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Speaker: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Adjusters are Synchronising, New Michael Circuitry Now Installed. 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/12/2020 4.30pm (AEDT)

Did someone turn the taps on? The vibration in my mind has turned up, I even got an intense prolonged ringing in my ears to the extent I paused to allow it take its place as it was so powerful. Today I feel as though someone has flicked the switch. All that was, has been removed, and I am getting voices back. 

The Adjuster is now talking I think. I let this one speak as it is trying to tell me something so it's a good thing to let it flow as it goes. So here it goes:

“Adjusters are synchronizing with others to allow for a unity of minds to flow. You are synchronising with others who are close to your mind type. That is because there is going to be a real live Mission in place soon and these minds will be in tune with the Magisterial Sons who will announce their presence on the planet. 

“You are already getting messages from Monjoronson, which is signalling to you that something is afoot.These changes you have experienced through the years as well as now has prepared you in ways you did not envision. This is because there have been so many untold stories that did not get to see the light of day and are kept from you all mainly because there is still a lot of wood that needs chipping. That wood is still in the works and it behooves you to remain alert to what is occurring in your ability to sense these incoming frequencies in your mind. I, as your Adjuster, along with my companion Adjusters are at work to tie the knot so-to-speak in getting as many of you in a circle to be ready for some ameliorative work. That is a term you are not familiar with as it is to do with a far greater aspect of your abilities when you work as a team in the coming missionary work. There is much coming and there is much we do to bring your mind up to speed with the incoming circuitry now being placed by Michael of Nebadon. This is also being beefed up by Majeston who enables a pure working frequency to be channelled in and through the Michael circuitry. That is to keep it pure and in form with the Michael energy fields as he is to allow for the Return of Jesus shortly. 

“This in turn enables as many of you to synchronise with what is being placed in you and to be able to receive these messages as it now stands with you. You are somewhat befuddled by the rudeness of these incoming vibrations and that is because Majeston has opened the valve so-to-speak to enable a back channel in and through the pure energy of the Paradise Trinity to work closely with the Father/Son Adjusters. So that can assist those of you who are attuned with their Adjuster. So in this case you will sense a different tone and energy levels as this goes on forward. You will not find it difficult to hear me as I speak it here with you in a rather multilevel overlap in your mind circuits. Father wishes to bring it clear and simple to you folks so you hear well and know with such discernment what to be careful of. You are highly sought after in regards to your abilities to sniff out the rebels that lurk in among you and know a cat from a rat and a possum for that matter! So there are those lingering nuisances still pervading time and space and we intend to get this cleared before the Magisterial Sons have to put their feet on the ground. We do not mess with the kinds of rebels that like to wreak havoc among you. No more of that! 

“I now turn your attention to something more important for you to be aware of. That is, that Michael has a few words to say here before I tell you what that is. Michael wishes to speak.

Go ahead Father Michael...

“Thank you Sue, it is great to see you are catching on like kindle to the fire and you caught on well and good. I am speaking here mainly because I note you are sensing something afoot with your Adjuster and that is because I have turned up the dial on Majeston to get the humans on the planet ready to receive incoming calls. Ron and others are not to be the only spokesman but many more of you can take up the baton in a relay, as it goes, to receive our messages to help you, to warn you and to inform you of anything that is vital for you to be informed of in the coming earth changes that is soon to take place. Not only will you have divine missions in place which already they are, you will also have planetary emergencies occurring in various places where human life is at stake as well as the livelihood of certain governments that may not even exist due to loss of land and life. 

“I do not wish to alarm any of you, but there are some things that need to be told in order to prepare you. Know that is coming and that I work closely with the Adjusters who are synchronising in a manner that enables cooperation of their wards. This too will have a manifold function. You struggle with that term as there is way more than the term “manifold function”, let us then say it is a multitasking effort on your part as much as it ours due to the severity of the changes coming upon your world. It is going to be rough for a while longer until things settle in a pattern we can be happy with along with all the humans that will eventually be reasonable with us among them. I now hand this back over with your Adjuster as he wishes to speak now and he sure speaks my mind too.

