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« on: November 18, 2020, 07:46:53 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 18th Nov 2020  09:15 Local 08:15 Z

                                  Some of you may not be aware that since the announcement
of the New Universal Age (NUA) in your month of August, this year, so many
changes are having to be put into place and plans put into action, across the whole
Central Universe, including contingency plans for the adjustment of the new to be,
Master Universe.

You should all have understood that during the age of Supremacy, the responsibility
of supplying experience to Existential Deity fell, to the now non-existent, supreme
being. You should aslo remember that the supreme was deity in the making.
I let it be known to Lemuel that using capital letters, for what was, is no longer
appropriate. The supreme would have attained full deity status on the completion
of the age of supremacy. However, as you all know, the events of last year has
brought to an abrupt, what was the age of supremacy.

During the past few years, Ron Besser, has brought into being, a method of
teaching others how to transmit. This has resulted in the ability of several
of you members to do this. More recently, he has developed the idea of using
Lighline, to become a beacon of light to all those who still remain in darkness.
What began as a modern attempt for a new teaching mission, has become,
with the establishing of Lightline, not only a beacon of light, but the only source
of the Voice of God on Urantia.

We now have the situation whereby, revelation and all or any news of importance,
can be received and transmitted, in real time, for the education and edification 
of those who are interested and have the ability to connect with one of the

Many more Lightlines are needed, of course, but this will come in time.
For now, all we have is what there is and I am here to tell all of you, especially
the Hosts of Lightline, that what you have taken upon yourselves to do, is of
such importance, you can have no real idea, at the moment.

Bear in mind, you are our troops on the ground, and yes, we are at war, make no
mistake about it. The remnants of what was and the unspeakable damage caused,
will take a long time for any kind of normality, to return.

With the dawning of the NUA, comes the dawning of a new day, full of new
opportunities, new ideas, new and greater responsibilities, for those who dare
to take them on. And You, yesYou, are those who have dared to step out,
with such courage and faith, to bring to DEITY what we cannot do to bring
to ourslves. You now have Thought Adjusters who will steer you through
your Ascension Carreers in much less time than it took under supremacy.
That which FATHER has given you, will not and cannot, be taken from you,
your free will.

WE, THE TRINITY, EXISTENTIAL DEITY, now have an increased interest
in the progress of you humans, who have become such a rare species, that WE
are considering changing your status.

My final words, through this one today, is to tell you how much you are loved
and appreciated and I leave you all in MY peace. 

Good day!

Lemuel:  I started to receive this early this morning but after a while it didn´t
feel right so I left it and continued later.
I was thinking about the DEITY ABSOLUTE and wondered if HE would
say something about the new situation.


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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2020, 08:56:34 am »
Lemuel, the post is very well and brilliantly stated as to the present situation man and God must collectively deal with as the new reality.  There is no original supreme; only though who wish to pretend he still exists through destructive policies on all of us today.  That is war.  As you correctly state with the Deity Absolute.  I am glad to see a re-statement as a reminder to all of us that what we deal with in our lives, and in our future lives, is not as sure as it once was before the implosion of the concept of supreme Deity occurred.

Further stated:  I feel the Deity Absolute was super kind to stop and help us smell  the rose of change so well and I pray we do not lose His voice, but if we do, remember there is the existential Father indwelling us as a Thought Adjuster, and it is to the  Thought Adjuster wish to turn to now as a subject on a thread that has the word "existential." in its title.

In contemplating these sprites of pure energy, be aware that the entire matter of supremacy was once their haven to deal with too.   But with the end of the original supremacy there is an end to the idea of a "supreme acting Adjuster."   For that reason, Adjusters--  yours and mine-- are now scrambling to catch up with how they move you and I into the higher spheres without causing mischief to the higher plans of the existential Deities themselves.   For that reason some Adjusters, as mine is doing today, have allowed some of us to glimpse the future better than was once allowed to humans to do so before.

For that reason, my Adjuster, and some of your Adjusters, have taken on the idea that nothing matters more than being able to transmit.   Yes:   T   R   A   N   S   M   I   T

I sincerely doubt those who care less even notice the word unless I make a cartoon out of it as I did above.  Yet , the world is full of adamant human beings praying and practically standing on their heads to be closer to God, and without one scintilla of a way to know how to achieve that to their satisfaction.   it is not just transmitting that would help them tremendously, but also to recognize the concept of the Thought Adjuster being present inside them too that would change their attitude about feels God is so remote to them for so long.

