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How value is the Super Conductor Accelerator in smashing together nuclei in this Billion dollar plus massive particle accelerator to separate pre-particles?  Compared to your device which is way more cheaper and can separate pre-particles and as all devices go (I would think) can be adjusted to perform other duties with other pre-particles. Thank you. 


« on: February 24, 2024, 15:24:55 pm »
We've been told many times of tectonic movements on our planet and of course on the west coast.  We were even told about middle America plate movements as well.
If you look at the last solar eclipse which was seven years ago (in 2017) it came across the U.S. from the top northwest corner going south-southeast towards Florida, this next eclipse, which is on April 8, 2024 will begin from the southwest in Mexico going north-northeast towards New England which will form a giant X across the U.S in that seven year period. The middle of that X sits right above the New Madrid fault lines (in a place sometimes called Little Egypt in southern Illinois) of which there are many. We also had an eclipse in October of last year that came across the U.S. from Washington state down through Texas, that's three solar eclipses in the past seven years across the U.S.  Well that's something to chew on for thought.  There were websites I tried to inform you of but couldn't paste because they were connected to other videos.


 I hope this post finds you in good spirits.  I came across this article about muons and how scientist or using muons like x-rays.  I'm sure you know about it, I didn't.  I knew they were x-raying but not with muons.  Now I took in consideration they don't know or understand the concept of ultimatons. But somehow they got muons to work for them.

Now this diagram at the bottom shows how muons are produce from cosmic rays.
Is this another way or, are they correct?

Muon Imaging: How Cosmic Rays Help Us See Inside Pyramids and Volcanoes
Artem Vlasov, IAEA Office of Public Information and Communication

A hidden corridor inside the Great Pyramid photographed by an endoscope. The existence of the corridor was first discovered using muography in 2016. (Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Last month, Egyptian officials revealed the first footage of a hidden corridor inside the 4 500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza, located on the outskirts of Cairo. Nine metres long and two metres wide, the mysterious corridor was first detected in 2016 thanks to muon imaging. Muon imaging is a non-invasive technique which uses cosmic ray particles, called muons, to see inside solid objects, detecting changes in density and composition, and therefore enabling scientists to create 3D models of their interiors. A recent IAEA publication, Muon Imaging, focuses on how muons are used as a non-destructive testing tool, enabling experts to make accurate three-dimensional images of what lies inside large structures, from the outside.

What are muons?
Our universe is filled with countless cosmic rays that sweep through space at nearly the speed of light. They are emitted by the sun or come from supernova explosions in distant galaxies. Every second, the Earth is bombarded by these rays, consisting of trillions of sub-atomic particles. When cosmic rays collide with our atmosphere, some of them are deflected by the planet’s magnetic field, while others reach us here on Earth – without causing any harm. As the rays pass through the atmosphere, they undergo a series of reactions, creating a shower of new sub-atomic particles. Among these are muons.

Cosmic rays crash into the Earth's atmosphere, creating a stream of new particles, among them muons. (Graphic: A. Vlasov/IAEA)

Muons are puzzling, because some of their properties deviate, subtly but significantly, from the predictions of the leading theory of particle physics, known as the standard model. Yet scientists have found a way to use the mysterious particles, which resembles conventional radiography, to look deep inside large objects where physical access is not possible, such as ancient buildings, volcanoes or even nuclear reactors.

“Even though we can’t see them, muons are everywhere on Earth: they continuously pass through us and objects around us at almost the speed of light from all angles,” said Ian Swainson, a Nuclear Physicist at the IAEA. “They are completely harmless to people but can penetrate hundreds of metres of rock to provide a versatile means for understanding the composition and dimensions of materials which would otherwise be invisible to us.”

“Muon imaging works in some sense like X-ray or gamma ray radiography, which is used in medicine to scan the body and in industry to assess the integrity and safety of structures and components,” added Andrea Giammanco, Particle Physicist and one of the authors of the new publication. “But while those types of radiography rely on intense artificial sources of radiation produced by particle accelerators or radioactive sources, muon radiography is based on cosmic rays that come naturally from outer space.”

