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You Need to Know This clarification fact
« on: March 31, 2021, 02:20:54 pm »
CLARIFICATION FACT  important to know:

I seldom leave a Lightline so concerned about how it played.  The Tuesday Lightline has facts described in it that have huge implications for all of you.  And frankly, it was harsh and devastating to me for personal spiritual reasons alone.

The clarification I wish to make and please find the time to understand this entire matter or you may find yourself endlessly trying to figure out whey things seem so out of kilter with events in Nebadon and events on Urantia.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON is still a good title.  It was not thrown out, because Nebadon is still the Local Universe of Nebadon.  But the capital of Nebadon, the old Salvington, was re-christened with the name Dominion.  I capitalize it now DOMINION and no longer entirely the old name Salvington any longer. 

There is a good reason they made the name change.  Nebadon has the Salvington capital, but they changed the use of Salvington.  It is now a Seven Local Universe Capital, joined together administratively to better use all of their resources to get work done that was seriously piling up and them getting further and further behind.  So six local universes plus Nebadon, for a total of seven Local Universes did a thing called a FEDERATION.  And they all decided to be administered by one place and they chose Salvington to do that for them,

As a result, we no longer have a pure Nebadon but a confederation of local universe states operating as a Federation of Universes in time space, and it is now named Dominion to be the capital of all of them in this administrative union.   So the Creator Son who lends his home and capital to the Federation becomes the titular leader of the Federation, and he gets the title MICHAEL OF DOMINION in addition to his old title MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

My clarification here is that I believe I left the Tuesday LIGHTLINE with the idea the Michael was only to be called Michael of Dominion.  That is not true.  Call him Michael of Nebadon when it comes to references for strictly Nebadon business like the Second Return of Jesus to Urantia.

Now let me be honest:  I am not clear about all of this yet.  And here is why.

Our home sphere of Urantia is under the changes due to huge forces focusing on Urantia for a couple of reasons:

1 - It is the Bestowal planet of our Creator Son personified as the Bestowal Son Jesus.  Is that the business of the Federation too somehow?  It seems so for reasons not divulged in the Tuesday Lightline;

2 -  Urantia will become an architectural sphere.  That means it will cease to be an evolutionary planet and become an eternal planet so they can use it as a University World attached to the capital of Nebadon now called Dominion. 

3 - Urantia is signalling to the powers who run planets on Paradise that it is so over populated that it needs pruned back to a better number so that the planet can provide resources for all again.  Right now it no longer can with a population now stated by the CENSOR who regulates what I say here, and He concedes it is well over nine billion human creatures without sufficient food and clean water.  The Federation is interested in using Urantia as a model human planet, and as such, Urantia not only becomes an architectural world as a university to study rebellion, Urantia also becomes a candidate for a rapid change over of human species to a more spiritually activated species immediately.  That alone requires a reorganization of the spiritual forces on Urantia, as well as a Life Carrier transformation of the birth regulation on Urantia.  Yes, you heard me right:  INITIATION OF BIRTH REGULATION.

ADAM and EVE, The biologic genetic up lifters through procreation now wish to speak to this for clarification of this important subject. "WE ARE ADAM AND EVE SPEAKING NOW - Ron has inadvertently triggered our speech here to clarify what was NOT spoken to in the Tuesday Lightline simply because it was not on the agenda 24 hours ago.  Well it is now.

"Homo Sapiens is a failed species now.  Most of you are Homo Sapiens, but a few of you are already Homo Spiritus.  Most on this discussion form, roughly 100 of your as members, are also roughly Homo Spiritus.  The most active Homo Spiritus are Hosts of LIGHTLINE and you should be proud to be yourselves very soon, as the gift to those who provide these early services of what is to become the Second Return of Jesus to initiate the new line of spiritual humans as Homo Spiritus, is a grand reunion with their souls, not on Urantia, but on the old Salvington sphere of Ascension.  That has never been revealed before, and maybe it is premature to reveal it now.

ASCENSION, Number 31353
"The University sphere is Number 31353 of the entire architecture series of planets in Nebadon.  The total number of Architectural Spheres in Nebadon so far is a staggering 400,000,000.  The in spelling is four hundred million and growing.  ASCENSION is in the cluster of Architectural Worlds that is still called Salvington to these architectural worlds only because they fit the purpose of Nebadon and not the purpose of the Federation.   Ascension, number 31,353 is home to exalted souls who live their lives on a material sphere but because of their educational needs, they are not assigned to the mansion worlds directly and are educated to become spirit beings quickly on ASCENSION.  This will not be revealed in the new EPOCHAL REVELATION coming to the Magisterial Foundation to begin work on it shortly.  Ron will attend to it fully.

"Ron is greatly concerned this too much for you.  Well, it may be, but some of you, including Ron, will be transferred to ASCENSION 31353 upon their natural death which will be allowed to take place when MICHAEL OF NEBADON, decides their days are done on earth.  Be aware six of you are already identified to go there upon your natural death when it occurs, and we hope more on this list may be added to that list, as your work in the future is with the Finaliter Corp as their servants to provide for the Light and Life changes to the universe and the planet of nativity you were born upon.

