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A small explanation for you over these Lightline changes I especially am experiencing now.  I dislike cancelling any of them, but we must be reminded of something I suppose most of you are not aware of that affects the Lightlines at time.  For one thing, are you aware that Michael has been on Urantia for the past six (6) days?
He just left this morning, and took with him his Staff of about 1 million beings.  He was prepared to start a mini-Mission, but failed to synchronize with the polarity of the planet.
I do not know much about that, but I do know the Urantia Book speaks of the Urantia pole synchrony required of anyone who attends to the planet for beneficial reasons.  I am also aware that our planet has been cast out of several communal service organizations AGAIN over our incessant war happenings every few years.  It also appears that the United States may be drawn into a war in the indo-Pacific region is China does not stop fooling around with the smaller and independent countries of Indo-China (i.e. Southeast Asia), and for that reason hear this:
The indo-China region of Urantia is infested with so many subliminal interior land cracks, the shores of the South China Sea and other regions around Japan and Korea, could seriously decay if explosives, perhaps of a magnitude of atomic explosions, could rupture the sea bed in the South China Sea near Tokyo, Japan.  The would increase inland pressure on Tokyo and perhaps collapse the southern end of Japan and South Korea.  For reasons of secrecy, the indo-China region has not been discussed at all, but the recent sticking of the Urantia core has the Power Directors seriously troubled over what to do about the Urantia core.
All of this seems to come up and accrue over problems with the spiritual aspects of our planet, and I am seriously concerned we could have a major collision with fate and ceremony if this core problem is not corrected soon.

About 3 weeks ago I had a promisory note delivered to me which explained that the core of Urantia was unstuck for a change and was floating around in its normal sequence in its central vault about 3,250 miles toward the center of our planet. 
That is seriously taking the toll on MICHAEL OF NEBADON, for he is on the plant with us from May 17 through May 19 this morning.  He left about six hours ago now, and left me with this announcement:
The last five years of the Urantia fault lines beneath of the South China sea have been exacerbated by the North Korean testing of atomic weapons.
For that reason, there is an alert issued by the Power Directors, to clear the ancient sea bed around Formosa and Taiwan.  These degrees of insurrection physical power are forcing the entire central region of Urantia celestial Directors to consider an evacuation of the best and brightest people on Urantia.

"Their is scant evidence right now to be alarmed.
"However, this could change dramatically in the next 24 or less hours due to the fact that a subterranean fault line is present collapsing, not under China, but under Taiwan.  This was caused by an alarming fault collapse this morning just as the Creator Son was leaving.  We ascribe this to the stong spiritual power of the Creator Son, and have no way of knowing precisely if there is also a repair.

"A similar cause like this was caused by the appearance of Caligastia over 250,000 years ago and that tectonic collapse still has not been remedied.  For our own good cause, we must stay away from this very recent change in the depths of Urantia, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, is attempting to remedy the tear in the deep underground of Urantia.

"Finally, the approaching death of Ron is coming along rapidly, and he cannot get sense from FATHER what to do with is properties that undo these forums you listen to.  We have no idea what is planned, and Ron is very tired today and just lets things sit while this problems communicates more than a seizure of land, but it also threatens the integrity of the whole planet too.  For instance, the rupture of these SE Asia tectonic plates could render a huge whole into the plant's side, and if that happens the planet would have to be evacuated.

"We have to leave this alone for now:

"We  are unaware of this development here on Paradise.  We are unaware of this at all.  But I see that the Creator Son is sincerely concerned.  Do we have a report?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Yes, and it is true and dangerous.  I will report this later today in a discussion with Ron, and his ability to hold Lightlines if he has to suddenly and we may call the Lightline at once if this gets any worse.  The tectonic plates under the South China Sea are not the real culprits, but the atomic testing by North Korea has seriously undermined the entire region.  More on this when I can report on this better.  K"
Ron - I will keep on this as I can.  For now I close.  Thank you.  K


Dear Folks,
I have received information from Michael of Nebadon, that the UNIVERSE prefers no LIGHTLINE for Sunday, May 19, 2024.

May 19th Lightline is then cancelled and it will be back next Sunday undoubtedly.

Secondly, Elise please hold your Lightline for Monday the 20th.
The Lightlines for the rest of the week are to go ahead too please.

Michael of Nebadon is on planet Urantia tomorrow (Sunday) and wishes no Lightlines for reasons of State on this Sunday, the19th of May.

Fully explained is that Urantia has quit the forums it necessarily belongs to because it is a Bestowal sphere, and for that reason we must wait for the Universal Father to decree any other activity on that day to use a special license of approval and that is not given right now.

And finally, I am a little too ill to do much planning for the coming week and seek to rest to resume the Lightline schedule the 26th of May and the 2nd of June 2024.  You are all expecting something and you are going to get it soon enough.  I have nothing more to say right now myself.  Thanks and good day.   NO LIGHTLINE THE 19TH OF MAY - remember that please.

Ron Besser

Thanks, Occerpa.
I do have something you may be interested in as a subject:

This is Michael of Nebadon, and I thank all who found the Ron transmission so interesting.  He is okay at the moment but he is failing his sobriety test and wants to know why he is being pushed so hard to respond to messages on these text posts now.  I hate to tell all of you, but the entire matter of commissions to ring the truth out of Me and the Services intended here, are about to totally fail unless there is much better interest in this discussion forum.   Ron and I and the rest of the celestial organization tire of being available and then nothing to report back to the spirit circuits for good.   Now this:

The subject discussed here is mostly what to do with the ability to hear more than you are granted just as a human being.
Ron very long ago decided it was completely insufficient to read the Urantia Book.  I found that to be true myself and we figured out a way to make it more enjoyable and to make it consumable as a written transmission for the Creator Son's office.

However, what has happened is t hat most of the early transmitters disappeared and the few that remain cannot remember what to do with all of their free will and have made this more of a baseless concern over the work to be done on Urantia.
For that reason, I have changed course, and want you all to know that I accept most of you, but the Urantia Foundation is finding us remorselessly unhappy over it, and now wonders why?  

