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March 01, 2024

FATHER - "You Ron are not defeated but so broken with poor neurological health you can barely speak aloud at this moment of time.  That does not bother you so much as the cool attitude of the Creator Son, suddenly invalidating on hopes and dreams of at least the last 20 years of your life Ron.  You make the best of it you can, but fail to understand that there is nothing really to do for a planet which has no insult greater than to go to war over nothing much but revenge and a careless view of what men of another persuasion see themselves as to another nation at all.  The Palestinians have just removed themselves from being a factor on Urantia ever again, and will be blended into other races in the Middle East soon enough.  I know you Ron are so sickened by the Palestinian club, you could care less what happens to the remnants of a once great people, now smashed beyond recognition.  The real death toll of dead Palestinians is now42,138.   Read that again: forty two thousand one hundred thirty-five souls removed from Urantia in less than six months.  That number alone is not worthy repeating EXCEPT it is a testimony that MICHAEL OF NEBADON refuses to forgive Israel for.  Ron says the civilian deaths are not warranted but they support Hamas, and  that is suicidal in any court high or low.  I am sympathetic with that view, but the base line is that is a terrible waste of humanity over nothing more than being in the way of Israeli revenge. 

"AS YOUR FATHER, please listen Ron:  you are the last of the Mohicans on Urantia entirely sure that God means what He says, and thank you.  You are never without Me or my Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we are grateful you follow our protocols too, and to let Me run my course accordingly:

"No one is leaving Urantia these days without be accorded a full report on their true spiritual standing.  You rank just about the highest possible but you are in misery daily and without a full report to give as you have been snuffed back by the western transmitters not, but by a Foundation that has no determination you are useless but "do not touch!" either.  You can be lethal as you sound the truth well, and they  must reevaluate the situation as it now brews inside of it heirarchy of rules and care for itself.  I am not fully attentive to your work, as it is up one day and down the next over Dominick viewing it as partially his too, and you finding that fine but there is not real full decision what should be emphasized and the MELCHIZEDEKS are almost hilarious over your view they are in charge, as you see to it as it needs to be seen to in the physical.

"The MELCHIZEDEKS do not work well with a subordinate commander, but there is no choice under the circumstances, and you know it and they know it.  However, you are ready to step aside if they wish to press the  idea that if the Melchizedeks wish to move, so move it, you say.  You are in a fiendishly difficult position and you are graceful and workable about it in spite of no one fully understanding the nature of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, except you and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.  Both he and you fully understand there is lack luster support among anyone except for RAYSON and others who know its true value.  You say to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, "the real coup is to build it yourself with your money and let them reek over why it works at all!"  For my own reasons stop replying to the happiness ofwhat I say, as I must relearn not you, but my Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON who insists it is useless without Jesus being present, and JESUS is balking at entering Urantia this way or that way entirely.

"You are also bedeviled by Dominick being incoherent on being truthfully apprised of what power is developing with you and the issue this WTP represents to the world at large, and you are delighted with it regardless of how unused it becomes in spite of your good will about it use.  You are not after blood but after acceptance, and that you never get until you demonstrate it.  I happen to enjoy it with you Ron, and that is fully appreciated by MICHAEL OF NEBADON I see.

"I am in agreement to cut this off but continue please to finish this:

"Fully reporting this to you elsewhere then, let us consider your position.    You are not wrong and taht is not entirely due to us, but to others who have interfered until nothing is left between you and science but derision.  They do not get the explanation you have charted now fully as your own, and the UAI which is now fully self explaining how you do it.  They now know you have the right idea but explain poorly how one Ultimaton makes such a difference.  You already have the better explanation, but you are sitting twiddling your thumbs while no one does a damn thing because you are lethal lately at placing the real issues before your Board of Directors, that unless we sell something soon, the entire matter is no longer valid to force resolutions you planned to do, and that is until Michael backtracked on you and left you holding the bag big time.

"For that reason then, hold the bag until I understand His reasoning, and that is fully proper to put it that way Ron, as you never questions his veracity.  He appreciates that but has nothing to say until the SUMMIT IS HELD LATER TODAY YOUR TIME.   And for that reason we stand back and let this thing fly according to Hoyle.  YOUR FATHER HAS SPOKEN."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron I do not understand how you fathom things at times, but what FATHER has spoken has not made things better but it assures you that there is nothing wrong with what has been achieved for you and for ME at all.  I am fully aware now you are bitterly disappointed I have turned away from so much but it is my prerogative to do so and you are always correct to use my name as a reference to big things, but not now at the moment at all at this moment.

"You are not especially at ease due to all the illness and frankly a pain in the neck Assigned Sentinel next to you at this moment disarranging your nervous system badly.   I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and that voice form the inner self is not yours alone Ron, and I have killed it fo good now.  I am truly sorry there is nothing to say until this meeting is over and I do not know what to report because it is not over now.  MICHAEL . . . ."

FATHER - "I am being very careful for all who are here are my subordinates, and I dislike having to speak oer that Assigned Sentinel, but you are warned that one more outbreak like this and you are permanently removed to work as a slave somewhere!  To you Ron let this lie as the day is getting long in the tooth already and no one particularly is aware of the trials taking place now are fully defining the matter to be addressed on Urantia shortly.   As a result of this messaging today, you are fully informed of the beast which lies before you to be tamed.  Mostly that is the attraction you afford to spirit over issues we both admire, but may be  permanently resolved out of your favor for the help we genuinely need but the cabal hates you for, for no particular reason except to hate you for it.  I will never permit this situation to appear again without your good will in such a person who gets cut for nothing but we do not do help this way ever again, NOT! But because MICHAEL OF NEBADON is oriented to it as well, as you are, and so is GABRIEL all by himself too, and so on.  It is a lovely offer and I have now determined it is over not but to proceed if I can have my VOICE HEARD truly?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Stop this badgering Me, I am trying to speak with perfect meter, and I am sorry to say I must stop this to make better sense and I listen but loutishly soon if this does not stop while I am trying to do my work!  Kay"

Ron here - He needs a more distant view and I leave with my black garbage bag over my shoulder I assure you. 

GABRIEL HERE: "You are not in the way, Ron, but merely a pout at the edge of things. I, like Michael, do not wear pink ribbons at the table as you assigned us, and now you must fight the entire establishment for the lack of anything new to say.   In any case you are not in the SUMMIT right now and are welcoming this from all of US.  Do not despair until you are bedrocked off and out of our way.  Be assured that Dominick is waiting for inspiration yet, and you are getting better by the minute not, but so scheduled.  I am GABRIEL, and one last word for this post:
"No one  ever said welcome to this party until you showed up with a scour and a pad and a Magisterial Son help that has exceeded all expectations for its worth and care for your concerns and the concerns of many others for what is to be done.  That is fully understood now by a cabal that interferes again.  But they are losing and you are not, and stay the course today for something you hope appears and not scheduled too butwe hope so too.

"Close this post and let people know big things have to be decided today and you are the usual nuisance but understood to have your whole life in this lately, and we are respecting it.  Good day for now."


I hope this is brief enough for many to read it.
As many of you know from our reporting, this part of the universe experienced an insurrection over us which still is not cleared.
I wish to keep this simple and say this.  A very long time ago, there was a highly placed son of God who rebelled and we call it the Lucifer rebellion.
The authorities in this universe have a court system they use to punish wrong doers, and in March of 1986, the final adjudication by the universe courts pronounced a decision to remove Lucifer and the entire gang for good and executed them.  Today their places stand empty.
However, in June of 2019 by our calendar, it started up all over again, and today our planet battles a new insurrection.  My point in announcing this history is to advise all of the supporters to receive God on earth again, which was announced not that long ago from today, is being modified again as to how it will be done.

Originally, I was supposed to supply our world some new technology, but we ran headlong again to another insurrection.  This rebellion is bigger than the Lucifer rebellion, and so we now live under the guise of too many chiefs and very few Indians, as it is mostly a seraphic rebellion without further explanation.

I am placing this information to read so the readers who support these spiritual missions to improve how our planet works, can at least read just the present circumstances may be.

In 2019 the rebellion began.
In 2020 it was subdued and out plans for another earth mission started.
In 2021 I was told to produce a patent for free electricity and the universe they said would support it.
In 2023 I was awarded a patent to produce free electricity and immediately came under attack by the cabal of insurrectionists
In 2024, to date (March 1, 2024), we have not cleared the rebellion and must stand down in certain factors.

That is the short history to orient yourself.

This afternoon 29 February 2024, New York time zone,  I was advised there was no further interest in doing a full Mission to this planet.

That kills off many plans we need to address, and I for one must let you know that the entire matter is not finished, but right now, there is no further mention of what or how any of this is either restarted or if there is any further need to speak to a mission at this point.

Editorially, I do not think Michael gives up, as he is the Creator Son who was part of the Son of God as Jesus in the 1st century AD, by our present calendar.  For that reason I just mention to stay tuned to these broadcasts of Lightline and posts I or others may make as to the future plans for this planet.

I do not intent to leave any of this alone myself.  I have invested a small fortune in these plans and I intend to stay the course as long as I dare live alive as myself.  Talk is I am being apprised of repairs, but they never happen and I just stay the course as damaged goods.  For that reason then, you have been updated by this post as the last minute review of where we stand today.

As human chairman of the work to do here under our Magisterial Foundation, I am directing that all human activity for planning of spirit missions is to continue at least until we have appropriated all we need  to stay the course for any revision to spirit missions plans on our planet.

And finally, I take it for granted that our Board of Directors already knows this and are standing fast to complete all we can in the event we can actually field the spirit Missions originally planned for decades ago.

Thank you for your attention in this mater.

Ron Besser/Executive Board Chairman of the Magisterial Foundation reporting.




Link to the tape: for 25 Feb 2024 - The Sunday Lightline with Ron Besser, host

I am the inventor of the ability to transfer electricity from an electric plant to your home or factory or car.  And it can be done with considerable simplicity.

1 - The electron is a sluggish preparticle highly defined in nature but poorly behaving to move it through the air at all.  But to broadcast the electron fails too, since it is an individual preparticle and any electric plant has to figure out to make the electron air born.

2 - We have to figure out how not to send the electron up a transmitting antenna or tower, and that requires understanding the electron itself is actually too heavy to keep in the air even if we can get it off the top of the tower to broadcast it to a home of factory or transport.  What has to be considered is we find an alternative to electrons to carry amps and volts too.  The Lepton family of preparticles has similar preparticles in it, and we discovered that the Muon is the likely candidate to hold the electrons vast potential without sparking a lot of voltage.

3 - Our magnetosphere is an electrical shield placed over earth that drops electrons down over us.  It sits on both the north pole and the south pole of earth, and because it interacts with sunshine and atomic blasts of our sun, it fills up with preparticles out of deep space and drops them on earth where they get grounded and harmlessly discharged.  We use all of those falling electrons we catch on a wire underneath the tower through an induction ball as raw fodder to convert into a preparticle that can carry the amperage and voltage and then be able to reconvert itself at the home antenna back into an electron.  We have figured that one out.

4 -  We capture the electrons with an induction ball mostly. The induction ball hangs down the middle of the tower above a cable wire underneath the ball.  The ball releases the  captured electrons from the magnetosphere and places them on the buried cable under the tower.  The cable feeds these captured electrons to two running generators which add more electrons to the captured electron stream, and then streams the captured electrons to a SLAVE GENERATOR.

5 - The slave generator has no magnet in, and we take the first two generators with electrons we captured in them with a few new ones, pass those electrons through our invention called a TRANSDUCER, and that changes electrons into muons.  How we do that is to take each electron flowing out of the generators up front, and miswire their connection to the third generator, the one we call a slave generator.

6 - The miswire upsets the amperage of the electron, and it reconfigures itself to be normal amperage again, but it has lost a part of itself and reforms as a muon.  Muons have architecture just as the electron does, but the muon has less original parts inside of it, and becomes the celebrated antigravity particle everyone talks about cannot ever seem to find a use for.  The muon is that particle and it forms easily out of an electron by upsetting the amperage of the electron.

7 - The muon now exists into the third generator next to the tower.  We have the slave generator push out what it receives from the first two generators which are now converted to all muons, and it is they which the slave generator places on the tower for broadcast of electricity quite easily.

For your information, the muons form their own broadcast frequency at 86.4 Megahertz, which is near the bottom end of the radio FM dial.

The Muons leave the top of the antenna at the speed of light at 86.4 MHZ, and broadcast out and around the tower for about 200 (two hundred) mile radius.  Elevations in front of the tower do not block the broadcast, and that is because the broadcast first must go through the magnetosphere again, and it is the magnetosphere which does the actual distribution of our broadcast into the air.  The tower has to be at least 285 (two eighty five) feet tall because the strength of the Magnetosphere does not start until the tower penetrates it there.  

The Tower height is critical, and anything less than 285 feet tall (two hundred eighty-five), begins to meet with failure.  The Tesla experiment in about 1903 on Long Island, USA, was less than two hundred feet high.

From the internet we learn this: "The prestigious architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White was contracted to design the laboratory and transmitter tower (187 feet high above ground and 120 feet deep below ground level). Stanford White became the architect for the building. Tesla's plan had the initial backing of the financier J. P. Morgan."  Unquote.

