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Thank you, Weydevu for your view.

You perhaps remember that the one who calls himself ARTHURA, is associated with the Master Universe style of Infinity, but actually resides out of the Infinity of our Master Universe and is conversant with out Master Force Organizers as beings that work the Master Universe planning, but ARTHURA is aware of what it is to be outside of the work of the MFO's and into his own creational issues as part of Consummator Number (4).  Our FATHER is Consummator Number (6) and as a result of that, FATHER is aware of the counsel of other control devices the Urantia Book does not mention.  

I am going to stay away from describing hyperinfinity to this site for now.  I am also going to attempt to stay away from other concerns which will affect the Second Return of Jesus.  To you Weydevu and to all others, I am placing a notice here that our either accidental discovery, or our on-purpose discovery of the Consummators of Universe Destiny, also transmits the idea that JESUS may appear slightly more unusual than you all expect.

I thank you for such nice words Weydevu, and there is at least a little more to come to follow up on this post too.  We on this list have the advantage of knowing a lot more even than the physicists thanks mainly to the Universal FATHER being so sure it matters to describe not only the nature of Infinity, but that other types or kinds of Infinity exist too.

I place to those who read this, that Infinity is a design and is imposed on creation.  There is no such thing as "normal" infinity, but there is such a thing as system infinity and for reasons of our own I do not discuss this further, as I am stretching minds too much to talk about the things I have discovered thanks to being a transmitter who can go pretty deep into space if they allow me to.  Thank you very much and see you later in Lightline today, Sunday the 1st of October.  K

PS - You who gogg at this type of information, for your own sake of reasoning, to say infinity is merely all of everything possible is correct.  That defines reality.  Realize that Infinity is first a system, however.  So it depends on what the Creator places in reality to realize.  It can vary outside of our system.   Infinity is not a condition imposed first on reality; rather, reality is conditioned by Infinity and any system can change what one puts in it to run it.   The Creator , which is the I AM in its very beginning of existence,  selected the parts  of what and how to impose Infinity.  There are several ways to impose Infinity, and he chose one of about a thousand other ways to do it.  For that reason, the list of infinity content varies too, and our FATHER is aware of them, but chose this version.  In the case of the Master Universe, Infinity is conditioned by imposing restrictions on matter and to emphasize life.  You can do it the other way around, but the Creator thought that too cruel to small life forms like we humans are.  In this reality life forms get favor first if there is a harsh choice to maike.   Thought you would like to know.  Thanks.  Ron

Origins of the Universe

Magisterial Foundation

T/R Ronald Besser

October 01, 2023

Contrary to most American cosmologists, the true origins of our universe have a discrete manner of becoming what you see and live in today.

The proponents of the big bang report the detection of a ring of heat still moving outward from out galaxy toward the further reaches of space.  They cite this evidence that an explosion occurred which somehow solidified into the objects of space and time.  

That is fully incorrect.  Let me transmit a Paradise Messenger for you to give us a quick glimpse of universe origins for your edification.  People will argue it endlessly, but the truth is the universe is defined most by its space and the material found in it.  How did that really appear to indicate the great depth and volume of what seems to be endless space and the constructs of time?

“I AM A PARADISE ORIGINATOR.  My work started before time and my work with not end with time, but far beyond the idea of time.

“FIRST, learn that time is a construction.  What does that mean.  Infinity lies at the center of our Master Universe, but it cannot be seen or used or walked in.  Rather it is a condition of time forcing man to think in terms of modifications of our work to think eternity is possible, but there can be no infinity due to the lack of man’s resources to measure it.

“I AM the first of the entities ever created.  True that sounds odd, but I am the I AM as some call it in history and in time, it is entirely plausible to state there is no end to time, but time is a construct, really a construction of slowing Infinity down.  The great Creator saw to its inevitability of use by insisting that a band of creation full of planets, time zones, and changes appear in a circle around an infinite center.  We call that infinite center Paradise, and Paradise is a huge construction of prematter and matter all condensed into an oval shaped object.  Let me tell you the size of Paradise to give you some idea of what lies at the center of the Master Universe to contol its motions and ability to grow in time and space even yet.


“Paradise is an abode.  That is a fancy word that means “a home.”  The immobile life plans of Infinity are inside the Deities we often call God, but they are so involved in Universe building, they are not only God, they are hugely involved in supplying matter and spirit and government to rule over the continuing additions to our Master Universe all the time.

“The materialization at the center of our Master Universe is twice the size of the volume of what fills time and space.

“Time and space is a girdle of volume surrounding the universe Paradise center and the volume of that girdle is about 700 trillion Light Years of time.

“That volume does not increase because around that girdle of time and space is another zone of space no one lives in yet.  Our telescopes see that other space area as the WALL OF GALAXIES.  Behind it is no time and not all space yet either.

“Paradise is so huge because it has to control with gravity the outter wall of space that begins with the wall of galaxies and proceeds endlessly further into other sectors of space being prepared for life one day beyond our time universes.

“There is so much more to tell you, but let the above sink in for your own interests, as this site deals with the origins of the Master Universe, but also something about what life will appear in what circle around Paradise when the time comes here.

“Thank you.”

Transmitter Ron Besser:  I am able to tell you very little who spoke and told you this information.  He is something of a mystery even to me as that speaker to us today lives not just in Infinity, but he is Infinite or it exceeds Infinity, and what may we call something that extraordinary?  

We talk about it here on this site as hyperinfinity, and almost nothing is known about it.  It is not habitable but our Infinity is.

We intend to come back on this post to tell you more.

Thank you.


Lemuel, Elise, and all others reading along:  Our situation is to wait and bear witness.

All levels of the administration on Salvington headquarters, superuniverse seven headquarters called Uversa, and Havona itself which is the perfect universe without time directly surrounding Paradise itself, have been asked to stand by while the peremptory causes are realigned with those who can make the final decision ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE URANTIA MISSIONS.  I capitalize that to emphasize we are exploring again just what Urantia needs, but what Urantia should do in response to what the Paradise and Salvington work is to accomplish.

My somewhat truly over simplified view is that Urantia needs a stern warning and accomplishment about how the species and its government are truly developing out of the purpose of life in the first place.  That sounds very odd until one learns that the purpose of life is to experience lasting values befoe departing for the mansion worlds to train to obtain work in spirit with others like you or me and then to assign ourselves to future universe ages as experienced time ordered beings.  That process is not interrupted  right now, but it could be interrupted if spirit determines there is no universe use for the human experience and that souls going to the mansion worlds stay until worn out and then are removed into the oblivion of depersonalization.

Yes, in the Lucifer rebellion, their legislative groups opposed complete surrender of the need for human perfection as administrative units to the Paradise Godhead, but advocated that children born over 35,000 years ago should undergo a thorough rest and not automatically be resurrected.   That is the truth of what children had to do if they died before they were sixteen years of age as so many did in those early years of our species.

I know these things because I am administered myself to attend legislative sessions subconsciously when Edentia can still hold classes on government for human planets in Nebadon at least.  Yet, the entire matter seems to be hurry up and wait while the mainstream Deities argue that the human care on this planet, Urantia, has reached a nadir of value exhaustion not, but value loss.

I am now speaking  as  a member of the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation, and I do that to open up a channel of communication with the MELCHIZEDEK CORP of Urantia in particular, as we need some guidance for all of you who wonder like I do,  what values do the Gods speak of that we are no longer exhiniting well enough to easily achieve Light and Life (a spiritual renaissance on earth) at all even if we fully achieve what humanity is capable os in a gene pool much worse than it was ten years ago and deteriorating quickly.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron you implore words but I have few.

"You are one of the few students of the epochal revelation which force it to work on its own lusty desire to be heard as the catch all parade for enticing all humans to bear witness to achieve their own Light and Life while living in the flesh on Urantia.  You have done so in full regard to the ideals of the revelation but you a re so rugged and worn out by care, you do not care to live life casually and for that reason you live harshly and broken in heart so much. 

"Humanity cares almost nothing for jewelry anymore, but they still love their corporate plucking of goodies from the veil of corporate luxuries and you for one appreciate that is how it is done today.  You lectured a young woman over dinner decades ago that if she wants riches and care for her then follow her request to become an idiot savant at a corporate HQ near you and learn to blend in there.  She did and is immensely successful but very poor in spirit.  You were then on the Board of Directors of an engineering firm and enjoying it greatly.  What happened to you was a loss of heart over the 5th epochal revelation and you decided to do something about it and you have nearly won a huge success--  if they allow it!--   and to work until you drop again as it is so demanding you have little cause for your own self worth with others anymore and it shows in deep furrows on your brow again.

