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« on: October 16, 2021, 12:46:37 pm »

EVENTUATION - This word is a perfectly good English word meaning something slowly happens to appear.  You might hear it as “he eventually got there after having a flat tire.’  That is the normal idea of eventual, eventuate, eventuation, and all of it parts of speech forms.  But the 5th epochal revelation gives the word “eventuation.” a whole new definition to deal with, and that is what we will discuss here.

The term eventuation in the revelation talks about a reality level we time share babies never experience in our life time on this planet.  The reality level the revelation refers to is the one that takes time and discards it entirely.  People arriving in the reality level after our time reality level are fully finished, and that means at some point we exhaust time experiences to get to them at all.  Time can be perfected and that is the road all of us are on right now.  But when perfected, time is finished, and we no longer need time anymore, and that is why our universe planners decided to provide a step beyond time that has no time, and that eventually leads to more reality levels that take the Master Universe into an Infinite creation.

What our planners did was start a whole new space area to fill in after the time space area finished up.  Time perfection though has a very long way to go in Urantia years to measure it.  Spirit Theorists think time will be all done in a billion more earth years, and that is so far away do not worry about how to look finished in time at least in your lifetime.  Or for that matter, does the planet Urantia last that long to go either?

But what does the word eventuated have to do with all of this?  Time has run out for our present reality as it has become perfected.  Time still exists way back in our old space area, but the next area already exists beyond our wall of galaxies which is  a whole new space area.  Right now that area is totally empty and no life in it yet. But when it does start to get life, it will be for no-timers and not for us to explore.

There are several names given to the timeless space areas including fancy words like “the era of Ultimacy,” or the Absonite reality, and other names quite appropriate at the time of the issue of the 5th epochal revelation we should not always use now.  That’s because there has been a disaster of a wreck that happened and the one who was to create the place of Ultimacy or the Absonite (as it is also called), quit developing and has withdrawn from the scene entirely.  That makes just who gets assigned to the next reality a little dicey, but whoever and whatever that might be in person, they will experience timeless existences.  We do know this:

What did time do to get finished so well it can pass everything over to the next reality?  Simply put as best I can explain it, why time can do this is because time has settled all of the time problems with satisfactory solutions.  It has become perfected.  That also means that the space and planets in time are no longer blowing up or colliding and galaxies all have their place to spin in without hitting somebody else, and all the humans in time live a God-centered life and live long and prosper.  The is called the end of time and the perfection of time.  In its own way it is a time Paradise.

The absonite produces beings something like our human order I am told, who among other things, have absonite problems to solve, or just timeless problems that are mostly familiar to our time creation which solved them.  We solved with solutions to the causes of civil unrest, and relationship problems, and how to balance our finances and poverty well eliminated, and so on.  What the next reality looks at is how we solved them, and then says to God, “time solved these things for people living in time, but they did not solve them fully for spirit led individuals who are already born in spirit.  How do we get to do that?”  

There is your first real big difference between time and no time life.  We timers start without any idea of God and any idea there are ways to work miracles out with God to solve really pressing issues that can even kill us if we do not solve them.  In the no time areas, they already start with physical bodies, true, but they also have ten times the mind we timers do amd they figure out early on that spirit has excellent resources to undo spirit problems they have to deal with.  The new reality beings are so well tuned to God they can speak to Him almost at once and actually get an answer back.

What then does that have to do with eventuated?  This:

Those new personalities with the big brains and investigation skills we do not have, are given assignments by their Sunday School teachers, (assuming they have lessons in the elementary and primary education who teach this stuff we have to wait for a church to do it– or sort of), and they are given an assignment to look at problems we had in time.  

To do that they have to pray and meditate and learn to transmit and learn to hear other voices we do not in our time creation, and then are assigned a life long problem to offer no time solutions for.  They must do that by pulling down from the spirit archives what time did, and they eventually (through eventuated actions) get the full outline of all the steps time did to get an answer for how time did it.  They must work most of their life personalizations on it, and then report to their gurus what they solved and how they solved it.

God takes the solution they come up and matches it with the time ways of doing it too.  If it is original enough to be unique compared to the less savvy time did to solve it,  they are rewarded to go to heaven in a special draft of resolving problems without God having to tell them how to do it, and that automatically takes the no-time person and assigns him to being a second stage spirit at once.

Let us look at the philosophy of the term eventuated.

Eventuated can be described as REMOTION.  That is the simple word motion and you know what that is, and RE in front of it means to do it again since it was once done in motion by time.  Only they are no-time beings and they can see into how the motions time did to the problem and how time minds put the solution into a motion of solving it the time way.  The problem with the time way so often is it does not see deeply into the idea of the absonite (super spirit) ever.  The term absonite gets applied to eventuation because the no-time being has to play it over and over and over again until it is part of their minds almost.  The term absonite applies to the mind function in a no-time being which can take the riddle of how time did it.

