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General Discussion / Today is 9 months before Christmas 25 March 2023
« on: March 25, 2023, 12:36:46 pm »
I am looking forward to the holiday we can all celebrate together if only it were December today and not the ugly sky over me this morning in Pennsylvania the 25th of March.  Insisting I am to make a post without anything to say, I use the hope of a holiday to decorate my mood and let things stand nice and neutral as one might say it really is by now.

The statement to make for most now is that the entire matter of a holiday for the birth around the birth of Christ is still a merry Christmas and the rest of the year has become doubtful and cheerless until the gods figure out just what they want again.  I really have no good contact working the last fifteen or sixteen hours, and while we are promised a lot, the mailbox is unusually empty right now. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I disagree with that but I just say this:  CHRISTMAS i possible at any moment but right now Ron has to be satisfied with this gift of thought:

"Be happy there is a 25th of March today at all, as we must fight everybody on Urantia over their decimation decision by the USA to stop Russia in its tracks in Ukraine by offering Ukraine firey missle states not, but nuclear detection devices to be sure that if and when Ukraine may be hit by a tactical nuclear weapon, they know it for sure.  I assume this means to you Ron the end of Urantia?"

RON - I hate being put on the spot for such a question.  I do not know what the end of  Urantia really shows as an effect or why it must be considered under those circumstances to happen at all?  May we ask just what you may mean in that idea of "end?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "WE will abandon Urantia with spirit entirely and let the gross idea of man being fully in charge of the planet entirely.  That means no restraint on people who hate.  That means no restraint on people who kill wantonly.  And it also means that no one is ready to stay  the course as you have Ron, even today in one of your black moods.  I stay back for an announcement you all ought to read. [AND FRANKLY most of you do not know the words "to read" but here the announcement is anyhow:]

"WE ARE SURE  you all know the difference between  "good and bad."   But hear this:

"The UNITED STATES has lost its head again, and Biden is listening to the Department of Defense not, but to the Department of Justice, and that is to ban all nuclear devices to be used in retaliation against the Russian idea of tactical nuclear weapon use.

"That sounds great, however, hear this:

"The United States has determined that the entire idea of nuclear use is so awful it will not retaliate unless Russia signs an arms control treaty at once and renounces the use of nuclear weapons, or the USA will send an armistice agreement to the Hague to suggest that any use of a nuclear weapon will cause retaliation by NATO to send its own package of nuclear-sized weaponry to Russia to see what it might do against such an attack against itself?  Ron says, "Good Lord!  How awful!"

"Ron hears it correctly, as it guarantees a nuclear war.  I stand down now for a moment reflection with Ron hearing it correctly as you should do as well:

"I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, will retaliate correctly and fully with Ron over this impasse over nuclear war materials suggested buy the USA, if and when we have a full meeting in mind with people like Ron, and that is to state you hear no more to say or do about anything on Urantia, once again.  That was what happened to Urantia for millennia when Lucifer let lose on Urantia.  Now this:

"Let this ride a little Ron, and shut this post off.  Right now I am facing an insurrection among staff as they believe you are the one who could speak but you are not recognized and are actually demoralized over the entire nature of man and his professional inversions and stand down on WTP proving exactly what you thought all along:  You cannot create a silk purse out of a sows ear.  Sounds right now.  Correct.   We feel the same and allow you Ron to stand down briefly as you have as of yesterday, to let this sink in to all of you:

"GOD HAS NOT COMPENSATION FOR FOOLS.  Let that one sink in.  Ron you believe the entire democratic  process in the United States is seriously wrong and as such it much have a Regency to bolster the idea of right and good choices for government in the US to learn how to manage a population that has no idea who or what God is, and that no full awareness is possible unless it is pointed out to them how to manage choices that are hard to make.  I fully agree with that and you are reminded that the JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT, RUTH BADDER GINSBERG is fully correct she stands down too unless there is a hearing to properly inform her you are tru and correct on these matters alone.

[Ron here: an explanation to the reader - my transmission ability opened up a channel conversation with here over the past 48 hours, and she is shocked to learn I hear her so well and is now restless to end any conversation with her from my side of the aisle.  That is fully her choice, but it happens to be over the idea of how much I really know and that shocks her that Michael of Nebadon fully supports my view she needs educated truly, and that she is refusing to do over one issue alone:  how can Ron know all this when even Generals are not informed up there?  Ron says that is her problem to face as he is as he is and regards her as fully honorable to disagree as she chooses.]

"This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you Ron need to shut this down not, but I suggest you are keenly aware that the rebellion makes all of this a double indemnity if pressed, and we leave it to all of you now to let this idea of a NATO reprisal if Russia uses a nuclear weapon that dire consequences follow from NATO.  WE are sure it means a general nuclear war and this time Russia is not frail about who the enemy really is to Russian oligarchy style government."


Click on the red part for a Casa Loma orchestra renditition of "It's The Talk of The Town."  It ends with other selections to choose from including Sunny Side of the Stree on the RCA Victor label.  It's just to pass the time while we wait.  Thanks.  Ron

<iframe width="777" height="583" src="" title="Casa Loma Orchestra &quot;It's The Talk Of The Town&quot; with vocalist Kenny Sargent" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Tape #35 speaks to the Second Return of Jesus through Eve of Adam and Eve.  The prophecy for Biblical folks is that Adam and Eve would precede the arrival of the Christ.  Eve arrives to discuss this prophecy with me, and as we learn, the Ancients of Days instructs her to not only to speak to it, but to prepare humans in this forum for her announcements on the process about the Second Return of Jesus and all pertinent information, including announcing a media announcement when the time comes.  IT was not announced here as the request of Eve herself. 