The truth of the matter is that they are no so bad, but most of those who refuse the Urantia Foundation, are correct to understand there is a fundamental shift in priorities from knowing about God, to being God-like.  To be God-like is just about impossible for you on Urantia, but Ron hit on a compromise and presented it to all of you, and now all of you are bored with it except the Lightlines are as popular as they ever were, and Ron should be congratulated for bringing them back on as far back as 2010, and then made it a feature of the Discussion Forum.  Now that is being beaten up by many who come here as they do not understand how the mind can receive God the Father, and yet relieve it easily as a topographic tape and even they disappear after awhile, as Ron considers them old and dated topics to the rate of change occurring.

I lament he clears them so easily, but he has the point in his mind that old information is deathly to the changes that must take place and he leaves them alone for a few weeks only and then disposes of them.

For that reason then, I know whatever I produce is the latest version of what I want known.  In a sense I am glad that he has disposed of the past, but I am now asking him to preserve the tapes and RAZ has in the latest versions, but the earliest versions are gone forever and I lament their passing.  NOW:

What I want to say is truthfully difficult to understand:

You who listen to the tapes do not bother collecting them either, and as a result we have almost nothing left of the subjects covered.  At one time Phyllis collected the tapes but she is nearly gone and we lament that passage tremendously because she was one of the few who has the sense of continuity with what we do.

Therefore, learn this:

I want the tapes to be part of the new Library, Ron has proposed now for three years and he is fully capable of ordering what is to be in it, but he is taken with a fatal illness not, but no one knows how to cure leg-dilesions and that is spell correctly.  There is no doctor to help Ron and he will die of them shortly.  For that reason it becomes highly necessary to put some of these tapes back into circulation shortly.  They are excellent and Ron in particular seems to hit the birthday boy called Michael of Nebadon, especially well as he has a sense of humor next to mine of all things.  But for good reason, he sees to the distressing idea of not keeping them because they refer to material that is now old and he does not want to contaminate new revelation.  I admire him tremendously, but he has lost at least 325 tapes in his career and we want then all back again.  Sorry, that is not possible even with out help, either, and we lament that the ears of Ron Besser is going to close shortly as his death is preeminent and ready to take place on the first say so of our FATHER on Heaven.  

Now this to Ron:  You are taking nothing with you including most of your work here.  That is the sad case but you will remember all of it and that is unusual because the entire working worlds of the Mansion Worlds carry huge losses of memory to keep intact those things we want remembered period.  For that reason all of Ron's later spiritual life will be entertained in his memory up here just as Jack and Gert and the rest remember Ron well, he will remember them well, and that will bring a liaison contact to the Mansion Worlds we have never had before.

Further, let it be known that I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, will see to Ron's education entirely, and I have ordered that his transfer to the mansion worlds will begin shortly as he is consider pain from the LEG DI-LESIONS.   I am asking Dr. Mendoza to quarantine the paltry leg problems others have and to report to the universe how Ron got hit with them and then to outlaw it forever.  For reasons of State I now turn to the idea of Dominick and the running of the Magisterial Foundation at York.

"I want it to be known that the Magisterial Foundation, is the first human institution I care about on Urantia, since the use of the Urantia Foundation was conceived in 1937, when I named it for the legal use of the name it has today.  For reasons of State, the Urantia Foundation turned its back on the complimentary use of these conversions to spirit for mankind before Ron even had a chance to embellish  the idea in the late 2010"s.  That has upset the Urantia Foundation, no end until they discovered he has completed the Magisterial Foundation with a multi-million-dollar trade called an electric plant that actually uses Ultimatons to embellish the work of power to Urantia.  MISTAKE it not.  That plant will be built in the coming years, and the Magisterial Foundation will own it with the work of the MAGISTERIAL SONS, and make no mistake about it, Ron has seen to its presentation to the right people, but they could care less right now as they think Laser work is more important and the revolts Ron, because he does know better.

"Consequently, I have made it known that Patent #11601013 is not to be touched for a year yet, but in 2025, it will become the law of electrical use in the Untied States, and then the United Kingdom first in Europe.  The Netherlands narrowly escaped getting if first.  Now this to all of you:

"The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION slightly aside, I place this on you too:

"I am caring that Ron is remember for his tremendous work to fully organize a mission outside the Urantia Foundation, and for that reason I am making the Magisterial Foundation, also prominent on Urantia, for it has done what should have been done fifteen (15) years ago already.  When I produced the TEACHING MISSION, I expected the Urantia Foundation to go along with it.  Instead it bulked and today is lost because of the lack of celestial updating.  We rely on Ron and a few others to see to it now, and even that is being lost to the death of Ron and his parental controls of what I have made possible to Urantia.

"For that reason I want you all to know that Ron will service with Me and he is bowed back by it since he knows I am the Creator Son, and only celestials born up here are allowed to work with me on these Missions.  That seems to have undertaken a huge angry response form the local universe seraphim, but you dear seraphim have made the mistake of the millennia.  Never mind now.
"And in closing this section, the Magisterial Foundation must be preserved on Urantia, and I will charge DOMINICK OHRBECK to see to it as he must learn parity with Ron, and then lovingly say good bye to him for now, as he is very tired, and he has mounted the very things we need with the Magisterial Sons for now.  Be assured Ron you serve with them too!

"I want it to be known that Ron's Magisterial Foundation will replace, not the Urantia Foundation, but the Urantia Book Fellowship, as the Magisterial Foundation, is what I wanted when it left the Foundation.  However this time, I want the Magisterial Foundation to report itself not as a divine organization, but an organization that belongs more to the people of Urantia, and I am directing MONJORONSON AND SERARA to clear the way for the Magisterial Foundation to hold their compliments only. All else will be tutored under my own organization called The MICHAEL FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL (EIN 82-4301939, born with Ron's application to have it serve on December 31, 2017, as a 501-C-3, charity.