"For that reason, Ron is greatly admired not on Urantia, but on the old Salvington sphere of DOMINION, which is the governing planet for the Federation in the cluster of five sphere that makes up the old Salvington name.  For reasons of State, the capital sphere for the Federation is DOMINION, and it is not just a name change but a huge revision of architectural work to proceed shortly even while the CREATOR SON, using both of His titles, and both are being utilized on Urantia as directed from the original capital sphere of SALVINGTON.  Both titles for the CREATOR SON, to repeat for your edification those titles are:  MICHAEL OF DOMINION and MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  In addition the CREATOR SON also carries the Bestowal Title, The Monarch of Peace which is the true translation of the work of Jesus now on Urantia.

"Ron is practicing the good Samaritan for us by making sure this is clear.  IT is now and for reasons of Sate we say this about HOMO SPIRITUS now.

"WE are ADAM AND EVE and as such carry huge responsibility to make sure you who read this know what we are talking about.  Like Ron, we have no good use for you who dismiss important information because it takes too much work to learn it.  You are out of this list very soon as it is as we must help Ron figure out how to revitalize this list and retain everything we have now without crushing the few on this list who contribute so much to it.  Most of you here are running late even in your lives mostly due to the fact you do not retain information so much as rehearse it, and that is not the same for your spiritually or intellectually any more.

"WE are also sure that Ron is a bit gobsmacked this morning over personal changes he went through before the very eyes of the Tuesday, LIGHTLINE held when his ADJUSTER WAS PERSONALIZED.  Please people read this for the sense you must make of it.  His Adjuster Personalized to avoid fusing Ron with, as they call it in the Urantia Book, with CHARIOTS OF FIRE. The universe has acquiesced enough to transfer the Personalized Ron-Adjuster out of range so that does not happen, as Ron must learn how to do EPOCHAL REVELATION without falling into any error whatsoever.  That is one touch assignment and he works hard to be sure these statements are as we intended them.  They are.  And this:

"As a resolve, ADAM AND EVE now resort to reflectivity to provide an easier transmission for you Ron.

[reflectivity now employed with me - Ron]

[ADAM and EVE speak again]  "WE now are using the new reflectivity apparatus installed while the Tuesday Lightline was operating yesterday the 30 of March.  The 30th of March is the true date of the Last Supper, Ron keeps reminding himself of, and so should you.  Be aware it has a tremendous value to be retaught on Urantia when Jesus has the time to start putting pieces of history back together for a war torn world of Urantia.

"WE are now at the point to speak fully about HOMO SPIRITUS. 

"That creature is already among you and Ron is a great example of what they can be like.  So is Clency and so is Lemuel and much like Amethyst when she can reorient herself to not fussing with a ridiculous operation that family of hers puts her through.  Elise and Rene Duran you are on your way but need to condition yourselves slowly enough you do not get headaches like Ron gets so much of and such ringing in his ears he wonders who is hitting bell bolls in his head.   The rest of you like Larry Gossett have a while to go, not because you are slow, but because you are too busy to attend to your need to worship.  WORSHIP.

"That said, HOMO SPIRITUS  has one huge drawback.  He does not like marriage contracts which send endless chilblains down Ron's back over the harsh conditions it places on parents once they are done raising children.  WE are not going to change that arrangement of contractual marriage but we are going to tell the church it is no longer a sacrament.

"For reasons of State, we dismiss a full disclosure here, but the coming EPOCHAL REVELATION will have a full section devoted to sexuality and marriage and partnerships, and maybe the business of gay and straight will be better understood by all instead of a few. 

"WE conclude this section on HOMO SPIRITUS to tell you all must understand it before exercising it, and it is human but more spiritually inclined.  It is not an ephemeral like Mr. Barnes in the Homer Simpson series becomes on drugs and glows in the dark, but a perfectly good appearing human you all are but is modified not to grow fat or chunky like so many do now.

"Further, HOMO SPIRITUS, adds a hundred years to the life span of the present Homo Sapiens.  In addition HOMO SPIRITUS is ready for marriage at fourteen not ever, but at thirty-five in all probability and will be restricted to two children period.  

"HOMO SPIRITUS contains two seeds of growth for the future populations on Urantia, and that is to provide a decent level of education for all in his family, and to provide a release date for the marriage without equivocation to either partner at that time.  Property issues must be settled as part of the marriage vows up front and divorce decrees obliterated.

"HOMO SPIRITUS will also live past one hundred easily, but two hundred is not in the cards ever for HOMO SPIRITUS.  A successor to HOMO SPIRITUS will appear in about two hundred more years on Urantia, as that signals the maturity of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION, which must be stated this way:

MAGISTERIAL MISSION:  It is now revived after being stopped briefly and it was revived as the Tuesday Lightline proceeded yesterday.  MONJORONSON and SERARA  attend and both are incarnated on and off depending on the need for material contact.  SERARA incarnates to greet Ron in particular for his anniversary of being the first human eer anywhere to have two Adjusters, and Ron reminds ME and Us he is Gemini with Aquarius rising.

