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« on: September 16, 2021, 02:23:06 am »
Subject: VIRTUES
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 16th Sept 2021  07:00 Local 05:00 Z

Today, we shall concentrate on the virtue of DISCIPLINE
From your earliest years, you have been exposed to the need for discipline.
The time for you to go to school, to go to church for choir practice, or to 
attend morning service, and many other demands on your daily lives which
have served to instill in you the awareness and also the appreciation of what
discipline brings.

Everyone needs to be disciplined in order, not only to satisfy its requirement
for learning but in all other of life´s activities. It pleases me to see that you
have learned to be self-disciplined and you have reaped the rewards that
this brings. One of which is another virtue, that being, PUNCTUALITY

To be always punctual, no matter the time of day or night is also a sign
of respect for the person or event that you attend. It is also greatly appreciated
by those you are appointed to see. Discipline and Punctuality are true virtues
that serve you well in the eyes of others. Let us now consider another.

CONSISTENT. To be consistent in all of your endeavours to learn that which
 you need for further progress, whether material or spiritual, will result in you
 being successful. And that brings us to another and final virtue to consider

PATIENCE  This indeed, is the most difficult of virtues to achieve but, in fact,
it is by far the most important, for without patience you will not achieve any
of the others. 
We have embarked upon a journey that will require you to demonstrate
that you have acquired all these virtues by the time you reach your destination.
I, of course, will be your constant companion along the way.
Until next time.

Good Day!

Lemuel. Yes, it´s easy to see how these must be woven into the very fabric
of our lives, as without them, nothing of worth can be achieved.

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« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 08:03:01 am »
September 16, 2021 local time 14.33. A call from the Master.
“We will continue our lessons.
You are aware of the impending changes on Urantia. It will be a time of catastrophic change in the lives of all mortals. Nobody will remain indifferent. Many people will fall into panic and depression, they will not know what to do, what to do.
In this situation, a great responsibility will be placed on you, the members of this site, and especially on those who are able to receive our messages. For only through you will we be able to inform the population about the great danger or give the necessary advice and consultations. That is why it is very important that you are always in touch and at the first call come to the computer. I think that soon the time will come when you will need to keep your laptop turned on in order to receive the necessary information in the absence of electricity.
Be carefull. Do not leave the house or room where you can use the computer for a long time. After all, sometimes seconds decide everything. Once again, we remind you of the need to prepare all important documents, money, valuables, the necessary stock for survival, so that it is at your fingertips.
Until next time».
- Thank you dear Teacher.
16 сентября 2021. местное время 14.33. Вызов от Учителя.
«Будем продолжать уроки.
Ты знаешь о приближающихся изменениях на Урантии. Это будет время катастрофических перемен в жизни всех смертных. Никто не останется безучастным. Очень многие впадут в панику и депрессию, не будут знать, как им поступить, что делать.
В этой ситуации большая ответственность будет возложена на вас, членов это сайта и особенно на тех, кто способен принимать наши сообщения. Ибо только через вас мы сможем информировать население о большой опасности или давать необходимые советы и консультации. Вот почему очень важно, чтобы вы всегда находились на связи и по первому вызову подошли к компьютеру. Думаю, что вскоре придет время, когда вам будет необходимо постоянно держать ноутбук включенным, чтобы при отсутствии электричества успеть принять необходимую информацию.
Будьте бдительны. Не покидайте надолго дом или помещение где вы можете воспользоваться компьютером. Ведь иногда все решают секунды. Еще раз вам напоминаем о необходимости подготовить все важные документы, деньги, ценности, необходимый запас для выживания, чтобы он был у вас под рукой.
До связи».
- Спасибо дорогой Учитель.

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« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2021, 10:48:30 pm »
Thank you for sharing this transmission from CALUMNIA. 
Thank you Prozonov for you input as well. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,