Let me give you an example.  Time minds take little steps to solve a problem and that is usually with logic steps.  Logic goes like this: “If this is true then the next step has to be this.”  That is logic at work.  But no-time being do not have logic as all they have is the replay of how time solved it, and what the no-time mind does then is to take some  insights from the Deity Absolute (the infinite potential of all solutions in this case), and presses them into the outline steps time used.  Where there are differences between what the time agenda shows and what the mind of the no-timer finds, there it stands for all to see because we have now have an absonite mind solution never seen before.  God already knows it, but no-time beings are experiential and God is not entirely any of that at any time or future no-time.

The term “absonite” describes a new mind type.  Absonite also describes the lack of time using a mind of no-timers to see into greater pieces of the Infinity pie, and then serves that piece of Infinity for all to use, including the old time universe still in existence.  

The meaning of the prefix “ab” means “with” and now look at the text “sonity” You already know what that means but cannot put it together well because it is such an unfamiliar use of the word “son.”  The “ity” added to any word, means “like” in this case “like the Son.”  Suddenly that word should sound something familiar to you now, for the no-timers appear, not as being born, but they appear to parents much as a magician suddenly reveals the dove out of a hat.  The 5th epochal revelation does not dare tell you that mostly they never had Harry Potter explain such things . . . Okay, okay, either do we for that matter, but as we go up the chain of new realities to live, more and more God offends no one with tiny little steps to put new people on a planet or so, but God goes much more direct to produce offspring through spiritual matters.

These new no-timers use absonite mind (i.e. of the mind of the  Eternal Son remediation design), and they must use the Eternal Son to criticize the work they do with  cosmic absonity  using remotion of the old time problem to eventuate Ultimacy solutions.

We now understand that the absonite is an Eternal Son mind technique.  Our Thought Adjusters use it with us sometimes to test just how well we are doing since we humans will attempt to be helpers with the time-space Creator Sons, who have the job of establishing the appearance of the new no-timers to find a home when they appear, as I say it, out of a hat to be with their parents.  All who are these new no-time beings are invisible to our eyes in time, sorry to say, and I doubt if they will ever understand how we lived such sequestered lives almost entirely without God in so many parts of growing up we have to do.

I see no reason to go into their religious upbringing, but the will not have Son Bestowals like Jesus provided us on Urantia.  They will likely have someone like our own MICHAEL OF NEBADON, tell them about it.  Although,we may have a Bestowal of the Eternal Son in the Absonite realms of Eventuated Beings and Perfections.  It is impossible to predict.     

That concludes these definitions.  I summarize them for your now:

1 - Eventuated - Refers to life and problems of no-timers who become more real as they solve spiritual pro blems with old time solutions and re-solve them for high spiritual applications;

2 - Absonite - An Eternal Son mind bestowal on no-time personalities which sees the superpersonal means to solving big problems better with high spirit too;

3 - Remotion which I think is a better term than eventuated, but eventuated is the appearance of a full solution and the process they use to do that is to use absonity.  Remotion takes the idea of replaying the old idea for a new idea; eventuation is how the answers appears in pieces and finally are total when the process is done.

Hi Sue, Just redefine broadcast a little.  I use the term at times to mean anything that sends out a frequency in the spectrum of frequencies we use for television and radio and cell phones and those frequencies that are also far above  that spectrum as well.  No one is sending a pulsar sound as that is all natural generation, for the pulsar is by its natural designed to turn itself on and off within and sometimes they sound out in the area our own media broadcast spectrum sometimes much above it sometimes much below it. b The pulsars reported by Clency seem to be in a range Australia can pick them up with computer monitoring equipment.  Just adjust the definition of broadcast to mean anything that sends a signal out, man made or nature made.

The term RAYSON used "star thrush"  may be named after the call of the bird called the thrush just to name something that sends out a call.  The pulsar is no bird but a dead sun that has gone blank and for some reason speeds up super fast in revolutions on its axis, and for that reason it emits a high frequency sound which pulses at odd intervals and nobody really understands what triggers the sound.  Star Thursh is a call phenomenon nesting deep in the woods of a star field and we can pick the sound up if we run across it when it opens up.


OCTOBER 15, 2021

This is a subject for those who follow the general debates on this list so I doubt a newbie understands everything I speak to here.

First I have spoken to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, the Creator of earth life and is the principle head of our spirit government as it pertains to how spirit interacts with people on earth.

Second, we are perpetually at principle odds with the insurrectionist spirits on this planet.  They are not the Biblical idea of the devil I assure you, but they are an endless nuisance to getting anything really done on this planet as they fully interfered with things to be carried out and finished insofar as what spirit wishes to implement new on our earth.  The cabal or insurrectionists as some call them are rebel seraphim who mostly do not know what they signed up for but they are like gnats around your head while one tries to work and while you work.  I find them a total nuisance and yell at them daily.  They never really get the hint as they are unable to speak English.

