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General Discussion / Re: Symptoms related transmitter
« Last post by Moses Ouko on Today at 08:58:56 am »

Thank you very much for your insight on this topic researched by Maruchi. Thank you Maruchi as well for your post.
but higher spirit above the angelic realm is clueless, as spirit does not even see us because we are so completely materialized.

This was mentioned in one of your Lightlines that the high spirits do not see us.My take is that they identify us through our Thought Adjusters,that is if am not wrong.(Just my two cents)

This morning  while working on something  on my laptop, I noticed that each time I moved from what I was working on,my whole body would tingle from my legs to my head. I tried it out and three times it happened.I stayed on what I was doing to the end and the tingling stopped. Maybe your response to Maruchi gives me some idea of what might have happened. Thank you.

Love and Blessings,
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Middle-east on fire
« Last post by Clency on Today at 07:14:43 am »
The conflict israelo-palestian is going wild. Israel bombing of Gaza is killing hundreds of men, women and even children. If the Michael Mission has to be a priority over the other Missions, in a predictable cataclysms, with what is happening actually in the Middle East, it should also be for a threatening world war, hanging over our head. US president Biden has made diplomatic calls to both the belligerants, but it seems to be a policy headache to him. The sooner the Mission is at work, the better it will be to stop this escalation of war.
Hi Everybody,

Here is the link for todays Saturday Lightline for May 15, 2021

Thanks to Tarkas, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus and all who participated in todays Lightline via streaming and phone, you are treasured.

Lightline USA with your host Ron Besser will be at 2pm York time tomorrow Sunday, May 16th, all welcome.
General Discussion / Re: Adam and Eve
« Last post by Maruchi on May 15, 2021, 08:58:24 am »
Thank you SophiaVeronica for the comment.

Here is another clue for Adamite and his descendants about 'elongated skull'.

Many people know that in ancient times and even in 20th centuries in Toulouse of France, there was a traditional practice worldwide to make a head to be elongated from infancy to be like a noble person, which is called 'elongated skull' like cone head.

But in recent years, in Peru, there found surprising facts that some elongated skulls were not made artificially but naturally and their DNA is different to normal human. And one of the original place of that DNA was Mesopotamia as we know that Adamites lived in there according to Urantia Book. And the hair of the skull was red or blonde.
[The article: ]

The critical evidence of the natural elongated skull is the absence of the 'sagittal suture' which is the vertical crack (crevis) on the top of a skull, which all the humans must have.

[The Sagittal suture (red colored) in normal skull of the vertical line which normal human has]

[The researcher holds a elongated skull back side showing the absence of the sagittal suture]

Here is the interesting video for the explanation of the findings for the elongated skulls in Peru:

And we know that by Urantia Book, Andites migrated from Mesopotamian area to South America by boats in old times.
General Discussion / Re: Symptoms related transmitter
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 15, 2021, 08:31:29 am »
Thank you for your research Maruchi.  Taken separately they are medical conditions caused by various things in older people in particular.  However, when taken as numerous experienced elements some of us suffer in common. logic would suggest the cause is about the same:  body transition to some degree of autonomy from the world's dependence on the five senses alone.  I have never quite approached it from this side of cause, but remember that as this group matures with what they have learned regarding the spiritual phenomenon, they and you will experience various contact with spirit issues.  The primary example is the ringing in the ears which is indeed tinnitus and that can sometimes be annoying and a mischief to the idea of inner peace.

Spirit controls mind, mind controls that material world even if used injudiciously.  For that reason alone, when spirit appears consciously in the human mind there will be repercussions.  One of those repercussions is the sense of being upwardly mobile while the body feels deprived of its normal sense of operation.  Ear ringing and scalp tingling is a typical spiritual reaction to the presence of the personality of God within, and for that reason no medical examination will be useful, as cause and effect in the body  this way cannot be transferred to a doctor's prescription to remove it.  