That Tesla tower height does not reach the magnetosphere for redistribution of electrons or anything.  It is built not high enough to begin with.  The Tesla tower in our view did produce a stream of electrically charged protons none the less, but no electrons were left on the tower because no electron could reach the top of the tower for two good reasons even if they were present: and that reason is that  the oscillator was producing a  stream of electrons that were misshaped, and those electrons could not stay on the tower and fell to the ground at once.  What was left in our opinion was nothing but a lot of hot protons, and they could light the small porch light briefly until they burned the circuit of the lit lamp on the farm house porch into a black soot.  We conclude the Tesla experiment as it was conducted on Long Island in either 1903 or 1904, could have weakly lit the lights for years,  if he would have just dropped the oscillator from the experiment.  Then if thatwere removed,  stray electrons could have done some of the work he proposed because the Magnetosphere was connected to his tower, but was starved for amperage broadcast sufficiency from the lack of electron usage.  The oscillator burned electrons out to the tower but they would not transport up the legs well enough to do any good if they could be used at all.

Tesla himself remarked to JP Morgan, he was sure there was plenty of current but it did not broadcast sufficiently to provide usable electricity.  They tore the tower down a few years later to sell for scrap material, but remnants of it still exist, and a tourist would notice there is a warning to stay away from the tower to be sure no spare electrical connection creates as shock.

We as the inventor do thank Nikola Tesla for his ideas and his experiment, but we had to ignore some of the Tesla ideas by forcing ourselves to remove the oscillator  in particular, and that was mostly because we understood from the get-go electrons do not play a significant role in transmissible  current use.

In Conclusion
Our patent 11601013 is useful entirely by eliminating the idea we need to provide electrons at all, and we are convinced that any patent for developing broadcast electricity must contain free electrons added to the stream of electrons downloaded from the air.  The reason we say we must construe the idea of free electricity broadcasting to work is that the Magnetosphere, itself is too broad and weak with the electrons it does deliver  to earth.  Rather any true broadcast of electricity has to use new electrons due to the fact that magnetosphere electrons are slightly mis shaped and do not flow easily along a wire.  We correct that situation by delivering to the slave generator only correctly shaped electrons in the first place to convert to the muon for transport reasons alone.

That concludes this first post in this thread and under this Category.  Thank you for reading and best wishes for all of us to have the plant where all of this can take place, be funded and begin to light home and businesses easily and very, very cheaply.  Our first calculation says one can use all the electricity wanted and still cost less than $200 a whole year of use.  It does not have to be metered, but one still needs a meter box to determine the right voltage and other electrical converns into the house or car.  

Thank you!

Ron Besser/Inventor

5, that is a  reference link to use existing at the top of the discussion forum, and that web site is ours and  has over 7,000 transcriptions of celestial and spiritual teachers on hundreds of subjects.  You are missing a rich archive if you do not make use of it sometimes.

I have placed one page of eight pages possible of the Voice pf God subject which speaks to how to transmit here, and if you use the link on this forum and enter the word "transmission" you will pull in 80 individual transcripts from about 25 teachers who are expert on the subject for you to read.  Here is a bit of page (1) on to give you the idea of what is available.

Transcriptions of "How To Transmit"

Bertrand - Reality Is More Than Ascension Plans - Jun 30, 1992 - Corona Del Mar, CA
...all done I liked that and in terms of the Absolutes I don't quite know how that relates to our daily lives at all BERTRAND Quite frankly it doesn't It is ......pretty simple and is not able to understand pretty heavy duty concepts I don't know how well you teachers know all of us when you're presenting these lessons to us You're presenting these lessons to us You mentioned that this is kind of a test How do you determine how involved the lessons will be say if I'm not able to us You mentioned that this is kind of a test How do you determine how involved the lessons will be say if I'm not able to comprehend something BERTRAND Prince coming to our group were you told a little bit about each of us How well do you know us I guess I've got a lot of questions that relate ...

Bertrand - Your Relationship with The Adjuster - Aug 04, 1992 - Corona Del Mar, CA
...powerful and wonderful spark given to every normal mind it is not easy to understand how that can happen But take heart it is not that common It is most common ......hers anything LAUGHTER SIGNA I see I have no answer for her at this time How Do We Deal With Anti Social Persons 8 4 92 STUDENT When we run across ......own heart that they need that shining God in front of them But no matter how hard you try and no matter how bright you try to shine the wall is ......God in front of them But no matter how hard you try and no matter how bright you try to shine the wall is there it is opaque Move on to ......individuals are able to feel spirit presence better than others While James is able to transmit and receive now more than just one individual he does not generally sense our presence ...

Bertrand; Signa - Teaching about Revelation - Aug 18, 1992 - Corona Del Mar, CA Group
...We do not know at this time whether Gabriel will chose to speak or to transmit a message or even perhaps to be seen by mortal eyes We are but ascending ......has him or her listen to some of the tapes or read transcripts to ascertain how they feel about this process Then we as a group have a discussion as to ......process Then we as a group have a discussion as to what we feel about how strong their belief is how dedicated they will be to this Teaching Mission And this have a discussion as to what we feel about how strong their belief is how dedicated they will be to this Teaching Mission And this is done as an open ...

Bertrand - Uversa Gives Permission To Go Forward with The Teaching Mission - Aug 25, 1992 - Corona Del Mar, CA Group
...your question Students Can Not Recall Gabriel rsquo s Message Why 8 25 92 STUDENT How can Gabriel's message be a light and shining beacon if we can't remember what he not guaranteed The best solution to your problem is time at this point STUDENT How do we request adjustments BERTRAND Through your Thought Adjuster Why Do SOME UB Readers Reject ......In the Celebration Session Was Transmitter Personality Injected in Messages 8 25 92 STUDENT Signa how much does the personality of the transmitter receiver have to do with the transmission coming ......big difference between the messages coming through the transmitter receivers and I was just wondering how much was the teacher personality and how much was the transmitter receiver personality SIGNA In ......the transmitter receivers and I was just wondering how much was the teacher personality and how much was the transmitter receiver personality SIGNA In each of the transmitter receivers the four ...

Bertrand - Message from Michael - Service- Advice to TRs - Oct 23, 1992 - Corona Del Mar, CA
...Many will follow as the need arises That concerns our service when we are ascenders How does that apply to now You wish to experience the morontia level while you are ......else because of their spiritual growth Does that answer your question STUDENT Pretty much but how would I be aware of that is that a subliminal type thing BERTRAND No with ......the help of his Thought Adjuster for the homeless to kind of solve that problem How do we mobilize to really make a difference in some of these really big areas ......ago Martha had indicated she might be receptive to becoming a transmitter receiver T R How would she go about developing this BERTRAND There are several steps First of course as ......believe that a teacher is attempting a transmission you must practice You must begin to transmit what you feel is being broadcast to you This can be most easily done with ...

Bertrand; Jesus - Preparing You For A Teacher - May 23, 1993 - Arcadia, CA
...looking forward to our regular teacher as well Do you any advice for me that how I can help Douglas how I can assist him Bertrand Yes Betty It is with ......teacher as well Do you any advice for me that how I can help Douglas how I can assist him Bertrand Yes Betty It is with in the doing You must ......develop more than one Transmitter Receiver for this group It facilitates an ease in our transmit ability and speeds the development of the group Whereas one may not be available at Lucille I was wondering should we get other members to come to this group How do we know which ones that would be interested in coming Should it be enlarged ......the nucleus strong At a later time new members will be welcome You will know how to bring new members as we will direct you in this process But for time ...

Bertram and Malcom Collection - Jan 01, 1999 - Jan-Jun1999 - Cambridge, Canada all Do not fret and despair at the magnitude of the work at hand How shall we feed the poor How shall we clothe them nurture them educate them How ......despair at the magnitude of the work at hand How shall we feed the poor How shall we clothe them nurture them educate them How can we lift them up to ......How shall we feed the poor How shall we clothe them nurture them educate them How can we lift them up to where even their basic needs are supplied By working ......aware of the pleas you hear They are your brothers no matter what their circumstance How many will die in the bitter cold on the very streets of your city How ......How many will die in the bitter cold on the very streets of your city How many homeless are there in your cities How many children go to school hungry each ...

Bertram and Malcom; Muriel - Collection - Jul 04, 1999 thru Dec 31, 1999 - Cambridge, Canada
...your ascension path will you see this teaching method in action Do you not remember how even as little ones brothers and sisters you were reaching back to help the youngest ......and let the Father share in your walk of life and teach you Never forget how very much the Father loves each and every one of you He is your Eternal ......This is what you are asking what you are wondering where the mission now stands how can we do our part how can we be more effective Little ones realize that ......what you are wondering where the mission now stands how can we do our part how can we be more effective Little ones realize that it is for us all to ......that the world has united to send aid and to be aware of such atrocities how mankind can be so unkind and evil to one another Lessons are being learned here ...

Bethera - Establishing Teacher Contact - May 23, 1999 - Susan Kimsey, Half Moon Bay, CA
...willingness on the part of a number of people I have an easy capacity to transmit my words through any of you who may wish to attempt this and I am ......certainly asking for volunteers if this is at all what you are leading toward Student How would one learn how to do this Bethera This transmission reception process is much more ......if this is at all what you are leading toward Student How would one learn how to do this Bethera This transmission reception process is much more natural than you may ...

Bob Cherubim - I AM Energy - Forming Merkabahs - Mar 28, 2003 - Daniel Raphael, #4 Denver, Co
...fundamentals of universe energy and the second part will be about constructing a merkaba and how you may use that on your own As was said several weeks ago the original ......then that will never form what you want Its use is now in the present How would you think of using this now Let us say as a metaphor it is ......Creator in all positive benevolent constructive helpful ways And if this is too much responsibility how would you use this mdash you may ask ldquo How could I use 100 000 ......this is too much responsibility how would you use this mdash you may ask ldquo How could I use 100 000 000 responsibly and still grow and become more and develop ......potential within myself using that rdquo The same question applies for the universe energy ldquo How can I use this responsibly effectively rdquo You want to be able to use it ...

Bob Cherubim - Afterlife with The Adjuster - Apr 05, 2003 - Daniel Raphael, #5 Denver, Co
...body this family that you came to an environment to learn in That rsquo s how the Thought Adjuster sees it This is the situation to engage your Divine Fragment is ......into your lives mdash these will all have a tremendous effect upon your life and how you make decisions Nothing has been exempt from this examination And yes you may not ......overlooked as a major decision mdash but your disappointment would not be Your disappointment and how you reacted to that is a level ground upon which your Divine Fragment can aid ......physical types on your planet Your uniqueness stems from who you are your personality and how you interact with that the variables are immense but you are truly unique there is it is in the afterlife At our last session we spoke about energy and how you use it You can use this universal common energy this non empirical energy that ...

Bob Cherubim; Lady; Gorman - The Art of Transmitting - May 19, 2003 - Gerdean, Central NM
...want to nurture along the budding broadcast station But it is EVER true you cannot transmit what you haven rsquo t got and if you are young you haven rsquo t ......s religious experience But you can ndash if you are wise ndash debunk falseness But how do you know what is false and what is true ldquo This my boy is ......something you want to put on your list I rsquo m not going to suggest how you are going to have to edit this That is your job you are the ......know when you pray you don rsquo t just start praying You have been practicing how to pray all along You practiced thousands of years ago before you had any real ......happy to assist What does it then become A transmission Inspired writing Or both And how does Michael feel about all that rdquo Gorman ldquo Well I haven rsquo t got ...

Thought Adjuster Speaks - Learning to Contact and Hear The Thought Adjuster - May 11, 1991 - Patije, Sarasota, FL
...Patije Sarasota FL TMarchive Editor The following is a record of one individual learning to transmit and receive her Thought ADJUSTER the indwelling spirit which is recorded here from May of ......but you were on a more unobstructed path of communication You did not need tongues How happy I Am that you selected the gift of teaching of discernment and of healing ......knowledge you can see so far that their concerns cannot weigh you down No matter how they are expressing me and they do express me in their own unique way they ......I will listen Prepare time with me in each day You do not have to transmit or go into deep guided meditations just close your eyes in a comfortable position and ......touch with your inner guide to each of them You will be led and shown how and what to teach And so it is I love you Your Heavenly FatherPATIJE PERSONAL ...

Corelli - The Teaching Mission Is Growing Over The World - Jul 04, 2002 - 2002 IC02 Conference, Estes Park, Colorado a long time acquaintance of Stella who we were glad to say agreed to transmit She is a reluctant transmitter however will agree to transmit We greet you at this ......glad to say agreed to transmit She is a reluctant transmitter however will agree to transmit We greet you at this wonderful place at Colorado there are thousands of us here ...

Devina; Alana; Olfana; Legion - Learning To Hear - Part 1 Thru Part 6 - Susan Butterworth, Costa Rica
...But understanding without love without that relief that pain will end is worthless no matter how true the understanding is Truth can not stand alone Love must filter through the truth ......of your self and the small spotlight of your earthly life Let us show you how to spread that light how to see into the darkness which for all your fear ......small spotlight of your earthly life Let us show you how to spread that light how to see into the darkness which for all your fear is still fascinating Shadows go ......bell we ring You can forgive violence with love but you can not tolerate it How to stop violence With the understanding that it is generated from violation of the law ......trap door has opened the perpetrator has suffered as well as the fallen one Examine how the trap doors were made but do not overmuch study the motivation Set your sights ...

