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Lightline Netherlands International
« on: February 12, 2024, 16:16:39 pm »
We thank all Speakers for today.

We heard:   

            MIRIAM and the THOUGHT ADJUSTER - (Elise)

We also received words through Ron Bessser from:

      MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK;    ADGAR (the voice of Urantia)

            THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS Nr.2  (who speaks for the ETERNAL SON)

Below you find the link to the tape:

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Re: Lightline Netherlands International
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2024, 13:24:43 pm »
  • 021224 Audio Tape Lightline Netherlands International; host: Elise Sophia Veronica; other transmitter: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: Example of Van to overcome long wait and isolation; call to seriously consider our work and participation, seek hearing the voice of God, service to Father; How our Thought Adjusters guide us to the Father; Universal Father beautiful promise and encouragement to us; Lightlines will remain operational, Ron’s health condition and modification; Pennsylvania Senate will invite Ron for a meeting; the voice of Urantia spoke about the results of tectonic plate movements
  • Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek; Van, Miriam, Thought Adjuster of Elise, Universal Father, also spoke through Ron Besser Arthura; the Ancients of Days number 2, Adgar, the voice of Urantia
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link To Tape:

Hello, everyone. This is the Lightline Netherlands International on Monday 12 February 2024. I am Elise Sophia Veronica, your host. And I welcome all of you, I thank you for being with us again. Well, we're here with 14 now. And that is you see, no name another number. You're very welcome, all of you.

And well we'd like to give a moment of thanks to our Father who gives us this opportunity to come together and to listen to the voices from spirit. We thank You, Father, we thank you for your love, your care for your blessings. We pray for peace and healing of a sick world that we may have the strength and the courage to keep the course and make ourselves useful in what must be done to heal this world, and well, I guess her soul, Adgar, the voice of the planet of Urantia, who addressed the listeners on the Sunday Lightline in a desperate plea to be heard and saved. We thank You Father. May Your will be done.

Let's see who is there today for the Lightline to speak to us. I'm asking for spirit to come and maybe there is an MC and if not, we will proceed.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Good day and good evening to all this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am not your MC, but I am joining you in this hour of spirit and like to stay with you in case I am needed. And I will lead you through this session, Elise, were unnecessary, but we've seen you can do it very well all by yourself. I'm glad to be here and I greet the whole group, and well, let me see if I can see someone for you Elise and that is, yes, that’s Van. Thank you, Elise, and I give you over to your first speaker.

Thank you Machiventa, and very welcome to Van, please go ahead, Van.

Yes. Good day to all, this is Van. They call me Van, the Steadfast, but I do not use that name right now. Well actually, it could be used for each of you in this little family of workers that you have formed here on the forum. Each of you have shown your loyalty and faith, each of you have stayed here and not given up despite the many changes you went through, and the many times of disappointing news that came to you. We see this group as a group of promise. Promise for future work and for participation in what needs to be done. But your future and your work in it are still very un-secure.

I am Van, and I have so much experience, I know what it is to be patient. You will have heard my story many times. But at that time when I had to stop my work and we're suddenly forced into something new that we did not understand, so many years ago, we had no idea why we were shut off, when our communication with the higher worlds would return, and when to get orders from the other side. We, that is Amadon, my associate and true friend, had been working on the planet already for a long period of time, and we both had our own experiences. We had achieved many things but it did not work out as expected. But we have long since learned that there are always new trials to cope with.

We had to adjust ourselves and we got ready to face anything to strive for the best. But we had no idea what we would be without contact from spirit for such a long time. We kept our faith.  If you know, we knew that justice would always prevail, that no child of God will ever be left alone no matter the circumstances. So it took us a while to adjust to new circumstances and we just waited for better times to come, but we never despaired. We believed in what we had done in all our efforts to help this world to a more advanced future. Meanwhile, hoping that the tide would turn for us so that we could work more freely. We believed in our Father and in his almighty lodge and laws.

We have not been able to complete our assignments, so we decided to give our attention to the things we saw were needed. And we started to make plans and preparations for the Material Son and Daughter whom we knew would one day come to Urantia to do their work in the progress of the races. Meanwhile, we did other things for the people living around and with us during that long period, without any communication from spirit. And Amadon and I, as best companions and co workers as we are to this day, we found comfort and pleasure in each other's company and friendship, and experience. We never lost our hope.