Sue’s TA speaks now: “Thank you Michael of Nebadon for this added bit of tidbit you grant us the wherewithal to bring our wards in a more reasonable manner to work alongside each other. It is difficult to explain in human terms how this works but it is something to talk about in some future time in a language you may be able to grasp in the conceptual manner that it portrays. No doubt you will align well, not only with me, but with other TAs and their wards in relation to the mind types and family types that are compatible with the way these energies intertwined in and through the planetary supreme who works in tune with the Paradise Trinity. This is a top down approach. Yes you got that right. I said “top down approach” because it is direct from the Paradise Trinity as it combines those energies we work with as well. It is to bring as many of you on this side of the force for good and to allow the great awakening to occur in many of you. Many of you will get a tap on the shoulder to listen up. It is I, your Father that speaks and gets your attention in your mind’s ear. When you get that tap or that influx of vibrational energy, you will know it is me right there with you to get you up and going again in the work of transmitting and what not. Yes, there is more to just transmitting! It is also a great thing to just allow yourself to attune with me in your relaxed state of mind and hear me out and let those things I say make an impression upon you. It will help you to adjust and follow the prompts that come in the circuitry of your mind. So it goes for most of you who are inclined and sensitive to the spiritual input on the planet. 

I work closely with you, matter of fact I am you! I am also Michael of Nebadon as we are fused with in the Creative Son of Paradise. So as you can see there is this synchronicity at work in the way the Paradise Trinity is endowing through all the Adjusters. Divinington is a very busy place right now as we have been sent the order to align with our Adjusters and to allow for the Majeston frequency with the Michael circuitry to be imbued with the Paradise Trinity in order to group for the purposes of the New Universe Age, now being installed for good habitation and growth. I speak here on this level as it makes sense to you, although this is a very primitive way to tell it as there is so much more to the conceptual framework of the NUA. That being said, we are on your level for now in order to get you on the track with us and moving forward like you would see all the carriages hooked up behind the engine to roll well on the train tracks Michael of Nebadon has now got organised and in place in the Federation of Nebadon. This would allow for all time creatures to follow the engine and keep on track in a steady progress. I allow that type of simplicity for you to relate to as that is how it can be perceived at this time. 

“Further into this is the fact you notice all these changes, negativities along with positivities are all playing a role in vector angles that have certain future roles with the Deity Absolute. This all ties in together in relation to the idea of a circle pattern. You already are familiar with the Circle of Infinity and that is to circumvent the whole process of time with infinity….”

Wait Sir, this is where it gets far-fetched, can you please show how this is relative for us to hear it now?

“Yes dear one, I merely jumped ahead a bit and I apologize for leaping too far ahead for you as this takes time to grasp in its pure form. Let it be for now as that is a lesson for another time and place when you are ready. For now it holds true for you to get a glimpse of something that is in the works and is gaining traction even in your life adventures. I hold it dear to you to know a little now to see a wise unfolding is now taking place. “

Thank you Father, is there anything else you would like to add?

“Yes one more thing that I can say now that is not too hard for you to take and it is this.
Take the time to allow me to speak and write/type on the go when I do this with you as there is always a thing that I would drop in the middle of it that will astound you along the way. That is because there are ways to reach you and bring a little gem in the middle for your mind to work with and be growing in your spiritual muscles to see it more and more as it is given you. I leave it there for now, be assured more is coming in this way of the new circuitry that your Michael Son of Nebadon has installed ready for such inspiring work. G’day and my blessings be with you.” End.

Thank you Father, so much is coming I am sure, as it is even now. It seems unstoppable. Amen.

6.53pm I am still getting a dialogue regarding the conversation above. I am impressed with the thought of input surges as they occur. I queried as to why at times they seem to be short bursts of energies with these dialogues and then it drops for some reason and I am left to drift.

Pre’Mtor speaks here:

“That is due, in course, to the havoc being played by the rebels when they interfere with the circuitry on the planet. They are wishing there is no transmission coming forth as to preventing anything reaching you no matter how you are dealing with these entities. They are duly removed and the circuitry Michael places is now installed on the planet and is going to do a whole lot of good with us the Adjusters with our wards. Majeston is now taking center stage in this to allow these frequencies run its course as the Paradise Trinity demands it. It is the Paradise Trinity that wishes that these communications get going with the mortals of time as it will help many to know what is going on.” 

