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                 Tonight we had two MC's: Van the Steadfast and Miriam,
                          our guests and speakers were Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael of Nebadon/Dominion.

                          This is the link for the tape:

I for one happen to agree with Ron on this.  I remember, as I am sure Ron does, those days not so long ago when the thought of transmitting scared me to death for fear I would make a mistake and lead some astray.  Ron used to refer to me as a wallflower just so I could blend in with the background and not be noticed.  If it were not for Ron, I am sure I would never have learned to do it.  But as it turns out, I have been a transmitter for years, but just didn't know it.  As for mistakes, they are part of any learning process.

As for those who want to transmit, but feel they cannot, I ask you WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION?  Do you want to serve for the missions?  If the answer is no, then acknowledge it to yourself.  If the answer is yes, then just do it.  Transmitting does not come with a manual.  Just for your own benefit, connect with your Adjuster and let Him provide the concepts He wishes you to receive.  

Most of my transmissions do not come as words per se.  They come as concepts, and it is the job of my mind to put these concepts into words that the other minds can understand.  This is why sometimes I have trouble trying to find that exact word I need to use. Some times they appear as visual messages, and again I try to transfer them into messages if I can.
I know I make mistakes.  I think it is fair to say that all transmitters do from time to time, but that does not mean that I quit.  I try to understand the reason for the mistake and address it so it does not occur again.

This is such a difficult time for all of us, human and celestial, but there are times when  'boots on the ground' (to use an overused idiom) are the only way in which Spirit can relate directly with another human whether it to say something or to co-ordinate situations that set up what Spirit wants to do or work with.

This reluctance to put you big toe into the waters of transmitting just delight the cabal to no end.  Lucifer would have been so pleased to see God's children being fearful and self conscious to the point that they are reluctant to hear the FATHER calling to them to serve in this way.  Too many just sit back and wait until, like magic, some fairy, (celestial) comes to them and announce what they will be called upon to do.  Your service requires work and the willingness to meet them halfway.
General Discussion / Re: Our Souls
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Thank you very much Ron for your response.I have actually gone through this thread that I found on the forum that was purely about the soul though at the end of material life.