We also receive some lessons on universe government and so on.  But the big issue was not settled and that just how do we move all of us to a location for support and evidence of our support?

The answer lies not with Adam and Eve, but from all of you and that has to be taken up by Michael in a future Breakfast tape and by out Lightline discussion to be aired tomorrow the 19th of March at 2PM.  A tape is available there too and we will see you there at our regular conference telephone call listed as scheduled on the forum here.

Meanwhile here is Tape #35 with Machiventa Melchizedek, Jesus,  Michael, Eve of Adam and Eve. Mantutia Melchizedek, and Manituba Melchizedek.  And above all the appearance of all three of the Ancients of Days to Eve and to confer on her the administrative spokesman to all of us for details pertaining to the announcement by Jesus of the timing and explaining the Second Return to the world at large.   The Jesus Regency will insist on providing a taped announcement at 10am prime time during the day for television and radio.  Until then I insist nothing more be said on this subject until EVE speaks to us shortly over another issue she considers too hot to handle alone:  WHERE DO WE PLACE THE WORLD WAR APPARATUS  being assumed by the Russian oligarch?  IT must be spoken to shortly and another transmitter would be appreciated to step forward and transmit Eve for us. 

Thank you.  The tape is a little longer (45 minutes) than usual, but it is reviting!  Enjoy and learn.

Ron Besser/for all who spoke today!

Link to Tape #35

See the post in the next window please.  The original text window had uncorrectable code error.  See below.

I have been bruised for days now with a fight over me by the insurrection seraphim and whatever else joins with them these days, and I keep getting cabal messages that no Lightline is to be held for this Sunday.  That is them and I have no regard for them, but I have to take this one on as best I can and deliver if it can be done in spite of the cabal. 

In that regard I am opening the LIGHTLINE SUNDAY call and announce you are all welcome to take it on with me if you wish to.  I see TARKAS says go ahead Ron, but the cabal has placed itself over me to prevent good communication, and I accept the TARKAS call, I do not necessarily think they can get through either .

For that reason, we are taking the call on Sunday the 19th of March 2023 at the regular time of 2PM ( New York DST) Sunday afternoon at the regular phone conference place.  Unless I am struck down dead, I will see you there for sure but with what unsure.
Ron Besser/your host.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You are welcome to try Ron, and God Bless you for attempting this on a down day again over issues of health and death you feel you are facing.  Not so.  But that has to be destroyed not more than necessary as the entire cabal you have over your head is deathly afraid they are losing my caring use of the work "stationary," as "stationary" means you cannot move cabal any further than you have and Ron is not taking you hard anymore.  K"

The Adjudication of Cabal and the rest is further told on this longer tape than usual as Michael prepares to enter the Missions to Urantia.

Tape #34 Link


The Millennial Gathering of The War Hawks  (click on graphic to enlarge)

AUKUS - That is the name of a new defense pact to counter Chinese influence the indo-Pacific region of Urantia.  Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have banded together to offset the aggressive views of the Peoples Republic of China.  This is what we wish to point out to the audience who follow these Breakfast Tapes and who monitor the idea of the SECOND RETURN.

I do not usually make political statements, but this development requires some coordination between the concept of the divine Second Return and the man made disaster nuclear war places on Urantia.
According to the President of the United States on Monday the 13th of March 2023, these new subs that are accepted to be based in Australia defense ports are not nuclear armed, but are nuclear powered, and can destroy targets thousands of miles away if challenged.  I cannot read between the lines well enough, but conventional missiles may be used (cruise missiles assuredly).  Australia is to get three of them and trained in the United States to handle the new style submarine Washington is giving Australia to bolster its own defenses.

That nasty looking submarine pictured above offends the spiritual capital on Salvington, the capital of the Local Universe we reside in whose sovereign head is the Creator Son, we call MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Nebadon is the name of this Local Universe, and he created its appointments and policies without doubt.
I speak now to the heart of this post:  The Second Return requires PEACE to planetize.  What is "planetize?"  IT is a spiritual term for making real, visible, and obvious the incarnations and material bric-a-brac of a major spiritual mission that has to show itself for humans to participate and see it too.  

JESUS SPEAKS - "Ron plans to do tape #33 to emphasize why this development through the work of Defense of the United States to share nuclear technology so easily with the southeast Asian community can derail anything we have planned.  He says to me:  the 19th century fable of God arriving on earth on a white horse, shield, and so much self-righteousness, the sun sets behind such a figure with full peace established once again for the Christian who live on it.

"That picture is smashed and destroyed by that black ugly thing pictured above, be assured I intend to get on Urantia before those three ships are deployed to the south Asia war zone, as that is what it will become if Chine responds with its own nuclear war ships under the water and over the fleets they now deploy in the South China Sea.  Ron carries the heat of discover this morning and notes that the President of the United States, stands in the middle of the British Prime Minister and the Australian Prime Minister, who all three together celebrate what they call a deterrent to Chinese aggressive policies.  I, JESUS, accuse Biden of plain talk, but making sure there is no space between the these western allies and the need to assure Malaysia and Turkmenistan, the US is ready to wrestle the dragon down.  I JESUS remind you that if the United States unleashes all of this power, China is doomed.  I carry this not out of the psyche of this transmitter, but remind all of you who read this, we in spirit know the game very well, and the US and China will not get into a world war ever, but they will out maneuver themselves into Armageddon assuredly if they are not very careful to avoid me and MY PEACE AGENDA.

