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« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2021, 01:29:34 am »
Okay Sue, good, it is clear to start your Probius work again, and all clear and thread is back on track for all and good.  Thank you Sue.  Happy transmitting Probius I presume.
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« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2021, 08:20:19 am »

Yes, let us continue the lesson from yesterday. I can see you feel more at ease when you are typing now and it seems like it’s flowing much better than it used to and it is because of all these practice that you have done, it has contributed to your consistency and your reception level.  Today’s lesson is about yourself, I watch you throughout the day and it seems like that much of your time is wasted by doing unnecessary things, over time I would like to see that you make changes to your daily schedule and that you also apply some time management skills to better focus on the things that’s truly important to you.  It is however unlikely that you will change all of a sudden, but rather it’s a slow but ongoing process that could take years, but eventually we will end up where we want to be. 

I am PROBIUS, I over amplified the word and it felt like a loud word in your mind so that you could not miss it, and I’m sure you definitely felt the difference there as it seemed like it was completely different to all other words before.  Now you can see that the power that I have and that I am making great progress in your mind, as long as you stay on this course you will improve dramatically in no time.  That was a breakthrough today and that was something special that you received, we will leave it as it is for now and continue next time. 

It is me, now that Probius word came with a bang! it was a sudden word that just came to my mind, I've never felt this before since normally it just felt like my own speaking voice. I'm sure I definitely felt the presence and power of that word since it's personal but extremely hard to interpret into words.