"Ron has lamented the loss of life to go to the mansion worlds so soon.  I agree with him, but he is nearly 82 years of age and way over the allotted age groups allowed to serve on Urantia in the flesh.  He is quite capable and ready but too old for most, except I want it to be done as quickly as we can manage it, and that is to relieve Ron of the sadness of having to give it up before he serves so well with us.

"I am making sure that Ron may serve as a human body as long as he can stand the pain and suffering not, but the adulation when he is told to the world that he serves in his 80's and probably in his 90's some satisfaction to the Magisterial Foundation, as its human chief and its tribunal carrier of thought for the Urantia Book is poorly understood now and it must be revised by THE 6TH EPOCAHL REVELATION NOT BUT BY THE 7TH EPOCHAL REVELATION as the 6th has already be spent by Ron as the luminary ABC  Summaries, which most of you never knew Ron did, and the FLURRY which stands as the preeminent production of most magazines of that era for the Urantia Book alone.

"For that reason we are going to reprint the FLURRY  for sure in most of its iterations, and the ABC SUMMARIES in all of its iterations totaling 15 of the Summaries and 10 of the Flurries for now.  

"And finally, Urantia does not deserve a lot of this work, but we are going to make it available to schools and colleges for those who can read well and know what they are hearing, as the Summaries in particular are a marvel, and the Flurry publications are quite worthy too but he made them more public and they suffer a little because of his refusal to use the highest standards for them he did for the Summaries.  

"I have made it clear there is not further business for Me on Urantia, now.  I am done with Urantia for some tome, as it must be repaired along with Penotpia and Dennison.  I make no comment on this now.

"We have reached the end of the the world for Ron and Me, for soon he will close his eyes not but learn what it is to be a morontia being with an assignment on a material planet.  He will sleep a regular schedule, feel much better soon, and the keys to your car are returned fully to you Ron just find them.  

"And I leave again, as the Magisterial Foundation will being the Lightlines this Sunday and continue with their regular schedule an welcome those who can and wish to transmit for you Ron, as you consider the Magisterial Foundation belongs to the Magisterial Sons, and to ME, Michael of Nebadon too.  I am happy to say the Melchizedeks also consider it an honor too so see to it with you and you present Board.  

"Best wishes to all of you in coming years.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service."


Dear List,
I am Machiventa  Melchizedek, and thank you Ron for making this effort.

I want you all to know that Urantia is all but shut down.

For that reason, I want to speak to you gently and well, but keep your powder dry. 

The last time I spoke to you I was fairly sure that Urantia was on the mend and things would be well again.  Not so today the 14th of May, 2024, as the insurrection has grown to the point that the FATHER is curtailing all communications with humans on this planet and several more you know about and it is NOW.

I am a special messenger for the FATHER right now, and we must be circumspect, and although Ron is subject to their ire, no one is being pressed out of service for now.  Let this be a message then to all of you on this discussion forum:

"Until there is a special commissary set up for those of you on this circuit, we are closing down all communications until we are sure we can report the truth without interference from intercessory seraphim.  This should be a shock to some of you, but the rebellion is worse today than usual, and we must make sure you are informed to this point in any case.

"I am taking the unusual precaution to shut Ron down shortly and let this thing play out until there is no seraphim on duty who is of the cabal.  Ron has fortunately had the seraphic duty officer in hand and works will so long as that liaison is not broken.

"Finally this from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - I am forced to leave shortly and leave the entire matter alone until we can establish normal communications.  No one is allowed a Lightline today, Dominick, and you Ron are facing death at their hand, and youd then must be especially caring to leave things alone shortly.  IT is a real WAR.  Let this be my last speech for the moment.  K"

Ron - Thank you Machiventa Melchizedek for at least getting that through to us and the forum.  I leave this fairly open but must be very careful too.  Thansk to all and I am sure we will get something of an all clear when the situation is clarified.  For now just read and enjoy what is left of a Mission of Magisterial Sons, and that is operating now in spite of the cabal, but very little is spoken by the Magisterial Sons until the rebellion is quelled or at least put back in its box.  Thanks to all and see you a little later today most likely. 
Ron Besser with the Melchizedeks and Sonja the new Seraphic chief, who happens to be a Supernaphim of great power over us now.  Thank you celestials and thank you members of this group.  Good day for a little while now.  K


Let me clarify about the Spirit of Truth as I am hearing it.

The Spirit of Truth was inveighed about 2008 as impossible to accrue to most Urantians, and that was looked at seriously by the Creator Son, as a way to re-establish the route to truth on Urantia.  The Son in 2014 removed the Spirit of Truth from the then Creative Daughter, and placed it in protection with the Creator Son, and that was allowed to function again on Urantia.

Since 2014, the Spirit of Truth has suffered movement in order to protect it, and it was taken up (encircuited) in most human minds up until April of 2024.  That is this year and less than a month ago as I write this.  

Then, on April 27th or 28th, there was a decree issued by Paradise that removed the Spirit of Truth on Urantia, and that was to place the FATHER'S sense of the Spirit of Truth back into the population generally for use on Urantia.  Since then (i.e since April 27th, 2024) the Spirit of Truth languishes in the use of it only for persons who are above the their 3rd psychic circle.  That is a fairly high place of care in the human mind to be operating in the third psychic circle.  That is where the Spirit of Truth has been operating on Urantia since April 27th, and remains in the mind only with the achievement of the 3rd psychic circles and above ( above the third circle is circles 2 and 1 (one).

On April 23rd, the adjudication of Urantia took place, and again we were forced to stay down with our Lightlines and it was not announced because the FATHER decreed no one was going to mention the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and its working until he was sure the entire subject could be addressed seriously and well on Urantia.  This dissertation is probably the first and the last notice of the whereabouts of the Spirit of  Truth today.  The Spirit of Truth is, as follows right now the 14th of May at 730am, New York time zone in limbo.  

Let me remind you that the entire season of care and uses of Spirit on Urantia, was seriously curtailed recently due to the fact that the Mission for Spirit on Urantia, was curtailed seriously on May 5, 2024.   On May 7th of 2024, there was a decision taken to fully end the promotion of a Spirit Mission on Urantia, until the Creator Son was sure there were users of the Spirit of Truth, sufficiently, to let it run again in a general value so that all minds above the 3rd Psychic Circle, could at least reference the Spirit of Truth again.

