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Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« on: July 20, 2021, 03:41:31 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Note:  Special Lightline for Q & A from today, and Executive Committee topic discussion
  • When:  aside from any urgency, I propose we use the Saturday Lightline, July 24, 2pm with Ron Besser hosting (Ron please advise if your prefer otherwise)  This looks to be the best option as it will not interfere with other scheduled Lightlines in the interim)

  • Why/Action:  to provide time for people to 1) review the tape and formulate their questions regarding it; 2) for individuals interested in becoming part of the Executive Committee, which will be focused on sourcing funding for current and future publications, to consider and advise their choice.

  • Other:  please use this thread to post Executive Committee comments to Steven Gitz,  and have your questions from today ready for the Saturday Lightline on July 24.

Thank you to Tarkas our Master of Ceremonies, Life Carrier AB (who advised their availability to other transmitters as well); Michael of Nebadon, Jesus and the Deity Absolute.  Appreciation for all who attended todays session.

Here is the link for todays audio tape:

(Smoke from forest fires burning to the north and west of me has been sitting here in the valley for about a week and reached the extreme pollution levels the last few days, despite closed doors and windows to my apartment, 3 air purifiers running non-stop, I could still smell smoke, had trouble breathing and constant itchy watering eyes.  It still gets in through the buildings ventilation system that provides heat/AC.  No volcano I am aware of but I think Steven jokingly referred to it as such when I attempted to advise the issue of having no voice before the call.)
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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 05:22:46 pm »
Thank you Phyllis for starting this thread to serve any and all members that can offer the time to work as part of an executive committee to be formed for the purpose of commencing a fundraising effort to help support the expenses incurred publishing books via the self-publishing arm of the Magisterial Foundation, and Ron Besser, author.

As a member of the committee let me throw out some hot points that we can discuss:


1). Individual/personal. Make a list of potential donors. And don’t forget as Ron mentioned to me today, don’t forget to ask each potential donor to bring someone to the meeting/get together, or at least ask if they know someone who might want to donate. Ron will join the conversation when the event takes place. We did that once with a publisher. While in the meeting, I got on the phone with Ron, put him on speaker, and we had a 3-way discussion. Ron also offers the teleconference network with you and your donor or group of donors, like we do with our group.
Two (2) or more individual promoters, if you will, might work two ends of the string together. And working another member, whether on the committee or not,  can work very well.

2).  Corporate: A medical corp. is a fine possible, but hard to crack the personal egos, especially the executive staff. Sometimes a nurse that has the doctor’s ear is a good one to start with.
Other industries  to consider will be discussed by the committee members. Here’s one that I offer now:  the sport industry. A lot of professional athletes donate a great deal of money to organizations. A particular athlete might have a sibling or a child that is autistic who would have a special interest in the Book called ORIGINS. You get the idea.

3). Church:  Some churches have a special donation collection at a certain part of the weekly services. Others collect donations to send organizations both domestic and international, to serve their pressing needs.

I’ll leave this now and look forward to expanding on some other thoughts when the volunteers to serve on the committee hold the first meeting.

All for now,

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2021, 10:50:10 pm »
Hello Everyone.  Here are notes for today's Light Line.
Light Line 07-20-2021 Tuesday

5 on streaming, 17 on direct call
Phyllis is under a volcano fall-out with smoke.

Urantia is the worst of 633 planets. Several planets were added since ER 5.
One exploded. It had plant life only.
Urantia has similar problems to the planet that exploded.

Urantia was torn away from the sun 7.5 billion years ago. At that time, there were problems with Monmatia being unable to gather all the material it needed to have to create a dependable fusion process for light and heat.

What happened, the Angona system turned some of the planets on their sides such as Neptune, and Uranus, which is tilted about 90 degrees on its axis.

Urantia got wobbled. That is what pulled Urantia 23 degrees off the vertical axis.

We are looking at a change to 30 degrees, We can move the planet in a much wider orbit. Or we could allow some of the heat into the southen hemisphere. We don't want to kill you by heat prostration. But the Power directors insist the matter is getting so critical that the Master Force Organizers and Masters Architects are called to handle the matter.

This is Master Architect 4: The truth of the matter, without Ron you could not get this report. We are using a frequency we haven't used before, and it doesn't faze him.