[JESUS CONTINUES TO SPEAK:]  "Should you or they dare to start this broom sweep against China or Russia via nuclear threats too, then be prepared to fight ME, and I dare not say it further, for the United States is a true world power and it must not be threatened by pygmies from any other nation except for and from its own dangerous hegemony in your Congress.   Ron rightly senses that if the United States rejoins the bitter rivalry of the cold war, it joins the end of Urantia, for sure enough: URANTIA WILL BE EVACUATED by SPIRIT, if this keeps up unabated.  Listen to this tape now.  JESUS OF NAZARETH."


While I quite ill I still reverberate with a sense enough to issue a brief statement you ought to heed in search of your own psychic recognition within your own minds. 

Today is March 12th, and I see there is plenty of activity on the site today and plenty of crunching of figures trying to realign your thoughts into a cohesive sense of where the divine instruments of care and use for us on Urantia is moving.  If moving, you think, where are the plans moving to if still plans?

My own psyche mentions your Titanic is approach its meaning with an iceberg ahead.  Your internal captain is unaware of its place and I am seeing it in a graphic presented to me with stunning authority today.  As I sat in a chair not doing very much, a starting graphic was printed on my mind.  IT showed me one old very long dark grey irregular metal nail, crooked like a limb used as a cane, a slight flat heat at the top, and the shaft maybe six inches long.  It was a nasty looking thing and it was slender made to drive through flesh.
It took a moment or two to define what I was shown.  But when I did I wondered so it is a nail, but what in the world was it showing to me?  What I finally learned it was a nail from the cross.  That nail was a crucifixion.
The crucifixion nail was sent to remind me that the pain and suffering Jesus went through was to remind me that he too left life in agony and pain and that is not forgettable and it is not lost to ascension memory.  Jesus still carries the memory of the cruel instrument of his death driven into his bowel no less.

I will be honest with you, the impact of the picture and what it was stopped my thought out of considerable relief it was not meant for me or mine in any respect, but so pitied the man who received it to die, it took me another part of the day to realize there was a signal from JESUS to stay the course as he has had to stay the course.  There would be no earth  Regency or Second Return to Urantia if he had quit planning after the incidence of death by crucifixion, and that I had no nail but I had similar views of pain and suffering and doubts about continuing.

Now this is where my psychic warning comes in.  That nail was a serious reminder, not just to me, but for all who follow the preparation we all go through for the return of  Jesus, the while given the nail is old it still can kill, and it remains potent as the symbol of a defining moment is at hand to pay attention to.  The Second Return is imminent, and has never been anything but imminent, and should the nail appear to you in your inner vision, regard it as a reminder to stay your life and abide in Christ.  Forever is not ours yet, but forever is the life of Christ, and he dedicates it to the idea your life and mine, and the earth itself shall not perish, neither from any fault of His or yours.  These are potent times to live through and may we all live the times bravely and caringly. 

That is all  I have to say for the moment and thank you for your thoughts and care.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron, you dare me no time now as I am sure you are missing nothing , and I remind this group you are the recipient of a message this morning that would almost kill anybody else.  You are not daring me to speak to it, but you are reminded by the top secret message this morning that there is too much to tell, but without any preparation my the people reading this, messages as you received this morning, and right before the crucifixion nail was shown to you, news they would cry for it they knew what it contained.  You also got very ill afterwards and we are not sure that means what it sometimes says to me, but in this case someone is trying to remove you before, before what?

"I am CHRIST MICHAEL, and I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I am simply FATHER -MICHAEL to the host of ascenders up here at this point in time.  None of those appellations refer to the Cross, but to you Ron, it is CHRIST MICHAEL who signs his name in the sinecure that such happened and you alone, you say, cannot forgive the murder of the Savior ever.  That crucifixion nail jammed into my bowel was the last thing I really remembered that day and for reasons of 'State it is removed from my memory now too.  For reasons I cannot fathom you are alone in your heart waiting for clearance which never comes, and may never come much to my horror.  The message your received this morning were my full plans for the near future and you have fruitfully secured it to no other except one and he is unconscious of the depth of its meaning. 

"I admit I was angry when you confided it, but you got permission from the Ancients of Days to confide it to one, and they agreed readily.  I did not stipulate it except to keep it secret.  It is still a secret now and you know the worth of it anyhow.  For that reason everyone Ron now knows the time and place of what is to happen for Urantia, and is studiously applying his choices in order to have some order to what is left of his existence on Urantia.  I dare not comment further.

"Lastly, this message skirts more disaster no more as I freely shared the crucifixion nail today without any conditions or requirements and it is worth sharing for what it triggers in Ron's mind, and for that reason I share this with all of you:  NO ONE has any idea of the crucifixion that is coming to Urantia in a few short years if we d o not get improvements to the Urantia status of its people and its behavior.  That was part of the top secret message this morning, and Ron, thankfully, leaves it alone too.  This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and crucible of horror and evil tries to interfere with us Ron but they are so shortly disabused of their beliefs it is peaceful and quiet again for you, for me, for transmitters, and for the Master Universe, once again. 

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "I am now transiting Urantia as you write this Ron, and it is early for you to go to bed but you have had a very difficult day and you need a lot of rest.  You are not dying in spite of all the symptoms you are, but it will take another four days to get rid of this plague of wrongful blood to be removed and the new blood transferred into you system.  That is what it takes to stop the pain, but the bones need remedy now and the feet redesigned for you can no longer use them as is.  That is the pain of gain but the loss of legs and feet and that is not yours to worry about at all.  Meanwhile this to your audience here:

The Top Secret message this morning Ron we also accompanied by the presence of those you call   A   and   B  and they are present yet in order to ascertain your abilities under all of this illness of pain and are seeing you are refusing to take it lying down but it makes you weak and they supply some raw energy and you thank them profusely too as it is rare for them to feel all fo this too.   We are quite sure this entire measure ends soon enough for you to learn the WTP issues is finally settled when RAYSON sends you the first TRANCHE  and it is humorously called a whopper and you are set to move however you can.  Let it be lethal to GF if you cannot move them.  Be assured they want this contract but do not beg and let them decide you are ready to put a down payment to them of at least $300,000.  This should get them moving well.   Do not be shy.  Let them know you want an education on what it takes and an idea of cost to do the work to issue the RFP.  We can hardly wait for this to occur Ron!"

