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(Group and location unknown)
Teacher: Rantarason
Topic: Effects of The Universe Broadcasts
September 13, 1996

[Ron note: RANTARASON   is a Melchizedek associated with the Teaching Mission and often works with groups in the Northwest United States until the Teaching Mission ended in 2012.  The transmission you see here is from the Rantarason Group he taught for about a decade in Northern Idaho.  That group never seemed to be aware they needed to abstract some of these teachings, but thank goodness we have some of them left to read today.  I am particularly happy that Rantarason speaks to me today and says:]

Ron: we now transmit RANTARASON to Counsel me on what to do for cases of our own needs here.


RANTARASON - “I seem to recall you Ron as the one who made waves only to highlight transcripts and record them for posterity.  You are never being fairly evaluated even today and for that reason I am particularly sorry to report there is nothing much I can add to this for your purposes, which is LIGHTLINE, and for that reason I say this.

“Rantarason is my nickname so to speak as I am really a Corresponding Melchizedek who happens to care that the world gets better too.  You Ron do too but are so broken over issues of estate they go right by you without notice.  We do not, but we must wait our chance to see to it that you fit our scenario as well as you can and you make no harsh judgements about that at all we see.

“As Rantarason, let me say this about LIGHTLINE: You are looking at it with a jaundiced eye sometimes knowing full wee that one or two hosts never quite have the spirit it takes to produce a monument to Lightline or God but it must be done in any form whatsoever in order to maintain the idea that they, LIGHTLINE, is working full time to provide direct information as to how certain proposed Missions to Urantia are working.  They are not doing that well though, and that is because MICHAEL OF DOMINION, and of other titles, sees little value in promoting a vision of the past as a vision for the future.  That is not your doing, but the doing of MICHAEL OF DOMINION in particular as he must now control the work of a total of seven LOCAL UNIVERSES to see to it they are all satisfied with the production of Missions to Urantia.

“With regard to the LIGHTLINE transmissions, we say this:

“For that reason, I suggest you truncate the transmission below and only allow my description of the universe broadcasts as they were foreseen at the date of this transmission which is really 25 years old now and so out of date I wonder how I got through it all from my perspective today.

“You Ron have fun with your people who are subscribers, and they join in too.  However, when the broadcast starts you are all business and that is excellent.  That is true for all of them and we see you as a leader of excellent statistics even if it is among a limited group using it at this point.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON wishes to state that your work has transformed some of the Mission for them, but right now you are a power without a portfolio mainly because the Foundation and the Fellowship see you as interfering in their plot to take over the world.  

“Your TARKAS is present with me on this Ron, and I am fully grateful for his views as he often takes the moderator part of the LIGHTLINE which you insisted upon many times to keep them and you in a habitual and familiar pattern and it works very well.  For that reason I am glad to help out as you love the old fashioned way of speaking and getting to the point as this random stuff is hard on all of you and we insist it is better done than that but not all of your hosts can carry the full weight of a full transmission, but you do, and you make it work astoundingly well and reality driven.  No one laments when you are on.

“As Rantarason we see you are smelting a huge disfavor to Staff of Michael at times by insisting to use an independent view of what to take and what not to take all around you.  You are favoring the Michael regime fully and wish to be rid of the other.  However they are powerful enough to override everything if you are on Urantia and that spells disaster not for you but for the Michael regime if they cannot break it.  They will, but it takes time and this:

“For reasons of State I have to be very careful over this issue alone.  You bring several issues to the table we hate to see you bother with but you are forced to over the issue of who runs epochal revelation on Urantia.  The URANTIA Foundation is fully endowed to do so, but has lost its way seriously and lethally so in that it cannot make up what it lost and has caused a serious rift in the world of Spirit as well.  For reasons of State I also object not to Michael kibitzing, but for now ron needs to know the flavor of your dislike over LIGHTLINE not now, but always, and that is to find it useful but no one really listens except from their favorite transmitter.  For that reason Ron folds them all well, but hesitates to note that some of them are cringing at what they say, and others are just lack luster and others are just plain poorly done at best.  For that reason he feels you are not getting the best bang for our buck and should shut the whole thing down until there is a good reason to do them again.  

