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Lightline Netherlands International
« on: January 29, 2024, 16:40:02 pm »
Speakers today:


OCILLIAYA - Master Spirit 4 

a CELESTIAL BEING about 'JUSTICE' - through Lemuel.

Link to the tape: 

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Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2024, 01:49:18 am »
1. 012924 Audio Tape Light Line Netherlands International; host: Elise Sophia Veronica; other transmitter: Lemuel
2. Subjects: Regency has begun, human participation, freedom in Father is the way of life in advanced civilizations, Father’s invitation and love for us, unexpected changes, Celestial support and communication, Justice and injustices on earth, Q&A  
3. Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Arthura, Universal Father, Ocilliaya - Master Spirit #4, Unknown Speaker
4. Transcriber: sonsofGod
5. Link To Tape: 

All right. I almost did it the other way around and that was not good. Well, good day and good evening, everyone. Today is Monday, and this is the Light Line Netherlands International on January 29, 2024. I welcome you all and thank you for being here with us. At the moment we have 13 people on the line and well, let's first before we start turn to our Father.

We always like to give him some thanks. And well, we thank him for his love and care for us, here for this group, for the planet Urantia, and for all the people who live on this planet. We would also like to thank all heavenly helpers who care for our planet, for our safety, and for the communication that is given to us to receive these words tonight, and today. And for that, well, let's ask for clear speech and understanding. We thank our Father, and let's proceed and see if there is someone today who can guide us through the Light Line.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Greetings everyone. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is Monday, the first day of the week. It is a normal week so far as we used to see on the planet and there's not much to tell you and that is of great importance at least.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek and as was mentioned some time ago, I have been assigned new tasks to perform for Father and that keeps me busy, but I have also asked Father to make it possible for me to assist in all that has been prepared and needs to take place in the coming time on Urantia, which is as you all know of great importance to all of you. And because I know the planet and its people so well I like to be a planetary helper to all of you, and to many with whom I have been working for such a long time now.

As you know many, very many celestial beings have already taken up their duties. They are all well prepared, they are at their post already working. And sometimes waiting for further instructions from their leaders of various departments. And these, well let's call it departments, but you could give them any other chosen name. They are all over the world, and especially in places of danger, and many of them in the United States where the Regency has begun and has its function in the government and to the people of the United States where one has to get acquainted with counsel of a very high origin. And one has to learn to respect what is to be said and is to be achieved on the planet. All of that has been recorded in many documents that were created for the execution of this all-embracing work by spirit on your earth. And with the never before granted help of human beings from this planet. I am Machiventa Melchizedek will probably be one of the first to speak when possible and address the human chief of the board of the Magisterial Foundation whom of course, we all know very well. And to whom I will speak in private before introducing myself to anyone else.

Manituba Melchizedek will probably be next. And he will also lead the board in a meeting and unfold the policies and plans in which the initial assignments will be made clear, and directions will be given to get started.

I'm sure that all of this will give more confidence to everyone on this discussion forum and on this line this evening, and you will all also be advised, all of you. And we hope that all of that will take place as planned. For well, you know that Regency has started and although invisible and unnoticeable for you, it has begun. It must have time to penetrate into the administration of the governmental body of the United States, but it's meant to be accepted as a source of information.

At first it will be regarded as an unknown side of speech, but it will be so very valuable because of its nature of deep understanding and evidence of knowledge of all the political, social, economical and other issues that are currently playing in the governance of the nation. And men will be forced to listen, and I tell you, they will.

The method of contact is not important to know or to explain here now, but it has to be successful and satisfactory. And at that time of course we hope to be able to give you more information. When the first acts and maybe drastic decisions will be taken they will surprise many people, not only in the United States, but around the world. There will be major changes in politics, great changes in mentality that will change people's minds. All this has been carefully prepared and you will notice in your news media a different trend, which maybe not so new and strange to you here, because you are prepared for this and have more background knowledge.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and we know of your support. We know your willingness to work together in as much as we may afford to you, and we do thank you for all your patience, your tenacity, your time, your efforts, your efforts to be of the Father's business soon enough.

The work will continue, and a start has been made for further progress for what the Regency must achieve. It is maybe a small step at first, but it must be a well taken step in the cooperation between men and spirit that will eventually lead to more cooperation between those two as it is intended. Well, this is all I can say to you today, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I thank you for now and I step back.

Thank you very much Machiventa. Thank you for joining us and for addressing us, and we are curious if there is anyone else who would like to speak to us.

