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Lightline Netherlands International
« on: January 22, 2024, 16:13:56 pm »
We had the honor of listening to:
MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK: purpose of life: grow, contribute, act and take responsibility.

ARTHURA: unity in the universe, the universe is an evolutionary process.  
Also ARTHURA (through Dominick) a lesson (analogy) to enhance love and communication by unlocking our own conditioned perceptions.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: every new born and every new generation gives new opportunities.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: the awesome gift of God to create, which is at the same time man's greatest responsibility.

Here is the link for the tape: 

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Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2024, 20:39:45 pm »
Transcription of Light Line Netherlands International on Monday, January 22, 2024.
1. 012224 Audio Tape Light Line; host: Elise Sophia Veronica, co host Dominick O.
2. Subject: Manituba Melchizedek: purpose of life: grow, contribute, act and take responsibility. Arthura: unity in the universe, the universe is an evolutionary process; Arthura through Dominick: a lesson and analogy to enhance love and communication by unlocking our own conditioned perceptions; Thought Adjuster of Elise: every new born and every new generation gives new opportunities; Michael of Nebadon: the awesome gift of God to create, which is at the same time man's greatest responsibility.
3. Speakers: Manituba Melchizedek, Arthura, Thought Adjuster of Elise, Michael of Nabadon
4. Transcriber: sonsofGod
5. Link to the tape: 
I have only 6 callers on my screen, but there are 13 including myself, and I welcome all. I cannot see all names, but you're very welcome all of you. And let's start the Lightline.
Well, welcome to everyone then and hello. This is the Light Line Netherlands international on Monday, January 22, Monday 24. I am Elise, your host, and Dominick is here as your co host. We extend you a warm welcome, all of you, and we thank you for joining us today. Let's turn to our Father, to God, and thank him for the love and care he continually bestows upon us. We thank You, Father, for your blessings and gifts that we receive from your hands. We honor and respect you as our only God and Creator of your vast universe. And we now ask for a clear channel and clear reception of your words. May I ask if there is someone who would like to speak to us tonight, today for the other listeners.
Manituba Melchizedek  
Here is Manituba Melchizedek, good day to all. I am well known by all of you I suppose, and also as the chief of the Magisterial Foundation, and as such, the board is under my responsibility and I will be guiding its members in future meetings in what to do, as soon as there are assignments to be started. Well, an immediate start would likely be the best but unfortunately, this is not the appropriate time and you all know the reason. I, Manituba, will be there at any moment but now almost every day we need to get a full picture of the situation on your world, which is at the moment still very very dangerous for everyone.
The Regency, which will be under the auspices of the Magisterial Sons, will determine how to proceed. There is so much in store and so much is connected we can hardly see anything separate or separated. But we can rely on what has been prepared and is ready to take into action as soon as we can.
I am a Melchizedek as you know and the Melchizedek order is ready at all times. Some of us have already taken a place in the danger, dangerous zones on your world where things are brewing, and where threats of danger could easily set the world in ablaze at one moment. So, we have to evaluate the situation constantly and meanwhile continue our work under sometimes complex circumstances. You can imagine that much thought is, of course, given to what would be best at any moment. In fact, you as human beings should be able to decide for themselves whether you want to destroy or save your world. It's so easily done by wrong decisions by some of your leaders who are holding this world in their grip. So, we watch and look at the situation every time anew.
Most people on your world do not know the danger the world is in right now and how close you are to a third world war, which would be disastrous, because of distractions all over the world and the devastating effects when nothing would be workable for years due to pollution of the atmosphere, the air you breathe, and the soil you grow your food on.
What is most necessary for people to learn is how to control themselves in any circumstance and realize that thoughts must be directed. Thoughts of hatred must stop. They create misunderstanding that can even lead to war and this is the situation we're all in. We hope that an opening will be created when the Regency is understood and accepted is a way to change, and help move this confused world towards the beginning of each new Mission as a world understanding and responsibility for all, under the umbrella of true religion.
