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Everyone, my explanation is from those on the Mansion worlds and what they have to wear and what they must be in clothing everyone has to wear.  The dress article is a thick, woven dress that comes down past the knees, but folks you float and have no need for feet.  The dress article is handsome but everyone wears the same cloth and article design.  Even the Morontia Supervisors wear a dress cloth very similar to the studens (you and I) once we are a member of the morontial worlds.  It sounds rather pleasant to me too as I do not have to pick out a sweater and slacks and shoes but merely am permanently clothed in this dress uniform everyone wears, including the Morontial Supervisors who take care of us until we learn our way around.

Furthermore, you might be interested as I have spoken to the area the past Popes live in now and they are quite friendly to talk to me what they wear and their interests now in the Urantia Book.  I leave that alone as they are quite intellectual but I really do enjoy them and Pope Paul the 23rd told me he has been reading the Urantia Book now for six weeks, and truly enjoys it.  You see the Urantia Book is not usually distributed to mansion world students, but because it got mentioned in what I do they checked it out and some enjoy it tremendously.  In any case I reporting it accurately, and if you don't  believe, wait to you go over and find out for yourself, okay?

And one last thing:  if you think  today has been bad for getting along, check me out as I could hardly get out of bed this morning and not a soul has bothered to say hello today - fine -  but that is so unusual I have to watch TV and I am not crazy yet about  1,000 cable channels I have as I only watch five of them!  Go figure the Comcast cable station.  Oh, and I have 10 channels of music on it and three channels of strictly classical music with pictures of lakes and tree and mountains -  I get very tire of it to be frank, but it sounds good but half and hour with it and I am ready to do something else really. 
In any case. morontial citizens think we are gross because of all the variety we wear as clothing down here on earth.  But I know some of them in the Urantia Group held on the Mansion Worlds (now on mansion world five ) and it sounds very pleasant to me too.  Take care all and I will have a post sooner or later on what is to happen.  It is just they have do not have it all figured out just yet.  Cheers!

The invention is hopeful for future consideration, but right now in the middle of June 2024, war and the rumors of more ware are constantly heard.  My hope is that somehow this electrical invention does make it into the consciousness of the powers to be and that they run it well.   

I have revised this entire script to take the heaviness out of it and just plead the loss of nothing but continue to hope, for all of us, that some these programs and inventions can come to pass well enough for Urantia.  Thanks for listening. 


This is a response to your question about having no legs on the mansion worlds and I have this to say:

There are many things to discover when you go to the mansion worlds.  Like this:

1 - You are resurrecvted without the need of any tissue beyond the waist of your new body.
2 - You wear a creamy-white gown that covers you to the floor of wherever you are.
3 -  You may wear a badge on your gown on the left side as you face outward to the mansion world grounds.
4 - I am told I have three insignias to be worn or my gown, and that is a service badge already, a kindred badge for all to say where I am going to work, and a mark on my face that indicates I am a warrior.  I do not know what that means but that is what they tell me.
5 -  The moronotia areas are closer to us than Salvington is, but the mansion worlds also lie in a different plane in the space topography between us on earth and where they ar4e located in a far distant space area that only the home seraphim have t he strength to make the trip. 
I cannot tell you more because I do not know more, and be glad they allow me to tell you this.  Hope that help a little for you all and knowledge you like to have.  Enjoy the next two to four weeks as the big, really big news coming, is that the race is on to get the MAGISTERIAL SONS seen and the record of the new Mission to Urantia underway.  More later then.

Ron for t he Big Guys coming to Urantia.  K


For the fun of it, the Mansion Worlds are our next place to live when we leave Urantia.  Most people never think where am I put when I die if and when I continue to live?  The answer truly is you go, kit and boodle, to the mansion worlds which are designed a little larger than earth, and house we who have lived our life on Urantia.   They call these today nine planets a long way from earth, the Mansion Worlds, because some poet on Urantia once referred to life beyond living here the "many mansions" of God.

I do not know much, but probably more than the usual Urantia Book reader.  I know there are 8 (eight) planets called the Mansion Worlds, and that they exist many, many worlds distant from our planet.  You are transported there by your soul only, and it is conscious and you live as your soul on the Mansion Worlds.  That is where you are eventually taught be in spirit form.  I will not repeat what the fifth epochal revelation  says about them, but everyone who survives death goes to live on them for quite a while for the transition form flesh and blood to spirit is a fairly long process, and it is the mansion worlds where one goes to make the transition to an all spiritual existence.  I leave it along now and tell you all that the transition to the Mansion Worlds happens at your death and departure when you die on Urantia.  IF you want to know more let me know. 

And thanks for the post which gets this discussion, but we let it alone for now.  Many thanks. 