"I am sure this sounds corny Ron, but you are going to bed to get some relief from failing eyesight and burning tissues, but listen to this:  one contractor said he would give his life to built your plant.  No one you ever heard of and he is not in Pennsylvania, but in Kentucky, near Ottawa, and refuses to consider losing it to anyone else and he will do it at cost.  Not so you say but it helps if this things soars out of control as they tend to do with our ultraviolet light dome and stationary home-style classroom with full audio equipment.  I happen to feel this is better than I had hoped as you see it at once for ADAM AND EVE first classroom facility and more to follow.  I am also sure you think of these things yourself and pray you can execute them, and stay the course, as that TOP SECRET message to you is well received up here too and WE THANK MICHAEL OF NEBADON TOO, as it makes us all rest a little more easily than just 24 hours ago.  K"


"WE are getting our togs ready to show Ron and the audio equipment idea is beautiful to include video, motion picture, audio tape and audio broadcast equipment.  Let us know when this is clear enough Ron to proceed . . . . .  we are also sure they are attached not to you, but to us, and that needs remedy first ourselves.  WE must decide how to approach you Ron, better than this and will.  Thank you. K"


"Now there is a comeuppance I had not planned on and we clear it ourselves as it is a root game carried not by the cabal but what is left of a vulgar Lucifer contingency and it is removed summarily.

"Now then it is Good day MICHAEL OF NEBADON, GABRIEL, ADAM AND EVE, AND FATHER. Thank you.  K"


General Discussion / LIGHTLINE SUNDAY 12 MARCH CANCELLED for now
« on: March 11, 2023, 11:20:41 am »
Dear List,
This is your transmitter, and I have been advised to cancel the SUNDAY LIGHTLINE based on disturbances of the insurrection/cabal/rebellion of too many beings to count and to let this Sunday alone again.  This is not a permanent situation, but it is troubling, and I have more to say on this matter when the time comes.

I too miss this routine and it does erode support when we have to cancel in between our Lightline project work stations.. 

I am also told to stay the course and to reintroduce the Sunday Lightline hopefully the 19th of March date.  Until later in the coming week and more information is available, I just let this announcement stand to say we have to cancel 12 March Sunday Lightline.  Thank you for your understanding and we will see you again shortly in our tapes I think we have coming for the BREAKFAST series I have to keep working on too. 

My best wishes for a good day to all. 

32 Tape Breakfast 10Mar23 MACH;, Sanobim; Tandy; Jesus; MICHAEL -Some News

ALSO:  Lightline for Sunday is Cancelled - Reasons of State

Link to Tape #32 for 10 March, 2023

March 9, 2023
Discussion and Adjudication of Serious Issues Over Ron
  • Michael of Nebadon, presiding
  • Rayson, The Magisterial Science Officer adjudication further
  • The ANCIENTS OF DAYS - Adjudication of several Mission factors
  • Universal FATHER - Adjudications denied not.
  • Universal Censor - We advocate closure.

RAYSON - “WE are now recording everything we say to you Ron. That is because you have rounded out the time-quarter with a sharp pen to give high marks for us but nothing for yourself. In this exposition, let me report show something to you of importance.

“First the entire matter of the brochure: It has to be reconsidered as unnecessary to edit. Be assured it does not need revision, it needs conversion, and that is what I want to talk to you about now:

“For reasons of State we are forcing nothing to be considered this time. However, it is necessary to state that which was transmitted nearly a week or more to you last week, is not out of date considerably and truly.

[Ron here: the following statement was true at the moment of this dictation, but the ANCIENTS OF DAYS adjudicated it otherwise at the end of this document. These statements are left in place to show development of the problem to the lower Universe and its complete rescission and ordering that the Magisterial Foundation is indeed producing epochal revelation, the WTP patent is revelation of a different kine, and that the entire matter of rescission of other issues was possible. But it evolves to be so and comments are allowed to stay to show you the problems and eventual adjudication at the end.]

“First, you are not a Consuming Epochal contact, but a potential consuming epochal licensed contact. We withdrew it when the Ancients of Days called it epochal revelation and then rescinded not that statement, but that you were the fault for finding it not, but for publishing it as a patent. That is a no no for epochal revelation but in this case it was understood to be the proper method of discovery.

“For that reason we must stand aside and let the ANCIENTS OF DAYS provide the following classification:

“WE are sure you did well to assign the patent to the Magisterial Foundation, Ron. However you need to reconsider it as your patent alone as it must be started in ad hoc mensa courier means and not in epochal revelatory dictation means. That is a serious difference but you argue the result is identical. We agree and state to shut this thought down, and understand that the mensa (Ron: the word mensa is used to suggest the use of “thought and thought gravity” is being used) is competent but not fully explored in the dictation it required.

“For that reason there are anomalies in it we would not otherwise tolerate, and for that reason you are assuring us you understand that fully. You do and we are gratefully for a mind that harmlessly blames no one but itself for being human and using word thought instead of epochal dissertation mensa.