In my days of infancy I tore the place apart looking for t hat existential retreat and to at least find some mode where I had some idea of my status in a huge empty space I had to work in, and found it first in the SETH books and then immediately thereafter, the finding of the URANTIA Book.  Some of you have followed my course the same, but to those who never do follow that course, recognize that the Thought Adjuster, in such individuals, is truly at sea too and has no remote means to speak unless spoken to directly through prayer.

For that reason, many human has little insight into his destiny or his release from the flesh as anything but a trial and a nuisance.  I still do but I have unusual parameters on me most of you do not have.  However, let us say this:

My Thought Adjusters is part of the pattern of existential Deity propulsion into the wider universe placements of learning and becoming, and yet today as I sit here I feel totally at sea over the immediacy of any direct input as to how to meet the demands placed on me, or for that matter upon any of you, to figure out how we proceed into a new universe age (NUA) without having some concept of what it is to feed the basic instincts of each human, including myself, into the comfort of the surety of survival and longer term extension of life and planning.

For that reason, when someone like Lemuel broaches the subject through the Deity Absolute of existential Deity and the loss of the supreme, I am moved to comment broadly that it has relevance even now to each of you and your feelings of remoteness.  I see it hear already.  This list is dead.  Yet we perpetuate it through a few of us, and frankly I am troubled by many of you being unable to cope with your own problems of understanding what the consequences are of what has happened to you by  those things so remote you care not to notice.

That is a care you  will be forced to see to eventually even in the flesh.  My Adjuster constantly reminds me to keep myself together well enough to keep my eyes open and to stay the course regardless of my day to day ups and downs, and then crashing on top of it for reasons I have no real concern over except it is a crash.  You have it too, but what was once a viable discussion forum is now slipping into the oblivion of mutes and dolts who share nothing but their sometimes vivid presentation of concern over not much but to be out of here as some of you have now decided to do.

Unfortunately, the cuts your nose off to spite your face as my mother used to tell me when I had a temper tantrum over things I was supposed to do and saw no point to them.  In any case the real reason we have Thought Adjusters is to remind each of us that nothing gets done unelss you make the effort, and  those of you who do survive after the flesh, failing to participate with the immense offer of help and ability to move well, you will remand yourself to a dark mansion world where you have to battle the fleas of disrepair and honest loss of face to your expectations of glory.  That is the cost you place on yourself when you get heartless and lazy about efforts you are required to make concerning the worm you must perform while still in the flesh on Urantia.

Existential Deity cares very little about material humans, but they do make available the sub-absolute means to be taught and to be informed fully.  Failing that trial for yourself to make such an effort, then many of you will sit it out and leave when your time is here, but leave for mansion worlds now prepared for the indolent and who made no real effort to learn at the feet of God the Father as an Adjuster that shepherds you through  to the last moment one breathes on Urantia.

Thank you Lemuel for a great post, and for reminding us  that the supreme supported this kind of loss of interest in many of you to bring yourself into knowledge and participation.   But no more can you do that and get a pass.   However, let me and you look at the r bight side of all of this and prepare for the moment of transition on this planet of a Magisterial Mission and the eventual return of Jesus to a sphere so distraught right now it hardly knows the joy of the Christmas season to come.   Thank you all.

Ron Besser with the Deity Absolute making sure I made His points to you too. 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2020, 09:41:12 am »
This is another quote from a Jakob Lorber book where Jesus speaks through him thus, " What I did only recently in the temple at Jerusalem to the money-changers and pigeon-sellers. I shall do on a large scale all over the earth and destroy all the selling and money-changing stalls through the enemy whom I shall send to the earth from vast expanses of the air like a flash of lightning and with a great thunderous noise. Truly, against that one all the armies of the earth will fight in vain. However, the great, invincible enemy will not harm My few friends but will spare them for a new planetary nursery which will produce new and better people."   

Online Lemuel

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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2020, 10:48:59 am »
Wenebojo, thank you so much for this, very encouraging quote of Lorber.
I read his books way back in the early ´70s, before finding A Course In Miracles
and before The Urantia Book.
I remember being very impressed by his works and the life of the man himself.
What an inspiration!


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« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2020, 10:12:19 am »
Good morning Ron,

I had a question since a few days ago on Existential Deity, but this morning I decide to post it on the Forum.

The question is:

It is difficult for human beings to understand Existential Deity with no beginning, they always Existed.

When we, human beings become Finaliters, achieved perfection and embraced by the Father, will we be 

able to understand that concept: Existential Deity with no beginning?

Your response will be appreciated.


Online Ron Besser

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« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2020, 10:55:45 am »
Existential Deity is always "there."  That means it cannot be concluded that the root existence of such Deity is eternal or existential in the sense of Infinity to we sub-absolute beings.  We do not have language available for the existential cause to be always there regardless of what reality level you partake in or where you are so-called "born." 

