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Lightline Netherlands International
« on: January 08, 2024, 16:16:20 pm »
Speakers on this Lightline:: 

TA Elise: open your hearts to the Glory of God, the Blessings of Michael and the Peace of Jesus. 

Arthura: you live in a time where new decisions will be made to elevate people in their spiritual understand new methods and concepts.

Jesus: the way is open to begin those things that have long been prepared. All of you will participate. 

Occiliaya - Master Spirit 4: the universe is ONE and its goal is perfection.
Machiventa Melchizedek: a new time is breaking through, be grateful for any opportunity to help bring about change.

and Lemuel led us through the contemplation "To be or not to be" into "Be more and do better". 

We thank them all for addressing the group.

This is the link to the recording: 

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Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2024, 12:34:13 pm »
Transcription of Monday Lightline on January 8, 2024

01.08.24 Audio Tape recording transcript
Host: Elise Sophia Veronica
Speakers: Thought Adjuster of Elise, Arthura, Jesus, Ocilliaya, Master Spirit #4, Machiventa Melchizedek
Transcriber: sonsofGod
Link to tape: 

Hello, everyone. This is Lightline Netherlands International for Monday, January 8, 2024. And this is Elise Sophia Veronica, your host. We will do without a co-host for Dominick is not able to attend today. So welcome, everyone and thank you for taking the time to be here again with us. And I apologize for that late announcement and I'm happy to greet all of you.

Let's thank our Father for giving us this day and for bringing this group together. Thank you, Father. for your blessings, so freely given to us. We also thank the heavenly helpers who care for a planet, for our safety, and for the communication, for clear speech and understanding. We thank you all. So, let's go ahead and ask if there is anyone who will guide us through this session?

Thought Adjuster of Elise
Well, Elise, this is your Thought Adjuster and I say good day to all. I want to start off the Lightline with some words and I do not see an MC or anyone there at the moment but let me say this to all of you. I am the Thought Adjuster of Elise, your host for today, this transmitter. May all your hearts be open to the glory of God, to the blessings of Michael of Nebadon and to the peace of Jesus.

Yes, I am your Thought Adjuster and I know all three of them very well. And I'd like to sprinkle you all with their love for you, and for all who work for the business of the Universal Father. For his Son, Michael, Michael of Nebadon, who is the ruler of his own Universe, Nebadon. For his Son, Jesus, who is so loved by the Father as the only Son. All three of them are of great importance in your lives. As Father, as your brother, as a friend. Look up at them, honor them, and thank them in their never-ending effort.

They help the children of creation in time to align with the purpose the Father has set for them. That is to draw closer to him, to know him, and to work with him in his Kingdom. That is the purpose of creation for the many children that God has brought into being to help complete that vest creation to make it a Kingdom. The Kingdom of service, a Kingdom of equality for those who wish to follow him to carry out his will freely. Just steps that each of you take in your short life here on the planet will help you grow into the beginning of a career that expresses truth, beauty, and goodness. Those are the natural qualities of God, your Father, which he passes on to his children through hereditary birth in spirit, and by making those qualities your own.

Well, again, another year on your calendar has become recently. Try to see this new year as a part of your life on earth as a period to learn to be a true child of God, and to experience what it is to serve those who are your brothers and sisters. They are all on their way to find the Creator, the first Source and Center, the origin of all, your loving Father in whom you all recognize God as the only God.

I am Elise's Thought Adjuster, and these are my words for you all for today. I will retreat and give this back to Elise.

Thank you, Thought Adjuster, thank you so much for your words. And let's see if there is someone else. We have no ..., this is Elise, we have no MC for today, so, I'll just have to be patient and see what happens. Is there someone else?

Yes, Elise, there is. This is Arthura.

Thank you, Arthura.

You're very welcome.

Thank you. Please go on.

