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Where We Stand the end of March 2023 - FYI
« on: March 29, 2023, 10:01:37 am »

I think it is good to speak to where we stand with regard to the proposed divine missions to the planet as of today, the 29th of March of 2023.  There has been a lot of shuffling in the past month much like a train putting together the new freight train it has to take to some distant station.  That distant station is us, and the planet, and you and myself included.  It is noisy and I think hard to tell if we have the Mission Train assembled.  Let me take a guess review of this for you:

I am quite sure we have a big time Mission on the way.   I am also sure we are not seeing most of the moving around and departments being put together to service us for what they plan to do.  Then look at what they plan to do first as I hear it lately:

The Magisterial Mission

1 -  The Magisterial Sons are not incarnated today as they ran back into spirit to get out of the way of another house cleaning done for weeks and still we are waiting for results.  The Magisterial Sons just wait for the start gun to indicate when they reappear in the flesh again and just wait like you and me for MICHAEL OF NEBADON to indicate he is sure things must go as planned.  A lot of worry over that in the past few weeks too.

2 - The House of God wants to establish a REGENCY.  What that is is to have a senior spirit authority sit in the American government to review with the President and his administration, what to do and when to do it.   A Regency is a fancy word to indicate the President does not fully comprehend what has to be done and spirit wishes to guide them into better policy actions.  Before you ask what policies, I do not know.  They do.  Regency is a big project and will last, once established, perhaps a decade or even more.  That is being planned without them saying much right now.  There is no REGENCY if there is no Magisterial Mission either and that is looked at real hard by Paradise too as of now.

3 - They indicate they are fully supportive of giving this country, only to start with, a free electricity build out.  That was made possible when the patent office approved a free electricity patent to me when I applied for about a year ago.  It came through fine, and now it needs looked at and a feasibility report made.  They issued that to me yesterday and off an on for the past two weeks, but without defining just what they might do right now to get the report out and understood by me and the Rayson Electric plant ready to go.  It's a hold right now but waiting.

"I have little to say this morning but Ron likes to review simply now and then to keep the troops from fretting all the time as most of you are doing.  We also notice a big drop in attendance on the site, and Ron says it is typical but he fails to see why big chunks of visitors come and go and then drop it.  Must be the lack of attention by spirit?  

"Well, not really.  The lack of attendance is typical of the spring season too, and this site is too old and ready to take up the charge when it has to.  I suspect there is nothing much for the day today or even tomorrow, but indications are that MICHAEL OF NEBADON, i.e. myself, is ready to start the game foreward as quickly as he senses Jesus is ready for all of it too.  The JESUS SECOND RETURN is bothersome to some way up in spirit authority because it needs to do so much with so little material to move men and women on Urantia into a mode where he can do much good.  These mass shootings, and the unrest in countries, and well, everything!  It is a troublesome thing to watch from the spirit side as most who protest have no idea what they really are protesting.   I suggest it is just being tired of difficulties!  We have them too!

"I close with this:  eat as much as you can carry your day with you comfortably.  The real disaster is waiting around the corner, and we hope we have a divine Mission for Urantia (earth) when it really needs something to hold it together, as it will not be nice when such happens.  Forecasts by spirit indicate a financial crunch of large proportions too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking, and good day. "  [Thank you Michael for the advisory.  We are grateful and pray this Mission thing is settled well for you and us very soon.]

This is Ron for a little editorial.  Yesterday I watch the financial channel almost all day.  There was a lot of talk about the solvency of the big banks, and the review of the Regulators in the government to restrict credit a little more (by raising interest rates mostly), and then to review the entire work of Regulators over the US banking system.

Why is that important to talk about here?  It is my conjecture that the American banking system is just fine, but that places in the world such as the wobbly Credit Suisse bank in Switzerland, such is such a big bank lender that if it hits a snag because of the American Federal Reserve interest raises, that is a bank that can cause a lot of problems.  That is problems in Europe and the Untied States because of its almost magical ability to recover liquidity, but then suddenly not have enough again.  Here is an expert to speak to you on the subject from the MAGISTERIAL SONS, SERARA in particular who has a Doctorate on the subject in the high councils of spirit planning:

"I am Magisterial Son #4133154375-  that is my Serial Number but not all of it for it has 12 more digits than shown here.  I show it so you are familiar with it when it shows up somewhere else.  Shortly, I repress my desire to say "soon," the US and the EU will hit each other with BIG DEBT PAYMENTS they own to third world countries not, but to each other.  That means the EU gets a payment from the US Central Bank of about 4 trillion dollars/  The EU owes the United States about 5 trillion dollars, and why don't they just pay the US 1 trillion dollars net, and go on?  Not so as an agreement reached in the late 1940's, called BRENTON WOODS is in the way, and the US is going to insist they play by the law.

"We are quite sure this will cause strains everywhere, and if a series of banks begin to fall again, the entire capitalization of the western banking system is in trouble.  That spells very simply of a great depression where there is no liquidity any more and that creates the freezing of goods and services.  It will be giant mess only the US can really handle at this point.  The Magisterial Mission is designed to deal with financial crisis but the mission itself is facing tough sledding because Paradise feels it is premature and we do not.  That is a loss of face not to you or to us but to the proposal to refill the Urantia American banks with gold reserves to stave off a run  on bank medicine for a failing economy all of a sudden.  That is what is at stake for the American idea of a good bank still operating in the middle of failing resources for most banks in particular of the EU and some local bank systems in the United States.  Those financial programs Ron watched yesterday seemed to have passed off the bank failures as lightly as possible, but there is looming a lot more credit problems than can be observed as most commentators do not realize that Breton Woods is still operating and it will call down by law who owes what in the end.  We step back for a statement by the UNIVERSAL FATHER now:

"You Ron wish to keep this simple.  I do too.

"First there is nothing we can explain when it happens and the entire Credit Suisse issue will be moot when the US removes its financial holdings in order to keep others running too.  That is other banks running.  For reasons of State the US does not remove its credits without first authorizing the bank in question must either indemnify the US for its holdings in the bank, or just quite being a bank and close its doors.  Credit Suisse is close to that condition again, and no amount of borrowing will fix a bank that cannot maintain deposit returns for long.  WE warn the American banking system you cannot withstand what is coming all by yourselves and for that reason you need an infusion of gold reserves quickly and without complaining about the cost to the banks who are far over stocked with paper money but no financial value in gold backing.  For that reason the entire matter must be reconditioned by Spirit and that is not something I like to hear and the MAGISTERIAL SONS insist on it.  I am now entirely unsure how to provide the MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS the liquidity they desire without causing a rift in the Local Universe of Nebadon over banking  questions for Urantia now.

"I close this evidence without making further statements.  That is because we must stand down until it is understood what is to be done even by a divine program to resolve the issue of money, value, worth, and financial care for what is now approaching as a broken system of too much debt and too little concern about how to pay it down and eventually off.  So be it for now.  K:  FATHER." 

[Thank you FATHER, for stating things so succinctly.  It is not troubling as it is worse because money will be withdrawn from the day to day system and the results need FATHER'S  review again to see how we can undo so much debt and live without all this endless chatter over not much.  Thank you FATHER for the view and information to ponder.]

MONJORONSON speaking with SERARA now - "We close this little review of where we stand for now, for the Missions are a simpler questions than the question about how to evade so much debt crushing Urantia into dust as it will take decades to move out of the plenary discussions started here as usual.  I am delighted Ron has this interest and we leave it for now.  You have been fully updated for the most part and keep the day alive and young, as something is coming down the pike to interest all of you, including you Ron.  Good day! MONJORONSON for all to hear shortly.  K"

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