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To Ron Besser:

I just want to say this, for a few years now FATHER has told you that you would be around for some time, and I believe HIM.  Now HE didn't include anything about being attack by good spirits gone bad.  But I do recall someone telling you of some long suffering you had to go through.

Now I'm not an astrologer but I do know that Jupiter is moving out of Tauras into Gemini which should give you some breathing room. Followed by Uranus and Venus to help add that sparkle in your life, isn't that your fifth house? You are still going to have problems though with Pluto because it moves back into Capricorn around the end of July until November then it sails in Aquarius for next two or more decades. Well, what you say? ;D


No good-byes here Lemuel, get well soon.  May the Doctor's hand be guided by the FATHER WILL for a complete recovery.  We all love you very much and miss that old man's flavor.


Thank you JulilodaLuz for that information, I will make sure I take the time to watch it.  It sounds very interesting, I will add it to my watch list, thanks.


This video is just to show you why it is so difficult to establish new inventions because of the cabal.
May the FATHER'S WILL be done in removing the darkness from this world
May HIS WILL be done in removing said elements that brought darkness to this world
May HIS WILL be done in removing the sub-humans and other beings who want to maintain the power that darkness has over this world.
May HIS WILL be done.

Here is the link to the video and the link to the Law.
Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 EXPOSED - Why Are They Hiding 6,000 Patents From YOU? (

Invention Secrecy Act - Wikipedia


Hello Ron, sorry I missed Sunday's LL, that's a first for me in some time.  I always look forward to hearing you on Sundays. 
 the rupture of these SE Asia tectonic plates could render a huge whole into the plant's side, and if that happens the planet would have to be evacuated.
Your post on the tectonic plates was troublesome so I look at a map of the plates and saw that Japan, Taiwan, Formosa and South Korea are sandwich between the Philippine plate and the China plate.  How is it that these small areas of land could cause an evacuation of the planet if they sink?  One would think of a very huge tsunami at best. As always, you're in my prayers, thank you.


To HelderPoeta: 

Don't forget that Lucifer and Caligastia were the Father of lies.  And they laid the seeding and groundwork for deception on this planet.  Like you I believe it should be a crime to false advertise.  [I can't stand to be trick into believing in something that's based on a lie] I believe it should be a crime for our politicians to lie to the general public and so on.  Some people lie to save themselves from public embarrassment others lie to scam people for their money and some people are just habitual liars.  Now be careful of the internet and YouTube because people lie to get ratings and the more ratings or more people you get to watch what you put up the more they get paid. I'm sure you know these things but sometimes we forget.


I want to thank you and the Pleiadeans for this post on healing.  Most of us on this list are up there in age and I'm sure a lot of times we wake up sometimes and something is wrong with our bodies.  It felt alright when we went to sleep but not so when we woke up. 

Could you SongatSunrise or the Pleiadeans explain this statement:
Don't forget to ASK. YOU have to give the permission to be healed.

Thank you


Amen on that Robert.

I'm posting this, in a follow-up to this statement in Sunday's LL:   

Now this: I am about to leave, not Urantia, but the power directors have indicated to me that the United States may suffer may suffer a wicked earthquake. I am sure that you've seen them around the world. But if they hit the United States, they hit the world's financial center. For that reason, I'm warning you, please. Those living on the West Coast may have to flee. I do not know the full severity of it but it's going to crumble a bit of the coast. That is due anywhere from now until the middle of June.

Cascadia: Genesis of the Tsunami that Will Bring Devastation To America (

Forget The Big One, There Is Something Much Worse Coming! (


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: EVIL SPIRITS
« on: May 07, 2024, 16:19:15 pm »
Thank you, Ghost Dancer, that was a beautiful reminder of where we stand in our spiritual development.  And the FATHER'S love for all of us.


Thank you for your input Ron, but does that include the assassination question as well.  Thank you.


Hello Ron, may FATHER'S LIGHT be over you, under you and all around you.  

My question is who and what are these beings claiming:

 But we also have in contention, a group of beings off of Urantia that suspects that they owe or own the patents and are refusing to share it with Urantia. That group is forbidden to land on Urantia, further. 

  Does this phrase: [We can't help assassination.]  Mean they couldn't prevent it if it happens?
Thank you.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / EVIL SPIRITS
« on: May 05, 2024, 09:11:00 am »
Just recently I had what you would call sleep paralysis, and in my mind, I invoke the name of JESUS.  And in an instance, I was relieved.  As I think back over the years in my youth, when these attacks would occur, I was terrified.  I couldn't move, I couldn't open my eyes, or nothing.  It took me awhile before I invoke the name of JESUS but not this time.  What you think?

Something Very Strange Is Happening In These Places in 2024 (


The Re-Appearance of Jesus as the Second Return / Re: May 2024
« on: May 03, 2024, 14:12:19 pm »
Thank you Clency, very interesting. And the warnings keep coming.


Thanks to all, Elise, Dominick and Valerie and Ron for your long input. After fifty years it's about time the world takes interest in TUB.  Thats when I became aware of TUB and I thought I was a late comer. It appears most things we are told to expect is two, three, eight months, or seven years in advance.  And I'm sure some of us are hoping and praying we can hang that long.  I can't even imagine the mental stress of eighty years of work in the Garden of Eden and waiting for Adam and EVE may have caused but it was worth it.


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