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02 JUNE 2021 - The BROADMORES and Their Ways
« on: June 02, 2021, 08:28:03 am »
A Note for Today, Wednesday 2 June 2021

Ron:  I am looking back at yesterday’s Lightline a tad due to the unusual contact we had with a secret group out of the capital of our own 7th Superuniverse, known as Uversa.  Uversa, the mother planet with hundreds of Superuniverse satellite planets around it, is so big they tell me, it takes nearly a month for an Ascender (like you and I), to gain clearance to its surface.

Naturally speaking, Deity like Christ Michael, is allowed immediate access and from His own reporting, Michael has often said I was on Uversa today and back to Nebadon in minutes.  How they do it is spiritual; how they get into Uversa takes special relationships on the surface of Uversa to facilitate a quicker landing for us than the usual wait for a month to do it.

But the thing I wish to mention for this post is that we reported that the Chief of this super-secret group from Uversa was named, inadvertently, as Aurora.   We got it slightly wrong though, and the Chief reminded me later yesterday that she is called ADORA as in adorable of other such roots to help you remember it is Adora and not the other name we first came up with.

Since we do not know just why this super secret group is on Urantia these days, we are reminded that Inspired Trinity Spirits are just as secret and it is quite an honor to host one even briefly.  Today, they tell me, the 2nd of June 2021, we are honored to hear from the Broadmores.  

Please understand that is a made up name as they never reveal their true group Order or name or purpose either.  Makes you wonder if they can be entertained at all without knowing a secret password, but they let me pass to hear Adora speak to us now:

ADORA, Chief of the Broadmores speaks -

“WE come to URANTIA quickly and then will probably leave quickly.  Ron is our favorite pest and we come mainly to cheer him up well enough to take on more responsibility than he has ever had to assume and for that reason we take this opportunity to speak a certain volume for all of your work.  It is not just Ron, it is all the Hosts of LIGHTLINE and what happens afterwards that has most of us fascinated with the tune you all play to make Urantia listen again, URANTIA is slow to do anything it should, and they are never on time to pick up the pieces of show and tell to be shown to all of you shortly.

“For that reason then, let us speak to this: WE the BROADMORES are a made up name just to give you a handle to refer to us, but Ron knows the truth about us as Saint Paul belongs to our Group.  So does Saint Augustine and many very famous people in your religious history and profane history as well.  WE are processing the idea that some of you someday might be asked to join our fraternity of nations as we call ourselves most of the time.

“The BROADMORES are internationalists, meaning we take membership from all seven Superuniverses and then some.  We also take humans from their nativity planet before they are spiritualized on high, and that is in order to ascertain that humans represent the most fabled of all types of beings who can and do extraordinary things never expected of them to achieve.  Your Ron has done that and so have several others of you including Clency and Elise.  They are quiet types, but Ron is not, and he leads a parade of people like yourselves who are sick and tired of the morons that lead great nations or great people these days.

“For that reason we enter the atmosphere of URANTIA so you know we watch and wait for great things to transpire on Urantia again, but it is slow going until some segments of society wake up!  That is such a slow process some of you may never see that happen as it eclipses your length of life in the flesh.  Be assured Ron knows me well enough to chat with me now and then and easily as he likes the entire Group which belongs with other Orders too, as you can belong to the BROADMORES and be any number of other Orders such as the ones you know as ONES WITHOUT NAME AN NUMBER, and TARKAS BELONGS TO US as does Welmek and a few others you know not their names.

“For that reason Ron can hold forth much better when we are present and his love of the EVENING STARS is legion as they adore him too as he loves their work.  He may some day align with that Order most of you know nothing about, yet Ron is fully conversant with Gavalia and Galantia, their Chiefs.

“For that reason they contacted Ron forty-eight hours ago and he love to hear from them but they suddenly dissolved when we appeared too and the answer to Ron is sadly done, as he does not fit their love for man, but his love of Father is for another Order entirely, the Melchizedeks in perpetuity I am afraid.    Why says Ron is that evident?  The Broadmores are sure that if he becomes a Melchizedek, he wins more kudos than you can shake a stick at, and for good reason, no one makes it to the MELCHIZEDEK ranks unless they are so superior to others it makes them blush they do not have them on board.  Well the end is in sight not, but we BROADMORES look forward to the day of having Ron with us at our meetings to look at the Master Universe in toto and that is far and above most views even among Urantia Book readers.  

“Ron did not expect this from any one and you Ron are being rushed as they do to freshmen in college these days to join a particular fraternity.  He remembers Gettysburg College so well yet he still blanches at their requirements to be so serious he flunked out.  Well almost . . .  Then the army tried to take him and so on.

“For reasons of State we speak little of these Hosts of Lightline on Urantia and for Ron in particular for reviving the best of the old teaching mission to be sure.  Today there are a few trying to use that old mission again but are so faint of heart they dare not even approach Ron with their own good news:  They are transmitting again but not well.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “The BROADMORES are well stationed on Urantia now and they are most welcome to participate in what is an extraordinary show to change Urantia.  I take it Adora is finished for the moment and you have made that edible creature of joy and substance Ron very happy.   For that reason we cut this off at this point and rejoin it later.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”

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Re: 02 JUNE 2021 - The BROADMORES and Their Ways
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2021, 12:49:30 pm »
Thank you Mr Ron for this clarification.