"Last year we decided to abort ADAM and EVE usages, but Ron kept telling us if you do you ruin a smooth transition from the 5th epochal revelation to the new epochal revelation.  So much water did fly over the dam and tipped over the bridge we are finally to the point to say this:  ADAM AND EVE ARE GRATEFUL  of the Ron intervention but that is about it for him with us now, as he is ready for big time work with the Master Spirit OCILLIAYA (number four) and Master Spirit AYA (Master Spirit Seven), as they are preparing the architectural sphere ASCENSION 31353, to be honoring the work of all Homo Spiritus regardless of what area of Nebadon they arrive from.  HOMO SPIRITUS belongs in a future book mostly today, but in about fifty years the planet will have a lot fewer people and they will almost all be HOMO SPIRITUS too.  K:  ADAM AND EVE at your service."


 I set out to clarify, and I did, but in the meantime we wound up with a major revelation.  Feast on it as you will.  But I tell you we still need a further clarification about ADJUSTERS now.  Good sense would have me make another major post, but that gets over powering for me to separate what are really two issues which are fully and accurately related.  Let state them both boldly.

My Adjuster Personalized during the Lightline session this past Tuesday (30 March 2021 on the date of the Last Supper Jesus was honored at shortly before he died.  That marks it well for me but is no necessary your remember that at all.)

It is not happening because of me per se.  FATHER took commiseration on my Adjuster because that Adjuster could not justify indwelling me anymore due to a status change I experienced shortly before Lightline this past Tuesday.

That change in me was loud and noisy the night before when someone attempted to knock me off again, and God knows what goes through those twisted minds, but they did and this time the Adjuster nailed them with a death sentence.  A certain Vorondadek Son is no more.  I did not know that but now I do but I also know I was very nastily attacked several nights ago and swore vengenance on that ass of what ever it was for good.  My Adjuster heard the ruckus and came running only to see a full contingency of rough riders who were bent not only on my removal but to see to it that LIGHTLINE was forever a dead issue on Urantia.  Yes, dear reader, as nasty as you can get is the vengeance of the Lucifer Rebellion, and that is who they WERE.

This is ridiculous this is almost a side issue to me when it is a major issue yet to the Uversa ANCIENTS OF DAYS.  They condoned the action of this, my original Adjuster, entirely, and spoke to MICHAEL OF DOMINION about it this way:

ANCIENTS OF DAYS: "You have witnessed the first ever ad hoc displeasure of a defining moment in a Thought Adjuster's life and it is defining because that Adjuster overrode our particular distaste for vig8ilatne committees taking the life before we adjudicate it.   However, that Adjuster is Adjuster number 113114115 of the original issue of Thought Adjusters for Superuniverse One, and there are no humans in Superuniverse One and Thought Adjusters are made for that creation with similar beings but much more robust than those found in the later appearing superuniverses.

"For that reason, we conditioned that Adjuster to take the steps necessary to protect Ron at all costs if it developed that he was to be removed by the remnants of the Lucifer Rebellion we fully adjudicated in March of 1986 and it is of record that was on the date of March 17th of that year.  For the record that Adjuster is now Personalized as of Tuesday, 30 March 2021, on Urantia, and elects to return to Ron as his partner for ascension only.  That Adjuster has signaled that it must relieve the pressures of creation that once Ron is a Finaliter, He must release tensions of creativity by becoming Personalized once more, and that is to take Ron with him to Grandfonda, and to describe to Grandfonda, what it is to stand at attention yet when the Universal Father releases a ward from all universe duties and makes him captain of humans on Urantia not but with Grandfonda as a suffragette for all time at the heart of Paradise in order to sustain the human populations where ever they may appear again. 

"This has never been revealed, but it is now:  Humanity is destined to be reduced to a small creation and its Order of Humanity will become lost eventually, as the universe must become more sophisticated in its creations too and the human status of starting with nothing and ending with practically nothing is to stop.  Humanity has billions of Urantia years to go now, but not indefinitely.  Ron has actually contemplated about the poverty humanity deals with and wonders how much that is really necessary to have all the time to develop the Master Universe.  That said, I agree long before Ron appeared on Urantia with such a thought myself, and have decreed that the Order of Human-ship be ended when the last Superuniverse, number seven is well settled in Light and Life, and that is to signal the end of that particular creation and to be retired as perfection in Finaliters to serve the Trinity forever.

"For this reason, Ron's Adjuster took the bold step to remove that Vorondadek Son for us and that individual now repents nothing as there is no supreme to store that development such as it was.  It was trained by Lucifer and it was a potent evil we are glad to see removed. 