Love and Blessings,
General Discussion / Re: General Discussion
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June 14, 2021, 12.25 local time, call on the left, I'm ready to receive a message.
Yes, listen.
You need, of course, if you agree, to warn all relatives and acquaintances, adequate, that serious changes and problems will come in the near future.
This will be associated with the second coming of Jesus Christ, and with the change of poles and cataclysms. We must warn them carefully so that they are ready to urgently leave the premises when the earth's crust begins to move and destroy buildings. Many of them will survive, but some will fall apart and bury the inhabitants. How and when this will happen is unknown, but very soon.
All houses are built in different ways, it is not known what and where will stand. That is why, to save lives, you need to be prepared, as soon as the chandeliers begin to swing in your house, the window panes clink and things fall, quickly go outside.
The necessary minimum of food, water, food, hygiene products, medicines must be prepared in advance and, of course, other things for survival.
Your home may not be damaged at first, but subsequent tremors and crustal movements will level the cities to the ground. Your salvation is only in nature at your summer cottages with your supplies and preparations ...
Note. Carefully inform your family and friends about it. And how they react and what conclusions they will make is their problem.
God is with you.
And when you are completely unbearable, turn directly to the Heavenly Father, ask for help from him.
-          Thank you dear unknown teacher and mentor. Can I find out your name?
My name won't tell you anything. We have come to assist the people of Urantia and transmit important information through mortals like you who can receive our messages. Be in touch. Other messages are possible.
- Thank you.
Repeated call at 16.20.
We continue to provide assistance in spreading information about the upcoming changes. It is advisable for you to be always in touch and fix our messages. When there is no computer nearby, but there is an opportunity to talk on the phone - try to use it, because sometimes information is urgent.
- Thank you.
14 июня 2021, местное время 12.25, вызов слева, я готов принимать сообщение.
Да, слушай.
Тебе необходимо, конечно, если ты согласен, предупредить всех родственников и знакомых, адекватных, что в ближайшее время придут серьезные изменения и проблемы.
Это будет связано и со вторым пришествием Иисуса Христа, и со сменой полюсов и с катаклизмами. Надо предупредить аккуратно, чтобы они были готовы срочно покинуть помещение, когда земная кора начнет двигаться и разрушать постройки. Многие из них устоят, но часть развалится и похоронит жителей. Как и когда это произойдет неизвестно, но очень скоро.
Все дома построены по-разному, что и где устоит – неизвестно. Вот почему для сохранения жизней необходимо быть готовым, как только в вашем доме начнут раскачиваться люстры, звенеть оконные стекла и падать вещи быстро выйти на улицу.
Необходимый минимум продуктов, вода, еда, средства гигиены, лекарства надо приготовит заранее и конечно, другое для выживания.
Возможно вначале ваш дом не пострадает, но последующие толчки и подвижки коры сравняют города с землей. Ваше спасение только в природе на ваших дачах с вашими запасами и заготовками…
Примите к сведению. Аккуратно сообщите об этом своим близким и друзьям. А как они среагируют и какие сделают выводе – это их проблема.
С вами Бог.
И когда вам будет совсем невмоготу, обращайтесь напрямую к Отцу Небесному, просите помощи у него.
- Спасибо дорогой неизвестный учитель и наставник. А можно узнать твое имя?
Мое имя тебе ни о чего не скажет. Мы прибыли помогать населению Урантии и передавать важную информацию через таких смертных, как ты, которые могут принимать наши сообщения. Будь на связи. Возможны другие сообщения.
- Спасибо.
Повторный вызов  в 16.20.
Мы продолжаем оказывать помощь в распространении информации о грядущих изменениях. Вам желательно быть всегда на связи и зафиксировать наши послания. Когда рядом  нет компьютера, а есть возможность наговорить на телефон – попробуйте ее использовать, ведь иногда информация не терпит отлагательств.
Все, пока.
- Спасибо.
Good morning everybody

Subject: Read and be surprised - The New  Universe Age - part II - Beauty - update

June 17, 2021 is the date of payment of the last installment of the second book of the trilogy paid to the publisher. Thus, I hope that the final version of the second book of the trilogy will be ready for print in a short time with the translation into the English language.

I sent the second book version of the trilogy to Ron Besser ( about a month ago, or a little longer.

If you make any changes, it will be to suppress some text before the final publication.

In the second book of the trilogy, I make strong criticisms in relation to Brazil on topics such as sabotage in the fight against covid-19, deforestation in the Amazon, among other subjects.

I don't mention names, I just mention facts that I criticize, constructive criticism for my country, Brazil, which I love so much, to improve its institutions.

On the other hand, I register that today my wife Margarete was vaccinated against covid 19 by the Coronavac vaccine (China in partnership with Instituto Butantã do Brasil). My wife's second dose of coronavac vaccine will be 28 days from now, around July 14, which is a month from now.

As the vaccine I took last month was another vaccine, from Astrazeca/Oxford, the second dose is in three months from the first dose, that is, on August 17, 2021 I will take the second dose.

In other words, at least between me and my wife Margarete, the last will be the first.... She, my wife Margarete was the last to be vaccinated in relation to me, however, she will be the first, between the two of us, who will have the two doses taken in mid-July 2021... I'll have to wait another month on August 17th.

Finally, the most important and true reason for writing this message today:

- My wife and I made food donations at the health post when she went to get the vaccine, around 9 am, Brasilia time. There is a small ad on the vaccine scheduling website asking for food donations for those who want to donate when they get the vaccine.

However, as there is no widespread publicity for the request for donations, so far, few people have taken food for donation.

The Brazilian people are solidary. What is lacking is publicity by government agencies and the Brazilian press to bring food for donation to people in need. There are many people in Brazil who need food because of the pandemic.