On May 26th- a coming date as I write this - it will be finally decided how to handle the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, and it will either be fully released or finally extinguished over the problematic temperature of reception on Urantia of its use.   Be assured that those who are above their 3rd PSYCHIC CIRCLE will enjoy the Spirit of Truth.  Those who are only in the beginning of their 3rd psychic circle will not have it immediately, but those who are into six months of their 3rd psychic circle have the Spirit of Truth well encircuited.

The Spirit of Truth for members of the Discussion Form as originally permitted to operate are all encircuited with the Spirit of Truth.  Only recent members on this discussion forum might be questioned but we assume they are all included with this Spirit of Truth as of today the 14th of May 2024.  I cannot tell much more as the seraphim providing this information is not cabal and is about to lose her life if she continues much more with me for you on this subject.

Therefore, let us say that the Spirit of Truth today is available to all of you, but you better be in your 3rd psychic circle or above to feel the full use of it at least in the moment.  Clearing this finally is the Creator Son for us:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron you are taking chances galore to operate at all, and you are having a hard to time to breathe, and the Adjuster is warning you that you could be snuffed out if you go much further, and so let this post lie as far as it has gone, and I the Creator Son will clear this planet shortly, AGAIN, and then leave you all to your rest for today is nothing to speak to, but I promise you by the last of this month, you will all be free of the gd cabal and we can have a full talk again.,  Thank you Ron and the rest of you stay warm and cozy until we can meet freely again.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking.  K."

GABRIEL - "You all are doing fine and no one is unhealthy in spiritual attraction or giving.  However, we are shutting everything on Urantia spiritual concerns off and down today and until the end of May, there is not much to say.  Michael of Nebadon is on Urantia again, and feels the weight of trouble on him for Ron and for the rest of you if you purse Lightlines of speeches like this, but Ron is an exception and gives what he can until he may face death in a matter of short time or perhaps a tad later if Michael can get there to assure him a breath yet.  We are greeting you in a new earth soon, but it will take us a fem moments of planetary time to see to it.  Good day to all for now. [Thank you very much Gabriel.  May we get there!- Ron]


Dear List,
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The Lightline schedules are listed as follows for all of us.

Monday, May 13th -  CANCELLED  by Order of Melchizedek.
Tuesday, May 14th -  CANCELLED  by Order of Melchizedek.
Wednesday. May 15th CANCELLED permanently due to the illness of Lemuel.  He may restart this Lightline anytime he wishes if well enough to manage the Wednesday Lightline after May 15th.

Now, and this:  Ron Besser has been struck with a bitter illness that prevents him from moving well enough to see to it that the schedules for the Sunday Lightlines can be maintained.  For that reason, if Ron can carry the Sunday Lightlines, he will announce on the discussion forum his Sunday schedule.  Right now it is doubtful these Sunday Lightlines can be held at all.  


1 - Lightlines in general are rescinded until after June 8th, 2024.  THE JUNE 9TH Lightline is to be held if the living Ron can manage to be heard.  

"Ron Besser is likely to be transferred to the mansion worlds shortly.  That is unavoidable and he is not resisting it as shown by this post.  However, he has been loayal and suffers a migrane head ache every day now.  That is not to be allowed and we are recommending that the following LIGHTLINES be held by this schedule:

Monday, May 13th, 2024 -  Elise do not hold a Lightline today.  There are repairs to be made to the Urantia Lightline qualities.

Tuesday, May 14th - Dominick, no Lightline to held today for Reasons of State.

Wednesday, May 15th - Lemuel is far too ill to hold the Wednesday, Lightline at all.

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th and the 18th  are open anyway and no Lightlines are expected to be held at all

Sunday, May 19th, I doubt Ron will even be here to hold the Sunday, Lightline.   I will say this.

If Dominick Ohrbeck is strong enough to hold the Sunday Lightline, he should do so to provide the status of Ron Besser, and the entire team should congratulate Ron's passing if he has.  Right now it appears he is strong enough to write out this post, but we doubt he can hold the Sunday Lightline for Sunday, May 19th.  If he has passed we lament his passing as it must be construed that Dominick Ohrbeck will fill in for the usual activities for the Sunday, Lightlines hereafter.  That means that the Tuesday Lightline are cancelled until we find other transmitter(s) to fill the gap. 

I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and I want this to be known:

There is not further consideration for Lightlines by anyone until after June 9th.  That happens to be Ron's birthday too and it is fitting he leave it alone until the fascia de mundis  is settled on high and Ron is out of the following concerns until further notice:

1 - No further Lightlines for him.  He will probably be deceased in the coming weeks.
2 - The Lightline facilities will be operated by Dominick Ohrbeck until further notice.  Keep your normal schedules after June 9th until further notice.
3 -  No one can predict what happens after June 9th.  That is Ron's natural birthday too and we all celebrate his 82nd birthday that day for good and leave it alone thereafter.  He should be very happily done on the Mansion Worlds after his transition if done.
4 - Finally, the keys to his car, the raspberry bush to be planted by Dominick are not rescinded and Ron laughed at the idea but said to plant it in the sun and enjoy the raspberries thereafter.  It is a fitting tribute to Ron and his dislike for the scrambled lessons by pther transmitters pretending they can do better than the Lightlines of the Magisterial Foundation.  We all respect Ron and his love for fun and information, and we are not saying goodbye yet.  But life is about over for several transmitters now, and we leave it all alone until the final say is written for all of you too.