“I am RANTARASON again, to remind you, and Ron rightly requested an independent view of these proceedings.  For that reason I am glad to do it but we keep getting interference from Uversa, from Salvington, and from Urantia.  What is the problem everyone?

MONJORONSON -  “Rantarason, none.  I am enjoying it as Ron is so grateful to hear an independent voice state what you view. “

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “As I am Rantarason, and you can do it very well as your assignemnt on Uversa is directly in support of our work for Urantia. K:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and Staff : “We listen at tentatively and you are not getting interference from Me or my Staff or anyone associated with our new Planetary Government, per se.  For reasons of State I withdraw quietly.  K”

Ron Besser - I dare speak with this group only because the lack of respect and proper funding of conversation from the sides that are interferring are plainly stating what I insist is a rebelllion and not just an insurrection.  I also play my cards directly in front of these so-called insurrectionists by statint, you had ever chance to speak here and you as usual spoiled it for you, for me, and for Them.  Howe dare you represent yourselves here at all! K

RANTARASON - “We state this for all of you then Ron.  Most of what I said above should be redacted and do so.  I will tell you where.  But this for your audience.  The transcript being reproduced here is full of holes I did not realize that when I spoke to the group in northern Utah at the time.   For reasons I know not, the entire matter is not moot not for Urantia, but for those of us who held the Teaching Mission high at the time.  Ron did, and continues to do so, but I now hold it as a rapacious way to restart the interest in spirit on Urantia, and for that reason failed summarily because of things like Naperville and other such conferences which overstated our worth but not out intentions, and for that reason I say to Michael of Nebadon, do it again the same way, you again get the same results in the end.

:NUMBER TWO, do not expect the MELCHIZEDEK group to fully support Ron, but to say to him he is useless when it comes to spirit policy but carries it out wonderfully and there we support him and the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION.  However, recognize he only uses it for you to use it and if you do not he should fold shop.   He has a Library in mind to and that is a saving device for all of us too as that is so important I wonder why we do not use things like Cayce did with with his ARE FOUNDATION in Virginia Beach, Virginia (Association for Research and Enlightenment), is the ideal way to install the Missions without encumbering them with direct support to man.  Man has little use for a Spirit Mission but he does not to be included, and for that he must understand that is as a very junior member of the team and not a Director but as a liaison secretary and that is how it should be titled.  In any case this entire matter is before all of us up here on Uversa Ron and that is yours to hear fully when the time. “

ANCIENTS OF DAYS - “WE appreciate your call and your humor Ron, and as usual you are trying to ascertain how this got off track so badly and still be part of a group which hears the truth as it goes and as it is stated rarely from time to time.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON is respectful of the ANCIENTS OF DAYS of course, and you are too Ron, but the vast majority who read you and ponder your intentions, have no clear idea just how the ANCIENTS OF DAYS work on URANTIA, and for that reason let us state it this way:

“URANTIA is one busy place again, and that is not just because you have an insurrection on it, you also have a state of affairs in the United States so extremely dangerous, Biden is now paying close enough attention to it, and that is the idea of insurrection is plying the airwaves again, and he might have to regard the military with a jaundiced eye as well as they are among those speaking quietly that a leadership must make strong decisions and not just for financial reasons good or bad.  Biden is not an internationalist like you are Ron, but he is good at what he perceives as the need for allied cooperation.   For that reason we suggest that his Paper become more than just a rehash of the idea of URANTIA BROADCASTS, but to see to it you get a proper scolding not, but a warning: DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO AT THE MOMENT.  That is not from us, but from MICHAEL OF NEBADON in aprticular and slightly from MICHAEL OF DOMINION at the present time.  

