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MICHAEL OF NEBADON Mission Announcement FYI
« on: March 20, 2024, 12:01:01 pm »
Michael of Nebadon
Mission Announcement

T/R: Ronald Besser
March 20, 2024 @ noon NY Time


This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I am preparing to speak this afternoon on the WEDNESDAY LIGHTLINE with Lemuel as Transmitter at 2PM New York time zone today.  The Lightline will carry more detail at the time than what I am prepared to tell you today.  

My message is simple at this time, and you all need to understand that I understand why things are so seemingly slow today.  Ron has nothing to say, Elise is ill, Dominick another transmitters are slow witted sort of , and the rest of you are seeing a mostly sunny day on the Atlantic seaboard.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and expect more to announce later today with Lemuel as transmitter.

Those of you who carry a huge responsibility to stay the course, please remember that I am the Creator Son, and that I carry huge responsibilities too.  For reasons of my own I wish to congratulate some of you staying the course while so many others drop off wondering why to bother?  It is not my choice to stand around and look glum, but some of you do now and that is not my serious contention either, but look to the East of Jerusalem and forsake Lebanon, and even further to Israel not, but to Jordan, as the fires of independence are burning brightly for these States, and that spells trouble for the monarchies everywhere.  I leaving this alone for now, but the entire region of the Middle East might sign up for more revolution this year.

I leave it alone for those of you who care less about the outside world, but your inside world is leaving you pretty much alone, and that is until we decide the shape of the spiritual missions to eventually appear on Urantia in true fashion.  I am sure we have very little to pontificate this Wednesday, but by Friday this week, which is the 22nd or at least by the 23rd of this month, I will have a definitive statement t speak to.  Right now, there is little to relate to from Salvington.

In closing, let this be remembered this Wednesday, today, that nothing is brewing enough to speak to all of it now; however  the coming 21st of March, 2024, there will be a lot more to say as we are preparing to start a Mission with the MAGISTERIAL SONS, and WE will speak to more tomorrow and later today as well. 

GABRIEL - “You on this Board are all welcome later today to speak your views when you realize that the entire matter of years, and years,  of planning, are finally discussed and in some cases some forecasts made we now remove as unfavorable what we want to institute on Urantia now.
“Finally, we say this to all of you who wait and let things run as they must: STAY the COURSE, and let us finish the trial you all have seen to for years and years of planning now.  I am leaving with MICHAEL,  not for Urantia, but for UVERSA later today to rehearse the issues of INCARNATION again.   That takes some doing after years of neglect by us over other pending legislation as how we now are going to  address A MAJOR SPIRITUAL MISSION to Urantia, momentarily.  We end this post with this:

“The trial to being the Missions is also to trial the entire request for information concerning how our input begins.  In other words:  WHAT WILL YOU SEE AND DO SHORTLY?

"I am not used to a Magisterial Foundation style care giver beside us, but you have the Magisterial Foundation this year well enough done already to participate with initial concerns these Missions bring with Us to Urantia very well.


“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I discreetly order all of you to stay the course for the last time this year hopefully.  Ron the cabal is all over you again, and this time they have no real say except for you to take cover no longer, and sooner or later, you feel very much better than you do now.  For other transmitters please understand this is an important day of preparation.  Tomorrow the MISSIONS BEGIN!!!  And for all others on Urantia, your workweek is LIKELY full of surprises too, as I am insisting people take notice and we have our ways of doing that!  Cheers to all, and good day!

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: MICHAEL OF NEBADON Mission Announcement FYI
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2024, 02:10:54 am »
Good to know the missions are on!