Third, I use this informal way to speak to members when I know something is changing or about to change and we have another change coming I am really glad to know about and here that it is being done.  It is this:

The trial we have been having to present our 7 days a week LIGHTLINES, and those are meetings you dial into with your telephone or turn on streaming when se schedule a Lightline to be heard.  those meetings speak to the change spirit wants to make and lessons spirit wishes to be learned and verbally spoken as a universe broadcast through the voice boxes of humans so trained to be transmitters.  We are live radios for anything they wish to speak as we are ble to speak at the same time spirit does to inform us of changes or lessons.

The new decision recently was to let LIGHTLINE alone again and present it as we always do, and that is with an MC, a Masters of Ceremonies from spirit speaking through a Transmitter, and then presenting the various spirit personalities wanting to tell you something.  It works well and is uncomplicated enough anyone can listen and get the whole idea being spoken to without a lot of explanation. 

In the past we were instructed to allow room for changes to the LIGHTLINE idea of transmitting it and speaking as though we needed to change the entire address, but the highest spirit in the universe now wishes the LIGHTLINES to stay as they are and just vary the news and infractions of policy changes humans must be aware of to understand what happens next, usually.   Today, MICHAEL OF NEBADON reveals is that a Board which oversees most of the activities on earth decide to stop sending out everything they did in the past and concentrate on those programs which actually work.  LIGHTLINE  is among the activities they feel must continue to work and I very glad to report they are adding some muscle into it to make the LIGHTLINES more visible.  I am not sure how to do that but I think it is a good idea.  So for now we sit back and continue to work as we have and hope it is not suddenly removed as they were getting ready to change the process.  Just what that was I never knew and now we do not have to worry about it either.  

Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, not safely back on Salvington to do catch up work he let alone while on Urantia.  He is to return to Urantia tomorrow I am told.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I welcome Ron sitting down and asking for a transmission to keep you all informed.  I returned to Salvington late afternoon Ne York time on Urantia.  As we need to state now and then without a lot of fanfare we are ready to cull Urantia even more than we have but that also cuts into my staff as it turn out.  Let us all pray I have something to work with by the time I arrive back on Urantia in a fortnight and that is two weeks who do not know the English word.  For that reason we must adjust poor Ron out of his misery and that is being attended to today after a horrible morning of the material body not responding to the need to get up and do the human work he continues to do very well in spite of our fooling around.  

"We further explain that all of us are tired to death of interference and they are summarily removed now without explanation and that crushes some of them so bad we doubt they live very long anyhow.  In any case I say good day to all of you and let you know no new revisions to Lightline and we want to add to the schedule more Lightline if we can ever find human transmitters who do not want to be little kings which Ron will not tolerate as he says you work for all and not for your own gold king of the hill you love so much.  k"


Yes, Clency.  There is nothing I hear over what they are listening to at all.  That is probably more the case for the insurrection difficulties we are experiencing currently.  I also hear the commentator say why it is unusual which is something about polarity and it rotates in one direction only and is not heard all the time.  That explanation to me is sheer gobbeldy gook.  To the western ear we do not speak of radio signals as polarity but as of frequency, and there are many kinds of radio frequencies you and I do not ever know.  However, it is said to rotate in one direction only, which I presume is a highly direction beam.  Again it is a language problem I cannot fathom as useful to explain the phenomenon.  That said the signal is coming from Orion or near so as best I can tell from their description, and the listeners are focused into the very area our Local Universe capital is located.  Salvington is mostly a complex of spiritual planets and as such it does not communicate via radio frequencies at all and the human plants they listen through do not have signals strong enough to move that far that we could hear them at all.  What it might be is a strange anomaly known as STAR THRUSH, and that is when a pulsar star gets into a mode to signal in very precise terms to distribute its signal only when aligned with the gravity influence of another pulsar near by.  Then the signals align as one frequency and have very strange characteristics.

STAR THRUSH is reported to me by RAYSON who saw the tape you linked to and said to me these guys have no idea what they are doing much less describing it correctly.  IT is typical of scientists today who cannot find a single explanation for anything outside of their textbooks.  STAR THRUSH Clency is a star like a pulsar which gets its pulse amplified by adding its broadcast to the pulsar start nearby broadcast and the signal becomes variable because it is two stars broadcasting at the same as one broadcast on earth.  I thank Rayson for clarifying something so strange to our ears.  We have no idea such things can happen and then we get some scientists wondering how it is possible not to be an alien sending it.  According to Rayson, no human is involved and just a couple of pulsars signing together in a pulsar choir.

Ron for Rayson and the Power Directors who watch these people receive but people who have no imagination whatsoever.  K

General Discussion / Re: THE WILL OF THE FATHER
« on: October 14, 2021, 09:44:29 am »
This if the Universal Father:

Moses you are correct about Father's will.  Let me say this:

"My will is useless to dumb animals and that is everything up to the animal called a human.  The human has will of his own on this planet and as such it is double important to sign in with ME, the ADJUSTER and through me, directly, the Father Himself in the personality circuit.  Most of you never think about how I make contact, but remember this!  I am not always the Adjuster;  I am literally in your personality and can walk through your life like a big TV camera if I want to.  DO NOT MISTAKE ME FOR ANYTHING ELSE!