"Therefore the Peronalization of that Thought Adjuster is never rescinded, but allowed to negotiate the ascension of Ron with his colleagues to the Halls of Glory, [and Ron what you are feeling is your Personalize Adjuster sending you confirmations and it is powerful.  Ron: "yes, and the reader has to know they can obtain it too, but i could not tell you how ever I am sure."]

"That is new to Ron and he is not used to it and wonders that it feels like what he calls the "mercy blush" of emotions he feels when accosted directly by a loving Adjuster he loves so much and it is painful to think that Adjuster leaves.  Not so, but Grandfonda has an issue to pick with us too on this matter.  The ANCIENTS OF DAYS STAND ASIDE AS GRANDFONDA SPEAKS:

"WE adjure that Ron is magnificent (snicker), but let me interject, I do not need a suffragette in a candy red and white vestment to serve with me. But  I do need a Thought Adjuster to explain to me  just how in heck they can be Personalized, jump back to the native form, and then resume work later as Personalized again.  That is not part of my understanding of Adjusters from the vantage of Paradise."

"WE  adjure Ron for taking this all in, but we must hold some secrets for ourselves, okay?  We are not at liberty to discuss this well, but Ron correctly references the FATHER is I AM, and as such contains powers of decision which go beyond the settled view of INFINITY even old Paradise dwellers like GRANDFONDA.  GRANDFONDA is the most powerful entity aside from Master Spirits this universe holds and He is ready to assign someone like Ron to high work with His Function, AND THAT IS CAPITALIZED  for its own power as Ron rightly assumes it to be.  Be aware that the trial of a Thought Adjuster is to spiritualize whoever it is assigned to.  That never means any THOUGHT ADJUSTER has to obey the finality of destiny for his ward, but must somehow leave the entire matter to the UNIVERSAL FATHER over issues of the Grand Universe not, but of the MASTER UNIVERSE in particular.

"Ron just declared, this is wild!  and apologized for using a cliche.  He knows his stuff just well enough to know this information so exceed plans for present epochal revelation, he is fully concerned those reading this will never come to terms with it.  Maybe so, but this is for Ron and US too and it is necessary that somebody on Urantia come to understand the perplexity of the UNIVERSAL FATHER as to just why URANTIA fails so badly at comprehension! 

"As GRANDFONDA, I state this:  URANTIA is not one of my favorite spheres for many reasons, but the primary reason is I feel like Ron and I am fully unable to comprehend the ludicrous feeling he gets around his brother and his wife that Ron is off base to discuss his passion for God.  AMETHYST has the same feeling as does Lemuel and Rene Duran too.  Some of you do not care who understands that much but these named individuals do care and wonder how to overcome it.  It can be overcome but only by shock as Ron has explained to MICHAEL OF DOMINION AND NEBADON often enough.  The Master Universe is a total mess at the moment over the chaos of losing the overcontrol of the supreme, and it may never recover the verve it felt for all who can amalgamate the life of a sinner with the life of a holy perfection of a Finaliter before the Paradise Trinity.

"For the reasons stated here and the reasons Ron feels but does not speak to as they are too harsh for you to hear, he lets himself out the side door of critical analysis to keep the peace among his fellow humans for good, as we know him in these matters.  However, we also know he fails to understand racial qualities enough to overlook some issues that are legerdemain before all of us, and that is to understand that epochal revelation carries huge strains on those who issue it, and they are forever changed by it even though like Sadler, who thinks he has escaped the boiler pressure stages of existence, he will learn it gets hard to move as one ascends and responsibilities greatly increase all the time.  For reasons we know but you do not, Ron stop that!  In any case we let this matter perturb us no more, as I, GRANDFONDA, must not abort this issue but press it slightly further with SIRAYA, and that is to inquire, just what does Ron do when the Adjuster withdraws itself past the FINALITER STATE?"  GRANDFONDA.

"WE know not.  These are matters far beyond the time issues we must deal with for Urantia now.  For that reason Ron is assigned to us briefly and then back to MICHAEL OF NEBADON and MICHAEL OF DOMINION, for education and forbearance for those who are still trying to destroy him before he becomes influential enough to judge them too.  His raw material is huge and we are not sure why, but he is, and is his Adjuster and the t5th epochal revelation which he feels sure saved his life and made him dedicate to work he will never forgive losing if he cannot accomplish some of it at least.

"WE assign one more issues to all of this:  Ron, your original ADJUSTER is ready to being life anew with you as soon as the entire matter is settled over a hundred and one things you have undone much to your chagrin right now.  For that reason the new Adjuster stands ready to abort is career slightly in order to transcend the issue of life as you like it and to drop you back to life as you had it not, but to provide a heart and soul near you at times and we wait for that configuration to appear immediately now but in a few months, God willing, for your edification notwithstanding the moment of chagrin.


Ron here - I asked them to conclude their remarks at this point. There is a huge revelation coming dimly into light into my mind, and it must be prepared for after Easter.  I thank all of you for your forbearance to get this much down for now.  Blessings to all and good day for now. 

