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Every day a beginning.
« on: May 27, 2021, 11:35:06 am »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Every day a beginning.
Place; Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time; 27th May 2021  17.35 Local  15:35 Z

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Re: Every day a beginning.
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2021, 07:15:37 am »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio recording

Every day a beginning
Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our topic this morning is entitled « Every day a beginning ». I have known many people throughout my life, obviously like anyone else, but when it comes to the spiritual life many people are so confused and in fact many are worried because they suffer, sometimes terribly from a false sense of loyalty to their past beliefs, to their past customs or to the traditions that have been put upon their shoulders since their childhood. I know many people and I understand the reasons why it is so difficult for them to start each day anew and not to be concerned about the past. We all know that yesterday is dead and gone, and to-morrow is out of sight, as they say, so we only have to-day, now.
How ridiculous it is for people to keep for example an old pair of shoes or many pairs of old shoes that they have out-grown for many years. Well, you follow the point what I am trying to make, of course, that would be absolutely ridiculous, but in fact many people do, in a sense, hold on to so many things of the past that no longer serve them at all and why is this, because they are afraid of what other people may think, they are afraid that they may be accused of disloyalty, because the truth of the matter is because when you begin to think differently and act differently, you are outside of the box, so to speak, and you no longer fit into the old club, of your old friends, of your old acquaintances and that is the problem that many people cannot overcome. It is based on a false sense of responsability or loyalty.
Well, hopefully, one day the panic will drop and you will learn. The only responsability that you have : 1) is to FATHER 2) to yourself. If you ever reach the moment where you make that irrevocable decision to dedicate your life to the will of FATHER, from that moment on, for a while you will be tested, your sincerity will be tested and tried, have no doubt about that, but obviously, before you make that decision, you ought to take all these things into account and so when you make that decision you are prepared for anything that comes, because you have dedicated your life to FATHER and you have handed over your will to HIS WILL, sincerely saying my will is THY WILL be done and so it is.
So, those of you here on the forum, I think most of us, now do not have the problem, but some obviously do and this is why I have asked my Beloved to help me this morning to talk about this, because I know it is a great problem for many and they do suffer feelings of guilt because they no longer believe what they want to beleive or they don’t want to do the old things anymore, but this feeling of guilt persist and of course it is based on fear. Well, we all know fear is a toxine, it’s a poison for the system. Those who have a life full of fear, they are generally very sick people, literally of one sickness or another. So, this morning, if we can, we would like to instill upon all of you, if you suffer this way, try to think of something else, try to remember you are sons and daughters of GOD, you have GOD living within you. How can you possibly be afraid of anything else, how can you possibly have this false sense of responsibility or of loyalty to something or to someone else, no.
Every night, when you go to your bed and you close your eyes, you can offer up a prayer to FATHER and say thank you, thank you for another day and in the morning, you thank FATHER to give you another day full of opportunities and you start each day as a new beginning, because that, in fact, is what it is. Don’t put on your back, on your feet, old clothe that you have been wearing for goodness knows how many years, stop doing that, no. Everyday is a new beginning, it’s fresh and believe me if you are able to accept this truth, because it is truth, an ethical truth. You start everyday fresh, you will go through life very lightly, happily and joyously, and you will feel a tremendous relief of the burden of all these past clothes and shoes and everything you continue to wear on your back, GOD knows for how many years. So, once and for all, let it go, you don’t need it at all.
So, with these few words this morning, my Beloved and I would like to encourage you to become like this. There are many ways to look at this particular situation, you all know this, but remember when you put FATHER first, everything falls into place, you don’t have to worry about it. When you can say with all the sincerity that you have : my will is Thy Will be done and that’s it. There is never need for anything else, because GOD is all there is, this is what you have residing inside of you as your Indwelling Father Fragment. Now, you know that, so why continue in the old ways of doing things, you can see really it is ridiculous. So, please let it go, start everyday as it is, a new beginning. Alright, this is enough for to-day, I thank you for listening, please take these words to heart, because they are vitally of importance to you. Have a nice day, I hope to talk to you again soon, so I say bye-bye for now. Domtia
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.