The more precise cause of tinnitus, for example, is that spirit brushes the cells of the brain cortex.  Little known to science just yet is that the cells of the brain resonate with a small frequency that if touched by spirit, they tend to sound a ringing tone we hear in our inner ears too.   Restless legs and mental tiredness are not uncommon when spirit attempts to understand just how your body is put together.  Midwayers and we humans get along just fine and they know us and how we are put together, but higher spirit above the angelic realm is clueless, as spirit does not even see us because we are so completely materialized.  For that reason higher spirit has to make us restless to see how the nerves fire and the body secrete hormones to maintain our own sense of normal operation in the flesh.  I cannot tell you much how all of this is being done today on Urantia   particularly as it refers to many of us who are sensing a wide variety of aches and pain and never firing we never experienced before.  Mostly that is spirit evaluating us for their own knowledge.  Transitions are taking place too, and how this all has to be separated into various spiritual causes is just about impossible to know or even fully understand.

Thank you again Maruchi for your research, for that tells us medical reasons not spiritual reasons, and they are hard to separate at this point in our experience.  

General Discussion / Symptoms related transmitter
« Last post by Maruchi on May 15, 2021, 08:11:01 am »
Hello, we know that some people are experiencing some particular symptoms in bodies. To try to compare and distinguish them to medically known symptoms, I tried to search for similar symptoms.

Related with the tingling and unpleasant feeling in legs, there is a Restless legs syndrome (RLS).
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is generally a long-term disorder that causes a strong urge to move one's legs.[2][7] There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that improves somewhat by moving them.[2] This is often described as aching, tingling, or crawling in nature.[2] Occasionally, arms may also be affected.[2] The feelings generally happen when at rest and therefore can make it hard to sleep.[2] Due to the disturbance in sleep, people with RLS may have daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability and a depressed mood.[2] Additionally, many have limb twitching during sleep.
[from Wikipedia]

According to the article, the cause of RLS is generally unknown but is often due to iron deficiency and more than 60 % of the cases are familial and inherited. And its risk factors are low iron level, kidney failure, Parkinson's disease and so on. And in some cases it seems to be related to the backbone disk problem in waist.

And there is a symptom Tinnitus for the ringing in the ears as below.
Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no corresponding external sound is present.[1] Nearly everyone will experience a faint "normal tinnitus" in a completely quiet room but it is only of concern if it is bothersome or interferes with normal hearing or correlated with other problems.[6] While often described as a ringing, it may also sound like a clicking, buzzing, hiss, or roaring.[2] The sound may be soft or loud, low or high pitched, and often appears to be coming from one or both ears or from the head itself.[2] In some people, the sound may interfere with concentration and in some cases it is associated with anxiety and depression.[2] Tinnitus is usually associated with some degree of hearing loss and with decreased understanding in noise.[2] It is common, affecting about 10–15% of people.[5] Most, however, tolerate it well, and it is a significant problem in only 1–2% of people.[5] The word tinnitus comes from the Latin tinnire which means "to ring".[3]
[from Wikipedia]

According to the article, its most common cause is hearing loss by cochlea (like a snail in ear) injury.  But there are too much causes for hearing loss such as aging and infections.

And for the vibration of eyelid, it happens to many normal people. When I searched for it, its causes were too much. Usually, people recommend to eat nuts like almond for magnesium supply.

AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Re: Lightline USA TUE - 11 MAY
« Last post by Maruchi on May 15, 2021, 07:04:03 am »
Hello, in this recording, it is a quite critical revelation that the significant source for the greenhouse gas, carbon-tetrachloride (CCl4) is from the nuclear testing in some countries.

Here is an article in 2016 that scientists are questioning why the emission rate of CCl4 is so high than it is expected although the gas was inhibited in one area of production:

In the paper below, they call it a 'mystery' and attribute the cause to its use in another area of chemical production not regulated for its use. But it is just a guess and not proven yet.

[The slow decreasing rate of CCl4, that scientist are questioning for its slow rate because it should decrease more rapidly as their expectation. Image from NOAA]

So, it is needed for scientists to pay attention for the nuclear reaction as revealed here.

JACK, our MC, introduced MICHAEL of NEBADON/DOMINION who talked about the changes taking place, due to a probable cataclyms ahead, followed by RAYSON who expanded more on this subject and JESUS reassured that His SECOND RETURN is still on the table, despite the postponement.

I apologize for the bad quality of the recording, there is a background noise that can be very annoying at times while listening. Here is the link to the audio.

Our next session will be held on next Friday 21/05/2021 at 8pm local time, hoping that there will be no technical problem.

Welcome to all.
Thank you Moses for this transcription. Thank you all 
Hello everyone, here are the notes for the LLUSA/EU on Wednesday, May 12th 2021.