"Be assured Ron, the 5th epochal revelation is not a cure all anymore.  It once was looked at as nearly so even by yourself, but you see the mindless attributes the readership essays over the 5tgh epochal revelation, and you now understand they are in default along with the 5th epochal revelation is because of spirit events which change the meaning of most or some of its narratives in its vaunted Papers on Supremacy.  At last let yourself relax to the point you have done all you could to release the power of the 5th epochal revelation into the hearts of people who enjoy your take on how to achieve epochal harmony through corporate indictments,  and they are to be successful, because that is how the world does its group work now.  I never caught that fact but you did and made it workable including a marvelous patent (#11601013) to change how the world uses electrical power.

"That said, you have been forced to sit still while Rome burns on Urantia, and there is no indication spirit has the slightest interest in reviving what it wishes to achieve on Urantia in Missions that are already to go down to which personnel are to work them, and for that reason you are selected to be among them.  However, the Paradise FATHER insists you be better done not but to die before you are allowed to work on Urantia further.  You are not fighting that but are wondering just how to do it without financial resources and caring spiritual overunity which guarantees success for these projects.   That said you are soliciting soe outside help for support but most people think it is a dream without reality and drop it before it can be explained.  You made a small mass mailing and got nothing back because people are wary of such care and let it slide; however, you now have tow advocates in the electronic world which desperately wish to contact you and no address appears on the brochure except for an email address.  Most are not savvy enough to use and email address and you have failed to gather sufficient attention to move it at all.

"For that reason those you intrusted to help this work fail to understand there has to be more of it done, but you are also aware of the high cost to do it and wait for something to show itself which it cannot do thanks to an attorney who fails to understand your silence over something he feels you know works.  That has complicated nothing for you but for him it ends a spirited investigation into your worth which no one seems to be able to calculate either.  Lastly this:

"I am an old MELCHIZEDEK, and I resent being called out of bed to say nothing but frivolous news to Lightline work.  For that reason I give my patter and leave it alone, but you for once open the door to my comments and they are this:

"You asked for a title and you go that one.  We in spirit are fully disgusted with the Urantia take on how to proceed without giving one thought to the God particle called an Ultimaton, or the Indwelling called the Thought Adjuster.  The Sadler administration failed to make contact with the mainstream religions at all and fell ill over the French production of the Urantia Book before they were ready to entertain translations of the text at all.

"For that reason the book languished after 1955 due to the thankless excursions of the readership into SOCIETIES.   The Los Angeles Society, it being Society Number Two (2), is languishing under the useless care of two people who rested it from frauds of considerable loss to themselves now, and they have tried to bring it around to being an acceptable organization to the Urantia Foundation, but the Urantia Foundation, hardly cares as the First Urantia Society is operating yet in Wisconsin, and is not seen or heard from for six years due to the death of its chairman who died intestate and has nothing to report about on the Mansion Worlds as he does not know that MARION ROWLY former secretary to the Urantia Foundation, runs a Urantia Group on the mansion worlds without sending out any invitations to others to join them.  Why has Marion failed to do this?

"She, Marion Rowly, was told to calmly produce the group as they are and not attempt fusion with the idea of Adjusters or other paraphernalia.  For that reason she declined to do it until you arrived there a few short weeks ago and had fun working with them.  She now understands that communicatio is not available for the moment and maybe forever as it depends on your standing with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you are not forcing any issue because you have made peace with the Salvington Administration to own the Magisterial Foundation to run the idea of a placement for legal investiture into the Urantia corporate legal system entirely settled with ME as well too, but it leaves you out in the cold if we wish to pervade space without you.  That is not a bother to you I see but it is a bother to Me, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, as I thought a t last there is a full scale human variety ready to work it.  That is true but you cannot get authority to proceed with wireless electricity without making sure there is ownership of the Missions involved.

"That is because the ANCIENTS OF DAYS call the WTP Patent to be epochal revelation.  It is.  However, you Ron say to the universe you are ot a banker and must have help with funds or the patent becomes collateral for millions of dollars for loans you refuse to allow such threats to happen to it.  I fully now agree with you Ron.  This is FATHER over ruling MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK for the moment.  Let this be available to the class of reader who enjoys knowing these things fully:

[FATHER] - "WE are sure this entire matter is ripe for expulsion if MICHAEL OF NEBADON does not cry wolf and settle this entirely with ME the FATHER OF ALL.  For that reason we are now staring into Urantia blankly, and for that reason Ron, your Lightline today is full of puffery not.  We are ready to steady the course for now and settle this on Urantia as a final salute to the idea of epochal revelation for Urantia.  Yesterday you started to write a group which has its act together but is entirely beholden to Part IV of the Urantia Book, and that leaves you cold as that is useless ever, and for that reason you stopped writing in spit of an invitation to talk about Ultimatons with you.  For that reason no one will ever know of your interest there and you say good riddance as they are hopelessly mired into that sentimentality.  We fully agree with your assessment, but they are tired of it too Ron and would welcome a chance to talk about something they know nothing about other than what the Urantia Book says about it.  For that reason the Melchizedek Corp in Nebadon supports your vies Rpon they are sated and not thinking about their duty to support all of the epcohal revelation and not to the exclusion of the first three parts of the text.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "You then quite the opening and we agree with you it is a waste of time to approach such a group.  However, they are aware of your foray into the web site and are wonder what happened all of a sudden you cut out.  They propose sending you an email asking for your favor over the breech into their circuitry without saying anything.  You decided they were too securely dedicated to the Jesus papers to ever pay attention to the pressing need for discussions about WTP.  That leaves them out of the loop for good in many respects; however, you are fully distorting nothing and ask nothing but see it is useless as they are so aligned without other concerns.  That is not my care either, but MICHAEL OF NEBADON decrees them useful but uncomplaining over their lot.  For reasons of State we must conclude this to say:

"URANTIA  is not ever going to get a Mission so long as it holds itself haughty in its work with epochal revelation.  You conclude rightly Ron that the Urantia Foundation steadies these kinds of groups with favors forgetting it is not all of epochal revelation to consider and they favor the status quo when it really cannot be maintained.  I fully agree with that and so does MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  However the Melchizedek disagrees that it must be a status quo for maintenance but a status quo for Mission work to evolve it otherwise.  You happen to disagree with that as we do and that is not ours to favor otherwise unless Michael of Nebadon is purely able to withstand another change to his views.  There are values involved and Urantia no longer realizes their use as helpful to maintain the power of the species to prevail and for that reason we point out to the readership these values are now missing for the most part on Urantia:

1 - The cause for legal Jusice;
2 - The remains of heart for the privilege of receiving epochal revelation at all;
3 - The trial to maintain frienships at all when power looms as the means to perpetuate civilization;
4 - The loss of tribal continuity as mass emigration forces countries to abide by its own rules of social conduct and fails the immigrant entirely;
5 - Evolution is respected but kindly ignored according to world weather technicians as there is climate change but it is due to the worst of the capitalistic view you use what is at hand and charge for it for the most you can get out of it for the bottom line to read as a large profit;
6 - The useless prevailing attitude that virus diseases are conquerable if one believes in the sanctity of the World Health Organization, for they are woefully wrong to insist that Covid19 is gone not, for it is; but, and know this, there is another waiting in the wings just as bad and you are all helpless unless the Missions secure you well again.

"For now we must end this posting, but I have plenty more to day when the door opens for me again soon.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Machiventa are still in great favor and I disagree we have to fight about it.  I am not so sold on Ron I need him at all costs, and neither are you' however, the temptation is to let it fly away as though it was a worthy try, but there is nothing left to do about it  There is something to do about it and I propose to Ron to hold his Lightline today and just let all of crash down not.  Others are waiting for better conformation but Ron is always the last word as he is constantly on the prowl to get our attitudes right and stay the course as best we can with them in tow.  However today is typical and that is to fold what he can and learn not much except we are at it tooth and nail not but worried more dreary news is forthcoming from Paradise, and I for one am tired of working it as an emergency all the time but it seems to be.