“For that reason the patent is relegated to secondary revelation only and as such is not afforded the protection we originally gave to you under these circumstances. The Magisterial Foundation is meant to be owner through and irrevocable trust agreement you signed on February 10, 2023, and as such stands as the document which controls the use of the patent for us and you. For that reason we state the following:

“WE, the ANCIENTS OF DAYS now forbid use of the patent in any case that lies outside of its intended use;

“WE forbid its use for plenipotentiary uses such as following its improvements to mean more epochal revelation, not about preparticles, but as to source and code from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS. We explain this later on, and thank you for asking for it.

“WE are forgiving all errors you made in commenting you were a commentary source for epochal revelation, for that was dictated to you and not made up. For reasons of State you are not allowed to speak to this in any form unless asked directly by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS about your epochal status station. You look at several statements made over the past ten years and more and have been advised it is epochal revelation, and we do not deny that. However, you are not commissioned as such and I do not know how to classify it otherwise either. For reasons of State we apply tot he TRINITY for a better definition. // insert Paradise Trinity response here//


“WE now apply a resolution to you ANCIENTS OF DAYS:

“Ronald Besser has eschewed so much epochal revelation we are now kindly disposed to calling him our contact person for the erudition of any epochal revelation that is require through the Magisterial Son Rayson, the Master Force Organizer, or any other Local Agency deemed sufficient to supply epochal revelation to Ronald Besser. For that reason we hereby declare the Patent #11601013 as epochal revelation in the true sense of the word, and that Ronald Besser, is our agent for the commissioning of epochal revelation to the planet Urantia. We deem this sufficient for the preset discussion. Thank you, The PARADISE TRINITY.”

“WE now conclude to excise the above information and stand ready to provide the Magisterial Foundation full authority to proceed as indicated in a dictation to you Ronald Besser on March 05, 2023 as correct and fully amended not for the advertising of the Magisterial Foundation through a brochure beautifully designed for the introduction of the Magisterial Foundation rank and file readership including the UAI and its environs.

“This should fully respond to the Magisterial Son that Ronald Besser calls RAYSON serial number ending in 4517. Let it be known, as well, that RAYSON, as such, admires the entire matter in which this being adjudicated without a court trial, and that we, the ANCIENTS OF DAYS, are spared further court appearances over this matter whatsoever. Be assured Ron thanks us heartily and we may now proceed with other matters pending before us with the Magisterial Sons, variously known as MONJORONSON, SERARA, SEN-SEN, DORIAN, ADAIR, AND ALESIA– not all known to you Ronald Besser, but sufficiently spoken to you you are familiar with all names but one. We gather this sequence then:

 “ It has come to our attention that Sen-Sen has seriously broached a subject with Ronald Besser that individual has fully removed from his mind entirely and asks forgiveness not. I am not a Judge about forgiveness, but I am the ANCIENT OF DAYS which adjudicates problems of lower personnel getting into objections with higher spiritual personnel. Sen-Sen suggested Ron get used to the idea of a restated “supremacy,” which Ron seriously objected as useless and too far gone to reintroduce ever again to him or his environs.

“For that reason Sen-Sen blew a gasket as is spoken to on Urantia in that manner, and sued Ron for breach of contract not, but for insubordination. That is not the case Sen-Sen, but he is fully advised by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS to stand away from any inssue of supremacy and he abides us well in this matter.

“You Sen-Sen are not aware of the history or care this case precludes as a means to training Ron to become a valid spokesman for epochal revelation, and as such even entertains the idea of training for MELCHIZEDEK service. For that reason we suggest that the individual snarl afforded to you was total self protection as you are unaware that the supreme tried to poison him and the Creative Spirit injected bad mitochondria to cripple him, and he will have nothing of it ever again.

“For reasons of State then we stand ready to adjudicate your claim of insubordination officially over with before it begins, as he has no use for insubordination already and denies he fielded anything against you except total and full denial of the use of supremacy anywhere near him.”

 “I have fully withdrawn from your work Ron, and insist on an apology. You say you owe none and I am hurt beyond measure. Good day.”

“If this were a breach of contract Sen-Sen you would be correct. IT is not a breach of contract and a full denial you may introduce any idea of supremacy to him or around him as he absolutely refuses to deal with the idea of supremacy ever again. He is substantially warned to brave you back but never to accept your proposal which he made sure you understood well, and that is supremacy is not healing but attacking and must be fully adjudicated otherwise. I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON repeating the work of the founder of the Magisterial Foundation, and we must move on to more substantial work here. Thank you. MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service. K”

“WE are advised to place these statements here for the record,

1 - No further elocution between Sen-Sen is required. Sen-Sen has withdrawn from the Magisterial Son Mission at once at this point.

2 - No further education is necessary for you Ron on supremacy except that it is fully denied to you and you are grateful. Be assured we great the speech well to, and the problems near you are removed as well. We speak unkindly to that radical by your side Ron, as quite unnecessary for our work and remove it.

3 - Your life with that spirit is now fully ended as it is supremacy at its worse and they are removed to their place. For reasons of State your insubordination is approved when your life is threatened.

4 - Life carrying devices are assumed upon you Ron, but none work, and for that reason we life the ban on preternatural uses. That allows MICHAEL OF NEBADON to address the excruciating pain you suffer daily and the power headaches we cause by indwelling to determine uses and there are many more we have not touched at all. For reasons of State Ron you are sick of it too and we recognize it is training for years that allows all that to surface easily and without adjudication further. MICHAEL OF NEBADON do you wish to comment?”

