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Spirit and the Species
« on: January 24, 2023, 13:03:44 pm »
Spirit and the Species.

Tue, Jan 24, 2023, York, PA, United States

Transmitter Teacher(s):

Receiver(s): Dominick O


Good morning. This is a transmission. Everyone is at the table, your Thought Adjuster, and us, and you.


The preparatory material is the subject about the species and speciation* of what it means to be with, and part of, the Family of God. As in the Kingdom. Not just as a social construct in your mind but in the species. You have a rough concept, an archetype if you will, of what it is like to be amongst a species of humans without any recall close to, either a proper mind, let alone, a fragment of God. We are referring to your zombie apocalypse films.


Switching subjects not entirely. When another human in your species preys upon, or considers other humans to be something abstract, commoditized, and dehumanized for ill-gotten aims and intentions that exclude Spirit, then that human is in Spirit’s eyes, sub-human. In other words, the Father and Spirit Government defines human-beingness as endowed with Spirit, and utilizing that species gift to evolve.


Now, even the sub-human mind can grasp that evolution, in terms of self-interest, typically progresses, and might understand this veiled threat of species annihilation. So, this would be at an individual level for sure. An existential threat misunderstood at the societal level. To the point about transmitting is to invite everyone in this species endowment to your own table of your mind. To get comfortable with it and as the Father permits and espouses that it must be shared.