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EVENTUATION - This word is a perfectly good English word meaning something slowly happens to appear.  You might hear it as “he eventually got there after having a flat tire.’  That is the normal idea of eventual, eventuate, eventuation, and all of it parts of speech forms.  But the 5th epochal revelation gives the word “eventuation.” a whole new definition to deal with, and that is what we will discuss here.

The term eventuation in the revelation talks about a reality level we time share babies never experience in our life time on this planet.  The reality level the revelation refers to is the one that takes time and discards it entirely.  People arriving in the reality level after our time reality level are fully finished, and that means at some point we exhaust time experiences to get to them at all.  Time can be perfected and that is the road all of us are on right now.  But when perfected, time is finished, and we no longer need time anymore, and that is why our universe planners decided to provide a step beyond time that has no time, and that eventually leads to more reality levels that take the Master Universe into an Infinite creation.

What our planners did was start a whole new space area to fill in after the time space area finished up.  Time perfection though has a very long way to go in Urantia years to measure it.  Spirit Theorists think time will be all done in a billion more earth years, and that is so far away do not worry about how to look finished in time at least in your lifetime.  Or for that matter, does the planet Urantia last that long to go either?

But what does the word eventuated have to do with all of this?  Time has run out for our present reality as it has become perfected.  Time still exists way back in our old space area, but the next area already exists beyond our wall of galaxies which is  a whole new space area.  Right now that area is totally empty and no life in it yet. But when it does start to get life, it will be for no-timers and not for us to explore.

There are several names given to the timeless space areas including fancy words like “the era of Ultimacy,” or the Absonite reality, and other names quite appropriate at the time of the issue of the 5th epochal revelation we should not always use now.  That’s because there has been a disaster of a wreck that happened and the one who was to create the place of Ultimacy or the Absonite (as it is also called), quit developing and has withdrawn from the scene entirely.  That makes just who gets assigned to the next reality a little dicey, but whoever and whatever that might be in person, they will experience timeless existences.  We do know this:

What did time do to get finished so well it can pass everything over to the next reality?  Simply put as best I can explain it, why time can do this is because time has settled all of the time problems with satisfactory solutions.  It has become perfected.  That also means that the space and planets in time are no longer blowing up or colliding and galaxies all have their place to spin in without hitting somebody else, and all the humans in time live a God-centered life and live long and prosper.  The is called the end of time and the perfection of time.  In its own way it is a time Paradise.

The absonite produces beings something like our human order I am told, who among other things, have absonite problems to solve, or just timeless problems that are mostly familiar to our time creation which solved them.  We solved with solutions to the causes of civil unrest, and relationship problems, and how to balance our finances and poverty well eliminated, and so on.  What the next reality looks at is how we solved them, and then says to God, “time solved these things for people living in time, but they did not solve them fully for spirit led individuals who are already born in spirit.  How do we get to do that?”  

There is your first real big difference between time and no time life.  We timers start without any idea of God and any idea there are ways to work miracles out with God to solve really pressing issues that can even kill us if we do not solve them.  In the no time areas, they already start with physical bodies, true, but they also have ten times the mind we timers do amd they figure out early on that spirit has excellent resources to undo spirit problems they have to deal with.  The new reality beings are so well tuned to God they can speak to Him almost at once and actually get an answer back.

What then does that have to do with eventuated?  This:

Those new personalities with the big brains and investigation skills we do not have, are given assignments by their Sunday School teachers, (assuming they have lessons in the elementary and primary education who teach this stuff we have to wait for a church to do it– or sort of), and they are given an assignment to look at problems we had in time.  

To do that they have to pray and meditate and learn to transmit and learn to hear other voices we do not in our time creation, and then are assigned a life long problem to offer no time solutions for.  They must do that by pulling down from the spirit archives what time did, and they eventually (through eventuated actions) get the full outline of all the steps time did to get an answer for how time did it.  They must work most of their life personalizations on it, and then report to their gurus what they solved and how they solved it.

God takes the solution they come up and matches it with the time ways of doing it too.  If it is original enough to be unique compared to the less savvy time did to solve it,  they are rewarded to go to heaven in a special draft of resolving problems without God having to tell them how to do it, and that automatically takes the no-time person and assigns him to being a second stage spirit at once.