Dear List, the architecture of atomic preparticles is due for a great revision in the coming years.
This post does not definitively state the case, but more will follow to describe the discovered changes in preparticle science.  Here is a brief description of the terms we are dealing with in the new look of atomic preparticles, their designs and their architecture to be followed up in later posts from today onward.

The Preparticle ULTIMATON:
I am Ronald Besser as my picture shows to introduce this board.  I know some more than I am disclosing here, but for now I wish to simply state for all minds, how this ability to transmit electricity is accomplished.  It is far simpler and cheaper than the electricity industry supposes, and we must somehow find a way into what this invention can do for all people to electrify their homes for what we figure is less than $200 for the year--  and that is not a month--  is for the year in our estimation.

Every preparticle, except for the Photon, is made up tiny electrical building blocks.  

The building blocks are so tiny no electron microscope can see them, but they are there.  Here is a highly simplified picture of what we want to describe for you about nature and electrons:

1 -  An electron is a very small electrical unit.  The universe insists if someone wishes to electrify a tool or a sense of use of electricity, one must use a stream of electrons to feed a motor or a cloud in the sky with electrons to get sparks and an electricity jolt.

2 -  Mother nature sends electricity to our world in magnets, in lightning, and man uses it to run motors and computers.  Magnets regardless of their nature, are types of electrical conductivity that do not shock one holding them, but they do force electrons to run through them by insisting the magnet be a positive charge on one end, and a negative charge on the other end.  However magnets do not conduct electricity themselves, but they do conduct valence (a valance is a negative or a positive sense of being), and most magnets use a valence of minus one (-) volts.  That is that magnets from tiny refrigerator stick ups to big motors which rotate the locks on the Panama Canal to let ships move from one ocean to another opening and closing panels to fill and empty the locks.

3 - We send electricity from a proposed electric plant we want to build.  How we do that is to take trillions of electrons falling out of the sky onto a wire we place under small electric generators in our plant.  The electrons falling out of the sky from the magnetosphere, are a little bit shaped too oblong, so we place what we capture the oblong electron to run through a standard electric generator.  When we do that, we get symmetry-shaped electrons in a true oval shape.    We use three generators, two of which produce electrons, and the last one at the tower.  We turn the first two on and they are connected to wire that downloads the electrons raining down from the sky.  We also generate new electrons with the captured ones, and make sure the third generator down the line has enough voltage from all of this production, and fire itself up.  But we make sure the 3rd generator has NO MAGNETS!

4 - We feed all our collected electrons from the first two generators into the third generator by wiring up the first to the front end of the 3rd generator.  But we trick the flow of electrons out of the first two generators to bypass the 3rd generator into converting the electron feed from the first two generators, to make it think it does now want electrons to generate, but Muons!  We do that by miss wiring the 3rd generator and forcing it to not being able to receive electrons or it would burn up if we could do it.  Instead the third generator which is to receive electrons from the first two generators because the third generator takes only Muons.   That is done by a wiring  trick through a gadget we call a Transducer.

5 - Generator three which receives at its front door all the electrons from the first two generators into a mis-wired flow of electrons turning them into Muons.  Generator three receives what is a broken electron because we whack the incoming electron with a balanced charge of quarks.  The Transducer uses quarks instead of electrons to force Muons to form by removing a tiny Ultimaton from the electron build itself.  Mother Nature comes to the rescue helping the injure electron convert to a normal preparticle that is happy with at least two ultimatons removed and several quarks added to the stream.  The muons can be broadcast since unlike electrons the muon forms a carrier wave to ride on like an FM stations sends to your radio a carrier wave with the programming on it.  We will have to ask the government to free that frequency since muons form a carrier wave at the frequency alone.  We cannot modify it to broadcast electricity.  That FM frequency for your information we use is 86.4 MHz, which is, we believe, a marine broadcast channel we must ask the government to reclassufy for use when we come on board.

6 - And finally for this post we say this:

Broadcast electricity cannot shock you.  Muons do not carry an electrical charge you can feel.  Instead the muon cloaks voltage as an antigravity preparticle.  The broadcast electricity we use has almost no voltage (we think it carries less than 0.0035amps and at worst can tingle fluffy neck hair at the back of the neck if that worker is directly under our transmission tower.  That tower in reality is transmitting 24/7 fourteen (14) to twenty-four (24) megawatts of power to home antennas for up to 200 (two hundred) miles away.

Thank you for reading.

Ron Besser/Inventor

Hello everyone.  Now a long time ago, there was a place called Half Moon Bay, California.  It held a small group of transmitters and listeners weekly, and one of their favorite spirit spoke persons was the king of all toughies when it came to spiritual experience-  the  mighty Messenger today, then an angel called Aflana.

Aflana today is a Mighty Messenger.  In June of 11993 she was a prominent teacher, then an angel called Aflana, to this small group of high quality.  One I knew there was Susan Kimsey.  She was the only one who liked my work, and recently died on high not, but is facing a criminal charge of larceny for stealing Father's heart, and then quitting a most promising career in forensics.  Here is my buddy Susan:

SUSAN KIMSEY from the height of her career today to talk to us again:

"My favorite teacher in those days was Aflana.  She was always ready to take us on as we were, and believe me were rough and tumble.  Ron would speak to us gently and well and send us a copy of the READER'S HOUR, a wonderful little magazine with lots of pictures and little stories he got from the internet to challedge our memories and yet he printed Aflana, and many others we had not heard about yet.  It was fun, but alas I got cancer of the beaker, and that is from working with chemicals that poisoned me and I died quickly when it came to it.

"AS SUSAN KIMSEY, I was full of fun and care and one of the few who listened to Ron and his caring ways to preserve our work.  His TMARCHIVE.ORG contains over seven thousand (7,123) transcriptions and has many of mine for the years 1992, 1993, and finally 1995 the year I left Urantia.  I am presenting a lesson now to all of you and our teacher AFLANA on the subject of EXPERIENCE, and getting it too fast.  Thank you Ron! [You are welcome my old Bay friend, and may we have a small reunion somehow in the future!  Ron]

Arcadia Teaching Mission
Teacher: Aflana
Share Experiences But Do Not Force Them
T/R: Douglas
Date: June 13, 1993

The love of our Father enfolds each of us. Wherever we are in this world He is with us always.
Greetings to you who are gathered together today. I am Aflana. I am your teacher. It is good that you have come together to learn in peace and love. Many more will come and share this wonderful experience with you. These words become more easier for Douglas. He is adjusting quite well. He perceives it not. You do well to reassure him as each of you must depend on one another. Every person desire to know their self worth, and each of you are valued much. Each of you are loved much. The Father loves all and give all to each of you. Receive His blessings; know His love; seek the stillness and your communion with Him. We are happy to be here with you to deliver our messages; to fulfill Michael's will in this Teaching Mission. We, too, pray for the success of the Teaching Mission, and for your individual development and growth. It is our responsibility to nurture you; to take you from this point to another where you will stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow creatures in glory and praise of our Father. Take heed to our words hold them to your bosom. This is the desire of your Creator Son Michael of Nebadon that each of you will learn from this Teaching Mission, and earn your place in eternity. I will now entertain your questions.

Lucille: This is Lucille. I would like to know if you are our teacher? What is your name?

Aflana: Greetings, Lucille. I am Aflana. I am your teacher of assignment. It is I that will guide you at this point in your lessons.

Hal: Aflana, can we call upon you at our quiet sessions? Can you be with us at those time individually?

Aflana: Yes. It is my responsibility to you as a group and individually to guide your growth. When you seek the Father during these special times, I will make every effort to follow His will and be with you, also. This way we are able to tailor our lesson plans to your individual needs, and your group experiences. Does that suffice?

Hal: Yes. Thank you. Do I understand that we are--each of us--eventually to have our own Teacher that we should be able to make contact with one?

Aflana: This is in the Father's plans. That each of you realize your full potential, and this only can be done through you seeking the Father's will and taking that time to commune with your indwelling Adjuster who so patiently awaits your contact. Do not neglect this time, children. Set these few moments aside from your hurried existence. Avail yourselves of the opportunity for growth. This is important to you, and to us as your teachers that we commune daily. Are there other questions?

Violet: Aflana, do our future decisions as individuals--do they have a lot to do with--decisions concerning our material life--do they have a lot to do with our purpose individually or as a group? Or should we just continue to make the daily decisions that we make as we have been? I can't quite explain what I mean. How important are our daily decisions to the group as a whole and how it will grow?

Aflana: Your daily decisions are number one important to you, and to your daily spiritual growth, and how you perceive your existence and your place. It is through the Urantia book that we have shown you a different place. That we have shown you your place in the Father's plan. You should see yourself from the universal point of view; you should see your group. Now, from the universal perspective that you individually and collectively have an honored place in the plan. I hope that I am understanding your question. Is this correct?

Violet: I think so. Will our decisions be easier to make now?

Aflana: No decisions are easy. You can only make the best decision that your knowledge permits. You can only hope that you have made the correct decisions that matter. It is the desire of the Father to bring you along in your development step by step; decision by decision; mistake by mistake; correction by correction. Only through this process of making mistakes, decision, correction will you grow; will your morontia soul take on new meaning and take on life. That is the beginning of your meaning; you are wise to read the words of the Melchizedek; there is wisdom there. Take heed.

Hal: Aflana, you bring up the question of decisions which brings up something that I have been wondering about. Are these conscious, willful decisions like between black and white? Or are they merely--is it considered decision when you go with the flow shall we say of doing what seems to be the right thing to do at the time? Or do we have to sit down and consciously make a decision as to what we do? Do I make myself understood?

Aflana: This is a good question? Seek the Father in all things. Seek His guidance through your Father fragment. This will help, but this will not take the place of the decisions that you must make individually. We cannot make your decisions for you. We cannot live your experiential lives. We love you and desire that you have ease, but sometimes strife must prevail. And through the strife you come to a clear understanding. This clear understanding is your growth. This growth helps your future decision making.

Hal: For then do I understand that if we are seeking the Father--to do the Father's will at all times, we are then making a decision--the right decision--and that our daily lives; our spiritual growth will respond as we are seeking the Father's will at all times.

Aflana: This is correct. Your conscious decisions to seek the Father's will is always the correct decision. You must, however, take those steps; make those steps; make those decisions in faith; resting assured that the Father will guide you always to the perfect place.

Hal: Then we're to make the conscious decision to do the Father's will; then we will go with the flow (so to speak--shall we say) as in our daily lives, and in the other decisions and the things we do. Because we don't often run into the things that are black and white decisions to make.

Aflana: Go with what you know. Go with your feelings. Trust your intuitions. This is an act of faith. Do you not perceive that the Father is the Father of all? Do you not yet understand His love and His desire for your success? Question not his love; accept it; share it with one another in the world by your conscious acts to do the right things. Is this plain to you?

Hal: Yes, very clear. Then this is what we learned in kindergarten that God is love. Love is everything.

Aflana: We are always in beginnings. We begin daily on our path.

Betty: Aflana, this Betty. I certainly know what you mean about making mistakes. Because once I have made the decision to be more Godlike, I constantly see how un-Godlike I am. And it's from my own personal experience it's always that I make the mistake and then I say: Well, that wasn't right; that wasn't the thing to do; I'll never do that again! And you mentioned correction. Is it real growth provoking to then turn right around and seek to make it right, or does it suffice to say: Well, I won't do that again. I'll be more conscious of that in the future. That's my number one question. And my number two question is could you talk to us about the Father's love. Because we have faith that the Father loves us. I don't always experience the Father's love in a direct physical way. I perceive the Father's love in the workings of my life, praying for a better communion with the people I work with and my daughter and having it go that way. And I attribute that to the Father working within me, and could you address that.

Aflana: Thank you, Betty, for your questions. I will try to answer to your satisfaction as much as I am permitted. You come from lowly animal origins, but this is the plan from the beginning that these greater spiritual beings would ascend from lowly animal origins. For your mistakes are understood; they are tolerated, and they are the way that we bring you to a higher realm; to higher conscious; to higher growth; to the development of your morontia souls. We do not expect you to see through morontia eyes at this point in your development. We do expect you to make an attempt to grow more; to get on the path of growth through conscious efforts through seeking the stillness in the presence of the Father. Through coming together in love and unity and seeking the correctness of your brothers and sisters. This is a time of correctness. This is a time when all mistakes can be manifest and learning can be achieved through reflection. Reflecting on your past lives; reflecting on your group experiences; sharing these growth factors. It is the plan that you bring others to this understanding that you have arrived at, with the help of all spiritual beings that gather to observe your growth. Is this clear?

Betty: Yes. Thank you, Aflana.

Dixie: Hello, Aflana. I want to make the best decision that will not only affect me, but also to be part of this group That if I make the wrong decision, that I will be too far away from this group.

Aflana: Your decisions will come whether right or wrong you will grow from them. When you are away from your source of heat you will remain warm for awhile until you become connected with another source. You come back and warm yourselves with the heat of this group. There are many groups who are receiving these messages so fear not that you will be left unguided in your endeavors to adjust your personal lives. Does this help you.