Yes, I see the odd problem but when I click on it I get a small paused and then it does come up.  Computers do not all work the same either and the document comes up for me after a second or so.  I cannot imagine what problem you might have but wait it out for about 5 seconds and see if the link comes up.  Mine does.  But again computers do work different enough there may be something your computer does not like about the link.  It works for me when I wait a little.  Good luck!  R

Hi Folks,  Here is a link with lots of history for  you about you what you follow today only back when it was just starting.  The document was written in 1999, and is still as fresh as it was then to read.  Enjoy!  It is by Rebecca, and Calvin, and another one listed for you to see on the cover. 




General Discussion / Re: Happy Un-Birthday!
« on: June 11, 2024, 07:04:06 am »
That is fun, SongatSunrise, thanks much.  I would like to hear it sung too.  As a kid I probably heard it when it was in theaters, but memory is dull again.  I thank you very much for the salute!  Keep up the good work too, as you cheer is very important now to keep a lot of people hoping for the best to come.   You must think positively too as you are one of the few who knows good cheer even more to come even now.  Thanks! 

Helder Poeta, nothing so good for us to eat when we arrive on the mansion worlds, but you ought to know something about where you go when you finish your life on this world.  Right now you work with those around you and when it comes time for you to go to heaven, your soul will be taken up to the Mansion World you are assigned to, and there you work your life from the material you (flesh and blood) to the new you called the morontial reality.  You are still the same person, but you live in heaven starting with a morontial body so fine you could not see it on a material world like this world is now.

It is on the mansion worlds that you continue your life you once lived on this planet, and there are 8 (eight) stages now and you have to earn each step of the eight different ways to live a heaven life before you graduate to even higher schools to learn God and how he wants you and others to related to Him and the worlds you live on beyond our earth.  That is all it is and yes, it takes quite a lot of time to get through all of it.  I  decided to just let it happen and enjoy it as I might.  Now this:

When you die and go to the mansion worlds, they tag your soul with what you accomplished on this planet.  I have 3 (three) little tags attached to me now and what they say they tell me is as follows:

1 - He got done what he was supposed to on a material planet;
2 - He finished his work on Urantia and learned what to do and not to do to get ahead in spirit education;
3 - I am done with the material worlds very soon, and must report to learn my new teachings to work, I think I heard this right, as the Trinity doctor told me, with the Trinity and the Supreme Court as it works on the mansion worlds.

Now that is quite an honor and I hope I can make the grade, as  the Law of God is hard to recommend to all of us, but it is fair and it must be studied for years to make sense of it in the material world sense.  One person is there who was on the American Supreme court,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they tell me will be my teacher and guide, as she was placed on the heaven Supreme Court when she died this past year.  I look forward to understanding what they honor me with and hope I can make that hard assignment.  In any case if this is true I will work hard to deserve such an assignment..  You Helder Poeta have a find mind so do not do drugs very often or at all, because drugs destroy brain cells.  Most people never know that, but you can kill your inheritance in spirit if you destroy your mentality with drugs down here.  Just a warning for you and for all who do them at such a young age.
I close my message to you with this:  DO NOT USE syringes or apple sticks to use drugs.  Eat an apple or some solid fruit maybe like a banana before you taste the drugs.  That colors the intake to your stomach and protects it for you to use more later.  Also do not take drugs in the morning if you must.  Take them after lunch.  You will feel much better the day after take the drug.  My best wishes for your time and your life as you are a smart fellow and you can do a lot if you keep clean of drugs the best you can.  My best to you and good day for now.   Ron Besser  - K

Thank you Poeta, but I also have too little information about the insurrection and the rebels.  First though those of you who may wish to understand spiritual rebellion and its consequence, this episode is not done yet.  Do not celebrate anything about the spiritual command on Urantia, yet! 

First, please understand there has to be a rectification of all work, spirit work that is, on Urantia.  That will take longer to do than the Missions that are coming to Urantia.

Second, people please remember our lives are very short in the flesh.  We barely live 80 years much less  a 100 years, and all of our lives are so short we do not even get a chance to study spirit at all.  The entire Mission to Urantia by Monjoronson and Serara and Sen-Sen and Holdant, (Holdant is an unknown Magisterial Son just added to the list of Magisterial Sons to envy Urantia with shortly), are just the beginning of the work to clarify the use of Urantia, and that is for the future, not now.

Before the Lord takes me in the eternal sleep of death on Urantia, let this be known:  MICHAEL OF NEBADON is happy to send a Mission to Urantia, but it is URANTIA itself which must learn to take its tests, and then to live the life it is taught to adopt.  That statement is directly from the Universal Father, and I take it hard, as my work will disappear quickly one Dominick and his friends are done too.  I am leaving Dominick Ohrbeck in charge when I must close my eyes and go to the Mansion Worlds, too.  For that reason I leave a little of myself in this message to all of you:

Do not become alarmed when one of the Melchizedeks mention that there is nothing left of the Urantia experiment, only to be countermanded that there is a great deal left to the Urantia experiment.

Second be aware that the dictation I receive on these matters is highly placed but they are guessing about the future too, and that must be understood by some of you who wish to dedicate your lives, not to the rebellion, but to the NEW ADMINISTRATION coming to this world as support by and lifted up by the Magisterial Sons .  I do not know much about anything, since the changes are happening so rapidly! 

Third, I am slowly being put to sleep by a mind change into the morontial and it is not pleasant to me, but I figure it is best for me too for what is to happen to some or all of us shortly.  It is too hard to tell from the human perspective, what the FATHER really wants to do with us shortly.

And finally this:  today is probably the last day I can work this purely human mind of mine since they have been changing aspects of the human mind I have so I can grasp something of what is coming.  Well, folks I have not grasped a thing and that leaves me pretty blank just what you are going to receive shortly.  If I am lucky and can live with the change to mind and care soon, I would enjoy it with you but let us see what happens soon enough.

The last of my reception of good news was probably yesterday on the 82nd birthday of my life in the flesh.  Count your birthdays like that, as you will remember them for millennia to come how you walked and lived on Urantia, and that is while you are adopting your new way of life on the Mansion Worlds.  I honestly do not make much sense of the Mansion Worlds yet, but I have had conversations with people on the Mansion Worlds and they are quite happy and sound.  Let that be a clue to what you all will find yourselves someday too.  In the meantime I guess there is something there but the mind of man is still very much with me and I have to leave my contacts with the Mansion Worlds go mostly unexplained to me yet.

Nonetheless, let this be understood too, as I am writing with some dizziness and unhappy at what is probably the closure of what life I have left here, and must adopt the new there, and I am not well clued in, and that is in spite of the work of the Adjuster to get me closer to the new reality in the Mansion Worlds to come.  Now this:

I WANT TO SAY there is nothing brewing here, but honestly my mind is in turmoil over so much I can not contain my curiosity,  My watch has disappeared and they tell me it will come back, but why take it in the first place?  I have had numerous contacts with seraphic duty officers and I wind up leaving them as quickly as they arrive.  I am not sure what that is about.  And finally my friends are visiting me from afar, and I cannot makes sense of what is being said to me in spirit dictation that favors me right now.  In any case this for my listeners:

I do not think I have very much time left.  And second it irritates me with seraphim that don't want anything from me but a kick in the shins to say I do not want the seraphic rebellion near me at all.  But that goes by the Board all the time and I am left with unhappy responses to it.  And finally this to all of you who lament such drastic changes to what is brewing in the reports to you about this planet, URANTIA:

I think you are very fortunate to be young enough to watch changes to Urantia that are coming easily when MONJORONSON and SERARA and SEN-SEN are available as Magisterial Sons to answer your questions directly from Paradise.  Even I with all they have given me cannot do that as I must dictate that from them to you.  I will probably lose that when the transition comes, but that is only one change I will be aware of among many I am sure.

Finally, here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON  to speak on this matter:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "URANTIA is seeking better news and not getting it.  As you hear from Ron, he is being bathed in mind changes that are difficult for him to makes sense of.  Yet he lost his watch this morning, and now I am not giving it back easily as it truly belongs up here  as it is an experimental watch from SEIKO and it runs on electricity only.  For that reason Ron keeps on the window sill to catch sunlight to recharge it.  IT is quite a wonderful technology and I want him to have it when he is up here as a memento of his earth experience.  And finally this, Ron laments leaving Urantia with so much undone, but he trusts Dominick and the Board of Directors the Magisterial Foundation to keep it well and going.  Leave things alone for awhile and we will rearrange some of it so you get even more later.  For now I will to say goodbye and a happy farewell to you Ron.  Good by for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  K"

Ron here -  It is nearly 10:30 in the morning here now, and it is a gorgeous day where I am on the east coast of the United States and that is York, Pennsylvania for you geography keepers.  I am not tired but my body aches just from being up and not doing ny usual routines, but I want to tell all of you, that my end is permissible now, as they have kicked me off the counsels I was once a part of and fine, but I am not going to relingquish much else simply because there not much else to be part of but to wait for the Missions to us on Urantia, and for safety reasons, will start the location of the invasion of spirit to Urantia, here in York, or nearby.  IT is a boring place really just because nothing does happen in storms here or tectonic plate shifts much here, but it is a lovly spot when the weather behaves well as it is doing today.  I close this soliloquy now.  I watch will happen shortly with you fascinated by how they are going to announce a flesh and blood mission to us on Urantia.  I hope you enjoy it too!


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I have closed Ron off yet, and he is having trouble hearing and seeing this morning but that is typical of the end of life on Urantia bodies who much be turned back to dust.  That is not happily done for Ron, ever but he does have his moment before he goes as his friends are visiting him at the same time,  His 82 birthday just passed yesterday, and we had a good chat with the visitors to him home at that time.  But I never explained to Dominick, whom Ron would like to take the helm of the discussion forum and other things, but I must say it is so daunting what Ron has achieved I am not sure one person can take it over.  For that reason I am leaving the entire matter in the hands of MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, the one in charge of the Magisterial Foundation now, and He will determine just how Dominick will work his inheritance of the home of Ron and the work of Ron.  He is already well on his way and we shall help Dominick Ohrbeck to get settled on how to handle all of this property that Ron has accumulated around him.  In any case I leave this alone now.  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK."

"AS MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and for others too, I leave it alone to end as it must and should for Ron.  He says good day through Me too and I am delighted   with his work to date. I am the Creator Son, and we will see to Ron's work up here once he ends that woozy period of mind and place.  G'dday to all. MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

Message Date: 11am on 09 June 2024
Michael of Nebadon for your consolidation

We write:
I want to tell listeners something before the dark rolls in to my eyes and I have to lay down the gauntlet I have been carrying since 2003, as that is the year I decided to put up this discussion forum, and a lot more.

It has been a pleasure to see so much change, but that change is how people react to the news about Trump and the EU and China, and the many e. t. c’s we have to listen to on the news lately.  The war in Israel is a mess and I do not think highly of the Israeli’s pounding a beaten people, but they have their own security to take care of and believe me they are making sure, this time, there is no return of Hamas close to them again.  I do not blame them for that at all!

But what I wanted to say to the group here is that my time on Urantia, is suddenly drawing to a close as I see it.  You know, God please  surprise me with something better, but I doubt it, and happy Hanukkah anyhow may the cessation of thy hostilities end soon for all.

My life has been a cryptic walk through God’s garden, as I never quite see it as He intends, but wind up bustling other things with this concern for elevation of His heart with ours.  But you all must persist when I lay down the gauntlet for a better set of circumstances however that might be arrived at.  Today I have a Lightline, and I intent on trying to do it with MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and MICHAEL OF NEBADONA at my side for now and I do not worry about next week at all at this time either.   So listen to the Lightline today if you are available.  I am going to make sure I do it today in any case.

Fully exempted from any Lightline we do is the artificial mission of the Hamas henchmen who are so incredibly dumb to storm the citadel, and I think Israel is changed too.  Watch out for the court case pending against the Jewish Prime Minister, and all of the pent up anger over this war, it does really get in the way of the MICHAEL MISSIONS planned for Urantia now.  Yep.  We take in the neck again over the belligerent States of Israel, the Palestinians, and the Middle East in general.  May I also remind you, the Middle east is or was the seat of humanity when the Caligastia, the solitary Prince of the Urantia spiritual experience was originated over 250,000 years ago.

Caligastia was a beast for punishment, and Salvington saw to it he caught it in the neck really hard.  Caligastia is thankfully gone, as is Lucifer, and the various subordinate lieutenants of those people.  Caligastia died in 150 AD by our present calendar.  The trial is not known to any of you, but it still blisters the Ancients of Days as it is never fully settled that Lucifer if truly dead, and that Caligastia did not find a way out of the death spiral all witnessed at the trial now only finished in, believe it or not, 1984 to 1986.  That should open some eyes who know the truth I speak of this affair.

Finally, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, attended the trial on the system of ANGONA, and this not generally known, but it is revelaed that the entire affair of Lucifer and Caligastia, and Daligastia, was tried on a subsidiary system of rulership not devoled fully in reported texts of the day.  SALVINGTON (that is the capital of our space area in the larger context of our huge Andronover (a small part of the Milky Way galaxy today) galaxy as it was then called.

The truth should be reported in the next REVELATION , #6 to Urantia, but that 6th revelation has now gotten mored up in more trouble, as the Ancients of Days, still does not particularly like the 6th epochal revelation, reporting all of this fan fare to disaster with Lucifer and now the insurrection of the seraphic bestowals today.

To end this insurrection today will take an immense decison by the UNIVERSAL FATHER, to end serpahic care for the creation, and to let the trial of what was once God the Supreme, to end too, and that requires converting time over to another system of care especially for Urantia, our planet by name in the spirit archives.  I have to admit this all sounds dreaful to me.  And to you?  Look at it truthfully:

1  -  There is not much left of our Planetary Government today.  It sstarted out blissfully and well just three (3) years ago by our calendar.

2  - There is precious little left on Urantia of the former Teaching Mission, and that was meant to include all of you as well by having virtual voice transmissions using the Deities of the local areaa to speak to you daily with messages of change and the gratuity of the Universal Father, to enjoin with us on Urantia.  That all fell apart when the mission archives were bungled and held hostage by people on Urantia in the so-called Teaching Mission.  It harldy has any roots anymore.  Let it be Ron, as it is not german to anything shortly.

