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Transmission Reception. Unnamed Midwayer. v2 l42
« on: October 09, 2022, 18:55:32 pm »
Transmission Reception:
The Frequency Wave of Transmission Reception Uses Will, Mind and Spirit

Unnamed Midwayer
v2 l42
Oct 09, 2022York, PA, United States
Transmitter Teacher(s): Unnamed Midwayer
Receiver(s): Dominick O
Audio Link (11m)

Unnamed Midwayer:
Transmission is neither prayer nor worship and is more like constant communication. It is conscious. It is, most of the time, being scribe-like, in that you receive information when tuning in. And that does take will on your part to ask and receive. This is something you can do all the time to get used to it being always on. When you ask and receive and tune in to the inner voice within you; that is an intimate part of you, and yet, connects you to all that is; and yet that all-that-is, is self-contained within you. And this is Will. It is the process of asking, I know what I think, and I don't know what I think, and what is Your will, inner voice? What is Your will be done?

And then another aspect of transmission and reception goes another step, or a different step. And that is to communicate with other spirit entities, endowed with personality. And you communicate with them, or you receive them. At this point, realize also, this is the will of the Father-within, to allow this and facilitate this at its most core level. And this is why it is conscious, not trance or channel. Because it involves the will, whereas trance and channel submerge some of these things working together to have a clear-channel. And channel in this context is like a radio frequency-wave tuning-in channel, not the verb, but the noun.

Thus, the error potential here, in this mode, is going through the motions, assuming you are tuned in. And at that point, your mind is the one aspect of this trinity of spirit, will, and mind, coming together to create a transmission-broadcast received. The mind might say, “is this transmission? Are these words that I'm scribing down accurate, truthful, good?” And then you use the will to, perhaps, defer the mind in order to receive the message. And the message is coming through an association of both spirit and personality. And frankly, will and mind on the other end as well. But mind on the other end is often a spirit-mind rather than the material mind of the human. Who is in the process of becoming more spiritual. And again, spiritual is a noun in this case, and not the verb that most humans are used to in the context of the word.

With practice, you might be able to self-monitor this process, as you are undergoing a transmission-reception opportunity. With consistency there is almost a non-expectancy, together with an expectancy, if that is any clearer, of what to expect in terms of the unexpected. Transmission must use your mind, and therefore, your concepts, understandings and vocabulary. But then, what happens is what is produced is slightly outside of this, creatively and productively, and you become the spectator of the outputs. And that's where the mind can creep in and wonder what you, the ego, are producing. And the will comes in and says, ego this is not all about you. We're doing a transmission here. And the ego stands down.

And certainly, laughing is always allowed within appropriate context within any transmission. For example, now, this transmitter uses a recorder and often stops and starts and what we get between us is a lot of off-the-record interaction not necessarily meant for the official transcript. It's a slight sidebar, but, really, not something of a completely voluminous, extra content. Sometimes it's most appropriate to pause. Other times we might lose an extra gem or two. But in general, it's good for the beginner practitioner to do this for comfort’s sake, for editing sake, and more.

Eventually, when spirit becomes less of a verb and becomes more of a noun as part of your makeup, you begin to be pressed into service. Because the impressions of spirit experience are being fused, literally, within you. We add as a side note, many of you would do well and perhaps even better without the tape recorder, either. Because this allows your mind to flow. Some of you might not handle well, the stops and starts. Others might. It is your style to express, and hone, and perfect. And don't get locked into one or the other. Both are handy.

This is the Midwayer so assigned to this one. I remain unnamed by choice to give a little mystery as to what and who I am. But rest assured I am of the Midwayer class within the Order of the Sons of God. Good day, and good transmitting to those who try.

Dominick O:
Thank you unnamed Midwayer. It's always a pleasure to receive direct communication with you. And we thank you for your service as a class to facilitate any and all transmissions that we do in general.

Thank you
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Re: Transmission Reception. Unnamed Midwayer. v2 l42
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2022, 22:57:11 pm »
Dominick:  I read this through twice.  Can you explain to me your version of a transmission being a noun, and a transmission being a verb.  Let's see" "to transmit." means I act to produce a transcription out loud or written, and that is the verb, right?  The noun is "the transcription," a file completed as an object to store or hand around.  I understand, I think, the difference between verb and noun, but what or how does a transcript emerge first or second as verb or noun that is better than the other to think of it as you enter to produce a transcript.  Something is missing in the discovery of the content of this message.  I now transmit your Midwayer to find out what he may see about my question.