Dixie: Yes, thank you. Your answer was better than my question.

Aflana: This is wonderful.

Hal: Good

Violet: It answered mine better.

Hal: This question of decisions seems to be a pertinent one right now. And do I understand in the growth and development of people that when at the age of 5 or 6 they make their first moral decision then they receive their Thought Adjuster. And then do I to understand that at the adolescent age of 13, 14, and 15 again is that a new growth period in decision making. You may know that we have our granddaughter with us now who is 15. And we find her decisions are sometimes questionable. She's neither child nor adult, and this is a standard growth pattern of decision making at 15 looking to the future.

Aflana: This is standard on your sphere. This one that you speak of is struggling. Struggling to know themselves, and struggling to know the world that they are a part of. So you and your spouse must allow the growth; must allow her growth, but be ever watchful for error and correct with love as Michael corrects us gently and lovingly. There is fatigue coming so we will take our leave from you at this time, but we ask that you take quiet times and seek Him.

That you share the love that you are experiencing with another, and others who we see coming into your group. Make a place for the children; make a place for them.

Lucille: Should we ask our study group which meets on Monday night, and tell them about this Teacher Commission. They are reading the Urantia book on Monday night. Should they start in with us to learn the love, too.

Aflana: This would be good. Share the experience, but do not force them. Hold out your hand, and if they take, so be it. If not, you have offered. Thank you.

From the group: Good-bye, Aflana. Thank you.

Lucille: We thank you for your lesson.

Hal: Yes. We have more questions. We would like to continue on for hours, but there is a limit I am sure. We certainly appreciate your coming with us today. It has been wonderful, beautiful information.

Aflana: It has been joyous for us also. Farewell!


A request has been made by our FATHER, to hold a light line soon this afternoon.

5PM Thursday 8 Feb toady - extra LIGHTLINE.  See you there if you are willing to  tune in. 

General Discussion / Lost Sons - MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking 08 Feb 2024
« on: February 08, 2024, 15:56:43 pm »
February 08, 2024 and

The Salvington Voice of God


"Ron just read the post by OCCERPA, and fully and totally agrees with him over the issue.

"Occerpa, Ron is privately ill, and with you on every word of your post statement.  

"Let me clarify:

"Urantia is the origin of about 9 billion people today.  Fully 2/3rds of that population have never heard the word, "GOD!"

"For that reason Occerpa, the entire matter is nearly broken in two, for Ron says to me this morning, "Michael, I am so sorry, I have no sympathy for Gaza, the Palestinians, or any such Arab, that cannot understand that murder is not only improper, but that murder is a sin, if appropriately understood by God the Father when judging how one comes over to be resurrection.

"For that reason, again Occerpa, the trial for most to stand back and prepare for their Judgement Day, is not just a matter of passing to the Mansion Worlds with permission, but passing the judgement of sin first.

"Those who are adjudged in sin must stand before a tribunal before they may pass to the mansion worlds.  Today the tribunal is backlogged to the point it cannot be cleared for another six (6) months to become current to bring some to the mansion worlds concurrently.  For that reason, I have decreed them all to sleep for years if necessary before we get to their judgement, and for that reason, there is no backlog in the tribunal to do this work for Me and My FATHER.  Now let me be sure you understand this Occerpa.

"Nine billion people on Urantia and only 600 million know the word "God." or "Allah."  What ever else is the case, we dare not take the time to work these huge numbers off suddenly, but it will take years more to savior those who are so questionable, we have to move on with those to judge and assign the mansion worlds to them if required.  That makes you Occerpa, about one in six (6) to ten (10) thousand who will move equally and smoothly to your mansion world assignment shortly or longly depending on how you stand spiritually today.  Without my judgement hat on, I cannot tell anything as I am just the Creator Son.  For reasons of my own I dare not carry too much of this to Ron, as he must understand his world of thought and care is so preposterously good, I must make a special dispensation for him to go to the mansion worlds alone.

"In Ron's case he has achieved all of his psychic circles, most of his mansion world circles, and at least three (3) of his spirit circles to date.  HE is today moody and loss but he cannot help it as we just are moving so slowly he is experiencing a lot of body pain and refuses all medication lest it removes him from consciousness.  For that reason we let it float, but he is sporting a toupe soon if he cannot control hair loss which is being absorbed by the scalp and is not going bald.  For my own care I would suggest this whole matter stop right now, says FATHER.  And to you OCCERPA, learn that the entire matter between you and Ron and the discussion forum, is actually viewed as one unit of people so well organized and informed, you have little education left on the mansion worlds at all.  BUT, you must go through the mansion worlds quickly to be assigned to the FIRST STAGE OF SPIRIT, quickly, and yes Ron you are hearing a muse from the 6th mansion world asking for more information!


 "Where in heaven's name does this come about when we are fully advised that mansion world six (6) is the final step to citizenship to the chief planet on the mansion worlds?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Now Ron we come to the point you have raised again and again and now I see we really hit a nail the wrong way with a transmission which speaks to becoming a FIRST STAGE SPIRIT.

"AS MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I state the following to mansion world listeners.  Your trip to your present status is valid and you complete the regime as you have heard of it. 

"However, we are placing the entire matter differently in about a millennium.  Ron Besser who is your transmitter here has broken all records for the speed of ascension, as he works hard everyday to get things write and to include as many who will allow him to include a direct voice of Deity to speak to them daily.  Few, very few, see it that way, and refuse to attend including Lightlines anymore which dictate the FATHER'S  voice to them.  HE does speak that easily, but is finding that Ron and his routine use of the language is insufficient for many to accept it that way at all. 

"WE are not stopping the broadcast of our FATHER, but we are toning down how much He speaks in the future, as the Lightlines are getting quite popular with some boradcasters, and they except some of the work to make their point very well.  I am fully glad Ron can do all this without blinking an eye, but he must understand there is no release from his duties when he attends the mansion world conclaves, as they are all beginning to understand that Ron and five others as his Board of Directors can all speak the Voice of God easily and well.  We are not making this up, and for reasons of State, here is your mother of the past to determine, she is amazed over your talents but you did broadcast to her. [Ron, but mother I did as I broadcast your Angel a couple of times and told you so it was she.] 

"I have never seen such a rigamarole you presented to me one day as a broadcast and it made no sense to me whatsoever and I quit this not, but leave you alone as you are my son, but not my God."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "That is not your mother Ron, as she is fully aware of what you can do, but there are plenty of those up here on the mansion worlds who refuse voicing of anything like God the FATHER.  You  no not care at all because you quite well know the difference and who even is speaking without them naming themselves to you as you have gotten that good by broadcasting every day for at least 4 to 5 hours everyday.  That is extraordinary and you do it so easily it is part of your conversation without anyone knowing that is not your direct voice.  We obey the time now, and say this to you OCCERPA.

"You are one of the few who sticks with it in spite of irregular problems of care and the sulk of the beale you sometimes feel.  [Ron - beale is not a true English word, and Michael uses it showing the feeling of displeasure so much and almost all the day - beale is a feeling of disgust or dislike in general often not with using words to tell everybody.]

"Let us reconfigure some that definition for you too, Ron.  Your beale is not so much angry but disgusted with performances on this planet of wicked and stupid behavior too.  Certainly, Occepra feels that too.  In any case we finish this with the following distinction:

"URANTIA is not ever going to be cleared of the misfits until the planet is removed from its present PLANETARY SYSTEME,  and becomes moribund for decades and then suddenly the large population starts dying off.  The oceans will not hold them so there must be large funeral pyres and for that reason Ron, you will be sickened by the slaughter of not the many, but of the good and decent as they must makes sense of the day, and they cannot, and just give in to the past view that man is good, but an animal, and only the soul will restate them as good.  For reasons of State you reference Pope Benedict VIII, and his prognostication that all men fail in one way: the Sanctity of Christ.  

[The Pope speaks, His Excellency Pope Benedict VIII] - "You Ron are a rascal, and I speak slowly so you can catch not my brevity, but my heart to a man who catches the faith of God, but not His brevity of thought for you.  You carry huge responsibilities, and you share as much as you can.  But dare not abide the snarls of displeasure over your assignment to prevent further despoiling of the 5th epochal revelation while making sure you do not make more errors.

"You correct yourself all the time and learn we are fully available for disporting entirely, but you carry very little scared voicing for the simple reason you prefer technology over ministry.  I wonder how muc the ministry of God would become available if you allowed me to speak none such but often as Pope Benedict VIII.  You have nothing against it you say.  I do. 

"For one reason or another there is insufficient care given to the poor or the lost who could learn all this, but you technology is far too good for most to take advantage of it.  But you do not disagree with that, but the entire ability you do have is the same as GEORGE BARNARD once said to you: "How do you work when I cannot understand the words of your ministry?"  I stay back now.  POPE BENEDICT VIII speaking."

FATHER OF ALL - "To you Pope Benedict VIII, you are the lush green of the type of mind loves to work with and you are entirely fair and honest in every moment of your speech.  I am familiar with the Office you hold, but you are not familiar with the Office Ron holds, which is just as sacred s the Vatican view of Jesus.  He is not offending anyone, but lets the moment carry the weight and not preparing any of you for more without a sentence to betray his wiley ways.  He can speak easily and humorously and well depending on the subject.  For that reason I stand back and say nothing, as there is never any error except for the lack of further revelation.  You Pope Benedict VIII, are full of errors from you necessary office out of too old of traditions you cannot yourself correct what they speak all the time.  You know that now and he enjoys you very much, but is regarding you as a Pope with old knowledge, and does not seek to correct you.  However, you find correction most of the time when he lets you know the more full truth of the discharge of statements regarding, Jesus, for instance.  He has no great knowledge of Jesus, except in the contemporary world of Urantia, he knows a great deal more than the Vatican, and for that reason says little to what is only in your charge now.

"I AM THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, and I dare speak lowly to you Ron, as you enjoy the rough and tumble of circumstances you face on Urantia proper.  But you let slip yourself sometimes and it is hilarious to the last speak.  Yet it is not God, but a technique to teach.  I never saw it before and you are ready to admit it is not hte best all the time but it sure makes a noise no one forgets.  I am fully aware of all your hearts and sounds, but you are not getting me in on it until you are cleaned up on the mansion worlds, and you yourself declare you have no intention of missing the mansion worlds, and your family is up here too and they recall you better than you wish.   You are practically wed to Monica of the Foundation, and she with you; however, we have another plan in mind Ron, and that is to provide your services to people who never heard the word God before.  You say it is more an English problem than total ignorance.  I agree with that too and let this alone for now.

"However, Ron, as your FATHER on HIGH, we need to confer with you that your poison pill with legs and now breast, his not entirely our fault, but the fault of evil done to you by Lanaforge and the Creative Spirit, and few even know what that means but you well do.  For that reason, we cut this discussion to speak to all of you:

"The worse it gets the better you are Ron, and nobody will understand that better than I, your FATHER, and Myself, as I am truly the FATHER OF ALL, but you make me specialized in that I can now walk through a crowd and get the humor that bubbles so much on Urantia.  After all, I AM FATHER, and you Ron care desperately that unity and cooperation prevail for these Missions, and so do I  But even the readership is divided and divided again, and you think there is too much disuse of the 5th epochal revelation at conferences and study sessions.  I fully agree but you had at least six (6) Urantia Groups and they all did well so long as you kept them busy in mind and let the entire matter send them to reading outlines which is so helpful, I wonder why others never thought of it.  In answer to that you say most group leaders have no compassion to sit down and right a weekly outline to teach from.  You did, and they work very well when you teach from it.  I must agree you let them off too early but that was a misery you felt over taking too much of you into it.  I agree with that too, but you were ready to transition out anyhow.

"Finally, to close this post, we must make no amends to you OCCERPA.  The trial is a horror, and the life of people on Urantia is foreclosed too soon.  But there is no excuse for the momentary disaster on Urantia of two wars going on at the same time, and NO, there will be no nuclear exchange but there is a real danger the place opens up into a WWII scenario, and that hits the USA especially with difficulty for it is wealth and uncaring about its neighbors problems with a glut of people from Central America.  I can be cut off the the government of the US is hapless and cannot sanction those who care to live here.  None the less it must be done and we will see to it quickly.  We will arrive shortly Ron, and you are fully available in spite of the terror you face daily over death too early for your taste and mine.  K  THE FATHER OF ALL
Ron - I must break this post off as there are several more in line to speak to us of the coming Missions, but you reader can only take so much and I close for now.  Than you for listening.  K

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "To the reader:  You should shun your care about length, as I have a lot to tell you.  I want Ron to hold a Lightline at 5PM New York time today, same station and place.  Thank you.



A lot.
This is Ron Besser, the the discussion forum exists to see some of what happened.  It is not only history, it also represents what some of those spirit officers have gone through to get to our modern history about spirit and what we like to talk about here.

