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With all of these changes around his, this is Ron Besser the host of the Sunday Lightline and resulting tape information advising its loyal audience we appear this Sunday according to our usual schedule.  I say this in case you had any doubts and to remind you, if you would like to attend one of these it is operating for your information well and done.  Lightline for Sunday May 21, 2023 is open and running in its regular schedule.  Thank you.

Ron Besser/ Your Host

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "The rule for Ron to follow is to ask us, when the day is doubtful, to decide if we want something like this operating on Urantia on the appointed day.  We do.  He is not sure why as he is no longer receiving daily updates to assure him of schedules and care.  That is not to resume shortly, but after a night of turmoil again over many issues you are not aware of to discuss here, the SUNDAY LIGHTLINE is too important to let fall silent.  Be there or die is not the call, but if you care to hear the latest views of the Salvington Government and the prayers of the Eternal Son, that Urantia survives this onslaught of divine importance brewing over your desks.  Be aware I will not tolerate any just ho hum stuff.  IT is never "ho-hum," but severely drawn here and spoken to well before it is released to you Ron and the people who listen to Lightline Sunday USA.  Thank you all.  This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON once more. K"

Ron - Thank you Michael, and I remind potential joiners that the Creator Son has to bread away from time to prepare for the REGENCY to attend a human meeting for schedule updates this Lightline represents, at least for now.  I am your Host, and I must make mental connections to the deepest part of the Master Universe to make sure we have clear channel and that you are not subject to the wiles of cancellations of the cabal on your and our plans to attend the Second Return.  I let that alone, but the place is running out of the open window to join and the closed spaces we need to operate the administrator of the Return of Christ to our shores.   Again thank you for listening. 


« on: May 16, 2023, 10:21:39 am »
May 16, 2023
REPORT ON RAYSON ELECTRIC/ The Project Standing as of Today

We would like to update you about this technology and what we have to accept as the reality of the moment.

I review some details with you first.

The Rayson Corporation is assigned to do the construction work as the owner of the pilot plant.

 It is owned by the Magisterial Foundation, Patent #11601013, in a Trust Department placed inside of that Foundation.

A Trust was constructed inside the Magisterial Foundation so that the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Magisterial Foundation is the Trustee and makes the decisions how to use the patent. The Board of Directors does not warrant control, only the Chairman is the Trustee and he acts independently of the Board itself on any final decision to warrant the patent's use.

The TRUST IS controlled by the Chairman of the Board who is an incarnated Melchizedek, and recently named to our Board as MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK.  He alone concerns himself with the proper displeasure of controlling this patent which is the heart and soul of freely broadcast electricity easily and cheaply.
I Ronald Besser own the patent fully, and I act as Chairman of the Board when the incarnation of MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK is not present.  I have assigned the Trust that when the Melchizedek is present to ordain the Board with His presence, that automatically places control of the technology and its patent under the divine control of their Office as emergency Sons of the Local Universe of Nebadon.

I, Ronald L. Besser, bequeath all such property to the Magisterial Foundation in the event of my death, and that the Chairman, the Melchizedek known as MANITUBA is the recipient of the Trust and Controller of all future decisions regarding the patent's use.

The Magisterial Foundation has opted out to build it and assigns the RAYSON CORPORATION to advise the Magisterial Foundation, when it is ready to take on the responsibility to built the pilot plant to broadcast electricity of a tall FM radio tower.  We assign the RAYSON CORPORATION full control for two major reasons:
1 - We are divine institutions run and standardized by the Melchizedeks and the Salvington Government of the Planetary Prince and the Sovereign of our space area Local Universe of Nebadon.  For that reason alone, the Salvington Government requests that all money handling be out of their control so as not to get public inquiries how they spend money to unnecessarily influence any public (USA in particular) policies regarding its regulation and build out.

2 -  The Salvington Government through the Planetary Prince, Mantutia Melchizedek, has assigned that since they may not handle the money and that any expenditure the Rayson Corporation makes, is now through the hands of Ronald Besser as the human representative of the Treasury for construction only.  I therefore retain the ownership of the Rayson Corporation, but assign all authority and care to its operations and policies to the Magisterial Son, RAYSON OF NEBADON for the foreseeable future. 

3 - The MAGISTERIAL SON, RAYSON, and his staff direct me to spend the money as they see fit and I am conditioned to do and spend as they direct only.  That is how the build is paid for on a regular basis.

4 - The Magisterial Foundation Board is a Interlocking Board, and that means it is the same Board of Directors for the Subsidiary Corporations, which The Rayson Corporation is one such subsidiary.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK speaks:  This item calling for the interlocking Board of Directors is horrible misconstrued by the US Courts, and if necessary the Board of Directors of the RAYSON CORPORATION is assigned to Me alone in a way to avoid further controversy with the United States St ate Department.  We consider this a valid statement in all cases, and will assume leadership roles when MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK resumes incarnating for the purpose of holding a Board Meeting of regular standards on May 30 or May 31, in York, Pennsylvania at an appropriate time.  End of Message."

5 - The RAYSON CORPORATION and its template, RAYSON ELECTRIC (the assigned name to the completed power plant build out).  Rayson Electric is not a separate Corporation but operates only as a Trademark.  For that reason the RAYON CORPORATION is also Chaired by the Magisterial Son, RAYSON OF NEBADON.

6 - The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION recognizes that the technology of Patent 11601013 is mostly the contribution of the Magisterial Son, Rayson as named here, and that it is RAYSON who directs the entire matter concerning the issue of construction and the electrical policy the RAYSON ELECTRIC plant shall follow.

7 -  A fabrication plant is an additional subsidiary, operating also known as, the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation (YPTC),  YPTC is where personnel build cowlings and covers and provide the electronics for inventions and stand by to provide additional technologies to the free electricity technologies provided by the US Patent for a Tesla-style broadcast of electricity plant known as Rayson Electric.  This corporation has no Board of Directors and is operated as a department although the US Treasury Department knows it as a charitable corporation (501 -c0 3).

8 -  YPTC shall operate  as a department in the Rayson Corporation only.


1 - The somewhat arbitrary cost analysis to complete the Rayson Electric pilot plant has produced a build number to offer banks and fiduciary considerations a sense of value and investment size.

2 -  Early cost estimates place the plant value together with its land and licensing work, at approximately between $30 and $50 million USD.

3 - Early estimates are that one bank has stepped forward to promise financing but insisting on partial ownership of the patent. 

4 - The Trust Department inside the Magisterial Foundation will not accept other ownership or co-ownership of Patent 11601013.  The patent is indivisible a divine technology lent to the Magisterial Foundation by the Paradise Force Organizers and its subsidiary offices meant to improve the technologies of any earth they see is lacking in proper power production.  Urantia, our earth, has received this update through Ronald Besser transmission work and he is assigned as caretaker of the Patent as well. 

5  -  There is an investment possibility that can be accepted and that is for the Bank to form a community of interests which the Board considers to be on the same scale as the Tennessee Valley Authority. (TVA) in which we share licensing funds with that organization as payback and operations of how to electrify the United States in particular with this technology.
This is only a preliminary report, and will be followed up later if there if further development and requirement to comment on financing critical to the build out of the RAYSON ELECTRIC plant as proposed by the US Patent 11601013. 

Thanks you.
 Ronald Besser/
Owner Operator of Rayson Electric and the Rayson Corporation and Technology Inventor until further notice of organization in a proposed Board Meeting on our about May 31, 2023.



The following link takes you to this days Lightline on 14 May 2023.
This tape deals with the impending work for the Mission support people.  It reports the first auxiliary forces to be released are working on Urantia already.  We are working through the idea of an interregnum for the Regency to show up and working soon.

General Discussion / New Vocabulary Is Appearing
« on: May 11, 2023, 13:01:38 pm »
I beg to report there is nothing for me to say other than to remark something to the members that we are slowly being reminded that our vocabulary is changing to some new meanings.

Do you wonder how spirit works?  There is no book about how it works, just how to pray and worship to the extent anybody knows how to do those things.  I point out to you that we can say this about spirit working from experience, even though you do not think about it at all.  If there were a book on how it works and it s vocabulary we can say this:


1 - Do not expect to be informed well.  They are seldom in the game about how to place things together to make themselves run well.  The Voice of God is more remedy than intuitive remedies for you to follow;

2 - Spirit is confused by schedules of time.  They designed time for us but do not use it.  Yes, if you are to be regularly speaking to them, they will ask you to use time meaning please be available in a time instant named for them to meet you then.  They do know what a clock looks like and will make appointments by watching it for us.  But they do not live their lives with time schedules except for meetings, and then you better be on time or they leave you if late.  Michael of Nebadon once said,  Ron keep your Lightlines on schedule and we will be there.  But you Ron have let them out sometimes and that has caused a breakdown in meetings with you to have the Voice of God appear.  So you see folks, even though they wanted the schedule changed, we are at fault for doing so and suffer the loss of the Voice of God sometimes.  Fair?  Of course not, but otherwise they do not understand our complaint about it much at alll

3 - Spirit could not care at all if you slip and fall and break your ankle.  However if you slip and fall and do break anything they will joke with you.  If you really break something there is no compensation from them to you at all.  Tough bananas Caesar, that is what you get for going into politics.  It works that way all the time;

4 - They love you.  They love me.  But it ain't friendship!  spirit does not understand the need for companionship very much anymore since the entire Local Universe we live in called Nebadon, lost so many humans and angels so quickly through murderous wars and natural disasters, Michael has warned the celestial guards not to pick favorites.  I still have to say "I am sorry Tarkas, you are a friend to me!"  Tarkas responds, "I dare not look at that ever, Ron."  Yet I know under the military camouflage we do have a friendship, mostly on my side.  Somewhere it matter still, but they do not own up to it much anymore.  

5 - Spirit lives a secret life.  Humans are babies and they find it too hard to talk to you about their real concerns for they view themselves adults and humans as impossibly infused with anything important as to knowledge or concern about THEIR problems.  As a result you are somewhat of a curiosity and not a ranking member of any Board of Directors they will ever work with.  In the old days of our planetary existence, there used to be a constitutional commerce meeting between humans and God on our planet, but after Jesus died they took it down, and said if that is what you are like, we do not even want to know you again.  That is still the rule people.  Those who hear the Voice of God today are the exception, and for how long, I do not know how much longer this will last either.

6 - Spirit uses mind just as much as it does spirit.  Have you ever really questioned what spirit really is?  It's not their body meaning, it is not their minds, and it is not a special thing or apparatus.  They use and cannot help it that it separates the motor like human personality from real penetration as to what you really are.   There are spirit commissions studying you right now.  did you know that?  There are spirit entities around me right now too that ask why do I write like this, and now they see how different they are and their difficulty in understanding our motivations.  Spirit ignores pointless work.  That includes so many corporate meetings humans would be hurt if how little attention were known as what they do with their day is important to the planning issues of spirit management of our lives on these planets;

7 - Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to stick his toe into the inquiry I report here:

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I have yet to understand Ron, or even some of you, as to why I break my neck on working the Voice of God with all of you, only to have you go off to the beach and forget Me and the Voice of God.  Several of our Transmitters are doing that soon, and I wonder why you Amethyst cannot hear again at all or maybe very well?  You go on about your business as though it matters not.  That is spirit's complaint about humans in genera, and that is not just humans from this planet.  You are all alike and I wonder if Ron, when he says, ' FATHER AND LIFE CARRIERS PROBABLE DO THAT so we really do what we want without concern to reporting in first before we do something.  We would never get a life of free choice experience, but yet, I wonder why we do it all the time?'   Ron is brilliantly saying the truth but FATHER is so troubled about Urantia right now, it rings true that Urantia has a stiff reminder to pay attention again.

"Further, Ron knows me better than almost anyone on Urantia these days.  He displays the temper of one of my Sons, and for that reason he gets treated differently.  However recently he is driven mad with pain and wonders where help is.  There is none for spirit does not cater to wounder soldiers until they die, and then it is too late Ron says.  Not so but he hates proving it and that should tell you something about spirit:  We CARE TREMENDOUSLY but we cannot do anything about it.  The surface of the problem is problematical, and Ron lives it fully again this morning when he is spoken to by a new Spirit spoken to as Artura, not Arthura, and she is adamant he is a truant not, but needs a lesson not in humility but how care is not administered at all.  She leaves broken a little because Ron made it clear by saying, 'That is fine but I care in spite of it.'  That is damaging to spirit when it is so meant.  I leave this to all of you:

"I AM ALSO CHRIST MICHAEL, and don't you forget that!  I am fully aware of the pain and suffering caused by the insubordination of the medical profession lately and how they never know enough and prescribe too much or too little sometimes, but they are insisting they always know best and Ron fully doubts they know very much at all.  He is more right than they are, but you have coming a disaster where there is not enough medicine and an awful lot of dying because there is not way to save all of you in what is coming.   I close this way:

"Leave mother nature alone and she does fine.  Take it apart like they are doing in Ukraine and it erupts.  Watch out for mistakes that kill far too may beyond numbers expected.   For reasons of State Ron allows that alone too as I do.  But for reasons to you who take this far too lightly, prepare to be shocked.  I let it alone for now.  That is item 8 - in Ron's speech to you this morning - Spirit is cold to life if it is too destroyed to survive any longer by its own choices to default.  The US and its debt limit legislation may be too late this time and the Treasury Department just might quit in droves until the country fixes the constitution to stop this foolishness with debt prepared problems through a legislature that has not business dealing with the debt limit problems.  I step back for you to hear MICHAEL OF ALVORING TO SPEAK"

"I am Michael of Alvoring, and my brother next door in Nebadon, as its CREATOR SON is beset with endless problems because of Urantia.  Ron is not the problem.  Some of you are.  We cannot fathom what this is all about except Ron feels you have distilled more about spirit in your short lives than anyone else has and you ought to hear the tally.  I agree it is nice to try.  But Ron cannot do it well without editorializing his own mistakes or pluses,  to get these Missions noticed into the minds of humans on Urantia.  I have never seen this done before and MICHAEL OF NEBADON allowed it to see how it might mature.  But then Ron gets too old and is ready to die and hates it but cannot do anything about it.  In comes the Universe pageant makers, and now we have a crisis on how to get Ron back into the saddle again, and have met disaster after disaster trying to accomplish it. 

"Ron now knows more about spirit plain Jane existences than we do.  HE is ready to bop them hard on the head and let them leave via a hearse.  Be assured you are thought of as essential by Dominion and we have a good idea how to use you when you are "free." for sure.   Be good and we will talk again as I have permission to speak to all of you again.  The Creator Son as MICHAEL OF ALVORING for the first time permitted to speak across universes to the lowest level call humans.  K"

THIS IS MICHAEL  of NEBADON, and Ron do not frighten other Local Universes until they are used to you.  Alvoring is okay but Henson is very delicate and needs to be addressed highly sulfurous not.  Be assured Ron you live up to expectations.  Be aware that WE are now available soon for normal execution of information, and will be back later today for sure. MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "WE are now ready to speak pleasantly again.  You drive us up a wall with demands to discuss nothing much and we have so much to say; however, even then it gets cut by the cabal and you have had it with them totally.  For our own reasons we keep an open line but now snuff the cabal out.  Losses will occur with you soon not Ron but the nation may default as the Republicans are ready to fight with bayonets if they have to cut spending.  Biden could care less and the House Speaker is pure rot.  He is not able to control anything himself and now speaks with a glib tongue to Janet Yellen that he is forced into a no compromise and yes, Biden can issue and executive order to pay the debts but it is useless after awhile due to the size of expenditures.  Yet you wonder how they manage the embarrassment?  I do not know, but I know you are suddenly very important to all for you know something they know you know and that is how transfer energy packets quickly to those who need it and that is going to cause a fire strom with Becket in the House of God, when they are forced to enter the area of financial concerns.  Get lose from some of this memory problems soon and be yourself at my request personally to that Adjuster worrying you with recants of the past to ascertain that it really is you filling your own shoes.  Be assured there is every reason to suspect you are fairly well done on spirit but not on identity and that is not something you want to fool around with either.  To the Members here, your story about Spirit is not complete without you understanding this:

"SPIRIT does not use humans ever unless it is forced to (except we do use APOSTLES), and we are not using you right now as I  can get so twisted around with you, I am not listening well and now I understand you are including everybody and do not do so, okay?  Likewise Ron, you are fully insured to stop worrying about everything you are as it is a license for insanity and you are have not cleared your anger yet over Willis and company only to learn he is not understanding anything anymore as he is falling into senility at 58 years of age and you are facing penury not but he is shortly as his trial is worsening over wife not listening to his rants anymore including about you she does not fathom and neither would you but this is not for this group to know about this Urantia 5th epochal fiasco.  Let this settle all of you perhaps. 

"Spirit has two things in general you do not.  Coherence.  Unification.  All else is rather similar too.   Good day.  GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON."

SEE LIGHTLINE SCHEDULES HERE / Link Tuesday Lightline 09 May 2023
« on: May 09, 2023, 22:29:38 pm »
The tape link for 9 May:

Of note for you:  The Van de Graaf experiment that went so well for us has to be recanted.  There was a failed battery involved and we received a false reading.  Back to the drawing board and more experimentation to see if we can transmit wireless electricity small scale.  I am very sorry because it means a lot to us to get a demo working properly, but this was not it even though we thought we had something to prove it.  Not so.

And second, I do not know what is going on, but the transmission was just fine this time, but I am seeing some problems developing.  IT probably affects Lightline schedules eventually, but right now we look forward to the rest of them this wekk too as I hope you do.  Many thanks for your time and participation.  Ron Besser/host

42 Tape #42 Breakfast Tape -Prophecy-Universal Father and Machiventa Melchizedek

We are getting close, folks.  This tape states our wait is planned and is called the INTERREGNUM.

JESUS indicates his fury at legislatures that do not legislate against mass murder and the reprobation of guns and murderous violence -  a choice spot to hit them with when the:

REGENCY - to be instituted as Counsel to the Executive Branch of US Government from the very first, and the Legislature changes addressed.

The Universal Father addresses the Prophecies in this tape.

Machiventa Melchizedek is the Planetary Manager and he affirms FATHER'S statements much is to be done shortly.  

We are running out of sand in the glass of time and we start with an empty glass not but no time to stand back the irony of horrors even the USA cannot seem to curtail in its branches of government.  

Link to Tape 42 - The Prophecy of Future Actions shortly

General Discussion / The LOSS OF THE MINOTAUR - the divine will speaks
« on: April 28, 2023, 16:15:11 pm »
The Loss of the Minotaur

This is a remarkable story about Urantia, our planet earth.

Once upon a time the Minotaur ruled Urantia.  Lucifer could not contain it either and asked for help from the levers of power beyond the standard Paradise order to create more peace on Urantia.  But he could not.  And for that reason the constant warfare on Urantia has led only to the difficulties of the present century of human life on Urantia, our earth.

Speaking:  I am the trial Deity you do not know by name.  I work closely with MICHAEL OF NEBADON in order to ascertain the level of creative desire there is left on earth, Urantia.   For that reason we state the following for you to understand where I am coming from today, the 28th day of April, 2023.

Urantia has two huge deposits of iron ore you have not discovered.  The one in Minnesota is small compared to the other two, and the other two are not in the United States, but one is in southern Canada, and the other one is in Borneo, t he land of Apes in southern Urantia.  For reason I dare not reveal, Borneo is lost to the world soon over deployment issues alone.

There are two Minotaur stands on Urantia, as the Minotaur stands for war and never peace.  IT is a beast which rears its head all the time on Urantia, and it must be slain and removed for good very soon.  To do that places like Borneo and parts of Canada need to reserve their iron deposits better to build better shields against the approach wars on Urantia which shall end the phase of human development known as the miss-age.  That is how it is spelled dear readers.

All human civilizations go through this age.  It is one in which competition is the rule and there is no peace ever.  For that reason let us decide right now there is nothing you as an individual can do about it except ot note it as part of your history.  But that history is about to end pointedly and futility, as those at war now or contemplating war are about to be slain the MINOTAUR you or they are.

In 1776 Ron noted that the symbol of power, lust, and radical change, the sphere known as Pluto, which was not discovered until the early 1930's, had progressed through the natal chart of the 13 colonies.  When it did it kicked out the virtues of colonial rule and set about reestablishing changes to government which were genuinely representative.  Today Pluto, that symbol again, is going through the very same signs it did with the future United States in about 1774, 1777  1778, and 1790 one last time.  IT disappeared from such a postion for over 245 years.

The Minotaur is a Pluto child.  It loves to feed off fear and trepidation, and for that reason we stay this course once more to point out that Pluto in your birth chart Ron hovers right over the most poignant part of those charts, the Ascendant, and will pass over it by October or November of this year again.  You say to the group that when Pluto does that it is a sign of likely death and destruction all one worked for.  For you that is true not, but for many in the United States in particular, it ends their vision of a world dominated by one world government and one religion.   While that is true, the Minotaur reigns supreme.

However, today, Friday the 28th, something has radically changed!

On the 28th, the priority to remove the Minotaur from Urantia has been declined, and the Universal FATHER has been reassigning people like this Transmitter back to his roots to look at them one more time and decide how worthless they are.  Ron has been so assigned and is tired of the old roots entirely and looks forward to the mansion worlds and the House that God built., not the one Jack built.  Many of you are doing the same thing.  Lastly for the sake of the Minotaur, we say this:

The Minotaur will win a place on Urantia once more time in the coming year and one half.  The US will be asked to stand for democracy and Russia to stand for the host of war zones it prefers to keep the peace inside of itself.  For that reason the Minotaur is let loose in several places and the final end to all of these concerns is not war, but an uneven peace, and then finally the end to the Urantia idea of nation states.


"This is a warning from URANTIA SUPREME GAIA.

"The GAIA routine has been spelled out for centuries, but this time we must find a different solution than natural and uneventful nation state status.  It must be charged with large groups of interest individuals and then it must be staged as a nation with one government and one religion.  Eventually the whole globe is one government.  But right now that is hardly possible with so many races and cultures abounding on Urantia.  Let this sink in for awhile and then let us talk about this idea again and shortly.  Here is your CREATOR SON, the one Paradise refers to as MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  I am the Deity of Gaia and you Ron are my favorite peon.  And no, I do not want a gift of grass right now, Ron."

"You Ron skipped through a century of the way things were and saw the sites probably for the last time you love to deal with in your heart and other places too.   For reasons of State you are in extra difficulties this morning and wonder why bother to live under these conditions you must face.  They do not need to know what that is but it is fruitless and terrible to behold from this side too Ron.

"I am stating all of this hurredly because you have your visitor coming in about twenty or so minutes and you are in terrible shpae for company but use it well.  He cares this is done properly and give him that care thing you did for the graphic artist to work it up properly.  For our own reasons we think the card idea is super and the brochure does the explaining and keep going with ideas like this.  Elise has not idea what to do with your project but sees how it is put together and the expense involved and she now knows how you work so well without others as others do not like spending more than $400 just to do a mailing, but you have to.

"For that reason and others you are high on our list for getting work done while others doddle and we see you do well for your own good  too and that is to see lenses of thought you would love to explore to see how well people can do when you understand their motivations and cater to them entirely.  You are not wrong about what you see and they are the futurists we need and you are not wrong it signifies the heat of another journey for them and not for you but let us see what and where this takes us.

"Lastly, I am the CREATOR SON and y9u are making markers for the future and you need to make this available for these individuals and those in the future who will remember you as a living soul who knows so much you can hardly stand the present social circumstances around you.  Neither can we.  In any case the following has to be entertained:

"Last year you made it workable to clear the property of uncut brush and trees and weedy flower beds.  This year you attempt to keep it looking well, but that is hard when the supplies you need disappear because people cannot produce garden mulch without cutting more trees down and that we do not allow very soon as the entire matter of garden mulch flies in the face of what we need to preserve on Urantia in the near future starting now.

"The trees on Urantia are so low cut now they cannot seed properly.  Ron you have Locust trees out the ying yang and you dislike them because of their thorns and unfrienly take over of the lawn if you let them.  They are a might harvest of hardwood for you in many ways but you dislike them enough not to propagate any more of them and that is a fatal flaw, not to you, but to the world as the Locust tree is about to die out permanently over our use of the term "tree," for a tree is not like the Locust tree which propagated on Urantia sixteen million years ago in that part of the world Ron lives in, and they know how to set seed without ever having to produce seeds either.  They do it by dividing their rhizomes into to two different strands and one can blow in the wind from its bark.  I kid you not!

"Your trip to Santa Anna in the future will reveal your trial to speak to a group of Californians who insist on your name is better done as an agriculturalist and not a wireless electricity inventor, for you have the ability to understand plants almost better than any of them, and you had to destroy a beautiful tree last summer because got so healthy it grew into the wire connection the electric pole and the electric company would cut it down if you did not.  However, that tree has a memory of you now and its energy lives well with you as you are so sorry you had to do it.  We make this point:  that tree will propagate into many yards like yours Ron only this time plane it closer to the back of your house and get the electric company to remove the wire across your back lawn so you can build back there shortly. 

"Lastly, I am speaking mostly to Ron in this section, but I am also speaking to all of you at the same times, as the entire matter of speaking is soon to disappear I am sorry to say as we are producing a Mission with lots of INCARNATIONS and you all know what that is -  fabricated bodies to make contact with your physical mechanisms only you can see.  WE CANNOT SEE YOU! That is because you are all physical and Spirit never sees that low.  We are now resisting a whole new lecture, but that has to do for now!

"WE need to say this to all of you:  Eat as you must to maintain your bodies and your presence on a material planet, but stay away from fire and drugs as they will kill you now for good since many of you do not yet have the soul built to maintian you in the future life state of the mansion worlds.  The mansion worlds are now becoming a bastion of refelation for Urantia as I speak, and for you Ron,  MARION ROWLY has this to say:

Marion Rowley - "You Ron spend so much time working for us and them you do not get ot enjoy the fruits of your work.  But now General Fau and I have  the solution.   Be aware you can carry a conversation with us without transmitting  soon, as we are present on Urantia shortly enough so to reestablish contact with the UAI and the Urantia Foundation, and since I know it thoroughly, I will speak to them fully with the legerdemain JESUS at my side to speak to them kindly.  You do but get no where as you are considered competition for some reason and they must learn to deal better for everything they ever want again, and no there is no new order of UAI to be established but merely the understanding they must study again to remain viable as a revelation reader.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You should be embarrassed over so much Ron but you are full ydetermined there is nothing left but to get the work done minus all of your concerns and then let it die off as it you are sure you think it will.  Carry no one for your heart and sould anymore as the entire region of that area of concerns is now yours to conclude without a worry further.  Let all things also run for one last time in the coming weeks, as your brother and sister in law expect an invitation to hear you speak to changes you have to make with the house and so on, and I will see to that myself to you as the entire area of Sunset Lane is too precipitous for you to remain at that address alone.    You have no idea what I mean but your neighbor understands your difficulties fully now and so does your Board Member, and that is off the table shortly as that individual most make amends with others first before fully understanding his and your roles together.  Be assured it works beautifully soon, and he is now working hard to continue producing needs of the moment. 

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I am sure there is something going on with some of you  that makes you wheezy or colorless in the face of things to be decided.  Ron has it all day long, and you have it just now and then, but the entire matter of seeing us is prepared to go shortly, and Ron feels it when he sleeps now and wonders how to stay asleep. 

"We are prepared to run the final statements before all of you and the idea of Transmitting everything ceases,   That is because you can see us and hear us on media when we want things to be known.  You Ron have a huge remark to make to Caesar Agustus over the issue of Rome and assassination, as he now understands you are under assassination concerns yourself, and you make not amends excep to say, you who assassinate must carry the call to arms of the Minotaur, AND FOR THAT REMAIN AS YOU ARE.  That means you who assassinate leave Urantia permanently and never see the sunshine on the mansion worlds for it does shine and it is a beautiful place.

"Care not Ron for today is a mumbo jumbo day and you need to keep resting in spite of all the sleep you get and need.  We stand back now for an announcement of the Universal Father in the next narrative panel below."

END (see next panel)

I seldom worry myself over the future condition of time in our work on this planet we call earth and they call Urantia.  I do not dispute the fact that there is a problem all the time somewhere and somehow it gets tamped down in such a way, no one notices the solution very well at all.

However we are going into springtime now with a serious problem and I prefer to address it astrologically, as most of you are aware of the language and not the language of revelatory prophecy which this takes.

I often refer to the astrological symbol PLUTO.  It is a symbol that is all, but the darned thing is it times triggering pretty scary stuff to the idea of peace and tranquility proposed in an astrological tryst appearing.

If you took the history of this world, the symbol Pluto crops up for two huge world wars in the 20th century.  Pluto in a happy relationship, they call a trine in astrology, is hard to deal with as WWII started with Japan trouncing our Fleet in Hawaii when Pluto made a trine to the ascendant of the United States chart.   A Trine is supposed forebode good vibes and not the start to war, but in this case it was trine to the American will to resist.  Now that Pluto symbol is moving right into a very serious patch of bad luck for the United States, and somehow it also applies to getting a strong spiritual Mission to our world.  I discuss this as follows:

This month (end of April) Pluto enters in Aquarius,  And that  calls for redefining the relationship between individual and collective and challenges authoritarian power structures.  Aquarius is working in all of our birth signs as an independent and judging personal sense of what I should do or not do.  IT is ruled by a planetary significator called Uranus.  Uranus is unpredictable and does some bizarre things including sudden scientific discoveries and sudden ends to countries and people.
Pluto is entering that den of scary changes, and Pluto itself symbolizes personal issues with authority.  IT is the mass extinction of the dinosaurs as I see from a spirit indicator that on our calendar date of March 3rd 2 million 400 thousand years ago, the last dinosaur breathed its lst in Honduras.  IT was a little agile dinosaur but it was the last true dinosaur due to the fact that the air was poisoned by so much fire it suffocated instead of dying from injuries.

Today we have Pluto making the same address it was when that creature died without enough air.  This time there is no dinosaur as a creature, but we have a dinosaur of hate and crisis on the planet and it will be suffocated by the evolution of old age and lost horizons to such a condition. 

There are two areas this move of Pluto into Aquarius will start to address for years to come.

1 - Financial distractions and banking problems;
2 - The loss of certain nation states are probable starting now and working for the next 12 to 15 years to come.  Pluto takes about 28 years to go through one sun sign.  Aquarius is vulnerable to a Pluto transition because Uranus which rules it is a true social wild card too and is unpredictable.  Pluto is unpredictable, and add them together, we have starting a serious look at the death of huge number of people and countries and states.  Sorry to lay it so think on the line, but such can be read into this seriously.

Most people leave the governments they live under alone just to keep the peace of living in it.  But look at Iran and poisoning their girl students rebelling over social practices against young women and girls.  Pluto is going to make a run at Iran and watch out Iran, you are not playing that transit well at all.  The old religions in Handstand are forcing the Uranus in Aquarius posit to come to terms with the total loss of power over a surprise incursion of another view by the Afghan people and they seriously question why kill a country over a head scarf too or having women teachers?  Pluto does not make right necessarily, but always attacks out of date social forms and we have plenty to change on Urantia now.

Lastly, the Second Return:  From an earth prospective, such a return is hard to carry forward since it is a 2nd time it has happened, and Pluto though the reforms created under the first Bestowal of Jesus, was sufficient and over.  But Pluto moving into Aquarius now has a new idea about how to use a Bestowal Son on this earth.  It indicates, "let the people be, but warn the people, there is no justification for rebellion again.  That shows up as a square of Saturn (the symbol of full responsibility must be taken) to Plut in June, and all hell can break lose by a group of people who refuse to behave for any reason, and wind up annihilated by a new war no one thought could happen (Uranus intellect without responsibility).

I leave it alone now.  This late spring is not done with us easily to get through it in one piece.  War and rumors of war are all around us now, and the US is a kingpin in most of it,  but it too is like my natal chart, full of foreboding unless it takes responsible action to stay on course and use good will to warn and stop wars if possible.

The financial picture is grim and is hard to predict for reasons stated.  War is entirely possible in the regions where fair play is never observed, and the last of the Mohicans who live unobserved by social media, may make the final difference for all of us however Uranus acts to stop the flow of illicit drugs and over stating immigration with far too many people involved.  A mass extinction could happen when so many gather in flight.

Thank you for your attention, and do think about your own safety and providing yourselves supplies while you can find them. 

Ron Besser/ your horoscope maker not but I am listening to the world at war no longer, but insisting that the Second Return take shape quick and soon, as the INTERREGNUM  we are in now cannot last to our benefit for long. 


When I say eating, I mean you deciding and feeding your mind with decisions as to how to behave when this Second Return rubber meets the road.

In that eating, I remind you it is being done without any dependable decision to evolve yourself a strategy as to what you have to do and where you should be to live with a Second Return.  I am convinced the last year we have had together, the issues of failure are so dependent on our wish fulfillment, we not only make it worse, we also brew an internal storm inside of us about the loss of all hope if this falls through-- that is the Second Return collapses before it is seen.

I go through it too.  Now, I am constantly in contact with the higher spiritual beings because I have learned to transmit without having to prepare to transmit.  It is my body and that is not true of other transmitters.  So it happens if there is a news item the Deities wish the creation to know on this level of humanity, I can almost always depend on getting it.  However, let me point something out to you I doubt you are aware of:

Spirit beings are jocular on their own, although FATHER and his Coordinates tend not to find humor in anything, the moment you step aside from the insurrection and the Lucifer rebellion, even they can smile at something that tells a funny story.  I have had in the past few days something that defied description, and I want to tell you about it while it is fresh in my mind.

Six weeks ago, about, MICHAEL OF NEBADON says to me, I am leaving Nebadon not for good but for at least a millennium.  Without going into all that was said otherwise, I understand what he told me, but I wondered in the back of my brain, just what was the true motivation to speak to such a thing, especially with a Magisterial Mission and the Second Return brewing?  Well dummy Ron, I said something I did not get and let it go because you cannot argue when someone gets in teh car and drives away for a millennium. 

Go back to the Jesus Biography in the 5th epochal revelation, and look at the Paper leading up to the story of his human life told there.  They review the other Bestowals that Michael made in the likeness of universe beings.  Look at the f acts they assembled to tell you how he did some of it.  Always is the statement that MICHAEL OF NEBADON disappears from Salvington and is gone for a long time.  Well Ron, you just missed the reason Michael left Salvington for a millennium.
We are, I think, at the airport watching Michael leave to take up "a new assignment," which is for all seven superuniverses as a high spirit to over see life creation and to standardize some of its reflective properties to God.  That I am sure is genuine.  But what else I am very sure about right now, is that the assignment obscures another reason to disappear from Nebadon, as He always did, when a new Bestowal was ready to go.

AHEM,  Am I being too subtle for you this time?  We cannot know the thinking of the Planners for Bestowal practices by God but we can notice little habits that appear when they play shy and rest in Spanish moss outside of Nebadon for Bestowal reasons of State.

The DARK is a blanket over your flashlights people.  Of course you cannot fathom a war time footing Michael must appear to be on, for not only must he not give away plans for what happens to the Urantia appearance of Jesus, he also has an alley fight with hussies of the angelic version who have rebelled to make secrets difficult to perform.  Add to this, mind you this is secret beyond words, the idea that humanity on Urantia at least, is going to participate in the Second Return with their own nervous systems running the Second Return with the nervous system of Jesus too.  Some of you are already complaining of strictures in your nerves not knowing it is over this, and some of you think you can report old time posts and get the license to revive the return of Jesus that way (Vargas it cannot work really), and finally no one states that Michael has been fully honest that the Second Return is fully on and ready to go EXCEPT He has to make amends to FATHER for asking to do the SECOND RETURN in a way THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU!

I better stand back, as I am reaching a level of thought they take notice about and I have been, well not spanked, but sternly reminded to shut up sometimes.  Now while you are sitting in the dark and eating because you can think , suspend your imaginations, as they are totally INADEQUATE!

"The Second Return is suitable to frame on your wall too, as you will earn a diploma, with me and others, to have spent some time in receiving Jesus in your own minds, and he will operate your own nervous system and that is so you are Jesus briefly and you feel everything he feels about what has to change and what has to be done.  I cannot quite figure out how that makes you Jesus, fully 100%, but it has to come close when you think like Him.   Now, no dear lady or brother, that is NOT THE SAME as using the mind of Christ!  No no no no no.  I am so tired of theologians telling us what is and they miss the target entirely for the mind of Christ is the Spirit of Truth.   Yes yes yes yes!  When Jesus walks into your head (now do not make that hard as it is no different than your FATHER OF ALL indwelling you as he does all the time) he operates the brain and the ganglia attached to it.  The brain IS the top of the nervous system and He is it as you.

My forecast is that when the Second Return occurs, you appear as Jesus yourself and you feel the need to announce and then appear, but let Jesus the body do that, okay?  It may occur someone loses the sense of enjoying the contact so well they get up and inform the VFW war is no longer possible, but do not do that!

Nor can I tell you what might comes after you briefly become Jesus yourself.  I expect that the UNIVERSAL FATHER  has something big time to tell us somewhere in the middle of these experiences. 

I also happen to personally feel the trial is about to be shown.  Jesus and Michael are missing from most of Nebadon now.  You are eating these thoughts in the dark, and I am quite sure for my own views, I am seeing more than you are, but you will see this with me soon enough. 

Good day until a little late, I feel maybe we are to be introduced to more of this now that I let some of the cats out of the bag already now. 



At A New York Bar Mitzvah
Michael of Nebadon and Gabriel of Salvington
T/R Ronald Besser
Issued April 21, 2023
At A New York  Bar Mitzvah and More

I am JESUS.  I stand in the room watching a youngster of 13 take on the Jewish tradition of a Bar Mitzvah.   It is two words people, not one as the dictionary sometimes wants you to spell at as.  For reasons of State there is nothing to say much about it except I still remember mine.    Yes, I had one, as the ceremony is ancient and I had one for myself too.  

I looked at the young boy, a comely lad with a strand of hair down almost over the left side of his face.  He was praying and weaving back and forth and Ron you see that at the Wailing Wall in Jerusem and wonder why they prefer that.  IT is the rhythm of the chant of prayers they have to learn by rote.  In any case the entire ceremony is lost when the mother of the child suddenly fainted from the heat from, well I guess all those candles in the room.  They did not ventilate it and frankly they are on the very dumb side as they refused the neighbors to come and watch and lost them as friends at the same time.  The Jews are a fine people but so rigid there is no room for change in their view.

That is what I want to talk about. (and some more later on)

“Amethyst spoke about change and how she cannot seem to transmit because of the unsettled nature of the problem.  Ron immediately responded and said we need the transmissions more than ever and you just do the opposite of the need for your talents quite often.  

“I have to agree with Ron as Amethyst you never make sport but make whales of thought over nothing as the Jews do when faced with reality that is not designed for the Jewish people to review.  You are not designed for work like this in the first place, and in the second place, you dislike being lectured about something you feel you know about, but frankly my dear, you know nothing.  Ron gives up to tell you that you drop out the very moment you need to engage yet you never see it.  He considers it a lost cause.

For that reason Amethyst, your transmission powers are being reduced immediately unless you learn to use them again as you used to.  Ron feels you are very important but are unavailable due to age and the hellish fight with an ex you determine is mud cream at best.  He is such and will eave you along shortly as the demise of the individual cannot be held off much longer for our own reasons so we state.

Finally, the Bar Mitzvah Ron struggles to spell, is not over in New York as I write this with Ron's indulgence.  IT has to do with a long held use by those in New York, particularly, that the Jew holds traditions too important to let drop.  I want to speak to the idea of traditions held by MICHAEL OF NEBADON now:

MICHAEL believes no creation is useless and it must take form and shape as it was meant to do.  Ron and you a re exceptions as is Clency and Rene Duran. Lemuel and all of you who can transmit.  The Voice of God was made to be used briefly on Urantia when we placed it on the globe with the New Zealand people and it grew into the Teaching Mission quickly by 1992.  For that reason the entire matter became a world event and then quickly forgotten when a jackass in Indiana forget his manners to us and insisted an incarnation of the Melchizedek in charge was not essential.  That ruined the entire game plan and it was downhill ever since of such.  

“Lastly the Voice of God is usable everywhere in the universe but it is not taught just to anybody and for that reason those in the Teaching Mission were held to strict means of reproduction.  However, Ron has learned that the best transmission is the scolding transmission not, but the transmission which speaks to truth elements you cannot as humans otherwise attain to.  For that reason he learned how to take dictation what is a prescription for technology no body every did before and it works beautifully.  He now has a patent for wireless electricity that genuinely works.

“That said please understand he is not beholden to God as you are on the mansion worlds, but he is so thoroughly indoctrinated, he can tell a drop of blood from a drop of red dye and call evil for what it is.  That is extraordinary, and lets nothing be about it.  For most of you there is not way to seize upon those truths of evil versus good, but he is so used to the ways of God he can employ them easily.  

“For reasons of State, Ron just looked up at the clock and said, why it is just about 2PM and I lost track of time for hours.   That happens to Ron all the time and to Amethyst and to a few of you now.  That is a sign you are mentally prepared to enter the mansion worlds and that is not for any of you yet including Ron.  Yet it persists in your human genes or genome and it is unpleasant to experience too.  For reasons of my own I let Ron experience it all the time as I do for some of you.    Ron also looks at it says he is absolutely amazed at my span of attention and marvels this can be achieved at all.  That is God for you, and nobody else can do it either.   

“For many reasons I write about the Bar Mitzvah above to bring home to you that some of you do a Bar Mitzvah every day because you have become so rigid.  Ron is not and warns himself against it daily.  Most of you never think about it as this transmitter has to be lean and mean to catch changes that are essentially your life blood to know about to prepare for service.  That said no one does it like this person who transits this message, as he must be aware at every moment what I want and how to see to it written and shown to you too.

Let us now no longer quote Ron, as that forces the angels to make a transcription of the text and it is not necessary for this:

We are now reading the last part of Ron’s earlier transmission and you are reading information about wireless electricity.  Ron never thought the patent was everything, and it is not, but suddenly you must realize the patent speaks not only to fission but to fusion too and you must wonder why he can do that?  The answer is he does not but his Adjuster does and he goes with what the Adjuster wishes to address through RAYSON and MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER 412, 414, 416.   MASTER FORCE ORGANIZER 413, 407, 409, and 435, must make amends with the Deity Absolute to be able to transfer these revelations to Ron on Urantia, and he does it so well, we can trust him to put down precisely what this level dictates.

Now Amethyst:  You command it well enough to reach it but you drop it almost immediately as unessential.  That would infuriate Ron if he knew you did that because that is the heart of revelation you disuse.  For that reason we consider dropping you as a transmitter for your lack of attention and care.  You want other things done but cannot get them either.

Lastly, I make a big deal about quotes.  You never quote, and you never understand the difference, but you must learn why Ron does it and then does not.  It is because we make a transcript up here if it is quoted.  Otherwise the transmission goes missing and is not recorded.

Since you have almost all your transmission without quotes very little of your work remains up here and as a result the body of work you should be known for is missing.  Let you quote now when we tell you too and get a body of work on the mansion worlds then and see how you wrote five hundred or a thousand years ago looking back from that future age.  Ron has so much we have to purge it often it.  FATHER also says Ron is so prolific he cannot be told from a house of God at times and we must remind those who seek to read him, there is nothing there that much to remember.  K

I AM JESUS now, and quote me Ron:

“AS JESUS I am quite sure all of you know the reason we make these long posts.  It is the only way for you to get a true sense of personal communion that Ron gets all the time.  He is sure he is dying but that is an illusion of pain and suffering to be cut soon.  His work is useless to mot of you and you do not bother it, but he also knows the value being produced and tough luck then to those who do not bother.  

“For that reason he meets Me and that is yours to wonder about why someone gets credentials to learn and earn high makers for introductions like this to Me.  For the best of you you will meet me too, but not for the moment as I must make amends on high again for a riotous situation Ron placed us all in several mornings ago when the cabal attempt highway robbery and murder and he let them have it for goo, so well there were several casualties, as his voice is powerful and loathing of what they do.  Let them also understand they are not allowed around him much anymore due to the fact he is powerful enough to reset the trial over again if they get too boisterous themselves.

“Therefore let this be known: JESUS is a man like you at one time.  He is also a man without guile as that is Ron too as he could care less about gossip or falsehoods invented to stop progress.  He is also completely sure there are big modification which he cannot control and is worried it is all over for him in many respects.  Not so.  But the times are changing as we try to bring a standard mission to Urantia, and for that reason we must place our work aside now and then and provide a transmission like this to assure you.

“I am JESUS, and so we must stand firm with all of you and stand firm we do.  All you have heard regarding wireless electricity, Chronicles, and the like is to be settled again with enough detial that it is doable by Ron almost by rote.  For that reason Ron can be reassured this goes shortly and so do I and I am the first one to say it, and that is “thank goodness Ron has set up something we can anchor ourselves to Urantia on the planet because no one else is capable of all that he has done to make it really workable.  For that reason we stand well with the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION .  Dominick and Ron set up a work schedule to begin educating people as to changes coming and the means we use to educate all of you what is to happen soon.  

“Fully, done there is nothing further to report except that you Amethyst must make amends with me as you cut it off again today thinking it was subterfuge.   I am not subterfuge yet you confuse it because you do not really like this work unless it directly benefits your needs, and our transmitters do not look at it that way and especially Ron does not bother Me ever in that department.  Keep your work more pure than you have Amethyst and you will get what you desire.

“Finally we are now done with this transcription, and Ron does worry about length but never truncates when we must continue.  For that reason Ron rest your WordPerfect and begin another transmission about the SECOND RETURN at once.  K” JESUS


Why Where I Go
April 21, 2023
T/R - R Besser

This is Michael, Ron.  Quote a transmission for Me.

“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I have a brief statement to make for all of you.  Ron has been working hard to keep me from saying more than I should, and that is to just stay quiet except when I insist on a transmission.  He also asked Lemuel to start producing and he, Lemuel, really does quite good when goaded into action.  He needs to do more of it but it takes pushing for him to realize he needs to do more of it.

“Lastly, let me say this to all of you:

“Ron has a very difficult debilitation, but he never lets it get in the way of working to get us heard.  Why do we need to be heard so much now?  Well, as Ron said to me this morning, I feel like a trial of stones without a creek running water around me, and now the entire matter suddenly has too much water as in the Sargasso Sea which is the ocean with so much grass on the surface ships that used to said to the new world would get stuck in it.  Ron feels stuck and I want to then explains something you all should know:

“We left Nebadon about a week ago really.  I made sure it sounded like I was there beside Ron and he was sure I was as I can project.  In any case, the matter is now rushing to completion and that is about how I must interact with the Jesus Mission.  For reasons of State I dare not say much, but for the same reason, please understand there is little to do with Jesus at the moment, but with Me at the moment.

“Ron quickly assumed there were ulterior reasons for this movement.  He is correct.  But he is circumspect and leaves it alone, but he said something you should all appreciate, “I feel like rocks without water running around them and therefore no sense of motion as to what we are having to work with.  Ron is aware that the cabal filtered in over night to this morning and that they are trying to rule the place.  HE says “over my dead body,” and they agreed to that easily.  However, he also has a paralysis that is persistent and getting worse sometimes, and then spoke to the Midwayer attending him from the cabal.  “You,” he said, “have nothing to do with me but what is your name?”  No name was given.

“So Ron asked the lady Midwayer, “why do you persist with something that cannot continued?”  The lady said, “because that is what we do.”  Ron had not reply to that but I do.

“I am sure they understand what Ron understands, but they think I am going to let most of this pass, but I am not.

“For sure, let me know what I must do to end the rebellion, but in the mean time let me understand why it happened at all?  Ron asked the same thing?  Just what is all of this self righteousness all about it ends in rebellion?  The Midwayer responded with a “I do not know.”   But I respond with this to all of you reading this transmission: ‘IT has to do with regicide and why the Supreme died.’

“For that reason, I suggest the rebellion learn to understand itself first before making demands.  Ron is quite sure the loss of the supreme is the loss to their minds of an important element of loyality and that results in a psychosis and a rebellion patter in and of itself.  I agree with Ron on this and he is always asking the same of himself too.  “Am I Ron, running my own psychosis of care where it is not needed?”

“For reasons of State I conclude he is not running a psychosis, but he is making changes as they occur and for reasons of his own there is scant reason to maintain the illusion that the Magisterial Foundation is needed when the rebels take over and chop it down or off.  They tried to do it this morning again, and he just plain refuses to hear it.  For those reasons we come back strong and say this: ‘DO NOT GET TOO FAR AHEAD OF YOURSELF RON!’    For reasons of State he finds it to just stop and listen, but that is what he did today, and now he is running ahead of the pack down on Urantia entirely.  The entire issue of the ANCIENTS OF DAYS is now present again on Urantia, and it bodes a harsh reality for Urantia and for the cabal trying to seize Urantia as their prized headquarter planet to operate the rebellion from.

“That is why Ron says to Lemuel this morning, TRANSMIT!  We will get more information that way in spite of the cabal sitting on us like big fat hens to hide us from the hen yard reality.   

“We are now moving at a dizzying clip and soon you may seem some things very unusual to see.  In any case the entire matter is over for Russia not, but almost for Ukraine, as it must accede to the demands of the Soviet building strength again.  That is what Putin thinks, but Putin has no idea what forces he has unleashed up here, and that is to decide the fate of the Ukraine first, and second Russia itself.   Let us look at something then:

“Russia is using up its military quite well, but badly to win territory.  They think the best way to take territory is to grab it under their artillery.    Not so.  The best way to gain territory is to repair what they broke and then offer good government over them.  IF they did that most would agree to the occupation and let it go for now.

“However, Russia is an oligarchy and no longer pretending to be a democracy.  For reasons of State then so does NATO think it is going to swoop up Ukraine in its arms, but not so.   What NATO is going to do is stand down and let the REGENCY reset the parameters on Urantia just what constitutes a government and then reveal they have no such government anymore, and that the entire region known as the Ukraine becomes a REGENCY PROTECTORATE.  Ron saw the name first and said it to me when looking at the situation and I fully agree with him.  Ukraine must find its new life as a PROTECTORATE first and then government reinstituted for it later.

“For reasons of State I use the mind of Ron trying to find solutions on Urantia all the time.  IT is a fertile mind without a lot of hoopla over anything but what is. For that reason he lets this place you call a discussion forum run without much doing on it recently, but it used to be a hot bed for us to pick our words, read them, and understand your thinking for those who still respond on the forum you are read vociferously and dropped because you are not thinking either.

“I want it to be known that Ron uses about 80 percent of his brain, and that is astounding, as I have never seen that happen before.  As a result he carries huge amounts of information and resources in his mind over what is to be done for Ukraine but refuses to speak to it since you have a Russian member and Ron feels he is monitored too.  So we must make it clear that nothing here is spoken to without making sure Prozonov hears it too.

“As a result of Ron illness we have have to curtail some of our wording here, but he must be assured that the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION is ready to burst its sides with huge amount of work to be taken on.

“Last evening Ron and Dominick were instructed to maintain a certain list and prepare to being operations the following week.  That is not usable already as it is too much to do with something we cannot maintain yet.  However, it is not a loss either as the list needs to be gathered and the decision about what to say decided.  I am not ready to dictate that yet as it comes at a cost, not to Ron, but to Rayson, and that I do not want to get in the way of.  

“One last thing before we go:

“Ron has nothing but praise for us but he is too ill to make his own life work anymore and asked to truncate it if we dare not broach the subject with action.  He is not wrong, but shows little faith in promises that have been for years and never worked on.  Now he is lost again as the cabal has covered him with forfeiture not but the seeds of muscle dissolution.  For that reason the pain has increased again and he makes it clear, NO MORE LEG injections.  I agreed and they are stopped entirely now and he says he cannot tell them from the cabal poisons they inject too.  

“We now must make this thing work without Ron soon or face another decision, and that is ho to get Dominick to behave as he should to transmit but he just does not like working.  For that reason we have to decide about Ron again and this time we have the solution.  That solution is to remove the entire matter of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION and keep the entire matter of the patent just for Ron to do.  That is not bad to him, but it means money must be filtered through the solution and not the Magisterial Foundation, and then it gets taxed at an ungodly rate.

“For that reason the Magisterial Foundations stays but with the proviso it belings not to us but to you Ron and that is not your liking at all as I reduces our footprint too much in your own opinion.  For that reason we will buy it but stand still on development within it until the Magisterial Sons decide how they might use it for their own purposes.

“Ron just said to me, ‘That is no real difference at all with what we already have and fine, I can live with that entirely.  I also state there is a huge conglomerate ready to take Ron on if they could only ascertain why he is silent over the new patent.  They do not know I enforce it and Ron is a brave soul without much to say as he is so tired of the recrimination over nothing.  Let us then look at this before we go:

“Wireless electricity is rare to understand.  It is not easy to understand that electrical units call preparticles are also magnetic to a certain degree, and magnetism is not easy to understand unless you are a preparticle.

“For that reason we are sure that last story he told about a Muon coming out of a Selenium molecule is the culprit.  It happens to be, but the physicist is most ly interested to know the preparticle stands in such a molecule.   For that reason the major corporation who wants to hear how Ron determines these things will get an earful about preparticles before they ever understand how he gets wireless electricity.  

“Wireless electricity has two components:
1 - preparticle fusion within the preparticle itself;
2 - preparticle fission within the production of electricity.

“For that reason we must stand back and let RAYSON stand alone on this one:

RAYSON - “You Ron are slow not, yet you miss the idea that the Ultimatons provide self fusion inside the preparticle.  You believe the fusion is removing a portion of the atom itself and is not associated with preparticles in particular.  That is correct.  However, you feel that fusion is an explosive product and it is on Urantia.  However again, the truth is that preparticles fuse inside themselves to heal the Ultimatons into place as a single unite of plasma.

“You Ron desire to make the idea available, but if you do, you make fusion easy to understand but impossible to invent.  You can make fission work on Urantia, which you do, but the fusion part is in the process inside the Ultimaton itself.    The strings are after the fact of fusion as you state to me just now, but you are not confused but fail to understand that the strings are plasma constructions, and not materialized units as you thought they are.  You now are gather the fact you are also dealing with a phenomenon they do not know about and you are now ready to leave Urantia if it were not for your need to get this thing going.  Let it ride for a description in your Ultimaton paper soon and let them figure you out later over it.  Right now they see it as a foible not but truly outrageous in construction yet cannot refute it.  That is no theirs to worry over soon as the entire matter get shushed up not but is realized shortly by a proton number you give as correct.  They did not know it was a spin factor.  You are in like gravy soon.   

“WE are sure you know nothing about any of this to start with but you are also sure the entire matter is leading to a huge breakthrough for science to confirm as you are sure there is a trial with Ultimatons you can prove but do not know how to go about it.   It is this:

“Ultimatons reach the electronic boiling point twice!

1 - Once when they enter the time-space arena;
2 - Once when they fully fuse all 100 Ultimatons to form an Electron.

“For that reason Ron, you make this very clear for me to tell you, your art is the transmission, and my art is the preparticle explanation.  For that reason we must revise the patent not, but make sure you are secretly bestowed on some scientists who can make it work for science and that individual is coming to Urantia.  The pearly gates do not receive him but it is you Ron, and you have the wherewithal to release huge amounts of data to support the patent at once or so.

More to be relayed on all of this later again.  K


Bulletin (2) General Announcements - I am Leaving from Michael and More
General Category
Michael of Nebadon
Announcement of General Interest
April 20, 2023

I have played with the idea of presenting Myself before you as an entirely different being.  In that manner I said I was becoming a universal Life Carrier to oversee the production of life in the time-space arena.  That is true.

However, it is now apparent nobody follows this again and I am surprised you cannot follow it.  

Ron has made it clear that high spirit beings can phase themselves.  What that means is that a phased Life Carrier can work near Paradise as a Seconophim.  Then they can work on Uversa as a Supernaphim, and on earth as a midwayer or angel.  That is called “PHASING.”  At least that is how Ron calls it when he meets a midwayer that is in reality an Omniaphim or any other order that can phase themselves.

Ron particularly works with a SOLITARY MESSENGER, one of the few left ever at all now as the Solitary Messenger is being changed over to another type of Deity now and that has not been fully named yet to tell you what they now become.

Nonetheless, the Solitary Messenger comes to Ron as an avenging angel not but as a midwayer and most often as ARTHURA.  Now you know.   You Ron laugh at learning that, but Arthura is a phased Solitary Messenger and you enjoy him very much.   Folks please ,make and effort to know what PHASING is.  IT can explain unusual circumstances some times.

And this:

I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Creator Sons are rarely asked to phase themselves, but that is what I have to do to take on my assignment, at least for awhile, to police time and space for Life Carrier duties.  I will PHASE MYSELF to become a Life Carrier almost on the existential level., since it is for all of time and place.

To do that I have to make a lot of changes in my own sense of personal identity, and for that reason people like Ron get upset not with Me, but with those who cannot make sense of anything and who refuse to learn.  Several of you are now in that category so do not expect Ron to help you as I have decreed that Ron hears me all the time as he is a budding Melchizedek (as some of you are), and for that reason we are circumspect to say anything more.  You all have extraordinary Thought Adjusters, and for that reason you have a lot more responsibility than most human ascenders ever will.

For that reason alone, I am providing this transmitter access to my views of the Local Universe not, but of the Universe itself, and he is fully aware of that awesome ability to kibitz over my shoulder as I encounter my new duties.

Here is my forecast:

1 - I leave Salvington probably today (20 Apr 2023).  Funny, Ron wrote in his Journal today that today, 20 April is Hitler’s birthday in 1889 and he was probably an Aries becoming a Taurus, and Eva Braun was Aquarius, which is the air that feeds the fire.  For that reason Ron said to me, I doubt anybody understands why I not it, except we have the same thing happening all over again on Urantia if we are not careful again.  In any case I think I am I leaving Nebadon today, 20 April on Urantia.

2 - My PHASE work will take a millennium;

3 - My trials are to report to FATHER what I have discovered about all seven superuniverses as I must work all 7 life patterns as used in all 7 of the Superuniverses;

4 - I will likely finish my Phased Life Carrier work in the Urantia year 3027, and by then you are beginning to settle Urantia in Light and Liife;

5 - My concerns for Urantia diminish not, as I am asking JESUS to take on the care of URANTIA until there is a trial to finish URANTIA as it shoule have been done two milleannia ago, and that is a human planet with better understanding of the living universe than almost any other planet in creation.  Ron is a prototype and you ought to be glad you have him to hear the presentation of these concerns now when it can be encapsulated as a plan and not as a living reality without explanation;

6 - No one has the right to severability.  SEVERABILITY is the ability to phase and move in and around the universe just as an observer.  For that reason I must rejoin the ranks of My Order as CREATOR SON once more and for that reason the organization called the DOMINION is revised to include, not only Me, but the Local Universes of NEBADON, ALVORING, AVALON, and probably HENSON.  The other Local Universes prefer to attend to their own DOMINIONS then, and that is a major revelation to them too I see.

7 - My return in the Urantia year 3027 to Salvington will be hearalded as a triumph of will again, and this time Ron you are entering the world of God truly, for that is our trip to Urantia to clear it of the evil of many things you know as routine but are useless in heaven.  Before we end this post, let us look at a few things bugging FATHER about URANTIA in particular:


1 - Homosexuality not, but the life style is unacceptable for both genders to adopt.  Nothing is abstract about homosexuality except it has no device to perpetuate mechanical behavior.  That behavior is outrageously difficult to spiritualize and needs to be fully understood as to be eradicated;

2 - Life support systems in your hospitals are cruel and vulgar and must be eliminated by decree;

3 - The trial to raise more and more food off a hectare of land on Urantia is seriously depleting the ability of Urantia to regrow its surface plants it uses to rejuvenate its own material factors.  The seeds to do this are just fine, but the means to agriculture to raise them is so depleting of the soil its practice must stop;

4 - The entire matter of war and weaponry is to end.  In its place is friendly competition to make the sciences better and the heart of God to remain even in the stock yards as the beef and chicken foods are fully out of kilter with the nutrition needs of the coming type of human order that is to appear on Urantia soon enough;

5 - The last on this last for now, and that is to be prepared to end the idea of marriage as you now have it.  IT is cruel and unusual punishment to spiritual ascent, and Ron has railed against it since he was 10 years of age and refuses to deal with it in its present contractual form.

All of the items refer to huge written works (treatises), and should be explained a lot more, but Ron could do it but refuses to fight the mores to speak to them and the endless gossip these discussions forced on the people who discuss them.  OUR work as a phased Life Carrier carries huge responsibilities in these educational direction, and all of you are primary fodder to bring all of this to the attention to the rest of the universes of time to finally bring some order in all areas as to just what the human genome is really to teach the universe itself.

Ron is a primary tool here.  He has developed just like you have, but for some reason his ADJUSTER is capable of translating Master Universe values to him easily and quickly and he lives with them daily.  Most of you have no idea what that is or does, but it forces Ron to live well and without concern for most of what you have to earn your dialy bread to find and use.  For our purposes, I as a Creator Son will endeavor to educate Ron along with Tarkas and Jack and others he does not know who follow him, for they are all a super cell of individuals who will be tasked to work the new universe age of difficulties to come in Ultimacy and Absolutes which promises to be entirely outraged by what time did to the preliminary universe build out.

I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we must truncate now as the era is quickly leaving for a great review of what is to come, but all of you are now aware we are TRANSITIONING out of the idea of just a MISSION TO URANTIA entirely.  Ron highlights that so you are sure to note the phrase it uses.  The key word is transitioning, and you all need to read and reread what is written here today, as I can no longer phase my self as low as Ron lives and he must work with GABRIELE of SALVINGTON and will easily.  I might make tapes for you Ron and then let it reside with GABRIEL to see to it.  

Most of you are very tired of the human genome fight with Ron but the truth is it is about yours too.  Keep yourselves together better and you will win the insight it takes to take the next few years on easily.  Be assured Ron you will not hear me or see me for a millennia not, but probably for millennia not either for I intend to return and take this study up about how you did what you did and still cannot be quantified by us or the FATHER entirely Himself, as quantification is a time-space issue only, and when you exceed it, as a lot of you do too, you are not easily classified.

“Your (Ron) trials are without prescience and your work without precedent for any sphere this side of Paradise.  You make it work while others detract and your heart was lost briefly this morning over an argument presented by Michael which tried to end the Magisterial Foundation work, but your persevered and it won out.  I am not sure how that was done but it is now assigned not just to you, but to me to restate and finish with all of you.

[Ron here - let me explain something so this makes better sense - I was forced into deciding what was real regarding the work we asked to do in the Magisterial Foundation.  Whoever it was pounding my mind, they would not stop stating I was washed up and finished and I must go back to civilian life to die and forge the Missions and the Magisterial Foundation and its connection with all of you and the FATHER.  It turns out they were trying to force me into giving up.  I looked at it that way at first but I could not swallow logical thought they presented and said, “well, oky have it your way, but it does not compute that way truly and I dismiss you.”  They got upset but that matter is now over.  What Michael is doing is reviewing that discussion for me and how it ended,]

“Such results in this to all of you ( Michael is speaking again)

“You are all worried the entire matter if the Missions are foreclosed.  Ron thought such was possible yesterday and sulked all day over the entire matter fully.  Today is not sure what he has, but I am, and while I must leave momentarily for my duties on high, I am not so sure we have the Missions as originally conceived, but we do have the Missions at hand.


“The MAGISTERIAL SONS are now prepared for incarnation once more.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON is prepared to join JESUS once more as the SECOND RETURN still pends, and finally the wireless electricity dream and the Chronicles and the 6th epochal revelation will appear with you all.   That said, however, Ron needs to rest and become himself again whatever that may be.  I must take on the Phased Life Carrier work and that is so secret now I am asked to stop speaking to it.

“MICHAEL must leave.  The care of Nebadon is not lost.  The care of the Missions are not lost.  The loss is temporary, but must be entered.   Leave this post now and enjoin your own concerns and what must be taken on for good without me for good for most of you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON is still present in theory but in factual need on this forum He must disappear to a degree.  Ron will process messages for you but my literal presence is God-knows-where in time space.  Good day perhaps permanently now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.”  
"Wireless Electricity is real and patented.  It comes to be used and we will start processing it soon.
"Life, loss, or its pursuits-- such continues on Urantia forevermore until your order of humans reaches a genome of activity where you are all born invisibly.


Ron- This post is long but honestly so what?  Here is the gruff but kindly Melchizedek known as MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at your service too:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - “I am being toasted with the old days with Abraham, sitting around the night camp fire toasting marshmallows, and playing games like “I spy.”

“I take just enough time out of our reverie to state that Ron you are very tired without getting sleep sufficient to end it.  The brain is powered by an unusual Adjuster not dripping with oil Ron, but with care you are prepared to speak to wireless electricity and the need for a better attunement to the worlds of time and space.   I am quite sure we have this importantly to remotely say to all of you:

“The hour of destiny strikes most of you.

“The hour of heart ends not with any of you.

“The trial to hear well must come back, but most of you care so little anymore it may not, but for Ron it is a new beginning shortly and that is nice he says but “when?”  I am sure it does now Ron and wait for it anytime.  And finally:

“The hour of desperation appears for Urantia.

“Do not despair entirely what happens as it is also renewal out of practices which remove life not add to it.  We say good day for now.  



PS:  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I must remind all of you the Lightlines are truncated for the next several weeks.  We have a surprise coming you will enjoy seeing, at least we think so. 


The telephone access number to listen to Tuesday tape is below, and thank you for your interest and attendance.
Ron Besser/ host

1 - 8 6 2 - 9 0 2  - 0 1 2 9 -   enter code  38125617

A brief note for users:
This Lightline today changed a lot of the way spirit wishes to do thing for Lightline contact with us.

I have been informed that we cease Lightlines for the near future,  as they are redistributing where these Lightlines will go and to how many as dial in listeners.  Such probably means tape use is importantly changed or something else might be used such as a podcast.  I have not been informed what they wish to do with any of it yet.
We are required then to cease the Lightline next week and probably the week after that.  IF it is longer I will post what they have in mind and it may be a different name for these transmissions too.  They are planning to run the early part of the Mission late this week or maybe next.  In carnations are not available for the time being either so they say and I dare not comment further as some of the future is being planned even as I write here.

There is a smaller tape of 6 minutes I did not bother putting yo mostly speaking was Machiventa Melchizedek.  To summarize that six minute tape, he said we are all waiting for the same thing so just please wait patiently.    He also said that the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation building has been put on hold and no further work on that aspect is proceeding now.  There are several other statements there not worthy of repeating, but HE ADDS THIS:
"Do not suppose you know everything now, as the telephone call tape above has huge amounts of repercussions on Urantia alone that affect the Urantia Foundation, the UAI, and other representative aspects again.  We say listen to the tape well and make sure you understand THESE MISSIONS  are READY TO START!  I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK speaking though this transmitter again:

"WE have just learned that MICHAEL OF NEBADON has scolded not only Ron but Dominick not but a whole group of humans who are planning to rustle a tape or  two here.  They will not get away with and we hold the telephone tape back even when you dial in to be sure you are on the up and up as a sincere listener.  Ron cannot control those who cheat and defame, but they will learn quickly when  fooling around tapes like this one is.  Keep trying until your telephone connects as the service is not causing problems, we are!" 


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron your favorite people are at it again, and this time they intend to steal a tape off your register, but you have fooled them twice now and forced a telephone call to get it and that is hard for some to adjust to.  For that reason then we play a little game with them too and ask the service to delay the tape ten minutes.  Wait some minutes to hear your call then.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

"Finally this too:  I am quite sure we must be caring about old folks but some of you are lapsing into slumber on these tapings.   IF you do we cut the bandwidth off you are using and you must call back in.  We are beginning to get the idea you, some of you, are not real keen on almost any of this and do it because someone else keeps doing it with you.  Let us be then.  We are going to institute "INVITATION ONLY" taping in a few weeks to avoid this kind of crashing.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and wish you all a good day and good listening."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service!


The following telephone number is available to review the tape recording of the 16 April USA Lightline for your use.

1 - 862-902-0129
Enter Code 48545083

We consider the tape confidential and not to be otherwise distributed due to the political sensitivity of the subjects covered in the Lightline session.

Let me know if there is any problem in accessing the tape via the telephone.

Thank you for your interest in all that is covered here.

Ron Besser. host

Paper 137 is a rather obscure chapter in the Life of Jesus which is a biography of the Life of Jesus as Part IV of the Urantia Book.  Paper 137 comes nearly at the beginning of the biography and relies about upon the Son's archive of revelation of the earth life of Jesus.  IT is narrated in this tape by a professional voice and runs about 45 minutes, and you will come out of it the most knowledgeable student of the choosing the Apostles on earth-- but this is only the first four.  The others appeared for selection about six days later for your information.

[Note:  Before I edited these remarks, I said Nicodemus was among the first four.  Wrong.  I was reminded of the error and have corrected it in my opening remarks.  I am sorry for the confusion this may have caused some of you.  But it is corrected now and hopefully I am out of trouble. Thank you for your patience.  Ron]

I have chosen to share a Paper out of the complete recording of the 5th epochal revelation, as it is fully the most complete issue of information we will ever have regarding the first Bestowal of Christ in the 1st Century AD by our current calendar.  In this promised return, Jesus will not select Apostles, but chosen ones already decided on to help him with His Second Placement of the Unity of Bestowal to Urantia.

Here is the link to a revelatory text unparalleled for authentic history the world does not know for the simple reason there were no historians in this era, and only the Gospels are here to guide us in a tiny part of the Life of Jesus as they relate only his teaching period.  This Paper comes before he began teaching and it is the history of the first Choosing.

Link to Paper 137 -  Tarrying At Capernum, and more:

Ron Besser

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