And we all know that things have gotten out of hand and there must be a call for a general approach, and that can start with the Regency, and of course with the appearance of Jesus. And then the crowd has an opportunity to listen to what is righteous, and what is not righteous. Because he, Jesus, he will stand among you and will organize general meetings between those nations that realize finally that mutual agreements with perspectives and opportunities for all will be the best solution. With the help of a Regency man will hopefully learn and be willing to take the right action.
Well, this is Manituba Melchizedek and I would like to hand this over, Elise, to your next speaker. I am leaving you, and I am giving you to Arthura.
Thank you, Manituba, and very welcome Arthura. Please, if you are ready to speak, go ahead please.
Yes, good day and good evening. This is Arthura. The things you've just heard, well, they have been spoken about before, but there are always ways in which man can learn to better communicate to behave more socially in the things that also a single human being can do to enhance society, and try to move things in the right direction. I am Arthura, and I operate in a great and vast universe in which the love of the Father is predominant and constant, in which unity exists in love and compassion in the truth, beauty and goodness of the Father.
The universe has unity but as you all know, this unity can be destroyed by ignorance, by selfishness, or bad competition, or to desire for possession, and all this happens because the universe is an evolving universe. And in its evolution, during the evolution, it will have to learn to create cooperation, solidarity, and unity in many places. And as you all know, Urantia is suffering from rebellion and has the greatest difficulty in working its way out of it. But we are sure that it shall work its way up with contribution of high celestial beings and assistance, and with the people of goodwill.
It will move up into a planet of much experience that will serve in the universe as an architectural planet, a school of excellence in overcoming rebellion and crime. So, your united way of behaving, speech, and your actions in love and care for God, for your brothers and sisters, and for the planet to which you belong. And these things will be strengthened by those from the spiritual side, and they are very willing and they offer help, they like all of you detest violence, murder, and exploitation by those who would never understand what needs to be done to guarantee a better life for each other, and the essential need for the whole population.
This is one of the things that an established Regency can do for you and teach that your current policies and governance are very inconsistent with God's mandates. And that one needs to learn to care for all and everything, especially for those who are deprived of the essential needs as water, food, and a roof over their heads, and most importantly, with the care for their spiritual need. All of God's children are entitled to the same rights on this planet and on other worlds. And Urantia belongs to the Father of which he has ordained to develop in his name.
Well, I just want to say to all of you, I'm Arthura. Take your place and show who you are. You are all soldiers. Soldiers in the fight against injustice and violence, against jealousy and selfishness, but you're all serving under the banner of peace. So let's hope that this planet may overcome its difficulties and that it can participate in the urge for universal unity. It might be a small beginning for you here, but it will have an enormous impact on the future development of the entire universe. This is Arthura at your service and I thank you all for listening, and I will give it back now to Elise, your host.
Thank you Arthura, thank you for speaking to us, and let's see if there was anyone else. There is no MC for today. Oh, maybe I didn't ask for one. Is there an MC today?
Thought Adjuster of Elise
This is your Thought Adjuster, Elise, and there is no MC today for this Light Line. I am your Thought Adjuster and I would like to say some words, and to encourage you all. 
Take with you all the advice that has been given to you today, but do not worry too much about things that have not taken place. There are so many things that will happen that are beyond your understanding, but always know that everything is in the hands of God, your Father, who knows all and has the power to make it right.
Remember the purpose of your life. The purpose of your life is to grow and to mature from a worldly human to spirit with a broad cosmological understanding. And this happens through experience and through your ability to think and make decisions by use of what has been given to you by God to develop into more than just a human being here on this planet.
it is difficult to stay the course and not to be distracted from your purpose, and from life on a planet that is stricken by rebellion, and where people continue to suffer the consequences of the terrible mistakes that are being made. But every generation, every new born human being has the opportunity to live in cooperation with the Creator who gave himself to all his creatures, as your Adjuster. Every creature is endowed with personality, and has the ability to contribute to the world’s worldly conditions.