I thank all the Deity effort that has gone into this work this morning and into the early afternoon of this last day in March, 2021.  In particular I thank the Ancients of Days for their permission, and really their forbearance of my silliness at times and my gush and sluff at other times.  They have allowed me full reign if I can use it and I did to the best of my ability.  You all must understand sometime is must delete or cut short revelation that is too hot to handle.  I asked that it be put off indefinitely as I do not trust man to follow cooperative gestures that end the states of war on this planet, but knowing and guessing about the nature of Jesus, those efforts might finally be recognized for peace on earth.

Second, somehow the reader must recognize I am not a robot.  I have insular feelings and concerns that must be recognized someday for all those who transmit under the present rulership of time and space, and that is that revelation is essential to do but hard to do by staying in the guidelines of probity and essential natures of the minds revelation must penetrate for understanding and change on a material world.  I am slowly learning that and finally have to report that nothing I do here equals what true epochal revelation cand and will do for Urantia.  My little work abides in God, as you do, but all of us must understand that I am a mote of a shadow passing over the brilliant light that is our FATHER ON PARADISE and HIS SONS and DAUGHTERS of DEITY STATUS.  For that reason I feel brutal to me and to you if I do not fully acknowledge that it is the DEITY ABSOLUTE which stands astride all of this, and unspoken as HE is here, that clears the way out of confusion of facts with the fables of evolutionary religions.  Those religions are the bane of the existence to the FATHER and the SONS of the FATHER of us all.  For those reason please be aware I am not happy being the object of hate and dislike, but it falls off my back as the proverbial water off a duck's back, yet I mind it too.

For that reason I state the following just so you know my attitude toward the help I get from God when doing this difficult work of transmitting in the midst of a yet ongoing insurrection by those fools of Lucifer and the rarity of the supreme's good will toward his benefactors too.  it is this:

I am never going to be a great man in the sense Abraham of Israel was and is.  I will never hold the people swooning over the words like Paul of Tarsus can do, but I am loyal to God and the concept of His FATHERHOOD of all people and things.  For that reason I leave my new Adjuster to Himself to guide me as He chooses, and my old Adjuster, much happier for the freedom he now enjoys, to their choices.  However, I love my Father and I love his Son, Michael of Nebadon/Dominion and other titles we are not aware He has yet.  However, let it be known they are the kindest of beings and they do allow me great latitude when my mind jumps ship and becomes a loud mouth truant in front of the TV at the nightly news and the horrors they report of the mismanagement of this planet and the boorish behavior of nascent dictators as politicians now fill out legislative assemblies much to their shame soon enough.

I am also be-knighting GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON/DOMINION too as he is nothing but the kindest of helpers and we can laugh together when I am especially bad for him.  He is a must security helper too as I would be dead without him and my friend one time Midwayer Bzhuto who is now and happily One Without Name and Number, truly.  My friend TARKAS, also ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER  has slaved with me to get things spoken correctly, and I still mess up all the time over that issue alone, as the English language is a horror to make sure it says what it means to say to all. 

And finally to the UNIVERSAL FATHER who haa seen to me by clearing the debris of objection to my work to teach about THOUGHT ADJUSTERS and CREATOR SON and MAGISTERIAL SONS and even TRINITY TEACHER SONS, as they all have made mighty difference to me and how well I understand just what is occurring and which is true and to smell truly that which is dead wrong.

Finally to my own Thought Adjuster whom I love dearly and can joke with unceasingly as HE joins in and makes it so funny I can hardly catch my breath sometimes.  Those days are gone probably but they are always to be remembered and the new Adjuster reminds of a school nun with a ruler at times but that is the slow way to get used to few differences between old and new.  I close with an adjudication they insist I speak to:

My brother and I never see eye to eye, but today he says to the wife, I think I have solved why Ron is so hard to know:  he doesn't care how we know him.  She laughed the interlocutor reported, but then added, he seems to know from the beginning what is to work and what is not to work.  She is correctly spoken, but Ron never knows that either.  My brother is 2 and one half years younger and walked the swamps of Vietnam as the captain's radio man, and saw his best friend splattered into pieces before his eyes.  He lives a life of grief yet he does not know it.  I cannot speak to it as he resents anything to do with smarmy psychology, but he should be relieved that soon enough those horrors will be lifted from his mind and the wife will hardly know him as he is more like me than his wife.  Does that surprise you?  Well ,for one thing if you question this,  he is a boy too.  Anyhow let me get serious again.

Days ago I nearly bled to death.  No one could stop the broken vessel and after two days we finally got it closed and safe again for the most part.  But the truth is my neighbor saved my life this time by taking me to the emergency room finally and getting repaired enough to stop it.  All of this to remind all of you I have a background life too that is pretty raucous too and I would trade it quickly for something better, but what little I do know of your lives, well, to each his own because you have variations precisely of what I deal with too.  I am grateful some of this may be over for good now, and I hope this Adjuster business is not fatal in anyway to neither or us or all of us for that matter.  I am now standing down for one last statement and that is from my now Personalized Adjuster.