Let us look at the philosophy of the term eventuated.

Eventuated can be described as REMOTION.  That is the simple word motion and you know what that is, and RE in front of it means to do it again since it was once done in motion by time.  Only they are no-time beings and they can see into how the motions time did to the problem and how time minds put the solution into a motion of solving it the time way.  The problem with the time way so often is it does not see deeply into the idea of the absonite (super spirit) ever.  The term absonite gets applied to eventuation because the no-time being has to play it over and over and over again until it is part of their minds almost.  The term absonite applies to the mind function in a no-time being which can take the riddle of how time did it.

Let me give you an example.  Time minds take little steps to solve a problem and that is usually with logic steps.  Logic goes like this: “If this is true then the next step has to be this.”  That is logic at work.  But no-time being do not have logic as all they have is the replay of how time solved it, and what the no-time mind does then is to take some  insights from the Deity Absolute (the infinite potential of all solutions in this case), and presses them into the outline steps time used.  Where there are differences between what the time agenda shows and what the mind of the no-timer finds, there it stands for all to see because we have now have an absonite mind solution never seen before.  God already knows it, but no-time beings are experiential and God is not entirely any of that at any time or future no-time.

The term “absonite” describes a new mind type.  Absonite also describes the lack of time using a mind of no-timers to see into greater pieces of the Infinity pie, and then serves that piece of Infinity for all to use, including the old time universe still in existence.  

The meaning of the prefix “ab” means “with” and now look at the text “sonity” You already know what that means but cannot put it together well because it is such an unfamiliar use of the word “son.”  The “ity” added to any word, means “like” in this case “like the Son.”  Suddenly that word should sound something familiar to you now, for the no-timers appear, not as being born, but they appear to parents much as a magician suddenly reveals the dove out of a hat.  The 5th epochal revelation does not dare tell you that mostly they never had Harry Potter explain such things . . . Okay, okay, either do we for that matter, but as we go up the chain of new realities to live, more and more God offends no one with tiny little steps to put new people on a planet or so, but God goes much more direct to produce offspring through spiritual matters.

These new no-timers use absonite mind (i.e. of the mind of the  Eternal Son remediation design), and they must use the Eternal Son to criticize the work they do with  cosmic absonity  using remotion of the old time problem to eventuate Ultimacy solutions.

We now understand that the absonite is an Eternal Son mind technique.  Our Thought Adjusters use it with us sometimes to test just how well we are doing since we humans will attempt to be helpers with the time-space Creator Sons, who have the job of establishing the appearance of the new no-timers to find a home when they appear, as I say it, out of a hat to be with their parents.  All who are these new no-time beings are invisible to our eyes in time, sorry to say, and I doubt if they will ever understand how we lived such sequestered lives almost entirely without God in so many parts of growing up we have to do.

I see no reason to go into their religious upbringing, but the will not have Son Bestowals like Jesus provided us on Urantia.  They will likely have someone like our own MICHAEL OF NEBADON, tell them about it.  Although,we may have a Bestowal of the Eternal Son in the Absonite realms of Eventuated Beings and Perfections.  It is impossible to predict.    

That concludes these definitions.  I summarize them for your now:

1 - Eventuated - Refers to life and problems of no-timers who become more real as they solve spiritual pro blems with old time solutions and re-solve them for high spiritual applications;

2 - Absonite - An Eternal Son mind bestowal on no-time personalities which sees the superpersonal means to solving big problems better with high spirit too;

3 - Remotion which I think is a better term than eventuated, but eventuated is the appearance of a full solution and the process they use to do that is to use absonity.  Remotion takes the idea of replaying the old idea for a new idea; eventuation is how the answers appears in pieces and finally are total when the process is done.

INFINITY - You probably know already this is a term so poorly understood it is laughable even by so called theorists.  And it is also a term that we can write about almost forever, but we will not for what I hope is a more useful definition than most of the rest of the world can manage at this point.

1      INFINITY first of all is a SYSTEM.  The term system has to be explained first.  Systems are an ordered way of doing things. When the manufacturer bottles coca-cola you know what I mean.  He has to set up an assembly line, he has to have a bunch of bottles ready to put on the conveyor and he has to have lots of coke to squirt into the bottles as the bottles go by and then a cap to put on it, and yata yata yata you get what I mean.  INFINITY is a System too only it deals how to bottle reality.