3  - In any case, I MICHAEL OF NEBADON, state the following for all who listen to this now:

    a - Enjoy what you have now.  That is it.
    b -Enjoy what is left of a powerful United States, as it sill has the power to rejuvenate the rest of the world, but it flounders on a political administration that cares almost nothing for the last renewal of hope, which was the promise of our MISSIONS to Urantia a scant four weeks ago.  I, the Creator Son, am so fully  disgusted with Urantia today, I leave it alone for its own destiny for now.
    c - I have one capsulated request for all of you today.  Listen to Ron’s Lightline again.  It is drawing to a close for now, and maybe we can do it again later, but today, the 9 th of June of 2024, closes all attempts for now to bring a Mission to Urantia as it was foreseen only a few years ago, a few breaths of life on Salvington, for all of you to enjoy.

Ron makes me laugh because he knows damn well that there is something brewing bit time and he dare not say anything about it, but I do enjoy that heathen of care on Urantia as most of you do too, and frankly without Ron, this becomes a mere exercise to inform you.  But with good time still left to him, Ron, you have a glimpse into our thinking as shoddy as that has become lately.

    d - Nothing is left for me to say other than I will use Ron until he cannot make these announcements soon as his lifetime is running out in the flesh.  Good luck to all of you for with Ron leaving, much ofw what he has seen to also disappears, except his good cheer for you and what we did for over20 years ago to start a Teaching Mission, that is now defunct. 

Well, Mr. Cheerful Deity of Salvington, you leave downhearted, broken in spirit, and frankly hard to deal with, that I, the Ron, am not listening now.  Get a band aide Micahel and come on down again when you are fully of smiles again, becuase I am coming over shortly and straighten Mr. Sad Sack out.  We leave this chittering alone for now and we will attempt to have the Lightline on Sunday done today again.  I just hope I do not fall asleep in the midst of the event, but today at 2 PM dial into the numbers given and I shall attempt some good cheer for all of us and you and me.  
Good day for the moment.  Cheers!

“Mr. Cheers, I am not quite done.  Let me say this: You are cheerful because today is your 81st birthday and you are glad it is almost done in the flesh, but don’t forget you have guests today in the house as Steven Gitz is there and Dominick is there in the house with you.  Enjoy their presence, as you represent the last of the Mohicans and that is saying something, as so many have quite and gone on to other things, but you have not and insist that Dominick and others stay the course, as you are positive the MAGISTERIAL  PARADISE  SONS are here for a record thirty-five years ago, and are ready to take Urantia on.  TRUE!!!!

“But I warn you Ron, you have a mess coming to your doors if you do not include ME!  I am MICHAEL OF NEBDON and I insist that URANTIA is still JESUS’ planet too, and keep this happy now!!  I will see you all with JESUS shortly!  Be happy Ron, and let old times roll again for you shortly!  



Clency, Moses, Jose,  Occerpa and all who feel and take the oath to continue with the glory of God.  Thank you, and may this day be of some value to those who take the oath in their hearts too, as it is greatly done to stand with God over the issues of time and place over Urantia and what it stands for.  Thank you and may all of you enjoy the day as it unfolds!  
Ron Besser celebrating the 82nd year of life beginning today.

Post #3 for Saturday, June 8th, 2024

“WE have just learned that the temper of the odious cabal as resigned itself to a normal operation.  That is not only for Urantia, but for the universe as well, and the Seraphic Government is now normalized as before for Urantia, at least!

AT 1131 AM, New York, daylight savings time, the following message was dispatched to ME, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, from the Chief of Seraphim to Urantia, and to Me, as follows:

To the Planetary Prince
To the Chief of all Personnel
To the Lord Savior, God the FATHER


THE REBELLION CALLED SERAPHIC has been concluded by an announcement by the UNIVERSAL FATHER, as he has determined that the entire matter of rebellion is not present in the 7th (seventh) Sector of Space, and that HE declares it to be normal and present in Nebadon, and the Dominion of Nebadon and associated Local Universes.

The REBELLION no longer exists.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON wishes to straighten out any misperceptions of what this means:

1 - URANTIA shall declare itself free of the cabal shortly;
2 - URANTIA shall declare itself ready to strand down and open its doors to the MAGISTERIAL SONS shortly;
3 - Stand by for the Mission announcement shortly to be delivered by MONJORONSON and SERARA and SEN-SEN, WHO are all Magisterial Sons, and who speak now:


 “WE are delighted to speak finally to a cleared planet of rebellion.

“WE are happy to speak to this audience as the first to learn of the rebellion end now, and that we can proceed without further incident for any and all personnel left on Urantia, when we had t o quarantine the planet from any entry or leaving it for the past six (6) days.  Please admonish nearly everyone near you Ron, for they must stand down and add to your work with a requisition for your good will for them and for us.  They trial of REBELLION is over.  I stand back for the SERAPHIM standing with Ron at the moment:

SERAPHIC SPOKESPERSON standing by me, Ron:
“I do not like this declaration, nor do I believe it, but I am getting every indication on my messages that he, Ron Besser, is delighted with the news and sends no retribution messages to Me or trhe seraphim in rebellion to us.  Please be certain we have not received any cessation of hostilities from our commanders, and Commander standing near me now, indicates there is such a message from the UNIVERSAL FATHER that the rebellion has ceased.  I do not know how to react, but I am no longer in opposition to you Ron.  Cease your concerns for death early on too Ron, as we have placed you in that position now and avail ourselves to this decision not, but to see to your continued good fare.