"Lastly to this group reading this:  You are privileged so long as Ron can maintain these liaisons of information and that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is fully loaded to report to Ron all he has to say.  We do not have the time or space at this time to report more, but the Lightline for Sunday prevails and it shortly opens its doors to your hearing.  We promise you a lot to say but not necessarily to conclude the final statement you all want to hear, and that is tomorrow brings the full Missions into view and Ron has the resources to do WTP fully.  I discuss this later with you Ron as well.  K  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."


 Lemuel, thank you.  The situation is more complicated than you are seeing.  What has been clearly stated is that the Missions, or at least parts of them are valid using the Magisterial Foundation as an administrator.  You need this clarification:

1 - The administrative part for human projects and uses is verified, but that does not indicated who, what, and if the Magisterial Sons, Jesus, and Salvington, are becoming active with us or our projects at the same time.  Where does any of what I posted speak to any of that?  It does not I am sorry to say and the Creator Son remains mum, silent, on who and what goes beyond the Magisterial Foundation being cleared to use what it proposed years ago.

2 - The Salvington Government has actually rescinded the Regency as a full time measure.  It does not state that in my post on the Magisterial Foundation, but it does it imply it.  The problem is that Michael of Nebadon is convinced that the population of humans on Urantia will oppose the gently persuasion of a Regency government to be at the helm of self governance in the United Stats, Great Britian, the EU and all of SE Asia.  For that reason he has slowed down the attempt to show the visible parts of these Missions until he is certain he can insert some Council or re-arming body to compensate for what cooperation with governments would do it he could get it.

Number 2 above is far too complicated for me to fathom any way through it easily.  I understand that the divine missions require a strong hand to play and need a way to enforce  divine policy to place Urantia back onto a peaceful planet, but it appears more and more that the Russian Federation is playing for time to gather more allies, and that it can easily lead without divine Missions on the ground, to a wide war of attrition between Asia and Europe and North America.  For that reason, the Missions are mute right now, and please do not count your chickens before we hatch better performances from Russia, the United States, the EU and China and Indonesia.  India is a racket right now and I doubt if I were President would I favor their batting their eyes at China while milking the West for trade and alliances.  When the first shots are fired over some of this, India is going to find itself more or less taking a course of neutrality of push comes to shove for it to join one of the alliances.

All this seems to be piling up on the Creator Son who must digest how to insert incarnations as full divine intervention in government affairs, and the hostility ratio is rising instead of falling thanks to the belligerency of Asian nation states which includes Russia in the east.

Spirit to most folks is gentle in speech and giving moderate advice to improve self performances.  However, right now spirit is yelling even at itself over disagreements about jurisdiction and security arrangements for incarnated insertion to the proposed missions on Urantia.  For the first time that we know of a planet---  in this case we on Urantia---  have a human front row seat to join comfortably in a divine mission before it starts and are actually part of the understanding for its planning and goals.  For that reason we are also part of the ups and downs of infighting and polarization of policy proposals to save Urantia better than it exists now.  I for one must keep remembering we asked for it, and the heat is frankly too hot for most spirit led people on this planet to tolerate at all well.

That intolerance of the Urantia Foundation and its relationship with its adherents is divided and going no where.  I fully expect that the entire matter will be settled Lemuel, not by negotiation but by divine fiat and I look forward to the Universal Father to end the bickering with  absolute decisions to move one way or the other that may, or may not, include the Magisterial Foundation in all areas of our concerns right now.

At best I recommend cautious optimism by what I posted this morning.  The post this morning above has Michael of Nebadon and the Magisterial Sons agreeing that the Magisterial Foundation has a role to play.  Why?

Not because they have decided to make visible the Missions.  No.  That is not decided.

But because I have placed the entire corporation and is six subsidiaries into the hands of the Melchizedeks.  Now we have an administrative unit for the proposed missions in divine hands and that is the only way they will operate with humans in the first place.  What has been said in the above post is approval to use the Magisterial Foundation as an administrative unit, but it does not say we will actually get to do it!

Please think carefully.  I cannot post enough words to easily show attitude or permissions without posting a great deal more and I do not want to as people find it hard to winnow through government policy making.  Look at Winston Churchill during WWII.  HE finally had to go get President Roosevelt onto a battle ship visit to convince him to do more than Lend Lease as words across the Atlantic met American resistance in a general news review telling them Britain was under existential threat and needed clarity of thought just what did they have to roll back the Nazis before it was too late!

What the post above tells you the State of affairs so the Magisterial Foundation is usable and is populated with adequate persons of enough rank to guarantee it can perform under a proposed Regency.  What it does not say or promise that there is a viewable or viable mission to participate in just yet or does it forecast any precision as to when we might see it for good.

Finally, I regret saying this maybe, but I am convinced we do have the Missions.  They are not anywhere as ripe as you suggest in your happy post view above.  What we have is a silent Michael of Nebadon over two pending issues, and please see to remember this for our collective good:

1 - We are at death's door over the planetary rehabilitation issues.  There is a great deal more to say on this issue alone we are not advised about but the planet is in a critical phase of self rejuvenation always and it is not winning any such battle yet of being able to repair whan man has so greedily extracted from its very heart of planetary sustainability for the human race and the lands themselves;

2 - The Paradise Force organizers are not happy with me or anyone else standing still on wireless electricity.  But we have no choice but to stand still when there is nothing but greedy hands out there without any way to recoup the patent if we go bankrupt trying to borrow all that money without collateral except for the patent.  I will not do that and assign the patent to the ownership direction of the Chairman of the Magisterial Foundation.  The captains of industry are going to meet their match if they have to wrestle a Melchizedek to get the patent into their own capitalistic ownership against us and cheap electricity and power.  For that reason MICHAEL OF NEBADON has pardoned me for standing still while we try to fathom will this be important enough to force the Missions to go?  No.  But enough to move it a little?  Yes.  Hence the post above to clarify how it is acceptable to use the Magisterial Foundation to own and produce the electrical invention.

And finally this:  I have no real measure of protection or assured vision that I will ever see free electricity come to this world when Russia and China and Korea decide to mess up the status quo over petty annoyance with NATO and the Ukraine.  That said, NATO has bumbled by insisting the the Ukraine is a shoo in.  Please be patient with me when I say there is no such guarantee the MAGISTERIAL SONS will ever allow a military alliance to move next door to Russia without seriously questioning the western alliance why it must tease at such close quarters to a monster nation state that has no idea why NATO must do so if it is peaceful?  

The Magisterial Sons, along with NATO will deploy protection to the UKRAINE but it will not condone NATO even if Russia is fully defeated in its ambitions to at least ruin the ability of Ukraine to function as a powerful nation state aligned with western powers all the way.  The Ukraine is twisting the lion's tail in heaven, and it better find a solution soon and report its satisfaction to world organizations, as it is a prerequisite to the spirit insurgency to lay down its arms against humans on Urantia, since Ron has fully explained and we agree:  WHAT DOES THE INSURGENCY WANT?

"This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron asked them today point blank, "What is the point of the insurgency?" 

"They did not answer since Ron said to them, you harm humans and harass the administration on Salvington and elsewhere, yet there is no direct statement to humans at least, what they are demanding they have to hold humans hostage with?  The answer seems to be to you Ron there are things you are doing under the Magisterial Foundation they want to do, but when you ask what, they do not really know.  Okay your say, but why the hostility?  They say nothing but become hostel on the spot.  Ron says I do not understand and neither do I.

"For that reason the Magisterial Foundation is in good standing and it will be used.  However, you dot think clearly Lemuel, we approved conditionally by that post but we did not say the Missions were a go in the way we said it a few weeks ago for sure.  I am holding my words for now as is Ron and we let this develop a little more and perhaps then more of it can be addressed  to all of our satisfaction at last.  I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K"

Ron here -  Let me also remind ourselves that the political condition on the planet before we get too far along in our hopes is the worst since the beginning of WWII.  I am not optimistic about these Missions if it were entirely based on peace on earth to have them appear.  My stand is a little different than that, and that is to hope the word to start them is done and in spite of war developing there is a physical present of spirit on Urantia as incarnated government appliances of worship and goodwill and stuff the belligerents back until they no longer can afford war at any cost.

Thanks for getting my blood flowing and your post which probably needed to be said to get a further response on actual conditions prevailing before the Mission are a start to go at all. 