2     Reality, as we talked about in the definition of the Absolutes (see part I) is how the Deity of Huge Minds decides what rules apply to a created life form.  We humans are created life forms and reality dictates to us how long we sleep and how long we must work to earn our daily bread, and even how gravity pulls you down if you miss a step going down to the cellar.  It gets a little hairy when we talk about life itself and mind works too, but they are subjects which also obey the system of reality called Infinity.

3   Infinity while a System is the only system we will ever know, but the Big Inventors of Systems like this style actually know other versions of Infinity we will never get to know, and for that reason I will leave most of that alone.  But an important point to make for the reader is that to make our Master Universe an experiential version of the Infinity System, then everybody someday has to learn to walk again in something called hyperinfinity.  And that will cannot happen for many eternities into a no time future. See the definition in Part I on Absolutes to get something of a view about this change to come in the eternal future.

4     Infinity is run by its System Inventor, and let us call that individual the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  The FATHER OF ALL is a Consummator of universe Destiny Himself and by himself is Infinite and the one who invented our System of Infinity to produce creations that are alive and obey the means of reality to live their lives.  That alive creation is full of angels, and universe aides, Power Directors,  Sons of God, Super Planners,  Daughters of God, and various divisions of Deity itself which replenishes life in the universe with new versions of themselves, and who see to it that the Master Universe is maintained with all the forces in it.  The Destiny of our Master Universe is indeed Infinite and that is just why it is a good idea to at least look at the subject of Infinity. While it is a System, it is also the replication of ideas the Inventor of this System wants to be known someday as the best idea any Consummator ever had to replicate the entire idea of created reality.  Never mind that Consummators live outside of it, except for our FATHER Of ALL, and He is Consummator Number (6) out of a total of twelve (12) existing we know about.   It is so extraordinary to know about I will let further exposition alone about how all the other Consummators are Counselors to our universe but do not run it except it is all up to Number (6) to do it and run it with his Infinite Coordinates of the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.

5     Infinity has descriptors which are words we almost never use in conversational English or any other language.  Words like Interceptors,  Infinite Integration, Infinite Interlocutors, Electromagnetism, and at least ten more specialized terms, and they exist not as fuzzy warm words at all, I know.  But these things exist as the pipes and elbows one never sees and all condition time.  You know something about electromagnetism oddly enough, but there are also Interceptors which exist to keep Infinity from taking over our lives with endless rule making about how to behave, and Infinite Interlocutors run time so you never see how Infinity allows educational experimentation with reality never tried before, and so on for many more terms dispensed with here.

6    Infinity exists only within the experiential lives of existential Deity.  At least, they are the only ones who can tinker with it.  Do not worry about terms like “existential” either as that is a fancy word only to indicate you have someone who is Infinite, but they also exceed what Infinity is as a System.  The FATHER Of ALL is existential as are His equally existential Son and Spirit.  The location of Master Universe Infinity is in two places really: Wherever the existential Deities are, and in you and others as you coexist in a seriously difficult qualification of Infinity nobody else really understands.  Sorry about that. Only in the human can Infinity pinch itself and we are so qualified we start out our lifetimes as totally ignorant and only years of experiential living undumbs us in theory.  Infinity is qualified for all universe levels of reality too but we are the least of the least so to speak.

7    Infinity can be discussed in many ways but I have concluded the best way is to remind all who may read this, that infinity is without any real  supporters even among the existential Deities, for the simple reason it operates pretty much as on its own, as the great ancestor to the Universal Father, the imponderable I AM, had it right when he sorted through all the inceptors he could have used and did not.  In our reality there is no such thing as square circles, but in other theoretical types of infinity which we may not even get a definition of here, it is so hard to define for us what a square circle is.  But that is not imponderable to hyperinfinity for such can be achieved.  Square-Circle Interstate Highways in hyperinfinity would take you in circles and you would end up where you never started in the first place.  Sorry again for the second time as it seems so ridiculous to take definitions too far beyond what we already know to be true and/or fallacious.  And I may have to revise this definition when I become half-way Infinite myself so wait awhile maybe so I can join YOU there too.  Thank you.


