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A Second Urantia Book
« on: January 20, 2023, 16:15:53 pm »
A SECOND URANTIA BOOK / Re: The Second Urantia Book as Proposed 16January2015
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 07:56:10 PM »
No copies of the new Urantia Book will be for sale to the public until after they are distributed to libraries and other institutions that need them to teach.  AFter Serara decides that initial distribution is completed, he will authorize a public release of books as soon as possible.  It might cost us $500,000 to over $1,000,000 for the first printing, and I am willing to be it will cost more because we have to stock many thousands of books in order to be sure we have enough for the initial public offering.  Even this is a guess and we will have to see just what conditions we have to operate under, as you might recall, we are having at the same time of publishing the book, the tectonic plate upsets all around the world.  This will cut into our production costs and resources due to lack of paper and binding materials which are quite likely to cause delays in publication at some point.

You will just have to hang loose, and no, the powers to be who run these programs from on High are not going to allow digital copies out for some time to come, as there is always the danger of copy cats and people who maliciously tamper with original publications just to give us headaches.  The world will have to be cleared of the rabble before we consider using the Internet for outreach of the revelatory messages.

You will likely hear about the book before you see a copy of the book, but cheer up, those who are invited to visit the Father's Temple (Rhode Island), will have a reserved copy waiting for them when they arrive at the Temple Gate.

I leave it at that for now Lundco as I know little more than you do in most instances concerning what will happen to the book once it is ready for publication and when it is to appear in bookstores.

José L. Vargas Núñez