Ron Besser for the spirits on this planet who yell and grumble at our poor understanding of spirit politics.  K


The Magisterial Foundation
Michael of Nebadon Speaks
The Magisterial Sons Speak and
The Melchizedeks
T/R:  R. Besser
September 23, 2023

Dear List,
The following transmission was delivered to me at 430am (NYDST) this morning.  I post it now for its relevancy.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Today is the first day of Fall as Ron worked hard to decide that by your calculations it began at 250am this date in New York.  It began in Europe four or five hours earlier depending if you are on summer time or not.  This however, came to Ron via a transport I use to make sure someone receives it fully.  Here is the text:


“We have declared off limits anything to do with Urantia, until the Salvington Government has fully vetted what it is we are in contact with on Urantia.  For that reason Ron Besser and the attached Magisterial Foundation, have been warned to stand down and let the entire matter brew until I was finished evaluating the entire matter from a strictly spiritual viewpoint.  I have concluded that the Magisterial Foundation is not a security risk to our Missions, and for that reason, we are delighted to include it in the Paris-style Missions to follow shortly.

“For that reason, the cabal attacked Ron so horrible this morning we had to punish all involved and declare the Magisterial Foundation, off limits for a day or so’ however, the Universal FATHER asked that I not do that and to inform you and other supporters that the following is now ready and you must start making your wills if this does not work entirely:

Points to make:

Sales Agreement
1 - We no longer regard the Magisterial Foundation under the ownership of Ronald Besser, and we will conclude a sales agreement within the month (up to 30 days from now);

The 6th Epochal Revelation
2 - There is no further discussion as to whom shall handle the 6th epochal revelation.  The Magisterial Foundation is well grounded and has all the requisite issues in place to guarantee it shall be the majores sanctum command unit to proceed at once to start its work for major analysis of just who and what should be included in making such a statement to Magisterial Foundation support group we consider this discussion forum to represent;

- There will be no exterior concerns for the Magisterial Foundation for the moment, and it is to operate from 2709 Sunset Lane, York, PA. USA, for the time being while we order the necessary concerns into place for this to work properly;

4 - There will be no further announcement concerning the REGENCY until the entire Local Universe learns how to deal with an improvised government inside the nation state capitals such as represented by Washington DC in this matter;

5 - The entire matter of who runs the shop is now extinguished and that is the Order of Melchizedek shall prevail.  The present owner, Ronald Besser has bequeathed the Magisterial Foundation into the hands of the Order of Melchizedek, MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK accordingly, as Chairman and Trustee chair of the Irrevocable Trust signed and provided notary on February 10, 2023.  We hold this Trust and its environs to be the Chairmanship and Patent control for wireless electricity to be seconded only to the following provisions of the Trust and the Chairmanship of the Magisterial Foundation:

    a - The Chair is a Melchizedek.  Today it is Manituba Melchizedek.  Tomorrow it may be others appointed by Manituba Melchizedek to authorize legislation other than he may propose.  Other Melchizedeks may be assigned to the Chairmanship duties if required;
    b - The co-Chair is Ronald Besser or whomever he designates to fill that position.  The Co-chair has freedom to improve the Magisterial Foundation, add Board Members, or otherwise to expand the access to the Magisterial Foundation by those who support and give credence to the operation of the Magisterial Foundation in the name of Christ and/or the Salvington Government;
    c - We offer prayers to Ron and his Associates in taking on an unprecedented move by the Creator Son to satisfy the unity of government required to move these Missions forward with human participation.

Board of Directors Candidacy:
6 - Lessons to be learned are to achieve the loss of Board Members without spoiling the efficacy of the Board with unfeeling 3rd party selections for the Board.  For that reason we suggest that the Order of Melchizedek make the selection for Board Membership for consideration of replacement of the present Board members who have gone on to the mansion worlds;

Human Chairman Candidacy
7 - The Loss of the present Chairmanship Ronald Besser will be filled by fiat by the Melchizedek Chairman and/or Christ Michael at the conclusion of his tenure;

Requirement of Chairmanship Candidacy
8 - No person may become Chairman of the Magisterial Foundation without the expressed view of the Creator Son of Nebadon on the failure or promotion of any Board Member to that chairmanship position.  It is far too important for the Magisterial Foundation to always have a highly specialized person to become chairman to understand it takes more than being helpful, but that the chairman of his Foundation should and must be inspirational.

Addendum Note:


“We are quite sure all of this is prudent and must be solidly voted upon as part of the By-Laws in some manner.  Ron you have written so many by-laws, do another one for the Magisterial Foundation and include what we say above in more succinct language as well.

“For reasons of State, please include a normal set of by-laws while adjudicating those special interests and care of the Melchizedeks to fully own the Foundation as stated here.

Free Electricity Patent Ownership
“For other reasons of State, be sure to include that the Patent and Chairmanship are one, and that none ofther than a Melchizedek may change the status of the ownership of the patent without permissio of the Creator Son of Nebadon

“WE [the Salvington divine government as constituted by the 5th epochal revelation and its ensigns] wish to make a statement to the advocates of the Regency Governments and its divine Mission to restart the entire matter of regulation and care for a normal human planetary nation states regime as quickly as possible.

“This in particular addresses the following federations and conglomertes of nationhood of the
    The United States
    The European Union (EU)
    China and SE Asia in General
    Indochina and Australia in particular

“The Russian Federation and the old Mongolian geographical areas are too unpopulated just yet to form a proper Regency at this time.

“The issue of Statehood for the Palestinians and the Sheiks of the Middle East are welcome to join the Regency if they care too, but this work is secondary to the proposition that a United Nations must be convened without the presence of rogue States attending at our request and reformulate the UNITED NATIONS into a cohesive and working body for world peace.”



“There are three (3) Missions on Urantia at the same time:

    The Salvington Missions
    The Magisterial Missions
    The Second Return of Jesus

“For this reason we must make it clear that the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation is an offering of the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK for use, as we and all other may choose, in order to maintain our Missions on behalf of Urantia.

“For that reason the Magisterial Foundation is an administrative unit and has no direct bearing on policy or other considerations except for its own programs to build free electricity plants and provide the foundation work for the Chronicles to be written upon the Second Return of Jesus into the Missions proper on Urantia.

“Lastly, the entire matter is open to discussion yet to the Magisterial Council in fully operation once more due to the efficacy allowed a human to participate so closely with our divine missions.  For that reason the entire matter is stated as feisty and memorable at the same time to the Council.  As a result there is no common plan of approval but to stand by and let the chips fall where they may.  The fact there is a technological breakthrough and that RAYSON is also a MELCHIZEDEK by trade, we have no further exclusion to mention other than the following facts for your consideration:
    a - There are five (5) Magisterial Sons in this Mission to Urantia and for that reason we state that the Magisterial Foundation is a relief to use for all the detail it must hold for archiving by the Melchizedeks of Nebadon and of the DOMINION.   For that reason we stand by for instructions on just how to interface with the Melchizedeks who own and chair the Magisterial Foundation as of today fully recognized by our Boards/Councils
    b - There are thirty-two (32) versions of the Magisterial Missions on our Boards for Urantia alone and we have selected Version #4 (four) to bring to Urantia for accomplishment.  We state this to the Melchizedeks who are not sure where this starts and what is planned.

“And finally, let it be known that you Ron won a huge prize last night by letting yourself settle the distance between Me and you by allowing anything I wanted to be said in spite of being harried by the cabal.  That cabal is still active but diminished now.  You are aware of less harassment but not the loss of a particular voice you really dislike.  It is removed shortly for matters of State by the Magisterial Sons already on Urantia for preparation of these Missions.

Of Notice:
“WE MAGISTERIAL SONS OF RECORD, hereby declare the Magisterial Foundatin our administrative center for offerings we propose as well through the Foundation ladder of change and officious business as it may be achieved through its six subsidiaries as follows;

All are charities operating as 501 - c- 3 corporations.

    - The Magisterial Foundation (EIN 47-2474987)
    (The following all have EIN designations but not printed here)

    1- The Michael Foundation International
    2- Urantia Publishing International
    3- The York Preparticle Technologies Corporation (fabrication)
    4- The Rayson Corporation
        a - Rayson Electric
        b - Rayson Inventories Corporation
        c - Rayson Care Investitures (charity)
    5- Estates, Property, and Holding Corporation (EIN 82-3902891)
    6- An epochal holding corporation for epochal revelation not named here for reasons of State

“This is Sen-Sen Melchizedek.  We hold the same name because we are of both Orders, and for you Ron we state the following:  

“You have a long and rewarding headquarter world to work on shortly called Uversa, as I doubt you are working for Michael alone, as your mind is a juice-ridden creative unit without end and it knows when and when not to start joking.  For reasons of State the last year of work here on Uversa has been to shore up your excuses for doing what you did for the human group participation.

