support and keepings of this project.  He desperately needs to hear what they have to say but so far they criticize him too, and he lets  them float into the silence they enjoy over their work as teachers in college history classes.  Today I am insisting Gettysburg College truly listen to what Ron send them this past year, as they are catching what is to be done by another psychic who is on the Board at Gettysburg, and she reports receiving the same message Ron received and sent to them well over a year ago.

 "Today, the College Board of Regency at Gettysburg College authorized Department contact to speak to Ron on these matter; however, the Board of Regency asked for secrecy, and  they see Ron has offered to pay them up to one million dollars for their cooperation to produce history volumes on the Second Return.  For that reason I have authorized a payment of sizeable issue, and Ron if ever contacted will learn how to deal with them through a Melchizedek transfer to their synod meetings.  I close this off speaking to this audience in particular.

"I happen to know there are several historian teachers in institutions Ron would never know otherwise, but Ron thinks the Magisterial Foundation should gather a group of dedicated Historians to chronicle the Second Return of Christ for an on-hands deployment of writer talent to record the coming and doings of Jesus Christ when he returns shortly.  I command you Ron to desist now, and let this lie for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K"

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