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Pleiadeans and Beauty
« on: March 22, 2024, 12:17:05 pm »

Good morning All! Good morning all our celestial helpers, Michael, Jesus, Melchizedek, and Pleiadeans!

Carole: What beauty there is in the spring season! Dear Pleiadeans, I would like to ask you your feelings about the subject of beauty.

Pleiadeans: Well, yes, thank you, Carole. Indeed there is much beauty in this world, in spite of many things right now that are going wrong. So it is a pleasure to discuss a topic that is close to our hearts.
Nacogdoches is a town where you live, that has many gardens and trail walks. It is truly a remarkable city that draws many visitors. Right now the azalea gardens that feature many rarer species of azaleas are now in full bloom and it is a joy to see.

Urantia is a particularly beautiful planet in many ways, and that is another reason Michael wants to preserve it from the pollution, mining, and environmental attacks from humans, and human caused weather disasters.

So we wish to speak to you about beauty.
What is it? Often it is referred to in terms of a noun -- person, place or thing. But it is far more than that. The Father and the Eternal Son are sometimes referred to as "Goodness" and "The Word". When Father's highest intent is goodness, and the Word puts this goodness into the form of "Truth" there arises the manifestation of Beauty and Harmony through the auspices of the Infinite Spirit. All three working together makes a beautiful outcome, whether spiritual, or physical. Beauty occurs on all dimensions and all levels. Much of it you cannot see, but it is there. When disharmony moves in, the beauty fades. So that is why we say to you: Look for the Beautiful.

Where beauty is, there is the intent of the creator, no matter who it is, to create the best and the most perfect outcome. That cannot come about without the perfect knowledge of how to attain it. The outcome of beauty in this conjunction is a gift all can enjoy, to see the harmony the color, the joy, the peace, the out flowing love that such a part of the Spirit's ministry.


Beauty hides in many different places. Utterly beautiful creatures and living things are in the bottoms of the oceans, and you never see them. But we do. Tiny flowers growing out of a crack in a pile of rubble, start the process of reclamation. We participate and enjoy moments such as the excellent concert your Stone Fort Chorale did this past Sunday with a performance of the Mozart Requiem. There was a beauty there that many in the audience noticed as extraordinary. Know that spirit supports human efforts to create with good intent, and follow through with truth and logic, with hoped for outcomes of beauty and harmony.
This goes for social situation, political efforts, yes, indeed the Magisterial Foundation!

We can go though our lives now with a new appreciation of the efforts of others, and especially the efforts of the spiritual helpers, to make your lives more harmonious and beautiful in every way.

We love being a part of your good works. We are there to help you over the hurdles. That is why persistence and resourcefulness are such important components of success. Attention to the details takes a sharp eye.

We are here to help you train your eyes to see the beauty, no matter how it is manifested. Know that the Trinity is real! The inspiration of awe and wonder glorifies the Father and all our spiritual helpers.

We love you! Peace be with you all always.

Thank you Pleiadeans!


Here is a link to the concert.  The Requiem itself starts at 50 minutes into the video.