Yes, this is Arthura, and I come to tell you about the truth that will be yours, and for all of course who seek to serve God and His creation. And to help grow what is destined to happen in the name of the Father. Especially now, in the beginning, for all of you in this new year 2024. You do not yet realize your position in an unprecedented creation in which there are surprises to be discovered. Surprises that seem incredible to you, but nonetheless, they are a real part of the thoughts of the Universal Father.

I am Arthura, and I know what I speak off. Because as you all know, I have come from outside this Master Universe. I am familiar with the plans of God's creation, and I have it in me to appear in the Master Universe to assist Michael of Nebadon in his intentions for his Local Universe. And that is to make it a universe in Light and Life, where men will live in accordance with the will of the Father, as he, Michael himself always obeys to the will of the Father on Paradise. You are all living now in a time where new decisions will be made to elevate, to lift the people in their spiritual capacity, which will help them to learn new methods and concepts, and most of all to love each other equally.

Oh yes, you will get your Regency to guide you into the better policies for this century. We have talked about that and that's still on. And we are trying to make you more aware of your position in the universe and in the universe of universes. For know that all is connected and forever one. One there, where God is and resides. From where God speaks his voice to each of you to become in and through and with Him for all eternity and even beyond, as you have been privileged to learn in recent lessons through Ron Besser, who is gifted to speak with many personalities in the universe.

I am Arthura, and I say to you, be happy, for you will inherit what God has made for you. You will be able to work beside him to glorify His creation and to fulfill his wish for all his creatures that have ever been and ever will be created by him. I am Arthura and you know me well. I have spoken to some of you or you have listened to me. I am one who can assist you. I can improve your understanding, improve your transmissions, and I can enrich your soul with the truth, beauty and goodness of God. Do not hesitate to ask for me. I will come to you when you call for me. I can clarify matters and convey what I have to say. Trust me and accept me as a guide, as a helper in times of danger, or confusion. Because you are living in a very confused world, but luckily with hope and confidence for what must unfold as you will begin to see who God is, and the important role that you can play in that all encompassing plan of God. Think about this. Never hesitate. I'm there for all of you. I am Arthura at your service and I wish you a good day. MO

Thank you, Arthura. Thank you so much. Well, this is Elise, let's continue and see if there is anyone else who likes to speak to us.

This is Arthura again, Elise. I'm giving you over to Jesus in a minute, who would like to speak to all of you on this Lightline.

Thank you Arthura, and welcome Jesus. Speak when you're ready, please.

Yes, good day and greetings to all. This is Jesus, and I would like to say a few words to all gathered here. This is the Monday Lightline, and most of you have heard what was said yesterday on the Sunday Lightline, which always remains the same and main source of information for everyone.

On that Lightline the Father himself has spoken and he has made it clear to all listening that the way is open to begin those things which have been prepared for a long, long time. Most of the cabal has been put back and new orders of beings have appeared and are yet to appear. They will be trained and retrained to assist in the things to come.

I am Jesus. And although I will not immediately appear on the planet right now, I want you all to know that I love you, I am with you, keep me in your heart. Keep me in your thoughts. For those who are able to feel me, it will be clear that my love for you is constant. It's there always. And for you here today, this little family gathered together realize how you have been prepared all of you. How much you have learned during all these years of waiting and hoping, holding on to your faith and trust in the Father, and in what he has in mind for you. I am Jesus and I assure you, no one will be left out. No one of this little family that has formed on the discussion forum. And all will participate in the Father's Kingdom. Your hearts have opened up and your love is for God, for your Father.

As Jesus I can tell you that God's love is universal. It knows no end. It spreads across the universes like a gentle breeze, taking everything and everyone in his divine embrace to meet with a great and and unprecedented purposes that have sprang into God's mind ages back when he decided to make these wonderful, indescribably creations from his own hands.

Do you know that your planet and you are very fortunate? You all stand with Father. He has assured you that the world is saved, saved! You will be freed, will be freed from rebellion and other interference. This world continues and will eventually evolve into the dawn of Light and Life where all people will know the Father as God, as the Creator, as the rightful owner of his vast universes of revolving and evolving into eternity around Paradise, which will always continue to surprise you into infinity and beyond. And where forever his realm will extend and be accessible to those who serve Him and serving with him for ages to come.

