Author Topic: "THE SEEDGROUND IN URANTIA"  (Read 1342 times)

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« on: March 28, 2024, 00:00:23 am »
Group 11:21 Transmission of Truths Phoenix AZ.


 Received: Evelio Rivas.

 El Salvador, March 26, 2024, 5:55 a.m.

 "I AM YOUR ADJUSTER, today we will address the case of the seedbed, as expected, each human being who incarnates in a world possesses the spiritual seeds, therefore, Urantia is a seedbed in which the possibilities of redemption are latent in all people What has happened is that they have had repeated experiences that have marked the deception that this population has been subjected to, so that the service towards others, if you observe, has been discredited to the point that surprises are in order. of the day, it is difficult for a servant to appear who honors his condition"

 "The degradation of the tasks of service to others are expected in a rebellious world, but if we look in detail we discover that hope still nests in the depths of the collective mind in humanity, we can find groups that believe that their leader will guide them properly, believing that GOD can raise up a guide among them is an invaluable act of faith, it is necessary for these leaders to iron out, so to speak, details that make them divide, we must express that this system tries not to happen the union, it is encouraged not to have a reply, this is a condition that each one denies to the others, not reaching agreement between them, each one only trusts in their actions."

 "This type of town constitutes a seedbed, when the time comes we will have to offer them unifying advice, extinguishing the judgments between one another is a task that can become tedious, we declare that the personalities of these leaders accommodated themselves under the rebellious strategy of dispersion "We can observe that each new guide that appears tries to create its niche and hold on, so the more diversity that emerges, the more successful it is for the rebels."

 "Our strategy consists of showing that the UNIVERSAL FATHER is not as you have learned it, we should put mutual acceptance as a priority and cease the judgment of estimating the other with distrust"

 "I AM YOUR ADJUSTER, finishing this analysis, we want to show solutions to the crisis of the current moment, have a nice day."


 Evelio Rivas.