Look at yourself Robert.  For your kids you are always there.   That has no limit while you live.  Existential Deity never stops living for one moment of any presence it maintains.  It is presence Robert which determines the idea of eternity when presence is never interrupted.  Existential Deity is self designed never to be gone.  Is this eternity?  Not necessarily.  Well then what pray tell might eternity be?

Existential Deity is eternal, but it has more than one attribute of being present all the time.  Certainly the human in time sees always present as eternal, but one not be present to be eternal.  Sorry to say that sounds like a contradiction but it is not.  I can be eternal as a Finaliter, but you Robert cannot find me although I exist eternally present somewhere.  Existential Deity is more than eternal then because you can alwasy contact them in place of them being eternal  too.

What that extra ability  to be always present for contact with anybody is called is what they call Homeresque.   Homer was a Greek playwright living ten centuries before the birth of Christ, and he believed that the gods were always present ready to cause input into the drama situations he created on stage.  Finally in one of his plays  there suddenly appears a flying chariot which d rops down out of the sky and whisks heroes in trouble away and out of trouble.   

There is a psychological term for this act or device still called by its Latin handle.    We refer to it as the deus ex machina device.  Existential Deity is the only creative object in the universe which can override destiny plots by being about full knowledge of any situation on earth and sending help down to take one out of  trouble.  Homer used the idea as a chariot, but we use the idea of a miracle to do t he same thing.

Existential Deity lives outside of the universe it created Robert.  It works inside of it like Father does, but it is remotely executing saving miracle devices to its creation all the time,  Man sees it as sudden arrival of the cavalry to take him out of danger, but God the Father sees it as a minor plot device to save the trial of premature death, a too-soon ending for a character he wants on st age awhile longer.  For that reason the idea of existential means  EXIS (word prefix meaning "out the side of")  TENTIAL (a suffix that indicates that which comes before-itself-is-outside-of-normal-reality.)

The chariot sent to man in trouble is what a Finaliter learns to be one with him.  Do not forget Robert we become fused with the maker of miracles.  How does that affect how we view existential Deity  then?  I suggest, because I do not really know, that we are at ease with the source of the work of no beginnings because as a Finaliter, we now exist as always present too.  Get it?  Once a Finaliter you always were and are.  Where is your beginning?  Only in pre-fusion, as a pre-Finaliter status entity as you are now Robert.

Now Robert I am fused.  But I am not embraced by the Adjuster to partake of his nature; I must continue to partake of the flesh and blood entity that has a beginning.  When I am fused in the presence of Paradise,  remember that:  in the presence of Paradise--  I am now enveloped inside the body dramaticus of the existential Deity Father as we call it Him. We become like Him in mini form as to his many attributes he cannot share with us in pre-Finaliter status.

Fusing with our Adjusters and meeting the existential Deities in person on Paradise in the Deity Adventure, That changes our universe view because we now understand the nature of your own origin (Father inside Him)  fused with a part of Him as His  Adjuster.  The Urantia Book will never explain this to beginners, but you are advanced enough now to partake of the idea that fusion is more than an act. it is also to refold our entity selves in a different spirit pattern and as such, that new pattern of being partaking of the existential nature still attached to the limited capacity of an non-infinite mind. 

If we could ever exchange our super-finite Finaliter minds for an Absolute mind, we could become very close to the Father in attributes.  But we still now can understand we were always present as an entity just like Father is and will be as we are fused with his essence.  That is,  All except his infinite mind.  And that is not something I will understand until we have a Melchizedek teacher here to tell us how mind changes every thing once it is hooked up to a spirit entity we become.  It is a part of the never ending curve we enter and never leave to never stop learning and living anew. 


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2020, 06:26:47 pm »
Your recent fusion was your third or fourth, wasn't it? Do I remember that at least one was undone? How does that work? Do you remember the history of them all?
Nothing is lost to the heart of God,
nothing is lost for ever;
God's heart is love,
and that love will remain,
holding the world forever. (lyrics by Colin Gibson, Words © 1996 Hope Publishing Company)

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« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2020, 08:02:18 pm »
Hello Roger, you ask an interesting question, and the answer is mostly yes, but no in certain areas.

I was fused on December 25th 2010.  That was as I sat at Christmas diner at my brother's house a few minutes past 1PM that day.  I got sleepy and frankly the noise of people talking around me irritated me.  I just wanted peace and quiet.  But, Roger, at the time I did not know it was fusion, but that is typically happens as evidence of fusion in the flesh in those days.

