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Spirit is so intertwined with humans that it goes unnoticed through outright ignorance. It has been drummed upon us that the only way to ' see and know' God is through religion confusing it with spirituality. Now as we grow we grow up we reinforce it within our psyche that we literally build walls around us and follow the ways of the flock.
It's is rare as humans on Urantia to chance upon such a tantalizing book as the Urantia Papers, let alone   have time to fully grasp what is contained therein. Now the first time I got a hold of it and skiming through it contents and without second  thought I showed it to my siblings and I was shocked to see them  have a glance and continue what they were doing. I have tried to make them read but it falls on deaf ears until I gave up on them. ( May be  they are not ready) the funny thing they tell me  is that  the wording used   in the papers makes it very difficult to read beyond the first two pages.  Im faced with the same challenge but I try regardless.
The materialization of Magisterial Missions will offer much needed change as to how people view God and religion. Perhaps a break from the constant noise of religion will offer an opportunity to make us look within for true answers.
A well written document Ron and I pray may you be at peace.

I must say this I really like our CREATOR SON , MICHAEL OF NEBADON as well as MOTHER SPIRIT for there sincere efforts to  bring light and life as well as to keep this site alive. I  mean  HE NEVER misses a single day without pitching in . THANK YOU MICHAEL AND MOTHER SPIRIT. Merry Christmas to you too if you celebrate Christmas up there. Thank you Ron as well for being fully dedicated to this kind of work . Nobody can do that only One in  9 billion. Hope you get well to celebrate Christmas in peace. 

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