"For reasons I dare not tell you about yet as you are far too young, be aware that God the Father is also resident in your Creator Son, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and that I walk through Him at times like a big TV camera too.  You are all so worried about the will of the Father, and as Ron has told you several times and you never listen, if you are happy with your life in many issues which you work on daily to keep well done, believe me, you are doing the will of Father and all of His Coordinates.

"For other reasons of State, please understand I do not harbor grief or hard views against anyone when they are not exercising Father's will, for the simple reason we dare not harbor ill will for little children such as you all are.  Ron is a first grader, most of you are not ready for kindergarten; that is preschool socializing and drawing, and most of you will not be over that even when you first come over as a resurrected morontial entity.  However, Occerpa you are among the few who recognizes Sai Baba, and that is, indeed, ME.  For that reason Occerpa, your life is smooth in spite of illness and cramming to study the Glossary which is so full of revelation, Ron hardly recognizes all of it himself.   For that reason all of you recognize what it must mean for a little son of God like Ron to fulfill his destiny already starting on Urantia.  He is full of misbehavior at times trying to be rid of an insurrection around him and we forgive him for that.  However, Occerpa, you need a lesson--  not in humility--  but in prevention of mistaken views that all medicines are bad medicines.  That is not true!  Learn to heal yourself through an application of the best medicine the world has such as mitomycin.  It is not a dangerous drug and you need it for your scalp condition more than anything else now.  You do not have cancer but are edging closer to it if you do not stop flowing remedies over it that have no prevention in them for good.

"Finally, to all of you, do not listen to the hawks in America who flow my issues as God's will this or that be done.  I never work that way and all of you are too foolish to expect a sign on everything you as in or with God's will attached to it  I HAVE NO WILL FOR PHYSICAL AILMENTS, but I do have will for moral turpitude and that is something you all need to study more for yourselves.

"Clear your minds of the trial I hate sin.  I do not hate sin, as I cannot see it ever.  That is MY will for Myself.  Be aware of the dangers Ron faces all the time as he has no  use for evil or sin and forces the cabal into great triumphs of thought time and time again by refusing to entertain Mother Spirit or insurrecting seraphim at all.   He gets punished by those seraphim but he stands his ground nonetheless.

"WE close with this:  My will be done is satisfactory, but think it out . . . .    What is it my will is acting upon in you?  It is not my will operating when you live your life with decisions of your own.  Where does my will operated then?  It operates on others around you and if you fail to understand that then you fail to understand how I operate, and I operate inside ME as Adjusters, as FATHER in your personality circuit, and as others who view you as you are.  Keep it fully in mind and you will learn that merely saying 'may Father's will be done,' is an abstraction you need much better versions in your mind about, as MY will is not resident aside from your will, and that must stand as perpendicular to the truth, as MY will is resident also in your will.  Take that and chew on it for awhile.  I am Sai Baba and I am Allah and I am God the Father, and all names resident on Urantia for my work with you little sons of God now or achieved in the future. K"  FATHER


DONATE PLease / Re: $ $ Donations Received to OCTOBER 13, 2021 FYI
« on: October 13, 2021, 12:43:28 pm »
bump TO VIEW

I do not know what it is Weydevu.  Each of you have a seat with the rest of us and wait it out.  Whatever it is I hope gets identified and spoken to.  Meanwhile we are moving toward the isolation of the cabal and the industry on Urantia which perpetuates it.   This is not ours to adjudicate.  I will be glad to end this whole charade if it cannot be seriously unjustified.  For some reason many of you cannot determine really what I am talking about and that is okay because I am not sure what I am really talking about either.  I wish it was just Murphy's law but no.  I have one supposition and it is so complicated I worry no one will follow it well enough; however, let me say something about it.

Spirit behaves with practices we humans I doubt can tolerate well.  They leave wide invocations of diplomacy with procedures of insurrection in particular.  What do I mean by diplomacy?  I mean spirit never really yells at rebels, but until forced to, they avoid an outright battle to the death.  That allowance of serene turpitude toward rebels is practiced in deference to violence.  That avoidance of violence is called being diplomatic.  Further evidence suggests we have no further use of such devices now, but that requires a zig and a zag which I suggest might be something like this.  If the rebels cannot be persuaded to leave for the decency of it, then give them some days to sport their control in government and rules.  But that is a spirit device that has an end to it and fully ended when the practice the rebels show as control of places like Urantia is deemed bankrupt and useless.  It is the idea of the most powerful spirits saying rebel spirit if what you have is so great let us see you do it all the time and run the place you want as your capital.

My suggestion is that we are in that spirit saying to rebels you have 7 days or 7 weeks and if you cannot show us how it is better than we are doing, we close you out.  I suspect this is what is happening on material Urantia.  How it is not being concluded that way in the Urantia model of the morontial worlds does not compute to my mind but then I do not know the details of morontial life on Urantia and how they are satisfied to meet the Magisterial Missions face to face and do their bidding. 