You have the ability to determine what is right or wrong. You have to learn to think for yourself and not to follow each other like sheep who flock together to protect themselves from danger. But to use your intellect, to bring security, prosperity to a world where everyone can live together in peace and harmony without war, without shortages, and without doing injustice to the planet and its people.
Give to your neighbor what you give to yourself as Jesus lived and showed you to do. Teach and instruct your children to be responsible and caring, so that they feel that they belong to one family without distinction of race, color, or religion. And then, a first step is taken towards a fair world in which everyone shares and is not robbed by those who think they can just take. And this lesson must be learned before humanity will fully understand how Jesus lived his life before your eyes, and what became his religion. The fact that you are all children of one Father, and that you all belong to him and deserve to be with him by doing good, by being brothers and sisters, and by sharing this world to be ready and get yourself ready to be taken into His kingdom.
This is your Thought Adjuster and this is all I wish to say today. And I wish everyone a very good day.
Thank you so much, Thought Adjuster. I'm looking at the dashboard and I see that oh, my whole dashboard is visible now. I see Dominick you have your hand up. I'm going to unmute you. There you go. I have unmuted you Dominick.
Thank you. I was talking but my lap-slider on my device was muted, so go figure. Alright, I have a further transmission if I may, and that is Arthura. And it is not to â€¦
Well, this is Arthura. I am not countermanding anything that has been said so far. In fact, what I did simultaneously was transmit to both Elise and Dominick and I wish to continue my short information on thinking, which will help you discover the new definition and renewal of the desired compassion we espouse with the brotherhood of man. And that is the following.
The concepts to figure out you could put up on a board in your mind, a blackboard or whiteboard, and that is the terms finite, time, space, and perspective. You as humans are educated and understand you are finite beings in your perception in time and space. And you will find not only compassion unlocked but your ability to serve and communicate with your fellows will be enhanced when you understand the lesson of the chocolate cake. I bring you the chocolate cake as an example. Most human beings communicate and think in concepts I call chocolate cake, but what we have put up on the blackboard would not be chocolate cake. It would require eggs, milk, oil, a pan, and the knowledge and algorithm of how to make various aspects of chocolate cake. And yet, most human beings jump to the conclusion of assumption, because that's how the mind is conditioned to shortcut and fill in for things like its own finiteness, its own perceptions. Sometimes this is good, but often it gets you into trouble.
So what I'm espousing is that when you don't understand something, or you think your fellow man is presenting a cake you don't understand or maybe even don't like, that underneath that request or presentation of the cake is a hidden motivation or a hidden need by your fellow that they may need an egg, or they might require a missing ingredient to serve them in their vision and goal of attaining a chocolate cake, even though they presumed to be presenting you an already finished cake. If you could figure out these things in this analogy, you will discover the seeds of true compassion and not the jargon of it. Thank you and good day.
All right. Thank you, Arthura. Back to you, Elise.
Thank you, Dominick. And thank you, Arthura. That was a very clear analogy, thank you. So, let 's see. Let me go over the dashboard. We have 17 callers all together, no questions. So let me see if there is anything else for me here.
Michael of Nebadon
Yes, hello my children. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I would like to speak to you about something different. So let's change the subject. I'm Michael of Nebadon, but I'm also your Creator Father who created the many forms of life now present in many expressions in the universe of Nebadon. There are many different life forms and you will encounter many of them on the morontia worlds when you go over, but you will soon discover that these forms represent only the outside. And that the inner spirit in all these human beings is the same, and they all have the same potential. And that can develop to great heights and even to embody so far that there are qualities of God himself in that being.