Unnamed MIDWAYER - "I am Adolfo!  Ron that is my name for Midwayer Unnamed to use if he wishes to be named fro this answer.  . . .  'Yes I am Adolfo to be named to answer your inquiry.'

ADOLFO - "I am that mysterious Midwayer, Dominick cannot find a name for, and I discard Adolfo not!  I like the vibration of those letters as you spell them Ron.

"You see Dominick refuse to define his terms.  Typical you say to him so often but he does it to avoid repetition but if he wants to be a good teacher he must stop that in transmit work.  You are amazing in the ability to understand him even without him naming his terms.  That is a serous fault and you run up against it when you wish to repeat something he already knows, and he complains, but she should not.  That is because he does rarely have the full information in spite of hearing something about it before.  It will cause him harm in the future when he finds he does not know what he is supposed to do.  You wrote out instructions for him to follow in the event of another problem.  He sees it and thinks he knows it but he has not anywhere assumed things fully correctly.  You need a viewer like me to insist he read it at the time and check of each item as he does them.  The problem is not yours to correct or mine, but the Adjuster must find a way to reconnect a portion of his brain that lies dormant thanks to the use of a stimulant drug in the past and it burned out the nerve connections to that section of the brain.  You lament it but that is not correcting it.

"Truly spoken to, transmissions taken as nouns are easy to assimilate as they are factual, hence the term "noun."  In your language a noun is a fact or object and a transmission can be both to take down.  You Ron do not take transmissions as a "noun." but as a "verb."  That means you hear them easily and extricate them immediately into sound and fury if necessary.  "Verb," transmissions are impressive all the time and can tire a listener with so may hills and valleys in them they get hard to assimilate.  You are aware of this and ask others to transmit in your sessions to relieve the audience of scrambling to understand what the transmissions all say.  For that reason in today's Lightline, you stumbled not and that was to ask Lemuel to broadcast Jesus through a "noun" transmission - factually spoken.  You returned a spoke JESUS as a verb then,  and together they match one another well and easily hears justiposed to each other.

"That explains verb and noun well.  What Dominick spoke to otherwise is very difficult for you to make sense of but he works his life and his transmitting the same way:  He does what we call noun calling.  "NOUN CALLING," is when you reach a point in your explanation when you have forgotten what it is you are really explaining, and then ask for a recitation which ignores what you are speaking to and to refresh the lesson speech with the idea the subject can also do this, or that, or something else.  That is what happens in the middle of the transmission, and you threw your hands up and had to read it twice.  Fine, Dominick says, but I get low marks for an explanation as to why a transmission is one type or another (noun or very types).  He now favors nothing like ti after doing the transmission and concentrates on the idea of channel versus transmission, and there you lose what he had to say, for he never finished the thought with me.  That is the direct result of the burned out wire to a part of the brain not feeding him some sort of information to make him aware of what he has already said and how he said it.  Your part is so hard wired now you know precisely what was said and how it should be connected to teaching a subject such as the difference between channel and transmitting. 

"You are sure that CHANNEL is not well supported because it is not useful to the deeper parts of the brain, and is dangerously close to the subconscious.  Most who channel are transmitting the sub conscious and should be ignored.  However, a good transmitter loses his place never, and the only thing you lose Ron is who is transmitting sometimes.  That is funny for those transmitting know perfectly well who they are but when they enter your mind, they can wonder too who is sending the words.  IT is a crazy patch work quilt with you at times as you are fully honed into the Father and that makes transmitting so easy you have no problem ever, but the average person never fully reaches that ability and wonders how you do it.  You do not do it, the Adjuster does it all the time and you find that so easy you make no effort to center on a frequency.

"Obviously, you can have problems now and then when you are physically tired and you often stop and refresh the frequency for the narrator above you.  That helps tremendously and we wish others would follow your example.  However, lately the cabal has taken to refreshing you too and that infuriates you as you drop a transmission as a fade and you will never tolerate that again.  They know you very well buy fail to grasp you mean business and often get burned with you as you let them have it good. 