“WE conclude this post with one last acknowledgment to you and yours Ron, as they are all lumped under your name for consideration of promotion as to the Board and those who genuinely subscribe to the nothing the Magisterial Foundation is the genuine heir to representation fo the divine on Urantia initially.  For that reason we conclude this work for now.


Friday, Sept. 12, 2023
3PM York, PA
The Possible Transition to an Invisible Mission to Urantia

Dear List,
I am increasingly of the opinion we are preparing to transition to a Mission situation that will eventually leave most of you out of aware participation and see nothing for some time to come.

The world situation has put off the spirit universe from addressing directly the lesser issue of State democracy or State war and as such is so unappealing to the Mission planners, there is probably a recommendation to ignore the schedule we have been working with for over a decade, and to rehearse future missions out of ear shot of we who live on Urantia as the human order.

I have no sure knowledge of this except for the enunciation of the Creator Son and various sub-leaders of the proposed Missions for and on Urantia, visible and invisible.  I admit I am condition to report news like this with the continuing hope that the planning for these things to happen is too vast to just shut it down and plan for another day.  But thanks to the Russians and thanks to the North Koreans, we now have the worst world situation since the end of WWII, and a skirmish for all out war can happen far too easily now.

I have insisted to those who listen to me at all, that Urantia need not go through this war cycle again and ruin its chances for so much spiritual and material progress that it may be the final tragedy for Urantia to recover its promise as a bestowal planet.  I could care less about the Lesser Antilles, but I do care about the Ukraine and the threat Russian aggression promises the rest of the work to put that whole ideology back in the bottle and melt it down out of history.  The idea of nation states is just fine and works for a long time to come, but there must be a communion center where there are final decisions to be made about the right and wrong of nation states to make war solely on their own decision to do so.

That revision to the United Nations I know is in the cards of the Magisterial Sons to insist to invoke.  You do not know this because there has been no real discussion of the forum anymore about the Magisterial Mission production and what it holds to do on Urantia.  The 2005 book on Planetary Sustainability addresses it mildly but not enough and as a result today, the Biden administration still does not have a clue about such a Council or Committee or whatever you want to call it to establish it.

I for one am amazed at the insolence of all world governments to insist they know when and when not to go to war, yet they prepare themselves right now, today, for such a war, and that has ruined the Urantia chances for an open and visible spiritual Mission we have been planning for these past twenty years.   I started the beginnings of this web site by various panorama styles of thois forum, and there is nothing but a steady determination by hosts and members to always froth at the mouth about the lack of ingenuity to discuss anything, but the truth of the matter is so many of you sit back and never contribute a word.

For that reason the spiritual administrations are starving for support and for the lack of understanding which we constantly encounter by the normal population values which exist outside of places like this list.  I also point out that the guides for spiritual understanding, at least 80% of them, have no real reason to exit but to parrot what was done about 90 years ago in the 1930's and 1940's.  Only the United Nations has remained the same scuttled from the beginning by a Security Counsel that cannot work to hide the indecencies of the old Soviet Union and the parable of the six horses of the apocalypse from running amuck  ever ten years.   Without placing too much emphasis on the western democracies, I suggest that the entire matter on Urantia will collapse spiritually for the lack of any true interest in the guise of wondering who Jesus was or what did he intend to do for us even today all that time ago.

That is another reason to suggest to you who read this through, there is no good reason for Jesus to enter the sanctity of the world of spiritual and religious care Urantia has done well with in spite of the collapse of human values which promot the chances for this planet to experience a spiritual renaissance.

I close this with a premonition:

1 - There is no Mission big enough to correct nation-state suicide shortly;

2 - There is no spiritual Mission to this planet anymore because there is not bankruptcy in spirited mind, but there is profound ennui over how to correct any problem without someone suggesting the poor are excluded.  I believe it was Jesus who said the poor will always be with us, but then failed to tell us how spirit views the poor in spite of sympathy from the richer population to help them out of being poor..  In any case the proposed spiritual Missions to Urantia this hour are being recommended by Paradise to BE SHUT DOWN!

3 - There is no appeal to the loss of planning as it is shut down today to keep the wart hogs from rummaging its material places available on Urantia from a melt down over the loss of the premier thought MICHAEL OF NEBADON always has, and that is Urantia is the birth place of his 7th Bestowal, and he will refuse to let it die.  

4 - The Creator Son has been warned, (I am informed), by the Paradise agencies which advise Local Universes, that Urantia is a beehive of war planning again, and this time the United States will suffer blows against its territory for good and may cause a nuclear disaster in massive retaliation using nuclear bombs to settle the score.  

5 - Why does that get from you the shock it deserves?  I am over 80 years old and I am done with Urantia life unless it gets extended to work on the Missions, but that seems to be in abeyance the past few days once again, and the Lightlines are drifting into past reviewing type statements and not presenting vivid reality discussions.

Lemuel, yesterday your Lightline was a review of past epochal revelation.  I was there but hidden with nothing to say on orders by the Melchizedeks.  If I had the chance to say anything it was to unsettle the audience with an unusually frank assessment of the current state of affairs with the Biden obstancy and the Michael Missions suffering as a result of the determination by the President of the US deciding to give up China as a good friend ever and watching it deteriorate into a Cuba-like sore which nearly caused a nuclear war from  October 16, 1962 to October 29, 1962.

I conclude this essay to bring to your attention, we as a discussion form are as guilty as the uneducated man on the street for not coming to grasp with our own demise– and yes, that means our own death- prematurely for most cases here and at least speaking to the spiritual problems.

What do you have to say about maybe why life is not here for you perpetually?  What should we spiritually educated conclude?  Since this is a discussion forum, you should have something to say but planetary conditions besides the US financial shut down looming again ( and again, and again - for God’s sake House of Reps!).  These things have a habit of going out of control and the flower of human promises gets cut and burned to a crisp all the time.

I am warning this list in case you just have not grasped it:

1 - The Missions planned for are going by the boards and out of our grasp and nothing happens in spite of all this prep;

2 - MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks now: “You are all leaving a lot on the table, and I am not speaking right now; however, remember you have a voice and you can write and speak.  Paradise has warned Nebadon it is walking into a quagmire on Urantia today and to allow time to transfer the belligerency of the nation states on Urantia to subside.  I must take that into consideration and yes, Ron is right.  You are not paying attention. And you are not talking about it either.  We take discussions as interest in what we are doing but you have receded too much lately and we may drop the whole idea without one wimper from this list as to why it had to happen?


General Discussion / Notice Astronomical Fall Starts in days
« on: September 20, 2023, 10:48:47 am »

The dependable fall equinox begins for sure in York, Pa, USA on 23 September at 2:50am.New York Time,  That time is standard time  in the New York Time zone which York falls under.  Greenwich (ignoring British summer time) begins on the 22nd of 'September  6:50 UTC

Would you believe I had to search for the correct time on the Internet because it is misquoted on a couple of web sites ad they got the time wrong for some reason.  Most web sites agree with what I printed for you to see above.  Fall is called an equinox because the sun now shines precisely on the earth's equator directly, and that starts the southern hemisphere's spring time.  Australia you will start to heat up now, more horrible brush fires. and you are welcome to the northern hemispheres  horrible hot summer this years and we now kiss summer goodbye with our fall beginning a little late for fall dates.  Most years the  fall season starts the 21st of September but the astrophysicists say for this year it is the wee hours in New York of the 23rd September.  I am glad to see this summer go, I do not know about you.

And last, here is a message from MICHAEL OF NEBADON:  "You who are lost over the heat of another summer in the southern hemisphere have to learn that Urantia is a really bad plant for the remainder of the year 2023.

"It contains several mill insurrectionists who thought they could hide here, but in actual fact we have each bad guy's name and number without losing a single step to get Missions to Urantia while it still does not burn up with extreme heat in the south again.  For reasons of State, we remind all that the entire matter of Missions and care are hard on all of you as you all have been waiting for such a long time to see them.  I PROMISE YOU! they are arriving but keep the lid on it for the meantime as we have a few words for the insurrection chief now looking at Ron type this in spite of his best efforts to stop Ron from any work today. IT is this:

"AS NEBADON goes to the mat for Urantia, so it does for PANOPTIA and DENSON, two identical planets to Urantia.  For reasons of State if post thjis in the notice to the List just when fall begins in New York time.  They still have it slightly wrong, and Ron laughed at the mess the Internet had this morning getting it right at all.  For your information Ron, fall actually begins in York, Pennsylvania, USA, precise at 12 noon New York Day Light Saving Tone on the 22nd of September, but your calendar is so screwed up you will never know until we straighten it out when any of the SEASONS begin.  Tje New York time zone is off by about six (6) hours and ten (10) minutes to be fully correct.  That is at least 6 hours too late!!