I cannot begin to tell all of that history to now because some of it never made history books because it is hard to see spirit.  
The big news is that Jesus had to appear while this planet was being sacked by a group of evil hecklers, not only from the Jerusalem Temple, but from a nasty inhabitant on this planet called CALIGASTIA.  Caligula was assigned for years as the spirit manager of this world, and he was invited and joined Lucifer to take the world out of spirit rulership and learn, (the hard way) what not to do when ruling humans.  The Bible is full of bad stories in the history of Israel, and even later on with the bestowal of Christ.  Christ met those figures face to face on the Mount, but he cold not remove their evil entirely, and not until March 16. 1986.

You ought to know two very important things which helped to trigger the end to Lucifer and his staff which includes Caligastia, Daligastia, Satan, and about 4,000 others who attempted to keep Lucifer in power.  There is a high spirit court that arrested them and looked at the evidence and found all of them guilty of murder and sedition in the first degree.
I was privileged to be shown a small tape segment of the last speech of Caligastia.  I never saw Lucifer testify.  The Supreme Coourt of this Universe is very high spirit, and they allowed me to see a snippet of the recording that was made.  I saw Caligastia called to the witness stand.  Let me describe what I was allowed to see.

First picture a large rectangular court room.  They sat me in a visitors box of about 65 people.  Outside of the box across the isle from were important spirit personages.  One was the father of Caligastia, the roughen who joined with Lucifer and who rean our planet earth for Lucifer.  That father was our Creator Son, who was also Jesus, and He is the one who helped Jesus be the Son of God, as a Creator Son is so powerful, all they have to do to change a mountain range such is their energy power.

I also saw sitting with the witness Creator Son, two others I did not recognize, and I have later been told one sitting with the Creator Son, was Gabriel, and the other one was probably Immanuel, but it was never named to me.  

My gaze shifted when the Judges appeared, and they were in very dark robes with white fringes on their collars.  They turned to our Creator Son before they sat down in the high desk which they sat behind on very tall high back chairs.  When they sat, each of the total of three of them, placed a dark cloth on their heads.  They turned to our Creator Son, and spoke pleasantly.  I knew not what they said.  The Creator Son arose.  HE spoke to them as follows:

Spoke the Son:

"I am foregathered here with the Court.  I presume nothing.  These are my sons before you the Judges.  My son Lucifer defied My Father, and now has paid with his life.  I stay no further of this execution.

"I am here in the presence of my Lanonadek Son."

"The term Lanonadek is a divine Sonship Son created by high spirit to help run new planets with aboriginal human sons growing for the first time.  There is no civilization yet on a new human planet, and it is the Lanonadek Sons who usually do it.  Lucifer was a Lanonadek Planetary System sovereign and over saw over 600 human planets to the region of  human planets we belonged to then.

Today it is different.  Lucifer and all others of this riot of insurrection were executed and remain dead.  That announcement was made to the spirit headquarters over us on March 16, 1986.
Since then plans have been made to restart our planet to become cleared of all the riots of the spirit insurrection until a sever blow befell our Universe of Universes, and that was a huge explosion in a divine Universe far way of us.  It was there in 2019 we lost the primary headquarter world of the God of Time, and he did it to himself over reasons no one is sure why it happened at all.
As a result, our administrator, the Creator Son of our Local Universe called Nebadon, decided to protect our earth population with a spirit mission to stop all the gruesome problems from affecting the life of man on earth here.

The result in spite of these explosive conditions, is that our planet is about to receive we think Jesus soon enough to help us out, and several other works to improve how government works over us to be much better.
I work in some of that, and formed the Magisterial Foundation by going through our taxing administration, the IRS, and asked to form a corporation to help the proposed work of the Creator Son, to be part of the American legal system and to protect their use of the land on this planet through our legal system.  All of that is done, but the insurrection, even as it happened in the time of the Jesus Bestowal.  I am writing this to disclose our role and our care that the new spirit missions have use of our courts and our Magisterial Foundation to help mortals work with a divine mission too.

However of late, the administrator of spirit told us to stop publishing like this.  That was until today the 2nd of February, 2024, when the Creator Son told us to go ahead and keep planning and announcing.  I am doing that now for all of you who wonder what this site is all about, as I have included all who are interested to work in this area with us.

Starting on the 3rd of February, 2024, I am open to receiving emails to my address to answer your questions and state why you can or cannot be part of this spirit mission they the spirit call THE REGENCY.

Let me know if I can answer what you ask, as I am glad to and welcome such guest questions all the time.

Thank you for your interest and until later, we meet again.

Ron Besser
Director of the Magisterial Foundation in York, Pennsylvania.


A lot of this post is that which should be said.  It is a long one but lots of content too, and take it with your morning tea or coffee, and let yourself be mellow.  It informs without being harsh mostly.  I enjoyed doing it and it cheered me up too, as a member of the Urantia Foundation of the 1940's showed up to speak with us (Marion Rowly), and Michael gets quite explicit about how these missions go in spite of every reason not to give them.  IT's a long one so rest and enjoy if you can.  Ron
February 01, 2024
Michael of Nebadon
The Truth of the ‘Morrow

“The last year has been full of hope an not a little controversy, but now we must face an issue I did not know that would press itself.  Ron you are being pressed out of a game you invented, truly.  Now we are ready to send you out of the way, not because you are not useful, but because the FATHER of ALL, is decreeing that the issues be stated clearly, and they are as follows:

1 - Let the crowns of happiness be seen not for now;
2 - Let not the issues of the day burn too harshly on our work;
3 - Produce that which must be said and let the rest alone.

For that reason there is a shift in work and care, and you who follow this on a discussion forum, learn to undrstand you are being forced to look at things from a perspective that has little heart in it for you, or for Urantia, or for us.  The issues we face today are these:

1 - What to do with WTP?
2 - What to do with the Magisterial Foundation?
3 - What are we to do with all this infrastructure and no mission then?

I am close to shutting down everything and letting spirit resolve issues we have first, and then to attend to Urantia.

That is fine with Ron as he has instigated huge forces into work, but he cannot move that which is intransigent, and that is fully the issue this morning as we dare not push harder than the material can bear.  For our own reasons then, let the Creator Son state the following to all of you:


“I am the Creator Son of Nebadon.  You are children born on Urantia.  There is a huge gulf between us and for reasons of State, Ron here figured out a way to keep an open dialog running and many others have picked the idea up, but cannot make it work as this individual can.  For that reason we have emphsized the Mission through issues this transmitter can understand and bear.  However, the issue that is overwhelming all of us is that an insurrection has taken place, and so seriously, it affects everything we do, and for the last time I state it does not get in the way with US, and that means between my supporters here and the work to be issued through this band of fellowship.  

“Therefore, I insist that the Magisterial Foundation remain viable and that you Ron are s traightened out for your heart and health shortly regardless of the misuse of our time to write these missives to a man who finds it tedious beyond repair to just sit and listen to a bunch of palaver from outside sources which no longer report much of anything to these internet sources.  I place the following on you Ron:

“No more Mister Nice Guy for this group.  They are not listening carefully, and frankly find the whole thing tedious for Lightline after Lightline, spells out good wil, but in actual fact you get little in return from anyone here these days.  

“For reasons of State you dare not publish your thinking with others as they are not sure what you can do without them, but at the same time there is precious little feedback except a good donation once in awhile.  Let this strange -ism stay not the course but the way to end a huge enterprise called WTP, Chronicles, Missions galore, and issues to appear to Urantia now.

“WE are not entirely sure what brockers this temper this morning, but Ron is up to here without anyone to really help, and without anything truly stated positively, and frankly, Ron feels there is precious little left except ill will over too many factors to easily contribute to the stated course over which these things usually move and take into real action for a spirit mission without caring about who is fighting everything one tries to do to support those spirit missions.  

“Lastly, we state the following to all of you: Ron is too old to cut the mustard without repair and help, and he receives none of it.  Further, there is growing disinterest in everything but war and a class of thought nothing much matters except how bad the planet is doing with goodwill and the care of nation states that there are diplomatic addresses to finish the ill will of the Middle East, the Russian war, and the Chinese aggression which never ends so long as that military is still boys and not men.

“WE are determining that you Ron a re washed out not, but just what can you do?  You decided this morning it was dull if not dead, and that the entire matter needs refreshed and more caring given.  I am not asking this site be taken down, but it should be rushed into completion no more until there is a good idea that actual usages may come out of this if anyone was showing any real concern as to why this site was established so long ago now.  In any case to you Transmitter, and to the rest of you, I state the following, and listen carefully:

“NO MORE JUST A NICE CREATOR SON.  I have had it too with individuals even on my Staff and your Staff, Ron who cannot bleed early resumption of care enough to join with Me in silence, and just wait this thing out.  Ron says to me now, “Michael, this waiting is more than the silence before the storm.  IT is ominous and little time is left for any of us to wait out a nice response from the Missions to start correcting a very unhappy situation in relationships now existing on this planet. “

“I have to agree with him now that I look at it, and for reasons of My own there are no further instructions to speak to, EXCEPT Ron you know the floor is bending underthe weight of you approaching final days without one whisper of true replenishment and care for an aged body so broken by the failure of the Creative Spirit, there is nothing left to you for almost anything your care for.  Let us close this missive then with a word of change:

“AS OF TODAY, no ofurther discussions about ME and the Missions.  As for you Ron, no further discussions about how to proceed, as you see it a dead issue quickly developing, and you are not in the mood to take on more care without a good reason to apply something to start these Missions genuinely.   You are not like Van and Amadon, who had to wait tends of thousands of years on earth attempting to keep the wager of a Adam and Eve mission going with a building of the First Garden.  For reasons of my own Ron, that is not what we are doing with you and you could care less, but you have stayed the course through so many upheavals you think you know the course better than most.  Well, you do; however, let this be your song today: ‘I have little to say soon, as I must make amends to the last year of my life on Urantia, if this cannot be settled soon.’

“I fully agree, and that is not my choosing or Paradise, but a minion on Urantia called the last hurrah for material life when it becomes so old it cannot function well.  You are facing it daily Ron, and for that reason, you write these things out so others can see what is transposing, and that is in spite of your choices to stay the course until something is rightly done and working.  Not yet.  And maybe never as it was once laid out, and you fully care for almost nothing as it approaches some work you can do, but you see little application without the MELCHIZEDEK input or the CREATOR SON statements, as I am doing now, that nothing is worth the wait unless we can mover something, and that is not showing itself this morning at all to any of us.  Let this thing lie and no more speculation to any of you:

“We are closing our gates no more.  We are not interested in Paradise care to avoid stubbing our toe, and Ron suggested we use the word torpedoes too but it does not quite fit yet, Ron.  I am insisting this thing take place, and that you Ron and those who support something should be and will be done are rewarded for your stay on Urantia to detail just what must be stated: ‘NO MORE FOOLING AROUND AND LET US START THE MISSIONS PROPERLY.’

“Ron just chuckled as ARTHURA just walked in to look at the hub-bub this creates on the spirit commission circuits which I use when I am on Urantia, and I am this morning in particular because there are leaking pipes asunder as the cabal insists on damage, and this time there numbers are called again to review their position.  For that reason we ought to end this post, but I am not in the mood to just yet.

“You are pressing me Ron and I am agreeable.  Do not presume to make me angry not, but you are one of the few I listen to when there is an answer but not question.

“First of all you are fully aware you are on your last legs for living on Urantia.  It is clear to you that you have your last hours coming up for a life on Urantia you can tolerate at any course.  For my own reasons I refresh your heart and liver and other ailments most people feel at this stage of the life game on this planet.  However, you find lack luster help and almost no real input from your Board on ideas to proceed.  You argue they are doing the best they can as there is no leadership useful when there is nothing to lead.  I must agree fully, but you are the one who dresses the windows all the time for new concerns and issues of State you must follow thanks to a lackluster world of careless views and almost no support for a brilliant patent that will expire not, but will rage in controversy if you leave too soon.  

“In most cases, this horrible earth situation with wars looming, must be quieted for good, and that is our intention entirely.

“I am very happy with your formatting Ron, and this time let me finish this work for good with those who care very little about what is to be done.

“Starting today, the 1st of February, 2024, I am cutting ties not with you or the Magisterial Foundation, but with those who try not to interfere but do all the time, and that is not known to you, but fully to me.  For my own concerns there are people who care very little about the Magisterial Foundation, but dislike you so much, they cheer when your feet fail to walk easily on the earth of Urantia.  I am fully aware that some of them are on this web site, but few every speak harshly, as you care very little about their vews in space that has nothing to do with planning.
“I close now with one last epitaph.

“There is precious little to say to you this week, and most of next week Ron or to those who fully support what has to be done here.  You are fully aware they are shutting you down, and you do not agree with how it is done either.  However, let this ride briefly that no one finishes our work without ME being in attendance, and that nothing is left for most of you if you persist in writing off any real concern that I have for all of you.  Several of you have come forward with a proposal or twom but that is not working with reality and Ron knows it but must make amends to keep all of you alive at times over these issues.