Several of you listening this have the capacity to hear these frequencies.

Jose refuses to transmit. Gitz doesn't have brain mechanism to transmit at all.

Phyllis can't because of the air pollution.

Several of you are turned off because Ron has said, "You have been to church. . . !" That is a joke.

The truth of the matter is that the publication that Ron needed money for, had a donor today pay for the whole thing, and corrects the debt that we have had to go into.

Ron is torn about how to let all of you know how much money is coming in and how much need there is for it.

You already have a donor category. Right now the date on the listing is July (5?). They need to see the good news.

Now this: I am TARKAS. I have not spoken with Ron for 48 hours, because the Infinite Spirit has condescended to come to York and look Ron in the eye. He came Sunday morning, spoke to Ron about 4:00 A.M., and this morning at 7:00 A.M.

Ron's reset for physical problems was attempted. But even still the paralysis is not gone. Ron can still walk, though still painful. We are still figuring out what to do with Ron. I am useless for remediation of body forms.

A Life Carrier designs forms like that which used to live in here in Urantia. A Life Carrier is a divine being who comes to a planet by orders of the Deity, and carries the life plasm to plant in warm oceans so they can start evolution.

Urantia had the implantation 3 billion years ago. Life moved from single cell, multicell animals, then to fish, land animals, to humans. The human took form 1 million years ago. Andon and Fonta are the names of the first 2 humans. They have fused today with their adjusters, and Ron is so glad. They don't speak. They don't address new arrivals to the mansion worlds. But they do become involved in the superlative individuals like yourselves who are on this call today. You are very important. Please understand that.

For reasons of state, we will call in the life Carrier who will address Ron, and the rest of you.

I am LIFE CARRIER AB. I helped institute the midwayers who were born 37,000 years ago, the Adamite family, Adamson and his wife. They produced 32 children of the pure blood. 16 of them were born invisible. They were the midwayers that began to populate Urantia for the next 15,000 years.

Michael said we didn't originally intend that. It took 15,000 years to produce 50,000 midwayers . The secondary midwayers can effect materialization.

We are going to address the idea of materialization in Ron's book on Infinity.

to Ron: you are inhabiting a body that cannot be repaired easily, because it was designed to live quickly, shortly, and to pass on as quickly as possible. You should have died 5 or 6 years ago. So in the meantime, the cells in your body have converted into a morontial cell. that is a cell too big for your blood system to feed. Now the heart is beginning to understand it can only feed the entire system by forcing the blood pressure much higher. Start taking 2 Lisinopril every day to lower blood pressure.

The entire matter of Urantia is ridiculous. It cannot be reformed easily either. The doctors are priests. Ron's sister in law says I'm loaded with medications. Ron says she needs 5 or 6 of them. The Medical system is broken. The special interest, the pharmaceuticals and the hospitals all vying for the profits. The state can't afford this. You are being left on your own. Medicare and Medicaid take care of an awful lot of it.

The social health system of UK France, and other European countries have a good system, but are overwhelmed by the pandemic. You are so over populated, that if 1 % gets sick the system is overwhelmed. The pandemic has been 18%.

Ron talked with Elise, and she understands that Ron can't live this way. For reasons of state, she is eligible for some US money as a citizen for teaching in the USA. Take advantage of it.

As a Life Carrier AB we are calling it quits for how to deal with you. You are requiring huge amounts of sleep and getting no benefit. That is because the heart is unable to pressurize the entire system.

For that reason, we are warning you, you may have to step out into the light. Some Seraphim will be happy to help. But if you wake up feeling tingling all over, we got through, and we are killing the nervous system.

We don't want to be without Ron and a number of others of you.

The gathering of the Sunday and Tuesday is always a clarion call to the rest of the universe, that this group that has solidified you on these calls, and are solidifying the efforts. Streamers joining in are helping too,

We received from an individual today, quite a bank roll. It is enough to erase the debt for the "Crown". However we have to publish "Infinity". It takes 13,700 dollars to publish that.

You get 50 people dedicated to turning the manuscript into a readable device, that is formatted, indexed, the contents marked, and sent to the publisher,.