"Ron keeps using the word horrible, and it is for what is supposed to be a highly accurate physiology by the astrophysicists on Urantia, and they are over stocked too as the get a degree in science and they can title the degree themselves and most choose the title: "astrophysicist."  And last to that misnomer byh your side right now Ron, '= = =  you sir! are the last of the Mohicans not and are the last of your kind ever to set forth on Urantia.  The Urantia Book does not reveal your Order, but I would except it ends at noon today.  You are going to take the consequences entirely and very soon!"


Lemuel, do not jump to conclusions.  I warned you you can make such a proposition but I sincerely doubt the Trinity handles a situation like this the way of a suicide explosion.  Sounds more like Nazi Germany than the Trinity, but I also agree with you might ask someday what the Trinity notation could really mean.  I remember putting this chart together and Michael was dictating into my ear the steps that occurred as I did not remember or did I know the background at the time of these steps entirely.  Make of it what you will but do not jump to conclusions over such momentous events either.  Thanks for your note.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I was hoping someone would say something about the chart you made later in the year and I say this to Lemuel and the rest of you.  Ron caught real history not recorded up here either and we have taken that chart for an archive we use to remind ourselves of these events.  We did not have these mortal reactions on Urantia and that is written up without your name or address or totem or your credit card either.    For reasons of State Lemuel, you are not wrong about the work of the Trinity, the supreme actually got ahead of them and blew them out of the water before they could conscript him and make a decent portrayal of the things he stood for which were adequate for the Trinity to accept his actions, but he felt they were there to arrest him somehow and it was beneath his dignity to the point he pulled the explosion on himself.  Ron knows nothing of the fallout on Uversa at the time of the making of the chart and records that Uversa suffered a supreme annihilation of its representative on Uversa shortly after the death of the supreme in Havona.

For reasons of State, so few really know this well enough to talk about it, Ron you are about the only expert who ever will know the reality as the Vicegerent tried to stop you and hit your computer chip set and you had to change computers.  Your life Ron is a waling lecture on the supreme and his death in Havona of course, but you had a fusion with the supreme.  Adjuster reports you were fused with two (2) issues of the supreme, and did you suffer headaches?

RON here - "My recollection was that I did not feel any of the fusions that I know of, but I was aware when the supreme indwelt me as it was like a celebration almost as it was a delightful sensation to the mined tissues.  I compare it to sitting in a glass of ginger ale as I had the sense of fuzzy bubbles rubbing my brain all the time and it was like a vacation in there.  The tragedy is I lost my ability to smile about the supreme at that point and was sadly mistaken he cared for me enough to avoid contemplating my removal on earth just because I supported you and the Salvington idea of sending a Mission to Urantia and about our transmissions which we considered highly important to follow developments in 2019.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Your group here is entirely lost here on this even though they took part, as you are already easily a supreme example of ascension gone very well in spite of the supreme problem of territorial disputes.  There is a legacy of the supreme in Havona, but because he blew up his headquarter world on the 4th Havona circuit, it remains no longer a restricted area as the FATHER has insisted that it be viewed to see the disaster and the damage as it is a huge hole in the sky where it used to twinkle as an immense sphere for the supreme at the time.  We all regret it now very much."

That is all of I have right now Lemuel and discussion list.
Ron for the recollection of all on the mansion worlds too.


I have been hunting a copy of Advisory 26.   In that search I found an old archive regarding the days right before the supreme ended its life by a horrific explosion in Havona and later on Uversa and I find that Edentia also had such an attack in some ways too.  I am attaching that chart for your look back.  If some of you get to thinking, and that is good, please notice the last entry concerning the Trinity.  I amke no assumptions but I am beginning to wonder if the Trinity had anything to do with the disappearance of the supreme which destroyed the Havona headquarter world of the supreme and the supreme with it.

The cabal is fooling with code and to enlarge the chart copy the image and expand the graphic to viewable size on your computer.  We cannot get rid of this abomination for now, so work around it if you can.  Thank you.  R

Hi RAZ -
The remnants of all those transmitters remains with a couple of them who fully dismiss the changes we have accepted as the new universe age.  I know of two and they transmit little more than what they are doing today, and nothing concerning the Missions or the staff changes we accept easily and well.  For that reason we leave them alone and that will pass into history at some point without further notice.  I am really sorry to conclude that and that is the extent of my knowledge what is left today.

For reasons of State, Michael of Nebadon refuses to comment on those I know who are left, but he concludes as I do unless there is some revision to the current Mission plans to include the bedfellows of the past Teaching Mission once again.  Most of that work is rescinded not, but what was discovered by spirit doing the teaching mission on Urantia, is that our species is capable of receiving, but it is not capable of carrying it on to a successful conclusion.  For that reason no such Mission will be afforded again.

Also we are learning that the old Teaching Mission left scars on many for being so promising and then being dealt a fatal blow by internecine relationships where nothing could be settled and nothing could be done further.  I was left with a pile of work I did finish but I am not fully sure that was the best thing I could have done at this point.  Further evidence suggests that Tmarchives is what is left of that noble experiment and it represents the best we ever did.  I am only too sorry to report that of the fifty or so transmitters we had at one point, only six (6) achieved notice as having completed their circles well enough to be fully accepted on high.

One named Geredean Bowen I still have transmission contact with, and she is fully saddened by the lost of the Teaching Mission herself.  She would like to speak, and I transmit her now from Mansion World (3) at the present time as that is her assignment to work through that mansion world again and to see to it she can work it well enough to observe the new Missions are being done well and that transmitters are no longer required as we first thought they would be.  I am told that the FATHER  has rescinded some of our work already in order to produce a Mission that is free of the tom foolery  that occurs now all the time, and that is to fix certain issues with ourselves that produce unusual work styles but just plain lazy humans who do not take on what they must as transmitters.

That said, I am almost sure our work on this site stands out a little bit better as we do our best to keep current.  Unfortunately many of those who can transmit do not do so over a self confidence totally lacking it is worth the time or the effort.  For that reason FATHER states, "WE are quite sure there is nothing left of a transmitting community anymore.  IT disappeared without a trace for hears before you Ron revised it as a means to procure epochal revelation sufficient enough to send the current fabric of the Urantia Foundation course into the dust of history, and for that matter, you are the dust of history yourself as we have suddenly decided you are worthless for the coming Mission of tare and straw.  For that reason you are not dismissed as you have achieved high praise for your efforts to keep what Mission we could afford ready and steady to be.

"However, let it be known we have no further plans to use the Magisterial Foundation, other than to use it for wireless electiricity formulation  and probably for at least the idea of the Jesus Chronicles.  All of this dependent on MICHAEL OF NEBADON and He is not sure it is worthy of anything anymore as war is developing once again on Urantia to the point we pull back certain elements of the Missions we once perceived are the final statement by spirit to relieve Urantia of its tedium and war-like tendency all the time.


"AS YOUR FATHER, let me state this to all of you on this discussion forum.  Ron goes to extraordinary lengths to reform the idea of a teaching mission once again in order to remain informed and caring what happens.  I am not that sanguine over Urantia at all, but I am enforcing the following:

1 -  No Mission is prepared to stand around while the United States contemplates war with China and/or Russia/North Korea.  But we will gladden the heart of you Ron by permitting the heat of another day to appear with you briefly to understand your quest for allies is well received by several groups who now recognize the only way to save what you do have is to cluster together and form an even greater union as a new corporation I insist you form Ron, and that is the star spangle banner idea of reforming the Magisterial Foundation, with a Melchizedek Chairman to forge new alliances with people around the world to preserve what is left in place of your good will for all mankind.  Let the Patent for WTP become a banner for ourselves and that for which we stand.  It is far too early today to state it to the crowd here, but the one chance you have Ron is to include others under the banner of the Magisterial Foundation in order that it might stand the means to produce a melody of heart and soul for a dying world at the current time.

