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Just a Reminder –In case you forgot
« on: July 24, 2021, 11:06:44 am »
Hi everyone. Happy reading.
Everything begins with a step (Everything Begins with A Step )
Machiventa: Everything begins with a step, and along the way, one chooses their way forward toward eventual destinies that may be real or imaginary, true or false, in the sense that your choices to pursue reality are beckoning, and each time you follow, the power of a circuit is strengthened.
Will you live purposefully, to be awake, focused on the good you can do, the truth you can learn, the righteousness you can pursue?  Or will you live lives filled with distraction, focused on filling time with base observations, novel data, passive scroll, or satisfying urges and needs at the expense of looking for answers, or at the expense of looking for knowledge as a means to propel you further to incorporate understanding each day that can bring you to a different level of awareness?
Will you go to rest each night thinking about the new ideas you heard about, read about or saw, that could enhance your understanding and provide some level of growth?  Or will you turn the light off after exhausting your time with distractions and random thought without purposeful intention, to passively observe social channels, entertainment channels, without really seeing a way forward, but rather finishing the day feeling like something is missing or that something has been missed or that another opportunity is not fulfilled or wasted?
These times you live in provide manifold distraction.  At the core, the majority of people want to know that thing which will fulfill them, and they are searching, waiting to see something that moves them, that inspires them, relaxes them, or makes them laugh or cry, that touches them.  But so many are without anchors, without the foundational data to provide a basic starting point or home base where they can bring the new information in and explore it and expand their foundation to incorporate the new ideas.
Spiritual Courage (Unfortunately I couldn’t find the March 24th recording on the forum)
It takes many years of contemplation and living to reach a place of spiritual courage. But it is spiritual courage that needs to be demonstrated by you to qualify you for service. We need to observe how you respond to the call to service that is placed before you. It is true that not every person is right for every job. There are health, language, skills and personalities that come into play with each new opportunity. So we do not intend to ask you to volunteer for everything that presents itself. But there have been ample chances to provide support to the forum in many ways. Some of you still hold back from chances you should be stepping toward but lack the spiritual courage to do so. So I want to talk to you about spiritual courage today.
How would you describe it? What does it mean?
Basically it is taking a step in which really you do not know how it will end. You question yourself. You ask, “If I do this will I offend the Father?” You wonder if taking steps into new and unknown paths will actually take you away from the Father. What if you find yourself lost? What if you find yourself unable to do what is asked and you find yourself looking foolish? What if, what if, what if?
Power of Intention (April 07 recording/Next call April 14)
Mantutia Mechizedek: I want to talk to you about the power of your intentions. Intention is the precursor of all that is, both good and evil. All of creation first starts with intention. Be it the intention of the Father to create a Master Universe. The intention of a Local Universe Son to design and create his own Universe or individual people who through intention create the direction and the realization of goals.
I am a Master Teacher and I am deeply involved in revelation. But it is the smaller concepts of revelation that often go overlooked like the simple idea that intention is the forerunner of the creation of reality.
Trials and error guide you to alter your route but it is the basic intention that ultimately leads to the reality you want to experience.
What is the fore runner of intention? It is desire. A need is felt inside and that leads one to think of how to fill it. Then the intention of how to do this takes route. You may think this information to be trivial but I tell you it is not.
In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth, and the Earth was without form and void. God desired to surround Himself with His creation and set His intention to do so. Down through the Universe all that was created by the Sons and Daughters of God started with desire and was followed by intention. Each Local Universe is designed and created by the Creator Sons of God.
It is sad that I must include in this narrative that evil is created by desire and followed by intention as you are all so familiar with the story of Lucifer.
Good begets good and evil begets evil.
Intention is one of the most basic building blocks of all that will ever be and you do yourselves well to learn to read the intentions you see in others as well as yourselves.
Throughout your ascension career and especially coming from the epicenter of the Lucifer Rebellion and being witness to the loss of the supreme, if you can master the signs of intention of those around you, you will be not only able to use that antenna to take steps to keep you going about the Business of the Father but you will learn how to be a canary in the coal mine and relay information through the proper channels.
Spiritual Endurance (July 07 Lightline recording)
Van: This is Van. Welcome everyone. It’s good to be here with you all today. I want to discuss with you the quality of spiritual endurance. What is it? What is its value?
Spiritual endurance is a collection of several qualities combined into one. It is patience. It is acceptance. It is stamina. It is peace. It is faith. It is an array of characteristics that provide you with the drive to keep on keeping on as your expression goes. At some point in the ascension their careers all ascenders must display the quality of endurance. This quality is usually earned gradually. One does not usually start out with a great deal of it at first. It is something that coalesces other qualities into a pattern that displays the willingness to do whatever it takes to keep putting one foot ahead of the other and keep going. Usually by the end of the period of time spent on the Mansion Worlds, endurance begins to show through but it is just at its beginning. Attunement and especially fusion with your Adjuster greatly facilitates it. This oneness with your Indwelt provides a great deal of spiritual nutrition and strength.

Sovereign Creator Sons like Michael of Nebadon are wonderful role models for you to emulate when seeking spiritual endurance. They have to build a Local Universe. They have to achieve seven Bestowals to seven different dimensions of creation to become sovereign. They must design and create the life they want to bring into existence. It takes millions of your years to get this project up and running. The final Bestowal of Michael is a textbook example of the quality of spiritual endurance. Not only did he submit to the agonizing conditions on Urantia, he also has promised to return to it and you all recognize the challenges that come with that promise. He now has earned the reward of becoming a Creator Son in his own right for the Local Universe of Tintantium. Jesus has endured hardship after hardship and prevails always because he is the personification of Being about the Father’s Business without missing a step. There are no better examples of spiritual endurance than Michael of Dominion and Jesus. With all the trouble Nebadon has seen, you have had no better examples than right where you are right now. Your awareness of the Lucifer rebellion, the Seraphic rebellion and the loss of the Supreme have provided you a front row seat for understanding the need for this quality. The receiving all of this knowledge long before your fellow humans on planet is preparing you for great service for the ETERNAL FATHER and THE TRINITY as a whole. 

Those who possess this endurance will benefit and be blessed greatly. I am Van and my service to Urantia has provided me with so much that you know nothing about and may not for some time. You here on the forum are some of the few who are just beginning to get your first taste of the necessity and development of this endurance and we watch how you react like you would watch  a baby sitting on his high chair and getting his first taste of vegetables. You have been involved in the affairs of the planet for such a short time and we ask ourselves, “Do they have the endurance to see this through?” There are some among you that have thought of jumping ship from time to time thinking that all you have learned is just too much to take. But your Adjuster has gently taken you by the hand and asked you, “If you go my child, where to?” You have crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back because you understand all too well that you have been given so much because of your faith and steadfastness, and from those who are given much, much will be expected. You know this and you stay because your soul understands you are at the pinnacle of what can be given to the lowly humans of this planet. I congratulate all of you for learning this lesson of endurance very early in your ascension. It will serve you well and you will be an example for your brothers and sisters to learn when they are ready for this lesson. No mountain can be climbed without it even if it takes centuries of conditioning to develop it and you are beginning to show the fruit of this conditioning. I stand back for the moment and remain here should I be needed.