Author Topic: Terrorist attack in Brazil (city of Brasilia) on January 8, 2023 (Sunday)  (Read 133 times)

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Translation into English by Google Translate:


Subject: Terrorist attack in Brazil (city of Brasilia, where I live) on January 8, 2023 (Sunday)

The terrorist attack that took place in Brazil on January 8, 2023, is the biggest terrorist attack in the history of the world, and yes, I saw this comment in international news. It is the biggest terrorist attack in the history of the world, as there is no record in the history of any country in the world, of a simultaneous terrorist attack in the three Powers, the Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judiciary Power. And I repeat, this comment I saw from an international commentator.

I was listening to Lightline USA at the exact moment the attacks were taking place, and I knew it. But I declined to comment. Yes, I was going to say Help Brazil.

I ask God to protect my country, Brazil and all truly democratic countries in the world, so that this never happens again, a simultaneous terrorist attack on the Three Powers, as happened in Brazil.

Now, with the situation a little calmer here in Brazil, I decided to write these comments.


Assunto: Atentado terrorista ocorrido no Brasil (cidade de Brasília, onde eu moro) em 08 de janeiro de 2023 (domingo)

O atentado terrorista ocorrido no Brasil no dia 08 de janeiro de 2023, é o maior atentado terrorista na história do mundo, e sim, eu vi este comentário em notícias internacionais. É o maior atentado terrorista na história do mundo, pois não há registro na história de qualquer país do mundo, de ataque terrorista e simultâneo nos três Poderes, o Poder Executivo, o Poder Legislativo e o Poder Judiciário. E eu repito, este comentário eu vi de comentarista internacional.

Eu estava escutando a Lightline EUA, no exato momento, em que estavam ocorrendo os ataques, e eu sabia disto. Mas eu não quis comentar. Sim, eu iria dizer Ajudem o Brasil (Help Brazil).

Eu peço a Deus proteção a meu país, Brasil e a todos os países verdadeiramente democráticos no mundo, para que isto nunca mais aconteça, um ataque terrorista e simultâneo aos Três Poderes, como aconteceu no Brasil.

Agora, com a situação um pouco mais calma aqui no Brasil, eu resolvi escrever estes comentários.
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Julio, let me give you some sort peace by quoting here for you from the Archangel Raphael  ? 
"If you would only continue to remain in the mercy and love of the Lord in that you not let yourself  be deceived by the world, but instead you love the Lord above all else from now on and your neighbors all as yourself,  then you will nonetheless be initiated in everything  that the Lord will ever do, even if you were in the furthest  and strangest world- in as far as that is demanded  for the salvation of your soul."