“You are to receive in a few hours visitors to greet you in the flesh Dominick and Steven Gitz to review your places, and I must say they are in good spirits in spite of Steven Gitz feeling lousy after a bumpy ride from Louisiana to visit you today Ron.

“None the less, let us celebrate the end to hostilities and you are free to say nothing, but I hear the Adjuster speak from you:

“DEAR SERAPHIC  SPIRIT standing BY Ron at the moment:

“You are not contemplated ever as an enemy so long as you did not puncture Ron’s body and as was done of late because of the hatred of the seraphim near Ron for his work with all of you.  He is never fully adjudicated until he meets the Assigned Sentinel for whom he has no disregard but is constantly at odds with until now.

“Michael of Nebadon has signed a peace entreaty to make it visible to all of you when he can get it translated from the Seraphim of Nebadon quickly and well.

“WE the SERAPHIM OF TRUST for you Ron, congratulate you and your wares for peace, and you stand down and let it behave as it should have already, and that is because while you are jilted enough, you are not harmed and you appreciate that entirely I see.   But we must conclude that your hatred of the phlegm of despair always on you is not repealed yet, and that is because you so dislike the major sector ruler, Prince Lucifer, but no longer.  He has been dispatched and is in custory for a trial again of the Lucifer rebellion entirely.  You Ron will receive a t ransmissio on these decisions and now you may rest assured your work for the Mssions will proceed well and fo years if you are prepared to receive an update in health that allows you any and all that you should have as a true leader of the new Urantia revelation, we believe the 6th shortly, and you are ready to fight no one at this stage of the game, we see.

“FULLY done are you in work for the Michael of Nebadon, and that a new Creative Daughter appears not, but a new Creative Son called MICHAEL OF NEBADON is now in position over Urantia with a Creative Spirit renewed, not by the old one, but by a new one sanctioned by TARKAS the new Creative Spirit over the Dominion and all of the 7th Sector of Space in place now.  Please note that the 7th Sector of Space has been in rebellion since mid-October of 2023 and is now complying with the new rulers of this Sector, MICHAEL OF NEBADON in addition to Nebadon,

“The Dominion with Salvington as its capital, is delighted to announce the following too:

THE DOMINION NOW HAS SPECIAL POWERS to revert THE OLD NEBADON trade center Salvington, to become the major capital of DOMINION now and that the special representatives from each of the SIX (6) local universes which make up the DOMINION headquartered on SALVINGTON, are to report to the headquarter world located near URANTIA, and all will be swell and fine for you soon..

“RON, your are soon deceased on Urantia, as you are worn out greatly, but you need to know tht you receive a push from the Local Universe HQ, and that you receive as a gift from them, a pin to wear on your jersey noticing not only the new dominion but also the first non-cabal citizen of the Dominion of care and lasting peace in Nebadon, and the six other local unvierses.  More on this later and much more for you when you come over shortly Ron.  We cannot stop you from dying shortly.  

“In any case, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON TO SPEAK shortly this:

“You have breathed life back into the system Ron and while you are not crazy about those who are transmitting again in the western sector of the United States, you are fondly and well remembered for you fight with the Assigned Sentinel not, but for his representative you sent packing almost immediately.  It is of record you are considered right to do so and he is sequestered on high to stand trial for intrusion into the System of Planets Urantia belongs to.  He did not do it impreachingly, but that is what happened and you were furious.  No one can tell Me you are not one with the Creator Sons, but you are not yet and stay off the features okay? [Okay!]

“Finally, a lot more has to be said to all of you, but now is not quite the right time.  Let us hope and pray we can proceed with proper MISSIONS again and now.  Good day, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.


PS: Ron here.  Be prepared to learn what it means for a new Epochal Era to live through now.  I cannot predict what this does.  Stay tuned big time.  R


June 8th @11:15am York, Pa. USA


“WE have proposed, for several times, that Ron and others who have reached a certain level of competency, for these individuals to thrive with the planet’s care no longer, but to stay in the flesh with some care for and from us.  To do that we suggest the following:  (for your stay to at least see the Missions appear on Urantia, please do the following)

1 - If you are interested in staying for at least some of the spirit Mission, please pray for an EXTENSION;

2 - If you are sure you want to do this stand up now.  Ask to “I want to stay long enough to see the start of the spirit Missions to Urantia!

