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Ron, Checking messages before rest and glad I did. You and YOURS sure know how to finish a day.
Thank you, and goodnight….if I can now with the plans spoken to, especially in regards to your pain.


Ron, please send to me a copy of the Brochure as mentioned today in Tape 21. When I receive it, I will take it to the professional copy service that I use and have it copied and bound to present to the Dean of Engineering at the University of Louisiana, Dr. Ahmed Khattab. As I mentioned to the Board, I spoke to him yesterday, and his interest is peaked after having reviewed the WTP  Brochure that was presented to the Louisiana State Commissioners of Public Utilities on December 15, 2022 at the annual Technology Conference. 

Thank you for putting together the Brochure that is vitally important on numerous levels. I’m sure it was a labor of love composing it. You have my address but I’ll reiterate it in an email I’m about to send to you in regards to the White Papers.

Hang in there, Soldier.

Occerpa, I too thank Dominick for Authura’s lesson “the Reality of Conflict.”  And thanks for the tie-in to the the passage in the Urantia Book that supports this lesson.

On another note:  Occerpa, I cannot find the three piano pieces that I composed and placed on the discussion forum some years ago and that you requested to be sent again. It was not found in my forum archives, however the recording studio would have the master tape. I’m glad to say that I added two short movements to the more lengthy 1st movement, and the last movement is played on the organ. Occerpa, Ron will be happy to know that it ends on the deep C Major cord. It was originally written with an anthem as the central theme. But know I don’t know what it is, ha ha.

Thanks for the interest and patience with me. (Another smile).

Occerpa, i may have archived those three and if so, then I’ll send that set of pieces again, including the Bach Variation. Thanks for your interest. I’ll get to it tomorrow because I’m tired after a long day entertaining the grandchildren. Until then listen to Bach’s piece you refer to and it might be more fun. I added a haunting type melody not brake from the the tempo but that it brought the deepest feelings in that piece. But later recapitulated his subject to be consistent with the Variation.


Ron, Outstanding!  Your WTP Course Level 101 is archived by me and offers a 19 minute explanation of not only the original design flow, but also the new shortcut to the glass dome which could be tested on the pilot plant in Dover, presumably. Granted it is not difficult to speak to WTP extemporaneously, but what a great tool for some to use when planting a seed by using the 19 minutes explanation by the inventor himself via the audio tape. Start the tape at 4 minutes 30 seconds and stop it at 23 minutes 32 seconds. The listener can also witness a transmission from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, who is well known biblically by billions. This 19 minute piece can be used to plant a lot of seeds. It can be edited surety, but the fact of the inventor’s spontaneous transmission helps answer the listener’s queries on how Ron, an historian, receives technological humanitarian gifts from above.

Now this:  Ron, I wrote two Lullabies 30 years ago when the kids were young, and not since. So, get it right, mister!! ha ha. I am a modern composer, of course, but I write using the classic forms, like the preludes, fugues, sonata, and especially the Baroque  form.  You once said that my stuff is original. That’s for sure!  I’m finishing the fourth and maybe last movement of a Suite, and it favors the Baroque form in a humorous final movement. It’s a recapitulation of the opening movement, theme, or subject as Bach coined it. BTW Ron, Bach also wrote Two Part Inventions and even Three Part Inventions that you might want to get to know. You’ll enjoy the counterpoint schemes that he presents in the Inventions. I wrote a Variation on Bach’s Two Part Invention No. 13 and recorded it along with a Trumpet/Brass Fanfare for piano, and I think a Ragtime piece, and sent it to the forum discussion members. That was a few years ago. Some of you may have archived those three. I’ve not yet finished recording a few more recent compositions to send to the forum, including Phyllis’ poem from her Adjuster that I put to music.

Finally, Ron, immediately after I heard Tape 18, and on your or Michael’s suggestion to try the Fugue with the C Major and A Minor scales, I did. It is beautiful. Remember: the A MAJOR scale has three sharps — the C, F, and G. To make any MAJOR key a MINOR key, you must lower the 3rd and 6th notes  in the scale by a half step  So when you play the A Minor scale only the G sharp remains. I used that G Sharp when introducing the first Subject, and used the related G key Major and Minors to help develop the second Subject in my Fugue. Try that, Ron. See what the Only accidental that remains with the A Minor key can do for you as you forge ahead to the 2nd subject.
WOW, it like WTP!!  By eliminating two of the A Major accidentals you are left with an A Muon (Minor) if you will, and in harmony with the accidental Electron as Counterpoint. 

To the Board of Directors:  I have a post coming to you today  regarding a few seeds planted over the last 10 days. Even though we are confident about what MACHIVENTA said today about the funding, we can still try to “beat HIM to the punch.”  To you MACHIVENTA:  Shall we dance to the race? Later to the BoD.

