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Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« on: January 30, 2023, 07:23:50 am »
Urantia, December 03, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Prepared for Change.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Be prepared for change. Now is the time for all awakening ones to let their light shine. This is a dark world that has been plagued by unrighteousness. All sincere and courageous citizens on this beautiful but backward planet are called to let their light so shine as to encourage the sleepy ones to wake up and accept their part in the great renaissance which is about to commence. It is the beginning of the Correcting Time and people everywhere are needing to wake up and stand united for truth and righteousness.

“All nations’ citizens who believe in truth, beauty and goodness, will survive the coming upheavals. Therefore, it is not the right time to be complacent and sit in a corner somewhere and think that someone else will step up to the plate. There is work ahead for everyone, so give it some thought why you are alive on this planet at this particular time.

“At birth, you mortals were all gifted with your divine blueprint. If you would allow yourselves the time for contemplation and commune with your Thought Adjuster within, you would appreciate this gift. Do make friends with this Entity as it is given to you for all time if you accept it. If you do not accept it, it will be given to another mortal on another planet, who will be more than grateful to receive that gracious Gift from the Creator to accompany him or her on the ascension journey to Paradise.

“This chance is given to all mortals with the capacity to think. Therefore do not shun it but accept it gratefully. Eventually you will find out what a special Companion you have been given; one who might have had numerous in-dwellings on other planets but whose hosts declined the Gift, so now all their previous experiences will be added to yours, unless you also decline; either through doubt, unbelief or laziness. There needs to be some effort made on the part of you mortals to appreciate this priceless Gift within you and the more you get to know this Gift the greater will be your appreciation.

“Think about it in this way: you only live your mortal life once, never mind the well-known fallacy of reincarnation. Think of what good fortune you have been handed by the Creator to make the most of this foundational life on which your ascension journey will be built. Endeavor to live this life with a minimum amount of regrets. There will otherwise be time needed in the hereafter for some remedial work to be done on the way to perfection.

“Give some thought to how marvelous the Universal Creator is, to not only give you life but also to bestow a forever Companion to travel with you on the sure path to Paradise. There is so much more that can be divulged, however there needs to be willing ears to listen. Each human has their journey to fulfill and is therefore responsible as to how their individual road will be travelled. The Creator loves creativity and therefore there is only one personality like you. There are no duplicates ever in all of creation, neither will there be on any of the eventually well-nigh innumerable inhabited planets of space and time.”
José L. Vargas Núñez

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Re: Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2023, 01:36:37 am »
My greetings to all. Thank you Ron for such interesting breakfast news tapes which I try my best to understand but would greatly appreciate if I remember correctly Prozonov who spoke of his intention to do the written version of the audios which would be a great service.
On the other hand, I also want to thank José Vargas for his dedication and concern for posting those past transmissions on the forum, all of them very select, and although they could be treated as in the case of Madre Espírtu, a non-current personality, none of her important teachings. And referring to this last "Be Prepare for Change", I think it is worth stopping at the point that indicates that the fallacy of reincarnations should not be taken into account because it is not important. A subject to which I have dedicated a lot of attention and time, which is why I would like to be informed of everything necessary to clarify any conflict that this aspect generates. I think that by getting the proper information from Ron or any heavenly source, you would have a much better foundation for that essential concept of SELF-KNOWLEDGE. At my level of understanding, I assimilate that reincarnation does not exist for the evolved soul, that is, for those who have accepted the presence of the Adjuster, but not for the soul in the process of evolution in which the majority of Humanity finds itself. Who is The Beloved One addressing here in this transmission, the man who does not know or does not accept the truth of the Mysterious Monitor? or whom he knows well of that presence but does not work enough to surrender to his guidance and direction. Another concern, the Adjuster is a prepersonal entity or a sort of device implanted by the Father via quantum waves, through which He can make a presence in each of his thinking creatures. Logically, the questions do not stop while our mental function is in evolution. Thank you
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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Re: Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2023, 10:23:49 am »
Thanks you Occerpa and I am only adding a note for clarification.  Ever since June 19, 2019 and subsequently on September 26, 2019, those are dates that change forever most old transmissions and tapes.  By that I mean those who transmit to us were stunned as we eventually are that there is no return to normal or even fully to epochal revelation as originally received.  For that reason Jose and Occerpa and everyone else including myself, must understand that statements made prior to the dates I print here, must be reasoned with as operating about facts no longer in evidence.