If you stood up, and you must stand up! And raise your right hand!  Stating you want to stay long enough to enjoy some of these Missions, and we will consider your health and healing powers at that time.  Ron has already stood up and requested to stay.  It is up to you and to stand up, raise your right hand, and declare, “I want to see the beginning of the spirit missions to Urantia.”  That is all it takes for your Adjuster to determine the viability of staying.  With Ron it is excellent and he is already accepted to stay for awhile while these spirit Mission get started very soon!


June 8th, 2024
Michael of Nebadon, speaks:
Greetings from Ron and here is a transmission from Michael, on a little bit of what the Mansion Worlds are.. 
It is June 8th, and I am insisting I make it to June 9th, probably my last birthday on Urantia. Do not worry about this folks, as the entire matter of me being 82 on the the 9th has been worked through so much, I get not tired of it, but have done it 81 times before and I am happy to go to the great beyond shortly.   At least I think so, but I have some companionship activity on the Mansion Worlds and I would like to share with you something the Mansion Worlds are saying to me.  

First of all you do know don’t you, that upon arrival on your mansion world selected for you by number (I am told I am actually grown enough to go to the 4th mansion world for sure, but they might start me on the 5th - undecided yet - and I will know shortly even if I am to go shortly or not.  Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speak to you about my transition as a guide     TO YOUR TRANSITION too!


“The URANTIA Book speaks to the mansion worlds as your destiny when you die on this planet.  That is why the subject is important to all of you if you take any interest in what happens when you die.  I am almost 82 years of age )on the 9th of June being born in WWII in  1942.  That date qualifies me to be over 80 years of age and I do not feel it but there you are.  In any case, everyone who lives a good life on earth, gets selected to what Mansion World you go to by the time you are 50 years if age(fifty).  Those of you who just wonder in hardly know the truth but in the coming years on this planet, they (spirit land) will make it clear there are worlds above you to receive you in death, and you go on from there to serve the FATHER after a couple or more millennia on the Mansion Worlds.  That is where you receive your work for the ages after living life on this planet (Urantia).

The problem with names, now that I think of it, is that unless there is published an official revelation to the planet, you are getting guesses as to the name of the planet and so on.  Right now you call it “earth,” and that is fine.  The epochal revelation received by this planet received in 1934 through 1942 names the planet properly, and we let it go at that for now: URANTIA (You Ran Sha - just sound it like these phonetic print sounds and you have it.  TIA is pronounced “sha” in spirit land).  In any case we are ready to say a few things about these worlds everyone goes to on earth (Urantia) when you pass the torch from this life to the ones that follow.

In many respects, the mansion worlds are your true home.  That is where you go when you pass this life on this planet, and you work on them until you graduate them.  On average it takes about 1600 earth years to do all of them of which there are eight spheres to do right now.  You receive the education from human hood to spsirit hood, and then you get assigned to your first job for the universe work after finishing your schools on the Mansion worlds and a little beyond them too.

In any case, here is a primer of the mansion worlds as you will first enjoy them when you go over:

THE MANSION WORLDS for the Bereaved Not!
“I am CHRIST MICHAEL, and I am your host for this brief tour of what you do when you shed your physical body and leave for universe service.  To do that you need to study the new you and the way your spiritual apparatus works.  All of that is done on the Mansion Worlds, which today there are 12 (twelve), and that number is expanded from the old Urantia revelation from seven (7) or so in the revelation, The URANTIA Book, published in 1955.  It might be updated to the 6th shsortly but this is still not settled as I write this yet.

“I am CHRIST MICHAEL, and I am the originator of the Mansion Worlds, and this is in my Local Universe of Nebadon.  We have formed a dynamic pact among the Local Universes, AND six (6) other Local Universes have joined with me to protect our Local Universes of work, and I say little more to you now, but you will also work for this group of Local Universes when you come over already too.

“I am now going to explain to you what Ron is likely to run into now that he is old and frankly decrepit not but not at his best anymore.  He will have the typical universe career as follows:

1.  Mansion World Number 1 (one) - He dies in the flesh soon.  He is transported to Mansion World Number 1 first.  There he receives his credentials as to his name and serial number and that he has completed his life on the first material world he learned to work on, Urantia or earth.

2.  He will be received on Mansion World 2 (two) as soon as he is capable of working in his new body.  You do not have legs up there, so you have a small grey white gown to wear and no feet touch the ground.  When you are awake on the new manion worlds you wear your silver-white gown.  On your left side near your shoulders, is room to wear your medals if you get any.  Ron already has three, and I will add a 4th when he graduates to his work spehere, probably number 5 (five) as a guess.  It might even be six (6) depending on his credentials they allow him to wear on the mansion worlds he finally calls home.

3.  Once on your first mansion world, you are assigned a group to live with.

4.  Once you have an assigned group to live with, you are assigned a work space.  For Ron that is whatever they want him to first try, but he is conditioned with epochal revelation, and that is always the Supreme Court of Urantia, and he is naturally thinking of such, but he might be first assigned to a Court of Approval, and that is not approval of him, but the approval of all who are dying on Urantia on every given day.  For instance today, the 8th of June, 2024, we have a schedule of 1,250 (one thousand two hundred fifty) humans to come over today.   That does not take into account accidents for example and more than 1,250 will come over the 8th of June, today, than planned for.

For  reasons of State (and that is a term of secrecy and not discussed but it is policy we use among ourselves to look at the problem of receiving death and resurrecting them.)  Ron will die shortly as he is almost 82 years of age now, and damned tired of the whole affair on Urantia, but when he does arrive, he has two (2) decisions to make.   1 - Where do I put myself after I am given a form and clothing to wear?  And then to decide, 2 - What do I do with myself until I feel sure of my new body and get used to this jersey cloth placed on the ne w body.  He also has to get used to walking, which is without terrestrial legs, but there is a lower extension to hang the jersey your new body.

In any case, you are up and ready to take control of your new life on the mansion worlds, and then it is time to talk to you about what work you should be doing for us, for each of you have special talents to do work for us.  When that is settled, it is time to talk work and play and you are instructed what to do even there as it is an entirely new way of living for you now.  You will meet your family and friends for sure too.  It is an enjoyable education for adulthood later on.  I am Michael of Nebadon, I did not not design the mansion worlds per se, but I did have a lot to say what is presented there, and Ron, for instance, will have plenty to do as he is already trained in universe lore very well, and he knows more than almost anyone I ever met from Urantia about what to do in case of a spiritual emergency or care.  

I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we close this off for another announcement coming very soon to you.  Thank you.  Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K


Dear Carol,
I answered your above quote and got truncated by the cabal who listens to everything we do now.
First of all I will try again and this time make sure the authorities are aware of the post and that the answer is general but real.
It should be known that I will not tolerate the use of the cabal in any of these answers, and that the cabal should understand they are done very soon, and that I will be the first to celebrate.  Right now they are held back by the FATHER, and for two good reasons.  First:

There is no charge for the plant as it appears to be replicated; however, we have finks in the ways of producing this material, and I f or one am calling for their annihilation. 

Second, be aware Carole you have asked previously good questions with this second round, but let me answer you with this in general response to this post of yours:

1 - We are no where where we should be with Missions to this planet.
2 - The Magisterial Sons wanted to do this work but cannot without an injunction lifted by Paradise, that no further activity may be permitted on Urantia, either by the insurrectionists or those who prepare for the Missions on Urantia.
3 -  No one is permitted to do what I have done in the past, and that is to invent further without expressed permission by  the FATHER to do it well and without further insinuation of problems than we already have on Urantia.  I am staying in the flesh people by request for the moment upheld to not go over as they keep preparing me to leave for the mansion worlds.   I dare not say much of anything in this regard but already we have people leaving the mansion worlds without this information an that is deadly to all we need to do on this world in response to a MICHAEL OF NEBADON announcements as follows:

"WE THE DEITIES OF SALVINGTON announce the following to all living on Urantia or Who Serve Urantia:
1 - No further incursions may be recorded on Urantia until Urantia is released for general use by all powers again;
2 - We are having no further conversations with anyone except Ron or Dominick, as they have faithfully seen to the operations of these communication circuity;
3 -  I have a broad based announcement coming later today about the use of URANTIA for Missions;
4 -  No one may develop any further discussions on Urantia, until I can gather exactly what is being said and why.
5 - No further examination of this material will be forthcoming until Ron is safely on Mansonia or he is ratified to stay the course on Urantia as a mortal of the realm.  That is still undecided and I want him on Urantia, but Father thinks he serves better in the Supreme Court under Machiventa Melchizedek for good.  Let that sink in folks as Ron and Dominick and a few others have taken up the present course so well they are indeed working for you and us in these matters.  K
6 - No one is prepared to take on Urantia in a Mission now.  The Melchizedeks  and the Magisterial Sons are waiting for orders from Salvington and I am waiting too.  This will take a few moments what to do with all of it.
7 - Finally, the trial I am having right now is that Ron has gotten silly in the middle of my heart felt insecurities and he is not sure what to do but either cry or exalt, and neither seems appropriate yet.  I am concluding with this:
a - No further transmissions until he is right again;
b - Nothing further for him until he is given his medicine to stay really blue and true;
c - He is to be finished with all of this messaging when he is fully retunred to his future status of waiting interminably, and K."

Ron - I really did it and apologetically, I got so silly he got rid of me.  I do not know why that happens, but maybe I want to be cruel and leave him to think things over by himself but I am always available to help that Creator Son when it is really necessary, as he does not seem to know what to do with everybody anymore.  I leave it alone for now and hopefully be back with his announcement when he is ready to give it to humans on Urantia, in particular,  K"

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