“Yesterday you sat silent during the Amethyst broadcast as you call it in your own mind.  Your preferred to do that and we agreed, but your Thought Adjuster put you to sleep for fifteen mintues unknown to you and you heard nothing of a discussion over pertinent items to you but you were silent on the discussion.  Amethyst still does not appropriate the proper responses from on high on every issues whily you do and then some.  For our own reasons Amethyst should learn that proper procedure is always in deference to God, but she sees that as secondary and refuses to budge from her own pronouncements over issues that are really to dangerous to misquote, as she often does, for dissemination to the subscribers.  

“The United States is going to face sedition.  Get used to it.  If it does Ron, stay close to your home and do not sally forth if yu can drive again, as people can follow you if surprised enough to see that your heart and soul stay put and your mind wonders not.  However, your book ORIGINS is frightening a good portion of the readership as to how powerful you could become and that hardly bothers you.  That is funny to you but deadly serious to them and they are killers at heart for they know nothing of true spirit but you might a little at this point.

“The United States is full of aspirations again but so faulty they fail except where it must work.   For that reason Ron you are better off not living on Urantia for long, but to gain access to another sphere called Ascension 335347, and that is the proper sphere of reference.  You belong there as several others do on this site and there you will meet again.  We try to keep this familiar, but here is something you are not familiar with:

“President Biden must face the grim fact that the United States must face failure after failure to obtain license to regain world polarities unto itself.  He sees the writing on the wall with China and with Korea.  Your subscriber Maruchi is an exceptionally perspicacious individual and so are you and you agree on so many issues you get along very well.  However, like the Russians, the Koreans are difficult right now over issues they must face more or less alone after forty-five years of the American public fully supporting their independence and now that public could care less.  That is not the American use of power, that is the American loss of the proverbial high ground, and it stays lost at least for awhile.  That said, we state this to you and this group you write so extensively and well for.

“WE are sure they do well without you.  However, if you leave suddenly the entire matter falls to your friend Steven Gitz as he inherits the Magisterial Foundation and all that goes with it.  For that reason he is over his head while you are not.  For that reason you ought to see to it that others are part of the largesse with Steven, and to make sure he is installed as the Director of Secretary title as we prefer it to be used.  For that reason Steven needs to redress certain issues with himself and to be sure this is what he really wants as the responsibility is enormous which you take on easily and he cannot.  You Ron are seriously impaired for several reasons but are so strong you can refuse death at every pass but ask for it if you cannot clear the problems you face daily.  We are not at liberty to discuss that issue with you but we can state that MICHAEL OF NEBADON fairly assesses your worth and insists you remain for the duration to get things working well and useful.  I give this back to RANTARASON now.  Thank you.  THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS.”

RANTARASON - “I have this for all of you.

“We are now speaking to the group and not just Ron Besser who started this by looking at Tmarchives and pulled my transcription on UNIVERSE BROADCASTS.  For that reason I state this: LIGHTLINE acts as one in particular, and that is the Sunday broadcast by Ron Besser which is genuinely a UNIVERSE BROADCAST.  The rest follow suit and work that way when they can or must.  However, the trial with several of these Hosts is that they are clever enough to understand they gain perks from doing them, they are also unavailable to do any work after they do the broadcast.  Ron is never ceasing in activity and as such works so hard he sometimes almost faints from lack of sleep.  That is him, but the rest of you have no such problem, and for that reason we state that the LIGHTLINE broadcasts as now constituted will be revised in style and policy in a few weeks from now.  SO EXPECT A BIG CHANGE, DEAR HOSTS.  

“I am also proud to affiliate with Ron for all sorts of reasons.  He knows the heart and soul of a Melchizedek and loves to work with them as we do with him.  However, MICHAEL OF NEBADON has declared Ron to be silent for a small period to reconnoiter the entire reason for doing it Ron’s way and he finds it so enticing he chooses to do that way to start.   That is not Ron’s cup of tea, but what Ron would really enjoy is seeing to it that URANTIA really receive and epochal revelation again, and that he shall do providing we can clear him of this maladroit lesion in his heart that perpetuates the paralysis in legs and the pain it sets up so badly.  We dare not state much further, but to all of YOU:

“As Subscribers to this motion Ron has single handedly started in motion genuinely, we have to warn you that all people who stay the course in all of that has happened in the past fifteen years, you must realize that constant change evolves what is to be done and what shall be stated for the actual Mission(s) that appear on URANTIA.  I state this easily as Ron knows it full well and for that reason we also state that if Ron has to leave, dies, than you are responsible for what needs to be done full time.  Do not expect the MICHAEL FOUNDATION to take you on with a salary and then just loaf.   You are going to have to work full days and nights sometimes to earn your keep and transport all this work to teach others how work for God has to proceed.  It is not easy for the human to expect so much work for so little pay but that is how it will work at first.  We do not intend to richly endow anyone except Ron gets a good sized salary so he can care for a monster property he inherited and does well yet but is has never ending requirements plus high taxes until we can get our hand in that one, and must abuse all takers that they are insufficient to live there as he needs total silence to work sometimes and that has contributed mightily to his work so far.    

“For those of you who hear well and refuse to transmit, we have this warning too: You are looking at what must be done for all, and if you keep it back, then we keep the transmissions back from you too.  Lemuel gets hit once in awhile with no transmissions, and that is mostly due to his lackluster means of transmitting until he is on LIGHTLINE USA and there he does a smash up job for all.  Go figure why it works that way, but it does.

“Finally we must report that all of this work today is costing nothing to all of you but it costs Ron a pretty penny now and then as we snuff all phone calls while he works like this and we put off several that are important to all of you through him.  They will resurface but for now let things lie low with you too, as we must keep this contingency of workers silent for a few moments in order to persuade Paradise it is worthy to continue as planned.  K. RANTARASON.”


The RANTARASON TRANSMISSION from a TM Group Northern Idaho

(Group and location unknown)
Teacher: Rantarason
Topic: Effects of The Universe Broadcasts
September 13, 1996

* Rantarason: Good evening, this is Rantarason.

When you begin to perceive the presence of the influencing factors for the regaining of mental perception of universal broadcast information, the resultant effects have the potential to be earth shattering and many personalities will be disoriented as this occurs.

We are here to prepare you as liaisons for ourselves, to be ambassadors of understanding, yet even you who are on the edge of perception, striving to hear, have no real basis for understanding that which will occur, presently soon to be. We realize the importance of preparing you.

The experience will be as an angel from heaven descending with a shout, calling forth all souls to rise up and hear the proclamations of a new day. You will be jolted with energy and your attunement to these happenings will resurrect many feelings of inadequacy within you to know that what you perceive now as an invisible kingdom, stands presently aware and resoundingly clear to you. The communication network will be less one of perception and more directly one of real sensory reception, utilizing even physical senses.

What you will be commissioned to do is to go to the flock and feed them information, calming them, bringing them understanding of that which is occurring. It is important that many individuals be able to react favorably with a minimal period of shock and hesitancy.

You can provide much in your roles as ambassadors. We look to you for support and we have faith that you can rise to the challenge and proclaim the good news with assurance, poise, and balance, reflecting security and trust in that which is transpiring for the welfare of your planet and its final inclusion into the universal family, the last vestiges of quarantine and isolation having been removed.

This will be the first step in a series of developments upon your planet that are ordained by our Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia. Our asking for you this evening is to work to prepare yourselves for that which is un-prepareable for, to be ready for the transpiring of this awakening and to respond as quickly as you can muster your courage and understanding, to be a calm voice in the midst of a crowd. I would be open for questions this evening if you have any. Ann: This sounds like it is going to be in our lifetime the way you're talking. Is that correct?

* Rantarason: At this point in time it appears that this is so. Without giving actual time or date, which is impossible, I can say that in all likelihood, you are going to be needed in this role as material ministers for this awakening.

Ann: Could you give us some guidelines as to how we can perhaps on a daily basis prepare our hearts and our minds to be in tune with that Creative Spirit so that when the time comes we will know of a surety that the spirit of God is with us and that He will work through us and He will show us how to prepare ourselves? I guess I asked a question and partly answered it myself.

* Rantarason: Yes... I would comment.

Ann: Thank you.

* Rantarason: You have already been in preliminary preparation. An integral part of the Teaching Mission, as it has manifested itself in various groupings of people throughout your world is this preliminary belief and effort to work in relationship to celestial forces. By having done this you have a first step toward realizing the nature of what will occur.

Your continued effort at calmness regularly, through meditation, the stillness, will help you to stay in tune to the spirit residing within you and be more readily able and capable of receiving assurance and insight as the time comes. Once again, do the stillness. It is important.

My announcement to you this evening offers you another awareness that it will happen and that you can prepare yourselves for that sometime day where, when you are disoriented and perhaps unnerved, you may look to this moment in time and remember what I have said and hopefully react favorably. Ann: Will this disturbance... is that a result of energies coming into the planet?

* Rantarason: Yes, most definitely and there will be a reconnecting of circuitry, almost as a light switch being turned on that can seem blinding to those not used to this sort of light.

It is deemed important, however, that the reinstatement of the broadcasts shall occur relatively soon. It is important to understand relatively to mean a frame of time, not to expect it to occur right away and yet to know that it could occur very soon, but that it may very well be years, perhaps even a decade or more. We cannot pinpoint time very well, being spiritual, for a material realm. What we see happening tomorrow may very well be as much as a century in your realm. That gives you some idea of how difficult it is to accurately project occurrences. So our difficulty in even relating this information to you is the timing aspect of when it may occur.

It might even be important in some way or manner to prepare your young ones for such an occurrence, much as those who created the garden for Adam and Eve did so for many generations waiting for them to come. Thus if you pass on, the awareness will still exist within new generations. Do you understand my meaning here?

Ann: Yes. This call that goes forth, is that going to be like you said, as an angel? Or is this information to be given to those on the planet to give forth the information? Or will it come from both sources?

* Rantarason: The entire nature of this occurrence is impossible of relation to you. It is possible that it can utilize actual personalities relaying information, preparing either spiritually or manifested materially. It is also possible that it will be simply like a musical concert striking up next door. What you can be certain of, is that it will be as no experience you have been privy to before. This is why the element of disorientation.

Many things can happen in combination with this event. The event itself does not require personalities, rather circuit enhancement, the allowance of energy flow, information transfer in lines that have not been utilized for multiple millennia.

Ann: Do the polar shifts have any significance as far as we're concerned? Do the polar shifts affect us? I hear talk of this, but I don't quite relate to it, nor do I understand it.

* Rantarason: I would tell you that the physical shifting occurring now is not a manipulation by spiritual forces. Yet some of the expected geographical... geological changes, will certainly influence events on your planet. Of course this is nothing new. Specifically, these shifts that you speak of, are not relevant to our purposes here, nor yours.

Sheila: I'm feeling kind of prepared in an unprepared kind of way and I have a tinge of excitement that goes along with that. Is that how you guys feel too?

* Rantarason: We would try to downplay your excitement, for this emotion tends to produce impatience as the expected does not transpire within a "satisfactory" (Note: quotes are teachers emphasis.) amount of time to your mental framework. We are certainly excited and have been longer than this mission has been occurring, for what will transpire, for what we are able to be a part of here, but this excitement does nothing for the actual preparation and actually can impede and produce distortion and delay of development. So do not focus upon the excitement.

Sheila: I'm probably just more thankful to be a part, to have an important part in the whole scenario rather than anticipating its arrival.

* Rantarason: Everybody wants to be part of the game. It is natural and it is not an admonishment, rather a real reach toward you because we deem your efforts to be important, that you focus upon the preparation and let the excitement be, rather than feeding the excitement and neglecting the preparation. My reach to you is in love, as I know your gratitude is much in the same spirit.

Sheila: When you talk preparation are you meaning being more in the moment and more aware of our contacts or are you talking of a physical preparation?

* Rantarason: Being aware, keeping to the stillness, remaining perceptive, working through your difficulties. The level of insecurity and fear you have remaining in your life can be a barrier which tends to overamplify the disorientation and uncertainty that may occur rather than facilitate the regrouping and outworking we hope for from those of you that understand what is occurring.

Sheila: Then stillness and listening within would be the message that we would give to the young ones?

* Rantarason: Go to your daughter and son and tell them a story. Say, "What would you think if someday these "aliens" came to help us and what if they took over a big radio station and sent messages out to us all, sharing with us information about what is occuring in other places and how we can further develop ourselves?" Work to introduce the ideas and tell them perhaps that it probably will occur someday and that they too can prepare. It doesn't have to be so freaky. Sheila: In order not to scare them.

* Rantarason: Exactly. . ..But yet if you make it out to be fiction, it may not impress them to incorporate the thought in their mind. Ann: Is it a possibility that there are those aliens who desire to come to our planet to set up, take over, to have a place for themselves?

* Rantarason: Are you talking hostile?

Ann: Yes. I have heard this elsewhere.

* Rantarason: This is not allowed. It will not occur.

Ann: Very good.

* Rantarason: It cannot occur.

Sheila: And when you say aliens, do you say that because we call it that?

* Rantarason: Exactly. When I used the example for your children, "aliens" was a quoted word, rather a familiar symbol to share, to better reflect an angle that you could approach. You could also say, "What if angels and spirits came..." It does not necessarily mean that there will be people from other planets involved in this outworking. It is simply preparing people with the idea of something occuring that will awaken the planet to higher ways and to relationship with other systems and within this system.

Ann: So the purpose of it is the awakening as you stated. Is that correct?

* Rantarason: Most certainly. This is what will occur as a result of the broadcast circuits reopening. Even some of your structured religions will fall apart very possibly, for their doctrine will no longer hold true in the light of what is occuring. That is why the uncertainty and instability and fear could occur. That is why your calmness and higher perspectives are truly needed in such a time as this that might occur.

Sheila: They're actually just our brothers and sisters, just from another planet, right?

* Rantarason: Exactly, but again, do not focus that personalities will necessarily be involved with this manifestation. It is the opening of the circuits which is the actual occurance. Other actions may occur in combination with this happening, but that is not decided at this point in time. That is why your preparation for just about anything to occur.

Ann: I feel I understand a little better when I focus on that, that these are going to be circuits and I can understand with that energy coming in, those that do not have the understanding that we have will be very confused and the fear will rise up within them because their foundation is literally shaken. I have been in the church. I believed. I walked that path so I understand how they will feel.

* Rantarason: It could very well be seen as the end of times . ..

Ann: Yes, very much so.

* Rantarason: . ..and yet it is truly, really, a beginning of things.

Ann: Yes, that's very encouraging. Thank you for sharing and explaining more fully to us.

* Rantarason: Realize also that that is a very good approach to take when being as the calm voice, to do away with the ideas of the end and let them know that it is simply a beginning of better things, of higher ways. And do it with a smile.

Ann: Hmmm . .. wow.

Sheila: Thank you.

* Rantarason: Thank you for listening to this, this evening. I know that Simeon is rather uncertain about all this and yet it was definitely needed to share with you and others. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share with you again.

We Melchizedeks look forward to the times ahead with enthusiasm and yet work to diminish excitement and be patient for the outworking of the Father's plan.

Michael has a handle on this universe. Doubt this not. Everything is going as planned. That is all.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for this transmission from Rantarason (-a Corresponding Melchizedek),Ancients of Days and all from on High.Thank you  also pulling his 25 year old transmission from the Tmarchives. This old transmission actually spoke of the current state of affairs even more so of what would happen at the second return.The comment from Ann(quoted below) is spot on for this times we are living in when the Jesus Mission is at an advanced stage before the initial announcement of the presence of Jesus in the flesh on Urantia.
Ann: I feel I understand a little better when I focus on that, that these are going to be circuits and I can understand with that energy coming in, those that do not have the understanding that we have will be very confused and the fear will rise up within them because their foundation is literally shaken. I have been in the church. I believed. I walked that path so I understand how they will feel.
Love and Blessings,