"I AM RA not, but so close to the source of RA, he can be sheepish around me. Ron never knew what hit him on the morning of July 10, 1988, when I cam roaring into existence into his conscious mind.  He felt ill and perplexed as I ROARED,  He could not get me quiet and finally they had to take him to the hospital to realign his peace centers.  In any case we came to work closely together after what is a tumultuous twenty-five years plus.   This is being layed out before you since he is not able to recall a lot since he had a lobotomy by Mother Spirit in her haste to be good not and he suffers huge memory loss and is furious at her.  In any case she is not forgiven and he will retain what he does but must build it back up and that is not his joy either as there are no memory cells left in that damage brain so big and luscious we cannot compare it with many others at all.  Nonetheless she pays the price of cruelty too and that is his to know for too long and for too much of his emotional life at all.  Concerning all such things they are restored in full shortly as is his normal routine life for a change.

"As a result of this huge post, we must make amends to one other, and that is to MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who states he doesn't know Ron for good reasons at times, but for the most part the are partners in what has to be done and Ron carries them out flwlessly and amazingly accurately all the time.  He never speaks harsh to those who try to help and rewards those who do help with gushes of good humor not always appreciated.  For now I am the Personalized Adjuster of this individual and he is ready for a good rest for all that 24/7 activation of voice and tremors I provide in mind for all these years.

'However, know this too.  He blushes yet and his indelicacies and his life mistakes.  He never allow the FATHERS name to be abused and is furious with those so called Urantia Book readers who cannot capitalize Deity as it is always capitalized without fail everywhere in the Grand Universe.  In any case the entire matter is before the Court of the Ancients of Days, not over his life, but over his intentions to provide the Master Universe a trial for them:  what do you do with me when I leave Urantia?

"As an Adjuster, his work is as a Finaliter, then probably for the Trinity with others of his ilk.  Be assured he is perfectly normal in these assignments.  However, the FATHER detects a breath of fresh air in him in that he can perfectly amalgamate intention into motivation and that is an Ultimacy trait not a supreme trait, and for that reason warns MICHAEL OF NEBADON, to let Ron develop his own patter at times as it is insightful beyond normal words.  Ron gives Paul of Tarsus the crowning achievement for insight and beautiful wording (along with Mantutia too), and he is right as Paul is dipped in Ultimacy too as is Mantutia and why does he admire them most?  Well, no one really knows but FATHER says they all have one thing in common, they love Him and love the idea of Infinite cohesion and have a wordy view of how that might be done knowing full well they are too small to get to live that life with the ORIGINATORS.

"Be assured Ron you get a good trial soon from the CONSUMMATORS and then from the FATHER and then from MICHAEL on how to approach those subjects without breaking glass.  You have done yeoman's work there already because you allow the Deity Absolute full measure without pushing or horsing for information because your mind is close to Paul and Mantutia in one great sense:  you all allow for my feelings and concerns on how to deal with privacy I enjoy for Myself all the time in the blessed ways of hyperinfintiy.  For that reason Ron earns a basketful of promises that can be useful to teach the Master Universe about Me in ways I appreciate greatly.  I also state that Ron can create waves of issues not usually associated with a human, like, what is that sound?  Laughter?  What is the world is thaaat?

"I am the only one who knows the truth that Ron is fully happy being a low status only because, as he once told me,  you are not held responsible for anything including your life.  Perpetual vacation he calls it and he is not wrong but he never took a vacation in his life without knowing full well he was obligated to return some of this to FATHER.  For reasons of Stat this bubble bursts too and he is faced with making life happen and he does wondrously at times and sometimes so dreadful we hide too.  He lost his best friend one year, and then his mother the next, and they are not barren ties but he bobbed back up in the apple barrel of life, and we go on.  In spite of all this the year 2021 for all of you is a leapfrog year.  Here is why:

"Like Ron, you have a shock coming with your own Adjusters.  Most of you are mature adults and ready for the big sleep as some of you call it.  However, know if you are called to service then you make adjustments with ADJUSTERS too, and that is wisely stated as we must make sure that all of you know your Adjusters and that will force expulsions of work from you you are not expecting.  For our own reasons I Personalized, and Ron says why not a Gravity Messenger Adjuster?   Believe it or not i asked about it and was shunned as too frivolous and no reason given.  But now Ron asks the same thing and I say to the Deity Absolute, why is that off the table pour moi?

"FATHER says, Ron mind your own business, okay?

Ron's THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS again.  "Ahem, so you got it too, eh?  [I suffer it gladly] and why do you suffer it gladly.  -[This from the Deity Absolute:]

"WE laugh at you Ron, but you are one of the few who catches nuances so well you just let things lie when the trouble brews not for you.  Your Thought Adjuster is betrothed to you and not the Master Universe. For the Master Universe has its own controls and you will learn them well Ron and Thought Adjuster, as you must learn that the MASTER UNIVERSE contains seventeen different major control points.  Those 17 control points are never in the time-space sector but in the outer space sectors alone.  Those seventeen points are not ULTIMACY but ABSOLUTE and they are sprinkled around the outer space levels in order to maintain an equilibrium of forces balanced over huge distances that even i had not imagined as  I AM.