What is the magnetosphere?  It is good enough that most people know it is the electrical discharge of energy and they think it deals with magnets or magnetism.  Such is true, but it is a lot more than just that.

Here is a picture that shows it coming our of the earth and creating lines (shown in pale blue)  of its magnetic energy.  The blue lines are lines of magnetic energy and evolve out of the magnetic north pole and south poles.  This drawing shows the lines coming out of the axis the earth spins on, but in actuality those lines rarely come out of the axis line but come out of the magnetic north and south poles where ever the metallic core deep inside the earth happens to be rotating in its vault.  Most of you know that when you hold a compass to find the north pole, the needle aligns towards the magnet we call north at the top of the earth.  But that needle will dance around during the year.  The true north pole of the earth does not dance around because the true north pole is geographical and is designated as North 900 in the very center of earth neither east or west.  The true north pole on earth happens to fall in the sea near Greenland, and the ocean there is 4.3 miles deep.  That is hardly the place to put a big monument to mark it.  

 The compass needle rarely points to the geographical axis north pole, but to the magnetic north pole which today sits at about N 860 E, moving toward Russia at a rate of nearly 35 miles east a year.  That is as it behaves recently, but it can reverse course as it has often done in our past earth history as well.  It is out of the magnetic north pole though that the magnetosphere is centered upon.
 Magnetic North 86 degrees East tells us the earth’s core is rubbing the chamber it tumbles and slops around in.  We have been advised that the earth core material has likely solidified, and the once gooey liquid metal it once was has gotten stuck on the vault wall nearly under Russia right now.  The core cannot sustain that stuck condition and we predict it will break apart and with all the heat in it, probably will crack and spill on the vault floor and regenerate itself from the hot coals (millions of degrees Fahrenheit) lying there into a liquid taffy again.

When it become more of a liquid than a hard taffy it is now, we expect that to change the magnetosphere radically but a magnetosphere always retains it characteristics because it is a magnet energy over the dome of the earth.

Now and always it is the magnetosphere that produces free electricity.  That happens to come from the fact that the magnetosphere rubs against its chamber walls and creates static electricity into the air above it.  It throws atomic preparticles out of the top of itself (electrons and protons and a lot of other types) and even  drops them to the earth surface.  When it does this it forces the space around earth to maintain an electrical foam all over us that stops our sun from burning us up by attacking cosmic rays with those atomic particles being dropped to the earth’s surface.

You have heard the term called “the solar wind,” as that is what our magnetosphere fights to keep the sun from burning our planet up with even more and too much heat.  Global warming does not come from the solar wind and the cosmic rays, but because man keeps burning heated atoms as fuel and we cannot get rid of them fast enough to stop our planet warming up.  The real problem with global warming comes from the fact that the magnetosphere accepts atoms that hold the heat more than others do and in particular we retain heat due to a chemical reaction high up in our atmosphere that is like the molecule of carbon tetrachloride and it refuses to breakdown and release all the retained heat.  Man can do very little to remove all that extra carbon tetrachloride and it will plague us for years even if we stopped polluting with dirty carbon atoms today.

The magnetosphere is also one of the worst constructions it has had for millennia on earth, and that is because it keeps the troposphere (at about 150 miles up) from running the usual tests for coherent heating and cooling, and as such the troposphere is now stale and full of polluted atomic energies.  This causes our magnetosphere to drift east too as the solid mass our core has become also depends on good air to refrain from getting dry and solid.  Watch out if our magnetosphere suddenly turns liquid with regeneration as that change would directly affect the tectonic plates our continents rest on.  If the tectonic plates crack from heat of core pressure someday, it could cause the United States to lose the entire west coast of America to under the sea for as much as a depth of water of three hundred feet over San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Mexico City.

The magnetosphere has all this free electricity in it, and if man could figure out how to put that on an antenna, all could enjoy a lot of electrical energy very inexpensively.  That technology is generally referred to as WTP;  those letters stand for “Wireless Transmission of Power.”  It is doable and we tap the magnetosphere in our own invention that allows a tower to send people living up to 200 miles away from the tower to get it.  Thanks to the magnetosphere, the flow of electricity never stops.

In conclusion, the magnetosphere is without any real direction how much it covers the earth, but generally speaking it does cover all of our planet and is fully dependable to portray excellent sources of energy for the entire planet and without a lot of expense.  

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