Host: Amethyst  Co-host: Elise

Elise: Hello everyone. This is LLUSA/EU. It is Wednesday May 12th 2021.This is Elise SophiaVeronica and I welcome you all to this LL session with our celestial family-our beloved teachers who are always here to guide us. Your host is Amethyst and I will turn this over to her to invite our guests for today. So I’ll give it to you now Amethyst.

Amethyst: Thank you Elise. Before I ask who our MC is I would like to start with a short prayer.
Beloved Heavenly Father I thank You so much for this opportunity to be of service. I ask for a clear mind and a clear channel so that Your children can provide Your voice with clarity. I thank You so much for this group who have decided to join in with us today. I thank You for each and every gift You give us. Especially the gift of Yourself through our Thought Adjusters. Amen.

Miriam: This is my first opportunity to MC a LL call. Van is here with me, it appears that Van is very often on Amethyst’s LL calls and he is here with me today. He is here to help show me the ropes, so to speak as I am going to learn to be an Mc on many different LL calls. As you’re well aware I am the teacher for Elise, she is my primary concern and primary duty. I must say to all of you that Elise is such a joy to work with. She is growing in spirit very quickly and she is very cooperative and she has a very bright future ahead of her. It pleases me to know I am her personal teacher and guide. Now, even though Elise is my main focus I wear many hats and serve in many capacities that you do not know of. The personal teachers area expected to be an integral part of some of the missions to come. I want you to know that I am available to all of you. As teachers we are to respond to your call regardless of whether or not you are our main student. I will be available to you as will Van as will Amadon or any of the teachers you should choose to call upon.

Just as you are always learning new ways of service so are we. It is important for you and us to be ever willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Just as many of you have had difficulty in taking that step in learning to transmit and make your transmissions public so too have I had to push myself out of my own comfort zone to learn how to be  an MC for this LL calls. I am sure that as time goes on it will get easier for me but I have to be constantly scanning the horizon looking for those who are showing interest and want to come and participate on the call so that I can acknowledge them and invite them in. Things are moving fast for me as well as for you and it requires that we constantly push ourselves to move forward. You can never grow if you are staying in your comfort zone. Growth will come with effort and you have to put effort into your growth. Otherwise you just stagnate. You remain stagnant. We are learning to handle some of the LL calls because of a tremendous shortage of personnel here. So don’t be surprised if you get LL MCs that you are not familiar with usually MC-ing a Call. Now as I look around I see that Amadon is here and he wishes to step forward and say a few words to you. So I step back and hand this to Amadon.

Amadon: Thank you Miriam. This is Amadon and I want to echo Miriam’s remarks. We are stationed on Urantia as long as our students are and are expect to stay with each student until they go over to the planet Ascension. As you are well aware, I am Lemuel’s personal teacher and like Elise Lemuel is doing very well. Once you reach your Ascension planet it is expected that you will each receive at least 100 teachers for intense training and thorough training and I mean 100 teachers per student. That is an unprecedented number of teachers to be working with each student but given the situation in Satania as well as the New Universe Age and given the background that you already have you are going to be trained in depth in many different areas that will qualify you to able to do many different tasks. You will have an extended stay there for some period of time. Much longer we expect than what you experience in one very short mortal lifetime. I am very pleased to see Miriam take her very first step as an MC .I know I have enjoyed it the few times I’ve been able to do it and I look forward to doing it again soon. We teachers all help each other. Now having said these few remarks I hand this back to Miriam to see if there is another speaker on the horizon.

Amethyst: Thank you Amadon, thank you very much.

Miriam: This is Miriam again and Tarkas is here. Tarkas does have  some words he wants to contribute to this call.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. One thing that has not been discussed much is that the only thing that is constant in time and space is change. Everything is changing, everything always has been changing and everything will continue to be changing. As you think in terms of your own growth, it never really ends. Even I Tarkas, still grow as a result of new experiences and especially because of the NUA. There is an accelerated degree of delegating personnel to assignments that they have never had before and moving all these celestial beings around constantly even causes confusion for us up here.