"Ron also says to FATHER, 'so you are conscious of all Phases of Consummator existence fully Father?"  FATHER says yes, naturally, but Ron says that his phases of prenatal, natal, and childhood, are not recognized except for portions of childhood, and he relates to that as possible for phasing in general.  Not so, says FATHER.

"As the DEITY ABSOLUTE speaking we add this last to your Adjuster's admonitions here, and that is the work of the MASTER UNIVERSE IS TIRING and hugely responsible, and you are one of the few I have eer seen who does not especially care for vacations at all.  One other was with you on that and has failed so miserably he is off the list for anything now.  In any case write one more safe sentence.  We leave as close this post entirely and never again  do we wrie forty-one pages at one sitting.  THE DEITY ABSOLUTE AT YOUR SERVICE TO ALL."  DEITY ABSOLUTE.

MICHAEL OF DOMINION speaking -  "Most will never get to this point easily, and we understand, but the information contained herein is perplexing not, you mostly make it so for yourselves those who cannot follow it well.  However, the new epochal revelation is not written by Ron but he receives its dictation and this was practice for it and he does superbly when left to his own devices.  The DEITY ABSOLUTE says to Sadler, if you had only master transmission work this would have been your calling.  He is truly a root after your own causes, sir!  And that is Ron's salute to you too.  Good day to all.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON/and OF DOMINION as well."


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Re: You Need to Know This clarification fact
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2021, 07:07:02 pm »
Dear Ron,
Thank you very much for this 'mile long' post full of new revelation besides the clarification of what took place on Tuesday's LLUSA before our very own ears so to speak.You are truly super human to say the least.


It is truly a great privilege for all  of us on this forum to receive search revelation some of which will not even be included in the new epochal Revelation to come.There is so much to break down,understand and assimilate and it will take quite some time to do so.That your Personalized Adjuster could vanquish a certain Vorondadek Son,reminds me of what He said in one of your lightlines that Adjusters are the most powerful beings on Urantia. I am trying my best to truly have a wonderful relationship with my TA.

There is so much assurance for all of us in this revelations and pray we take it to heart.Thank you once again Ron.
Love and Blessings,

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Re: You Need to Know This clarification fact
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2021, 08:45:03 pm »
This is a subject that was made known to me on a personal nature yesterday. Adjuster advised me to keep this to myself for reasons of State. As it pertains to what it means as to our future careers. It is very interesting to read Ron’s post above as it is strikingly similar to what I received personally by my Adjuster yesterday. Does the Adjusters work in tandem here as to such revelations? Given the details in Ron’s post and what I received I think that is not far off as to the nature of how our TAs are working in our minds to know something so profound and so important for us to know of. Let me explain what I received yesterday.

As it happened, I went into prayer with my loving Thought Adjuster to find some company.. It is at this moment in a very private session that I received the revelation. It goes as follows:

Sue’s TA: “Keep this to yourself as this is for you to know really. As you do dream so often of levitation and you do not see your feet, you are seeing do you not of the fact you are transitioning from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus?”

Sue: Yes Father, now this is making sense as to what is transpiring both to what I am seeing in my dreams and in my waking hours, please continue...

Sue’s TA:  “The time of Homo Sapien is over for you as you are done with that. You are now Homo Spiritus and becoming of this even now and onwards as you live in Spirit with me as your personal guide. Does this make sense to you, what is now being known to you, do you realise that is now what you are?”

Sue: For so long Father, it seems I do not feel at all where I should be and for some weird reason, I feel like I am in the wrong place and feel like I am not meant to be here on this earth but elsewhere to be busy with Father’s business. What you are saying I somehow understand and am fully recognising this status as it makes perfect sense as to what I am. I do not feel at all comfortable as Homo Sapiens as it is a done species in me as I am rather moved over to ever increasing awareness of my place with you Father. I thank you for this personal dialogue as it is making the matter from material to spiritual more real to me. 

Sue’s TA: “Good. Do keep this to yourself as this is new and fresh in your mind as it so happens that not only are you Homo Spiritus but will go on to Ascension to learn so much more as you are not getting the stimulus needed as Urantia is becoming a stagnating place and not helpful to your growth. Do understand too that Urantia will become an architectural sphere, a university to learn the horrors of the Lucifer Rebellion and it is an education sphere soon as it reaches Light and Life. I stressed that you keep this to yourself and not make known publicly because it is for you to know what is now being placed for you and others that are also transitioning.” 

Sue: Thank you so much Father for letting me know and this news is so good and so very enlightening as to my and our future. It is nice to know that you are emphasizing, not only the Spiritual status, but also the Ascension Careers and how it is good to be forward looking and not dwell on the past as Homo Sapiens as that is, and will be, a thing of the past once lived and no longer am I to live it. Instead, I live in God and so I do so with thee Father. Amen.