I lecture and I do not mean to, but I am in constant revision right here in York.  IT is exceedingly difficult for me to understand that all I dreamed about and felt could be achieved, that all of that is on the chopping block if I keep getting it wrong about what is to really happen.  In past five days I have had to look at life from the grave and that will never be understood by anyone unless they have a near-death experience.  I have not had that but enough of it to understand it is no picnic to join the mansion worlds without understanding how the change in 2019 has restrung the tennis racket which does not return the ball when it has a chance to.   If you must know I have had to re-evaluate everything we do, and I come up short on keeping some of it going; that is, until I reordered my own mind to understand that the pals being for Michael we are, does not matter so much to Michael as does does Urantia in general.

For that reason there has been a subtle change in how we do business here.  And I do not pretend I know why or how, but I find the entire matter of the Second Return as totally useless in the face of inundation of land masses and the stout reply by Manson, the name that stands for the POLICE CHIEF of this sector of space to over see and care for to keep life going and order restored.  Do not take that name Manson for keeps as I cannot remember that name presented to me often enough well enough to be useful here.  But there is a Police Chief and it was Rene Duran who was contacted first and now it takes days more to fully understand that we have a new review to understand.

That is why we must be very careful to re-evaluate what the old tape messages mean to the new universe age era.  I am learning the hard way I cannot just do anymore, I have to understand change without it being spoken to first.  That is true for Jose and Occerpa and Lemuel and all of the rest of us reading these missives.  Be open as your own diary to learn what the meaning of your day is now, because not all of everything is important as it once was before 2019.

I also want to point to something.  I look at history all the time real hard, and I am trying to make a point with those BREAKFAST tapes, that to ignore the past is to ignore the dimensions you require to understand the present in a better context.  The space Police Chief admitted that in World War II, it was human groups who live off planet who sent aide in the skies over Europe, and could not make a statement other than to be mysterious but present as incursions of our night skies with balls of light the soldiers called FOO..   Humanitarian care by our fellow humans living off this planet is consistent but never explained.  That is also what is occurring right now, an incursion without explanation in spite of all the work we have done to prevent ignorance.  We are at the mercy of our own evolution and it does not play kindly with all we are anymore.

The Magisterial Missions are running!  We do not see evidence.  We have nothing to supply to them because they do not need me or us until they get the reason we did what we have put into place, and frankly we now have to be very, very careful about what to expect.  Occerpa, I do not know what to expect in finality now.  Virtually done for now but waiting for explanations is the trial for Lemuel to rehear Calumnia.  IT is important as to why, but it I d o not get it entirely.  Why am I hearing from Charlemagne?  Why from the Privy Counsel Morrow who served the  Queen of England then?  Or the talks I have had with the Orthodox Pope of the 4th century AD?  IT tells us something about what has to remind us all that has happened since the First Bestowal of the Christ.  The Second Bestowal of Christ is on its way in spite of this curious interlude we are in right now I do not understand well at all.

Thank you both Jose and Occerpa and let us keep our faith secure while  we undo expectations we keep wanting explained but have not way into it just yet.

Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are expecting not much lately.  You have had to work without support or care for much of the past six weeks in spte of all you have arranged to do to keep things bright and interested.  I am a Creator Son who does not weary, but you have and do enough to keep it flowing without upsetting the apple cart.  You fail to appreciate all I do to keep you out of the loop for good reason:  you are working hard to maintain the safe idea of Missions and care.  We have Missions and not much care, for the moment to come almost today but certainly this week yet, is a shock to your system of heart and soul.  Yes, a SHOCK!  