Now I want to switch to a new topic and that is you have been talking so vigorously and so often about your service that I do not want you to overlook your need for rest. You may notice that am absent from time to time without explanation. I, Tarkas, just kinda fall off the radar screen for a few days or a week without letting anyone know where I am that am off on another assignment but even I too need to take periods of rest. The quality of service diminishes without a recharge now and then. This is something your supervisors will monitor with all of you. Amethyst is currently going through a critical time in her physical changes and rest for her at this time is a high priority. Ron and Lemuel know this well. She gets rest but needs more. This cloud that is over her now will lift. This cloud causes her weariness and fogginess in the mind but it will lift. Patience is not what you need the most now, you have that already. You need spiritual endurance and stamina. You need to be able to take the long view and live it and this stamina can only be achieved through balanced periods of rest with service. Your service will suffer if you are unrested.

Now many of you have questions regarding the LL (LLUSA for Tuesday 11th 2021) that Ron had yesterday regarding the tectonic plates and the core of the planet. We too see this and we are wondering just how all of this will unfold but as you have been told many times, we don’t know exactly when or even if it will happen. But the core itself is extremely dangerous. Even now we see vents opening up on other parts of the planet not the west coast of the USA but on other parts of the planet where there is some pressure being exerted is trying to find its way out of core. One of these places is in Iceland and another place is in the heart of Africa. They have not reached a dangerous point at this time but the level of pressure being exerted on these locations is more than we would ordinarily expect.

So we do not know at this point whether or not enough of this pressure can be released in other areas of the planet to lessen the pressure that is on the western coast of the USA. The Physical Controllers have been called to attention and there many on this planet as I speak and they are monitoring the situation very, very carefully. So we will just see what we see and just take it from there one day at a time. There are many active volcanoes all over the planet and anyone of them could release some of this pressure. There are also many inactive volcanoes on this planet and anyone of them could become active at any point. This is all that I, Tarkas, have to say on that right now but I will stay here with Miriam your MC for the duration of the call in the event that any of you have questions that I am able to answer. But please recognize that a lot of us have questions and a lot of questions you ask really are unanswerable at this time. That’s all I need to say right now and I will step back and join Miriam and continue here with you until the end of the call.

Amethyst: I thank you very much Tarkas. I hope that is somewhat helpful to those of you who have questions. I turn back to Miriam now and see if there is anyone else who would want to step forward and say just a few words.

Miriam: Yes Amethyst. Machiventa Melchizedek has just indicated he has a few words to say, not many.

Machiventa Melchizedek: I want to give you a little bit of an update on personnel assignment and changes. It is expected that I will be your Planetary Manager. At this time it is expected that Van will be one of my top aids once the missions are fully operational. Now, Van has asked that Amethyst be one of his associates. We don’t know about this at this time. We are mulling over this now and we have not finalized our decision. She may initially be assigned to work elsewhere in the short term but then transferred to Van’s staff for a longer term assignment. Amethyst’s Adjuster has kept her informed regarding this possibility. You can all turn to your Adjusters for information regarding your service and they will share with you what is in the works as far as it is formulated. Some of you will indeed receive your assignment through auto-revelation or that is to say direct contact from your Adjuster. Don’t hesitate to ask for this information and write down every thought that comes to your mind for every possible scenario you can think of. As I said I have few words right now.

One other thing and you probably already know this as well that Urantia is going through a thorough house cleaning so to speak of malintent entities that have been plaguing the planet for millennia. Amethyst had a call with her sister couple of days ago that was quite interesting and both on of her two younger sisters have been experiencing the same phenomena even though Amethyst has not. Out of the corner of their eye they are seeing movement. They are seeing shadows, they are seeing movements of light and they are both perplexed as to what it is they are seeing. Well I can tell you in part what they are seeing is part of this house cleaning going on. Part of the removing of the negative entities that have caused so much trouble to so many people for such a long time. They must be removed and they are being removed. Now with this I step back again and hand this back to Miriam.

Amethyst: I thank you Machiventa for this information and I hand this back to Miriam to see if there is anything else that needs to be addressed at this time.

Miriam: This is Miriam and I just want to reiterate that the pace of changes is mind-boggling even to us. If you were to try to understand the pace with your human mind, you would not be able to do it. There are so many entities being formed to fill slots left by the absence of the supreme and to fill up new areas for the NUA. The pace is dizzying so if we seem a bit off balance ourselves that is in part why. We are not off balance but we are dealing with a great deal of change and I mean a great deal of change. Now having said that I tell you at this point I see no other speakers trying to get my attention and asking  to speak so I give this back to Amethyst and leave it to her as to how she wants to proceed with the rest of the call.