Yes, my friends, I am Arthura, and I am happy to be here with all of you present on the Monday Light Line. You know me and I am one of the let's say assistants in the Missions that are led by your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, the Sovereign of your Local Universe of Nebadon.

Today is not much different from other days in terms of political matters, maybe shreds or power that your rulers display by showing their so called right over what they think they can control, but not so. For as you know, the final decision is never theirs, not ever. That is always to their Lord Michael of Nebadon who oversees the planet, and he does not need their advice.

When I look around on your world, I am Arthura, I see that some people think they can rule the world. That's their only thought. Power. But they have no idea of the spiritual source of their existence. In all they have to deal with, They, no thought comes up in their mind. They just keep thinking, they are in control of everything, and it ruins a lot. And it gives us and so many others in spirit almost a headache.

There are groups that believe in religious systems, and some of them have evolved into a form of an almost religious government with their own rules and laws to abide by that has done no good. It has taken away man's freedom to find God for himself, to allow them to develop their soul and to discover their own role and purpose in life.

People in some way, need to be free. You will get more freedom when your civilization advances, when your governments are listening to each other, maybe linked together and realize that every human is a child of God and free thinking is given to all. A free-thinking man or woman is able to grow into better and higher thoughts and philosophies, simply by following the law of God, by finding God within himself. For which he will discover both, the most beautiful and inventive methods of living, of living his life in cooperation with his brothers and sisters, and with God.

And then, at certain times, revelation will be added. Mindlessly following rules makes men lazy and easily controlled by possessive leaders who feed the population with their own laws and rules. But the work that you do together, where you try to meet in an effort to learn and to strive for camaraderie and agreement, that will bring peace to the heart of all concerned, and it will contribute to total progress for all. But limited thinking and action that is dictated with priority for a few is fatal to human interest and one's ability to improve a generation. It deprives man of all opportunities for growth, for curiosity that could lead to an inventive mind and to growth of the soul of each individual. It can ruin an entire nation, and when such a nation is overthrown by a higher developed civilization that nation is doomed and its fruits are lost forever.

I am Arthura, and I want you to enjoy your given freedom, but never abused it to gain control over someone else. As it will hinder that person's development and his spiritual growth. And that person will not be of any use to a society that is supposed to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and must bring his people to a better philosophy of life with the understanding of a living God and Father who is the source and purpose of life. A Father who longs to get to know and communicate with his children of time.

I am Arthura and I will now hand you over to the Universal Father, who likes to address this group.

Thank you Arthura, and welcome to you, our Father.

Universal Father
This is the Universal Father. My voice can be heard over the universes wherever people are, and are trained to listen, they can hear me. And they will be able to listen to my voice through the divine resource, which is in the first place, your Thought Adjuster. That part of me that I have given to you to be able to come close to me. Your Thought Adjuster is constantly working with you to move your heart and soul towards me.

For I am your Father, and only God who has created you and who will receive you in my dwelling place after your many experiences on the numerous worlds that are created for the purpose of your growth, and for which I have ordained accessibility to all who honor and respect me, and regard me as the only God of the created universes.

All my children, in an effort to learn who their parents are, should talk to them and ask them questions. The parent will always be willing to help the child grow in understanding life, and all that a child experiences in a world he does not yet know very well, while the parent has the experience. And that allows him or her to assist the child in his difficult task of understanding not only the world it lives in, but also the much broader environment of the universes around it.

I am your Universal Father. I speak to you, to all of you here, I invite you to talk to me. I care for all my children. As a Father, I give you my love, I give you everything you need. You need to grow in security and safety, and I always take into account and adapt to the circumstances you face. Because that is the challenge of life. Making you a strong and experienced being whom I will receive into my home on Paradise. and can send back into the universe to serve others in my name. This is your Universal Father. I have finished speaking. I wish you a wonderful day.

This as Elise and I thank You Father, thank you very-very much. Let's see, I am looking at the dashboard, we have one other person joining us. Welcome Charlotte, I see you're on the list, and I am going through this and see if there's anyone who wants to ask something or has a comment, but I see that everything is still muted.

So let's see and go forward and well, hope that there is someone else, because let me see what time … well, we still have almost half an hour. Is there anyone else who would like to speak here on the Lightline tonight?

Ocilliaya, Master Spirit 4
Good evening to all this is a Ocilliaya. I greet you all. I am the Master Spirit of Superuniverse four, and I take charge of all matters concerning the affairs of the Father in this Superuniverse four, where I am the representative of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son in the Grand Universe.