"I am Midwayer ALFONSO at your service and good day.  K"

[Ron here:  you are a pleasure to work with Alfonso and I thank you for the explanation and guidance for Dominick as well.  We and I thank you for your service! k]

WE hear now from CYRIL, the MIDWAYER assigned to me with his Compliment, MELONY. 
"I am Cyril a Midwayer not from Panoptia Ron, but from a galaxy far, far, away.  You are one of the few who requires an immense appeal to higher authority due to the construction of your brain on a Midwayer level never seen before.  You have trouble making yourself understood mostly because you are like Dominick, he does not name subjects, and you refuse to over state them too.  That is not brash but caring for your reader more than you should, but your book ORIGINS is going to be a best seller someday and it muwt be broken out of Amazon as they are refusing to understand they owe revenue to you in droves soon.  Why?  The amazon brand is never fully understanding they have an obligation to the author, and in your case the entire matter is broken not into pieces but wholesale distribution you never saw done but slick of hand it ws removed from you by warehousing them away from your control.  that led to Amazon merely picking and choosing where to take the books from to fulfill and order, and you have sold close to four thousand of them and are due about $6,000 in direct payments but they are unaware of your clearance title with Archway and refuse to divulge to Gitz what they do do and they never pay revenue out if there is no consignment author.  That breaks the bank for good with you and you are so disgusted and Gitz so addlepated over his treatment he gave up and you are not in favor of ever dealing with Amazon or self publishing again.  We happen to agree with your views, but you are due a handsome sum soon as the book is making headway into major publication if you are attentive to the requirement to make the changes to do that.  You are not and that is due to a Midwayer cousin, Bzhutu changing a scheme to publish in your mind and he agrees it needs changed back to get some much need capital back into your system.  Steven Gitz is rarely sure of your design for publication, and right now it is too much with WTP weighing on you so hard.  Let Gitz figure out the protocol to get paid the royalties and then pay him well for his efforts.  K.

"As Midwayer Cyril, let it be known Ron you are hastily drawing the conclusion your life is nearly over due to pain and other things showing up in droves against you.  That is not true but it is hard to explain that Father never makes the same mistake twice and it happened such a fellow like you had to be discharged over similar issues when he suddenly died in the middle of a storm unforeseen around him and the entire matter backfired on Paradise since he was scheduled to live for centuries just as you are.  The consequence was that the soul of that individual was arraigned before the Court of the Ancients of Days for dereliction of duty, and that was mistakenly persecuted but there is a bad taste in all of it now.  They let you reside as is but in great pain and that must end soon if not now.  K

"In closing, you asked for counsel and this is it:  'Melony and I wish you well and we must desist in most counsel due to the fact you are closing in on spirit advantages not but in a classification of spirit counsel yourself to the Planetary Government, and for that reason you are classified as STAFF for MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you consider that awfully high but honorary at best, but no, you do so well when questioned, you are not dropped ever to say a word if asked, and you must be asked as you are slow to say anything about what is happening because your feel they know best and let it lie.  For reasons of State keep you and Dominick operating as long as he allows for he is Quixotic as you pointed out to him several times and unpredictable in decision making.  You feel that is a dangerous and are wary about changes, as you put it, in psychology, and he is doubly sure you know what your are talking about. He is amazed you can figure thing out quickly and that is his to keep going because you see far and wide all the time.  K,. END  Cyril

(Thank you Midwayer Cyril for the chance to hear you well.  I need this all the time in spite of your wish to remain slow to speak.  You are greatly appreciated.  TA.]

And this is the end of this response to what is a hard read in certain areas of the post on transmitting.  But now we have it pretty well straightened out and the subjects are now named to help me out.  Thank you all for reading along. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "The hour is late on "Christmas Eve," Ron, we love the idea that Jesus is Santa Claus now as the babe of Jerusalem is not the babe of Urantia, as the Second Return is planned shortly.  God Bless All!  And a very good night!  Mercy dominated MICHAEL!  [Thank you MICHAEL for taking precious time to gift us with your good wishes.  Ron]

END again
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