I AM MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and it has been a pleasure to work with Ron.  He always knows when to be silent and when to be openly happy about something.  Here is the schedule for the celestial powers to speak to now:

A -  No further Lightlines after June 12th, 2024.
B -  No further expositions on line from the Melchizedeks after June 15, 2024.
C - Keep this EMAIL for further expositions are probable not to hear posted or heard until we are sure what they are going to do about Urantia, the Discussion Forum, and the LIGHTLINES after June 9th.
D - No one is reminded of this loss as it is a tremendous loss if it happens.  We are not sure it will happen, and you all will be informed when it does happen and our decisions by TRANSMITTER, just what will happen on Urantia, after t he premature death of Ron Besser shortly.  
E -  No one expects to know how Ron will be traded or treated when this finally ends for Ron, and for all of you.  I am expecting that MICHAEL OF NEBADON, will have a comment or two after Ron is repaired or not, and if he is, HALLELUJAH!    We are not expecting much more after Ron is deceased but then we are not privy to the higher lessons of Deity just yet.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks harshly not:
"I am happy to see the schedule finally posted.  IT is complicated enough you need to see it if you want a Lightline.  I am not saving one note from the above and will advise you later on just what will be done when Ron dies a natural death shortly, and then we reconfigure the Lightlines and how and who learns the charges to follow for the MISSIONS of the MAGISTERIAL SONS shortly.

"Ron, long ago proposed the Magisterial Missions were sacrosanct, and he was corrected until Jesus reminded all of us that he had a part to play too.  That was a delight to Ron and to all of you, but remember this:  Ron has no direct defense against any of this, and while we see him dying prematurely for our uses, he will not rescind what he has prepared for all of you to digest, as he is a whirl wind of planning and care for all of you and us.  This:

A -  No one has a plan yet, as it was not planned for as Ron was expected to live for another 10 to 15 years, but that places him close to 100 years of age and it is too much for his body to stand more age.

B -  There is not plan yet for Ron on the mansion worlds but there has to be as he is a whiz at presenting new ideas and a plan for the Urantia groups you all represent.  Do not give up when the bell tolls for Ron leaving, but prepare to take on a NEW PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE PROCESSING, when you can. 

C -  I am planning nothing up here on the Mansion Worlds as he is quite normally processed, but he is an energy unit we rather not do without, and for that reason we do plan to use him for further use on the mansion world promise to be a help this time, and we mean it!  No one will understand what Ron will do up here, but he has a funny way of saying it, "I am ready when you are Michael!"

D - There is not further excursion on this plan as I am just thinking about it as his death is soon to take place, and I hope Dominick is able to write about plans given to him about what happens after Ron on the discussion forum now.  He is still kicking but in harsh circumstances at the moment.  Let us all pray FATHER has something in mind, AND WE DO NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH A DEATH! 

Now This:

"I am fully dependent on Ron for his nightly meetings with Dominick in Ron's living room all the time.   I do not intend to stop that meeting once Dominick is allowed to take possession of Ron's house and continue the Lightlines and the normal meetings you all attend to on this discussion forum alone.

"For that reason, please be situated to understand that Ron has a special kink in his soul, and that is a fond remembrance of what you are and what you did for US, and for that reason, do not be surprised I make a debut briefly to say what happens to Ron up here.  Do not ponder it.  Just let it be.   I conclude this way:

"No one has ever done what Ron did for a Mission before.  For 7  (seven) million reasons, I give Ron back to all of you later when we know the circumstances, and let you listen to a few tapes up here that will be modified to place for you to hear it.  Dominick is getting to be a whiz with electronics and Wall Mart tapes, and will be instructed on how to manipulate tapes up here when we make them available for Ron has never been exercised with a tribute to Michael and he is delighted to do so.   One of the things to be done is to provide an exercise of the monthly Lightlines done up here now.  Moline the Great is welcoming him to the class she decides to hold on Urantia Book dissemination to the Mansion Worlds now looking at the major revelation to Urantia, as the Urantia Book, and then to see it written out without the errors in it!  That is marvelous, Ron says, and we are delighted to have thought of it on the spot!

"Nonetheless, we must go with the transitions as they are in place now.  Ron leaves nothing hut his home and property to the Magisterial Foundation, and Dominick is commanded to live in the house at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, Pa. and to finish his life as he chooses in that place or other places as he prefers.  IT is rent free to the people the Magisterial Foundation appoints as the chief of the definitive work of the Magisterial Foundation, here after.  Here is the FATHER:"

FATHER -   "WE are standing on the precipice of Ron's life as we work this now.  For reasons of State he is tired and eyes a re watery, but he is fully representative of all we like and want on this little place called URANTIA.

"WE are also aware it takes time to write this out, but I am so busy I dare not spend one moment longer on this diatribe over Ron's leaving.  He has made it sure that there is something for everyone when he leaves, and I see it this way:

1 - No one is going to be at a loss for his leaving;

2 - No one is going lost for leaving the discussion form either but keep with it and Dominick, let other join without opening the registration back form and letting people join when they request to join.  Ron is doing that because when he opens the registration form the warring countries post so many posts to it he gets hundreds joining who have no idea how to speak English for Father.  In any case let this be a mark for all of you:  Ron wants to continue to working for Urantia up here, and he may, but the SUPREME  COURT up here is interested in speaking to Ron on various subjects, as he has an original post shortly for us on returning the seraphim to the mainstay of work and we hear it well already. 

3 - No one is ready to say goodbye to him yet, and today marks a red letter day to express this.  No one according to FATHER is ready to write him off, but he is tired beyond words, and needs a brief rest from all of this.  He gets one shortly and then all is well again, for I, the FATHER OF ALL, insist he remain in place in the mansion worlds not, but alive and well on Urantia in the form of a perpetual care give to Urantia and to the means for all of you to express this to the rest of the world.  Places called Unity and so forth may join with the Magisterial Foundation when they wish, but much of that organization is going down for a rest too, and any sister organizations too unless they join with the Magisterial Foundation for transmission giving.  Now I leave this alone as I am tried too Ron.  Good day!"

"WE now leave this poignant dissertation, to remind you this:

"The last moment of care for Ron is now given to keep him going for a few more years.  Be assured Ron you are left to your own devices for now, but you will feel a new vitality and the feet will stop hurting so badly now shortly as those veins will go back in, as your life is not recognized as a final tribute to JESUS.

