Author Topic: "HUMANITY AND SOCIAL REENGINEERING"  (Read 1187 times)

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« on: March 31, 2024, 11:21:44 am »

 Group 11:21 Transmission of Truths Phoenix  AZ 


 Received: Evelio Rivas.

 El Salvador, March 30 2024, 5:35 a.m. local time

 "I AM YOUR ADJUSTER, today we will address the reactions of humanity to the presentation of the five pillars of social reengineering made by our FATHER MIGUEL DE NEBADON"

 "When we consider the participation, that is, there will be human participation in these missions to rebuild Urantia. If we look at the control of the effort, the direction of the missions is on the other side of the veil, so when it is said that the heavy lifting will be done by us." We are not exaggerating, the contact that involves a level of risk that may affect you will be carried out by true specialists, so that what Mr. ARTHURA expressed is functional for this outpost, the most priority thing in your experience is the preparation for our arrival, "We have attended to efforts for the entry of JESUS, that is history, the party is developing and advanced"

 "The reality is that Urantia will be rebuilt, times of light and life await this beautiful sphere, the coming of JESUS involves the achievement of interrupted tasks, on the scale of our time it was yesterday, of course this will introduce new air to the administration public"

 "The fact is that there is a functional proposal ready to incorporate the national governments monitored by our FATHER MIGUEL DE NEBADÓN, it will depend a lot on the acceptance of the current governments to our ambassadors, the new portfolios will be in charge of our team and can be presented familiarly Among the tasks of the governments, we want to express that in the implementation of these efforts the countries will take their own step and it will be up to each people to move forward, as our FATHER MIGUEL pointed out, they are all equal, there is no greater one among them."

 "We will see if our efforts to get closer to national governments bear the expected fruit, little by little we are approaching the point where the rivers merge, so that the routines of this world may be affected and the evolutionary stature of the person will be manifests, the daily way of living and doing things will pass, a new progeny rules as the Distinguished Master SAMAEL emphasized."

 "I AM YOUR ADJUSTER, closing this immense topic here, we wish to shed clarity on the business of our UNIVERSAL FATHER on Urantia, we wish success to all, have a good day."


 Evelio Rivas.