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Time zone
« on: February 24, 2023, 10:19:33 am »
10am New York local time is 4pm in Paris at the right moment of writing this post. My tv is on, hoping to catch a little sign of the broadcast. Up to now, nothing new.
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Re: Time zone
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2023, 23:35:47 pm »
Clency it is New York almost midnight here.  I did speak with Jesus in the moment myself and He had nothing to say.  I let it go as I know nothing and HE chose to remain silent on it as well.  IT does not bother me much for the simple reason I no longer worry about announcements.  We get into the habit of them and they are pretty empty in spite of the issue involved.  I also add that I do not know anything what lies behind it today EXCEPT:  this is the day the WTP patent was announced by the patent office as a publication in our hands March7th for the hard copy to appear in the mail,  That was almost important to me than the Second Return, but there is no comparison really.  I even have to let that drift due to a busy schedule in time today as well..  I too had the TV on.

Finally this:  I gave me a break to day and kept the TV off after the morning run of news.  Then I sat down and composed several transmissions.  That announcement was not even broken into as they remained silent without telling me much otherwise except the value of the patent to them  I was happy to know what they felt and the rest if t=he day spent having the furnace company come over and clean the installed furnace.  How exciting not and it took all afternoon and I learned how to get inside one of those things.  That was my day and it sounds you have something close to it too.

I am quite sure this turmoil with an expanding use of the cabal to end its use on Urantia is taking its toll about things we hardly ever know, but they do know, and then there is the Jesus ability not to appear on an announced date is also  fully operable today too.  I find it routine and without exposition.  I also find the appearance of the WTP patent even more important to our fortunes than Jesus not appearing as promised a well..

Thanks for the report and your post.  Next time we may not know it was planned at all. 

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