I have spoken before through this transmitter and I take the opportunity to address all of you here, to say that you also, all of you, shall have your own responsibility for the tasks that will be presented to you when the time comes, to assist and teach the people of Urantia, and to inform them about the work of God on earth. You have all been waiting and longing and waiting again, and although much has changed, nothing you expected has come to you.

But now that you are in the midst of changes, many changes that need observation and taking positions, it is a very difficult time for all. The changes will be very unexpected to those who have missed what you have been able to follow here on Light Lines, and the discussion forum for such a long time. You have heard the news first firsthand; you can ask your questions, you are able to discuss what you want on the forum, and you have a leader who knows so much. He will always give you an honest answer and tries to tell you as much as he knows.

But you can be prepared, try to be prepared. Keep studying the papers in the Urantia Book that you know are important and are still valid. You certainly know where to look because you have received sufficient information from your leader, Ron Besser, and you can always ask him. Ron Besser is already familiar with the sixth epochal revelation, and this will stir the population when it is released. It really will become the talk of the town, as you say, even for those who are familiar with the fifth epochal revelation.

I am Ocilliaya, and I know you all that might surprise you. But I have been transmitting to many of you some long years ago when you were asked to try to do a transmission and many of you have answered that by receiving me. And I know you have wondered at that time how different all these transmissions were. I'm always here for you. Ask for me. I know you all, I know your worries, I know your difficulties in life, but I want you to let go these little daily worries. I want you to open up yourself and to let yourself be guided by your Adjuster. He is there for your further development. A development for all of you in this great undertaking that is going to concern all of you. And that requires firm faith and a firm conviction on your part, and on all who wish to participate in this vast spiritual project that is to take place on this world. And I like to add soon.

I am Ocilliaya and you may always call on me. I helped you with your uncertainties. And you will encounter uncertainties. You learn to listen to me, and I teach you to stand as a beacon of light for the work of Michael of Nebadon, for the Magisterial Sons, and for Jesus, and his return to Urantia. That is your (? @39.14 min) of birth. Try to prepare yourself. And if you can't, have faith in your Father through longing to work for him. He will give you strength and show you the way. This is a Ocilliaya. I thank you all for listening and I wish you all a very good day.

And this is Elise, and I want to thank you, Ocilliaya. Thank you for your encouraging words. Okay, well, let's see what else. I see Lemuel has a question. I will unmute you, maybe you have a question or a comment. I unmuted you.

Thank you, Elise. In fact, I had my hand before, but you didn't see it.

No, well, I don't see the whole page, you know, I have to go up and down. I am sorry for that. Go ahead, please.

No, no, no. No that's not. Can you hear me all right?

Oh yes, very clearly. Thank you.

I want to talk about … I don't know who it is, I got someone here with me. I don't think it's my Adjuster. I think it's someone else, about justice and injustice.

Unknown Messenger
You are all aware of so many injustices taking place in the world, every moment of every day of every month of every year. And so many perpetrators of these injustices seem to get away with it, and do these things with impunity.

So many methods of prodding. So many people will occupy other people's houses when you're away on holiday. And the law is such, as such, that the owners of the houses cannot get back into their own homes. There are so many examples of injustices. I am sure many of you have thought perhaps many times, what happens to the souls of those people who have done such terrible things? We never hear anything about them. They're never transmitted. Is it because they don't exist anymore? There are so many not just the most well-known ones, famous ones, or infamous ones. The Hitlers the Stalins, the Mussolinis, so many of them.

If you remember, Jesus always taught to love your enemies. To love those who do not treat you well, who take advantage of you. Well, this is the most difficult word, isn't it? It is so easy to love those that you love, to love your family and your friends, and your acquaintances at work. But what about those who deliberately work against you, who deliberately use you and take advantage of you? What about those? Some of you have had the experience. This one has. He has had the experience of learning and proving for himself that the only thing that one can do, and in fact the best thing that one can do is to send light to these people. Because of face-to-face encounter does not serve anything at all. In fact, it would be counterproductive. You can send sincere prayers, sincere love and light from your heart to these people and seeing them surrounded by the most beautiful white golden light. It does work and it does take practice.

Also, as far as the law is concerned, well, you all know justice needs to be done and justice needs to be seen to be done. Well, that is not going to happen individually for so many, because the justice systems throughout the world take so long to bring the cases to court and there are so many, they just are overwhelmed with work. Look at the number of prisoners that are in prison for years upon years upon years. This is not justice; this is a cruelty. One of the things that will be addressed when the Regencies are up and running and the Magisterial Missions are visible. There will be greater changes in the penal codes throughout the world. But I want to tell you, for those who would have already died and have gone on, what about them?