I am Van. So, to all of you here, you are also in a time of trial and waiting, but know that God applies his rules justly, and always for the good of all. He will always give you his blessings, in accordance with your work, your faith, and your trust in Him. We all have to experience uncertainties like you do. But it's always your faith and trust that will help you deal with the unexpected things that are going to happen in an ever changing and evolving universe. We never know what is going to happen and what spirit will do, what is decided for the universe, for a planet, and even for you. Times go by, and growth and change must continue. Even on a world like yours, a world full of hate and despair, and people don't know what the future will bring.

This is what I want to tell you and give you as my advice, but I'm sure you know. Your faith is what gets you through days of uncertainty. Your faith gives you strength and makes you persevere. Faith rooted deep in your heart does wonders. It makes you able to face any trial to overcome, any obstacle you have to face. It gives you the assurance that things will turn into something better, and it keeps the love for God in your heart. So keep your faith, be alert, and also keep thinking ahead.

Start to think seriously of something you can do. Something you can do now at this time where you can be of assistance to others, or to the world, and we assure you that your elder brothers and sisters and a host of other helpers will always be there for you to assist, wherever they may and can offer their services to the evolutionary planets they know so well. This is Van. Thank you for listening and I will step back and give this back to you Elise.

Thank you, Van, thank you for your words. Is there anyone else who would like to speak?

Hello, this is Miriam. You know me, I have been here before a couple of times, and I am a teacher among many other things. I enjoy working with you, humans. I have been guiding this transmitter when she started to make herself available and worked with Amethyst on earlier Lightlines. They both were devoted to the tasks, and they have both followed their own ways into various works, as to prepare themselves for Missions and other assignments that would emerge.

I am Miriam, I am not working for any special assignment or mission at this time in particular, but I always give my service in a broad, broad manner, and that is to all who like to listen to my lessons and the experience I have gained in my years of learning and teaching to different groups on planets and on the mention worlds.

I have come to this Lightline today to draw your attention to what has been a very fruitful period on your planet, which is marked as the teaching time, where some among you learn to listen to the voice of God. For that is what is needed in any spiritual work that we do, in cooperation with you people, on places where we may have contact with humans to receive our words. We are trained for that. We bring you words from the Father and his associates, and the many high officers who descend from far-out places in the universe, to teach the human races and gave them the knowledge and hope for their future lives.

And I, Miriam, have been one of the assigned teachers during the teaching time of which you have probably heard or maybe have experienced it yourself. There were many teachers, and they all worked together on Urantia to get the Spirit of God back on Urantia. It started at the end of the 20th century and there were many-many teachers from all ranks and origin. They all came here to teach groups, small and large ones, to help them further in their achievement of understanding the Urantia Book and many other concerns they had at the time, or we're curious about. I must say that I have always enjoyed doing that. It was a well-received and educational process, and it was embraced by us, and by those who partook in it. But unfortunately, it did not last because of some egoistic features that showed up and snapped the ideals off the table. It divided the groups and finally most of them broke up.

And now, we all like to encourage you, and all who listen with serious intention, to consider to give your time and your efforts to this most effective way of learning, listening to what spirit has to say. Where you make yourself a living tool for those who yearn for spiritual wisdom and all things that concern your planet, and learn about the universe and its reality. When you give yourself to be an instrument of God in service to your brothers and sisters in helping this world to learn that God is approachable and listening to each of you. I am not imposing this on anyone, it is just a message from my side. I am Miriam and this is all I have to say for now. I want to leave you with these thoughts and I thank you for listening. Good day.

Thank you, Miriam. Thank you for that. Let me see if there's another speaker for us here.

