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Volume 2 Lesson 39
Sedition and Government Structures
Fri, Sep 30, 2022, York, PA, United States
Teacher Transmitter(s): MICHAEL OF NEBADON; SALVINGTON (Nebadon Government)
Transmitter(s): Dominick O
Audio Link (21m)
Friday September 30, York PA for naming convention, this is volume two lesson 39. Sedition
Sedition on this planet - and this is Michael of Nebadon speaking and at times my staff - sedition in its technical means, is criticism of the government at various levels. Governments in turn, call sedition with various legal tolerance. In some cases, no tolerance against sedition, labeling it a crime and interning the population who criticizes the government. If I am to represent the Michael principle, in contrast to the sedition of any principle as represented by and up to Rebellion. Rebellion is more than sedition, for it sets up its own government structures in place of what it was criticizing in the first place. Full rebellion not only criticizes and renounces the current government, but sets up entirely new governments in its place, sovereign from what it is rebelling from. This has happened from time to time in times-pace universe history within the sub-jurisdiction of the supreme. But contained within Local Universes, within the supreme as individual events within such a Local Universe. And only up to the level of subordinate Sons of God. Orders below that of the loyal Melchizedeks, and rebellion against a Creator Son of Paradise. They blasphemed the Father, but legally rebelled against the Creator Son and its philosophical rule as a Paradise Regime.
Now, I only say philosophical in the sense that it relates to the agency of the supreme. Mortals tend to blur the lines and make a grand assumption that the agency of the supreme was tied to the hip of the Paradise rule. When in fact, we explained how the supreme’s relationship to the Paradise Trinity was analogous to your human relationship to God the Father, in so much as he resides within you. Sedition at the supreme level involved all subsequent Orders of supreme and celestial life. And this surely involved something even up to the level of the Creative Spirit, who is part of that structure. She was not, is not - when I say was, I say was because the supreme has changed drastically - but She is, in that She is still existent. But to continue with the point, Insurrection is not Rebellion, because it is not setting up its own distinct Governments in place of what it is rebelling against. Insurrection is going your own way. In so, much as you go your own way without setting up your own distinct government and governance, in place of and sovereign to, what you rebelled against. So, insurrection is more or less a, you could say, a rebelling state of operations, taking sedition to its highest level short of rebellion; and meeting the legal requirement of insurrection.
One example of insurrection and going your own way, would be to, as an Order of Spirit, in this past mode of supremacy, would be to take it upon yourself to distribute and mete out Justice and Mercy. When this is in fact, the prerogative of the Order We belong to, you and I, capital S, Sons of God. Mercy and Justice in My Universe are meted out through representative government and governance, and administered through the jurisprudence of the trial and court system. Which demands your participation, and ultimately your adherence to the law, and not your sedition, graduating to insurrection and rebellion.
In this case, the Michael Principle as we will call it, tolerates this in mercy, tolerates insurrection, only so far. But as a learning principle, lasting and sustaining Justice is best served when evil and iniquity burn itself out to the point where they have exhausted all Mercy Credit. And all of the universe reality that they belong to, no longer tolerates them either. No longer sees the value in their ways. Sedition is addressed by further education and remediation, with deployed service to experience the education and remediation. Without the service opportunity it is simply indoctrination of a school-jail - lightweight incarceration with the threat of State violence instead of applied service.
The insurrectionist or Rebellion Principle sets up an entirely new apparatus and makes it draconianly illegal to even meet the level of sedition let alone insurrection (against its rebellion). And then, it invites internal competition amongst itself to the point where they, as factions, eat themselves alive, for revolving power. This is certainly not sustainable; power politics to the extreme without representative government, but simple lip service to propaganda of the nation. And its “high-ideals” represented by leadership [cult], and only survived by loyalty and joining that apparatus.
This last point is important. It explains why a regime, a government, a country, a nation state, who employs this mode of governance, would not be eligible and able to enjoy a Regency in this moment in time. Because such a Regency would only be accepted [in such autocratic states] if they were to employ those draconian methods, and that is not how we operate. In other words, for an example’s sake, we would not be welcomed but only respected and obeyed through something of a mechanistic coup that you're used to. Just like the documentary of the (ocean) shrimp this transmitter saw last night - I will use this example. When the colony of the shrimp, which resembles that of a beehive, when it has a queen mother laying eggs. When this Queen died in this documentary, all the female shrimp chemically changed and competed to be the new queen. This is analogous to the type of government labeled Autocratic, Dictatorial, and classic Communist. When in fact it mirrors the universe struggles of rebelling, and insurrection, and the Lucifer principle, when it is applied to the Sons of God. Not shrimp or bees, but the Sons of God and its Governance, however you wish to understand this.
Know this! The Michael principle will be embodied through the real and tangible return of Jesus. It is the second time. And it is the fruition and culmination of what a planet, in its stages of evolution of its planetary civilization, receives a technical, Bestowal Son with a capital B. And that this is typically done by the Paradise Sons of God called Magisterial Sons. In this sense you are very special and unique in My Universe you belong to in Nebadon. In that your Bestowal was I (MICHAEL), as Jesus. And therefore, you could say, you never technically enjoyed the bestowal of a Magisterial Son. And then as a side note, we have this history of Rebellion and Default before.
So, I shall return. I have in a sense returned. And you will enjoy a recalibration and a reintroduction of all of these things with a Material Son and Daughter, Councils and Delegates Ascenders, returning with their wisdom. You have a Planetary Prince and Manager Government run by Melchizedeks. And you have Magisterial Sons who will be the Administers of Jurisprudence and Governance when it comes to working, representatively, with your governments. Which must be done fairly and with your participation, not your obedience within the Lucifer-principled governments. And by that we mean the heavily structured governments. This does not mean that the planet or governments in any means haven't been all touched and stained by Rebellion. They have. And it will be difficult for any such government to, overnight, adhere to the Michael principle. I am referring to those government structures which are so aligned and rigidly organized with non-representative participation. And are heavily structured by the apparatus that was set up to be sovereign from the government structures and jurisprudence of Salvington, which is the name of the government of Nebadon and Paradise. And in between that would be Uversa, the Superuniverse, intermediary government between Paradise. (Paradise) which is outside of time and space. And a Local Universe such as Nebadon, represented by Salvington. That is the short explanation of where Uversa sits as a destination and government of your Superuniverse.
Good day.
Dominick O:
Thank you, Michael. We are honored, and very thankful for whatever I was able to interpret, and we thank you.