Ron will not spend one sou more unless we have the money in the bank to publish . No debt.

Steven has promised to speak to the group at the recital about donating. We wish you well, Steven. They are not attuned to this kind of level. Be careful. Be kind.

Writers Branding is the publisher and Ron has more material ready. If they are not up to standard, we must pass them by. We must have a publisher who will not charge all this money. We must self-publish. There is a huge divide in the publishing industry. If you publish it yourself, you have to pay the freight.

MICHAEL You communicate well morontially, Ron. The truth of the matter, Ron fills in for radio comedy, when he is fussing about what to do. His investment with the Texas group is at a loss. his investment with his trainee is also a total loss. Where are the people on the planet who care about the planet, care about themselves, and redemption? Don't get hooked into the idea of redemption that they have lost interest in a lot of things. There is nothing there you need to hold your breath for, and it will come to you instead without holding those feelings.

Let this be known: Ron has requested that a group form that is primarily investors into the publication of Epochal Revelation. He's addressed three others who are normally part of this group and help him tremendously. But we want to form an investment group that is dedicated enough to be an executive committee for the Magisterial Foundation. They are to find funds, and support to find publishers, outside foundations and organizations and such to contribute to this effort.

The bestowal commission to Melchizedek will supply some some funds, but we are constantly having to put out Epochal Revelation continuously so that the public can understand it. They are books that use the 5th ER and connects to the other issues being discussed.

"Origins" is not completed. We have more. Ron is ready with the provisos in mind. So are we. Writers Branding will work beautifully, but they are after money wherever they can get a hold of it. Ron will have a chat to let them know what he thinks.

I am Life Carrier AB. I am attaching myself to this group. If you can transmit, you will be hearing from me. Elise don't be so timid. All the other hosts just need to get into the drivers seat and see to the transmissions I give.

I hover around Ron to correct the vision and the pain to the extent I can. His hearing needs an upgrade. We will do it. It is far too late to have him walk in flesh and blood as he is now. We are not guaranteeing what form he takes.
No Ron, no walking through walls!

We are sure the Tuesday is replete, because Amethyst has joined streaming.
We should have at least 20 on the Call, because the phone and Light Line is not working out West.

I am Life Carrier AB and I turn this over to Michael of Nebadon.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: your voice is gravelly but welcome. You have one vocal cord. A virus destroyed the other.
You will go into a sleep.
Those of you who want to form an executive committee, looking for the ways to find the support and money for what we do please call Steven Gitz.

Get a Vice President and a Secretary. Ron will see that gets the resources to put up the dates on line.

But as executive committee, look for foundations, corporations that want to contribute, grants, and be ready to show how the money will be used. Learn how to do it. Urantia is poor. The US and UK are rich. There is money available operate the Magisterial Foundation so it can publish books for the population to know, particularly regarding the Second Return. We have something going, or we will lose it without funds.

To the generous individual today, THANK YOU!
Phyllis, Unmute Lemuel.
Lemuel: This is LIFE CARRIER AB.
You've just been given information no one has been given before. You have just been told Ron may be remaining horizontal.

Hearing from a Life Carrier is a first. You all know to some degree the problems here on the planet. We as Life Carriers prepare planets for life. We have been around a long long time. We have seen species come and go, many times, and we have seen planets come and go many times.

This planet, Urantia has almost gone down the pipe hole many times.
This planet has suffered like no other. And it is loved by the Father, and our beloved Jesus.

At the time of his birth we Life Carriers were watching to see what would happen. Why? It was not an ordinary carriage pregnancy for Mary. She was told to expect a very special child. Bu she had no idea how special this child was. We observed, and it took place exactly as planned. It was almost an experiment, to some extent, because Michael's 7 bestowals was to establish his sovereignty over creation,

But this one was more vital than any other due to the rebellion and the Adam and Eve default. Jesus failed to complete his mission. I am not here to observe another birth. But I observe, and will also be a part of what you will all be experiencing very soon.
As well, other entities come from all over the place to observe. I encourage all of you to corner me to transmit. I will if I am available to answer.

Feel free to call on me whenever you wish. This is all I have to say for the moment. Thank you so much and thank you to this one receiving me. I bid you all a very good afternoon.