Thought Adjuster of Elise
This is your Thought Adjuster, Elise. I'm speaking to all here, and the things I am telling you you probably know, but it is never too much to hear. You all know that the Thought Adjuster is that part in you that is the Father. And we, the Thought Adjusters, lead you through moments of doubt, prayer, and trial, but also through your new experiences to enrich your life, and to be able to seize new opportunities and possibilities for you to make progression. And sometimes great leaps at certain moments in your evolution. We enjoy in taking you to the next step and challenging you to do more than you think you can. We lead you through challenges in life to satisfy your curiosity, to stir your hunger for knowledge, while at the same time we expose you to higher goals that you may achieve by mastering the difficulties you encounter during your sojourn in the flesh. And all of this helps your soul grow and that is what we are trying to achieve.

Because it is the soul with all its experience gathered during your sojourn in the material that you take with you. It is what you really are, it stays with you when you pass over to the next challenge, to the next world, after your life year has ended. And we aim to take you as far as we can and give you over to the next class with more trained spiritual muscles, so to speak, unto the next world which you do not know yet. But which you won't find difficult to grow into. If you have acclimatized yourself after a period of rest and then it's the beginning of a new phase of education and experience. We the Adjuster, we leave our ward temporarily when you make the crossing, but we will soon rejoin you in the effort to be fused and work as one. And this may happen at any time while you are in the morontial realm.

Some of you have already fused before, giving you a head start when you transition. And this could mean you will hear your Adjuster much better and be much more attuned to your Adjuster. Your connection might be more clear, which affects the outcome and efficiency in the work between you and the Adjuster. So, the important trial for all humans is to know and recognize the presence of your Thought Adjuster. And for us, it is our pleasure and honored task to bring you to the Father, and to teach and experience His creation, and the Creator himself, your Father on Paradise who knows, oversees, and provides for everything for his children who will become conscious of him, and a participant in his universe, and the universe of universes. It is your Adjuster, and I speak for all Adjusters present with you. I thank you for listening. Good day.

Thank you, Adjuster, thank you for speaking to us. Let me look at my screen for a moment. I see we have eighteen, and are there any new names? Charlotte, welcome Charlotte, and I think some numbers, no names. You're all very welcome. There are no hands up, so I try to proceed and see if we have anyone else here.(few seconds of silence) I feel there's someone who wants to speak.

Universal Father
Good day, my children. I speak to you as my children, as being my little stars on the planet. This is your Universal Father. Let you give me the joy of giving you these words.

You are the children of the light. That is what we call you when they come and touch you lightly, so you won't get disturbed by heavy thoughts or feelings. I asked you to be with me, to take my hand, and I will lead you so beautiful ways to me, your source, your beginning. For you are my children. Your future lies before you, and that will open new doors you have not seen, and you have not been ready to open before. But you will now. The doors will open automatically and invite you all to enter in a space of light, so you can breathe in the air of love. This is a blessing for all of you. A healing to wash away doubt and fear, to give those who receive me the strength, to stand tall and ready to give yourself to me. This is what I do to all my children when they come to learn and feel my love. The living source within you works as a magnet, drawing you nearer to me.

Be still and know then that I am God. The source of your existence, the never-ending force of love and mercy that is bestowed on all my children through the ages of time, through the circle of infinity, revealing the eternity of God. I am the Universal Father. I love you. I leave.

Thank you, Father. Thank you for your beautiful words. Thank you for speaking to us. Okay, let's go on, no hands up. Okay, let me concentrate to see if there's anymore. I don't think so. Well, let me go to the list and see if there is anyone else who could add something to this Lightline. And of course I go to Ron. Well, Ron, you're the one I think that's most available to us if there is any news, or something to tell us. I unmuted you, Ron.

All right.

I hope you don't mind.

Not at all. Not at all. Let me see if we do have a speaker.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Welcome, everybody. We are now transferring our information from Elise to you, Ron. And for that reason, we thank you for taking it on in spite of the fact it's a very dull, almost foggy day, and that always affects you when it's not so cheerful.

And finally, this to all of you. The entire matter of the Lightlines is to continue. We have had a big talk about it. That is those who run the Missions you are about to see. For that reason, then please understand that the entire matter that contains the leadership of what you are calling the Lightline, and the transmitters are all available again in spite of difficulty, particularly by Clency, and sometimes by Ron.

