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Recording of Saturday June 05 Lightline
« on: June 05, 2021, 03:39:03 pm »
Hello all,
We had a great lightline today.  I thank TARKUS for being our MC.  We heard from Van, CHRIST MICHAEL, one of the Celestial Artisans, and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.  I also thank the listeners and contributors.  I give a hearty thanks to Larry Gossett for being a wonderful co-host.  The input from the Celestial Artisan peaked a lot of interest.
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Re: Recording of Saturday June 05 Lightline
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2021, 02:53:29 am »
Hello Everyone, here are notes from today's Light Line:
Light Line 06-05-2021
12 callers
Amethyst, host, Larry Gossett co-host
Larry Gossett: Father, this is Larry and I'm here with group to receive any messages. Guide our footsteps, and guide our minds, to be in alignment with you and your will. We have all said we are here to do your will, Forgive our shortcomings and ignorance.
We send you our love and worship, and invite your spirit in our lives.

Let this be done to your purposes, Heavenly Father.

Amethyst: Thank you Larry.

Is there a MC ready to assist us?
I see Tarkas. Thank you Tarkas, for being here. Van is here also. Thank you Van.

This is TARKAS You are right Amethyst, it is a quiet day. I can tell you this:
over the past few weeks and months, Light Lines have been dedicated to problems, cabal, rebellions, insurrections, and many of the transmissions you have received have had a negative tone. But that is going to change. Things are looking up, so to speak. We are going to speak more on renewal, and today we can speak to the rebuilding and healing of the time and space universe, as well as the Master Universe.
We are beginning to see behind the scenes planning, and rebuilding.

(No Name) I am part of the part of the group called the Celestial Artisans.

We are are a collection of entities and ascenders from all over the universe.
We are in the process of creating the environment for the NUA.
Most of the changes on the NUA will be administrative.
There will also be changes in environmental design, and that is where we come in.


We work through the whole universe, but most of our activities are on the constellation capitals.

The final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion is now seeing a quick clean-up. The atmosphere around the planet is already noticeably lighter.

The foul energetic debris is being flushed out, and decontaminated. The entities doing this work are delighted to finally get to this task.
Paradise has sent out the blueprints, and this has created a beehive of activity.

Remodeling and decorating for the NUA will slowly begin to take shape as these scenes play out all throughout the time and space creation.
A new Day is to be dawning.

This team contains physical controllers, artisans, Creator sons, and all are creating the situations needed from the ground up to meet the requirements of a NUA.
What a difference, from the days of supreme that ruined all Michael had done to support his creation.

It may interest you that I, a Divine Builder, we focus our attention mostly on architecture. I have many times created abodes for the morontial beings. I have designed and built an amphitheater where entities come for certain events and meetings. I have been involved in the creation of cathedrals for worship. It give mes great joy to create beauty. All the artisans put their heart and soul into creating Beauty. Perhaps some of you might want to join our group. There are many many different categories, thinking, writing, building, music, the list of things we work on goes on and on.

I wanted to share this with you today, because I want you to understand the worst is behind. us. In the best of times, there are problems, that is part of the process of growing and ascending. But we feel optimistic that the terrible situations you have been witness to the last couple of years, and for Urantia the last several thousand years, will see the Light of the Father's love is shining down upon you.

Amethyst: Thank you Celestial Artisan for coming in. I have some artistic abilities and I might apply to that group.

This is TARKAS;
I want to let you know we can feel around Urantia, a lightening of the energy that has been so heavy and dark around Urantia, and in Satania. The darkness is beginning to lift. It will not lift all overnight. But the evildoers, who are still left, are scattering like scared mice.

It warms my heart to know that from this day forward, it is my hope and anticipation that most of the news you will be receiving will be updates on the missions, and the progress being made in this NU A. Understand the NUA is a long term project, and the missions are short term.
We are all eager to get going.

Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas.
And I am happy to join this group today. I work with each and every one of you, though you might not know it. I take a great interest in these Light Line and the news that you can be looking forward.
I am looking forward to getting going on my own assignment. I am Amethyst's main teacher, and I am available to each of you as well.
Amethyst: Van I really appreciate that you are always on my calls. I appreciate the work you do with me.