If I have any of this right we have to put up with insufferable rules of the road and our Lightlines exist in the middle of poisoned spirit operations all around us.  The fact that I was avoided today completely in Lightline is a good way to show you that those who poison the well will not use my voice to instruct with the people I champion.  This is diplomacy on spirit level, not mine.  Instructions should be stay your course Ron and let it pass, but they do not let it pass on the insurrectionist sides and we dare suggests they must  be not exiled but imprisoned for final adjudication for their crimes.

I wish to say no more specifically except to pray that the end is near for the diplomatic behavior to cease and justice take hold where it must.  How serious this is spoken to me by the rebels themselves who will not stop harassment or the intention to cut my jugular veirn all the while.  We stand united with each other over this horror, but we are so vulnerable we cannot find the right way to disguise our hatred of sin and iniquity to the point the Magisterial Mission ma be stalled indefinitely if these rebels cannot be broken and sent to prison.


"Ron, you are not far wrong, but I am in a furry with you and as you write they gather around to see your hubris at work.  Few ever understand the degree you fully fund us and refuse to broker any compromise with them yet they prevail over the very issue you describe to as as being diplomatic to avoid a hot war as they deserve a hot war.  I dislike your views of justice but they are not outside of our solid dislike so well I cannot condemns your heat over to deal with them perfunctorily and be out of the entire matter by fiat.  Such would be my choice to but I am a Creator Son and must obey protocol.  You are fully funded with Me but I am only one of five who must take these rebels down and  I await the other four for a final decision as you do.  Meanwhile you bleed internally truly and hatefully regard that which perpetuates constant mind pressure while playing the game of simpleton.  So it is with with a few more you do not know about and that must be included in my final decision.    You report some of your people glaze over with this repetition of dislike, but few are so well designed they even do that.  What they do is dismiss it for themselves and worry it not for you.  However I do not and I see the entire mechanism that works to snuff you out for the lack of  better words not only here but in the world at large which is totally unable to report any really good stationary to deal with itself any longer.  Your WTP will not battle much though for as soon as the patent is registered it will become a rage of interest.  You slap your forehead over the incompetency of the ones you sent it to and they did not even open their email to see it yet as he figures you to be a dolt without credentials but wait to he reads it through.  He is not easy to work with either but he should do a double take over what you sent.  Send it again to other utility groups and see what happens.  They are not so complacent in Californium or the Northeast either. 

"I fully condemn the situation on Urantia and some persons on this list mock you all the time over the incipient views you have this is real enough to invest close to a quarter of a million dollars in it to this point.  For that reason you will be displaying a new set of rules when I get there: NO MORE KINDNESS TO SUPPLY INFORMATION SO EASILY TO THOSE WHO NEVER DESERVE ANY HELP AT ALL.  I am sure that is not true here but it is boundless in the countryside we must use as our headquarter for the divine Missions to Urantia for it is still the safest place in the world to trial our Mission entirely.  Weydevu has the right idea about Murphy's Law but it is not nearly nasty enough to tell him what happened yesterday with the cabal so harshly surrounding you we just refused further comment and they left disappointed too.  RAYSON  will make his appearances for you but when that ugly head keeper Vorondadek Son is fully defeated and in jail.  It is coming and maybe with a big chase but we will nail him good.  K"


To all, this entire matter is not yet finished or do I feel the issue is closed.  When there is a way to issue what is to be done I will speak to it as I wish to.  It stands this way, we meaning Dominick Orhbeck and I, had our discussion but had to conclude there is yet another serious change to the administration on Urantia which is as clear as mud.  To speak to anything further right now will just create a situation I fully leave alone and stay out of it until we have some clarity.  Rayson was here and warned of instability and did not close off his appearance chances further.  I prefer to wait and see what the change is and the stability returned.  IT is not normal and Rayson stays clear and we standby.  Proceed as you normally do and I will not answer questions until there is something to say more.  I truly thank all for your interest and mine remains high too but Urantia must stand by as I do over this.

I have a Lightline later today at 2PM.  I expect that to take place. I will go with what they wish to say but I volunteer nothing more at this point.  Thanks all for your patience and will see you later this afternoon God willing.

"Ron has fully declared us invalid at this point and we refuse permission of Rayson to continue work as he has on Urantia.  For that reason I am removing my self from Urantia in the form of a supreme advocate which Ron heartily  dislikes.  I find it ludicrous I have to explain something like this but Urantia has to have a normal sequence of measurements to understand anything today and for that reason we stand away from the view which this transmitters insists upon:  get the missions open and running or else you loose Urantia badly.  I disagree with that totally but MICHAEL OF NEBADON happens to agree with Ron as does Gabriel as does the Father-Infinite.  That makes me the so-called Absolute to dangerous currents to insist thing change to my way.  However, my work requires indwelling the mind that Ron has and for that reason it is abnormal to him to the point he refuses the style and type of maintenance I must perform.  I fully expect that by 2 PM Tuesday afternoon today much more clarity is available.  Please also know that while Ron waits for the clarity he was promised, we accept the Missions are OPEN in the morontial world of life on Urantia.