This text is for the federal, state and municipal government of Brazil as well as the press in Brazil to remember this, to do their part by publicizing that people can donate food when they do their vaccinations. I will send a copy of this message to whatsapp of the Brazilian press that I have contact with.


Bom dia a todos

Assunto: Leia e surprenda-se - A Nova Era do Universo - parte II - Beleza - atualização

No dia 17 de junho de 2021 é a data do pagamento da última parcela do segundo livro da trilogia pago a editora. Assim, eu espero que em pouco tempo esteja pronta a versão final do segundo livro da trilogia para impressão com a tradução para o idioma inglês.

Eu mandei a versão do segundo livro da trilogia para Ron Besser (, faz mais ou menos um mês atrás, ou um pouco mais.

Se fizer alguma alteração será para suprimir algum texto antes das publicação final.

No segundo livro da trilogia eu faço fortes críticas em relação ao Brasil em temas como a sabotagem no combate ao covid-19, desmatamento da Amazonia, entre outros assuntos.

Eu não menciono nomes, apenas menciono fatos que eu critico, uma crítica construtiva para que meu país, Brasil, que eu amo tanto, aperfeiçoe suas instituições.

Por outro lado, eu registro que hoje minha esposa Margarete foi vacinada contra a covid 19 pela vacina Coronavac (China em parceria com o Instituto Butantã do Brasil). A segunda dose da vacina coronavac da minha esposa será daqui a 28 dias, por volta de 14 de julho, ou seja, daqui um mês.

Como a vacina que eu tomei no mês passado foi outra vacina, da Astrazeca/ Oxford, a segunda dose é em três meses a partir da primeira dose, ou seja em 17 de agosto de 2021 que eu irei tomar a segunda dose.

Ou seja, pelo menos entre eu e minha esposa Margarete, os últimos serão os primeiros.... Ela, minha esposa Margarete foi a última a se vacinar em relação a mim, no entanto, será a primeira, entre nós dois, que terá as duas doses tomadas em metade de julho de 2021... eu vou ter que aguardar mais um mês em 17 de agosto.

Por fim, o mais importante e o verdadeiro motivo em escrever esta mensagem de hoje:

- Eu e minha esposa fizemos doações de alimentos no posto de saúde quando ela foi tomar a vacina, por volta das 9 horas, horário local de Brasília. Existe um pequeno anúncio no site de agendamento da vacina pedindo doações de alimentos para quem quiser doar, quando fazer a vacina.

No entanto, como não existe ampla publicidade do pedido de doações, por enquanto, foram poucas pessoas que levaram alimentos para doação.

O povo brasileiro é solidário. O que falta é publicidade pelos órgãos do governo e pela imprensa brasileira para que levem alimentos para doação para as pessoas que necessitam. Existem muitas pessoas no Brasil que necessitam de alimentos por causa da pandemia.

Este texto é para que o governo federal, estadual e municipal do Brasil bem como da imprensa do Brasil lembre-se disto, fazer sua parte divulgando que as pessoas podem doar alimentos quando fizer sua vacinação. Vou enviar cópia desta mensagem para whatsapp da imprensa brasileira que eu tenho contato.
TRANSLATIONS / 14.6.2021 – Ligtline USA z 13-go czerwca
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Link do wiadomości po angielsku :
Kategoria / Temat : Tu są linki do nagrań, uwagi i plany / Lightline USA z niedzieli, 13-go czerwca
Napisała : SongatSunrise, pełny członek
« Odpowiedż nr 1, 13 czerwca 2021 r., godz. 23:46:24 »

(Urywki z transkrypcji)

Tu Tarkas. Jestem tu, by pomścić się za Rona z powodu horroru, jaki spotkał go dziś rano. To najgorsze, co kiedykolwiek czułem. Naprawdę.

Ron : Co się stało ? Stało się coś, o czym nigdy nie słyszałem, że może się zdarzyć. Wiecie, że nasz własny Duch Stwórczy nie jest przeze mnie dobrze widziany. Nie chodzi o to, że jej nie lubię, po prostu nie mogę z nią pracować, bo jest to dla mnie bolesne. Dosłownie, jestem uczulony.