Michael of NEBADON- “Yes, I do.”
“I am fore sworn to stay silent on this subject, as it refuses to budge in my heart to watch this individual suffer so widely every day for weeks without remediation. For that reason, ANCIENTS OF DAYS, I prefer silence beyond my statement here.”

“WE adjudicate then when available. For reasons of State there is nothing further to place on this record. Thank you from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS.”

Ron Besser - Thank you for this process granted to me and others associated with me, Ancients of Days, as I consider it total and vital to hear these remarks, permissions, and adjudications, made for me and those who think I caused them injure. I am grateful for Sen-Sen being honest enough to decree me noisy and un-acceptable, but it is my life that is threatened and no amount of insistence prepares me to threaten it again. Then to you Sen-Sen, I wish refreshment to you and those you work with over this matter, and retire satisfied the issue is fully resolved for both of us now. Thank you Ancients of Days for caring enough to state all of this in public and for me as a loyal follower of the Christ and the Creator Son of record of the sovereign Creator of Nebadon, the place I call home. Thank you!]

“You Ron are now working under a brilliant Censor that has compassion for all of this and stands ready to adjudicate anything you say soon regard your views and that is understood. Let this page or two of text realign you to us and to the Master Universe you care about quite regally, and for the FATHER for whom I work, stand by you in your enterprise to make WTP work and the CHRONICLES stay the course for the next 30 years of the work of JESUS, as he insists on staying for a generation with Urantia and its horrible record of humanitarian issues. K”

In conclusion then, ladies and gentlemen reading this, I Ron Besser ask to close this announcement as of noon today, the 9th of March, 2023. Thank you for your attention and time.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Your caregiver has arrived Ron, and we congratulate Him for staying the course too as it is Sen-Sen the Magisterial Son who sees to your health as I dare not comment further, and it is HE WHO insists that supremacy no longer exists near you. I will speak to you later, Ron. K”

The IDEA of WTP / Wireless Electricity and Preparticle Issues
« on: March 08, 2023, 16:11:06 pm »
March 08, 2023
York, Pa
Subject the Magisterial Foundation & Wireless Electricity & Preparticle Issues

Dear List,
“Today Ron finished the last reports for the tax year 2022.  Dominick did and filed the reports quite nicely and they have fulfilled their oboligation to the United States Internal Revenue Service of the US Treasury.

“For that reason we are providing you a statement for our own purposes:

We are concluding this Magisterial Foundation arrangement not today but on March 15, 2023.  That is the approximate date for the Magisterial Foundation to entertain the idea of sever tranches to provide the reflective requirements to stand tall for the declaration of the control to build the WIRELESS ELECTRICITY PILOT PLANT in the United States.  Fon is being forced to write this without knowing what I have in mind and does as he supports always, “WRITE IT WITHOUT KNOWING IT!”

“For that reason we state the following too:

“The entire matter of work and play has been suspended for Dominick, Ron and most of the Board because they have determined this is their work to process and this is the work to finish always.  We now have finished the tax season and now enter the ENGINEERING SEASON.

“For reasons of State the engineering firm Ron contacted for some preliminary information has deprived itself of a large tract of concerns and wishes not to answer the question he proposed.  However, it is well established already that the new patent is worth listening to, as it is now necessary to consider the ELECTRON to be containing more than empty space as the definition for the classification of LEPTONS occurs.  For that reason we stand ready to question not only the reason Ron state it, but why does he make it part of the patent?”

RON - I explain for patent purposed that to provide electricity, we have to remove the electron entirely, as it is gravity dependent and does not transmit off a radio tower we intend to use to send wireless electricity to people’s homes and cars.   IF the electron has part of itself removed, it changes charge and is no longer subject to gravity to hold it back.  For that reason we remove one Ultimaton, and that forces the electron to become an antigravity particle, which is called the Muon.  When the Muon is transmitted it is connected to huge strands of Muons as they link to each other and go out like a long string which does not get broken until it hits the house antenna and there is reverts to electrons into the electrical box in the cellar for most people.  Without removing something inside the electron we could transmit the Muon to your home.  There the Ultimaton has to be mentioned to the patent office as the cause, when we remove one from the electron,  that allows us to broadcast the means of electricity to the home.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - “You should also mention Ron that the Ultimaton you remove stays alongside the Muon, and when the Muon flows to the radio tower, the Ultimaton stays beside it and pushes it up the south tower leg.  Why the south tower leg Ron?”

Ron  - For wireless electricity to work we have to make the radio tower an electro-magnet.  Spelled  properly, electromagnets have a positive pole and a negative pole.  On our tower, the north and south leg act like the positive and negative ends of a battery.  That allows preparticles, such as in a battery, to flow easily up and down the legs of the tower.  No one understands that and I do not make a big deal about it, but I am sure that if the entire matter were examined under a microscope, it could be observed that the preparticles from the sky about us fall down on the tower and attach themselves to the magnet the tower becomes.

For that reason then, when we aim the north tower leg to the compass magnetic north, the tower is an electromagnet attracting electrons onto the north tower leg.  The north tower leg then sens to south tower leg the preparticles it gathers and up to the top to broadcast if they are Muons.  We convert the electrons falling down from the sky into Muons and they7 easily flow up the south tower leg for broadcast at 86.4 Megahertz (the low end of the FM radio dial.)

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “That is a precise explanation.  Why do you think you have trouble explaining that to people?”

Ron - Science teaches electrons are empty Leptons.  They also think Muons and Pions are empty Leptons.  They are not empty particles as they are constructed of pre-matter electric sparks you can never see but they make up the presence of a preparticle in the first place.