"That is what Ron tells you without spelling it out as he is sure something is not well aligned with what was done to prepare the morontial life on Urantia for the Magisterial Mission.  For the materialization of the Magisterial Mission for all of you to see them, I with hold permission to start it, and Ron will not cooperate with my decision.  I close this with Ron convinced there is no Deity Absolute in this but he allows us to transmit.  Good day."

Ron -  Since I am determined to keep this on the up and up and say little, I am also playing games with huge forces I do not want to be crushed by them in their disagreements with each other.  Please, do not change your normal operations and stay the course as done already and let this drain out of our way or retransmit the truth as our true immediate supervisors see it.  I stand back without further discourse, and I thank all of you for your patience.

"As usual Ron even totally made ill by the entire charade being played out on Urantia which got in the way of expectations today, and as you and Dominick decided, THIS IS NOT DONE.  You let it sit as we do and say nothing further.  Good day.  K."


« on: October 09, 2021, 11:08:22 am »
Thanks Amethyst for your answers back.  The important thing Amethyst whatever is said you had a chance to think about why you are dissatisfied and maybe partially hear yourself asking why too?  I never said you are missing anything but to do like quit smoking cold turkey, that is something you have to do with other people Amethyst, and that is to stop cold turkey worrying about what others say about you or what you do.  Listen to yourself and understand what you say that is true about yourself and desires, and that is beneficial like stop smoking is good for you too.  I do not think you fully comprehend you are a well done individual with all the bells and whistles in place as they should be, but you never are sure you are worthy when you take seriously what others want you to be and cannot be.  I leave it alone as having disturbed you a little but the worth of it is you are thinking about it too.   Thanks for your return answer above.   Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON- "Ron fully exported to you Amethyst a lot more than you took out of it but is deciding you are thinking again and that is important.  Be assured I agree with his analysis very well and you missed the entire idea you need to regain your own center and not place what others tell you you must be and stop working them and listen to yourself about how you wish to relate to the world at large and spirit in particular.  You never say to yourself this is what I want and then fully understand why you want it via your own past experiences and needs.  He is correct and you leave far too much on your plate thinking you already know the meaning of what he says, but not so.  Think some more about that analysis.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K"


« on: October 08, 2021, 09:21:40 pm »
That is a good idea Weydevu.  Yes give a list and I will use it to add to the glossary.  Thank you.  Ron

Rene, his is your admirer Ron as you are stepping up to do some really great work and I am truly happy you move with it so very well.  The above transmission speaks to the encouragement for all of us to do as you are doing well now, and that is to produce quality transmission through the highest speeches God wishes to make available.  Just keep on working it Rene and I look forward and admire how well this is being done through you.   Ron

« on: October 08, 2021, 08:27:52 am »
Amethyst, you do understand.

You have to do the following and let me suggest something further after you formulate to me the essence of discomfort negating a feeling of comprehension.

Actually state to me here several questions that directly relate to your sense of incomplete comprehension.

For instance:

Why does matter have to be materialized?  You do not know.  Let the mind say what it is conjuring up about matter and describe it honestly to me in a statement and as questions that grow out of your feeling of non participation about accepting the process of materialization.

Why do we learn how something is done to make matter appear when we have no sense about self origins which produce the plasma of pre matter?  Must I learn anything of the remote ancestory of universe building? 

A million questions perhaps, but only those questions that pertain to your unease its all an abstraction.  Is it meaning less?  What meaning are you after you cannot find here in contemplating Absolutes or about administrative worlds to see over universe building or about Creator Sons and their career changes inside relentless universe changes to space they rule?

Now I have spoken to your distrust of comprehension.  That is what you really telling me about.  Now let me speak to something you never seem to grasp and that is your self knowledge of yourself.

That is the essence of your problem.  I say to you you do comprehend the essence of these abstractions easily.  But then what is your disease?

The truth of the matter it is your lack of self knowledge about you and is that not the usual thing with you all the time?  Why am I this in spite I should be that?  How am I different deciding things are too difficult to put all this effort into with no reward to my idea of the worlds and ways of creation?

Self knowledge Amethyst to be understood Amethyst has to be achieved by eliminating input about who you are by others.  Soul knowledge starts with beneficial acclimation of your own true worth.  You do not know that.  Self reliance must be clearly stated as you approach your universal philosophy and how to live by it.  You have such a philosophy and yet you subject it to the accounts of others to you of how you should use it.  Self worth recognizes one is built to the present moment of ones own self creation about coping with citizenship of unique relationships to God and the loves of your life.

Let me place a statement or two to you about your discomfort and you know better than me how this affects you.

Amethyst is at root a minister.  A minister gives comfort.  You prefer to stay in the safe world of convivial relationships and to feed them with good works out of yourself.

But you fail to develop that a minister to give comfort has to be superior to the problems other people have.  When dealing with God, Amethyst you need to understand he needs to minister to you to provision your way to comfort in ministry those who cannot do it for themselves.  Your complaints about comprehension are based on the idea you do not need these abstractions to comfort others, and that the ways to describe aspects of universe building do not apply to your idea of ministry to others.

I suggest it is not the lack of mota, or the failure of mind of comprehension here, but your resistance to the idea you are ever going to understand how matter is materialized and the forces of Infinity behind that materialization of matter can possibly be relevant to your ideal of enjoying intimate and loving relationships in your chosen profession as a minister.

When it comes right down to it I am afraid you are going to be part of the worlds of the Sons of Time and not of the Sons of Stars.  It is now a matter of maturation of self knowledge which explains to you you wish to segregate Star Gods from Love Gods more than usual and then to be fully happy to live perfection as a working instrument of care to many who do not understand cosmic citizenship.  There is absolutely nothing wrong to approach your destiny that way ever.

Now here is my philosophy about your choices.

You Amethyst  have little choice in your own mind but to assimilate the way God chooses to expand the universe.  However, your own mind says to you these abstractions are beside the point and are not essential to perfect me or explain my love of God.  I agree they do not do that for anyone, but most of us who are not so ministry oriented, prefer to get on a bus to the library to read about our origins and God's origins.  Because you exceed what meaning you give yourself yet, resistance appears to disguise what understanding you already have on your super intellectual comprehension of origins by telling you there is almost no comprehension and you can safely minister without bothering the Star God.

Yes, I think it is a lot more than that, but you are unhappy about yourself over an issue you feel nothing about and that just adds to your self confusion about being left out of comprehension others tell you is important.  AT least Amethyst, analyze your need for comprehension levels which you do not particularly find useful for a life of ministry to those who cannot find peace or harmony by being ignorant of their spiritual heritage.  I doubt you think about this for yourself.  And I am also sure I do not have all of the explanation for you either but at least recognize you dare not defer to others how live life once you are on the road to the love of God and its application through you about good works you perform on the behalf of yourself and the God you love.  I hope some of this helps to see in to your perplexion.

TYLER - "I belong to Ron's perfection Amethyst.  He works hard to see into your perplexion of interest in the hairy world of philosophy about the origins of life and matter.  But he forgets you are not alone in self development, and that your self development fails to include the Star God all the time.  Byt that term Star God he refers to the technology God must use to make worlds appear out of nothing quite often.  Be assured I agree with your perplexity until someone like Ron comes along and points out he loves quite as much as you do, but he feels no compulsion to reveal God to others as you do.  He accepts that is your own way of promoting the love of God to the creation too small yet to understand God even exists.

"For that reason I see Ron doing you one hell of a service to analyze your discomfort.  He does understand it is not the lack of comprehension but your resistance to the lessons over issues you do not truly care about in your story about God to those who have yet to see into creation with a God.  Perfection is yours Amethyst without dealing with these abstractions as he calls it to you, but at the same time the minister needs to know origins too.  Yet you resist the telling how that is done.

"I understand it better than Ron does and he admits there are layers to your story that he cannot see well, but he is sure you wish to isolate yourself more than you should but whispers to himself, you are well enough done to embrace the necessities of abstractions like this, but later in you career and now while you serve on Urantia.  Resist all you want Amethyst he says, but also understand your education begins on Urantia about how God goes about growing a populist universe and the entire universe or people sometimes devote all their efforts to really understanding how God works even though they may never use that knowledge directly.

"I am TYLER, and for that reason I say to you, 'stay out of the kitchen when you can't stand what is cooking.  But there is a time coming you need to change your attitude that gets in the way of God comprehension on all of His levels to understand.  I leave it there."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron leave one thing out when analyzing the Amethyst sistuation, and tht is her loss of life time to time due to illness.  You say she has to discard other analysis of her choices, but that is all she has at times, and for that reason she cannot do self analysis the way you learn to be self understanding.  You Ron use mota she does not yet have.  You understand that too but do not mention it.  You also understand she is ready to move away from self analysis and to join the Jesus brigade of ministers they themselves support Amethyst with.  You do not fault any of that but make no conclusion that TYLER does she must make an attitude adjustment.  You imply it but do not state it.

"For that reason she may find your analysis well done but missing the essential difference her life is to many other lives who feel the understanding of God has to be a full circle about what God does, and that you Amethyst prefer a partial circles only.  Ron is a full circle human and you are not; however, you learn better than he does that love is important to maintain the glue of the work to be done to have people first understand they are not alone in a huge family of care if it is allowed to surface to individual minds.  Ron feels that too but finds it limiting and you do not Amethyst.

"I conclude with Ron, you need an attitude change but that is hard for you since you really feel so useless about the material Star God and want only to be with the Love God exclusively.  That is terribly limiting but so far that is your choice fully Amethyst.  Good day MICHAEL OF NEBADON."