“No one cares especially whether Ron lives or dies as he expects that is entirely proper, but he finds it loose and careless there is so little conversion to the idea much is about to move into the open air, including to the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, WHEN THEY FULLY DESIRE TO PRODUCE FREE ELETRICITY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY on Urantia!  It will be produced Ron, and maybe without you in attendance, but you will not be forgotten here either, for I know you do not fear the mansion worlds, but you view them cold and silent far too much.  I see your interactions with litt or no input from them, but you liven the place up with the right people, and of all people it is Judy Garland you can have a lot of fun with, and of course you speak often to Marion Rowly, the one who kept the phones ringing and happy at the Urantia Foundation, for all of those years under he tutelage.  She speaks now:


“I AM MARION ROWLY.  I was in the original Forum brought into existence by Drs Lena and William S. Sadler during the heyday of the production of the 5th epochal revelation to Urantia. For my own reasons Ron, I keep this short, but leave me alone not, as you are the face saving device I love to reference, as URANTIA is far too slow to ever encompass a person like yourself, and you are let to die alone and cold fish around you everywhere.  I do not care a lot about this myself, but the URANTIA GROUPS up here I help to oversee to continue study of the Urantia revelation known as the 5th in its order of revelatory presentations to this planet.  Those revelations started with the arrival of our first Planetary Prince 500,000 (five hundred thousand years ago), and now we must close the books, not only on the 5th epochal revelation, but on you Ron, is we cannot marshal the 6th epochal revelation shortly.

“I AM INDEED MARION ROWLY, and for that reason I laugh with you Ron, as this is so unexpected, I find myself giggling to, as Marshal Michael forces the ability for me to speak as I am on Mansion World Seven, [the mansion worlds have been expanded to ten planets due to the insurrection and the appearance of the DOMINION ] and for that reason I speak carefully to all of you who love and read the URANTIA Book.

“I am MARION ROWLY and I answered the phone for sixteen (126) years to speak to readers with their views and questions there.  I am fully despairing with ‘Ron over the turn of affairs which seems to be developing all over Urantia, and that is the inability to see and hear hope beside the grind of civilian need for food, clothing, and shelter.  For my own reasons, Ron, I need to shut this down momentarily . . .

[Ten minutes later . . . . ]

MARION ROWLY speaks again -

“I am fully justified in leaving this alone Ron, as the cabal has penetrated our quarter and has been curtly removed with nothing left on my form.  We on the mansion worlds are issued standard cothing, which is according to Ron a toga like cover with linen collar and any awards given to us is displayed oveoor our left breast.  Ron has visited so often here, his tunic is gold with little green strawberries on it, and you have a hppay memory there and the smell of finding a huge patch of natural growing wild strawberries in your childhood, smelling of hay and sugar. YO uwill never forget them, and they do not perish ever there Ron, as the place is not empty but poorly run by an old family retainer you once knew as Grace.  

“AS I am Marion Rowly yet in my memory, having not received my spirit name just yet, I want it to be known, that the mansion worlds are flavorful for many, but you Ron find the idea cool and clothless and worry you just sit silent up here when you arrive soon enough I suspect.  

“In any case let this be known, your care for others is remaining on Urantia, as your property becomes the award to the Magisterial Foundation at once, and will be lived in by your friend Dominick, as long as he sees fit to use it.  However, I also must warn you the place fills up not with people, but with Midwayers, as it is a wonderful haunt to light your electric candles on the mantle of your fireplace.  You look for them to be lighted when becomes dark outside, and the tradition continues forever so long as the heart of 2709 Sunset Lane pertains to the Magisterial Foundation and your care for your friends and the Midwayers entirely.  They have been true friends to you and you carry them will in yur memory.  Once in a great while in the past, they would show themselves, and you really enjoyed it.  But now the rules are so stringent, that is not allowed anymore, but accidents do happen you got a good shot of one several weeks ago much to your cheer.  I am fully aware Ron that I MARION ROWLY have little to tell you such are the rules of giving information away just yet; however, let the people on this discussion forum they have to understand that when you go, a lot goes with you too, and the Magisterial Foundation becomes not just a MELCHIZEDEK property, but one that belongs to the Urantia Planetary Prince, as the place must be maintained well as it represents the first and only attempt by man to join a Mission meant for fellow humans on a human planet.  The Bestowal Plant, URANTIA, is the first planet to ever try this experiment and it works.  However, it must be shownto approve itand it will be shown well as you maintain its heart by giving all you can afford to maintain 3 acres of grass and it is endless mowing at times.  In any case, I MARION ROWLY, stand back for one last announcement.  I am MARION ROWLY at your servie to my old friends at the Urantia Foundation, and my new friends at the Magisterial Foundation proffers of mission service soon to being.  Thank you Ron!  “

Ron - And thank you Marion for this effort.  It is not easy for you for all sorts of reasons to be able to transmit that message to me, and I am most grateful as are your wards in your place to work with the 5th epochal revelation.  The 6th epochal revelation is not sure just yet, but thank you for your graceful and caring ways tih us and me to say hello.  I am agreeable to a visit if you will have me.   Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “So you have made full contact with the mansion worlds Ron, very few dare ever do that, but this time I say this while the terms of endearment are present yet in your heart too, Ron.

“The last year of your earth life is not upon you Ron.  But you must be converted to a better style of existence and you remainvisible and caring at 2709 Sunset Lane in York.  Your neighbors are old and peaceful and so are you and neer do you owrk harder than you must on the lawn as it is too taxing to keep it looking good and fresh all the time.  Those who coule clare less, and those who will see to it want a lot of money, and you are not happy with that but that is what you must do.  Keep it clean and clear and there is plenty of money to do it soon.  I am approving the resources today Ron!  I am not a lying cabalist.  You have proven there is much to do and worry that this is the lat experiment for a human to participate as you do with us in a Mission, but do not forget  Ron, this is a Bestowal Planet and as such it is so different it does not share much of what it can do others do not do.

“I am pretending this is a wonderful means to do a Mission, but you are not wrong, it gives me options I never had before, and Jesus is afraid you might be called too much some day. [I cheer at the idea of being called Saint Mammal - Ron] For reasons of State then Ron we must ask you not to be a Pope either, as the entire matter is being revised as the Vatican will be the first to recognize us as GOD ON EARTH, again and for that matter the Magisterial Foundation becomes the home of the Crown Prince of God, Jesus Himself:

JESUS - “You are near death Ron, and feel awful most of the time.  That is the cost of dying slowly and without care, as there is no way to be cared for in a hospital or otherwise, since you do not have leukemia, but a transition to the morontial mostly, and it is cruel and harsh, but once done, you are home free without a ticket to disease or sorry ways of the flesh.

“I pass this on to the readers:

“No one can call this experiment done until it is running full tilt and you Ron are determined to keep it dignified and ready for breast feeding of the needy.  I am the Bestowal Son, and I have this to say to this group:

“MARION ROWLY has much to do yet before she is elevated and you Ron are attending her to that position.  She has worked long and hard and must be replaced, not by you, but by Longo or Pat or Lee but by you someday as a favorite son of God over the issues of who learns what from an epochal revelation.  For reasons of State we must end this post and be glad he has no more for today.  I am JESUS, for Marion Rowly, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Bill Butter, the common man, saying hello and good day for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K”



Link to the Sunday Lightline of 21 January 2024

Enjoy and thank you for listening.  K

Michael of Nebadon
Nikola Tesla
The Ancients of Days
The council of Equilibrium
EDIT Jan 19th 2024 - Melchizedek spokesmen added
January 18, 2024
Tesla View of the Free Electricity of the Besser Patent to Produce It:

[Ron Besser, Transmitter.  I am the transmitter of what turns out to be a very important transmission for us, the Magisterial Foundation.  Nikola Tesla has joined our spirit counsel now that the Magisterial Foundation, has been assigned its ownership to the Melchizedek Corp of both the Dominion and the Salvington government.  That means the Foundation is no longer precisely controlled by we humans, but has joined the spiritual their fellowship by being accepted by the Melchizedeks as to be under their direction and control.  This fact is referenced below in their discussions with you and me over what they have to say regarding our work to provide electricity almost free of charge  (about $160/year at this writing) for the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, USA.

 EDIT MADE ON 19 JANUARY, 2024 BY RON BESSER @ 11:45 Am in red:   I am now advised that all that has been said here is truly good for at least another 45 days.  I state this for readers of this notice:  my heart rate has fallen precipitously low.  That does not affect what is said here in order to take care of the proposed build-out, but it does affect who and how this is done if I become deceased.  The authorities put it this way:  if I am claimed to leave Urantia over this project, I have assigned an individual named elsewhere to comply with the concerns of the Magisterial Foundation by MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and to see this plant is ready to be built and run within the auspices of the First Republic of China not but under the first American engineering contract provided by Melchizedek concerns.   [Continued in a black font below]

My original plans were to provide a good local engineering firm I once worked for here in York, but today I am advised there is no good reason not to bother a sedentary corporation almost ready to fold its doors closed for the lack of business and its personnel reduced to five engineers and six assistants so to speak.  For that reason I have to revise who does the engineering and the Melchizedeks are adamant to stay away from my York selection at this point and time.   What that finally does is to remove my sensitivity for the homeland area of York, and place the engineering with a constitutional selection of engineering to another selection yet to be announced to me at this writing.   I simply agree and let the chips fall where they may, but that does make selection difficult for the Magisterial Foundation, and to add a distance of over 450 miles to work with the Melchizedek selection.  I personally cannot do the traveling and I still feel the engineering should be adopted here in York for that reason alone and my need to provide information.

The MELCHIZEDEKS make this statement now: "You Ron are really feeling very rough and think we are about to pull the plug on your Urantia life.  Not so.  However, due to the elevation of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, we are running this project as though he we re personally present, and he more or less refuses you and the Magisterial Foundation to work with such a weak engineering partner.  The Harrisburg firms you vaguely contacted dismiss you as a fraud not but find the Patent untenable they think, but have not finally said so.  For that reason you stay the course and ignore their irrelevant view.  I am no longer able to attend you Ron, as I am not Manituba Melchizedek, but Mantutia Melchizedek, as I am no longer just the Planetary Prince, but I am now PRO-COUNSEL to the AMERICAN PRESIDENT, Joseph Biden, and as such must remain affixed at that level to ascertain our use of council to the American Government.

"Our contact with the American government is at the highest possible level, as our Pro-Counsel   with the American government is secure enough to proceed with our care that the USA understand there is a huge influx of Counsel coming to assist the American government through a very difficult period and to stand down military threats in accordance with the spirit counsel now warmly received.  

"For that reason Ron your care is perfectly well attuned to be seen to by the American Biden Administration, and we must adhere to proper protocol and refuse to speak to the potential of a Trump administration again.  We doubt such an administration will take seat as an administration we have to work with, but if that happens we will control that Presidency very well.

"Second Ron, you have gone through a very difficult morning, that was to think your time on earth is nearly done due to all the pain and second guessing by the present duty officer at your bedside.  She is deeply aware of your cursive dislike of the spiritual supreme controls around you, and makes the amends to tell you her name and no further contact which is Simone.  SIMONE is a fairly old seraphic control we use when some delicacy has to be observed, and that Ron is not your fault but your legs are a series of scratches, and painful blood clots you cannot remove without morontial surgery and that is no longer achieved and your death must ensue when called for shortly.

"For that reason, we make amends to your need to finish the WTP free electricity work you ought to finish with us, and you will; however, let it be known that Nikola Tesla has genuinely signed on to observe and help this project, as it is up in his heart that Ron wishes to place a plaque on the pilot plant to honor Tesla and for the original idea of  transmissible electricity is still his.    Good, and so do the Melchizedeks wish to have all electric plants like this to have such a plaque.    For reasons of his own, we say that Ron has little help at the moment due to the disaster of a blood clot forming at the base of his neck, and that might end his life prematurely but fully for work on Urantia.

"One last statement of this 19 January addition made today.  We have lost all contact with Dominick Ohrbeck as he cannot maintain a liaison transmission contact due to an adenoid difficulty which must be rectified by surgery, but not right now.  Ron has to supply transmissions for the most part.  What this does is it places Ron into the difficulty of understanding the lack of transmission from this individuate when it is this individual who holds the contract as the chief to see to teaching Urantia groups what has happened and what will will happen via these Missions.  The Melchizedeks are making a jet transport available to the Magisterial Foundation to be kept permanently at the Thomasville airport about four miles from Ron's home, where jet service facilities exist for any such re-numeration of care we need to have.  They have been contact for what it costs us, and to keep the jet there it is about $11123 per year.  Not bad since Kennedy Airport in New York charges $52,500 for a slot to maintain the aircraft there.

"Our final statement is to advise you we have remove sections of the original post made yesterday due to changes we remake here.  K [MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, PLANETARY PRINCE AND even more. K]"

The full text is below of the post made without editing further and starts next:


"I AM MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK speaking.  I AM THE PLANETARY PRINCE and a few other things for our own use as well, and I must make amends to Ron for the outstanding view he has adopted that the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, must be fully spiritual and run by spirit to be the volatile usages for changes to the scientific community and for the work of free electricity which has to be instituted regardless of what MIT thinks it has to counter it.  For that reason we recall Ron in the morontial to reappear as flesh and blood to live on Urantia as he dare and as long as MICHAEL OF NEBADON needs him.  He just re-insured his home owners insurance policy and paid a whopping slightly over $900 for the year.  The Magisterial Foundation can pay for that since it uses the house and its grounds as our capital to run the Missions in technological concerns from 2709 Sunset Lane.  That insurance rebuilds the house, its barn, and its shop if they catch fire or are storm damaged.  His father was an insurance man and insisted the house be fully insured for weather or man-made damages.  It is a steep price to keep the place repairable, and we agree the Magisterial Foundation should foot the bill, and it might yet if we can keep ourselves together long enough to finish this.

