Author Topic: 05 July 2021 Condition Red No More but Yellow Condition is Everywhere Again  (Read 208 times)

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I greet you to the first Monday in July.  We are in for a long hot summer in lots of places, and fall never looked better to me than it does now with my full dislike of too much rain to a drought followed by more heat.  That is the reality of yet another summer all around th USA at least, and probably something like it where you live too.

The reality of bad weather so often does not compare to the reality of bad spiritual and material conditions we all have to face too this summer.  It is now clear, and you are likely not aware of it clearly now, that there is a battle royal going on Salvington.  Yeah, the spirit headquarters sphere we all depend on to understand what is happening on our planet, Urantia they call it(we call it earth).

All I can say is learn to face reality quicker than most of us do.  It has taken me weeks to determine that the voice of God is faltering individually.  BUT:  It is staying well stated when we speak in groups.  Have you noticed that anyone?

Why is very hard to figure out.  I do not have it figured out, but I notice it very well and I am posting this notice today to help you cope, I hope, with the idea THAT IF YOU DO NOT FACE REALITY you will never understand why you have to operate and works so hard to get anything done right sometimes.  I see it as two causes:

1 - We have some very bad angels tripping us up every time we try to operate well.  Email that will not go to its address right?  That is a Midwayer contingency from other planets now sorrowfully gone over to the bad angel brigade.

2 -  You cannot find any solace in your relationships which were once so accommodating?  The withdrawal of the Creative Spirit from most Urantia workshops and that means in business offices and in the home, are shot through with the mischief of too much  "ME TOO!"  That means too many people feel they have rights over you you are not appreciating and they withdraw affection or friendship more than usual.  Such is the lack of the oil of the Holy Spirit to name it directly; to name it indirectly, Covid19 has taught most workers to heed their own needs first.

I call your attention to one thing in particular for our work on this site.  Please notice it is not accident that every one of your hosts for LIGHTLINE, are ill or too broken to easily make the Lightline effortless. How odd!  I can name each host and see they are barely able to function at times in their own homes, and are exhausted with responsibilities that refuse to let up.  Cause?  There is a lack of maintenance in our individual lives.  Yes, age is a factor always, but not to the point that all the hosts have to compromise their daily lives just to get up in the morning and face the reality of a day that is a clean slate but almost no chalk to write on it.  Injuries about, illness persists, and above all, the indecent idea we wait uselessly for the good things to appear.   That is the yellow flag I want to talk about next.

A yellow flag announces that where you go and what you do, do it with caution and do it without expecting the pleasure of a thank you or the means to give you a helping hand to do it.  That is full evidence of spirit being completely unable to face the life of a human on Urantia with any sense of being a help or appreciating the need for spiritual help in all of our realtionships and goals to achieve for ourselves and families.

There is also a yellow flag, not on the Jesus idea or the man, but yellow is flying on the reason it should be done for Urantia when people are without spiritual ministry enough to appreciate the spiritual aspects of a return of Jesus.  I recently completed a book on the second return and frankly I wonder if it is useful anymore as try as I can, I cannot get any additional material to be stated other than what I received two or three weeks ago.  Such indicates the closing of the rose of help on high.  The beautiful rose has pulled back into a bud where we cannot get at the fragrance or the beauty of its appearance.  How long we might ask is this to go on?

How long it goes on is not entirely predictable because most do not know what has happened to the rose at all, and even less know it to be spiritual.  For that reason dear reader, I assign to you to learn to face reality, and FORGIVE yourselves for being down a little or in the doldrums, as it and those conditions are unavoidable right now, and the yellow flags fly over you and me and the rest of us for days now or maybe long days ahead as it is not predictable in a material world, how long spirit must suffer the consequences of such miserable spiritual help to man, or even unto themselves.

Thanks for reading along.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Online Moses Ouko

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Thank you very much Ron for this post. Thank you for the heads up so to speak. I wonder what it is with Urantia that Midwayers from other planets can come to add salt to injury as it were. Why is it that Urantia is some kind of punching bag? The "go to" place when you need to do mischief and other unpleasant stuff to innocent beings who have done you no wrong? One day,one time this will have to stop and come to a complete end.

But like you state,we have to face reality and soldier on. We have to keep moving the best we can until things get better or settled in a way. Be it in the long or short term,we have no otherwise. Father's Love and Will,is our fuel while pray our Thought adjusters will Pilot us through these murky waters and hopefully we will land on that shore where we are needed to be. Like you always say Ron, "Stay the course".God Bless you all.

Love and Blessings,