I am Jesus. I thank you all for listening. I am Jesus. Be with me, stay with me, pray with me. I am the one who can lead you to the Father on Paradise. I am Jesus, and I wish you all a very, very good day.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you so much for speaking to us. Yes, this is Elise. Let's see what else we have for tonight or today for you. We still have half an hour and well, let’s ask is there someone else? Are there any speakers who would like to talk to us?

Ocilliaya, Master Spirit #4
Well yes, indeed. This is Ocilliaya, I am Master Spirit number four at Superuniverse number four. I would like to add something to what Jesus has just said at the end of his speech about the universe. I would like to say this. The universe is one. There is much for you to learn and experience while you climb the ladder of evolution, and beyond this world of Urantia your evolution takes place on many different levels. As the masses of creation circle around Paradise, the center of God's creation, and the most important point we need to focus on. And despite all these movements, circles, and evolutionary developments, the universe is constant and always one.

The universe is what God created and the purpose of that creation is perfection, and fulfillment of what God has seen and made real in its entirety. It is now on under the direction high observers and co-creators that have been specifically created by God to supervise creation, as the creator himself would do. God is the Creator of all and he knows his creation from the smallest atom to the mightiest Deity, all of which are carefully designed and are working in their specific ways.

I am Master Spirit four. I am from the Father and the Eternal Son to oversee and direct Superuniverse four, and I am responsible for all things concerning my Superuniverse, which I control and direct into eternity as God, as God intended from the beginning of time. And we, the Master Spirits, all seven of us will do so until the end of time when the entire universe has come into the divine reality of Light and Life. This is all I wanted to add to the last words that Jesus spoke. I am Ocilliaya, Master Spirit four OF Superuniverse four. Thank you for this opportunity to speak to this group. I take my leave now. I wish you all a good day.

Thank you, Master Spirit four. Well, let’s see and wait for a minute. See if there's anything else. Let me see if there are any questions, raise your hand if you have something to add or maybe you have a comment. You're free to speak, just let me know by pressing five star as you know. Well, let's see if there's anything else for us here. We had a couple of speakers. Yeah. I think there's much to think about for what has been said already.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Good evening to all, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. As well as there is no other speakers I would like to come in and assist you a little bit. We have had some speak to you, and they have all given their advice and their highly estimated words. And I am here to say a couple of words to you. And you know that I'm here to assist Michael of Nebadon. I'm here for you, and I like to extend a helping hand.

To the audience, I would like to say, don't be shy to speak if you like to speak, we are not forcing you. If there is no one, that's okay. Be yourselves and be as you are. Never let yourself push around, and never pretend. Spirit is here to help you and we see this as a bond between them and spirit that will last for a long time in which you all have to play a part. And we all do what we can, what we have to do, and we all like to be available for Michael and for Father.

Well, of course, there is so much work to do. And you know that work has been started and will be started up again. And, you know, what has been promised to you yesterday, and that was a very happy announcement. And there was so much to do in a world where, where we as spirit tried to enter and we're constantly denied access. We often wondered, what is it with man who refuses to let God in. Into their minds, into their hearts into this world where there is not much to be proud of. This world needs to be freed, needs to free man from his wrong thinking, and help him to get on a quite different path. And that's what we always try to do. Much time has been spent on your planet and many celestial beings have taken it upon themselves to help and assist in saving the planet from total destruction, caused by evil behavior and lack of knowledge of your God. But, a new time is breaking through and I want you to be grateful.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. You know me very well. I want you to be thankful for what you are given at this time, and for the opportunities to help bring about change. Because this world has been terribly abused for a long time, so be grateful for what you receive in each moment. Man on this earth is still very ignorant of God and certainly of his plans. They know hardly anything about his will and his ways in the universe that has been created for them, to live, to learn, and to prepare you, and to meet eventually your Creator. Imagine people, imagine all of you here, and all of you listening maybe later that meeting your Creator will be c

When you stand before Father and show him that you have worked according to his will, and that you are worthy to serve him forever. You will be called his only son, just as Jesus was called his only son when he was received and acknowledged by the Father. So all of you, we love you. We're here to help you. Be aware of the great things that will happen to each of the Father's children as they work in his name and seek to become like him. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I know exactly what I'm saying.