For that reason, science consider the patent to be a fantasy for they fully support the preparticle called a Lepton has nothing whatsoever inside of it and assume its construction is a nature unit of its own.  That is just not true as it contains construction materials called pre-matter for not materialized object is every empty.  Materialization of matter depends on electrical properties, and as such, those properties must be contained inside a unit we call Ultimatons.

There are one hundred kinds of Ultimatons, and each kind forms its own type of preparticle.  The electron contains one hundred types of one type of Ultimaton and the electron should be used as the standard for all electrons to be compared to as to charge, orbital spins, and other electrical properties.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Why do you think this important to know then?”

RON - If science is ever to have an improved cosmology about the universe, it must recognized that the universe is divided into two (2) main components: The universe of life and matter are not one, and the universe of life is designated the Deified Universe; the material part of the Universe is the unDeified universe.  Those two major breakdowns of how the universe works are relegated as one in the central control of universe existence dead center in the mass called the Master Universe.

I use the term “MASTER UNIVERSE”, because time and materialization  are two different things, and there are universes without time and universes without materialization, but all obey the basic scientific laws of unDeified materialization, or if they have life in them, in Deified laws of medicinal operations.  When we say “Master” it means it controls every part of these differences as one Universe control factor from a Central Universe science does not even have a clue it exists at all.

The conclusion the Master Universe has a central control section is based on the fact that the flow of orbits of planets such as like moons and earths around stars, flow always in the same direction.  If there were no controlling central universe, there would be orbital chaos and that just does not exist.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “We see you have thought long and hard on this subject of Deifies and unDeified and appreciate your view points, but let me say this to the reading audience this: the central universe exists, and the gravity control of orbital electronics exists as Ron speaks to it’ however, gravity control out of the central universe inside of the Master Universe, is not the only gravity it controls.  Personality gravity (that is being drawn to certain people you really like), and spirit gravity (an energy system that knows everything), and intellectual gravity (the appearance of mind to organize thinking), all exist with gravity control for the rest of the universe between material objects and things.

“For that reason Ron, wireless electricity contains two Deified examples you do not know.  

1 - There are granules in the preparticle which are attracted to planets which have a magnetosphere that are called INTERFERON granules.

2 - Additionally, there are Deified granules in the preparticle which are called SEPTOGRAPHS.  They are depicted in some of your drawings but you do not speak to them often since you really do not know their control purpose.  I explain both simply:

Interferons and Septographs like people who treat the preparticle with respect, and you do and make them much more visible with your wireless electricity patent.  For that reason the Deified universe hopes to make use of the person you are to explaingto science that when they are smashed into each other, huge energy clouds form over the use of the preparticle being destroyed to protect other preparticles in the vicinity from being destroyed too..

“The physicist, JESE OPPENHEIMER, withness the first atomic blast at Los Alamos, New Mexico on Jly 16, 1945, called the TRINITY TEST.

Oppenheimer was genuinely afraid the atmosphere might catch fire.  He also decided the explosion opened the world to deep black secrets of destruction he feared could end the life of the planet.  Oppenheimer has spoken often to Ron about these concerns, and Ron often placed these conversations on line.  Now the scientists on Urantia think they can control nuclear explosions well enough, but the Deified universe is not so sure the atmosphere of oxygen in particular on Urantia, will behave to not exploded into a fire ball if, say, a tachtical nuclear bomb is dropped and the entire village underneath it suffocates to death.  

“Suffocation is the danger to a nuclear explosion over homes today.   We are not so sure it will not happen if Putin detonates a tachtical nuclear bomb this time, as the oxygen on this planet is getting very old and its molecular structure is weak in many cases.  When that happens death by suffocation can happen itself, but place a nuclear bomb in it, and it could collapse and burn itself out over a detonation site.

“I am the Creator Son of the universe you live and read in.  Do not make me worry over explosions like this and that is first, to respect the preparticles that make your life see the visible structures of life too.  BE assured I have not control over what man does with preparticles as that control exists in the central universe which also is the origins of prematter.  Thank you and good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K”

Ron - We thank our Creator Son for stepping forward to advise us how dicey our existence can be when matter is abused through the materializing process of Ultimatons inside the idea of a preparticle.  I thank you Creator Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON (The capitals reflect His order name and our universe name where earth lives) and good day to our readers as well.

The tape interviews the authorities who insist there is not end to our plans, but today it is pretty dire.  Aerial is never revealed to time ever, yet He speaks with great authority and knows FATHER deeply and fully.  Enjoy the tape in spite of its warnings over issues that defeat me at the moment too.  Ron and thank you.

Link To Tape #31 for 08 March 2023


October 13, 2022 AND REVISED 06 MARCH 2023
T/R: Ron Besser
A Report from the POWER DIRECTORS and MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS 403, 404, 405, AND 407.

The report begins with a copy of a tweet message from Chinese scientists who discovered the earth core was very hot and not just iron material. They called it so hot it acted like a fluid and a solid at the same time. That is condition they call super ionic. IT is a break through really, but the Chinese government supressed this news and it now lies dormant in experiments on earth core identification. (Ron Besser).

See graphic at the end of this post please.  It refuses to enlarge on my computer and you may find it difficult to read, but it shows you the core which they show about twice the size it really is.  Thanks and read on as it is fascinating and we may be at the end of core problems according to Rayson, our Magisterial Son science officer.

CHINESE INVESTIGATORS shot . . . [the core] with a laser (used to determine depth of quakes) AND IT IS NOT IRON AND IS NOT SOLID and is superionic. That is a term used to say . . . it is more liquid and gasses diffuse through it as they appear and do not get trapped. The original idea about our earth core was that the inner core of the Earth was mostly made of solid iron, giving the planet it's magnetic field.