« on: October 07, 2021, 04:02:08 pm »
Dear DaCandyMan, I think it might be easier to disregard your clarifications as they are a bit tangled up and speak in direct simplicity and to leave alone all you weave into your speculations.

The Universal Absolute makes sure that too much matter does not snuff out life.

The Universe Absolute makes sure that too much life in one place does not ruin a planet or a planetary system. 

The Universal Absolute cares that man has good air to breath and if he pollutes it to force cleansing with earth forces that can cause discomfort to those who polluted the air to begin with.

The Universal Absolute is the fulcrum of the teeter totter that keeps the board level, no way up or way down for those ends in lots of universe applications. 

For instance the Universal Absolute can make or break a whole system of planets if the Life Carriers could not properly get life to start there but wound up with misfit bacteria and lost amebas,  All Life Implants start with evolving bacteria first and little flagella like creatures called one celled life next.  The Universal Absolute works with the Deity Absolute to force a poor planet atmosphere to bloom with more oxygen;  or to force ozone gasses to stop exploding on a planet with too much ozone.  The Urantia Book ascribes these adjustments to life design and planetary errors to the supreme in the old days.  Now the fortunate things that help the planet to live better really are located in the Circle of Infinity, and in these cases, wit the Universal Absolute.  The Universal Absolute does not work with humans but works with human systems and planetary progress.  The DA foresees the problem, the UA adds material energies to help heal material problems around the problems, and the Universal Absolutes makes sure the ministry between them fits so well man hardly notices the change for the better but benefits very much by them.

I am sure there is lots more but I am not sure the Universal Absolute is quite yet ready to talk about all of his duties quite yet.

Ron for the Circle of Infiity

« on: October 07, 2021, 09:23:37 am »
Moses you accidentally got into a problem that needs a quick explanation for sure.

Ages for the Eternal and Infinite Deities do not make sense to quote such ever.  I let it alone because I knew the numbers were relevant. but Moses and everyone else know this:

The age given may have been a trial for me to fall over, but the fact of the matter is that age is relevant only time and space.  Those ages refer not to matter in the time space zones, nor spirit in the time space zones, but both the Eternal Son and Unqualified Absolute show the age of their influence operating in the time sectors of the Master Universe.  Not how old which does not computer to eternity and never to Infinity, as their Infinity and eternity are time and philosophical time-space orientations and not the Paradise or Havona ages as they are ageless.  

Also Moses stop and think.  Time and space have history to deal with which is the keeper of the record of start and stops and who did what to who.  As soon as you pas out of Uversa to Havona, there is no history.  You kow why.  History which states time and dates only is important to we time beings to recall experiences.  In Havona all experiences are divine and require no history to related steady perfection.

Yes, Havona started.  The Infinite Spirit speaks to it as the day he created Havona.  He never says when.  Eternity makes no sense to time, but you as a becoming philosopher in time know how to speak to history without invoking timelessness as no one in time especially on this planet is interested timeless dreaming.  I should have looked at it more carefully and explained this in it, but I did not think of it.  I am glad you brought it up though.  Thanks you.


« on: October 06, 2021, 10:49:47 pm »
Yes, the Unqualified Absolute is not Deity yet he is part of the Circle of Infinity.  That means he is the source of all matter but matter is not living.  Deity is concerned primarily with the living and most Deity is personalize or otherwise for service to the living.  The Unqualified Absolute belongs to an heretofore unrevealed type of Absolute entity that is neither God, nor personal, nor Deified, nor anything else we have an understanding about or any revelation about.    I first thought that Absolute was mostly a robot.  But that is not true either as I have spoke to his representative several times now and that it or he or whatever to call that entity understands communication well enough to know what I do not know and tells me things he knows he can and knows what he cannot.  I use the personal pronoun he only because I do not want to call him it anymore.  Here is the Unqualified Absolute willing to speak to this question:

UA - "I am neither personal or a robot.  I serve the Deity Absolute first, and then the Paradise Trinity.  Ron understands why I serve the Deity Absolute as it is the DA which determines where new matter is to be place yet it does not exist yet so it is a potential and the DA is nothing but potential.  When I am ready to produce new matter the Paradise Trinity comes over My section of function and lets me know how many of what kind of prematter it needs to start a build out of certain areas of a progressing Master Universe.  I am nearly sixteen trillion years old and that should tell you my name is ancient but the Eternal Son is triple that as a personalized entity of the existential nature, and the Universal Father is so old we cannot calculate it to Urantia years old.  Be assured we are ready to build out the Master Universe when I must step up to the plate for all those new areas of matter to be built out.  Tintantium is old by your standards too but has no age attached to it either and that means you need to look at time differently.   I close my response to say I am of a non-deity nature but must be classified as essentially a neo-infinite being without pedigree as a Deity.  Be assured this is a new classification of Infity non-deified Infinite being and Ron has no name for it and I will not speak to that for now.  K" 

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