Na ratunek przyszedł mi Duch Stwórczy z Alvoringu. Wstrzyknęła mi odrobinę czegoś, co zmniejszyło ogień, który palił mnie od stóp do głów, tak boleśnie, że ledwo mogłem się ruszać. To było zupełnie niespodziewane. Nie mam pojęcia, dlaczego coś takiego może się rozpętać, ale tak się stało, a drogi Duch Stwórczy Alvoring przyszedł mi na ratunek i dał mi miksturę wystarczającą do tego, żeby choć trochę to złagodzić i jestem dozgonnie wdzięczny Alvoringowi i jego kierownictwu i Federacji. To Federacja ludzie, która o to zadbała. Alvoring należy do Federacji.

Tarkas : Dziękuję Ron. Pięknie powiedziane.

Chcę, abyście wszyscy zrozumieli, że kwestia przemian, szczególnie dla Rona, nie jest tym, co powoduje ból. Tym, co powoduje ból, jest odrzucenie planetarnego najwyższego. Muszę użyć tego terminu, ponieważ nie znam innego. Upierał się on, aby Ron umarł zanim kiedykolwiek spotka Jezusa lub misje zaplanowane dla Urantii. Ron powiedział mu, żeby się odczepił, ale on nie słuchał i zapewnił Ronowi długotrwały niemiłosierny ból.

Teraz wszyscy wiecie, że najwyższy się sam zniszczył 26-go września 2019 roku. Taka była data na Urantii, kiedy to się wydarzyło. Zniszczył siebie za pomocą magicznego eliksiru, który stworzył z czystej energii Ojca, na wzór drogi ucieczki Wiecznego Syna. Zażądał, żeby albo być odpowiedzialnym za czas i przestrzeń, albo służyć jako bóstwo gdzie indziej, albo odejść. Ojciec dał mu do zrozumienia, że w świecie, który Ojciec stworzył, Wszechświat Nadrzędny nie jest przygotowany na żadne takie bóstwo. To zdenerwowało najwyższego i zniszczył się ogromną implozją. Mówię implozja, ponieważ nazwanie tego eksplozją nie oddaje w pełni jego prawdziwego znaczenia. Zniszczyła ona ogromną kulę planety, z której najwyższy zawsze pracował, na trzecim obwodzie Havony. To właśnie tam Księga Urantii umieszcza najwyższą istotę dzisiaj, albo w dniu, w którym została oskarżona. Najwyższa istota została przeniesiona na czwarty obwód w roku 2007 i Ron o tym wiedział i rozmawiał z najwyższym od czasu do czasu, ponieważ otworzyło to drzwi do komunikacji na tym poziomie dla gatunku ludzkiego, przynajmniej na Urantii.

Teraz to, co się wydarzyło, to fakt, że najwyższy zdecydował, że federacja przeszkadza mu w rządzeniu czasem. Nie róbcie tego, powiedział najwyższy, tej organizacji, która rywalizuje z najwyższym o potężne decyzje. On nienawidził federacji, powiedział to i poprosił o jej natychmiastowe usunięcie. Ojciec odpowiedział, że nie ma mowy. Federacja jest za moją zgodą i nie wolno jej zniszczyć przynajmniej dopóki się nie przekonamymy, że ona może działać. No cóż, ona może. Ron jest jej największym fanem z nas wszystkich. Mówi, że dzięki Federacji wy, wznoszący się, nie będziecie kontrastować w rozmowach z personelem innych superwszechświatów, które mają inne cele, a to ogromnie rozszerzy wasze koncepcje dotyczące Wszechświata Nadrzędnego, w którym macie służyć. Z tego powodu Ron mówi, że z niecierpliwością oczekuję spotkania z tymi, którzy zostali stworzeni tak jak on, ale gdzie indziej, żeby usłyszeć, co oni myślą i robią, żeby pomóc mu się rozwijać i zrozumiec nie tylko wolę Ojca, ale także to, na czym może polegać jego praca, ponieważ wciąż nie rozumie, na czym ona może polegać.

