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« on: April 10, 2021, 10:56:40 pm »

By the Universal Father.
April 9 2021, Phoenix AZ.

"I am the Universal Father initiating a transmission on the fly with my son the scribe who is requesting updates of the current circumstances on Urantia (Earth), it is not saying much, but we are preparing for the opening of new circumstances that will give light and  step into the presence of Jesus of Nazareth, even though the majority of human beings on your planet Earth distrust and do not expect that an event of this nature is taking place in the womb behind the veil. However, as we have mentioned in other transmissions,  That is already gestated and given birth with some inconsistencies, because those who had been given the opportunity to make their experience known, believed that they were looking at ghosts, to which they do not give credit, but it is necessary that all those who read and  who hope for a better future and also the presence of their Creator Son once again dressed as Jesus of Nazareth will be a highly difficult undertaking due to the unstable conditions on the  Urantian ground. 

"Peace will be a primordial element that will be difficult to achieve, given the current circumstances of the governments of the first world that are armed and supplied with weapons of mass destruction that they assess and protect for their own protection from other hostile governments.  The approach will be directly towards the heads of state who have the leadership of their armies in their hands.

"We will not take for granted any agreement until we are certain that the standards have changed and that they can give way to other protocols.

"We are taking safe steps in constant search of the necessary conditions to achieve that first gigantic step, which confers stability to an entire planet that is torn between life and death, counting on the uncontrolled proliferation of weapons, this has connotations  very serious for the people of the United States, which at this time is expected to be brewing a rebellion among the cells that are faithful to other principles of insubordination that we can glimpse on January 6, 2021.

"It is well known these events that overshadowed the brilliance of the US government when the infamy of the previous government was shaken, it is in these stages that the sovereignty of such an advanced country in every way sees its security in danger.

"We in the Superior Worlds of the Infinite Spirit are constantly monitoring any sign, any flag that is raised, to take the necessary precautions, taking into account that the United States is the country where the second coming of Jesus is taking effect and that it will be the  lighthouse that will guide the rest of the world to change its strategies, its way of life, its evolution for the peaceful progress and the well-being of its populations.

"I am your Universal Father delivering an analysis to the minute of the events that are observed, all this at the request of my Son The Scribe who requests an update of what is seen, which is gestated in a people so dejected by wars, by  the destruction of its natural resources, due to the lack of food for its poorest peoples.

"That is why a change in the consciousness of the beings who inhabit this stormy moment on Urantia is imperative.

"I am your Universal Father leaving this broadcast on standby to add more comments in the future.

"Have a good night".

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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2021, 05:09:47 pm »
Thank You,Universal Father for your words.
Thank you for inquiring from Father and posting this transmission.Be blessed.

Love and Blessings,