2 - Since these Missions are already started as the Magisterial Mission and the preparation of the Chronicles by your side Ron, we are preparing to stand with you in spite of the Urantia Foundation defaults, or the Unity concerns you are too far ahead of the curve, let it be standing alone if it must, but it has the full support of the alliances of spirit and care throughout the entire universe.

3 - Lest you understand not, I remind all of you we are not dare devils in our speech or actions.  However, also remember, or relearn or take into your mind for the first time:  JESUS is not going to stand around and pet those who can transmit and leave alone the vast majority of people.  The cast majority of people are so poorly informed they are ready to go to war over anything they do not like, and that spells disaster for a planet what has nothing left on it but whales and turkeys anymore, and as Ron says, "they are hard to shepherd," and I fully agree enough to let most of that vast population learn the hard way:  stop being stupid and start ordering your lives with correct values.  Jesus intends to recover this place but not through a missive of Chronicles, but by the hard work of a speech giver and spiritual instrument of harsh proportions in order to winnow down the entire stupid idea that war enters the equation once again. 

4 - Finally, there are no further discussions on Lightline without someone being present who is willing to transmit more than they do already.  Ron stood down yesterday in the Tuesday Lightline, and said he had nothing to add but had a huge repertoire of speech to add but saw to it that ARTHURA had his full plans to erupt and to let them preside as the eternal glory of that day could afford.

5 - We are forcing an issue not with you Ron, but all others:  IF you cannot transmit aloud fine, but if you can, you are required to.  That sounds strange after what I said above that transmitters are losing the battle, but I am insisting that those of you who can do it, learn to do it out loud.  Ron made a promise to Italy but got shunted out of it by the FATHER, over other issues present and was asked to step back.  He h as done so and we allow that is our special care at the moment.  However, we are not asking Italy for anything, but there is special reasons not allowed to be known to you Ron, that we learn to be caring for no such issue to erupt in those circles for the moment.  Further we are sure the unity idea is excellent but poorly perceived by others at the moment and you will have to limp along on the smallest of hopes that someone finally gets the idea it must be done or die.    Not all countries are allowed to participate in these preliminary plans of what spirit is preparing to do, and we do them but God help those who get in the way!

6 - And finally:  the idea of TRANSMITTERS is over for the most part once the current and present crew of  people here understand they are the last of the Mohicans. That book traced the death of a proud and wonderful race of red men who asked the Great Spirit for a moment of peace and to end the awful internal wars among that northern tribe of Indians in North America.  They lost all by insisting peace should reign at all costs and were buried with hatchets in their skulls by the hundreds by the Iroquois confederacy.  Then war was allowed to spread to the white man in New England and the then western territories of the United States.  For reasons of State I provide all of you this insight:

"Prepare for war one more time, and we tear Urantia down into warring units of preparticle disasters.  The US has no real reason to go to war except China finds it fun to twist its tail and that ends shortly when China experiences severe earth changes we do not plan on stopping.  For reasons of State, Ron, even your death is mission-less if you pursue issues of 'State we declare are ours to avoid in the future such as removing the Urantia Foundation without a replacement.  You the Magisterial Foundation are not its replacement but you fill in for what is to come reserving  the Magisterial Foundation for future concerns all the while.

"To end this:  I am now MICHAEL OF NEBADON, "WE are sure there is nothing left of the Urantia Foundation worth saving and Ron dismisses the readership as useless in the face of leaderless motions of a good revelatory organization.  The Magisterial Foundation is not the reproduction of the Urantia Foundation, and neither is it meant to prepare the future reference of spirit to Urantia entirely, but it is good enough to stand the way it has to while we transition the heart of God to win Urantia back again.  In the 1930's Urantia was welcome back into the league of planets without caring so much about Germany and Japan.  However Germany received full honors at first for turning around a diplomatic unity against it into a full parade of surprised release of good will for its Olympics (1936) and for its communion with the idea of a fatherland.  For those reasons alone it saved humanity for good in many places, but it dared to exhbit the barbarianism of the shunt to eternal damnation for what it chose to do to mankind once it successfully secured its own history to live further and well. 

"I AM JESUS, and to the readers of  this missive I correct nothing spoken here; however, Ron your transmitter here, suggests this post contains unsupportable rhetoric in some statements.  I agree.  However, it is a wake up call too.

"The loss of the American dream for world peace is no longer our concern.  The US is buffeted by a population which no longer is rational or caring about its political future.  It is further lost when it comes to moral turpitude over too many issues to relate to here.  However, let it be understood that the House that Jack Built is a real image to spirit, as spirit sees the entire matter collapsing by its own weight into a cabal of heartless political maneuvering fully exercised this week but the House of Representatives being forced to vote on a resolution to impeach President Biden.  That heartless move is the mechanizations of the House Speaker who approaches insanity to  the point his party imputes his motions to do this to the American democracy.

"I am JESUS, and I remind the congregation here, we are no longer speaking to the issue of mere political hi-jinx but to a devastating mistake over who is in charge on Urantia at all.  I will make it clear when I arrive who is doing what and how it must be stopped.  Thank you for giving your ear to me for now.  JESUS."

Ron here:
I could transmit for the next hour easily for what is lined up here to speak over a deadly issue before you and me and the universe.  No one should mistake the anger of Michael of Nebadon, as a passing fancy.  He is outraged at the behavior in this place, and I could hardly control my anger when the Speaker of the House mistook his office for being any kind of gentleman, but an Adolf Hitler version of mankind in our legislative branch of government.  However, be assured I am sparing you my invective over this kind of salacious behavior by a man so bent with pride that he made Speaker of the House, he buys the view that he can do anything without reproach.  Reproach is coming I am sure, but the places we hold dear are not well designed to spank Hitler again, and we are not going to say much more; however, the fat is in the fire again in spirit land and please be caring you understand the issues for you will never understand how MICHAEL OF NEBADON approach Urantia with the Missions so soon to come to our doorstep.

Thank you for your time and stamina to get through a long post, but God is venting his frustration with us good an proper, and I leave the rest of Wednesday, today, to your peace at home or the office for the moment.  Thank you.



General Discussion / Re: Apocalypse now
« on: September 12, 2023, 11:26:21 am »
"No Clency, not yet.  What we are experiencing on Urantia right now is that the Eurasian plates, of which there are four (4), contain basalt in major areas of their formation.  That basalt is boiling at a tremendous rate due to the tectonic plates leaking oxygen further down into the mantle than ever seen before.

"For that reason we are experiencing "hot spots," and they are increasing instead of decreasing.

"Our concern is that while this is true, the real cause for tectonic plate collapse is a realignment of earth in its orbit around the sun.  It may devolve into the planet becoming an ice berg instead of an energy efficient thermal sphere, and turn into a battle for survival, as the heat index is way out of order, but it would not take much fo Urantia to slip into an ice age due to a shirt in its orbit dynamics.  If the orbit of the planet shifts another 5 (five) degrees, you could experience greater pollution and.or icing conditions once more that makes the last ice age look like a party.

"The Morocco earthquake was actually a 7.1 on the Richter scale.  For our own reasons we do not think the USGS instrumentation in that area is entirely adequate to shoulder precise measurements any longer.  They estimate this earthquake at about a 6.8 or 9, but in actuality it is on that scale about a 7.1 or 2.  For our own reasons we feel this is a side issue to the big problem of later appearing shifts in the tectonic plates of the Eur-Asian persuasion, and for that reason this Morocco evidence is not part of that evaluation of tectonic collapse in the future. 

"Thank you for asking, Clency. This site is, as Ron says to himself, collapsing into the vapors of pretense and is doing very little work to promote what Ron wanted it to do.  For our own reasons we are going to instruct that Ron end this site in the future and restate a discussion forum by invitation only.  I am not prepared to tell you much more than that to any of you but just be wary we are watching developments, not only with earth changes, but attitude changes by the human species over its own worthy conditions.  We are the Power Directors and are at the service to MICHAEL OF NEBADON and all of his causes fully.  K"

General Discussion / Re: A question abou WTP and spirituality
« on: September 10, 2023, 11:21:58 am »
Carole, you are almost trying too hard to make the connection between an invention and the spiritual universe which we all need to become connected to for our own self improvement.

WTP is hardly required to be present to spiritualize you ever.  The only connection WTP has to ones developing spirituality is indirect and hardly worth lecturing over.  I never meant to say that there is such a connection, and Dominick views it as I do I feel fairly surem and that is to use what God produces to make a system profit from its use of nature and its natural means of active production of its own style of electrical issue.  The Electron is produced by the non-deified universe and is used by humans who are part of the deified universe.  That is to my knowledge the only connection the electrons in WTP have:  we are Deified issues using non-deified and material electrical elements to service our homes with an easier way of receiving electrical power.  WTP" has no connection to your spiritual growth I am sorry to say, or does it help anyone spiritually to use it.