This ability to create is what the Father has given me as being an Michael Son, and it's given to all Creator Sons who create in their own universes according to divine directives, by using their own spiritual and creative abilities to give new creatures their form in the universes. What I want to point out to you today, I am Michael, I want to point out to you today that you as a human created by God, you have all these creative abilities. It is your divine inheritance to be able to create also in this world, right now, where you are spending your time and living your life. And you do that all the time in the things you express, your abilities to create and expand to unimaginable heights. And that happens with the experience you gain in your ascension career, and it can reach so far that you may even represent God's creation in a universe, and manage that creation in service of the Father, and bring it along to light our life. It is a great thing to learn and recognize for all that it is God's purpose, it is his desire to pass on to his children, where they can realize when they learn his mandates and also learn voluntarily to use your own freewill. Your free will, which is no different from the will of God, and this is such an awesome gift of God to man, it is the greatest gift from the Father. But also the greatest responsibility that God can give to his children who are endowed with such a spirit with such mind for he desires to make his creatures like himself in every aspect. And he even grants them the freedom of their own will and choice after they understand the work and the responsibilities they are taking on.
And this ability and desire of God to share his divine attributes and his knowledge with his children, with his creatures, lies in the goodness of beauty, and the truth that God represents and conveys to all his children. You are all given the opportunity to grow and become like him. each in his own expression of its God given unique personality.
I am Michael of Nebadon, and some call me Father Michael and that pleases me. I wanted to point this out to all of you again, because it is the greatest gift you could ever receive. And it is something you may take your time to think about. Cherish this gift and take good care of it. Use it in God's goodness, beauty and truth and it will keep you well.
This is your Father Michael. I am going to retreat again and I turn this back to you, Elise. And well see if there's anyone else for you who would speak to this audience. Thank you all and goodbye. 
Thank you, Father Michael. Thank you for speaking to us. Thank you for your words. We do really appreciate it. OK, I will see if there is anyone else for us here. Give me a moment, please.
I have a feeling there's no one else at the moment for us. Let’s see if there are any hands up, come at the dashboard. Now, we still have some minutes to go, more than 10 minutes. And I would like to unmute Ron, if you don't mind Ron, because I never want to close this Light Line before I have asked you if you have any words for us. So I'm unmuting you, Ron. Are you there?
No, I think Ron is not there at the moment. Ron told me always to check on him, because it would be a waste of time if he would have anything to add to what is being said on our Light Line, but Ron is not there. So I'm gonna leave him… I leave him unmuted in case he comes and wants to join us. And there is no one else, I see no hands up I think.
Well, there is something that I would like to talk to you about. Let me see. I had some, I had on my desk a note. Yes, this is something else that I wanted to say at the end of the Light Line, but because there is no one else at the moment, I will talk about it now.
Dominick is our co host. And he is very, very occupied and sometimes he doesn't have the time. And Dominick has asked me to see if there is someone else who would volunteer to co host a Monday Light Line. At the moment, Dominick has to divide his time between all the obligations and other assignments that have been given to him, and he has a very full schedule of activities. So, if there is anyone who would like to be co host with me for the Monday Light Line, please let me know, or email Ron or Dominick and let us know that you are interested, and then we will be in contact with you. Okay, that's all I had for today.
Elise, this is Dominick here. 
Yes, Dominick.
Let's set an expectation for what a co host does. So people understand what they might be asked to do. For example, Lemuel is doing one of the primary tasks of a co host, which is logging in to the dashboard with the host and acting as a backup, in case you have technical difficulties or… or what have you. So there's someone else, you know, holding the line, so to speak, and being able to troubleshoot. A second task of a co host is to typically add a transmission as well, which is also optional. But ideally, there's some participation once in a while through a co host that way too. That’s all Elise, back to you.
Okay, thank you. Well, that's what is expected of you. So you know what it holds now. There are more or less technical problems that could come up and well, maybe sometimes sort of a transmission from you. Well, if there was anyone, we would like to hear from you and we'll just see what happens just to release Dominick a bit, with all the work he has to do.
Well, because I see no one else and I feel no one else coming to speak, I might just close up this Light Line. And of course, I would like to thank first our speakers, Manituba Melchizedek, Arthura, and Michael of Nebadon, and my Thought Adjuster.  And I thank you for attending this Light Line. We are all together with 17, which is a good group, a good class as they used to say. So I thank you all, and I hope to see you next week on same time. And for now, I will say goodbye to all, and good night, good day.
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"