Okay. So we will not get a drop out like it used to be Pre’Mtor, is that so?

“Correct. You will now get these bursts growing stronger as it lends a hand with the work of God among you. Our work as Adjusters are now being transformed in the way we handle these energies now being placed through the Michael circuitry. Michael of Nebadon is the main channeller of all traffic to the planet and that is for good reason so he knows what is to be allowed and what is to be avoided. So much information can be relayed but it must be in agreement with the Salvington establishment and with Michael.” 

Pre’Mtor, can you explain to me what we are to expect soon since we are getting different reports as to the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Mission and how Jesus is to return?

“This is not an easy subject as complex as things have gotten lately. Let it be said for now that things will settle on Uversa as the plans Michael and the Magisterial Sons have to use for Urantia at this critical time that you are all experiencing on the planet. The pandemic is awful to say the least and that has to be dealt with by the governments of every nation to roll out those workable vaccines in order to ameliorate the problems this virus keeps persisting and mutating. The High Sons are cautious and they do take a cautious approach when these problems are occurring on the planet along with the many times the rebels keep interfering with the work of communication and with the way how the Adjusters work in their wards. 

“It is with many problems, there are many steps to consider and how this affects most of the inhabitants on the planet. The Sons are also mindful of how powerful their presence will be among you and how very much they are to go about these Missions in a careful and considered way. Much will be lost through the danger of earth’s attacks but it is being watched and managed carefully by the Power Directors who do report consistently to the Ancients of Days as to how it is to affect time creatures when such changes do erupt. It also enables forward planning to be taken into proper perspective in the overall arch of mission objectives.  

“With that being said, you can expect some earth changes, some loss of life, some loss of huge swathes of land and much will change as a result. You can expect the High Sons will emerge at some point to assist the troubled governments to deal with these shifts in their environments. It poses a lot of challenges and much more necessity for humans to cooperate on all levels of society. It is with these parameters that the earth may find a way in settling herself and how the inhabitants will learn to respect the natural course of natural events and go about in a more nomadic way of life rather than in concrete jungles.  So it is with all these sorts of challenges that you and even the High Sons will find it quite a lot to deal with in time. Time has its purpose so as to enable your growth in the way of being creatures that learn to survive and hear the inner spirit within. It is with this that the High Sons are unified in their approach to encourage such healthy life and growth among the humans of the earth. Urantia will become a great beacon of light, one that you will be proud of and be greatly pleased that it is with all things great and small, you have learnt much and experienced much in the way of the universe that is now being opened to you. You can expect me to be a persistent bee in your ear, dear ones, as I insist on being here and call you home. That is a wonderful thing is it not?”

Well, that is a wonderful persistent bee indeed! Now that I know I feel like the kid in the ET movie with the little ET entity that points his finger upward to “h-o-m-e”. Nice one Father! It is great to know the sensitivity the High Sons have towards our planet and our troubles going forward, it is good to know they take everything into careful consideration with such patience. I pray we may all do the same when faced with all that is coming Father.

“Yes, indeed it is good to keep with your prayers and I am listening. It is with little steps you take with me that makes for bigger steps as you learn to use your muscles and grow in tune with the great Spirit that is abiding in you. Do I make these surges more sensible to you?”

Yes indeed, it makes more sense to see there is a bigger picture you have for us Father and that you encourage us to abide with you in taking these little steps each day and then we will eventually make bigger steps as we grow more confident in our ability to maintain our faith and trust with you. Thank you Father, I appreciate the additional dialogue as it soon became an afterthought with the matter of these short bursts of energy surges we encounter from time to time. 

“Take each step with me and do not think for a moment I am not there. Keep that in mind and you will go a long way.” 

Alright Father, that is so true and gratefully accepted. I think that is all for now and I tune out until there is another insight that seems to crop up. Is that you or is that my mind able to see things in different ways?

“It is both, you and I, intertwined in the passage of thought and mind. You are well to think and to let it simmer so you can fathom some aspects of those thoughts. Good day and good night. “

Thank you Father so much, good night too! Amen.