This is JESUS: I remind you all, not that you need reminding really, but you have been informed about medical aid and support here in the USA. You have been informed part of my problem, essentially, is total social reform from the top to the bottom. The funds will be found, medical aid and support will be as it should be for every Tom Dick and Harry -- free. Social reform is not to reform the life of everyone, but everything that it implies. When people know they have medical care, social security, and social support in all aspects of their lives, they become more neighborly, more lovable, and comfortable. Social reform is necessary for all sorts of reasons. I will establish social reform. The first one is peace. This is all today. Thank you to this one, and I bid you all a very good afternoon.

Lemuel: Thank you Jesus.
Ron: Thank you Jesus, and Life Carrier AB. Always good to hear from a new voice.

You have been looking out at a light overcast sky. But those in California, Larry and Donna Whalen, You're health is at risk if you don't find a way out of the placement you are now living in. It is well and good, and conditioned, but we think there will be a deterioration by October so bad that it will be hard to breathe. It has nothing to do with the heat wave.

We now have volcanism north of Ottawa, Canada, so bad that our co-host can't speak. We are expecting volcanism on the coast between Florida and Alabama, between Alabama and Louisiana, and the Mississippi delta. That volcanism is not in the water, but there is a tectonic plate that is slipping to the side, and may allow a certain amount of magma to seep out. Head north, Steven, with your family.

Furthermore, the West Coast, you have volcanism nearby in one of your parks. That is why it should not be built on. In the old days of the dinosaurs, it was a pit similar to La Brea. If that happens be aware that there will be a release of carbon monoxide.
I am the accountant for you.
Welcome Machiventa.
MACHIVENTA; you received a burst of favor today that almost brought you to tears, that erased the stain of debt.
Those here are supporting the heraldic call. But you can't work without the lubrication of dollars. If you are willing to help raise funds, and see to it there is dissemination at least for the publications, then become part of the executive committee. Join if you are really ready to work. Talk to Steven. He will put the administrative part together, and Ron will guide him.

I am Machiventa, and this Ron. The gift today you received is plentifully done. He knows it and he is grateful. Let it lie as that.

Desire nothing from anyone to help as a secretary. It is full of loopholes they will not understand.

Your book infinity is 2/3 done. We leave what's left to Rayson, the Deity Absolute, and the Life Carrier AB.

Ron: DEITY ABSOLUTE: I am the most powerful spokesman you could ever listen to. I don't suffer fools. If any of you get into trouble, and are sincere at getting out, you might not hear the Deity Absolute, but he is pulling strings to help you out. For you Phyllis, you are looked at too.
The Elise: the pain in your legs is the same. You are converting to morontial cells. Burning, stinging, and aching. You will be looked at after Ron is done. Amethyst, your nervous system is a mess. I'm not sure what the Life Carriers can do. But we will take a look.

Steven you will be supplied with Harp of God only when you are in York, and are working in the Rayson corporation. You will learn how to deal with a transmission.

You are not having Q and A. The Creator Son thinks you need time to think about these things. Phyllis: Do we need a new Q and A session for the executive committee?

Think about it, and inform Ron. For myself, I am Life Carrier AB and I am ensconced on Ron and Gitz, and Elise for showing Ron so much kindness.

We will end the call now. We need to hear from you if we need another session today. Let Phyllis know, and we will consider it. Thanks to the 6 on Streaming and your interest . Thank you to the 17 on direct call for your interest, kindness and consideration.

I will see you for the upcoming Saturday.  

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2021, 07:49:51 am »
Hello Steven and to all others we have asked to consider becoming part of our Executive Committee to help obtain funding for the release of publications containing preparatory education to the public at large.  The education we propose to place through books is to help establish a better comfort level for people to understand what is happening when any of these mission result in the incarnation of the Magisterial Sons, the twelve or so odd Melchizedek appearances already in the flesh, and the big game changer, the incarnation of Jesus to reset the record of civilization on Urantia.

I thank you Steven Gitz for stepping forward to announce organization, and that organization will be as you all decide how to run it.  Steven I suggest you call a preliminary Executive Committee meeting for all to attend and for those who wish to work on it.  Use our conference calling device for the USA Lightline this week or next to see who will volunteer and work for the Missions.

