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V2 L53 Spirit is Action God is the Source. 02.01.23
« on: February 01, 2023, 11:06:48 am »
Spirit is Action. God is the Source
Wed, Feb 01, 2023, York, PA, United States
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Experiential wisdom and experiential naivete are all part of time and space experience. The dichotomy of experiencing anything in time and space, coupled with the inherent error of finite perspective, entails that wisdom is attained with greater efficiency with Spirit-status, advancement, and evolution. Until then, experience can be more primitively attained through neurology, biology, physiology, and brain and chemical circuits. The modern phenomenon of postmodern thinking and philosophies, places personal experience and perspective, regardless of its error, on a pedestal undeserved. Because there is an indulgence of experiential error.
Your Thought Adjuster and angels, together with your personality, work to provide you the spiritual school lessons you need for your literal evolution. When you give that process up to someone else, habitually, then are you stagnant. The goal is evolution within the lifetime, not therapy of feeling better and feeling good feelings. Wisdom is not attained through a venting. Relief certainly happens. But when you give the power of someone else to process your own processes, over time it becomes a crutch and not a wisdom tool. For you are replacing your own inner life for psychoanalysis. Reflection does not produce action in the modern environment, it is producing re-actions, venting, and expressions, which is, in fact, energies. And these energies are running wild and primitive.
This lesson can also be compared to receiving and transmitting from the Voice of God as a comparison to Channel. Channel, channels, and discovers the process of Source. It is a discovery of spiritual nature, but it is not necessarily understanding what it is connecting to. Whereas the Voice of God understands and desires to transmit God's will. It is connected already. It is not searching for the right channel. And that leads us back to the experiential lessons of experience. Wisdom is the knowledge that your experience attained what it has done for you over time. Wisdom and experience without Time and an inner process with you and Spirit and God -- but more with God [while] Spirit is action. Spirit is the expression and an essence of things. It is not the processor of your experience. This is the crux of the lesson. Spirit is the action. God is the source. Good morning.