Now, the temptation that we sometimes feel is to allow the Lightline to drift a little bit, and to see just what may be affecting today's Lightline. Today's Lightline is primarily overseen by the people on Paradise. Ron has been up since 4:30am, because we got him up. He said, “What in the world are we just sitting here for? It's not even light.” Well, it was light by 7:30, but Ron had a point. What in the world that I get up for at 4am, or a little after? The truth of the matter is without me entertaining Ron's mind, it would go, well, blank. He is fighting not a leukemia, but now a starchy friend called Arthura, who says it is time for Ron to get awake and become involved with all things necessary. Here's Arthura.

Welcome, Ron.

Well, we welcome you, Arthura. Please help yourself. Go ahead, please.

Thank you. I do enjoy it. For reasons of state Ron, you're almost blanked out, but you heard the call and now you are available to speak as one of our transmitters. As a transmission. I'm Arthura. As a man of the realm, you're Ron. You take that for granted. Whoever you are, as you do on this Lightline today, each of you, I want it to be understood Ron, that you're darn near asleep. But I woke you up just in time to take the call. Now, today we have 19 on the Lightline listening, either through the internet, or the telephone service. That's a good number, Elise, you've got a good number. The reason I point that out is that 19 is a threshold, and via threshold, I mean, how many people should be on a call for it to be a good outreach of what we want to say.

For reasons on my own, I don't have much, except this. The trial that must be expected for the Missions to proceed is enough people to gather in interest to cheer us up, that is people to listen what we have to say. For that reason, then, let us say that you are Ron in the 20’s, Elise is almost always 20’s. Dominick is in the 20’s and so forth. That is a good audience.

Now this. There are Lightlines with five or less. We're going to allow them to continue. For those of you who have audience fall off, don't worry about it. The trial that must be afforded to all transmitters is that they do not have to worry about whether they're going to have a Lightline, but whether they are going to attract an audience that is worthy of doing a Lightline. Ron, your Lightlines probably are the most populated. Dominick follows, and so do several other view. The ones you have established are about five and number, one after the another, beginning on Sunday through Wednesday. Lemuel’s Lightlines are well populated. So are the rest of you. Clency has having trouble because of health reasons, so we let that ride. Now this. Ron just said to me, “Arthura, I'm okay. Don't worry”. Thank you, Ron. I gather that is holding the phone to your ear.

Yes, the phone placement makes it awkward to hold the earphone into proper place all the time, and it complains halfway through. But I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Thank you. The truth of the matter is Ron, that you are also facing an issue with health. You're not very happy about.

Yes, you just said I curse it.

We do too. It has to do with the endocrine system entirely. What's an endocrine system? That is the secretion of glands that make it possible to be conscious, and to do the other things in the routine of your day. When the endocrine system starts to go, then you have trouble staying awake. You had trouble doing some of the normal things for the day. You have that all day recently, Ron, and it's not just your endocrine system. Your circulatory system is following. For that reason then people, you've got a circulatory system too. When you reach a blood pressure level of about 120 or less, you had trouble staying awake. But Ron has a blood pressure of at least 150, and for that reason he's still has trouble staying awake. The reason for that is the endocrine system is sometimes shut off. The Thought Adjuster has now reasoned that it is the cabal, Ron, that keeps playing with the system. And for that reason it has been removed entirely. Now we have to get the endocrine system working up to snuff.

I'm Arthura, and I say one more thing to all of you. Everything I've said about Ron is true about you. And one final remark, We have been going on and on about a morontial change. Ron says, “There has not been one iota of change, even though they say portions of me are entered into the morontial. But I'm not aware of them,”. For that particular reason, Ron, we are stating to the group, your insistence on being familiar with the Lightlines, the Magisterial Foundation, the care that the Melchizedeks will administer it, and that the entire reason we must pay attention to WTP is because the Pennsylvania Senate is going to ask you to testify in about two weeks. You're dead on your feet. You say, I don't see how I'm even gonna crawl to the Senate, much less testify. We are going to make available two incarnated Melchizedeks. The truth of the matter is it makes you really smile.

Yes, it's difficult for them

Truly, Ron,

... and I am most grateful. I can't do it without them.