"WE lament to say that JESUS will now not return to Urantia so easily.  Oh, he will be back, and he will be seen briefly as he promised, but the entire regime of care is not given to anyone but MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON will brush his soul against yours Ron, to see what is up in there, and to see if you are capable of handling something for the GIPPER, and that is to stand true and strong for Michael on the mansion worlds for a year you are born times alone not, but with the group up here that is the Urantia Group for you and themselves.   Finally this:

"I am THE UNIVERSAL FATHER NOW: and I promise you Ron, this is not the last time you get a mile long post to explain why you are not going entirely from Urantia, and that is because you have have been very careful about the sixth and seventh bestowal of love and candor to Urantia, as JESUS, and for that reason you are assigned to ride along for his very first diatribe to Urantia shortly:

"YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"  He will say and there begins the final trip to the Capitol of the United States, for you are not alone in spite of  ten million wares to settle with Biden over who is coming to Urantia, and why it important/  This may all take place shortly or never depending on what you have to offer' however, be assured you know what is what for the momentous occasion  to come is that you are honored by the United States for all sorts of caputed items soon, and that is to say what the Universal FATHER says for all to hear: 


Good day to all for now.  K

So you all know, I am holding the LIGHTLINE today, which is a sound connection to the Deities and Divinities of this Universe.  That Lightline is about a 1 hours connection to the speech of the Deities and Jesus of this Local Universe style, and the event begins at 2PM today.  Look at the top of this forum and see the event scheduled to tie into the broadcast.
Here are the details:
Local US Dial-in: 1 215-383-1625

 enter this Conference Code: 251848

More Details

All of these are 2 PM New York time zone and are weekly:

*Sunday afternoon  @ every week unless instructed otherwise:  The York Lightline.  Your host is Ron Besser.
* Sunday evening @830PM NY Time Zone Hispanic Lightline, Phoenix AZ, host is Rene Duran.  Phoenix uses its own phone numbers so see below please.
2 - Monday, same time, your host is Elise Van Ruth from the Netherlands, EU
* - Tuesday, same time , your host is Dominick Ohrbeck, USA
4 - Wednesday, same time, your host is Lemuel from Girona, Spain
* - Thursday - open
6 - Friday - same time, USA, French Lightline your host Clency
7 - Saturday - open
There is also a way to listen to it by clicking on the top of the page "Internet Lightline" words and joining in with the sound only.

Thank you
Ron Besser/ your host

Occerpa, you can make your post visible by going to the color chart and selecting black.  But first highlight your text and then go to the color chart and select the black color.  The cabal is setting the color white for your posts.  That is the usual way to frustrate you and you can undo their work buy highlighting your text, going up and select the black color and you are normal again.  They, the cabal, are setting yhour posts in a white font and of course you cannot see it.  You undo it by highlighting your text, and while highlighted, go up and select the black color while the text is highlighted.

Here is your sequence to do it.
Highlight what you posted and cannot see.  Then to the top and selected the color tab.  Click on the black rectangle in the color menu.  That should restore normal text to read.   Remember to highlight all your text first.  Then go to the top for your color and select the black color, and  see the text come back visibly.  The cabal is setting your post in a white font.  You merely go to the color chart and select the black color.  But you have to highlight all your text first to change the color back to black.  Hope this helps for you. 

Steven, thank you for saying so.  I am not aware of a Lightline today.  Things have gotten out of hand for schedules and I do not remember having a Lightline for today Thursday.  But write back to let me know, did I say there would be a Lightline today?  I honest to goodness do not remember at all.  Please let me know. . . .  Thanks.  Ron

This is Michael of Nebadon, and fairly well done this morning, the 9th of May, at 9:40am as this being written, in York, Pa.  I have this to day to all of you.  Ron is feeling terribly pessimistic over the fact he may be about to check out, die.  He has been hit with a cabal that is cruel and senseless, but his heart is strong, and he has little to say to anyone about what is to be at the moment.  That will all change when we appear shortly, but he is so close to the end we may not be able to save him in any case.

Let me tell you this:

Yesterday Ron and Elise spoke to a general idea and  we fully approve of it, but the time is almost too late to do anything like he suggested to you Elise.  Let it lie and listen carefully:  the entire plan for mutual aide right now is finally over. and it must be reported that Ron must be silenced briefly over these ideas of outreach and care for the general population of Urantia.  You all have had a chance to say something and do something for years now, but you have decided this is too much, and prefer to watch and wait.  That is not possible much longer, and your sphere is ready to end its paramony over what it wants and how it wants it, for the entire reason for searching for revelation, these transmissions, and so forth, are all ending about now.  This is the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and listen!

I have been asked by the Creator Son of Nebadon, to speak easily.  Well, I cannot.
This has been one of the most vexing periods of life I have ever existed through.  You Ron are fully aware of my vexation and you are almost alone in having to prepare your exit out of Urantia almost alone.  No one can cover you at the moment, as we have stated over and over again, that even you do not care not enough Urantia to make this work really well.  Except you are quite sure it must be attempted and all given in the battle to be heard. 

Right now you  have the Unity corporation nipping at everything, and I assure you it ends ignominiously  and that is a word  I died not know I possessed [Ron, rarely used by powerful at that!] and I thank you for finding it Ron.  But this to the Unity corporation, you have misled people enough and you are no longer among those we transmit easily too, since your honesty is impinged over a tactic we abuse now, and that is to end your foray into the Urantia Foundation, as a clear choice for reform.  I am afraid you do not reform, but that you complicate the scenario tremendously and that is not to occur now. 

Furthermore, Mark Rogers you have had your day, and we retire your shortly.

Allene Vick you have had your say and retire gracefully now.  And so on down the list of educators and loss of friendships galore over the misuse of the Teaching Mission, and a lot of other things I have on my discharge list.