Tu znowu Tarkas, Ron. Dziękuję.

Prawda jest taka, że Ron przyjął dyktando od Ojca Wszechświata, ale nie wiedział o tym.

Tu MATKA DUCH ALVORINGU. Przyszłam ci na ratunek dziś o 4-tej rano. Wyraziłam się jasno, że jestem Duchem Stwórczym Alvoringu i służę naszemu Synowi Stwórcy jako Duch Stwórczy, ale w Nebadonie, Nebadonia, oskarżycielka przeciwko Lucyferowi, wygrała sprawę i Lucyfer został unicestwiony. Najwyższy sprzeciwił się Nebadonii i zaatakował ją. Nebadonia wzięła na siebie pracę najwyższego, żeby go ułagodzić. Z tego powodu najwyższy został dla niej stracony, a Nebadonia jest stracona dla najwyższego.
General Discussion / General Discussion
« Last post by gcmeyer83 on Today at 08:32:44 am »

I started out having one of my sessions with my Thought adjuster and after greetings and a little chit chat he stated this:

I do have someone here that can say a few things to you that you may post.  One you know well and he has talked to you before. Here is Tarkas
  Hello again George this is Tarkas and I am glad to be back here with a few words for you.
And I welcome and greet you too Tarkas and await what you have to say.
As you know I have a great Love for the Forum and Light Lines and am very happy Our Father has let me come back to keep in touch.  Much of late as far of new information has slowed down from your perspective and you know why that is due to the tremendous amount of time and work on our level is occurring.  One of the big problems that is getting better and you still keep hearing about are the cabal and rebels. You hear one day we have found lots of them and isolated them away and then the next day you hear there are still many more showing up and causing problems.  That’s true in fact as you know we keep finding new hidden pockets of them everywhere.  Those  pockets are getting easier and easier to find as we learn of their modus operando and they are truly getting down to a lower and lower level and will soon be totally under control, adjudicated and dealt with as needed. You also wonder since God is God and knows everything why does he just not eliminate then all at once. Yes God could do that but you must remember that God is God and he loves All of his creation and every being in it. You recall he let Lucifer roam for thousands of years before his final adjudication and demise.  The same for all those that have opposed his Will and that goes even down to the human level. By his Love and Mercy he will give everyone a chance to repent and return to his flock and so by this process it seems at your human level things are going slow.  Always remember Gods will is being done and will be done and will be done his merciful way.  So if everyone would remember this and think about it when trouble occurs it is all part of Gods plan and it will work out.  Yes there will be much suffering and disbelief but the end goal will be reached.  I leave you with this and look forward to you and the Forum and Light Lines members for help.  You all will be needed soon and you’re all the best we have on the human level for right now. Good Day
Thank you so much Tarkas. Inspiring words to be sure.
To all of you, there are almost hundreds of transcripts on to look at about how to transmit.  They are still valid and I have provided hours of information since then on the subject.  Most of you are already transmitting and still wonder how to do it.  For those in that condition you are really showing me that the entire matter is a psychological block and as such no amount of technique discussions will clear any of that for you.

The problem with psychological blockage is such people are genuinely unaware of that condition within themselves.  For such people there is little hope they can remove such a blockage themselves.  The simple reason the psychological blockage exists at all is that they really have decided transmitting if not truly for them.  Such involves uncleared fears or distaste for public speech transmitting, or just plain ill will toward the whole idea--  such are conditions such a person has and unrecognized entirely.   And that is in spite of being sure you want to transmit but cannot ever get around to a successful episode of doing it.  These statements are not supposed to remove your desire to transmit in spite  of your own mental blockage, but unfortunately in the present day we live in, there are so many mental blockages against a lot of things now in operation and I very much want to avoid lecturing to them, as no amount of technique provision to these blockages will ever clear them from the outside by another person.  It really may take persons with these blockages operating a true shock to the mental system to remove the block unknown to them in any case.