Subsequent to the 2010 event, I had follow up completions that did not really affect me strongly, but always did my frontal lobes hurt me with a pretty good headache or burning-itching sensation, and always such fusions never augmented my abilities at all.  That is very hard for a Urantia Book reader to understand, but then the Urantia Book looks at fusion as the totality of removing the human body too, and they never did that to me obviously.  So there were these completion fusions off and on, including a partial fusion with the Eternal Son and God the Supreme in 2018. 

The 2018 fusion with the supreme was departmental.  That means the supreme had thirteen different parts of its mind that a Finaliter had fused with all.  I fused with just two of those mind departments and thought myself quite well done, and again  the only perk it gave me was that  Icould now talk with the supreme any old time and get sense out of it. 

That is, encompassing the fusion with Adjuster and the supreme and partially the Eternal Son, and partially with the Crea tor Son and some with the Creative Spirit, on and off again because I could not syncronize with the  Creative Spirit ever well at all.  All this added up to a condition allowing me wide access to universe communications, but it was detrimental to my physical apparatus due to the fact no one bothered to adjust my core human frequency my internal organs operate on. 

Finally with real trouble brewing in 2019, my Thought Adjuster requested of the Father un fuse me as He considered it detrimental for the moment and I was better off normalizing.  However the supreme seized mind circuits and they followed them down to the computer I was sitting at and nearly burned my nervous system out  several times and my friend, then Midwayer Bzhutu, came to the rescue and chased them off.  I remained unfused until the mid 2019 rebellion took place and disasters of its own showered down on Urantia and  the humans on it.

It was not until mid October, 2020, I got word that my severe headaches for days and being unable to walk at all, that these were symptoms of renewed indwelling of my mind, not only with the Adjuster, but with the supreme and with the Creative Spirit was renewed.  I seriously objected to the indwelling of the supreme and Creative Spirit simply because we were incompatible .  Now I am informed that my fusion is replete with the Father only and as the Thought Adjuster only.  I am much more comfortable than I have been for some time because of  that.  And that brings us up to date except to say this:

Adjuster fusion on Urantia is quaint to most people who would like to be fused on Urantia while in the flesh.  But that fusion holds no value to you at the time because the Adjuster does not provide any other change to our mentalities than the fact of fusion.   Of course, it is immensely important to your use on Urantia for divine missions and for the following ascension career, as it allows the student to by pass a lot of the mansion world experiences as having already been done on Urantia.  For inst ance because of my fusions by Adjuster while in the flesh, I am now of mansion world status five, and only two more to go to be become a first stage spirit.   That helps me tremendously but it does not show any changes while here in the flesh I can benefit from on Urantia.

Finally, I am harassed this evening as I write this by Father entities who come in and cannot make themselves known to me because I have no capacity to know them and they disrupt my typing by forcing spaces into the inside of words li ke  thi s   and it is horrible to be forced to type like that.  So I yell at them to stop it but they have no sense of language spoken and do it as just observing and affecting my nervous system in this strange way.  That is the negative side to fusing on Urantia at the moment.  But if you are ready to fuse, do it.  It is worth the exacerbation anyhow if you can stand it here.

That is that so to speak and I hope this answers your question.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am sure you Roger are fairly close to fusion yourself but you rarely think about it so the Adjuster you maintain is not especially interested either.  BUT:  if you fuse on Urantia now, there are severe repercussions no longer in the Creative Spirit as it once was and that is whay Ron is out of synchrony with the Creative Spirit now.  She loathes being outside of him but inside of him she chokes his breath off and that is extremely harmful to Ron as he complains all the time about it.  For that reason Thought Adjuster fusion is curtailed briefly on Urantia for now, as there is nothing spirit can do about asynchronous conditions prevailing.  That injunction will end in about six weeks when we have a new Creative Spirit that can work with Ron, thank goodness.  He is ready for peace but cannot achieve it with  the present situation that he is fused as far as he can be fused wit hout disappearing in chariots of fire.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "Fusion status on Urantia is so rare that Ron and two others of you are national monuments on Urantia for achieving that status without brokering a spirit deal to see the Creator Son immediately as it used to be done.  Now we must wait for dissolution of the flesh to do that and Ron himself will have to make amends to all of you when he leaves, as he must do it surreptitiously for reasons of State as well.   That is because Ron was fused with two departments of the supreme mind and the supreme never forgives giving anything away without retribution now, and even Finaliters have to defend themselves against the truancy of a supreme gone mad.

"For this reason, we dare not force fusion status on Urantia anymore than necessary and Ron is not happy  with that but stays quiet about it for good now.  The supreme is sequestered in a separate place outside of Havona now, but breaks lose now and then and creates havoc in the lives of people like Ron who detests the entire matter to even be near him.  He is able to detect it them at once.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania