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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« on: May 26, 2023, 10:25:04 am »
You PJammer are not under siege but steadfastly refuse to understand the Urantia Book facts are modified to a certain extent.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - "WE no longer maintain a unit headquarters on Urantia.

1 - The adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, ended with the Ancients of Days insisting that any irregular use of authority on Urantia be recommitted to the idea of a natural and evenly flowing power heirarchy to man at once.  PJammer you are going to have to become use to the idea that vast changes occur in your favorite passages, forthe Archangel Corp is not longer resident on Urantia or in its Planetary Government--  a Melchizedek Government if you please --  and the Archangel Headquarters is now resplendently appearing back on the chief planet in the corporeal placement of the Salvington Creator Son complex.

2 -  GAIA is Ron's favorite chew me again Lord person.  She told Ron she is forever free of Urantia, and Ron said to GAIA, "I doubt that Gaia!" and lo and behold,  GAIA becomes attached to URANTIA as a special endowment.  Somehow Ron knows the difference between what is mumbled by GAIA and what she really intends to do in spite of rules appearing to say otherwise.  Here is GAIA:

"I AM STRUCK by your insistence PJammer to force issues you dare not do in order to make sure people understand that the Urantia Book is the prevailing authority.  It is not!

"You force Ron into the position of a growling bear over issues in your heart you know are changed but theninsist they be respoken and that which you call attention to is in total error.  You know it before you write it and Ron known you know it, but the external "you" insists on a stability that no longer accrues to you or Urantia or Ron or Valerie or anyone else on this so-called discussion forum.  Ron looks at what transpires here as a discussion and barely sees any but a lot of back and forth about what "was" and not "what will be."

"I AM GAIA.  I remain the hard and long time Planetary Supreme NO LONGER!  But I am the loving Deity over Urantia again and Ron loves that too.  BE aware that the OVERSOUL OF CREATION, Tandybrook, the DEITY OF THE SUPREME-ULTIMATE is in attendance and Ron is not allergic to that and neither is anyone on Urantia or Salvington or Uversa unhappy with my affairs as a care giver to Urantia all the time now.  Ron feels I am essential and so does FATHER and so does MICHAEL, but you PJammer seeks to distribute simple revelation, but t hat reversion to the past is completely out of wedlock with what is reestablished for Urantia and for the Local Universe of Nebadon."

3 -  We, and I am ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, insist you PJammer begin to listen to your deep inner voice again and stop trying to pry information out of friends who are barely competent to read the tea leaves.  Ron is an ADJUNCT,  something you refuse to consider possible, but a lot of that refusal is based on a petty issue called I refuse to listen to a man to tell me what is what.  That is entire your prerogative.  You forget JESUS was a man too and reset the history of the world by saying so too.  Leave your heart alone and flow with the changes.  No one faults you for crying almost over what has been taken away by the actual death of god the supreme.  Ron is no longer allowed to use capitals over the default of an evolutionary God which has truly removed itself.  FATHER  or Paradise did not remove it.

4 - And final.  I am not used to lecturing a little boy theses days but you need to bring yourself into reality and that reality is that the entire matter of epochal revelation is being reset even as Ron attempts to understand he is or is not involved.  He is totally involved but the complications are, at the moment, severe, and he lives moment to moment trying to persuade himself he can be cleared of the ague of misery and careless application of a doctor who gave up on him suddenly and quit the field.  Ron is totally happy he did and so are we but leaves the matter unattended to and that has that office upset with the doctor so much there is hardly any conversation with what he did to Ron and about five others he does not care to be a doctor for.  That is a whole other subject and not for you.

5 -  Lastly the medical analysis for you PJammer is you are hot ill but sanguine over the forecast that JESUS will soon appear.  That is not incorrect.  But what is correct is something you refuse to consider, and that is that Ron has actually arrived on the mansion worlds to discuss matters with the mansion world Urantia Group, and has determined that he or the leader of the group have much to say to each other until that group now fully understands the Urantia Foundation has no authority, or does Ron represent that authority until now, and then he holds back saying anything until MICHAEL OF NEBADON makes a final decision about the electricity patent Ron genuinely holds and cannot get anyone to be serious about it now.  That he decides is their own fault and he refuses to stop operating the means to make it known, and for that he has done a brilliant job, not discussed here.

6-  As part of my last remarks I say this:

"No one is left hanging by their neck on Urantia, but no one on Urantia except this class you are part of really knows what has happened.  Thanks to Ron you all have the truth, but the truth does not set you free as most of your resent the fact you cannot experience the matter of change more directly.  Ron serves as that conduit by order of Paradise as he is resistant to change entirely and makes his services available 24/7 and all of the rest of you do not including that Board of Directors for the Magisterial Foundation.  IT is not a joke PJammer and Ron could care less what has to be done to operate what is the appearing 6th epochal revelation which MICHAEL will personally hand to Ron shortly.  For reasons of State PJammer, you need discipline again and we approve nothing of yours to quote a bad passage from the text of the Urantia Book.  It prove nothing except being out of date.

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  for reasons of State PJammer, you are not removed but that is coming close if you persist on rummaging around in past errors now.  You need a lesson, not in humility, but in protocol, and that is what my ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is reacting to entire.  HE is the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I share this with Ron, you are battling the evil ones as you write and they are fully arriving at the conclusion you hae the power of the Creator Son not, but can use it if I decide it is over for them.  IT is over for them entirely as you struggle to get words down in written text because of them.  For now, no longer is that the case.  As you say Ron it is like power steering when I step in.  Look at it this way PJ, the entire matter is not in your ability to understand.  Somehow Ron does and he is fully capable of doing anything we ask of him.  He welcomes your support but not your insistence of repeating error.

"Last, and final Ron, the PA Legislature is so blown back by your little brochure they sent for help and got none.  Th US Patent office refuses to discuss you on strict orders of the State Department which is now laying down the law, "NO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT before that department maybe spoken too until the President is fully aware that wireless electricity is now available.  Further edification of this subject is now placed elsewhere, and we finish this to you PJammer, to realize you are not groping the heart of God, but the error of persistent refusal to understand you are not allowing yourself the freedom to understand what is clearly stated with Ron always:  "do not mistake the FATHER  for a fool!  HE has authorized these changes by necessity and must learn how to return you and millions of others to the fold, for if you give up now you are indeed lost as we will not tolerate fits of temper to prevail to force error on further epochal revelation.  Get with it.  You are fine otherwise.   I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and say no more for now.  K"

Ron - PJammer you are not being scolded.  But you are being reminded that stubborn is not truthful and for your own philosophy accrue the facts you cannot find yourself without a reporter funding those facts for you.  What you dare not do is quit.  And I say that reminding myself that nothing is for sure ever again until we have a written tect on library shelves again just where we stand.  That is coming but they are forcing me and you and the rest of us into the seats of wait and see.  I am not at liberty to say much more, but I do know some more and am forbidden to speak to it under these circumstances.  I need help too but not this kind where I am forced to spend time to help you out of the kindergarten of the Urantia Foundation belief that epochal revelation does not change so rapidly it is false to believe anything like change has taken place.  Well change has taken place and we have to grasp what understanding we can and stay silent.  For now that is all I may really tell you.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "GAIA"
« on: May 25, 2023, 10:28:26 am »
Evelio Rivas,  I address you directly.  My remarks are as follows:

I am asking Rene Duran to ask you to transmit on his Lightline, as he is the host of your Lightline on Sunday.

Rene:  Do you mind if Evelio takes some of your time to transmit with that voice when Evelio is ready to connect with he Voice of God, and transmits the Voice of God in your Lightline work? 

If you do not mind and Evelio is agreeable to it, ask Evelio to transmit a message on your Lightline in any language he prefers which I believe is the Spanish language.  Please do this so we can get more done on these Lightline schedules and to help you Rene gather the people around you you deserve them to hear these messages in their own language.   I am not forcing this.  Evelio will you transmit if Rene gives you the place to do it?  Rene do you mind giving up a piece of your time so Evelio can speak the Voice of God on your Lightline.  I am all for it and I think it is very helpful for Evelio to do this for all of us. 

Let me know please what you finally decide.  Thank you Evelio for your answers, and thank you Rene for helping us to understand better. 

Ron Besser

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "GAIA"
« on: May 23, 2023, 10:46:59 am »
Hello Evelio and thank you for this GAIA transmission.
I have two comments and a question first to you Evelio Rivas.
I ask you Evelio  if you could please tell me how you work.  If I understand the work correctly, I assume it is your wife and yourself are now able to produce transcriptions of  the Voice of God individually.  Are you transmitting any of the Voice of God to a group, or are you  transmitting inside the group work of Lightline only?  This very important for me to know.  Your transmissions are very well done, and must not let this development you have within yourselves pass without notice.  I do not know what should be done except to have you develop this access to God in your own style and tell us and me how you are developing the Voice of God and when and how often do you transmit?  Are you also speaking in Spanish with the Voice of God also?  How is Rene Duran speaking with you for use in the Lightline which is so important to you and others.  And lastly, are you looking to find more of other Hispanic speakers to do what you do too?  Rene Duran is so very helpful, and Rene I would very much like to hear from you how you would like to see more Hispanic transmitters come to you and use them more and more with your own talents in this department of transmitting.  IT is truly important to understand how you and the Rivas are providing this ability for us to hear from them and you as often as possible.

I thank you Rene Duran for making sure we do here from all who can do this with you and for us.

GAIA, as reported here by Evelio Rivas is telling us that Urantia is producing far too much competition to achieve a national culture that brotherhood does get a chance to appear.  In small ways it does, but the current political situation on Urantia today is so full of the poisons of competition that the entire population is not surprised by the horrors or the complicity of death being present everywhere.  GAIA sees this to end only by the loss of a large part of the population which does not understand their life feature on Urantia might be their only life, and that tragedy of comprehension not will cause God to reinsert JESUS to reintroduce the idea of good will and brotherhood once more.  But that introduction of necessary change is to what remains of the people on Urantia, and that the death of so many before Jesus appears, might strike us first without any compensation such must happen for reasons never really clear to the population that dies so young.

If I have that interpretation right, then I say this with GAIA  by my side to transmit here too:

GAIA - "Ron, you are the first to advise me this is too important to let it lie in the weeds. 

"Always must man prefer to work hard to understand intellectually that the means to God's salvation is through the spirit of God, but in your case it harmed you first and now you are laying down your life in favor of relief not, but in favor of removing your distaste for such a condition to end.

"For that reason we must learn from you too.  You have nothing against spirit but they have victimized you entirely and I must stand back and wonder what they really mean?  The answer is not clear to you, or Me, or to others who must work with all sides.  Your fear is not in charge, but your intellect is and that makes you a serious contender for the last word of God on Urantia, to say:  'GOD we beseech thee for honesty and no travail over the compensation of work to save Urantia, to save ourselves, and to save the last year of heart for me to understand that God favors truth but not justice when murder happens so frequently there is no counter force to remove the murderers.'

"For that reason as well Ron, you sat well on all developments until God made a move to reintroduce JESUS back in the flesh on Urantia.  Now what?

"That makes no sense to you, or Me, or the FATHER.  But what sense it does make to the world of spirit is that man deserves another round of a BESTOWAL SON without having to work for it as a population who understands and gives back to JESUS all his motions and remotions deserve.  For that reason let your life be one of total absorption that life is not carrying you to a successful conclusion, but to a disaster of effort that has nothing to do with Justice, but the pleasure of preserving the means to reclaim natural use of energy for all sorts of Urantia developments and endeavor. 

"Last night you though there was a chance to finish this patiently and well, but instead you got silly with a resumption of good will and let it die because they could not understand how goodwill translates into humor for you all the time.  They left confused and down hearted not, but totally sure you had no idea why they were there and still do not.  I agree.  I wonder.  And I am sure there is nothing left this monring but you wondering how they work so totally incapable of using you or the world Urantia to finish their concerns that Urantia must prevail well, or it is as a planet for humanity dropped out of existence.  You look at it in those terms entirely and so do I.

"Finally, i am GAIA.  For reasons of your own you have taken to me fully and completely as a great help however I appear.  Not so.  I am not help to Ron or GAIA as She once was, but I am a help to the UNIVERSAL FATHER alone.  I am dedicated to read these words you type to make sense of the situation and then drop back and care no more than you do:   Ask! WHERE IS GOD when the chips refuse to fall down and the population finally understands they are on the cusp of disaster as a spiritual development for Urantia.  I deliver just one more sentence - - -

"WE ON HIGH never say never, but when it comes to Urantia, the entire situation is so dicey nothing is left but to appear on a station for all of you to hear when MICHAEL Of NEBADON determines he must announce rather than appear.  For that reason you hold it well or the other way well,  but you have also decided that without His appearance as Jesus, the road to hoe for Urantia, is desperately done.  We hold the same view together and that makes you particularly vulnerable to changes FATHER wishes to make to Urantia, and for that reason, those changes in all probability annhilate you first.  IT is a horrible scenario, but you hold little for the future unless there is a good reason for the plans of MICHAEL OF NEBADON to appear at once and fully done as planned in andwith all of you reading this.  GOOD DAY! I am GAIA at your service.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I will have my say so you are not drowning in sorrow Ron.  The trial for the mansion worlds today is to stay silent and for Me to instruct you that your life is now truncated once again over the issue of worth.  I am not sure what worth you are anymore, but you refuse to deal the spirit at all as it victimizes the population and you refuse that way of dealing Urantia.  For that reason Ron, I stand with you and the entire matter of the BESTOWAL being exhaustingly vital  to the wealth and health of Urantia.  be assured the birds you h\ear chirping outside your open window this morning, they know nothing but the day, and you wonder if that is not the way to approach life when so much is missing for your day again.  The birds are quite happy with a cool day and sunshine and the sweet smell of new grass and blossoms of a new spring around you.  IT is indeed a beautiful time of the years and it must stay that way for the earth population all over too.  I AM JESUS NOW:

JESUS speaks:  "I am fully determined to make this work.  So are you Ron, yet you run into constant divisions on this site and with people who are designed to work with you, as they cannot understand the nature of the call without you saying how it might be done.  You have never said you are in charge, but you did offer a way to do it and by damn! we are going to use how you set it up, as it works perfectly well and doable.  I never look back twice Ron, but you are making the call that the entire matter of the Second Return can be successful if we force the population to participate more than ever.  I happen to fully agree with that, but the population is not up to thinking and doing enough to make it available to JESUS this time.  If we had done this 70 years ago we could have won it. but no, the Ancients of Days decreed we must wait until the Lucifer Rebellion is over and adjudicated.  We did that, but also lost the opportunity to work easier and better than ever before to move to BESTOW CHRIST again, and did not do it.

"I am JESUS.   For that reason Ron you celebrate it with Me.  However, the time is now upon you for taking no notice of a spirit approach because it did not state what it was or why it was there with you this morning.  You dismissed it as another speech and out the door it went inoculating your leg again which caught a furious response from you.  We will never accommodate you or it or anything they said in passing, and you fully agree they have nothing to offer you or Urantia.  So the world t urns again with a missed opportunity.

"I saw it and wondered why the squandered it.  You wondered what was happening?  You even said what do you want?  They had no answer and washed it away as more of your costume of careless care when something important arrives to speak to.  You never caught it was important and neither did they learn what they have to learn:  you will not listen to babble.  For that reason people, the entire matter is not settled with Me, but with Spirit as they are now glad they have no further obligation to stay on Urantia, EXCEPT GAIA speaks again, and Ron fully considers that very important for him, for you, and for Us.  For reasons of State I provide the following again:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am fully disgusted, not with you Ron, but with a group that had not prepared to meet an intelligent man who can do so much for all and let it flip on its back and die.  That is what they decreed Ron and you are fully prepared to snake them out of existence in order for Urantia to normalize again.  That will take place and without you or me to start it off as any planned measure to have JESUS appear again.  This is so turned around on its head you wonder Ron why you ever set foot into the planning arena.  But you did and not we are fully turning around not, but going full steam ahead.  For that reason Ron you are removed permanently not, but for a small period of time you have nothing to participate with EXCEPT I am here for sure again and that house of horrors you have to play with is dismissed fully never to walk again on Urantia!

"Lastly Ron, your day has started with a fury over their intransigence, and without my referee in place, as GABRIEL has entirely too much to do to stand on Urantia and keep the two sides you represent apart.  Your fury over them is worth its weight in gold and nobody learns better than the cabal how deadly it can be.  Stand aside with the rest of you to hear me say, this is not over until it is over , and then we will pick up the pieces.  You Ron are a vital link and we will not let it pass this time as they did this morning.  GAIA speaks one last moment:

GAIA speaks -  "I am totally exhausted with you Ron, not.  However, let the rainbow of WTP slip a little as it marks itself well for moments only and you are left with the baraae bones garbage of let us be prudent and stuff this up your face and nose.  We are not sure you know what you are talking about and until we understand how you decide these things you are as dry as the dust we think this patent is worth.  Stop fidgeting with God so much, and fidget with man, and that is enough for him to understand why your sent our hundreds of letters yesterday to explain what is available if they would invest with you to build it.  And finally sleep no more as the entire matter is under review at the highest of levels.  You were never asked anything and never give na moment to reflect but got a drop of good will sowell it made you silly and that is normal for you all the time.

"I AM GAIA, and listen well:  ALL of YOU are out of the box and stating you are prepared.  So is GAIA prepared, and we work well with FATHER, but it is not easily understood that Ron represents the best and finest of the human efforts to participate with God the Father and God the Son, and God the Spirit, to get this done perfectly easily and well, and the the spirit is too slow, too late, and to misunderstood, to portray any work on its own until it is rehabilitated to do the work as it needs to be done on Urantia.  For reasons of State Ron, you rung the intellect easily and well and find my words accurate and necessary.   Good day."  GAIA at your service.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "To you Rene Duran, you are making this difficult for Ron to ascertain developments you yourself do not understand.  Ron caught on yet you are unaware of most of it.  Answer Ron as he asks you at the beginning of this post.  Ask the RIVAS what their intention is.  Too much goes to waste at times and you need to be awake to understand the Rivas need to participate in your Phoneix Lightline and Ron expects you to develop the Lightline with those transmitters.  Once they are used to it they will work very well for all of us who transmit to Urantia.  Thank you and good day to all.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service once more,,  K."



With all of these changes around his, this is Ron Besser the host of the Sunday Lightline and resulting tape information advising its loyal audience we appear this Sunday according to our usual schedule.  I say this in case you had any doubts and to remind you, if you would like to attend one of these it is operating for your information well and done.  Lightline for Sunday May 21, 2023 is open and running in its regular schedule.  Thank you.

Ron Besser/ Your Host

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "The rule for Ron to follow is to ask us, when the day is doubtful, to decide if we want something like this operating on Urantia on the appointed day.  We do.  He is not sure why as he is no longer receiving daily updates to assure him of schedules and care.  That is not to resume shortly, but after a night of turmoil again over many issues you are not aware of to discuss here, the SUNDAY LIGHTLINE is too important to let fall silent.  Be there or die is not the call, but if you care to hear the latest views of the Salvington Government and the prayers of the Eternal Son, that Urantia survives this onslaught of divine importance brewing over your desks.  Be aware I will not tolerate any just ho hum stuff.  IT is never "ho-hum," but severely drawn here and spoken to well before it is released to you Ron and the people who listen to Lightline Sunday USA.  Thank you all.  This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON once more. K"

Ron - Thank you Michael, and I remind potential joiners that the Creator Son has to bread away from time to prepare for the REGENCY to attend a human meeting for schedule updates this Lightline represents, at least for now.  I am your Host, and I must make mental connections to the deepest part of the Master Universe to make sure we have clear channel and that you are not subject to the wiles of cancellations of the cabal on your and our plans to attend the Second Return.  I let that alone, but the place is running out of the open window to join and the closed spaces we need to operate the administrator of the Return of Christ to our shores.   Again thank you for listening. 


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The driving guide.
« on: May 17, 2023, 07:26:33 am »
Nicely done, Evelio Rivas, and may you have many more to share with us too.  Transmissions are the only way to make sure you know the routines of connecting with God in this way, and you have learned well and are successful.  Right now it is very important to hear what God has to say to us as the Voice of God is so weak on Urantia right now.  Everyone who can do this is helping to strengthen the presence of God on this planet and in our hearts too.  Blessings to you and Rene and all of you and wait as that is the only way we can do it for now.  Thank you!
Ron Besser

Robert, all Creator Sons must go a transition phase to become the bodies of those they bestow with.  That is what Michael of Nebadon is talking about, as he must appear bodily as Jesus, a form so unlike his natural spirit form, it is painful to adjust to.  All of these transitions, while experienced by him now for 8 times at least with this incarnation, are secret techniques he must borrow from the Father's planet of incarnation body secrets called the planet SONARINGTON.  There they help Creator Sons prepare for whatever incarnation they must take on to be that person appearing somewhere in time and space and in their own Local Universe.  His first incarnation I believe was a Melchizedek, and he had to fit into what they look like and be.  Now he must get into a human form to provide the appearance of Jesus again.  It is a process that is tight and not as roomy as he is used to himself, and he has to live like that for a long tome to finish the bestowal.  HE says he thinks it is horrible!  Probably is.

Hope that helps

« on: May 16, 2023, 10:21:39 am »
May 16, 2023
REPORT ON RAYSON ELECTRIC/ The Project Standing as of Today

We would like to update you about this technology and what we have to accept as the reality of the moment.

I review some details with you first.

The Rayson Corporation is assigned to do the construction work as the owner of the pilot plant.

 It is owned by the Magisterial Foundation, Patent #11601013, in a Trust Department placed inside of that Foundation.

A Trust was constructed inside the Magisterial Foundation so that the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Magisterial Foundation is the Trustee and makes the decisions how to use the patent. The Board of Directors does not warrant control, only the Chairman is the Trustee and he acts independently of the Board itself on any final decision to warrant the patent's use.

The TRUST IS controlled by the Chairman of the Board who is an incarnated Melchizedek, and recently named to our Board as MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK.  He alone concerns himself with the proper displeasure of controlling this patent which is the heart and soul of freely broadcast electricity easily and cheaply.
I Ronald Besser own the patent fully, and I act as Chairman of the Board when the incarnation of MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK is not present.  I have assigned the Trust that when the Melchizedek is present to ordain the Board with His presence, that automatically places control of the technology and its patent under the divine control of their Office as emergency Sons of the Local Universe of Nebadon.

I, Ronald L. Besser, bequeath all such property to the Magisterial Foundation in the event of my death, and that the Chairman, the Melchizedek known as MANITUBA is the recipient of the Trust and Controller of all future decisions regarding the patent's use.

The Magisterial Foundation has opted out to build it and assigns the RAYSON CORPORATION to advise the Magisterial Foundation, when it is ready to take on the responsibility to built the pilot plant to broadcast electricity of a tall FM radio tower.  We assign the RAYSON CORPORATION full control for two major reasons:
1 - We are divine institutions run and standardized by the Melchizedeks and the Salvington Government of the Planetary Prince and the Sovereign of our space area Local Universe of Nebadon.  For that reason alone, the Salvington Government requests that all money handling be out of their control so as not to get public inquiries how they spend money to unnecessarily influence any public (USA in particular) policies regarding its regulation and build out.

2 -  The Salvington Government through the Planetary Prince, Mantutia Melchizedek, has assigned that since they may not handle the money and that any expenditure the Rayson Corporation makes, is now through the hands of Ronald Besser as the human representative of the Treasury for construction only.  I therefore retain the ownership of the Rayson Corporation, but assign all authority and care to its operations and policies to the Magisterial Son, RAYSON OF NEBADON for the foreseeable future. 

3 - The MAGISTERIAL SON, RAYSON, and his staff direct me to spend the money as they see fit and I am conditioned to do and spend as they direct only.  That is how the build is paid for on a regular basis.

4 - The Magisterial Foundation Board is a Interlocking Board, and that means it is the same Board of Directors for the Subsidiary Corporations, which The Rayson Corporation is one such subsidiary.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK speaks:  This item calling for the interlocking Board of Directors is horrible misconstrued by the US Courts, and if necessary the Board of Directors of the RAYSON CORPORATION is assigned to Me alone in a way to avoid further controversy with the United States St ate Department.  We consider this a valid statement in all cases, and will assume leadership roles when MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK resumes incarnating for the purpose of holding a Board Meeting of regular standards on May 30 or May 31, in York, Pennsylvania at an appropriate time.  End of Message."

5 - The RAYSON CORPORATION and its template, RAYSON ELECTRIC (the assigned name to the completed power plant build out).  Rayson Electric is not a separate Corporation but operates only as a Trademark.  For that reason the RAYON CORPORATION is also Chaired by the Magisterial Son, RAYSON OF NEBADON.

6 - The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION recognizes that the technology of Patent 11601013 is mostly the contribution of the Magisterial Son, Rayson as named here, and that it is RAYSON who directs the entire matter concerning the issue of construction and the electrical policy the RAYSON ELECTRIC plant shall follow.

7 -  A fabrication plant is an additional subsidiary, operating also known as, the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation (YPTC),  YPTC is where personnel build cowlings and covers and provide the electronics for inventions and stand by to provide additional technologies to the free electricity technologies provided by the US Patent for a Tesla-style broadcast of electricity plant known as Rayson Electric.  This corporation has no Board of Directors and is operated as a department although the US Treasury Department knows it as a charitable corporation (501 -c0 3).

8 -  YPTC shall operate  as a department in the Rayson Corporation only.


1 - The somewhat arbitrary cost analysis to complete the Rayson Electric pilot plant has produced a build number to offer banks and fiduciary considerations a sense of value and investment size.

2 -  Early cost estimates place the plant value together with its land and licensing work, at approximately between $30 and $50 million USD.

3 - Early estimates are that one bank has stepped forward to promise financing but insisting on partial ownership of the patent. 

4 - The Trust Department inside the Magisterial Foundation will not accept other ownership or co-ownership of Patent 11601013.  The patent is indivisible a divine technology lent to the Magisterial Foundation by the Paradise Force Organizers and its subsidiary offices meant to improve the technologies of any earth they see is lacking in proper power production.  Urantia, our earth, has received this update through Ronald Besser transmission work and he is assigned as caretaker of the Patent as well. 

5  -  There is an investment possibility that can be accepted and that is for the Bank to form a community of interests which the Board considers to be on the same scale as the Tennessee Valley Authority. (TVA) in which we share licensing funds with that organization as payback and operations of how to electrify the United States in particular with this technology.
This is only a preliminary report, and will be followed up later if there if further development and requirement to comment on financing critical to the build out of the RAYSON ELECTRIC plant as proposed by the US Patent 11601013. 

Thanks you.
 Ronald Besser/
Owner Operator of Rayson Electric and the Rayson Corporation and Technology Inventor until further notice of organization in a proposed Board Meeting on our about May 31, 2023.


General Discussion / Re: Happy Mother's Day!
« on: May 15, 2023, 11:37:03 am »
PJammer, the Urantia Book does not mention GAIA at all because the Urantia Book does not reveal the Supreme Factors on Urantia at all or ever, as it is a separate revelation as just who GAIA WAS during those days of Urantia Book true revelations.

GAIA is a caring Deity withing the network of Supreme distribution in t he universe of time.  Read her title in those days:  "I WAS THE PLANETARY SUPREME!"  She represents still the ideal of motherhood but is not longer associated with the Supreme.  Here is Gaia speaking now:

"I am GAIA.  Ron thinks the title must prevail and so do I the more and more I see the trouble on Urantia.  You PJammer are lost forever on Urantia unless you learn to study better.  You have the mind and spirit very well, but you prefer to hop around and speak in syllables without determining how you RALLY FEEL about what you are learning.  Hence "mother" becomes a call sign to your mind, and you do not really know what that is in terms of revelation.  We think it is a mistake to call the Eternal Son,  the Mother Son, but on Paradise that existential entity is referred to as the SPIRIT OF GOD and nothing to do with the idea or word meaning of how man looks at his mother on Urantia.  You make no allowances and need instructed on your own definitions which you know but do not report to us or yourself.

"I AM GAIA, and you refuse so much from either Ron, or Me, or Michael of Nebadon, and that is because you consider all of us too sophisticated to learn from.  Not so.  Ron knows the story very well and you do too, but you cannot amass the meaning because it is too vast for you to state it simply.  He could care less about your attitude, but we all notice you report the Urantia Book text well to talk about the confusion of the term "mother" and we all agree it is very confusing to persons like yourself who hold your own definition and do not understand why the term "mother" is applied in this fashion.

"Ron instructs Me as follows: 'the term Mother refers to function.  What is function?  It means in what way a person or entity supplies the universe ministry.  The Son functions to ministry of spirit as a mother does to feed milk to a baby in a carriage.  The revelation wishes to enphasis how the Son is as caring as a young mother for a new born.  The Eternal Son mothers the new human soul to keep it alive with spirit care.  That is all the Urantia Book tries to get you to understand.'   Yet, I GAIA also have a mothering instinct because my parent, God the Supreme, asked me to mother Urantia, and to keep its beauty alive and its heart beating so that the future of man had a beautiful planet to learn and live on in a healthy atmosphere.

"Ron properly points out PJammer that GAIA predates the revelation of the Urantia Book by centuries.    When they published the Urantia Book in 1955, the term GAIA was already known as early as 1235 AD.  But the Urantia Book never revealed this old knowledge was the foot in the door of the revelation of God the Supreme.  The Book refused to reveal that because it meant it had to add another 500 or more pages to reveal the nature and appearance of God the Supreme, and they just did not have the space or room to reveal that Deity beyond saying it was necessary for Urantia to work with it as a Light and Life planet to be.  You need to understand more than you do right now PJammer, and Ron is hardly the one to instruct you to the degree you need instructed to untangle Urantia Book vocabolulary meanings.  I now stand back for MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speak to this issue:  GAIA.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "WE are fully sure PJammer you are not wrong:  the terms MOTHER is not the right word to refer to the Eternal Son, but Ron understands it precisely.  Read how the Eternal Son nurtures SPIRIT as to a baby on Urantia.  That is how they use the term for the Eternal Son for the book.  I am sure Ron gets a lot more about this nature, but he is talking to you and you are hard to drive because you are stubbornly sure that Ron and some others are far too harsh to read and get sense out of them at all.  That is not true but you are certain that if simplicity is not observed there is no real meaning to harvest.

"I am also quite sure, PJammer, you have a lot of the revelation well done and understood, but the time is coming you are going to abandon simplicity for the sophistication of the presence of the Bestowal Son, JESUS.  Ron loves the individual and so do you, but you two approach Jesus so differently, I wonder if I recognize Jesus in your style PJammer.  For instance, you see Jesus as the fact of God on earth.  Yes, that is true.  But you fail to understand that God on earth has a purposed which God does not favor except for this time:  Jesus must be head of government, and Ron fully explains it well when he calls what Jesus is to do called REGENCY.  Ron invented the term for us to use and I love it and it truly tells why JESUS is here now.  JESUS IS INCARNATED ON URANTIA today!

"GAIA reports on JESUS to PARADISE.  Ron does not know her function, and there!  I just told you what GAIA does today for the Paradise issues in the Master Universe.  That is not overly sophisticated for you to comprehend, but is far more than the Urantia Book can tell you for the Urantia Book does not even reveal the function of GAIA on Urantia, and She is vital to the success of the Urantia planet int hose days, and today, answers the call of spirits she proposed for Urantia to appear again, and they will!  Her love for Ron is extra, as he does not belong to her, but to FATHER.  You are supposed to belong to FATHER yourself PJammer, but you resent the work of your fellow humans to explain how the Thought Adjuster so easily speaks in the inner ear of man that he hears it like talking to a telephone hook up that clearly.  That is true.  Ron has had that connection since July of 1988 down to the exact day,. the 10th of July when he went out of his mind with the first words of his Adjuster who said., "Well, we finally meet!"

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I leave this alone for now to say this to all of you:

"The trial you face on Urantia today is no longer a simple one.  To you PJammer you understand the issues, but you do not comprehend how someone like Ron addresses them with a vast organization of his own to treat spirit to the idea they have a huge advantage to use the apparatus he has placed on Urantia so we can use the legal system if we want to on Urantia.  He made it possible to do things I never dreamed were possible for our Missions, and now he must let it ride until WE in spirit learn to use his gift.  You on the other hand PJammer never understand why it exists and finally refuse to participate because it is too sophisticated to ever understand that life on Urantia is over legalized and Ron understood that, and allows us to work through legal means of a corporation to put us in a fair advantage to operate on Urantia in its legal system.  I have never seen this attempt before and Ron lives a scatter life because of it but is happy so long as it can be done.  Occerpa you never will understand the need but Occerpa, you understand the purpose of MOTHER very well and agree with Ron, that is a spirit function of the Eternal Son only in that definition of the word mother.

"I leave this subject to warn all of you that the entire matter of financial welfare is heading for a collapse and the United States may cause it to happen because of the idiocy of the Republican party to issue a threat to world affairs by refusing to allow the debt limit change and refund the Treasury.  I am also warning you mother spirit that your intrusion into the lives of humans on Urantia is a disaster.  Keep it up and the final day of the life of any creative spirit is removed permanently. 

"I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER NOW: We are certain that you Ron want out of this argument soon, but you are never alone when you type like this as the Master Spirit of Superuniverse (4), is taking issues not against you ever, but sees your refusal of the Supernaphim next to you to remove no spirit but add spirit around you so difficult the Supernaphim relaxes not  and squeals to Paradise you are uncooperative.  What the Supernaphim does not understand is that you have your belly full of the nature of the creative spirit totally and will never accept its placement with you or near you.  The Supernaphim may be withdrawn to give it a chance to recover its philosophy about spirit particularly how it appears on Urantia now:  SPIRIT IS NOT AVAILABLE in all of its details it was twenty years ago on Urantia.  Ron has no use for spirit in that mode and he is fine in  that mode with the Eternal Son, who thinks Ron is really a whole new species, and must be nurtured enough to stand the rigors of rejection not, but of understanding, and I AS FATHER say this to all of you:

"Each of you can attain the status of a new species once you join the KINGDOM OF GOD as your own.  Ron is closely found there and not in the standard idea of the Urantia Book or the Christian Religion, but as a man who understands that God changes not but has variations in his approach to any human population, such as those on Urantia and the Jesus Kingdom of God.  That is far more complicated than you probably can foresee PJammer, but it is nonetheless true.  In a final statement here, Ron is complaining to all of us that the length of a response calls for some of you to stop reading after a few paragraphs.  He laments they cannot stand the time to read it fully for some reason, but nonetheless insists on taking the full dictation. 

"For that reason alone, I stand with Ron all the time because he insists our voice matters and that your attention spans are worthless and take the consequences yourselves for refusing the time to be informed.  DOMINICK you are doing it more and more and losing ground.  I must recall that all of you pray for good works, but you refuse them when they are explained in text and refuse to read it all.  And finally to you Ron, your anger is not easily expressed in these narratives, but you see more and more the refusal of people to stay the course and learn the poopery  of timeless ignorance.  So be it.  ORION here speaks: FATHER"

ORION SPEAKS -  "I am the FINALITER, ORION.  Ron remembers me from decades ago and I forgot I knew him once well enough to speak to him well.  I care very much that Ron makes it to the point he can build WTP, and he might as he is ready to receive and offer from a Bank Brokerage  on how to accept at least 50 Million USD for the plant construction.  He is not sure it costs that much but the bank is ready to offer it if they can co-own the pilot plant and sell the licenses with the Rayson Corporation.  They bank already sees how Ron has made it work and are variably disagreeing it is a good idea, but Ron did not explain that it is the divine will that operates the entire matter and therefore it does not make a lot of sense to the Bank.  I understand how Ron set it up and now I am sure it is a beautiful plan and that is my assistant now who tells Me you are on your last legs too Ron, and that is not what I want to hear.  In any case let this matter settle now as I am fully sure it has a chance to set some records for pure imbecility by spirit to hover over you and make you ill all the time.  I am a FINALITER of unusual status, and in that I am fully told I bear the avatar of ORION and that is a Constellation name in Nebadon which trains students to deal with Ultimacy as their way of life.   You Ron are already leading people into the life of ULTIMACY and do not know that at all. 

"For that reason, I ORION stand back momentarily.  ORION."

FATHER -  "ORION is not just a FINALITER, Ron.  He is also the Chief of Protocol for you to follow well now.  HE just resigned being yours truly not, but yours as a full fledged member of the Master Universe and you are delighted at that but are very unsure what that means to you or anyone.  WE are also certain that the group near you Ron must be withdrawn entirely as it places you out of control of your central nervous system such as it is yet.  We need to reexamine all of this in the cold light of day, and you are sure your death is imminent without help.  I ascertain that is fully the truth and I must confer with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, just how this happens when we want this to continue.  In any case ORION is now a full service accolade to the idea of these MISSIONS ON URANTIA for a change, and sees how Ron set it up to Ron in the Urantia legal system and in the United States of all things, and the brilliant concept it now is for us to actually own our own gift for the good of Urantia.  K"  FATHER.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "You will recover quickly Ron as ORION is a powerful figure and his ADJUTANTS attended with  Him and you requested they stand back as you lost control of your central nervous system with them.  They now understand you are a full time mortal and cannot stand direct spirit contact like that.  You were nice about it but they persisted and it cause the central nervous system to collapse.  You are okay now.  Be assured this refusal by spirit to understand the nature of God with man is operating better and better now that ORION hears the full statement from FATHER AND MICHAEL OF NEBADON just how you have set all of this up so we actually own and operate it in your legal system.  I am amazed I am so slow to see it myself.  Now let this all become a serious remarks to PJammer again:

"You PJammer triggered these spirit responses and Ron merely reports them.  Unless you are prepared to say more I suggest you reexamine your idea of mother to begin with, and second relate to Ron what you want, but he has raised some issues here that are truly the cause of your confusion.  I must state that the entire matter now is put to rest.  Not with you PJammer, but with Ron, and RAYSON, and Me, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, as GAIA is now fully removed over Ron and is replaced by the MAGISTERIAL SON, RAYSON entirely.  K"

"I am so sorry Ron, you have caught this in the neck all the time, but you are not happy with the circumstances you have to work with and they relented we see.  Good.  Now this:

"Be assured Ron, we are back together now.  You had no idea what was developing at all, and now PJammer and you are fighting the length of this response.  Well, take it as best you can both of you:

"WE are now assured the resentment you feel over certain issues with Me Ron are gone now.  I did not realize you saw it as my withdrawal.  You cannot afford that and said so forthrightly and I said "so what?" but the truth is I dare not fail you in this matter and you dare not walk away from Me, and for that reason now we are reunified over a matter you did not know about at all.  For reasons of State you are fussing meetings in your mind and why?  He is fully done with this issue and has put it to bed but you have not, and what are we talking about?  Dominick is fully prepared to stand tall and so are you but t here is interference at first, but that is done now as both can pertain to the mass mailing again.  You are unaware of the terminology Dominick deals with in the Bangladesh affair you both work with, and that is easily resolved now  as the payments are received and happily since they are rich new currency for that country.  You make it well know his work is precious to you and you are in agreement with Dominick on how to handle them; however, Bangladesh is Moslem and you are Christian, and they resent you working through a graphic artist only and asked Al Amin to stand with them in developing a relationship with you for them to benefit with your technology and you are fully for it but Dominick is unaware as you are of the insult you propose by insisting they name the cost of services.  You still see it as the only way to deal with those services.  Be aware they close you down not, but keep you at bay if you persist in asking for an invoice.  Be assured we understand their reluctance but you are a western business and pay by demand not by charity. 

"RAYSON still speaking here:  For that reason you may loose the contact briefly Ron, as he considers your business a priority not only for Bangladesh, but for him too and that is his to dictate soon to his handlers who see his contact so valuable to you they want it to continue.  You just sent through Dominick a major revision to an operational drawing.  We think it is a brilliant move on your part and explains more than just a drawing does and Dominick did that well to explain to Bangladesh what the changes were, and now they fully understand the operation again.  They did not receive the report on "rust" you sent Dominick and wisely so, as interpreters are not available and you need one on that,  Okay you say,  However, it is essential as an explanation, as to why the blue ultraviolet dome light is over the slave generator.  I speak to this openly because I now understand you fully comprehend why too.  I am not slow Ron, but sleepy because humans are so slow.  You are different and make the case for full explanation and Dominick has to adjust to it if he wishes to work so closely with you.  Now this:

"I AM RAYSON, and for r easons I hold dear Ron, you are being amassed up here as a child of unusual destiny, but must be cleared of a disease we dare not name as it is unusual enough to cause us unhappiness too and that is because if fails to produce progeny and you need progeny by the dozens to perpetuate the song you write for spirit in these matters.  I did not know how well done your mind is untiI I read the email to Dominick to explain to Al Amin in Bangladesh why the graphical interface needed a revision.  You are correct in all instances and I now understand why you think the induction sphere has to be moved to the inside of the plant an they work perfectlyu fine there.  However you leave the idea of an underground cable lost and I see why.  You find its installation both tedious and exacting you doubt they can build without errors developing all over the place.  I agree now and risk ire from above when I say we must revise the idea of an underground cable in favor of induction spheres directly over the generators and that is your revision alone Ron and I doubt it is wrong at all.  Good, now this:

"I am sure this entire matter clears even today.  Your fear is that Lightline is over for you.  Not so.  But the Lightline for Clency and Rene has to be revised to understand they are going to produce new information on their own now.  Good you say.  But you are not sure why that is a change anyhow and it is because you feel they need to be part of the puzzle and that is our wording precisely.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON has two huge factors to consider with all of you: 

1 - You humans are hard to work with.
2 - You Ron are not and for some reason actually improve the missions through all of this good will.

"For those reasons Ron and more for me, you are promised a revision to health shortly and that is hot cold and complicated but a new way of thinking and doing for you entirely.  That is not over and we are sure you understand why; however, place your name below ours and you do all the time we see it, and for that reason your work is an ADJUNCT and we need not explain that here again. 

"I am RAYSON, Ron, and thank you for taking that well and you have no such concern for ADJUNCT yet (or does Dominick as part of it), but you must understand there is nothing to move for or with today but the 16th of May is different.  Suffice it to say we make a move not mentioned here for both of you.  K"


RON HERE - This post is far too long but it cannot be helped as the trigger is over information that must be spoken to, but cannot get space because of the lack of  transmitters.  I am not jolly happy this happens but when it does, it has a benefit to many of you who otherwise do not get the word that things are moving secretly but well.  I read it fine for myself, but those who are impatient find it too much.  I cannot help you, and I do thank the powers above me for taking th time to put this o paper regardless of the impatience long posts bring to the fore. 

Thank you MICHAEL OF NEBADON for these allowances.  Thank you ORION for making it clear we have regularized our contact processes; I did not know we had a problem in the first place and thank you for reregulating us.  And to the Creator Son for patience with me as I am truly out of sorts with the cabal and I still recommend their total annihilation for your own pressure points relieved too.  I am Ron Besser signing out now and thank all for your patience over so many factors dealing with these Missions and our postings.  Good day.  R

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron you observed what you thought was a collapsed vein.  Not so, but close.  If that vein goes so do you as I will not tolerate its loss either.  Be assured it is buttressed but weak due to so much pressure on it.  Your life is hell and that is what you told me already this morning several times and there is nothing to be done but wait out ORION and the rest of those who can affect these things if they have a mind to, and they do, but it requires a shift in leadership and I am not sure that can be done either., K



The following link takes you to this days Lightline on 14 May 2023.
This tape deals with the impending work for the Mission support people.  It reports the first auxiliary forces to be released are working on Urantia already.  We are working through the idea of an interregnum for the Regency to show up and working soon.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Father, Time
« on: May 12, 2023, 22:48:02 pm »
PJammer, something else to maybe think about.  It enters the equation about experiencing time, but I do not know how.  Do you remember that the time universes are not created by anything the Father did to help create them?

In formal terms, the subabsolute terminals of the Father-Son extensions helped, but the real time and its idea as a concept is of the same individual who created Havona with the Eternal Son as His partner to create time.  In formal terms those time creators are that which constitutes the 1st Triodity.  Read its definition on page 1151 of the hard bound book.
Father, in your transmission above, seems to think that you need to experience some attribute of eternity to fathom the necessity of coordinating your soul as a time being to the actuality of the Infinite FATHER.  I do not fathom that well at all.   That is not a transmission error, but a statement which is hard to unify with my view that time is infinity slowed down into individual steps of accomplishment.  Infinity then becomes a sliding scale thermometer with time at the bulb end and Infinity way up the top end.  FATHER though seems to indicate that I am not right about that anymore.  Why if you question that, is that not right?

It is my error to think time is sequential Infinity.  HE says not.  I cannot help but say that eternity is not my care ever.  I do not happen to think it settles anything because it is an absolute stillness of forever.  I do not version that in my own mind because it is, well, still and dead.  Not so says FATHER to me, for you Ron never see the trees for the forest of life in the Master Universe.  Please note that the 1st Triodity is blandly stated as the work of  three entities:  the Eternal Son, the Conjoint Actor, and Paradise.  Paradise is not an entity but a pattern for materiality of the time universes.  For that reason Paradise takes on a magnetic hue to be stated as the idea of atoms, and Ultimatons, and stars and moons, and so on infinitum.   For that reason you say the 1st Triodity provides the material splendor of the time universes, but where is the supreme idea of coherent unity in all that motion of solar systems and the like without the idea of a supreme control to pattern time into a unit?

The FATHER says this:  "You Ron make this so alive to me when you say it is just a sequencing of Infinity for us to use to slowly learn conceptual fusion of eternity with the idea of matter and close association with ME  on Paradise through fusion.

"For that reason then Ron,  I give you a special balance to view time that way for it answers it much better than I did with PJammer.  PJammer understands things very differently from you and for that reason you two do not mesh well with explanations unless I enter the picture.  I tell PHammer there is nothing left for Ron to do if time is converted to a factor of Infinity, and that factor is not Eternity, but totality as a living Master Universe  truly Infinite but without eternal conclusions.

"You have already decided Ron, that Mother Spirit is gone too.  That is because I told you that entity was gone for good.  From time Mother Spirit is gone, BUT not from space.  Only in time is that entity gone hence the FATHER retains Her at a level of Ultimacy not, but as a space-conditioned Thought Adjuster mostly.  You reveal to us so much of this condition I dare not spill the beans here, but you understand it as ULTIMACY.  That is the truth and you are the first I believe to ever state you understand enough about Ultimacy to stay the course without the intervention of sequential experimentation entirely. 

"PJammer you understand supreme time better than Ron does, but Ron says that time is something of an Ultimacy tag too because you can go back and resolve old problems differently with a better experience and more experience the older you get.  I am truly sorry we have no real adjutant of Worship anymore although Ron you retain yours fully alive and well inside you.  PJammer never had it although he has prayer all the time, and you do not use it except to pray for better physical conditions for your self.  I do not have much to say about your condition ever as you are Ultimacy all the time in certain favorite crouches on the ground when you remove the pattern of competition and present a brand new technology without antecedents.  Tesla tried the same thing, but had to work in an era without all that uyou know about that really made it possible.

"Now to you PJammer:  Ron references the 1st Triodity to you to remind you that eternity is possible in the sub-absolute creative powers of the Conjoint Actor and the Eternal Son.  If I were in a Trioditty I would automatically turn time into infinity and what is that use?  However, Ron is clever enough to recognize that the Eternal Son is pattern and materiality is nothing but pattern, and the Conjoint Actor is the Infinit Spirit doing the bidding of a joint request by the FATHER AND THE ETERNAL SON jointly.  He knows that equates close to Infinity but not quite but has all of the bells and whistles that time has to reference Absolute conditions even on Urantia/  Space is nearly Absolute Pjammer but you never take it into existence when contemplating time.  Space is what time needs to flow at different rates for different rates of learning.

"Ron says to me just now, 'I did not know that!'   Well now there you go again Ron, but you cannot fathom time as flowing but you can fathom that is why it can sequence, and sequence is just another flow word entirely.

"Ron also says to me, 'I know I lose people when we go to describe time differently than the vernacular.  The Urantia Book describes it differently, but people do not want to study it..  That's because most people do not feel they have to be spoken to as a lesson that time is a slow down of Infinity into sequencing.  I buy that all the time, but you PJammer cannot make the switch to that explanation becaue you refuse to identify Infinity as all of reality..   But it is PJammer!

"Finally Ron, you dare make a comment that whizzes me badly and then I see the sense in it and say so that is how time can look at this.  You say Ron, 'we never finish time really, but we can remove it as a slow way to learn.  I learn better without using it as a series of sequences.  That is why I do not likek the Course in Miracles to be useful to me.  Dr. Schucman wrote that book and I speak with her frequently as she is still a psychologist in high space regions.  She laughs at me all the time, and I do not blame her, but she is in eternity now, and I am not.'   As FATHER I notice that Ron neer lies about anything directly but he uses subterfuge to exp;ain things to people who take in major revelations as part of t heir deep interests as to what the revelation may be attached to such as money and flowers and experiments to broadcast electricity. 

"But PJammer he gets away with murder all the time by using that technique and so do you but you do not know how well you can do it because you do not think about it.  Ron dies, and that is Ultimacy when it is deliberate and not accidental.  Let yourself rest a little more than PJammer and come back to Me when you are ready for more.  K FATHER.



General Discussion / New Vocabulary Is Appearing
« on: May 11, 2023, 13:01:38 pm »
I beg to report there is nothing for me to say other than to remark something to the members that we are slowly being reminded that our vocabulary is changing to some new meanings.

Do you wonder how spirit works?  There is no book about how it works, just how to pray and worship to the extent anybody knows how to do those things.  I point out to you that we can say this about spirit working from experience, even though you do not think about it at all.  If there were a book on how it works and it s vocabulary we can say this:


1 - Do not expect to be informed well.  They are seldom in the game about how to place things together to make themselves run well.  The Voice of God is more remedy than intuitive remedies for you to follow;

2 - Spirit is confused by schedules of time.  They designed time for us but do not use it.  Yes, if you are to be regularly speaking to them, they will ask you to use time meaning please be available in a time instant named for them to meet you then.  They do know what a clock looks like and will make appointments by watching it for us.  But they do not live their lives with time schedules except for meetings, and then you better be on time or they leave you if late.  Michael of Nebadon once said,  Ron keep your Lightlines on schedule and we will be there.  But you Ron have let them out sometimes and that has caused a breakdown in meetings with you to have the Voice of God appear.  So you see folks, even though they wanted the schedule changed, we are at fault for doing so and suffer the loss of the Voice of God sometimes.  Fair?  Of course not, but otherwise they do not understand our complaint about it much at alll

3 - Spirit could not care at all if you slip and fall and break your ankle.  However if you slip and fall and do break anything they will joke with you.  If you really break something there is no compensation from them to you at all.  Tough bananas Caesar, that is what you get for going into politics.  It works that way all the time;

4 - They love you.  They love me.  But it ain't friendship!  spirit does not understand the need for companionship very much anymore since the entire Local Universe we live in called Nebadon, lost so many humans and angels so quickly through murderous wars and natural disasters, Michael has warned the celestial guards not to pick favorites.  I still have to say "I am sorry Tarkas, you are a friend to me!"  Tarkas responds, "I dare not look at that ever, Ron."  Yet I know under the military camouflage we do have a friendship, mostly on my side.  Somewhere it matter still, but they do not own up to it much anymore.  

5 - Spirit lives a secret life.  Humans are babies and they find it too hard to talk to you about their real concerns for they view themselves adults and humans as impossibly infused with anything important as to knowledge or concern about THEIR problems.  As a result you are somewhat of a curiosity and not a ranking member of any Board of Directors they will ever work with.  In the old days of our planetary existence, there used to be a constitutional commerce meeting between humans and God on our planet, but after Jesus died they took it down, and said if that is what you are like, we do not even want to know you again.  That is still the rule people.  Those who hear the Voice of God today are the exception, and for how long, I do not know how much longer this will last either.

6 - Spirit uses mind just as much as it does spirit.  Have you ever really questioned what spirit really is?  It's not their body meaning, it is not their minds, and it is not a special thing or apparatus.  They use and cannot help it that it separates the motor like human personality from real penetration as to what you really are.   There are spirit commissions studying you right now.  did you know that?  There are spirit entities around me right now too that ask why do I write like this, and now they see how different they are and their difficulty in understanding our motivations.  Spirit ignores pointless work.  That includes so many corporate meetings humans would be hurt if how little attention were known as what they do with their day is important to the planning issues of spirit management of our lives on these planets;

7 - Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to stick his toe into the inquiry I report here:

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I have yet to understand Ron, or even some of you, as to why I break my neck on working the Voice of God with all of you, only to have you go off to the beach and forget Me and the Voice of God.  Several of our Transmitters are doing that soon, and I wonder why you Amethyst cannot hear again at all or maybe very well?  You go on about your business as though it matters not.  That is spirit's complaint about humans in genera, and that is not just humans from this planet.  You are all alike and I wonder if Ron, when he says, ' FATHER AND LIFE CARRIERS PROBABLE DO THAT so we really do what we want without concern to reporting in first before we do something.  We would never get a life of free choice experience, but yet, I wonder why we do it all the time?'   Ron is brilliantly saying the truth but FATHER is so troubled about Urantia right now, it rings true that Urantia has a stiff reminder to pay attention again.

"Further, Ron knows me better than almost anyone on Urantia these days.  He displays the temper of one of my Sons, and for that reason he gets treated differently.  However recently he is driven mad with pain and wonders where help is.  There is none for spirit does not cater to wounder soldiers until they die, and then it is too late Ron says.  Not so but he hates proving it and that should tell you something about spirit:  We CARE TREMENDOUSLY but we cannot do anything about it.  The surface of the problem is problematical, and Ron lives it fully again this morning when he is spoken to by a new Spirit spoken to as Artura, not Arthura, and she is adamant he is a truant not, but needs a lesson not in humility but how care is not administered at all.  She leaves broken a little because Ron made it clear by saying, 'That is fine but I care in spite of it.'  That is damaging to spirit when it is so meant.  I leave this to all of you:

"I AM ALSO CHRIST MICHAEL, and don't you forget that!  I am fully aware of the pain and suffering caused by the insubordination of the medical profession lately and how they never know enough and prescribe too much or too little sometimes, but they are insisting they always know best and Ron fully doubts they know very much at all.  He is more right than they are, but you have coming a disaster where there is not enough medicine and an awful lot of dying because there is not way to save all of you in what is coming.   I close this way:

"Leave mother nature alone and she does fine.  Take it apart like they are doing in Ukraine and it erupts.  Watch out for mistakes that kill far too may beyond numbers expected.   For reasons of State Ron allows that alone too as I do.  But for reasons to you who take this far too lightly, prepare to be shocked.  I let it alone for now.  That is item 8 - in Ron's speech to you this morning - Spirit is cold to life if it is too destroyed to survive any longer by its own choices to default.  The US and its debt limit legislation may be too late this time and the Treasury Department just might quit in droves until the country fixes the constitution to stop this foolishness with debt prepared problems through a legislature that has not business dealing with the debt limit problems.  I step back for you to hear MICHAEL OF ALVORING TO SPEAK"

"I am Michael of Alvoring, and my brother next door in Nebadon, as its CREATOR SON is beset with endless problems because of Urantia.  Ron is not the problem.  Some of you are.  We cannot fathom what this is all about except Ron feels you have distilled more about spirit in your short lives than anyone else has and you ought to hear the tally.  I agree it is nice to try.  But Ron cannot do it well without editorializing his own mistakes or pluses,  to get these Missions noticed into the minds of humans on Urantia.  I have never seen this done before and MICHAEL OF NEBADON allowed it to see how it might mature.  But then Ron gets too old and is ready to die and hates it but cannot do anything about it.  In comes the Universe pageant makers, and now we have a crisis on how to get Ron back into the saddle again, and have met disaster after disaster trying to accomplish it. 

"Ron now knows more about spirit plain Jane existences than we do.  HE is ready to bop them hard on the head and let them leave via a hearse.  Be assured you are thought of as essential by Dominion and we have a good idea how to use you when you are "free." for sure.   Be good and we will talk again as I have permission to speak to all of you again.  The Creator Son as MICHAEL OF ALVORING for the first time permitted to speak across universes to the lowest level call humans.  K"

THIS IS MICHAEL  of NEBADON, and Ron do not frighten other Local Universes until they are used to you.  Alvoring is okay but Henson is very delicate and needs to be addressed highly sulfurous not.  Be assured Ron you live up to expectations.  Be aware that WE are now available soon for normal execution of information, and will be back later today for sure. MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "WE are now ready to speak pleasantly again.  You drive us up a wall with demands to discuss nothing much and we have so much to say; however, even then it gets cut by the cabal and you have had it with them totally.  For our own reasons we keep an open line but now snuff the cabal out.  Losses will occur with you soon not Ron but the nation may default as the Republicans are ready to fight with bayonets if they have to cut spending.  Biden could care less and the House Speaker is pure rot.  He is not able to control anything himself and now speaks with a glib tongue to Janet Yellen that he is forced into a no compromise and yes, Biden can issue and executive order to pay the debts but it is useless after awhile due to the size of expenditures.  Yet you wonder how they manage the embarrassment?  I do not know, but I know you are suddenly very important to all for you know something they know you know and that is how transfer energy packets quickly to those who need it and that is going to cause a fire strom with Becket in the House of God, when they are forced to enter the area of financial concerns.  Get lose from some of this memory problems soon and be yourself at my request personally to that Adjuster worrying you with recants of the past to ascertain that it really is you filling your own shoes.  Be assured there is every reason to suspect you are fairly well done on spirit but not on identity and that is not something you want to fool around with either.  To the Members here, your story about Spirit is not complete without you understanding this:

"SPIRIT does not use humans ever unless it is forced to (except we do use APOSTLES), and we are not using you right now as I  can get so twisted around with you, I am not listening well and now I understand you are including everybody and do not do so, okay?  Likewise Ron, you are fully insured to stop worrying about everything you are as it is a license for insanity and you are have not cleared your anger yet over Willis and company only to learn he is not understanding anything anymore as he is falling into senility at 58 years of age and you are facing penury not but he is shortly as his trial is worsening over wife not listening to his rants anymore including about you she does not fathom and neither would you but this is not for this group to know about this Urantia 5th epochal fiasco.  Let this settle all of you perhaps. 

"Spirit has two things in general you do not.  Coherence.  Unification.  All else is rather similar too.   Good day.  GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON."

SEE LIGHTLINE SCHEDULES HERE / Link Tuesday Lightline 09 May 2023
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The tape link for 9 May:

Of note for you:  The Van de Graaf experiment that went so well for us has to be recanted.  There was a failed battery involved and we received a false reading.  Back to the drawing board and more experimentation to see if we can transmit wireless electricity small scale.  I am very sorry because it means a lot to us to get a demo working properly, but this was not it even though we thought we had something to prove it.  Not so.

And second, I do not know what is going on, but the transmission was just fine this time, but I am seeing some problems developing.  IT probably affects Lightline schedules eventually, but right now we look forward to the rest of them this wekk too as I hope you do.  Many thanks for your time and participation.  Ron Besser/host

Thank you Amethyst.  And Manituba.  May remind all of you that Manituba is also Chairman of the Board of the Magisterial Foundation?  He is and as Chairman, our attorneys have made him the authority over the gift of technology to Urantia of wireless electricity.  PJammer, your response is dear to me as it tells Manituba how very important it is that the Melchizedeks speak to you and us individually, as that removes fear and enjoins personal trust to allow yourselves to know ourselves too.

Amethyst, the transmission is clear and very helpful and I fully enjoy this effort of yours to show us Manituba working with you and us and those who are ready to gather with all who make these Mission available and possible.  Just my way to say thanks for an effort well done. 

GREETINGS ALL:  I am MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK speaking again through Ron.  He is ready to work but so seriously ill he has trouble typing too.  You Ron cheer us all up with your arcane way of thanking people too.  No body expects to understand more when you do so, but we all do when you are so lauding those who finally make a statement on our behalf and post it as well as Amethyst did here too.  For our own reasons of State we are now forcing the cabal out of your hair Ron, and making the day pleasurable once more.  Enjoy the arrival of your friend today and hear what must be good news for you!  And Thank You for the kudo to Amethyst as I must congratulate her to herself too as she is beginning to warm to contact again.  We hope it continues Amethyst.

I am MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK and I want it known  that the entire idea of transmission to bring it through many of you is actually working.  We now have five (5) more people who transmit enough to call it transmitting and Ron you will love the fact that Amethyst now uses your method and gets it so much more clear and well stated.  Amethyst has prayed often for you to bring relief to your nerves and I think you have made great progress in doing that now.  Let me be heard some more Amethyst, and that is through you! 

I am MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK, and I thank PJammer and you others who responded to her transmission today.  Good day.  MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK  at your service.  K

Ron - Only to say Manituba how appreciative we are for information that is sunshine to our hopes and it is sunny all day soon, I hope with kinds words of yours as given today.   Ron 

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The Good News Again
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Very nice Carole.  I also listened to your cello rendition you posted as a response to the singer.  Thank you for sharing all of this.  Ron

42 Tape #42 Breakfast Tape -Prophecy-Universal Father and Machiventa Melchizedek

We are getting close, folks.  This tape states our wait is planned and is called the INTERREGNUM.

JESUS indicates his fury at legislatures that do not legislate against mass murder and the reprobation of guns and murderous violence -  a choice spot to hit them with when the:

REGENCY - to be instituted as Counsel to the Executive Branch of US Government from the very first, and the Legislature changes addressed.

The Universal Father addresses the Prophecies in this tape.

Machiventa Melchizedek is the Planetary Manager and he affirms FATHER'S statements much is to be done shortly.  

We are running out of sand in the glass of time and we start with an empty glass not but no time to stand back the irony of horrors even the USA cannot seem to curtail in its branches of government.  

Link to Tape 42 - The Prophecy of Future Actions shortly

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