We intend to build this plant here in York Count, Pennsylvania, and that includes Scranton, Pa, and as far north as southern New York and the north part of South Caroline and west to close to Chicago, most of West Virginia.  The Melchizedeks are glad to own it as they can bargain with their own governors the use of such a plant in their own geographical areas  for recessionary purposes of their own,  This post is long winded again, and I cannot help that s things happen when Tesla joins and the Ancients of Days listen.  Read to find out what they plan and the permissions we gain for giving the Magisterial Foundation to own and to run by the Melchizedeks themselves:

Note by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS for all of you:

"WE are sure you need to understand Ron, that with the addition of Nikola Tesla to your Board, we are sure this thing can fly well since RAYSON is short handed at the moment over another momentous concern on Paradise.  The Supreme is revising not.  TARKAS who has been Deified, is now requesting that the supreme be permitted to recover an element of itself to ratify the Dominion in the Local Universe of Nebadon, and then let to reside back into oblivious where the Supreme prefers to reside.  
Ron has played a major role truly for us to understand how the supreme cannot relate to Ron at all as he is fully a new species thanks to the actions of the Indwelling Spirit, to cauterize his useless pastimes as a horizontal engineer in offices of the engineers without notice to his fine administrative work to see to their development with others too.  For that reason Ron now deserves an engineering degree too and may make use of those groups on the mansion worlds who do engineering for us.  The Velzy group, the Weston Group, and several other you do not know of, all clear their throats over this, but Ron is adamant he knows best not, but does well with all Engineers in the vital area of construction of those things that work best for humans in such a profession.
Now for the transmission of Tesla and sundry other notes about wireless electricity,  Thank you all for your contributions.  Ron Besser.

This is TESLA.  Please quote me.

“I am Nikola Tesla, and I wish to comment on the patent Ron holds.  That is Patent #11601013 the transmission of wireless electricity.  For thirty years I attempted to do the same trick.  Ron figured out how to do that trick, but is stuck now with endless discussions about it and they cannot discuss the fact there is no isobaric use of electrons, but iconoclastic use of muons to do that trick.

“The patent Ron has does this by knocking out a bit of the electron power construction and when he does that, nature turns the electron into a muon.  The muon can be broadcast and always at an electronic frequency of 86.4 megahertz.

“For that reason the muons involved are floated off the tower when pushed by three generators in house which press free forming electrons into a converter of sorts that knocks out an Ultimaton from the body of the electron.  When this occurs, nature converts the electron into a muon.  The muon is antigravity as well, and as a result can be broadcast easily enough off a high tower.

“What I want to add is that the high tower has to be truly high, as the muons prefer to leave an object at right angles to the generator intake.  Ron has placed three generators in tandum to produce the energy drive to place electrons to muons to the right tower leg, as he makes the tower also an electromagnet.  Therefore the tower is placed on a lazy susan pad to rotate the north tower leg precisely in the center of the magnet north template which covers both earth polar regions.  

“The Magnetosphere on earth looks like a cap mostly over the north pole.  Anyone who fools with the north pole behavior can disrupt the electron flow to the generator input, but Ron has declared that impossible to do to the polar regions, because he collects just the electrons that fall from the sky regardless of the source.

“That is what I wish to tell you all.

“The free-falling electrons are also coming down to earth in drenching fashion from the polar regions of North America due to the fact that the anthracite coal deposits buried deep within the polar regions of the planet carry huge amounts of electron dispersion based on their past use to absorb sunlight during  the cretaceous period in particular.

“For my own reasons, I detect in the Ron invention something of a brilliant analog he has described over and over and no body can properly interpret it.  The following is my view of this patent analog I thinks is vitally important.

“We on the mansion worlds have access to scientific facts you on earth do not have.  One of those facts is that the analog of an electron is not the muon, but the tachyon.  Ron dislikes tachyons because they can bite and kill of let loose around the human body.  He has asked for the very light tingle la muon can produce so as not even have the possibility of a tachyon getting loose and killing a worker.  That said, hear this:

“What Ron has proposed on the patent, and it is in his description of the transducer her invented with Rayson the Magisterial Son of Science, is to provide a ground so there is no accidental confusion of the muon with a tachyon and the danger that produces for workers.  As a result, Ron grounds the third generator handling the muons to the tower, with a pass through to the cable burined beneath the generators.  He has proposed to dispense with the cable, but if he does, now he has problems with strange anomalies over the roof of the electric plant, for without grounding the cable to either end of the transport of electrons by the cable, nature itself establishes a trial ground by forcing the metal in the roof struts to glow slightly with the ambient radiation light generated by  radioactivity.

“For that reason we think the patent should be amended to insist on a buried cable in all places except directly under the tower.  If the tower proceeds to be built on a rotating concrete pad, then it will exist strictly as a meteroric slave to the cabal** of distinct dislike of the project. We therefore recommend that the cable be placed under the generarors as shown on the patent and to proceed building the plant as shown in the patent in order to avoid radioactivity generated because of the issue of isometric electron build out before they become muons.

[** Note about the term, “cabal.” - that refers to the planetary insurrection caused by spiritual dysfunction of the certain orders of seraphic guides in particular, and cannot be obtained removed until the court system the spirit world uses to cut down mischief and those cabalistic powerless forces to cause disruption to project as seen here.]

“As a matter of fact, we dare not go further with this until it is cleared fully.  Meanwhile stay tuned to our further exposition shortly. [11:15 AM, NY Time zone]

[11:18am NY Time Zone] - “WE are back and finally this.  We are now processing your work well again Ron, and this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, who is fully aware you feel cut out with this work due to my emphasis on spiritual concerns no human is made aware of.  I am fully supporting the idea with TESLA that all of this should be announced fully, for RAYSON is now available to process the Tesla input:

“This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you have had a really rough morning Ron, and Tesla is now aware of it.  You need to brodast this via a channel known to me as the “ruth of all charges,” and that has a particular meaning to me as well says Tesla.  We are not looking at that Ron but someone is directing that subject of dying and going over to the mansion worlds harshly to you and they must cease and cannot easily be removed as they are attached not to the Adjuster but to the soul who wishes to remain out of it, but the soul is reminding you Ron you have a short easy trip but not to the mansion worlds but back to Urantia to finish this work of the Tesla view it must be built quickly and soon or the world misses its importance to scientific advancement.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON now speaks:

“Ron, stay back again.  We are watching a firm-cast in order to provide Urantia better contact information than the current capsules of thought we are using now in order to get the spiritual Missions onto the Urantia ground to walk on and administrate.  For reasons of State, let this sit briefly. [11:22 AM]

11:30AM - MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I am not fully on your circuit Ron, and I say this.  Tesla has finally broken the code to get to you and your work in the Magisterial Foundation.  He declares the fullest anyone has ever done to reach a consensus for humans and spirit to work together in the spirit of the Zebedees you so admire who ran an intelligence service to provide Jesus updates where traps were layed by the Sanhedrin by the Jerusalem temple to remove Jesus from their concerns.  You have correctly obeyed the premise that spirit must work with its own version of security and have joined forces with the Ancients of Days, by providing the MELCHIZEDEKS ownership of the Foundation.  Such a sale must be recorded in your court house as a change of property and that is not easy to do for us but the paper work is coming for you to register it in the courthouse.  You have reminded us to do that for almost a year and we did not think it important until Tesla cites it as very important to encourage human participation in a genuinely divine earth corporation such as the Urantia Foundation was at the conclusion of the writing of the 5th epochal revelation in 1942 and 11943 and 1945.  Each date represents a certification for the UF to contain representation it sought for distribution of a major revelation to the planet still existing as the Urantia Book, but to be eclipsed by the 6th epochal revelation concerned for about one year more in 2025 to be distributed fully.  

[NOTICE: We are slightly off subject, but the ANCIENTS OF DAYS have just decreed that we shall remain in force so long as I can manage to represent our views within the Magisterial Foundation:  that the Magisterial Foundation  is owned fully by the MELCHIZEDEK CORP OF UVERSA as well, and we now deliberately take in view, that you Ron want the organization to be owned and directed by the Melchizedeks and arm yourself, and the Board of Directors entirely,  with sufficient ledger to remain subservient to their direction and cause.]


"WE speak briefly and fully.  This document helps us tremendously, as it fully assumes the right degree of work to be done and for that reason we stage the following on behalf of your work Ancients of Days , and for the Brotherhood of Man, that this Missions is fully attributable to the man once called Jesus.  Jesus shall remain supreme to all others of mankind so long as it appears he can save or redress the company of evil shot through evil by the lush and desirable Creative Spirit of Nebadon, who once reigned supreme in the Courts of the Ancients of Days, and now must bide her time in faint harmony with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, no longer, but subscribe to the new Supreme courage to stay back and no longer participate in the annals of time or of space.  We have a lot more to say of this shortly.  Ron, please prepare another post shortly wherein we speak to this assembly for once and never again about how this must work for you, for Us, for Mother Spirit as she once was, and for all who attend to Urantia, for it is the symbol of care for humanity as no other planet does, but has fallen so low it cannot recover without our help and discouragement of ill practices against families and governments everywhere.  K    We are the Magisterial Sons of record:  SERARA; MONJORONSON; SEN SEN; HOLLAND (misspoken as Holden or Holdan in previous testimony), and perhaps a few more no longer mentioned.  As representatives to you all, we abide in our FATHER on Paradise, and with the harmony Ron leaves open to all of you as the best human ever to figure out how to work with Spirit Deity in Missions like this we have ever seen attempted.  Keep the good work going and stop forcing yourselves into little cabinets of ill repute over how these teachings are being imported for you to savor.  We are not doing a lot of it now, but new transmitters are not well done to post all they get and such includes those transmitting under the care of Rene Duran.  Rene you are fine but the new transmitters sometimes speak through their navels instead of their God-mind and it causes problems among the Hispanic group as well.  Please Rene Duran, keep a careful eye on their work until they improve it.   Please then, continue on.  MONJORONSON AND SERARA jointly.  K"

The Ancients of Days, Also Direct:

Ronald Besser, present member of the Magisterial Foundation, already transferred to the Nebadon Melchizedeks, as the true Council and Owners of Trust of the Magisterial Foundation.  This transfer of ownership took place on August 21, 2023 and abides no longer as a mere sale agreement, but as their ownership to direct as they please.  We, the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation, are six humans and consist of the following names: Ronald Besser;  Dominick Ohrbeck; Elise Van Ruth;  Steven Gitz; Roger Zum Felde, and George Meyers.  We, the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation, also direct that the Trusteeship of the United States Patent #11601013 to be held in perpetuity with MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK as Trustee; that is  unless or until, the Magisterial Foundation  is absolved, or  diluted or dissolved for reasons of State to release the Melchizedek bond and care over the Magisterial Foundation.  This statement is legal and is dated 18 January 2024 as directed by the Ancients of Days, this date. ]

“NOW I direct this as well.  

“I have been authorized to be on the Board of Review of the propose build out of the pilot plant to be locate at first in York County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States, for the foreseeable future.  I did not require this but I see it is acted upon by you Ronald Besser, to ascertain my use and it is a pleasure as it gives me a full review of my earlier attempt to do the same thing, and I am delighted to receive that direction by the Creator Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, as part of my existence up here on Mansion World #5 (five), and that I hereby direct myself fully as a ward of the Ancients of Days no longer, but transfer my work and allegiance to the Melchizedek Corp of Nebadon and of the Dominion so long as they may exist. - NIKOLA TESLA.

“Finally to you Ron, your life on Urantia is nearly over, and you bitterly review it this morning, but keep your heart well, as it pumps as a young heart still, and for that and other reasons, stay the course evenly and well.  I am asked to remind you that the resources to gather and remove personnel as needed with our funds of Uversa to construct the plant and to begin the engineering of this project to transmit free electricity to the Susquehanna Valley as soon as possible.  Your transfer of power to the Melchizedeks is now fully recognized as usable and able for those of us on the Mansion Worlds, including myself, to be useful in its design and critique,  You may have to revise the Patent and therefore you must make application through Ream again to modify the Patent shortly.  This will cause quite a notice and it might fix the need for a Commission to recognized it as a fully operational concern by the United States patent office.  I stand back now as the major council to these projects wishes to state the following to all of you: [Nikola Tesla]

“WE are quite certain this is very important to you and earth, Ron.  However, this project is also of great importance now to MICHAEL OF NEBADON and to the DOMINION of Local Universes surrounding Nebadon, and as follows to relate to you as follows:

“Be aware you have chosen to remain on Urantia if you can but they keep knocking you down so badly you are becoming resigned to death shortly.  Not so, but you need rejoined in vitality and energy and that is now directed to be so done.  You are now sure you have not even a day left under the circumstances, and we agree that it is a dire circumstance the Adjuster has warned you about Your Adjuster is a small group of Adjusters who advise the indwelling Adjuster, that you are so weakened by the fruitless attempts to revitalize your name to stay physically able on the planet, and for that reason, such is granted, not by the supreme remnants, but by Paradise itself to be used present on Urantia as long as MICHAEL OF NEBADON has a use for you under these conditions. K”

“WE conclude our remarks by suggesting that your lieutenant meet with you as soon as possible to alloy his work with yours, as both of you are superior to most due to your work together for the past two years, and his willingness to loan himself to your personal needs at time as the only way to keep your presence on Urantia.  For that reason your Lieutenant is provided further care by redressing his concerns elsewhere and a resignation not from you but from those other affairs.  Be soon available together for a major announcement when we can speak to it.  


