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SCION (March 18, 2017)
« on: March 18, 2023, 08:49:14 am »
General Discussion / Re: Scion
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 11:48:05 AM »
I posted a substantial transmission on the TML forum before this and am instructed to copy it over to this thread for information that is new event to those who know what was posted in earlier posts.

Scion and Prion work together to perform these transmissions so you can hear all that Ron hears as he was told most of this before we posted today the 18th of March, 2017.

I note the names Prion and Scion, two children born of woman in the American Middle West in area of Kansas and Nebraska.

They are Magisterial Sons who volunteered to come to Urantia to work hard for the Magisterial Chiefs on Urantia we know as Serara and Monjoronson.  I introduce Prion to you now who is 14 years of age and in middle school in one of our big western-style cities we call Chicago,  Here is Prion to speak:

PRION - "I am a Magisterial Son, in my 14th year of life on earth, and I am proud to know most of you by instructions of our Father on high so I know who is who on Urantia.  I come from Paradise at great expense as I am in my seventh Bestowal so far and this will end my career as a space advisor to the Creator Sons such as is found in your Local Universe of Nebadon.   I am also a twin to another Magisterial Son, who is in his sixth Bestowal to earth, as the younger Scion, aged 12 as we write this in March of 2017.  As my friend Ron writes, we are to be seen soon either at the June 2017 Symposium for the Magisterial Mission, or as individuals on the world stage in a year or so concerning health issues on Urantia with Dr. Mendoza.  Give us a few years more and we will appear as lawyers on the Supreme Court of the spirit cases being brought on Urantia against human misfeasance and tardy development in national leaders who cause huge problems of development on Urantia.  Thank you.  I am Prion."

Michael of Nebadon - "Ron sees to our concerns that some of our participants are better known as sees that this category on the TML web page is empty forever.  I now see why Abraham made it available a year or so ago when Ron first put this site up.  Your lives are entwined with Prion and Scion, as they will live and die as normal humans and will leave Urantia in about sixty years from today in their seventies.  They carry no special mark to show they are Magisterial Sons, but Prion in particular sees Ron as the idea of human life on Urantia and says so when he reads his bio of disasters and wins of which Ron thinks are very, very few.   In so many words, Ron is the object of the life to be read and seen among those who try to figure out how he did it without so much as a flair for spirit or for work or for anything else.   Scion, his true younger brother hides from all contacts in school and other places, as he is the shy underbelly of the Magisterial Team that has made it to Urantia to live out a life series that must be completed within the Magisterial Mission itself.  We see that Ron disdains little else than being put to speak but we ask him to say a few works concerning the Bestwoal Sons, Prion and Scion."

Ron Besser - I am just a transmitter without portfolio.  That means I hold no job or placement with the Magisterial Mission until I am invivted to participation, and so far no invitation, as much of you would say about yourselves.  We all share the same fate if the Magisterial Sons Prion or Scion fail to materialize their investment in the future of Urantia and its spiritual economy and heart for the Father.  Prion is a hefty farm boy, they tell me, and Scion is a little mouse of a budding man waiting to hear if he is doing well enough to tell us more about him.  He says he is ready to do so.  I transmit Scion for you:

"I am twelve years old, actually 12 and 11/2 years old today the 18th of March 2017, as Ron takes this down for me.  I am a chicken at heart and believe my life is better than Ron's in so many ways I pout for his life as he is constantly being reworked to serve and getting really tacky about he says about it.  I am nearly forty in mind (Prion they say is 65 in mind) and together we work the Fields of Justice to be on Urantia, as I will work the Supreme Court on Urantia as it is found in the United States, and Prion will join the Supreme Court of Urantia, a special spirit court that adjudicates wrong doing among the world population.  I am the smaller and shyer of the two Bestowal Sons, and when I grow up through puberty, I will be nearly six feet tall, blonde, and pretty hefty due to the big bones I inherit from my grandfather on my mother's side, who is still six foot seven and two hundred seventy-five pounds.  We are farmers too.  Thank you all for saying hello to us in your minds when you read this. "

Mantutia Melchizedek - "Ron is supposedly going to work with these two, but he hates his transition so much he fails to understand that if he cuts it off he dies as a normal human being.  He says that is preferable to what he has to go through without release or direction.  I agree with the view entirely and this is the Adjuster of Ron, as he sees it as a challenge ot his selfhood to give into the demands of spirit which detests many of his growth routines into old age and wishes them removed and yet cannot have them removed over his dead body.  I see this as a true test to Ron and to the spirit that beholds him.  Nevertheless, I am forced to agree with Ron on every count and see no point in letting this go on and on."

Michael of Nebadon:
"Prion spoke briefly to Ron and not transmitted here.  In that report Prion told him to stop yelling at me for the injustice of so much pain, but cannot see how Ron closes his mind to such a suggestion only because he cannot comply under the heavy hand of justice attempting to force an issue that is no real issue to spirit at all.  We spend this last moment on the illustration of Prion and Scion as a testimony to these Magisterial Sons, and the comign nwork in the Courts of Urantia.  Only Ron knows the truth of many things they all feel for Urantia and its guests on high  Our work is super secret right now for it contains all of the concerns we hold for Urantia, and how we must approach each issue before the trial is opened to view this year and later on we tell all, but for now it must remain secretive and we leave with this caveat:  Eat only the truth now.  Eat for the good of the world now.  Stay away from personal problems or pain such as Ron faces daily.  Keep the faith.  Do not spend money unnecessarily, and above all, keep yourself warm and toasty in a cold, cold world looking for war again. 

"Seek the shelter of friendship and caring so it becomes natural for you to extend to it in this coming age of confusion and disasters uncountable.  The trial to be good is always in front of you, and the trial to be understood even greater in front of you.  Be assured I givc you all something when I arrive very soon and I keep the faith that Ron can get over his mad over constant pain and trials for his heart and soul to be extended properly on our Missions to Urantia.  In most cases we assign no names to the Magisterial Mission other than what you have seen, but in this case the name of Prion and Scion, are to be added, and their friend Ron, for his own worth at the table of thought.  Good day."

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