Author Topic: New Muon Behavior Study Discovered and Will Change Idea about Preparticles  (Read 305 times)

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As I write this the cabal is thick around me and they discharged the first post by deleting it as I wrote the message.  This time I have a guard around me to get this out.

We have discovered that when we download an Electron to broadcast electricity form the air, so-called free electricity, we can turn that Electron into a Muon by kicking one Ultimaton in it to force it out.  Now there are 99 Ultimatons in that body, and mother nature rearranges the Ultimatons in it and forms a Muon.  We discovered that when we download Electrons from the air, sometimes even the air supplies Muons we can use without having to convert to them through our induction sphere hanging down the middle of the 385 foot high tower.

When we take Electrons freely floating in the air we pass them through two normal generators and into a third generator we call a slave.  In the slave generator we take out all of the magnets, and therefore it cannot create Electrons, but passes the Muons out to the tower we sent to it from the other two generators.

What the big news is, that when the Muon forms inside the slave generator, that Muon suddenly becomes like a daisy with four new Muons as petals and the original Muon is the center of the daisy.  What this does is then forms with other Muon daisies in the slave chamber and they connect together like miles long strings and go up the tower leg that way.

You could stand under the tower and the only thing you would feel is a little tingling on the back of your neck hair and is totally harmless; however, we nevcr allow workers under the tower because once in a great while a Tachyon attaches itself to the daisy string and that is a viscous bolt of lightning if one ever gets close to one.  For that reason no one is allowed around the tower as we generate electricity for the world.

You all should learn that antigravity does not behave like normal preparticles which have a valence and stick together.  Muons form daisy like flower blooms totaling five Muons to each bloom.  This forms such a rapid exchange of Ultimaton energy, they become frazzled trying to move up the tower leg, and we must introduce a proton inside the slave chamber generator which organizes them into long and unbroken chains of daisy wheel muons.  We thought you would like to know about this discovery.

Thank you
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Ron's clever "dramatization" of the mutation of the electron into a muon for wireless electricity transmission; I think that for the next episode, I will have a much more acceptable understanding to be able to assimilate a subject that you are trying to make assimilable for the common man. The WTP is indisputably the most urgent need today, especially in our country where monopolies keep prices for electricity service sky high. Thank you so much Ron
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Ron, this is just absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing. I can envision the 'life of the muons' marching together under supervision like beautiful careless little children, chattering on the way. You really offer a lot to researchers here. It is also amazing to see how you have blossomed to be the leading scientist of the world by listening to God and his Sons. Perhaps the same happened to Einstein and other physicists of old that they received revelations from heaven and processed it with total dedication, like you do, expect for the hell you had to go through. Some even dipped into that too. Wouldn't you agree?

It was raining cats and dogs here for a while and I began to wonder how weather conditions would influence the flow of electrons to the towel? I can also say as a past partaker of scientific debates (when I was fascinated with and worked towards scientific discoveries in the beginning of my professional life and choices of curriculums) that you make it so simple! It sounds like anyone could do this with proper equipment. I understand there is more to it and do not give it away, but I am now looking forward afresh to seeing the developments with WTP and share your frustration at how few there is to work with. Let us pray that those who could make this happen with you and benefit in their scientific careers would come to themselves (put away politics, pride and foolishness, if needed) and build a strong team at their right mind and rightful place. CERN could gather the best scientist, why couldn't you? Of course they are backed by the EU and UN, but you are backed by Father who is infinitely greater, and he can move hearts and minds also. Father, please do, and we thank you.

The problem you are facing is that you attract the wrong jealous crowd here and the news would need to go out elsewhere, to scientist individually, who then in return would chose to move forward. My favorite story to follow is the team of Ocean Cleanup, a group of enthusiastic young people who conquered the world with just a good idea and won the hearts and support of people and investment groups. Their leader dropped out of collage to do this, when he saw more plastic bags than fish on his way towards the ocean bottom during his scuba diving vacation. He then gave presentations and symposiums of his plans, and money began to flow in to assemble his team, and after few short years of trials and errors they are now gathering tons of plastic waste from the Pacific ocean, and solved the problem of river pollution, starting with the most horribly polluted rivers in Asia. Fascinating story and we could do the same. God bless you, Ron.

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