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« on: February 16, 2024, 09:41:32 am »
Hi Ron, you transmitted that Caligastia once destroyed a star, would that star be in the Cassiopeia system or constellation? And is this the remains of the star that scientists took pictures of with the James Webb Telescope?

NASA Has Finally Captured A Photo Of An Exploded Star And It’s Beautiful (


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« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2024, 10:59:30 am »
That is indeed the wondrous star, Cassiopeia A, and it is well-known as a supernova remnants existing  around 11,000 light years away from Earth’s galaxy.  There is a spirit history about this star and its explosion well known to you and many others as well.

"The Trust Department up here in deep space Ron, calls this explosion one of the greatest tragedies ever to happen in this part of the universe. 

"Cassiopeia A, as it us called here had four human planets around it.  Its explosion slaughtered the MAYHI (pronounced as "may-eye"), and advanced race of humans, beautiful in stature, and destroyed them all, and nothing exists anymore of them or the worlds of life surround their home spheres too.  One trillion roughly in numbers were destroyed instantly when this star just suddenly ripped apart.  It was a binary star, and it contained over six trillion meter feet of hydrogen gas which ignited all at once, and blew the central core out of its enter and to be seen almost inside out, such was the force of this explosion.  The MAYHI are reconstituted no longer, but their work stands tall and ready for use on Urantia, for the MAYHI are responsible for funding the heart of God on Urantia too, as it was a happy place to raise families and to stay the course to perfection.  There is a memorial on Salvington over this incident, and here I Christ MICHAEL to speak to it:

"I am CHRIST MICHAEL, and one of the worst disasters ever to break over Me as a Creator Son, to hear the screams of agony as they burst out of their skins and into the universe without coverings of any kind, such was the force of the gravity of the explosion of this star. 

"The trials they suffer no more.  The heart they bear no more.  But their souls are alive and well on their own mansion worlds now.  They seek perfection as you do and that is not ours to relate Ron.  It was not over quickly, but enormously protracted as they died inside a fission engine and that is not pretty ever.  Cassiopeia is dead now, and those who defame this yet are over you and are removed summarily and permanently.  One trillion souls were eliminated by this explosion, and no one yet understands why or how.  Yet FATHER knows, and insists we pass it by without further ado.  K -   I am ALBERT EINSTEIN at your service and thank you Ron for remembering me so well.  K" 

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