Author Topic: KIGHTLINE USA Sunday to be attempted the 19th of March - Ron Besser  (Read 54 times)

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I have been bruised for days now with a fight over me by the insurrection seraphim and whatever else joins with them these days, and I keep getting cabal messages that no Lightline is to be held for this Sunday.  That is them and I have no regard for them, but I have to take this one on as best I can and deliver if it can be done in spite of the cabal. 

In that regard I am opening the LIGHTLINE SUNDAY call and announce you are all welcome to take it on with me if you wish to.  I see TARKAS says go ahead Ron, but the cabal has placed itself over me to prevent good communication, and I accept the TARKAS call, I do not necessarily think they can get through either .

For that reason, we are taking the call on Sunday the 19th of March 2023 at the regular time of 2PM ( New York DST) Sunday afternoon at the regular phone conference place.  Unless I am struck down dead, I will see you there for sure but with what unsure.
Ron Besser/your host.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You are welcome to try Ron, and God Bless you for attempting this on a down day again over issues of health and death you feel you are facing.  Not so.  But that has to be destroyed not more than necessary as the entire cabal you have over your head is deathly afraid they are losing my caring use of the work "stationary," as "stationary" means you cannot move cabal any further than you have and Ron is not taking you hard anymore.  K"

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