There are two general types of muon imaging: muography and muon scattering tomography (MST).

Muography involves placing a detector underneath or on the side of a structure to capture the muons passing through it. The denser the material, the more muons will be absorbed. Some of the particles that manage to traverse the structure will be caught by the detector on the opposite side. In the resulting image, empty spaces through which muons pass easily will be marked as bright spots, while materials with higher densities will be darker.

Whereas muography relies on the absorption of muons by materials, muon scattering tomography (MST) is based on how muons are scattered. For example, using two detectors positioned on two opposite sides of a car or a shipping container, experts can track how the particles are deflected from high-density materials with a high number of protons, making it possible to look inside the vehicle or the container without the need for physical inspection.

Muography. (Graphic: A. Vlasov/IAEA)

Muon Imaging: How Cosmic Rays Help Us See Inside Pyramids and Volcanoes | IAEA


The IAEA’s new publication describes in detail the main techniques of muon

General Discussion / WHITE NOISE
« on: February 18, 2024, 15:30:28 pm »
Hello Ron, I just want point out that I don't think it's a good idea to open all the phone lines during the LLs.  I say that because every time you do I heard the same noise in the background , now I can't say it's intentional because it could be unintentional but it's the same kind of interfering noise.  I just want relate what I'm hearing on my end.  Thank you.


General Discussion / MICHAEL ON URANTIA
« on: February 18, 2024, 14:24:59 pm »
Michael said He is unable to see us while on Urantia.  Well since He's here to observe us and the situation here, what does He see?  Does He see the light of our aura?  Or does He see us through the light of our Adjuster?


Hi Ron, you transmitted that Caligastia once destroyed a star, would that star be in the Cassiopeia system or constellation? And is this the remains of the star that scientists took pictures of with the James Webb Telescope?

NASA Has Finally Captured A Photo Of An Exploded Star And It’s Beautiful (


« on: February 12, 2024, 11:44:46 am »
Over a Dozen Earthquakes Strike California in 25 Minutes (

It looks like things are brewing up.


Here is something you may or may not enjoy from Alpha Awakenings.  I like it because I never believe in the old concept of how the pyramids were built.  I always believe in light and sound in the construction of the pyramids.  In this video you will at least enjoy the arrangement of colors and music and art works.  Enjoy.



Hello family, I labeled that subject above because that's how I feel about these two documentaries. The first one is about our moon as a satellite and the second one is about the moon and it's inhabitants. Both are a little over an hour long.  It reminds me what TUB says about revelations and how they will stand the test of time until there is some new scientific facts and discoveries that will produce new revelations.  But don't quote me on that.  ;D

I would like to say to those who produce presentations on YouTube or whatever it's always good to add some nice, soft and soothing music.  As you will hear on the first documentary.
1)     ALIEN MOON - Full UFO Documentary | Ancient Alien Conspiracy (
2)     Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed | Conspiracy Theory | Absolute Documentaries          (


General Discussion / ALIENS IN MIAMI
« on: January 11, 2024, 10:45:38 am »
I've been reluctant to post this but after viewing different witnesses to the incident I feel there is something of value here.  This took place on New Year's Day or the day after at a Miami mall.. Over a hundred police responded to the incident. Yes that's right, over a hundred with up to 60 to 70 police cars. In their report it was just a bunch of kids fighting, looting and using sticks and fireworks. Yet there is no video of any of this and there is always a video of this nature.

To hear the accounts of the people that were there go here:  miami alien 2024 witness - YouTube

I would like to hear from someone in the know.  Thank you


« on: December 30, 2023, 12:12:54 pm »
I don't know about it being 3 miles wide but it is huge, just by judging the distance from earth to the moon through the lens of a telescope. By it being triangle in nature I believe Ron stated that off planet beings don't use triangle ships.  So it must be ours or some other nation. I will be so glad when LIGHT comes to this world to expose the dark lies of so many things. 

Here is a link to the subject at hand, you be the judge:   JUST IN! THREE MILE WIDE MOTHERSHIP Over The Moon? What THE HECK? 2023 ( 

Oh and thanks for that post from Jerry Lane.


General Discussion / STATUS OF ANGELS
« on: December 13, 2023, 13:00:37 pm »
Can someone please refresh my memory on the status of Angels?  I'm aware that they defaulted in large numbers in 2019.  Those in the category of guardian seraphim (and others) are being revised into a new order and are no longer call seraphim.  Can you tell me what order they are call and what's their status?
Thank you.


Two nations have rejected the U.S. dollar in buying & selling in international trade.

Egypt and India, in a strategic alignment with the BRICS bloc’s de-dollarization efforts, have initiated discussions to eliminate the US dollar from their trade relations.

This bold move is a part of a growing trend among BRICS nations to reduce dependence on the US dollar in international trade, and it signifies a significant shift in the global economic landscape.

Egypt, India abandon dollar completely (

Are these the first steps towards America going to the gold standard?


The Webb Telescope has discovered large binary objects in the Orion constellation they call Jupiter Mass Binary Objects or (JuMBO) of which they can't explain because there is no star to contain their orbit.

The James Webb Space Telescope has shown us the most distant black holes known to exist, new exoplanets, possible planets in the making—and now, planet-sized objects previously unknown and unaccounted for by existing theories. Nearly 150 planet-like "Jupiter Mass Binary Objects," or JuMBOs—far too small to be stars, yet not technically planets as they're not in orbit around a star—have been spotted in the Orion Nebula that's 1,344 light years away, often in pairs, as described in a preprint, reports the New York Times. Just 1 million years old, they are gassy and hot, with surface temperatures of roughly 1,000 degrees Celsius, though rapidly cooling, per the Guardian. The weird thing is that existing theories of star and planetary formation don't account for such small, paired, free-floating objects.

As the Guardian explains, "the smallest stars are about 80 Jupiter masses, below which the core is not dense enough to fuse hydrogen." While "smaller objects can coalesce through the same process ... theoretical predications suggest that the lower boundary for an object forming through a star-like gravitational collapse is about three to seven Jupiter masses." "We find [JuMBOs] down as small as one Jupiter mass, even half a Jupiter mass," head of the discovery team Mark McCaughrean of the European Space Agency tells the outlet. "Physics says you can't even make objects that small." JuMBOs may have been ejected from a planetary disc around a star, per the BBC. However, 42 JuMBOs have been found in binary pairs, an unlikely result from such chaos, experts say.
Webb Telescope Makes 'Baffling' Discovery (

What you say Ron?


« on: May 09, 2023, 10:59:52 am »
There something brewing in the Pacific Ocean that is note worthy, it's from 'Prophecy News Watch'.

"50 miles off the coast of Oregon, scientists have discovered a giant hole that is "spewing hot liquid" into the Pacific Ocean like a firehose...

Experts are on high alert amid fears a crack at the bottom of the ocean could trigger an apocalyptic earthquake.

The hole, just 50 miles off the coast of the US state of Oregon, is spewing hot liquid that scientists warn could spark a magnitude-nine earthquake with the potential to devastate the west coast.

Unlike hydrothermal vents, this giant hole is actually leaking "tectonic lubricant", and the loss of this "tectonic lubricant" could easily become a major issue...

Therefore, the more fluid that is in the cracks of the faults, the less pressure there is between the two tectonic plates.

Without it, pressure beneath the earth's crust can grow, leading to an unbelievably powerful quake.

This leak is happening right along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and "an unbelievably powerful quake" in that area would have the potential to create a very large tsunami..."

To read more go to----


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