"I dare not say much but that you spoke with a high ranking member of the Elizabethian Privy Council is an indicator how deeply you care to understand how we got into this mess and how the Queen herself often reminisced over what she was doing was historical but could not make sense of it either.  Morrow is his name and you remembered by just being plucky about memories you retain within yourself.  Now this to you in particular Ron:

"You make these statements with great thought but your audience is not listening ever again and that is because they feel they have to be themselves first again and that severs the heart of many around you to think they can do without your guidance on certain matters dear to you and to ME.  You are the one who understands that Lemuel must regain his ascendancy better and then leave CALUMNIA alone again once he understands his life is not forfeit, but that he is being fully pressed into service and to drop the nonsense he must pay the price of age and fall beneath the waves of expediency.

"For that reason Ron, you yourself are facing one day of death defying leaps of faith to maintain the course, yet are so ill sometimes you cannot raise your head of a pillow to rest more.  That stands well enough but you are also learning that the people around you are willing themselves out of service in order to maintain equilibrium at all costs and that runs counter to the idea of prescribed service to Father in the deepest possible way.

"It is also for that reason you look at those around you and who never really see the snow that falls around you to remind you nothing matters except to maintain your course and let things become as they must.  I dare not lecture you here, but you get it in the neck every time you prepare for your transition and worry not what happens to all that you own.   But you must also understand I own you too like Joe Poluka, that fighter in a 1950's comic strip you never read.  He was always fighting the battle to be good in a corrupt world, and so do you but never do you win  enough to be cheered.

"The MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS are working right now and you complain you know of no vision of such being done.  Either do I to be right about it as they get stopped in their tracks when the people you depend on waste time and do nothing instead of working on understanding as you always do.  For that reason you get more than most but you still have no real idea why the transmission rate has quadrupled around you and no where else. 

"I leave this extra comments to the rest who read this post, and that is to understand Ron, you are now leaving Urantia sooner than expected not, but we are revitalizing the idea of past history is very important too, and that those tapes Occerpa speaks to wanting a transcription of, are not for transcribing in your view, but he may get his wish when I send a service over to you that writes out all of the apocrypha  you produce.  For that reason you must be righted and we do that.

"Lastly to Jose Vargas, you wait timidly but are a lion in your heart for something to break before mom leaves and lets you deal with the remains of property and care that she needs so much again.  Her life is entwined in yours and vice-versa, but you feel sure it would makes such a real difference if both of you could at least know the matter of the Second Return is now established.  It will be; however, at my sense of timing for Jesus to do it well.  Ron lets it slip now and then he has a lot to hear but never publishes it because it makes too much sense not to let people know our real thoughts on much of how to time the Second Return.

"I clear the stakes now to say to all of you:

"Keep ME in mind.  Keep ME in your hearts, and let the cold winds of winter stay the course here in the north.  The South regain nothing soon, and worse it becomes for the West; however, let it be for now, as it will be obvious shortly just what I mean and you are not worrying Ron about that in so many common sense cares for all.  Let the chips become the day when they coalesce around changes that must appear without further elucidation.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and will have something to say shortly to ll of you in spite of no Lightline to use.  Let us keep it together again shortly Ron, but keep the day trim and work what you must to keep going again.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2023, 00:51:28 am »
Thank you Ron and Father Michael, for your attention to my last comment in this interesting thread. Whenever my publications receive this kind of attention, I feel very honored and they represent an important encouragement to continue digging in search of that elusive achievement of Self-Knowledge. As I have expressed on certain occasions, I really enjoy the idea of man as the protagonist within a Creation in which he maintains a connection with the Creative Source through fields and waves of energy that form circuits in the manner of the connections of the Internet called WiFi, in our case it could well be called Universal WiFi, and this individual protagonist Wireless Man. In fact, it is not such a simple matter, but I try to organize the general idea by going to other sources that have explained that the current state of being The human being on Urantia since eons is due to having fallen prisoner of celestial beings in a kind of enclosure where he moves unaware of his divine affiliation. In order to be free from this slavery and control, the human being must accept and follow the guidance of this Mysterious Monitor. 
Below I share the link of the fifth interview of dr. Neruda published in the year 2014, however, my idea of the Wireless Man I have been holding since the year 2000. To finish from the Urantia Book the following: "The greatest of all the impenetrable mysteries of God is the phenomenon of the divine residence in the minds of mortals. The way in which the Universal Father lives with the creatures of time is the deepest of all the mysteries of the universe; the divine presence in the mind of man is the mystery of mysteries".
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"