Fully two years ago, almost to the day, Ron Besser attempted to find a good view of the Teaching Mission and found it in producing his web sight with out a bunch of malcontents attending to it.  The Teaching Mission is forever done, but you do not realize what you have done by attempting to bring some of the old teaching mission back without Salvington blessings.  That is courageous but a non-sequitur.  Let me REVIEW something for you:

Last year you troubled yourselves to bring a Patent to the floor and Ron managed to get it done, and alone, and at great expense.  No one has bothered,  no one has insinuated that it be done other than Ron and his loyal Board of Directors.  It is far too much money to do yourself Ron and you have had no support from anyone including that person who was your attorney for a time.   They all quit it because they do not see progress in developing it.  But you know better but it remains silent, and you are not quite ready for what it means to you either:   It is this -

[full quotes to be placed on the text now:]

"You have speculated the patent is worth close to about 1 Trillion dollars, and you never speak to it because of the huge sum it involves.  WELL, I think it is probably double that worth, but you have covered it up in a patent exchange without harsh words to anyone.  Let this be known: you are to carry that patent right to the right person soon, and they tell you there is money galore to do it, but they want half of it.  You refuse them.  And that is the end of it?  Not so.  It is not a Japanese firm, but the American firm you have already contacted and were blown away by being only too happy to talk with them.  That is never to be done with this firm, but they will make restitution when the new CEO makes contact again and you are in like flint when you tell them it is not for sale, but for development as trade twins.  Be assured to use the terminology I present now:

"The United States has two options soon:
1 - To wait for a more modern technology than you have Ron;
2 - To have no further wait and to employ your technology for it will become apparent there is no further a choice but to use your technology Ron and be done with it.  I have not a preeminent view of this technology but this:

"No one has what you have Ron, and you are lackadaisical about it because no one recognizes your abilities, but you are one of the few people taken up by Michael of Nebadon, who can honestly afford this patent and to wait the use of it out.  That is true until today, when my OFFICE OF THE FATHER declares you not bankrupt, but fully able to produce what we want if there is any interest on the planet to do t his.

"WE are quite sure you have the patience, but you have ruh out of time and you are bitterly disappointed that biology has entered the plans and that you must die and be done with it.  Not so!

"WE are just as sure you have the time and I decree it, and you feel your southern end of your body object to this statement, but never mind it is over ridden and that is that.  Fully available to this trust you are now, and you care that it be done, but you are so weakened by the sloth of illness you can hardly move yet.  Be assured you are not the underwear of fate as you played that briefly as you are to weak to do much anymore.  But that is no longer true shortly and get that back windown finished pronto as it is about to fall out!  Listen and listen carefully.

"Your friend Dominick should come to the rescue but he has insurmountable problems if he does not cut off the western travail and declare independence of life and make sure he supports you fully.  He does now but the expense is too high to do the work that needs done.  Your life Ron has been rotten to the corp more than once and now that ends with the admissibility of your patent into the most serious consideration by the United States since the group worked on the atomic bomb to end WWII everywhere.   You shall recover nicely and take those with you who have survived too this horrible era of war and cheats everywhere.  Be assured I know the score and much ends shortly.  

"You have just shorn the cabal and that is marvelous as you do not like fairy tales either and the Cabal has been dismissed that you shall have success, but you shall have the work to do to get free electricity working and done for with MY help truly.  Be assured GE is willing but unfamiliar with the technology and it is looked at by your last communication which showed the patent itself. The last time we have this happen was in the days of Maximilian the Great of Tibor, Spain.  Then it was done well with our technological gift, but today you have mostly wicked men in control and they do not get this but you do for the world.  We end this now and leave it alone until I may speak without the cabal again. Thank you. FATHER."
Ron - this is how it ended and I leave it for now, as we have one perturbed FATHER looking at Urantia right now.  K

First of all there is a mistranslation involved.  You can't know what happens when something gets changed from what was a normal translation to a bad one, and I am not pointing fingers, but the statements made in what you show us, are just not true.

I am not forcing a single thing here or today or anytime, but I must point out that as soon as a device becomes more of a common practice, there is also a change for a misfortune of transmitting happening too.  The speech you get from those entities was not nice ever, and I dismiss them as important to me or the greater universe, but they are here and that is all I have to contend with at this time.  Please understand I have nothing to do with them, and they have nothing to do with me, but they react to me all the time and I just let it be. 

What you must understand Weydevu, is that you are a very busy mind and you look for out of sequences dictation and transmission, and you will find it among the less experienced humans and even midwayers.  I have nothing to say to this group, but they are not familiar with the Mansion World policy to stay the course and let statements, even conflicting statements, go in the material worlds of communication.  I thank you for your stalwart recovery of what they said and how useless it is at the moment.  

Dear Members,
1st - Lightline for Sunday, 2PM regular station, I will hold the Lightline today at the regular time.

I state this for those of you who do not have a clue what is happening today in spite of it also being
Cinco de Mayo.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON, (that is our Creator Son for those who do not know the formal name), has declared today CLEANSING DAY.


Simply stated, we as a planet have been so infiltrated by anyone who want to stop and cause a problem on the planet can do so and make things a real mess.

I questioned if there should be a Lightline today.  At first I got not answer, then MICHAEL OF NEBADON requested a chat, and I was told in no uncertain terms to hold our Lightline today.  He said there were two important reasons:

1 - No one is permitted to run to this planet and get on it anymore.  The doors are closed as of today!

2 - No one is permitted to do a Lightline starting this Monday, unless they ask special permission:
         Elise: You have permission to do your Lightline at its regular time tomorrow.  Please do not worry about and just do it, as it is very important that you do!

3 - There are western USA transmitters, and they are permitted to go so long as they know what they are doing.  That is a comment to Michael of Nebadon heard here.

4 - I am fully discoursed on bad Miami-hood-style bad guys that have come to the planet and they are insisting on bad performances.  I loathe them and I will stay the proper course.  It may mean a break in the Lightline communications, so be prepared as much as you can be.

