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V2 L56 Societies and Unity Toward Light and Life. 02.13.23
« on: February 13, 2023, 08:57:02 am »
Societies and Unity Toward Light and Life
V2 L56
Mon, Feb 13, 2023, York, PA, United States
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Can a book unify? Can something outside of the Personality Circuit unify? The fact of the matter is, with many exceptions, the answer is yes and no. Because it unifies as a destination, a location of experience. But after that event it does not, and cannot truly, unify without the help of the greater reality of Spirit and Personality revealed within it. It brings you and those who are unified in the exposure to such a resource, to a starting line and a uniform text.

The revelation restated of the Brotherhood of Mankind, based on the Fatherhood of All, is based and accomplished on the works of personality association. It cannot be greatly accomplished through standardization of repeated understanding and iteration of the uniform lessons of static revelation. The tapestry of time and space is churning so fast you could say there is nothing but the living works of both ministry and agency of the civilization. Therefore, are you unified in time and space through your origins of origination, and unified in the sustainment of such planetary origins, in Light and Life.

The Brotherhood represents the general, overall unity. The Society allows for specialization and focus within a field or domain of their choosing. If you have an alleged unity and an interest this does not mean you have a Society, you likely have a club. You have no great works in a society of avid cat-watchers, you have a special interest club. The Society has a goal of facilitating the benefit of something within its field of interest, focus, and specialization, to a goal of augmenting the Brotherhood. In that it facilitates advancement and good outcomes for your fellow human.

Often, this could also include the material and mindal well-being; and not be focused solely on the spiritual education or reformation with the assumption of spiritual enlightenment resulting in the former. Thus, you might have a Magisterial Society for the furtherance of Energy for Light in Life. And such would not have to state a uniformity of religious education. Instead, it focuses on its a field of endeavor, energy production for the benefit of mankind. Its unity is based on personality and spirit applied in the field and does not require a prerequisite education standardization experience based on static revelation.

What it does require is not simply a lesson, but a living, learning experience in real-time revelation. Which becomes less necessary during a Mission. Where revelation is not necessarily through mind and faith but working hand-in-hand through the personality circuit of living experience.
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