Larry: Do you have a transmission?
This is MELCHIZEDEK. I always have an ear out for all of your calls. I am not always present for giving a transmission, but I take note of all that goes on in all these Light Lines. They are so important for building the foundations for the NUA. The small group you are has a most important role to play, as these foundations are built, for us, and for all those around Urantia.

There are times I come to you, watching you, and participating with you even though you may not know it.
The importance of what is going on now cannot be understated. Some rebels still slide in and are able to conduct their nefarious experiences, and try to cause confusion.

Be aware they may be around. Be wary and aware. When you go into a transmission, build a protective sphere around that will not allow them in. It is especially important in the next few weeks and months to keep your powder dry. Things are getting better., Times will come you will need to be in constant contact with your TA. It's because the situations on Urantia can change at any moment. There have been planetary, geological changes, and processes that at some point, will all come to fruition, and cause great damage and chaos . Always include spirit in your lives and transmissions. All you have to do is ask. Do not hesitate, and we will be there. We are always watching, to give you information even at times like these when information seems scarce. That doesn't mean that nothing is going on.
The missions have been going on since October, even though you have seen nothing with your eyes.

The spirit beings are here to guide you. Please trust what your TAs have to tell you. They have a long plan for your spiritual journey. Stay aware.
Be conscious and aware. This is Machiventa.

I may have more later. Thank you Larry for taking this transmission. Back to you, Larry.

Larry: Thank you for those words of instruction. We always enjoy hearing from you, and thank you very much.

Amethyst: Thank you Melchizedek and Larry.

Here is Christ Michael:

I AM CHRIST MICHAEL. I am your Father. I want to reiterate, and put emphasis on certain words from Machiventa. It is important that you always ask for protection when you do anything, especially when you do a transmission. . . . . . . {dropped}

. . . We will be providing you with a great deal of guidance from behind the scenes.

I will stay on this call to answer questions if needed. Back to Amethyst.

Tarkas: Turn over to Q and A

to Larry:
Does Lemuel or Elise have a transmission?


Thank you very much.
I wanted to comment on what I received from Tarkas on my own Light Line a couple days ago.
Tarkas mentioned there might not be a fixed MC on every Light Line.
26:48 {dropped}

. . . could very well become less formal. I just wanted to share that with you.

Weydevu: Lucifer 's statement, and Ron's post from Moses The way shown to me appearing than I. Ron pointed out the Supreme and creative spirit. . .


Make it a single sentence question.

"The way shown to me by those higher appearing to me than I. " I understand the Lananodek Sons and Vorondadek sons are the only sons higher than Lucifer.

CHRIST MICHAEL: There are many sons higher than the L sons and the V sons. There are local sons in the universe, and many other high sons that are not discussed in the Ubook because it is already difficult to understand.

This is Lucifer's way of saying that he was tutored by higher beings than him. To Christ Michael's mind I gravitate to some of the offspring of the supreme. The term "higher sons" is so vague and suggestive, that I cannot pin down any order of sonship.

Weydevu: for the Celestial Artisans: Will one be able to do other things and still be enrolled in the celestial artisans?

This is the celestial artisan that just gave you this transmission:

When you are attached to our group as Celestial Artisan, it is very rare for them to be involved in other activities outside of our area. That is not routinely done.

When you are in the Celestial Artisan corp, that is your mission, and you must agree to stay there for a certain amount of time, and you can choose to stay longer if you choose to do so .


Robert: Machiventa says we are always there for you. Ask us. we will respond. Is that for the people who can transmit only?

Amethyst: This is Van; This is not just for transmitters. This is for all the members of the forum, and all of God's children,. All of his flock. The thing is, that outside of this group, very few would know of us. They don't know who we are, and would not ask for us. But for you, you do not have to be a transmitter.

Robert: Thanks a lot.
Van: You don't always see or hear about what we are seeing and doing. If you are transmitter, ask a specific question. But if you are not a transmitter, you will not be aware of our help. We will try the best we can to connect with you, if you ask for a transmission.
Just like the angels, you could see the results of their work, but you did not see them personally.,


Lemuel: I have a a few things from my adjuster.