Well, let me tell you. As you know, there is no hell, and God, our Universal Father does not punish anyone. But what happens is everyone is made to face to see and to feel the hurt and the pain and the suffering that they have caused other people. So, just try to imagine for a moment what that really means. Someone for the first time to really see what they have done and how they have done it, and the effect on innocent people and children. For many of them, it is too much, it is unbearable, and they cannot support it, and in fact they choose not to continue, and their souls are lost.

So, think sometimes for these dear souls who here on Earth have think they are the King of everything, they have the power they have the influence, they have the money, etc etc. But later on when they get over on the other side, they will discover they have nothing, only to face what they have done to others and to feel it, to experience it, and this of course is hell. But it is a hell of their own choosing and volition to do whilst on earth. So, one can feel sorry for these people in power, even now today. You see them on television or in the movies or on the radio, you see them. Someone in glamorous positions, plenty of money, the jet set as you'd call them, but what do they know of their soul? What did they know of spirituality? Just think of the things that they are going to have to face. They can have the most wonderful time here, but when they get over the other side, they will have to face justice.

The reason I wanted Lemuel to say these things is because, well, I know he has, but I'm sure many of you have as well thought of these things. How so many people seem to get away literally with murder, but also figuratively speaking. Well, I can assure you, they do not get away with it. They get away with it on earth, okay, but not when they go, well, before they go to the mansion words. So all you can do is to send these people light. And, as I mentioned before, it is the most difficult thing that you will ever be called upon, well, you're not called upon to do it, but it is advisable to do it. Because these people need it, they need your light, because they do not have light on their own.

So, send them light sincerely as you possibly can, love from your heart to these people, especially those who physically that you know personally who use you and, and do well against you, that sort of thing. It's very, very difficult, I know, but it is the best and only thing you can do for them. And they do turn around, they will begin to behave differently towards you. Please try it and prove it for yourself. It takes time but believe me it does work. So yes, love your enemies, and send them light and love. And one day, these enemies can become your friends, your true friends, because you have turned them around to embrace the light that you have sent them. Thank you. Thank you, Lemuel.

Oh, thank you. Thank you very much indeed. Alright, Elise, I hand it back to you now for me. Thank you.

Thank you, Lemuel, I will mute you again. Thank you for this beautiful transmission of actually a beautiful lesson. Which is really hard to think about. And I think I do not have anything else. And I don't think there is anything else for us. Well, with your transmission, Lemuel, I would like to…  Well, I see that Valerie has a question. Let me not forget to look at the dashboard. Valerie, I’ve unmuted you. Go ahead, please.

Thank you, Elise. I received this transmission, very much appreciate it, but may I ask who was speaking, please? I didn't hear who was sending this message to us, the message to Lemuel.



It was not known, Valerie, it was an unknown voice.

Okay. Because I do the transcription, so I would want to make sure I know what to say, but I have a question in reference to this. And there is one that I always thought, I mean, I was hoping no, not thought, but I was hoping that those innocent people who become victim of this system, like the young people who cannot cope with this situation that take their lives, that they soul would not be lost. They are innocent, and then in this transmission said that the soul is lost. Is it because they were not able to develop their souls?

Well, yes, thank you, Valerie. I would like to unmute Lemuel for that, and maybe he can answer your question. I unmuted you again, Lemuel.

I'm sorry. What was the …? Well, first of all let me say that I don't really know who it was. I know it was not my Adjuster. But it was another, another celestial but he didn't give me his name.

OK. The question I had is, in that speech that was, it was said that those young people who cannot cope with their horrible situations being abused and going through very bad life experiences, that their souls will be lost because..., I mean not because they took their lives, but they take their own lives and their soul will be lost. And I was hoping that those who die innocently and victims of this system would not be lost.

No, Valerie, I think you were confused. I was stating the fact that those perpetrators, the perpetrators of so many injustices in the world, they really do suffer when they get over, and they have to face and feel what they have done to other people. So this is one thing that's easy to understand.

The other thing, of course, that you were asking me, if I think I've got this correct, any soul that had not had the opportunity to grow, and they die before, before they have any opportunity for the soul to grow, they are cared for. I mean, this has been spoken to before. For example, if it is a young child, even before they have their Thought Adjuster, there are nurseries upstairs, so to speak, to take care of these dear ones, until their souls are developed. And they can have the, to the extent, that they can have already to receive a Thought Adjuster, and they continue with their ascension plan as everybody else.