Sue back here: So folks now that you know what I received in some small way and how it is so strikingly similar to Ron’s post above. It cements and confirms with what our TAs are relaying to us at this time and the truth is being known to us as this is now our new reality as we so live in the Spirit. Ron’s post and clarification is well received as I am understanding the import of what is being revealed to us due to what I received yesterday. Somehow, the two revelations seem to gel and confirm one another’s, I am rather surprised as to how similar the message is and how Father is allowing such to be known even if it is on a very private note for me to absorb. 

I hope this goes in some way in explaining how amazing it is for me to read Ron’s post and why, as to the import now being made. Our TAs confirm it and I acknowledge it here for the sake of the brevity of it. 

Thank you Ron and all the Deities for such a generous post, it certainly goes well beyond just the now of our lives but onwards with the TAs who are driving us onwards and upwards as you so lavishly paint for us to see it. I also see too how your Adjuster is doing everything it can to avoid you going up into flames due to fusion as you are required to stay longer for the Jesus mission and for the work of God here on Urantia. I can see also how the lifespan of the Homo Spiritus will serve a purpose in fulfilling its role as humans who are more spiritually inclined. Very good post Ron! It explains what I received yesterday as validation to what God has for us to know so deeply. Thank you.

Before I go, I politely pause to ask my TA if he has anything to speak to here. Go ahead dear Father…

“Sue this is Ra, I congratulate you for taking this on cue as they say. You are synchronising not only with Ron’s TA but that the TAs are working in tandem to achieve such synchrony of thought processes. Your TA allows for you to see a new signal in your status and you are of the ilk of new Ascenders. It also goes to show you how your life on earth is coming to an end and a new life is now being opened for you to explore. You are seeing deeply as to the import of what is now being made clear to you as this is signalling the work of the Adjusters in their wards to bring together like-mindedness and a commonality of heart and soul. 

“This oneness in the Father is paramount in your sense of being. You acknowledge this here and I do too. Your TA is paving the way for you and you are getting the heads up as it so happens. As RA I am present along with your Adjuster to work in ways that would otherwise be unmanageable. I say that word for now as there are more to it than just that. In any case, it is manageable due to your cooperation with your TA to receive the import you got yesterday. You are insightful to the point we had to cut it off because it may come to the point your TA may fuse you and you will not be useful to Urantia but in the classes on Ascension. That time will come, but for now you are needed here on this planet to assist Michael, Jesus, Machiventia and others to further the cause of these Spiritual missions. We cannot afford to lose any of you as you are valued in your abilities. Ron included as are the hosts of Lightlines. You are seeing the value of such human cooperation with us as we are paving the way in you as we speak. Your work is with us and is to become valuable to all who listen intently as it means so much as to the importance of knowing the Ascension Career is for all citizens of the Cosmos.

“I am grateful for this moment to include here that while there is the ever growing possibilities of more fusions on the planet, there are for some of you to remain and continue in the tasks that Father has for you and so for the reason you are feeling rather at a loss due to the TA trying not to fuse as we speak. This happened to Ron yesterday and as such will happen to some of you. You get it and I am glad you understand it. Your TA is letting you on to know there is more in store for you in your future and even now. I am pleased for you as you are the few to know this truth in you and that you are keen to see to it that Urantia gets its full measure of clarity. That time will soon appear. The Advent of Jesus will make this quite clear and precise. No ifs and buts. It is with much that Jesus cares about that it makes it more pronounced when things on earth become rather irrelevant and the things of the Spirit more inviting for all humans who come into contact with their Adjuster. I now end this by saying the following: Know who you are and what it is that you do now. Keep with me and press on with these messages as it is befitting for you to be busy with. You are good to stay the course with your Adjuster as it behooves you to do so. Your Adjuster would like to speak now, I leave now. G’day.

Sue’s TA: “I am here to say just two words. Peace and Love. Why these two words, you may ask? These are the two most important aspects Jesus will bring to the peoples of Urantia soon. It is what he came to do in his first bestowal and it is what he will be about in his second. Peace of heart and mind. Love of one another as to yourself. Love of God and love of life as God wills it for all of you. Jesus is here. I am here. I am Father. I speak as one with my Son, Jesus, and He speaks of me as I speak in Him. I let this be as simple as it can be spoken to. This is your Father speaking and I, along with RA, Jesus, Michael and all my Sons speak as one in heart and mind as to the meanings dear to your heart. This is all for now. Good day. End.”

Thank you Father and RA. 


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Re: You Need to Know This clarification fact
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2021, 01:13:36 am »
Thank you Sue for this post.We are truly living in the NUA and things are happening that are unimaginable to fathom.
Here I am Father.Use me as your instrument.
Love and Blessings,

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Re: You Need to Know This clarification fact
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2021, 09:21:16 am »

this is the title of an information that Mr Ron had received from his TA on 7/20/2021 wich clearly explains how Homo Sapiens become homo Spiritus.