Let me also state this concerning mental stops on transmitting:   I happen to believe that unless our world receives a Magisterial Mission soon, we can kiss goodbye the usual acceptance of transmitted revelation.  The reason may be that mankind is on the brink of transferring the idea of humanity out of the standard kind of evolution as human thought now seems to bring the old idea of spiritual and mental break throughs as something only Harry Potter can do.  Those movies are atrocious yet so popular many millionaires were created  by producing them.  The occult means only history or information is missing and nothing more, yet many have turned the idea of human work to be unnecessary because spirit lifts all boats to levitate, fly, and obtain powers not even granted to certain Deity in real life.

For that reason I suggest to those of you who wish to transmit but cannot summon the corrections to the self to do that, to forget about it for now, and I am positive there are mental shocks coming for some of you that will revive the true mentality you hold for yourself and clear blockages of belief and poor  self-regard or self-deprecation, you  still maintain in operation that prevents an easy entry into the field of telepathy and transmissions which result from it.  I happen to believe that the appearance of the Second Return will also revive or provide a new spiritual economy some of you will operate much better in than once can do so today, and provide even superior means of communication that we transmitters have at out fingertips today.  

If I look at our group which attends this discussion forum, I would say 90% of you are already transmitting a certain degree of self-information already.  You could not cohere using this site for as long as you have otherwise, and this self ability is not auto-revelation or self-revelation, but periodic revelation you simply are not well designed to understand about yourself.  Most transmission problems result from mental blockages, but some on this site are the result of your inability to hear yourself at all.  That cannot be corrected by technique discussions alone, and I am aware that if people sit with me looking me in the eye, somehow spirit removes blockages for you, I don't, but my Adjuster is powerful when attending me with others who want this to happen, and it usually happens if sufficient relaxed to work with me and you.   I just mention this because the combined power of a personal ability on my part to help out plus the changing spiritual conditions all around us, can break some of you out of wonder lust and force an undeniable situation on you that allows transmissions to start flowing consciously.

Now, let me also broach another subject on transmission acceptance, as that is the blockage most of you deal with, and we must pause just enough to state that I am being improved in mental acuity while defeating my air of provisional stoppage of these physical transition problems, and that is being done because I am never out of service to all of you.  However, I let it be known that these services are not in my view sufficient to bring about your ability to transmit without some reason to yourselves alone, a change in attitude to the whole idea of spiritual service.  Human minds are sloppy, but such minds are entirely capable of self resurrection of better and better attitudes if any of you are forced to clear the old idea about how to approach spirit for service.  Transmission service is really morontial services offered to the material world of Urantia.  Do you understand that?  If you do to some degree, then recognize that you have to have a morontial mind to do that.  Some of you do not and therefore are barking up a tree to do something your mind cannot achieve unless you rededicate yourself open to the change to morontial status.  The morontial mind is the foundation of how transmissions happen, and without it, you frequently will use a part of the mind that cannot produce quality revelation transmissions. 

This is such a difficult area of discussion, I do not feel competent to state the basic premises involved with morontializing the mind.   The brain cannot be morontial because there is no way the Adjuster can change cell type in your cortex, but the Adjuster does and CAN morontialize the mind, but when you personally block its ability by attitude, and attitude acts like decisions through the personality system you own, the Adjuster puts off such development until such a person is ready to accept the change they must to proceed to an advancement not yet approved.  These things together with a change in the spiritual atmosphere on Urantia may have to occur for some of you to realize that it is not your inability to do these things, but it is your attitude to acceptability of assigning yourself to a morontial activity the physical realm of life on Urantia cannot conceive as either real or possible.  And that may even be your own reasons for your own blockages yourself, I might add.