I'm Lemuel's TA. I would like to help the last question.

The priority for all of you is to establish a contact with your TA. This should be #1. Once you have established a reasonable contact with your TA, it is he who establishes the contact with the other entities. It is your TA that facilitates that, if you make the decision with all of your heart, that this is what you want to do. The Number one priority is to establish contact with your TA.

This is true for all throughout the whole creation.

The other thing I wanted to comment on was: the awareness of most of you here on this forum is quite limited in the sense that your mindfulness is not as focused as it should be. This leads you to question your own faith, having doubts, and it is easy fore you to be knocked off center.
We all know about your normal activities. But remember you are here for a purpose, and your TA has brought you here to the forum. You have all come by various roads, through Urantia. You should have developed by now a spiritual mindset. You have dedicated your lives to the will of the Father. Remember you have the Father within you.

If you are able to develop this mindset, know full well as a fact that you have God within you, and you are his representative here on earth. The full mindset of that is "Prayer without ceasing". That mind set keeps you constantly in contact with God.

In asking for a transmission, remember you are being helped. It is constructive to develop a conscious rapport between yourself and your TA.

Good night to you all.

Lemuel: I thank my Beloved TA as well.

Larry: We sit in transmission with the thought adjusters: They are great at one-liners., I would get this wonderful one-line pay-attention type of thing. I thought it was wonderful.
Something times the information coming through these one-liners can be marvelous. The TA can come though brilliantly. You have asked for it, and you get it. There you have it.

Always keep your ear cocked to your TA's. Statements can come to you at any time.

Weydevu: Will we be enrolled in all of those courses ?
Celestial Artisan; We have many different categories that are artistic. The Artisans are divided into particular categories for their duration. They generally don't cross over into other categories. It is usual procedure is that first an applicant will apply to become an artisan. They will apply for a specific category. That is the category where they will be put. If the applicant feels it is important to to change categories, the superiors can make an adjustment. The skills are specific. A writer would not be a good architect. See what I mean?

Weydevu: iI was once said a musician of time could change the course of history. Has a musician done that?

Celestial Artisan: Celestial Artisans have worked with musicians, particularly true in the time of the Classical music period

It was also true that at various points in history, there have been musicians working with them. Right now there are not, because music for the most part, coming from earthly musicians, doesn't give the Celestial Artisans enough to work with. When we begin, the musicians will benefit more from the Celestial Artisans.

But for the most part they have been here.
Larry: This history of music in Urantia, the Church was responsible for much music because they supported the arts because they worked for the church.


Music and talent is a gift from the Father. People like Pavarotti expanded classical music into the pop culture. He constantly professed that his voice was a gift from God.
Music on Urantia is so important, and has always been. A talented artist can indeed change the world. This has happened time and again. They are around. It is a gift from God to a specific person.

Lemuel: a comment to Weydevu: I bring to your memory your personality tag. It can be added to, but it cannot be changed., When you, Weydevu, have been informed of where you are specifically heading to in the mansions worlds, you will know beyond any doubt what your mission is. It is identified 100% with your personality.

Even in music, there are many ways of expressing your personality through music. Remember we all have a personality type, but it can be added to.

Amethyst: I feel that music can change the trajectory of the history of a planet. It is powerful if it is the right music. I feel that the Celestial Artisans have a great deal of potential and a great deal to offer.


Like Larry, I am confounded by the intrigue that has come forth about the supreme, mother spirit, and the rebellion,.

One of the things I want to study deeply is why and how it started?
It is so complicated. It is more than you can wrap your head around. I want to learn more about it, the why, where, when, who. Especially as we move into the outer space level it will be important that we understand these things fully.

Thank you Larry. I thank each of you for your questions and comments. I wasn't sure how it would go.

I thank our celestials for their input. Good night to all of you.






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Re: Recording of Saturday June 05 Lightline
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2021, 06:30:25 pm »
Good work SongatSunrise. Thank you. Thank you all