Thank you, Ron. The truth of the matter is, you own the patent in spite of giving it to the Magisterial Foundation for them to administer. We can't give you money, we can't give you time, but we can test them. And for that reason, I assure you that money will flow. The truth of the matter is you refused to give the patent as collateral for the loans. That is very wise. But you can give collateral the plant you built. And for that reason, there is plenty of takers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is truly ready to listen. The governor says if this is true, my God, do we have an advantage! He's right. Ron, you need to live long enough, but you doubt it. But you will. Today we're returning the endocrine system, so at least you can stay awake during the day.

That's a big help.

Well, you don't need to see where you're sitting if you're sleeping. If I want to be active, like get something to eat, I've got to almost slap myself in the face and go through it. We do get through it. So I make it fine. Thank you.

Thank you, Ron. And now this final constitutional change to you Ron. You will soon notice that you are awake a lot. And that is an extraordinary change for you lately.


And for reasons of state let us make sure that people like Lemuel, Elise, and a few others of you are going to feel the difference. to Elise very soon we're going to connect your heart to the morontial regime. They don't sleep very much. The light recession is when they sleep. If they even do it then and one last thing, Ron. This is Uversa.

Oh, welcome Uversa. Go ahead, please.

Thank you. We are not the Ancients of Days, Ron. We are, you write it down several times, we are Adgar: A D G A R. We are the voice of the planet. We Adgar say this to all of you. Thank you for your support. We desperately need it. We do not live well, we are Urantia, but my voice is Adgar. I will speak later, but right today I bow my head before Father. I bow my head before the good people of this planet. And I say to all of you: Help me, please! They won't let me alone. I don't mind nuclear explosions as much as digging trenches in me almost a mile deep to get iron and nickel, platinum. Gold and silver are almost always on the surface. I don't mind that. Yes, there are deep mines in South Africa, but they don't bother me.

And finally, this to all of you. I am Adgar. Thank you for hearing me. And now, Ron, this is Uversa.

I am not the Ancients of Days but one of his servants. The Ancients of Day number two, the one in the middle speaks for the Eternal Son. I say this to all of you as number two of the Ancients of Days. Thank you for attending today. We are seeing 20 right now, thank you. That's a nice turnout. And for reasons of state Ron, you passed through your mind today to contact the Western transmitters and plea for unity. Don't bother. They don't know what it is, and we're going to close them off shortly.

And finally, this to all of you before we turn this back. The reason that Adgar speaks is that the United States must make sure that its East Coast is not some non-bu-lent when the West Coast goes into the Pacific. I'm not sure when or why, but there are a number of you who live there and listen to the Lightlines. Be aware! We cannot stop the cracking of the support tectonics that lie under your cities, particularly San Francisco. Do not worry about it if you start hearing it, but if you start hearing it get out of there. You'll be in about 3 to 700 feet of water in a twinkling of an eye if you're not careful.

The border between Mexico and the United States will slide into the Pacific and you will not have the need for a fence, because the new sea extends from Baja California down to Honduras. It is deep and lethal as long as the currents are between the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Panama Canal is not essential. It is seaworthy.

And finally, this. I am about to turn this back over to you Elise for you to close it down. And finally this to you, Ron, to allow you to stay awake for the rest of the day.

Most helpful, thank you very much.

And truly this to all of you. Age is creeping up. We're going to see to it that these Missions still have your support to be with us, and you with us. Thank you for listening. I am Adgar, the voice of Urantia. I am the Ancients of Days, the one who speaks for the Son. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, my fellow supporters for what these Missions are, for Michael and the Salvington Government. We now turn this back to you, Elise. Thank you for the time. Good day.

Thank you, Adgar. Thank you, Ron. Well, let me thank all the speakers that were here today, and there were many. I want to say thanks to, well, first of all the Universal Father. And to Van, and Miriam, to my Thought Adjuster. And well, of course to Ron, we heard from Michael. Now not from Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek. Thank you very much, Machiventa. And the Ancients of Days number two, and Adgar, the voice of Urantia. I think I got them all here.

And to all the listeners who are here tonight, all 19 of you, I thank you for being here and for being such a good and faithful listener to the Lightline. I thank the Father for giving us this time to do this, and to allow us to hear his words. I thank you all very much and I will stop the recording. And hope to see you next week on Monday, and till then, bye-bye.

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