I conclude these remarks to state for some of you that the ideal of providing real revelation through morontial mind abilities of some of us, is fast disappearing for the lack of your personal interest to provide.  How sad.  We have spent years doing these transmissions now and yet I can count on one hand those who provide fresh revelation.  Some of that has to do with morontial development, but most of it has to do with the fact it really does not interest you.  It is about time you admit it and then find a way to mitigate your dislike of the process so much you are now ready to leave these thins if you can find a good excuse to do so.  Those good excuses are likely to come shortly when the spiritual Missions to Urantia become visible and their shock insufficient to change your mind to get out of the way of that which you prefer not to understand anymore.  I cannot help that to do any better but i can say this, and that is spiritual honesty is required of all and one must stand aside if blinded by ambition alone.  I fully agree it takes courage and fortitude to speak in the open as I and several of you do to provide the ongoing information transmissions afford all of the general public but with so few takers.  Finally, let it be known that the changes I have spoken to that somehow must be recognized to the self are being forced on me as well,and frankly my attitude is lousy about the quality so poor they insist on producing, I fully allow certain supreme provisions  are a personal disaster if adopted by the general public.  Yet they persist.  Even I may abandon transmissions that are forced under supremacy guidelines.

I hope this frank discussion is helpful to some better self understanding and that it might multiply the number who can transmit for a better network of our LIGHTLINES.   Good day to all.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am sure all of the above is sufficient to remind some of you that it takes courage and remorse to change when something you want cannot easily be achieved for yourself such as transmission work at this time.  However, let it be known that we have a swirling insurrection all around Ron bent to determine he be removed from the spiritual aspects of these Missions.  I am as determined that will not happen, but their power has increased seven fold due to actions of Machiventa Melchizedek opening the door again to seraphim and that is a brutal mistake to all Machiventa.  This action to obtain support for the morontial government is hardly the thing to do and the seraphim are delighted but unaware of the pit falls this provides and Ron is positive this is the worst thing yet.  We have failed repeatedly to clear the place and for that reason we now call upon the liaison forces to clear the area of this transmitters access to us permanently.  That is doable.

"Clearing all is not possible for any of you right now, but I am amazed at the fortitude Ron must place before them so they understand he will not tolerate their boorish behavior ever and that angers their chiefs who hold you as a little truant with a big beef and they want it silenced but cannot afford to do it without Me hitting them hard.  For now it is cleared and for now we close this post which I think is an honest assessment over the entire situation we are dealing with on Urantia.  K.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."
General Discussion / Re: Our Souls
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 07:03:46 am »
Moses, I thought we had produced enough information in the past not to have a problem concerning the status of the soul given what life style the human led.  Empty souls do not get resurrected.  Well done life souls are easily repaired to the mansion worlds without the kind of complications you cite in your post above.
You, after your physical life on Urantia is over, activate your morontial self.  Depending on your health status at death, you are not always awake to make the transfer fully conscious or even conscious due to or if drugged heavily.  But assuming you have succumbed to death in a normal fashion, the soul must make a decision how to proceed to the transport to the mansion worlds.  Spirit has arranged that the soul is under its own power as yourself at death and it is awake enough to walk out of the old body placement and follow a white light that appears over the left shoulder of the soul.  I am told that light and left shoulder placement never changes.  Unfortunately many souls at this point do not get the point of why a light is present and can remain on earth for a very long time.  It is mostly the case the soul has to catch a curiosity about the light and move towards it or no transport is offered.  So called ghosts are the result; i.e., people who do not take the transport off Urantia and just mill around on Urantia until forced to take a decision in about fourteen days.  Some souls hide and will not go, and they can last on Urantia for centuries.

However, over 90% of souls who do walk out of the area of the body find the light and go immediately, mostly within days of their appearance, to the mansion world of choice decided by  the seraphim of transport as assigned to them by the Morontial Supervisors.

If you search on the site Moses, there used to be a thread on some details of soul assignment to the mansion worlds and the criteria used by the universe to either allow the soul to sleep for various lengths of time, or if of sufficient spiritual advancement at death, to be resurrected immediately into a conscious state.  That depends on how well you have developed the soul during your life time. 