5 - I am now fully aware also of the FATHER being present, and the Lightline will go according to the rules of good behavior, so be very glad of that, and I close now with this statement from MICHAEL OF NEBADON:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You who have good standing with us will not rue the day much longer.  Keep yourselves together and let things run as they should.  We will make restitution shortly.  K"


For what it is worth, and Dominick mentioned it,  the Magisterial Foundation just purchased seven (7) boxes of new Urantia books.  It is not that I so love the 5th edition of the Urantia Books, but we want to preserve them when the United States and maybe the rest of the world hit the first apocalypse.

Please listen:

Michael of Nebadon keeps repeating his story that the world needs a rejuvenation.  But the rejuvenation we need is not just the people on our planet, but a complete reconstruction of the base of the Indian Ocean.  Occerpa you know this area better than we do, but the problem we have in describing the Indian Ocean area, is that we have little history dealing with that geography.  For that reason listen to this dictation I received a few days ago.  I dare not make all these connections known to the public, and this one dictation has too many obscure references to the past that anyone reading this site, they will think we are getting more mud in our gears than we are.  However, here is the dictation received several days ago and with which I have held it back because it is hard to deal with its relevancy:

"You Ron are facing death easily as you are of an age you have reached the climax of your life and are no waiting to put it down and take more of life back up on the mansion worlds.  It is not taught that life continues so well on the learning spheres about this planet, but there is a full life waiting for all when they close their eyes in death, and you have experienced enough of constructs from the mansion worlds to know this.

"However, the mansion worlds also receive those who have died too early to say their lives are complete on earth.  That is the sad part of these Missions we fear, because old earth is about eight billion years old. and it is suddenly beginning to show its age.  For that reason let me tell you that the physical nature of your planet is forbiding, as the physical nature is bound to scare you.  But it is this:

"Your geography in the United States is the most fortunate in all the world.  Egypt may well fall under the Nile River at the sea for one important reason, and that is the substructure at the mouth of the Nile is now nearly gone due to natural changes, and the fact that the Suez Canal has eroded some basalt at the very base of the flow out into the Sea.  For reasons of my own I do not advertise the fact the the Mediterranean Sea, has at least two (2) defaults to be wary of:

"1st Default -  The water at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea at the Atlantic side of the equation, is fully okay, and the opening to the Atlantic is fine.

"However, the water at the western end of the Mediterranean is full of sulfur oxides (SO4 and worse) and this has resulted in the underlying rock on the western end of this Sea, to erode its basalt badly.  Cypress could fall top heavy ito the sea and you would lose over 1.25 million people at once.  We are attempting to keep the worn basalt out of the picture but it refuses to dissipate and we are seriously considering an evacuation within our coming Missions to disrupt the catastrophe by flushing the Nile basin clear of its river and force the Suez Canal into oblivion.  You see the Suez Canal runs enough water from the Indian Ocean back into the Mediterranean and that action is eroding the mouth of the Nile into the Mediterannean Sea.

"You see this I am sure in the water around Cyprus, as the water around that huge island is slightly pink as  the rest of the water is mostly seen as a deep blue silver at times, and this is normal water.  But the Cyprus condition is full of pink dolomite from a vast distance below.  That leakage spells big trouble to the planet, and the planet will not split, but it will damage Europe badly (from Spain southward, and from southern France eastward.  We dare not predict what will happen to the substructure of southern Spain, as if it collapses into the sea lane beneath the wall of  the Straits of  Gibraltar.

"If this collapse becomes enormous, and destroys the entry to the Mediterranean, that Sea could dry up in about a half a million years.  It once was a pristine valley before the collapse under the wall of Gibraltar.   If it happens again, we have a loss of over five million (5,0-00,000) people and a loss of most of the Western Civilization.  It is not impossible, but God is here, and He is strengthening the basalt at the 200 mile dept level to construct a similar strut as you see now in this web picture of the Gibraltar passage.

Picture Here

Unexplained End


Go for it Lemuel!  I will be there with others in spite of a heavy hand by the cabal to attempt to restrict all of us by illness and pain just to sit up to the microphone and talk the Lightline through.  I will be there if I can manage it entirely.   Blessings.  Ron

Hello Albert,

Please read this message from Michael to all of you!

"The Father of All wishes you to continue with your ministry whether that is Lightlines or any other ministry you want or your group favors to be done.  Our work in the United States has gotten difficult and what we do is not necessary for you to do at all.  For your information in the United States we have to see to other groups becoming ready to work to.  We welcome them, but they are not understanding how to work together, and as a result we have disagreements.  We work it out first, and then change second, but now there is nothing but disagreement between groups of all things.  We will work it out and not to worry, for I am very happy to see you organize yourselves into the right ways to address our FATHER, and thank you for showing us how.  I smile as we are supposed to lead you but you lead us sometimes with good vibrations, and we have none of those vibrations sometimes.  May God bless you and keep you going, as you are moving to God well and finally with good will.  I thank you for telling us that, as it inspires us to do better very much!  Thank you Madagascar!  

from Ron

Now a transmission from our Lord, Michael:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks to MADAGASCAR - "You should have learned what I said when I was in the flesh over 2 thousand years ago.  I said all men are created equal, and Ron makes sure t hat you are equal in the law and care of the world, but you must stay away from other names used to name me, Albert!   Call Me by my true name and let the churches learn from you, and do not despair that you lose your group if you name it otherwise, for the name of Jesus means a lot to people all around the world.  Your group will stay with you and the truth!  Let it be Jesus, and do not worry what happens.  I am JESUS and now I speak to you: more

      "I am JESUS.  And I make it clear you have the group to work with.  But do not confuse other names with Me, and I am used to my own name and do not enjoy being called something else!  

    "Bless you Albert, and all in the group, for saying hello to Me, as I do hear you and thank you very much!  I am Jesus and use my right name all the time please too!   JESUS."

Ron - I have transmitter the Lord to you, Albert, and to all of you who read these messages from the United States.  I do agree with you and thank God I may hear of your voice as Madagascar seems to far away, but your messages really help me understand what you are doing, and I am grateful to hear from you very much.  Wait for the day Jesus will speak directly to you and then celebrate such a time of reunion with us too!  Good day and God bless you everyone!  


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