Amethyst: Thank you Miriam. I’m so happy that you were my MC today. It is wonderful to have you here and it is wonderful to get to know you better.
I hope some of you are thinking of some questions or comments for some of the speakers that were here today.

Q&A and comments

Pliktarious: Recently I was reading a book on spirituality. This author (Anthony P. ?) he talks about when people die they go to the Astral plane. It sounds a lot like the grid that we talk about. I was wondering if they are one and the same place.

Amethyst: That’s a good question. I have read books that the refer to the Astral plane as well. Tarkas you want to take this?

Tarkas: Alright, okay.
During the last century many of these things have been addressed but language itself has changed. What used to mean one thing now means another but you are correct in your assumption Pliktorious that the Grid is a place where souls can tarry and wait until they either choose to cross over into the Mansion Worlds or are otherwise dealt with depending on who they were and what they did in life. So it is confusing when you read a lot of different books because they would be using a specific language and we here on the forum also use a specific language but they don’t often coincide with each other even though they are basically talking about the same thing. So the Astral plane as described in many of the books is indeed just a plane that is above the material plane but has not yet entered or become part of the morontia plane. Does that answer your question Pliktorious?

Pliktarious: Partly it does but is this plane after the grid or is it before the grid?

Tarkas: It is the grid

Pliktarious: Then I understand exactly what he means here.

Rene: Thank you Amethyst. The events that are being forecast even on LL-USA yesterday. You know the big catastrophe that is looming pretty closely. The humans, who are going through the morontial transition process, are they going to continue with it or is it going to be suspended for the very same reason? Is this process going to be interrupted or maybe postponed for later?

Amethyst: You are asking if the transition process will stop during these times of catastrophe and the missions?

Rene: Yes.

Van: I will address that for you Rene and the short answer is to your question is no. These catastrophes and the missions will have no effect at all on the transitions that some are going through at this time and some will continue to go through into the future and perhaps others who have not even started yet will be going through. They are not related to each other and one does not affect the other. The transitions of which you are asking about will continue regardless of the tectonic plates and the missions. Ok. Does that answer your question?

Rene: Oh yes for sure. Thank you.

Amethyst: Thank you Rene for your question. It was a good question too.

Lemuel: I would like to give you an analogy of the situation upstairs and downstairs. That is to say, the emergency that has arisen upstairs because of the necessity of the inauguration of the NUA. The tremendous loss of spiritual personnel and also the effect that that is having on us downstairs so to speak. I want to continue with this analogy by describing in fact what is taking place here downstairs and that is to say if you  can imagine a tremendous and beautiful mansion like Downtown Abbey for example. It is an enormous and beautiful mansion but the problem is that the old master of the household has decided to up and leave and he has decided to take most of the staff with him. In fact eventually kill them. You can imagine the result of this beautiful household. It is absolute chaos and the remaining staff are terrified and so what happens is, the remaining staff are fighting among themselves to take control. So the cook in the kitchen wants to become the butler and the gardener wants to become the main cook etc. You can see where I’m going with this. It’s total chaos. Eventually because of what is happening upstairs they have had to create an enormous amount of new orders directly from Paradise to come and assist us but they have to learn. They don’t have a clue. They haven’t any experience what it is to be with a human being.

So just imagine that someone at least has come into the household and he does have the experience of being the master of the household. So it is a tremendous house cleaning that this had to take place. This is like your Thought Adjuster being uplifted or upgraded in his experience so that he can put different individual servants in their proper place. The cook is in the kitchen, the gardener is in the garden etc. This is in fact the only way that the servants can achieve total job satisfaction knowing that they are doing what they have been trained to do and not trying to fight over something that they are not trained to do. This in fact is the situation at the moment and we must be patient because we are also experiencing this change on a personal level. In fact it is one enormous purification. It is a purification of the old and the new staff is coming in. We are not used to the new staff yet but we will with patience. That is what I wanted to share with you.

Amethyst: I understand exactly what you are saying and it makes sense. When the supreme was lost and a lot of chaos and that’s a good analogy. So I thank you for that Lemuel.