NIKOLA TESLA, once more speaks:

“You Ron, represent the whole of Mansion World Five, at times over the issue of mirth and care for Urantia.  It is a beautiful planet, and carries huge responsibilities once it is released back to the Planetary supervision it once had a scant ten years ago, and for which I was gladly attached.  We cannot abide some of your political leadership and stay away from a planet seeking to the practices of over fifty (50) years ago during the height of the so-call “Cold War,: and how it ended peacefully using Ronald Regan as the agent.  He did very well and perfectly aligned with me, N. TESLA, and for reasons of State, his disarmament for purely political reasons, which, by the way, has worked well with the Russians and the Americans to this point.  The US has cautioned Russia that any change in their Treaty there with the United States, could  spell disaster all over the place if they relent to change their nuclear status.  The world forgets the Treaty is permanently in place and China is not a signatory but relents to keep it in place for their own mutual comfort.

“Let us pray this stands the course.  Further elucidation to mention:

“WE as TESLA carry huge responsibilities up here too.  I am a signatory to the Defense Pact signed up here to prevent unauthorized knowledge you seem to be able to purloin.   Your knowledge of CLOAKING is superb.  The Russians use it but unsuccessfully as you noted.  I am fully aware Ron you have most of the recipe but sit guarded and closed mouth and for good reason.  I am not lying when I say that you Ron carry huge deferential over secrets of the universe they want you to keep as you do not blab about them and we appreciate that.  Your top secret security clearance is still good up here and you had it during the 1960's as a young man in the security intelligence works of the Untied States in your military days.

“Let me conclude this for your work here, and that is to assign you to our workshop if you come over wired, and to let us know how you do this work so easily.

[I explain now Tesla: you let the aliens invent it first, and then you abide spirit which admires it and they spill the beans in admiration to hypocritical people like myself.  Okay?]

TESLA - “We love our aliens too and good day.  K”

Ron - Thank you NT very much for speaking with us and may I ask if there is any further contact for this post?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “You are slightly cheered but have nothing but  aggrieving problems with you yet.  Let us understand we dare not move to them yet, but you might feel better by later today hopefully.  You are assigned to higher principles than most and work them with us in private.  However, we dare not speak to these issues yet as you are fully aware the cabal is full sized around you yet and they would love to have a talk for a commission yet, but you refuse their entreaties entirely and I consider you one the safest bets I ever had to work with us.  Your life is not over on Urantia in spite of the terrible situation you faced this morning.  NT says good day permanently not, as he is now on the council for this project, and so is RAYSON and so is FATHER now as you are seen as the hope for this project alone.

“To the people who read these materials, there are at least 15 pages more available, and Ron is aware there are a lot to speak yet, but this gets very long as it is and we leave it for now.  I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K”

Ron - Thank you Michael, Tesla, the Ancients of Days, and all who make these transmission hearable and type able.  We close this for now.  For those who may be interested, the entire matter of who says what to the transmitters is not revised yet, but it is coming.  All we have entertained, except possibly the Ancients of Days, are still on the list and the Ancients of Days state they are too, as they are too important to drop off.  FATHER remains as does Tesla, the Ancients of Days, and the Master Force Organizers when they choose to speak.  K



“The trial today for all of you is to remember this is the middle of January, and it is not a plan to suddenly appear as we once stated not that long ago.

“Our problem is to ascertain who and what is dragging its feet to stand the course for a Magisterial Son Mission.  

“Your talks lately easily accept MONJORONSON, and SERARA, and SEN SEN, and HARROD, and a few others we have named who constitute the gathering of the Magisterial Son, for a review of the appearance of the URANTIA MISSIONS.

“Since Ron lacks a memory gland again, his only care has been to see to it that all of you have been fully advised as to who and why the Magisterial Sons of Paradise are traveling on Urantia, but are especially quiet over the Missions themselves.  Let me explain something”

“The trial to become a visible Magisterial Son is not easy.  Mostly the MAGISTERIAL SONS are fully invisible and like to stay that way.  However today, the 17th of January, 2024, the law has stipulated that any Magisterial Son is to remain cloaked for good until further notice.  That upsets the Magisterial Sons on Urantia, as that directly affects SEN SEN and a probable Magisterial Son we now refer to as ACKTORUS.  

Acktorus is a rubbish name not.  It is the true name of a highly placed Magisterial Son, we rarely use due to the fact that ACKTORUS is actually the Chief of the Magisterial Sons, and who is really working hard to understand how badly Ron is being portrayed up here on Paradise.  No one likes to hear that he has done anything well, but that is all he does, and that is very well to order the work of the MISSIONS well enough for human consumption.  No one else has ever done that and for that reasons the MAGISTERIAL SONS are ready to spend a considerable amount of money to help him achieve technologies that would otherwise fail to be used or noticed.  ACKTORUS now leads a sedentary life with Ron over a few issues he needs clarified and we want to clarify them now.

See next:



        “We are quite sure the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation is to be found on how we must begin to work the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION into our Mission(s), and for that reason we start this text:

     “The entire situation on Urantia is lost and confused.

     “WE are quite sure there is nothing for any of you unti the confusion is either reduced, or it is fully removed for the clarity o Mission accomplishments entirely.

     “For reasons of State that is my Adjutant and He must stand back or it influences your nervous system poorly, and He now knows not to get too close to your typing nerves.  For our own reasons let this be known, and for reasons of State Ron you are carrying a large contingency of the American armed services today because we are really going to give you the world situation as it confers on AMERICAN POWER.

      “The entire matter of American Powers is discussed up here on our headquarters located about fifteen (15 - 17 Light years from earth, Urantia).  The entire construction of the American Forces lies in its fleets and its medical usage of aircraft carriers with strong nuclear deterrence underwater.  For that reason we hesitate to divulge much, but let us divulge the fact that American power is not lost on the Chinese or the Russians.

“Russia exudes great power in one small area only: It has the capacity to destroy any American city at its whim.

“Second, its nuclear forces are well maintaind, and V. Putin as the command button with his person 24/7.

“Third, the entire American fleet is vulnerable to Russian nuclear attack, for it fails to maintain vigilance with CIA reports that Russia is moving its submarine fleet into American waters off the shore of South Carolina and northern Maine.  A suprise attack is imminent if the Russians detect submarine activity off its Baltic shores off the coast of the Baltic States, including Latvia and Estonia in particular.

“For this reason the MAGISTERIAL SONS are regrettably preparing a stand off with Russian officials on the Atlantic Coast and will never allow a missile launch from under water.

“Understand, please, Russia knows if there is an attack from them, the Kremlin can be reduced to utter rubble.  And for that reason Ron we let this portion lie, as Americans feel they are invulnerable, but will have their eyes opened if the US strays too far off its present policy of “NON INTERFERENCE.”

“For that reason the Magisterial Sons are counseling the US Defense Department to obtain a sense of urgency, but also a sense of care that there be no excursions against IRAN unless it is fully attacking countries in the region of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and other Middle Eastern States quite vulnerable to the military power of Iran.

“WE recommend no further escalation by American forces until the Magisterial Foundation or its subsidiaries offers Japan a role in the negotiations to supply Japan with free electricity, a very critical ally of the United States bow bristling with powers of rearmament to the point the budge of Japan is serious bloated with expenditures they can ill afford at the moment.

“You Ron, this transmitter, you are also deep dish caring that there is no further escalation of war like maneuvers, and for that reason reports like this can he beard quite well today, as the forces of the American fleet are wary of your name, but they are also sure you are correct over these transmissions of star-fleet concerns by the spirit bodies infiltrating Urantia (earth) at this time.  I am not Acktorus, now, but Vice Commander of all fleets you report as UFO’s, and your military gear aimed so deadly at us sometimes we have got to get out of there!

[Ron Besser acting as your transmitter, those of you who are fully innocent of the nature of the UFO fleets we occasionally entertain here on Urantia, are mostly observers for two good reasons: 1) how does the star fleets of several civilizations on about five different human planets adjacent to our planet, making available certain defense measures to prevent a wholesale nuclear attack.  I have been advised over the past f our years, that the American  jurisprudence issues over Russian aggression, and Chinese manevolence over American power, is about to explode– not in Japan or Korea, but probably in the area of the EU, which cannot contain its glee that the United States falters in the Middle East over its inability to place a cap over Israel in order to prevent further war-like issues to further erupt.  Israel was savagely attacked by morons, and they must pay the price, but the entire world can be inflamed over the Palestinian issues of non-regret by Isreal to stamp the entire civilization out of existence for good.  Netanyahu has no remorse over slinging the entire last foot soldier he has to remove from Gaza, any vestiges of the Palestinian State for ever.

My note to append to what Acktorus has said so far is complete, except to tell all readers, I am aware of fleet designations not, but there are FIVE UFO FLEETS under the command of the centralized spirit government locate in the [name censored]  galaxy about 15 -17 Light-years away (near star system Proxima Centauri).  We are not allowed to speak to this command but the transmission is spirit to me here and not the star fleet command which is quite aware of the postures of American enemies.  I close to permit Acktorus o speak.]

ACKTORUS speaks - “WE are delighted you could add some of that Ron, and you are denying uses you already have to make a lot of sense if you could be interviewed.  However, the world is skittish over these things and does not like o be lectured on what it does not know.  However, let me present my final statements here and turn this back to MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK again.

“WE are quite sure the entire matter of fleet commands is of unusual concern to your Defense Department, and your knowledge is far greater than remote control  advocates relate at CIA.  However let it be stated that the entire matter of these bits of information are now ready to be assimilated by others not known to you who find these revelations fully satisfying on and off this planet.  We close with this:

“China has no real animosity over American intervention in the South China Sea, but it resents Japan and th Philippines joining in with American power to gang up on china and its purpose for the South China Sea claims of its sovereignty.

“There are several needs for use of the South China Sea the United States feels critical to the entire region to notice.  Vietnam is not quite ready to lay down its weapons if pressed too hard by China.  North Korea is ready to stand tough, but is learning from its Russian contacts, that it better lay low, because their intelligence (Russian), indicates to North Korean that the North Koreans are targeted for a preemptive nuclear strike if North Korea gets too boisterous over its newly found alliance with Russian intelligence.  Russia has a superb intelligence arm, AND NOT THE KGB, but a little known organization the CIA knows but does not define to its function.  United States planning does not so much care about Chinese claims, bit the Americans are slow to recognize that China can impale Japan and South Korea with one nuclear strike right in the middle of the East Sea (Sea of Japan).  The United States hardly recognizes Japan as a combatant, but the United States has no full compliance for Japan’s use in a war of any kind in the region.  That is hardly known by Washington, but Japan fully wishes to avoid war of any kind if possible and the USA has not real ally if Japan is depressed by a nuclear strike near it.  The psychological warfare over Japan and its alliance is land use only, and never do we see Japan volunteer to go to war with regional powers ever again.

“WE conclude these statements by offering you Ron, the miscibility to destroy these lectures.  We see you see no reason to and you have to be sure you are fully correct in their measure, and we confirm you are correct to questions the veracity of insurrectionists nearby, but those insurrectionists are being tamed by the Creator Son to stand low and down while this is fully illustrated with one more bit of intelligence for your readers:

“The entire region occupied by the United States in your continental nation is a tectonic time bomb.  There are excellent reasons to suspect that when the first tectonic plate west of the Mississippi slips, it weakens the rest of the adjacent plates and fully th US could loose portions of its Pacific States and the plates they rest on.  Mexico City could slip into the Pacific easily but places like Vancouver, Canada, and Washington State of the USA, might just disappear so rapidly there is no way to save the wealth and architecture of those places at all.  We have concluded for now."

Ron here - There is some more exposition, but let me post this for now and worry what is left for a later post to come.  Thanks for you attention and thank you ACKTORUS for a full review of certain intelligence issues we all enjoy hearing.  Please keep it up if you can!

And thanks to the readership and I may have more on this later.  Enjoy the coming Lightline in about an hour as I write this on Wednesday, the 17th of January 1 PM New York time.  K


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Millennium III is still on sale.

You take into your own hands the problems with this book.  IT is not a revelation but a spoof.  Who wants to fool with bad information about such important aspects in your spiritual life?  If you do wish false information, this one is available.
The term URANTIA used to be a copyrighted name, but the true Urantia Book lost its copyright due to the age of the original copyright some years back.  The author(s) of this hack seem to want to improve the falseness of the most false evaluations of what the original revelation talked about.  This is not the best kind of spoof ever offered either and at least be warned this is no update  but someone's idea of a trial to those of us who support the true 5th epochal revelation in the Urantia Book.  Just be warned there is no loss if you do not read this one.

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