My next call to host is Saturday, July 24th.  Steven advise me how you would like to announce before or on the 24th when a preliminary meeting is to be held to form the Executive.  You are welcome to use the facilities immediately if you wish to, just let me know to open it for you.

For those who just get to wondering why they should or should not join, this:

We have the opportunity to do work for the Missions before all of the incarnations take place.  We have arranged a publishing schedule with a proposed publisher who works only with cash.  There is nothing unusual about that and we are corresponding to work in any capitalistic  society this way to raise funds to publish what we feel is a plus for the Missions to hit the road with maybe enough understanding spirit has a cheering section to see them well to redeem a miserable planet for better living again.

Some of you may wonder what can you do?  Spirit does not assign work these days and now is the opportunity to provide service to the Missions on your own volition.  I have some things to say concerning the operation of the Executive Committee and I will use the meeting Steven calls to contribute the reasons and t he means to operate this committee.

Let me place on notice that the fund raising we will do includes people and strangers not part of this forum and its associated interests.   Become advocates and representatives for the cause.  Learn skills to approach not only people you think would appreciate knowing about the agenda of the return of Christ, but also has to approach institutions and fund raising practices to begin to appeal to others that will be the audience for the divine Missions so soon to become visible.  If you like you may consult me for materials or discuss what you would like to do.  

Elise you already do this in your own way and I expect you would serve well on the Executive Committee.  I alone cannot determine subjects and means you might use, but with a concerted effort we can improve the capital donations to the Magisterial Foundation to cover our books of the education campaign already launched and some degree with some success.

I toss this back to you Steven for consultation with me and to decide your preliminary meeting now or as soon as you can do it to launch organized dedication to grease the skids to get materials into the public hands with the money to do so.

Use this forum to comment and ask questions.  Steven and I are available at once to help you out.

With gracious good day for the moment and thanks for your decision to join already if you have.
Ron Besser for the Missions and individuals who help us everyday cope.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2021, 09:27:10 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thank you to the  hosts.  Thank our heavenly familly for this informations. Thank you all.  

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2021, 11:21:24 am »
Thank you for these notes. Highly appreciated.

Love and Blessings,

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE 20 July -
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2021, 11:12:22 am »
Ron, I have understood from your second post on the 22nd titled 'DEPARTMENT HEADS for the Michael Missions to Our Planet - Information About Them' that the Executive Committee is called off by Machieventa Melchizedek whereas he said,
"As MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, I warn all of you to shut your mouths. Do not attract unnecessary attention to this site or to yourselves individually. Ron has let it be known in several posts to those who help him plan, that he is cooling to the idea, and removing it at my request to form an Executive Committee of planners and fund raisers and will advise others later that the idea of independent use of your own ideas about how to do the funding for books already completed or nearly so.  Ron has put a treasure trove together for people to read so long as he can get the funds to publish them.  He has donated all of the books to be owned by the Magisterial Foundation and will use what royalties that come in back to the Magisterial Foundation's own bank account.  You may donate with the full disclosure it is used for publication only.”
I can understand his concern fully, for with every word we speak about the Missions we now represent him and his staff, so, we shall be waiting for his instructions. I wanted to express my interest becoming part of the team's fundraising efforts. I have gathered some information on fundraising methods in the past and saved some online database and platform we could use. Foundations have strict guidelines, deadlines and require written proposal, thus dealing with them can be time consuming at first. I can still do my research in the meantime. I believe from experience that once we start it will unfold and build momentum. I would love to be part of this work and offer my help with creating printed materials, search and reach out to organizations and individuals. I post this now to keep my interest on record for the future. 
Before the idea of Executive Committee came up my intention was to put together a package of a fundraising campaign via email and social media, then I intended to show you the ready product before launching, A great presentation is half the victory because we only have a short window time to capture the attention of a person (about 10 seconds). My goal was to secure some funds for the expansion of Ligthlines coupled with increasing awareness, and to generate some funds towards publishing, thus the warning. I stop until some turns of events and instructions.  Thank you for your notice,
I am very glad that you have turned all proceeds over to the Magisterial Foundation and not to the government as first thought, knowing that every penny will go to the right hands for right purposes. Thank you for that and many blessings,