Jose: Thank you. We shared our thoughts before the LL call begun regarding the millions of souls that will be lost during this upcoming earth changes. Will some those souls be taken to the grid, will some be taken on space ships to other planets to continue their lives there? Or I was just thinking since Nebadon now is federated with other local universes that have their own Mansion worlds, could those Mansion worlds be used as a temporary location for these souls that will be lost? Maybe they can be taken there. I just wanted Tarkas to give us some insight if he knew.

Tarkas: You do bring an interesting point Jose but as much as we possibly can we want to keep each soul within the Local Universe in which they were born. This was their intended path to go through their own specific Local System and then their own specific Local Universe. What you suggest could happen is at this point unlikely to happen. That is not to say it is impossible. It may come to something like that and it may be a temporary solution but we are going to try and I believe we will succeed in keeping all evolving souls in their original Local Systems because that is where they were intended to grow. So I hope that answers your question.

Jose: Yes. I have a follow up question. There are going to be hundreds of millions of souls who will perish and as I mentioned before there is no room for them on the Mansion Worlds. What about the other souls that die naturally let’s say on the East Coast, if they were destined to go to the Mansion Worlds where would they go then and there is no room?

Tarkas: Ok Jose. Keep in mind the millions that you speak of being lost on the west coast is only a worst case scenario. It may not turn out to be that bad. It may turn out to be worse. A lot of this has to do with timing. Let’s say someone dies of a heart attack on the east coast and nothing has happened on the west coast, he/she will go the route and be in a timely manner taken into the resurrection hall. You ask a question that really we cannot at this time fully comprehend ourselves. It may turn out that some of these souls especially those in the lower psychic circle who have not gown as much as others may be included with the sleeping survivors. If you know what they are and as the logjam gets cleared out they will too be processed. It’s like having in any workload maybe you get a bubble here or a bubble there.

Eventually everything will work out but it takes a lot more time. Another thing to remember is that the resurrection halls are designed to take souls from all one hundred inhabited planets in the local system. So there are souls from other planets in our Local System that also will have to be addressed. It is a difficult and complicated scenario but since that scenario has not yet happened we really do not know exactly what it is we are going to have to deal with. But be assured that each and every soul will be processed. Maybe not in a timely manner but they certainly will be processed and no one is going to be left behind because of it. I wish I had more specific information for you but I don’t there is so much going on and so much is in a state of lack right now. We just have to take it one day at a time. I hope this answers your question Jose.

Jose: Yes it does. Thank you very much Tarkas and Amethyst.

Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas.

Lemuel: I’m receiving from my Thought Adjuster at this moment that this must part of a tremendous problem that upstairs have to face because of a tremendous shortage of personnel and the newly created orders are desperately needed and trained rapidly. The minimum amount of training required to assist the assessing of what might be many millions of souls immediately transported to the grids. Well as you can imagine all this is not going to happen at the same time so people throughout the rest of the USA, throughout world and throughout the other planets in the system will normally but after death they still face the same situation as the millions that have died but it’s not going to happen at the same time.

When there is a tremendous catastrophe, when there is a situation of many millions of souls losing their lives. Then of course that is indeed the worst possible scenario but there are a tremendous Galactic force who are tremendously experienced in all sorts of things in particular the evacuation of a planet if and when it is necessary. The authority that gives this a go-ahead of course this will be Michael of Nebadon/Dominion. If that happens but at the moment it’s just pure science fiction. They have the ability to put everyone to sleep, kind of suspended animation and they just to sleep and they can sleep for what for us is thousands of years if it is necessary and when they wake up, it’s just like they have woken up the next day so far as they are concerned. Remember time only exists downstairs. Upstairs time doesn’t exist. So that is what we wanted to share with you, my Beloved (TA) and I.

Amethyst: Thank you Lemuel. I don’t remember where in the Urantia Book but I do remember there is a mention in some place in there that when a planet is in emergency situation they can make plans to remove (evacuate) people from the affected planet to a safer planet. So they can do that. That is also a possibility. Thank you Lemuel.

Valerie: I would like to also refer to this astral plane just very briefly because I have met a person who sees in the spirit, he sees this people. Basically they look like the people in the Mansion worlds because they are floating and they are kind of like having life here. He reports that they are smiling, trying to talk something. They can sometimes get into an argument. There just so many spirits around us which I cannot see. I think that’s a blessing. He can see and am like this is not very desirable. These are the spirits on the astral plane. I remember that Michael of Nebadon said maybe last year in one of the LL calls that spirits do not stay anymore in the astral plane as they used to back in the times of Satan, there was a lot of wrong deed (?) They contained them and they couldn’t escape the earth so they could not go on their ascension journey but now I understood that this is not the case. My question is everybody passing through without remaining here ?also that is this person seeing these spirits who are maybe humans who passed away or I don’t know who these might be.