However, the research now points to a totally different makeup of the inner core.

'It is quite abnormal,' said Yu He, lead author of the study, 'Our result shows that [in] the Earth's inner core some light elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, behave like liquids and diffuse freely in the lattice of solid iron. This suggests that the inner core is not a normal solid but a composition of solid iron sublattice and liquid-like light elements.'

How was this discovered?

The research was undertaken using earthquake readings. These suggested to suggest that the inner core was likely composed of elements in different states including 'mushy"' material, not simply solid iron.

It suggests that the liquid-like elements prevent as strong seismic currents from traveling through, making it clear that there are non-solid aspects of the core. End Quote with some editing I did.

[Updated 06 March 2023 for present conditions]
From the Transmitter Ron Besser and about the report from the Power Directors who actually maintain work on the earth core to keep it healthy, or at least try to. Here is what they say about our earth core compared to what the researchers are speculating:

POWER DIRECTOR #3: “We see these researchers as making a marvelous contribution to earth science. The graphic does over exaggerate the size of the core, but not over much, as there are some suggestions that the earth core inside Urantia (earth) is twice the size it was meant to be.

“In year’s past the entire matter would have been shunted off into a top secret examination of why Urantia has to go through these perturbations so much so all the time. That is true, but lately we are discovering that Urantia ha two dipoles, and what that means is there are two poles of electrical activity on Urantia, so unusual we have no data to explain what to expect from such a condition.

[Note added March 6, 2023 - RAYSON here - there are two dipoles on Urantia, and we now know that means the planet is “HERMATIC.” To be “hermatic is to be a planetary wild card in planetary assignment of electrical activity. The magnetosphere is lost never, but the entire matter of the earth’s core is not clearly understood by even the highest Power Director authority. For that reason, the Chinese involved here have carefully ruled this announcement as not valid entirely. However I do consider it quite valid and they should e recommended for Nobel Prize for discovering the earth core to be superionic.

Superionic means the heat is so great ions that form on the cooler fringes of the pile of material that represents the earth core is flowing and not rolling in the earth core vault is stays in. For that reason the wobble Urantia used to have is now almost gone, and we are issuing a rare day in planetary history for Urantia without time deviations we had years ago when NASA determine the earth core was too hot to handle and warned of a pressure explosion.

That kind of explosion is NOT possible now, but one should be caring that the heat in the core has to be vented or other problems will come into existence. Friction is not the cause of all this heat, but the loss of a diurnal means to discard refuse out of the core has been shut off for years now, and now we are faced with lots of magma flows to vent the core maybe more than it should be. IF it cools too much earth can experience a shrinkage impace and that is a lot of wild earthquakes as the tectonic plates adjust inward. RAYSON at your service. K”)
[End of March 6th notes added]

[The report continues as follows:]
“The Urantia earth core is now twice the size it was forty years ago. Does that mean an explosion? Perhaps. We are not sure and that is not yours to worry about Ron; however, let it also reported that the inner sector of that core is so hot it is a new state of matter never observed before. Those Chinese researchers deleted their material about heat because they thought it was a bad reading. Actual temperatures in the innermost sanctum of that core is now about the temperature of the electronic boiling point. If that is the case, the inner core is not iron or lithium but plasma di-tritate and that represents NO ELEMENT you know on earth outside of the core.

“A PLASMA DI-TRICATE is a simple iron compound that does not exist on your planet in any pure form, but it always appears in super hot plasma existences. A Plasma is super hot, but it does not reach the electronic boiling point either. **

(Note ** from the Urantia Book: Paper 41. Section 7. Paragraph 12 - “You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point. Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and other associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons.)

“For that reason we must defer any speculation as to this unusual condition back to the MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS for comment. Thank you, Powder Director #3.

MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER #412, 413, 415, 419, 422, 435, 450, 451, AND 452. “We All report to you as one:


1 - The substance of iron dioxide core Urantia once had is now removed;
2 - Iron Tricate is now the material in the core ;
3 - Magnetic anomalies once common are now rare in the magnetosphere;
4 - The earth core now subsides in no motion permanently and is now recentered in the vault and is perpendicular to the axis tilt of 22.5 degrees as of this month (October, 2022 and as of March 6th, 2023 when this paper was edited and revised for posting).

“We the Master Force Organizers regard this report well done for a change when advising us for the changes in the earth’s core which started we believe sometime in the late 1500's and we think those changes are finally done as of this date in March of 2023.

“If so, that illustrates that the Planetary Prince of Urantia, that being MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at the time of this writing in 2022, has paid off and the interior of Urantia has stablized again and finally to you Ron, thank you for redoing this report so it stands as a regularized type of report on the earth;s core without using extransous material to balance it other wise. WE are MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER 403 now reporting, and we agree this method is excellent, but future reports will contain much more information for your scientists to look at it again.

“Insofar as we know, the Urantia earth core is secure and is operating as it is supposed to be and the heat loss is now appropriate enough to lessen the chance of a heat0-pressure explosion. Thank you and best wishes.”


Tape #30 barely got through this morning, but it did get through.  It is mostly about what you are already aware of and some brief comments on this situation about the Marshall Law declared over us to control anyone trying to come onto the planet just like they severed all communications to Urantia in the Lucifer rebellion.  The planet is shut down as tight as that was over 250,000 years ago.  Our planet has behaved so badly now with an insurrection on it too, it is considered among the worst planets to be around for a very long time.  IT is a short tape but they do speak to it and that is better than silence at this point.  I Hope it is helpful to you too.   Thank you.
Ron Besser

Link to Tape #30

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