I think that Lightline is slightly misleading in its insinuation that the invention is spiritually connected to you or anyone, but it is invented through a spiritualized person.  But do not mistake that as making WTP a wonder of spirit making for it is not.  IT is a bright idea using material changes to an electron, and those changes are typical in nature doing that to itself all the time too.  It is machinery and not spiritualization that makes it work and your body is machinery just as much and you convert electrons in your body to soul growth, but the body does not cause it, you do, and that is by your intentional dedication to the heart of God.  WTP does not enter into that at all or ever.  

I hope this helps settle the question for you somehow.  Thanks for your post.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron has tried very hard to dismiss WTP" from your own attempt at spirituality, Carole.  However, let me say this about the Lightline Dominick produced to give you this erroneous idea about WTP being a spiritual catalyst which it is not.  Dominick believes like Ron does the WTP could not have been brought to earth without God producing it.  That is its only spiritual connection; however, God also can make it work with our without Ron and his spirituality present.  Both Ron and Dominick work hared to keep this idea of free electricity from becoming associated with spirituality whatsoever.  For that reason we support both men for their individual care that it not be connected to producing spiritual resources which it cannot do.  For that reason, please disabuse yourself of using those explanations you use in your post above and stay with the idea it is a material system and has nothing to do with spirituality.  

"And finally this to both  of you Ron and Carole:  I am quite sure RAYSON meant this no harm to you or otherwise, but the entire matter of electrons causing fire is ludicrous and that is what some ill gotten critics are going to say to drudge this invention to death they hope.  Well, they cannot do that as we are forcing this invention into the mainstream shortly and will make the United States the envy of the world---  at least briefly.  For those of you who cannot fathom it let it alone.   For those who like it but wonder how it really works, Ron has told you over and over it is not hard, but you do not get it because you have no idea why an Ultimaton makes all the difference in the world to generate free electricity.  Actually it is the presence of an Ultimaton that does it when Ron cuts one off from an Electron and then the Electron converts to the anitgravity Muon.  That is all that is to it and Muons carry the idea of electric power to your house antenna which converts it back to Electrons and just plain electricity again.  That is all that is too it!

"It is my conviction that humans have no sense of reality anymore, and they just reside to sit through their lives without any real sense of what they are supposed to do besides go to work and to raise a family sometimes.  Most of the world could care less about Ron and free electricity, but you just wait when Ron is well enough to push this through a link to American power and then we shall see just what we will produce in the matter of power for a section of the world (the United States) which benefits hugely from such a simple device.  We must let this lie and people you should have your Lightline this afternoon work very well as I do have something very important to say to all of you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service. K"

Ron here -  This is Sunday, as I write this, the 10th of September, and I do have a Lightline at 2PM and I will be there as your host, God willing.  Thank you for your attention at the very least!   R

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "And Ron stay away from the cabal and their deep negative approach to you as you are in fine condition to take WTP on and make it work in spite of slow minds and very stupid political policies still forcing man to live so poorly.  K"


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Another non event?
« on: September 08, 2023, 15:49:44 pm »
Weydevu, thank you for working your post here into print.  I know what they are doing and I refuse to allow them near me and that costs me plenty but I never will allow them to get away with what they are doing to Urantia.  That is the personnel of the insurrection which they are forcing on us more and more and you Weydevu have no way to detect them except when they fool with your computer code.  That is them and not the computer or you.  I would knock them off if I had the spirit power, but I do not.  However, let me say this to you:

The group which works this discussion forum is not well advised to think they know enough to work it on their own.  I do not mean to put anyone or anything down, but some of the members here think it is only necessary to look in and read the latest view or post.  That does not inform as much as they think it does and no one can help them understand that the fundamental need of spirit is to cohere with a purpose over issues of State.   The word "State" ultimately refers to a cohering GROUP of individuals whether that is two of you gathered in His name, or a nation State like the United States.  That said Weydevu, there is nothing anyone of us can do to correct the mass media, or the political mass known as Washington DC, to help you the members here to understand, they really do not fully comprehend their heritage or their purpose ever.  As a result the human issues of greed and power seeking prevail without notice to the finer concerns of the spiritual life.

I for one am so absolutely disgusted with the Biden administration misunderstanding of war and immigration I am fully determined never to offer much more to say about it for fear of being criticized myself so I leave it alone.  Our Russian friend Prozonov has the same issue to deal with on his side of the national prestige of Russian policies.  Nevertheless we keep our mental sanity by glossing over such policy concerns and stick with the admiration of God, the FATHER and the Return of Jesus.  That to me is the real hope to find something better on Urantia than we ever could as an American or a Russian or an EU'er.  Lastly said is the fact that you Weydevu are truly catching the big issue:  What is the BIG issue really?

I am convinced we have been swatted, spanked, pinched, and hit hard over these productions of spiritual missions which are at last coming to be seen as yesterday's breakfast.  I am quite sure there has been a terrible upset on Salvington when MICHAEL OF NEBADON discovered there is nothing left of the DOMINION unless he relinquished command and forced him to recognize the cabal is part of some part of it too.  That is a horror to Michael, and to me, and to you Weydevu, but you do not know that unless someone tells us that actually may happen, and for that reason I will resign from any help and sit back and die.  I am too old to start over again myself.     Here is the Creator Son, for both us:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron, where do you get this?  I am not sure I got that either, but now that you say it I do recognize it as an Order not given but being contemplated.  For reasons of State Ron you must stand back on these speeches as they are totally ahead of what I know.  For that reason then I ask you Weydevu to shut down your concerns and let me figure what I am doing yet in spite of Ron knowing more than I am directly informed over.   I am totally out of style with humans right now as I must be Deity to what is pressing Me at the moment, and for that reason Ron, please stand back and eat a a little something as you need to do some mowing and you now have all day to do that again.  In any case this matter is being presented to me  now and that is what to do with the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION in the face of a cabal who holds no power but has numbers to fight my insistence the MISSIONS START!

"For that reason Weydevu, hold back your questions and Ron should have held a Lightline today but I am putting it off until tomorrow.  Then let us grapple with the new information that FATHER  is preparing a whole new program for URANTIA and for that reason I state those are correct capitals for a change Ron.  Now this:

"For reasons of State, Weydevu Ron holds you as one of the few who really feels and needs a better explanation.  You will get it, but right now it is to fractious for us to get into explanations for now.  Eat well both of you as the trials  about to erupt on Urantia, are so bold and unusual, I wonder why I did not think about it before!

"For other reasons of State, Ron you are amazing in your ability to catch things as I intend them and for that reason I stay out of contact with you as you know something most of us do not, and that is yours, it seems, to be yours alone right now.  K  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service and I quite for now."

Ron - People keep insisting I know "something." but I wish I did as I am not  conscious of it.  For reasons of my own (grass mowing mostly) I have to get busy elsewhere now.    This little talk Weydevu is not sufficient to take care of your concerns, but it is a start--  and that is thanks to our Creator Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, who inadvertently started something bigger to talk about before he thought he was ready to say something.  But later,  Chow


I place this link in to the LINK to the Teaching Mission Newsletter about Transmitting and other group thought of the time while it was operating and growing a this time.  On this page you will find the link to read a 65 page Newsletter, unheard of today I am sure. 

Go to this page to find Newsletter Link, please:

Hello everyone,
We almost have forgotten our heritage when transmitting was more generally received as the future for man and God to speak together.  Here is a Newsletter of the period, (it may be dated about 1998 I forgot to look), and contains photos of groups and explanations about what was fairly and commonly known by many groups and people who enjoyed the camaraderie of what MICHAEL OF NEBADON called the TEACHING MISSION.  The Teaching Mission groups have photos in this Newsletter too and it is helpful to remember and salute them in our memory of a past with lots of hope and care for the future.

Here is a link to that Newsletter.  IT is a long one with pictures and speeches that are still good to know about.  In many ways it is your heritage and history most of you know nothing about, but this web site is a great, great, grandchild of what came out of the Teaching Mission 30 years ago now.  I hope you enjoy it, and I knew most (not all) of the people pictured here and went on many conferences of that day.  Take a look and enjoy it by all means!  

Ron in reverie


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