All for now,

Jose, thank you for revisiting the “decimal planet” piece by George Barnard and from Life Carrier Orion. Recently my thoughts have been on the fact of our decimal planet status. Jose, I think I would not be fulfilled on a planet other than a decimal planet. I also am of the opinion that the greatest human pioneers in the grand universe live and strive on a decimal planet. Our decisions made are surely more complicated and diverse, but potentially most rewarding. And to think that only 10% of planets have such advantages to enjoy and disadvantages to overcome. No time to be bored on our planet Urantia. There’s an adage we repeat over and over in the Deep South, and that is, “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.”

Thanks again, Jose. The timing on your post was on point for me and all of us I’m sure.


Yes, Lemuel, I follow your sentiments with this:  WOW, now that’s what I call being proactive!!  With our planet seized once again, and communication thin at best, Ron could have stepped back and waited for a breakthrough, but he broke through and found his buddy MACHIVENTA. It is more than a good lesson for us in Breakfast Tape 14, it is a heartwarming moment for Ron.

Thanks Ron for the Saturday “Breakfast with the Kingdom”…and my cup of coffee.


Raz, the 13th tape opened up for my listening, just so you know. Let’s hope everyone else is getting in.


Yes, Prozonov, you must read Breakfast tape #7. I think it was last Tuesday that I heard or somehow new that it was announced that #7 would be a whopper.  I remember thinking that it would be Saturday morning.  And we were not disappointed, for it was full of mystery, prophecy, secrecy,  and most of all LOVE and caring that TARKAS and the UNIDENTIFIED DEITY imparted to us all.

If it doesn’t show up soon, I’ll put it up. You don’t want to miss this one. I sound like an American commercial, but it’s that wonderfully and beautifully revealing. I thank Ron for receiving the transmission so well…as usual.


Dominick, your post for Lesson number 1 of Series II from MICHAEL OF NEBADON is in my opinion a very well done piece. The Lesson shows the reality of the manipulation of Wisdom by intelligence expressed. In addition the Lesson teaches us that the Adjutant of Wisdom is more than Mind, but connected  to Mind. And it teaches the need for Spirit engagement both personally  and in governance.

Dominick, there is so much in this piece that you and Michael brought to us in the Series II: Lesson 1, and could be a first draft of a “PREAMBLE” to the REGENCY of the United States. Or perhaps a “DECLARATION” as the one offered  on July 4, 1776 which begins “ When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary….”

Because of the rapidly moving events going on that Ron has kept us to speed with,  some forum members may have overlooked the WISDOM evoked in Lesson 1. Everyone, please find the time to visit the post.

Thank you and Michael for this piece that I will read and study in dept.


« on: January 15, 2023, 11:19:16 am »
Ron, this is the news we have been waiting for since that infamous day in June 2019 when the Lucifer remnants ushered in a beginning of five (5) separate insurrections. The recent level of my nervous tension just fell dramatically.

“If you want the rainbow, you must deal with the rain.”

Ron, you have dealt with the rain heroically, and we thank you. You are not loved widely yet, but you are loved deeply by us.

See ya later today on LightLine USA.


Thanks a lot for your drawing for the WTP pilot plant. I sent it to George Huber, architect, this morning.
And you announce a second slave generator — interesting!

Also, thanks for your recent post highlighting the ongoing organizational work proposed, and decisions
enacted on high, in particular in regard to the ROWLEY GROUP on Mansion world number four — exciting!


General Discussion / Re: 'Tis the Season
« on: December 25, 2022, 20:21:02 pm »
I have taken a quote from a radio broadcaster on the AM dial who was awarded the Medal of Freedom a few years ago, and I use his Christmas sentiment to frame a Christmas card to all my forum family.

“It’s Christmastime. Don’t let the news frustrate you. Turn to God with all your worry, your hope, faith, trust, particularly this week to God. If there is hope, if there is hopefulness, if there are good signs, that is where you’ll find them.

God bless, Merry Christmas, thank you ever so much.”

Rush Limbaugh

And a Merry Christmastime to all,

My friend Phillis, thank you for the prompt posting of today’s LL USA. I miss you as we all do.  I thank FATHER in advance for keeping our gal in the loop.
With all our love,

Me and the gang

Thank you for your message, Sue.  It’s more than comforting to know that Father Michael insists that we are kept informed of events both now and in the near future. I think that the core’s failures have been mightily mitigated by the Power Directors, and even humans from a water world planet, and perhaps bought us some precious time to get to a point of deliverances.

Well, thanks again.

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