Now, I was referring to, or the person I was transmitting was referring to the people, the perpetrators of so many injustices, deliberately knowing what they are doing in fact is wrong, but they do it carte blanche, so to speak, with impunity. These people really do suffer when they get over on the other side.

Yeah, I understand that, and that they have to face their own doings. How long is that for them to take place? I mean,

I cannot answer that that's an impossible thing to answer. I mean, but it shouldn't take, well, I cannot say in terms of days or hours, Valerie, but for many … just hold on. Yes, there's someone? Yes

Unknown speaker
And who is it?


Unknown Messenger
Valerie, this is he was spoke through Lemuel before. The decision that each soul has to make when they see what they have done, and felt what they have done, etc., as I mentioned before, for many of them, it is too much to bear and so, they choose not to continue with their lives. So that is justice being done for them, which in fact, they do for themselves. In fact, there are many who cannot face what they've done. And so they opt out to be …

(What is the word you want to use, Lemuel?) Want to be ex …, deceased,

Unknown Messenger
... want to be extinguished totally. That's a terrible thought, but that's how it is. The … all the other souls. I mean, as you are fully aware, there are millions upon millions upon millions of people throughout the history that never had the chance. Never heard anything about spirituality, especially on this planet, because of the rebellion, as you're fully aware of. And those who are soldiers, etc., who fought in so many wars.

The vast majority of these have been saved, because they were in circumstances where they had to do certain things. That's totally different to perpetrators of deliberate perpetrators of evil. It's a totally different situation. The vast majority of souls are saved, and they do have the opportunity to grow and continue their ascension plans.

So, I hope this has helped you with your question, Valerie.

Hello, has it? This is Lemuel.

Valerie? Oh, she is here.

I'm sorry. As I touch my phone, I by accident pushed that mute button unintentionally, I didn't realize it. So I said I thank you, I thank very much the speaker for the answer. I now have clarity. Now, I have one more question in reference to going through so much on this earth that people decide to take their lives. I, I also know people who haven't took their lives, but because of the many difficulties and two world words and different situations they went through, they became very bitter in life. What happens to those because on the end, they weren't hurting anyone, but they weren't really living the life of love either. They were just angry, and resentful, and so forth. Do they have a way to recover?

Yes, I can answer this as well, Elise, if I may.

Yes, sure. Go ahead, please.

The same thing applies to all souls, that is to say, no matter what the circumstances are, what they have experienced in life or not experienced in life, they come face to face with what they have done, or what they've left undone throughout their lives. Well, obviously, the vast majority of people have done things they should not have done or would have preferred not to have done, etc, etc, etc. But in fact, that's no big deal. Because given the circumstances that exist on this planet, and have existed for 1000s, upon 1000s of years, in fact, it is, it is quite a miracle that so many souls do survive.

Remember, that is a de-learning process. And it is also a de-memorizing thing to take place, if I can use that expression. In other words, things that have really no great import, they are simply forgotten, so the soul does not remember.

So the things that the soul has to remember and face of those things more serious. But the vast majority are not in that situation. The vast majority of souls, yes, we've all done things that we shouldn't have done, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but it is no big deal. Believe me, it is no big deal. But it is an unlearning process that takes place. And then you ascend to the, to the level of mansion road that you're qualified to. And that's it. And as you know, if you read the Urantia Book, mansion world number one and part of mansion world number two is a kind of debriefing process, where you unlearn things that, you know you've done or should have been in. I'm not expressing it very well, but I think you understand what I mean.

Yah, thank you.

It's a debriefing process, so it's no big deal, Valerie, and most of these souls are saved. It is only the real bad guys that choose not to continue. So, I hope that helps you. Thank you anyway for your question, Valerie, thank you so much.

I thank you very much for the answer. Thank you.

OK. Thank you, Elise, thank you.

Thank you, Lemuel, and thank you, Valerie. Do you have any more questions, Valerie?

No, thank you.

Well, thank you for your questions. I'm muting you again and I'm muting Lemuel.

Well, it is time to close the Light Line now. And I want to thank you all for being here. I want to thank our speakers, Machiventa Melchizedek and Arthura. And the Universal Father. Ocilliaya, and, of course that Celestial Being that spoke through Lamuel, and Lemuel for assisting, and for answering the questions. Thank you very much, Lemuel.

Well, I think that's all for today. And I'm going to just close the recording. And hopefully see you next week, same time, same place. And I wish you a very good day and a very good evening.


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