Now you mention the idea of soul condition after its resurrection.  I know little about this area of thought you have; however, spirit will resurrect many souls by cleansing the mind of useless memory.  Those old life associations are sometimes cleaned out for good and must be reconstructed by the resurrected soul by re-associating with friends and family members already awake by talking with the new soul with that old information of affection and happy days lived together in the past.

Very old people retain very little of their past lives for the simple reason the soul has already matured and has been taught what it needs to know years before as a detached instrument of personhood decades before the old human body is claimed in death.  I live in an area where it is not uncommon to see obituaries of people dying in their high 90's and even 101 and 103 happen often enough.  These are usually females in this community who reach those upper ages and many of them go over as remembering almost nothing of their first fifteen or thirty years of life on Urantia.  In my case I remember yet a lot of details of my early life, but I am losing a lot of memory about my 40's in particular due to the sudden incursion of the Thought Adjuster at age 46 which erased a fairly large chapter out of my memory life.  So you must take into account how spirit lived with you during your formative physical years and even then it is not entirely predictable what you remember about yourself after soul resurrection.

You all have been informed recently that the mansion world of soul assignment for resurrection is much more variable than indicated in the 5th epochal revelation done in 1934-35 mostly.  Since then there has been a rebellion on Urantia that revived the Lucifer rebellion briefly, a seraphic insurrection, and a cabalistic decision by the old God the supreme to tear down the old resurrection structures to force the universe to use Edentia and even Uversa to provide resurrection services.  For people like myself with unknown attributes not discussed with me, my soul assignment at least as it is today (and that can change), is to be resurrected on spheres never mentioned in the Urantia Book.  Do not bother to ask about these other planetaryassignments as I know nothing and no one in spirit is willing to describe these things yet.

This post should be sufficient now to answer almost any question you may have concerning the soul because due to the resurrection of the old idea of sufficiency, nothing much more can be imparted beyond what I have provided here.  Thank you for your question.

General Discussion / Our Souls
« Last post by Moses Ouko on Today at 06:22:34 am »
There was new revelation about our souls on the Wednesday Lightline call for June 09
during the Q&A session. Below are two quotes from Ron on the Lightline;

The soul is initiated with you, through you and remains with until about age 25. After that age, somewhere in there, the soul is often given permission to detach and be trained on the Mansion Worlds for various aspects it needs to know to help you spiritually grow as well.

They know your moment and as a result, everything that needs to be remodeled into the soul for you to be there is remodeled in and then when you close your eyes for the last time, you step out and you can even look back at your body. You are the soul, you are you and everything else the soul used to be. Now you are in command and you are you through the repository of the soul.

This was rather surprising to me because on several Lightlines we have been informed that Urantian humans usually have problems when they arrive on the Mansion worlds because of what is known in psychology as proactive inhibition or proactive interference. This simply means that what was previously learned subdues subsequent learning and it takes a lot of unlearning and time for Urantian humans to adjust to the new reality on these morontial realms. Some arrive with the idea of Heaven (Mansion Worlds) being a place where you just float on clouds playing the harp and eating bang bangs with Jesus. In short a place to laze about and have a good time for eternity. Well, this is not the case as we have been fortunate enough to know it and they are usually taken aback.

My thinking is that since the soul has been previously trained on the Mansion Worlds then this should not be the case.

My first question then is; is it all souls from Urantia that go to the Mansion Worlds for training or is it just a select few?

In a previous Lightline Ron’s soul was called Francis and it was revealed that our souls have names. On the Wednesday LL mentioned above, Ron’s soul while speaking from the Mansion Worlds said that the souls have their own minds.

For those who choose not to continue their ascension careers, what happens to their soul? Is it depersonalized as well? If so then this would seem very unfair since the soul was not given the opportunity to make that choice for itself.

Looking forward to the answers. Thank you.

Love and Blessings,
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