Stay the course. Don't forget to pray. Go to your Adjuster, the Thought Adjuster. It is God inside of you. He knows you, do not forget him. He loves it when you talk to him and he loves to have a conversation with you. Don't forget the Father. Don't forget Michael, Jesus, and all of those who are very much involved in your world, Urantia.

I'm Machiventa Melchizedek and I leave you with these words. And this is all I have to say to you today. Thank you.

Thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek. Thank you for coming to us on this Lightline and to talk to us, and speak to us about all this, and the great things that are going to happen in due time. Thank you very much.

Machiventa Melchizedek
One more word, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. If there is no one Elise, if there are no questions and no speakers, which I think there are not, then you may close the Lightline if you wish. Whatever you want, whatever the group wants to do, it's up to you. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Thank you.

Thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek. Let’s see what we can do. There is a question, a hand is up, and that is Lemuel. I have unmuted you, Lemuel.

Yes. Can you hear me all right?

Sure. Yes, go ahead, please.

Okay, thank you. This afternoon in one of my moments of stillness it came to me the expression or the question that we're all familiar with, thanks to Shakespeare, and that is to be or not to be? And I have had the occasion many times to say to people, do less, and be more. But today that was slightly changed. And I'm sure it was my own beloved Thought Adjuster telling me in the future to say something slightly different and that is this. Be more and do better.

And then I thought to myself, yes, of course. But how can one be more? To be more of ourselves? How can we possibly be more of ourselves if we do not recognize ourselves, and if we do not recognize ourselves how can we possibly love ourselves, and how can we possibly love others? All of us here and we all know this to be true of course, because it's been spoken to many times. We are so privileged, we are so honored and so loved to be here, and to form this family. We've all been led here over the years. Prepared now for this very moment, these moments now in the new year 2024. We are being what we are and therefore, we will be doing better. It really stands to reason, doesn't it? If we are able to be better today than we were yesterday, then we should be doing better today than we did yesterday.

And I think also for me the bottom line of course is, yes, and we can all understand that, be better today, do better tomorrow. Okay, but in order to be better today, we must remember who we are, and to express who we are, and that is being better. And that is always to remember, we are one in hand and heart and mind with our beloved indwelling Father fragment. And so, let us all know today and everyday throughout this year, be better today in order for us to do better tomorrow Thank you.

Thank you, Lemuel. Thank you very much. That was wonderful.

You're welcome.

I think it's a wonderful change in attitude. Just remember who you are, and express that. Wonderful, thank you. Well, let's all keep working on that, and thank you for your words Lemuel. And I think that they may have been the last word spoken here if we don't have any more hands up and I see you. I am going to mute you again and see, go along my list, we are with 14 today, which is good for a day where I didn't announce the Lightline just at the last moment, and I thank you all that you have been here together.

Well, let me thank all our speakers. Let's see. We had… we started out with my Thought Adjuster. I want to thank him and Arthura, Jesus. Oh, we had Master Spirit four, Ocilliaya, and then Machiventa Melchizedek came and well, he finished it up for us. And I thank you all very much. And I, of course, I thank Lemuel for your beautiful words, Lemuel. That was a lesson and something to think about. So with this, I'm going to close the Lightline. I wish you all a very good day, the rest of the day and what's left of it, and hope to see you next week. These Lightlines on Monday will just go on, on Monday as usual. So with that, I will say goodbye and see you again next week hopefully.

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"