Tarkas: This Tarkas Valerie, and am going to try to answer your question. There are a lot of souls who when they pass away do not to go to the Mansion Worlds for whatever reason. For the most part they want to hang around because they are afraid. They feel that they have not live good lives and they are afraid to move on for fear of the judgment that is awaiting them. In other cases they do not want to move on because they are so attached to loved ones that are still on the earth plane. So that is why some still linger on the astral plane. Part of the housecleaning that is taking place to initiate the NUA and get planet fully into the missions is to get these souls to move on. They must move on, they cannot tarry on the grid or Astral plane as some people call it because that area is going to be needed as more souls leave the planet. It’s got to be cleared out and for the most part, you know in the last several millennia, it has been cleared out but there are still some who linger there. Does that help you Valerie?

Valerie: Yes. Thank you very much but another question came to mind with it that this is actually not including spirits who are going to sleep-who are sleeping survivors, they are not in the Astral plane right? They cannot go there.

Tarkas: Right

Valerie: Ok. Right. Thank you for that. I have another question. I heard on yesterday’s LL(LLUSA Tuesday 11th 2021)from the Deity Absolute. I began to meditate on certain things and I wrote my comments and I wanted to post on the website. But then I want to ask this question really from my celestial family as well as earthly family. Is there inappropriate spiritual etiquette because He is so high in spirit that I understand clearly I should not be speaking in His presence but can I still maybe express my thoughts that might not be in agreement with what He said?

Amethyst: I’m going to have Tarkas take this one too.

Tarkas: This Tarkas again Valerie. Your Thought Adjuster will let you know who and how you should address specific entities. You can certainly share any thought you would like with the Deity Absolute. There is no problem with that. As to whether or not you can receive a reply, that is a different question a different matter. I don’t know but any thought, idea that you would like to share with any particular spiritual being, you can certainly do that.

Valerie: Thank you. Thank you very much. I understand that now. May I ask that if there is an explanation that my eyes are vibrating as opposed to maybe sleepy or just out of typing or has another meaning to that?

Amethyst: Something that just happened since the call started or is that something that’s been going on?

Valerie: No. It just started today when I was typing the last LL so it’s been a long time. I didn’t think it could be related but I was wondering…..

Tarkas: Your eye twitching doesn’t have to do with anything spiritual. I can’t tell you exactly what’s causing it. I know that Amethyst has that from time to time. It usually goes away. If it continues to be a problem then I would definitely seek medical help for that but it has nothing to do with anything that’s going on with us.
Valerie: Thank you. It’s not a problem. I just wanted to know. Thank you so very much for the answer.

Amethyst: I’ve had that problem myself Valerie and I don’t know why that has happened. It usually goes away after an hour or two. It hasn’t happened to me in a long time but I have remembered times in my life when it does do that. I have weak eyes so maybe it was just eye strain in my case. Are you finished Valerie, was there anything else?

Valerie: Thank you very much.

Elise: Thank you Amethyst. I just wanted to say something very briefly. I want to thank Miriam for her kind words first of all and it is very nice to meet her today as your MC Amethyst. I also want to tell her that I am so very pleased that she is my teacher and am so happy to work with her. She’s guiding me and it really gives me great pleasure and hope she will come to me again in my transmissions and assist me with my concerns and questions. I just wanted to say thank you for her assistance. That’s all. Thank you.

Amethyst: O.K. I want to thank Miriam for being my MC today. That was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Lemuel I said MC instead of co-host today. I really wanted to make sure I didn’t make that same mistake again. Okay. We’ve gone four minutes over the hour now. It always surprises me how fast the hour goes by. Before I close up am going to give you a minute or two if somebody wants to make a closing comment but otherwise am going to say thank you to Miriam and to Amadon and to Tarkas and to Machiventa Melchizedek and to each and every one of you for being here and with that I think I’ll close this call  down. We will see you next time on May 19th -my sister’s birthday. Alright, Thanks everyone. Bye bye.

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